Well let me begin by say My name is Dylan Conners. I have known since I was thirteen I liked to see other guys in the nude, I loved seeing cocks, both hard or soft, a cock is a cock and a potential plaything.

I realize that most guys don't see things that way but I must say I am different in many ways.

I began as most young men do learning that their cocks were for something more than just pissing through.

I was stroking off since I was twelve, I had gotten some of my Dads hustler and Cheri magazines, and I loved seeing the guys, actually although I noticed the gals in those magazines, they just didn't interest me, now when I saw a good looking hunk with a raging boner, now that would set my heart to thumping and my dick to concrete.

My best friend Timmy Younger, and I grew up across the street from each other and I had this thing for Timmy and yes we started the mutual masturbation thing at about fourteen, I was mesmerized by Timmy, holy fuck he was hung like a small horse at fourteen, we measured his cock one night on a sleepover and he had nine inches of thick meat, he said he was hung like his Dad, he said his Dad's dick was huge, must have been like a fence post, poor Kathy (Timmy's Mother).

After I learned of Timmy's fathers cock I never looked at him the same way again, Every time I would see him or he would speak to me I would look at his crotch, which began another of my pastimes, crotch watching.

Well to cut to the chase, I remember the first time I got my cock sucked, Timmy and I were just about sixteen, we were at this park, Timmy had to take a dump, I waited outside the park toilet on a bench as Timmy went in to do his thing. I was waiting and waiting and after about fifteen minutes I decided to go into the bathroom and see if he was alright, I quietly slipped through the door and I saw two adjacent stalls with their doors closed, that's when I heard Timmy's voice saying "OH SHIT, OOOOOHHH SHIT!" and I say his hands hanging up on the sides of the crapper stall like he was standing facing the wall.

I heard him say wow that was awesome.

A few minutes I saw him come out and noticed his shorts were bulged outward long and about half hard.

"What was going on, man I heard you," I said to Timmy.

"Man, I got my dick sucked and that dude in there swallowed my cum," he said with a big grin, "It was fucking fantastic." he said.

"Whey don't you go in and let him suck yours? you'll love it I promise." Timmy said.

I went in the stall Timmy had just come out of and sat down and began to rub my cock as I looked through this hole in the stall wall, it was called a Gloryhole I found out later.

I watched this young man about 24 or so, setting there stroking his hardon, it was a nice looking cut cock about seven or so inches, then he leaned over and saw mine which was about sis and a half inches long and harder than steel by this time.

He whispered "put it through the hole kid."

I stood up and let my shorts fall to the floor and watched my cock disappear through the hole.

I felt something hot began to lick on the tip, and then his hand slipped back my foreskin and took just the head in his mouth, I thought my knees would buckle the pleasure and sensation was phenomenal, then I felt his fingers slip through the hole and pull my nuts through and he began to massage them too, that was a sensation I had never felt either, I was in out space with this, his mouth was hot, moist and he knew just the right amount of pressure to bring to bear on my cock to take me to the moon with his sucking, It didn't take me very long to be brought to the edge and I felt like I was falling as he began to work on the rim of my cock-head with his tongue and gently suck the full length into his throat.

My body begin to spasm, I thought I would pass out the feeling was so fucking intense and my nuts had disappeared into my body and My cock began blasting a load of cum into this guys mouth and he sucked and slurpped until he had gotten it all, even squeezing out the last little driplet and licking it off.

That was the most intensely phenomenal climax I had ever had and I knew it wouldn't be the last one I would make sure of that, I can't tell you how many time Timmy and I went back to that park after that and got our cocks sucked.

And that is why I like having my privacy after that in my own bedroom, Timmy and I would sixty-nine a lot and even started fucking each other after that, and believe me when I say getting fucked by that monster cock of Timmys was a job at first.

I was setting in the kitchen when my father announced he had joined the foreign exchange student sign up, meaning we would be getting a kid from another country to live with us.

I wasn't all that upset with it until my Dad told me he was my age and he wanted me to share my bedroom with this kid, that was bad enough but until they could get him his own bed he would be sleeping with me in my full sized bed, then I was a little ticked off about the whole mess.

I rode with my father when he and Mom went to pick Matthew up, wanting to meet my new roommate.

It was about an hour ride to "Hopkins Airport" in Cleveland and we found where he would be coming in from and finally found him.

I don't really know what I was expecting but all I knew he was an exchange student from England.

