Living in a rural part of the midwest was somewhat of a drag, I have grown up in the country, yes I was a farm boy, a down home country boy, I was rather hard work muscular, and strong as a fucking ox.

I had not had much social life as a youth and had grown up just kinda learning things for myself, shit man my dad didn't even use a bad word, Hell man, Damn was a bad cuss word for my Parents and I didn't use any of the ususal words that most kids my age did, by the way I'm now 20 still a Home boy and what they call Horny most the time my 8 inch nicely thick cock stays hard in my Bib overhalls most of the time bib overalls kinda let you hang loose and your cock sorta flops back and forth when you walk which means it rubs the material and senative foreskin covering the head and when it gets hard that sensative head comes crawling out from under the hood. I have even at times when others were around brought myself off like that, I guess I'm a little perverted when it come to that stuff. I also have these funny feelings about other guys, when I get around certain ones and I start getting a boner and have to find some place to release the pressure, thats what I call it anyhow. I like the well house down back from the house, and I love the hayloft in the barn, or the chicken house is a good place for privacy and then of course there is my bed at night.

My life consists of getting up and feeding the animals on the farm, milking the cows and then mending fences, running the brush hog along the fence rows and what ever other farming chores, plantin and such, or harvesting, taking animals to the market for shipment ect. theres always sometin taking up my time.

One day I was noticing the empty farmhouse across the road was getting some new owners ,now I was sure hoping there might be someone about my age moving in there. I was sorta longing for a pal, or friend to share part of my life with. Old Mr. Willobie passed away almost a year ago and the farm has set unused and Dad told me that someone had bought the property last month, Mr. Willobie's sister sold the farm since she's old and can't work it and don't have anyone to leave it to.

Well Dad told me to make myself neighborly and go and lend a hand to the family moving in there and help them unload their belongings from the big truck that had just pulled up. I said o.k. pops and off I went, that's when I saw this young man about my age, he was about 6 ft. tall weighed about 175 and had a real nice build on him, he was wearing short's and a tank top like undershirt and what we called sneakers. He was a very good looking guy and I started feeling that funny tingling in my stomach, I walked over to him and said Hi there, My name is Buddy, thats what everyone calles me My real name is Boregard named after my grandpa, but I hate that name and I won't answer to it, so everyone calles me Buddy. The young fella stuck out his hand and said Hi! my name is Raymond, but you can call me Ray, I said then Ray it is, and we started to really get along pretty good, I was noticing everthing about him his muscular legs nicely covered with a light hair, his very nicely muscled arms and his slim waist and full muscular chest, the dude looked like he worked out with weights like one of those athletes, or something.

I really liked Ray, and knew we would get along together.

Several months passed and Raymond and I started getting really close and very good buddies, One day Ray spoke to me and said Buddy, I need to ask you some questions, you know about sex and things like that, I said If I know the answer I'll be glad to answer them for you Ray, He said can we go somewhere private, So we went up to the Hayloft of the Big barn down in the Back Pasture really away from the house, We pulled down some bales of hay and started by laying down on the bales. I on my right side just with my right arm up on my elbow and my head resting in my hand. Ray was laying down with his hands raised up under the back of his head, and he said man I need to talk to someone about my cock, It gets hard all the time and it's kinda embarrassing, I get it at the worst times too. I ask Ray do you ever beat off, Ray said I've heard of it but never have done anything like that, Darn man Im not sure I know what to do. I said Hey man I didn't either till a guy from the 4-H club spent the night with me and showed me, it was out of sight man and if you want I'll show you too. Ray said man that would be awesome, what'll I do. I said well it's best if we get naked, and we started undressing, I pulled of my sneakers and then my shirt and levi's and then I watched as Ray looked at my body and said, your built nice, then he took off his cutoff shorts and his sneakers and socks and pulled off his shirt and briefs and I got a glimpse of Raymond's completely naked body and his cock was a beauty, about 7-8 inches and very thick and he sorta smiled and said my dick is like yours still has that skin over the head, cool. I said wow your really nice looking and then I noticed his cock sorta bouncing with each heart beat, and he kinda smiled and said hey man you got a hardon too. and then I said well now lets lay down on the hay and get started, I said do like I do, and I started by wrapping my hand around my cock and started sliding my hand back and forth slipping the foreskin back exposing the head and then stroking it back over the head and just kept repeating the process and I said soon the natural action will automatically take over.