Well I thought we would at least speak the same language, that's a good thing.

What I was the most worried about is that he would be a homophobic dude that would get under my skin at the drop of a hat.

I watched this young, very nice looking kid about 5'9-10" almost black hair, a beautiful smile and loaded down with bags come walking off the unloading ramp from the plane.

Well there he was, we was carrying a sign Welcoming Matt to the USA.

"Hello, I'm Matthew, but most people call me Matt," he said in his beautifully British accent.

Dad introduced us to Matt and then he smiled a gorgeous white toothed smile and held out his had to shake mine, "you must be Dylan,"

I felt a genuine warm, sweet feeling about Matt as he shook my hand and looked into my eyes.

We stopped and ate at a nice restaurant and then went by the mall to pick up a few things for me and Matt.

And it was almost eleven that night when we finally got home, Mom and Dad and excused themselves and went on to bed.

Matt and I went on up to the bedroom, He was so in awe with all the things I had, but I felt like saying don't touch my shit, but for some reason I didn't really feel that way, I was feeling some attraction to Matt.

We both showered and then got ready for bed, "Well I guess I must tell you Matt, I sleep in nothing but my briefs," but you can sleep however you like."

"Really that's awesome," he said.

He slipped back the blanket and I watched as this young man took off his tee shirt, and his briefs and slipped into the bed naked,"

I was suprised, Matt was really nice looking, well built, and had a very niced looking uncut British cock on him and he had a beautiful looking set of balls under that awesome cock.

I was a little taken back by his boldness, but pleased, and with his nakedness I could at least maybe cop a feel or two while he slept.

It was later that night I decided to do just that.

I listened to Matt's sleeping sound that heavy breathing and steady sound that denotes sleep.

I was laying there feeling his naked hairy legs touching mine and my cock was about to crack it was so hard.

I lifted the sheets and slid my hand under them over and he was laying on his back sleeping, I layed my hand on a spongy half hard dick, Damn it was thick, I wrapped my fingers around his girth and felt that familiar sensation course through my body, I wanted it bad, I gently felt his scrotum and his nice oval thick balls, I loved the soft feel his nut sack, I realized then that for some reason his cock had gotten very hard and was now standing upright on its own.

I wrapped my hand around it and started sliding his foreskin back and touching his moist cock head, and licking my fingers to wet it.

I finally decided to have a taste and that's when I peeled the covers back, and raised up on my knees beside Matt. I Leaned over and licked the tip, It flexed up tight against my tongue, that was all I could stand I had to have it, I slid my mouth full length to the black pubic bush on Matt's cock and began to work it over with my tongue, I had sucked gently on his cock for about three or four minutes, when I felt his hand on the back of my head, "OH, fuck me mate. that feels out of this world," Matt said.

I really started working his awesome tasting cock over with my mouth and I thought "What a fantastic way to start a relationship, Sucking my new buddy's cock."

I Sucked Matt's cock for about ten minutes, I felt his cock getting like a flint, tightening up and his legs muscles were set like stone, his toes were curling up tight and I felt his breathing and moaning get really fast paced and heavy and then his hand pushed my head to the bush, and his cock started firing off in my mouth and I tasted his awesome sweet, musty, salty cum as it blasted into my mouth with a force and my mouth was filled with his see. I didn't stop until I got every drip of Matt's sweet man nectar.

I finally flopped back on the pillow and Matt was laying there breathing like it was his last breath of air.

"Oh Shit mate, that was fantastic. I didn't know if I would find a mate here in the USA that would like to do this sort of thing. Back Home in England, I had his bud that, well we did it to each other....." he said.

I was laying there with this smile on my face as Matt leaned over toward me and began to rubbing my already hard cock through the material of my briefs, Matt leaned over and began nibbling on my cock and biting on it as he began to slip my briefs off.

I looked down at him and he looked up and said, "I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed your sucking me off mate."

Matt knew how to work a foreskin and man could this Brit suck cock, he was fantastic.

I was amazed as his skill and it didn't take me very long and He was swallowing my load.

Well the was just the beginning of my experience with our English Exchange student, in the next chapter I will tell you about Me and Matt and our first time including Timmy in our fun, that was a real barn burner.

Oh yeah!!! After that first night, I didn't mind sharing my bedroom with the new exchange student, actually I loved it. Ciao my friends and keep reading.



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