It took Ray about three strokes to get the hang of it and then he said what happpens now I said just keep it up it will get to feeling better and better untill you won't be able to stop untill it's finished, he said how will I know when it's finished, I just laughed and said believe me, Raymond, YOU'll know. just believe me.

He said alright, He started really getting into it and By watching him do it for the first time I got really turned on and started breathing really hard and fast and saying, oh fuck man, oh fuck, Raymond thought something was wrong and said, Are you O.K. man? I said Oh christ Yea man, aughnnnnn and I started bucking and jerking and started blowing my load out from the head of my cock, some of it landed on Rays arm and he said Will I do that too. I said Fuck yea man, and It feels wonderful when it happenes, and then ,he started feeling it and started saying oh shit, oh shit, Jesus, and his cock head got really red and started belching out a load of pent up cum and he almost buckled at the knees and fell onto the hay, It was so damned hot to see him cum like that, He layed there for about five minutes and then started to breath normal and said That was the most intense feeling I have ever felt in my life and I reached over and hugged him and I said the lessons have only begun, He said there's more and I said and better feeling to. He said fucking awesome.

Two days later Ray came over and said, can we go to the hayloft again and learn some more, I said yea, I need to get something first and I went out to the shed and came back and went to the Hayloft, by the time we got up there Raymond had his clothes almost all the way off, I said Ray, you really want this don't you? He said, I have thought of nothing else since the other night.

He said what's on the ticket for tonight, I said I gonna give you head, He said 'HEAD' what the hell is that? I said you'll see, and I started by laying him down on the hay and stripping his body totally naked and by the time I got his briefs off, his cock was Hard as a steel flagpole and sticking up just as straight, the foreskin had pulled completely back exposing the head and I said that's fantastic. and he said wha---and by the time he got that word from his lips I had started kissing his body just about his nipples and the little treasure trail of hair leading to his cock from his navel and he said that's awewome, and I started sucking his nipples and he went sorta crazy, saying oh fuck man that's awesome.

Then I went for the kill, I slid down his abdomen and just let his cock slide into my mouth and he like to lost his sense of reality, He started sorta humming and grabbed my head and sorta started pushing it down onto his cock and said Awe fuck man that is Unreal, fucking awesome, and then I noticed that sign of getting ready to cum and he started kinda jerking and shooting, silently shooting, and I felt each blast, each spasm, each volly of cum as it shot into my mouth and he started cussing and singing and just acting totally unreal and finally calmed down with his cock in my mouth completely emptied of his sperm, and I was licking his cock head and lapping the remaining remnants of his load, He just said unbelievable, and collapsed back on the Hay.

He said What now Buddy, I said I and going to initiate your asshole too. He said what! I said I'm going to initiate your asshole to mansex, he said Oh, don't it hurt, I said for a little while but then the pain turns to pleasure, and I pushed him back and leaned over him and lifted his legs up and raised his asshole to the level of my mouth and started licking his poop shoot, and he loved it. I stuck my tongue into his anal cavity and he started responding and saying man that feels great, I didn't know it would feel like that, then I lubed up the fingers on my right hand and started shoving them into his anal opening, I had three fingers up his rectum, and he started responding and then I raised up my body and pushed my lubricated cock head into Ray ass and he jumped and grunted at first and then the feeling changed in his intestines for him and he started humping my cock like a madman and grunting, I noticed that he had gotten a hardon again and I reached up and started stroking his cock and massaging his balls while I stroked my cock into his turd tunnel.

He was really into to it big time and started to grunt and saying hey man I'm going to cum again, is that normal? and I said yes man just let it happen, enjoy it, and fuck did he ever He started cumming all over his chest and neck, Seeing this sent me over the edge and I started blasting hot cum into his rectum and man tunnel. He said It feels awesome Buddy, Just fucking awesome.

WEll we were really best buddies from that time on and Raymond Thanked me for teaching him, and for initiation into the world of sex between men.

WE still see each other often and still live across the way from each other. A few days after this incident in the hayloft Raymond came over and told me 'Thank you for the initiation Man' I just said, Raymond, believe me the Pleasure was all mine, The pleasure we all Mine.



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