You might say I was a nerd, but not as the word Nerd denotes. I was athletic enough, but I was also a straight A student in High School, but truth was I just didn't fit the mold of what other guys thought a studley guy should be.

I was built nicely, and quite good looking, but I can't tell you why, but It wasn't working for me.

While most guys were discussing "Tits, pussy, screwing and the like." I spent most of my time checking out the other guys in the locker rooms, men rooms, swimming pools,their cocks, their balls, and sweet awesome looking asses etc.

I guess my favorite guy was a kid named Larry, Now Larry was one of those lucky, good looking dudes with a slightly hairy chest, treasure trail running from his navel down to his pubes, ripped abs, legs like tree trunks, very thick muscular arms and pecs, he was just one awesome dude. Larry had a gourgeous ass that you could write home about, he was one hot dude, and to put the icing on the cake, Larry's locker was next to mine.

I would always get a shot at his gorgeous ass, his thick cut cock, and those awesome balls, he was a person that made me have cold chills when we dressed out for Gym.

I guess the thing that would get to me the most, is that I think Larry would notice me ogling his body and his cock, and he would go overboard in his strutting his stuff off, he would even look into my eyes and wink every so often.

After about a month of this, I noticed that he began getting boners as we got naked next to each other and he would tempt me as he dried his hair after showering, he would turn to face me and his hard-on would be bouncing around about two inches from my mouth, long, thick, almost saying, "you want me don't you?" how many times I wanted to lean over forward and take it into my mouth and slowly, gently, suck him off.

I remember the last Gym class of our senior year, Larry and I was the only ones in the locker room, all the others had left and there we were, I was setting naked on the bench in front of our lockers sporting a almost full blown boner, and there was Larry, standing up drying his back with the towel, and he moved over like he usually did, and pushed his cock toward my face, and kept getting closer.

I looked up and Larry smiled and said.

"Go on and suck it, I know you've been wanting to all year, truthfully I love to get my cock sucked."

It didn't take a second invitation for before I had sucked the full length of Larrys seven and a half inches into my mouth and he was holding my head as I sucked his cock.

I was working his cock over big time, When I heard his moaning, and then he began to pump his cock full way into my mouth, I heard him Say, "Oh Shit man, 'm cumming," and his cock started belching out a thick load of creamy sweet tasting cum, I loved it, I was hooked for Life.

Funny there was nothing else said, as I looked down at my cum that had splattered on the locker room floor. I had stroked my cock of while sucking Larry's cock. Larry looked at me and said, "Thankds Dude That was fantastic, maby be can do it again sometime."

Strange,I never did do anything with Larry after that, but he was always so nice to me.

Later that same summer I was at home one evening when I saw Chad Miller, a close friend of my older brother.

Chad and my older brother Jamie were really close you might say best friends.

I might say Jamie was my first, we shared a bedroom and I can't tell you the times I would lay there next to Jamie in bed and after he fell asleep, I would reach over anc cop a feel of Jamie's thick cock, and play with it while he slept, I would bring him off, this happened several Jamie off while he slept, we never did do anything sexual, sometimes I thought he was just letting me enjoy myself with is boner and really knew what was going on.

Well I was still bewildered as to whether I was gay or straight, but down deep I think I really knew.

It was about three in the afternoon one warm aftermppm when Chad came over to shoot some hoops with Jamie, something they did a lot since we had a basket hoops out back of the garage.

Chad had on a pair of light grey sweat pants, a tank top shirt and carried a basketball under his are.

I loved to have Chad come over because my brother had told me that He had seen Chad's cock and they had measured it one time and Chad had almost ten inches in length and it was six inches around. I loved seeing it as they would jump and throw and dash back and forth because it would flop freely in his sweats, it lookes phenomenal.

"Hey Ken, whats up, is Jamie home, we're suppose to shoot some hoops this afternoon." he said.

"He didn't tell you? he had to go to work this afternoon he won't be home till about nine this evening." I said.

I was a little taken back with this situation, there was something I had always been wanting to ask Chad, you can probably guess what it is.

"Want something to drink, got some coke or a beer?" I asked.

"Where's everyone else at?" Chad asked.

Mom and Dad went on a little getaway this weekend won't be back till Monday." I said.

I found my self just staring at Chad, Who looked at me funny, "What?" he asked

"Oh just wondering something about you" I said.

"Me? what the hell would that be? he said,rather bewildered looking.

"Well, hummmm, its sort of embarrassing to ask it." I smiled and just cme out and ask him.

"Well Jamie told me that your thing, you know, your cock is huge, is that true?" I asked redfaced.

"Chad Smiled a huge pleasent grin, and said, "Well, why don't you come over here and check it out for yourself." Chad said with a smile as he leaned back with his ass pressed with his ass agains the counter, he stroked its length.

"Now Ken, I want to ask you something Jamie told me about you, "Do you like to suck cock,I love getting this slab of meat sucked off, and girls don't know the trick of satisfying a guy, your brother says you can suck like nobody else he knows."

I was a little proud and a little embarassed, "Yeah, I do" I said with a slight smile.

"Well then, why don't you show me how well you can do it." Chad said, looking straight into my eyes.

I walked over to him and looked straight into Chads eyes.

I knelt down on the kitchen floor and reached out and grabbed the elastic of his Sweats, I could see already the thick swelling bulging out in front of his sweats.

I slowly began sliding his trousers down and his light blue boxers, when I got to this cock, It was very wide, his thick pubic bush, black and bushy and then as I slid them down, I didn't think I would get to the head, it was down by his knees. I swallowed hard, wondering if I could do him any good, he was so long and thick.

It was so thick and heavy it just hung downward even tho it was very hard.

"Well do you like it?" he asked.

"Damn dude, it's fucking awesome." I said.

I leaned forward lifted it up, it was thick, and it was heavy feeling, and I got a slight wiff of his crotch musk aroma and I thought I would faint.

I took about six inches in my mouth and felt him tense up and say, "Oh fuck yeah, your brother wasn't lying," he whimpered.

I worked his cock over and did my dead level best and brought Chad to a mind altering climax, he was almost going into convulsions as he came to a full nut. Holy shit man, I thought as he climaxes he would tear my head off as he unloaded a load.

Chad acted like he was having a seizure or somthing, "Holy Fuck Ken, that was fantastic, the best blow-job I've ever had, bar none."said.

"Well do you think you can handle that in your asshole?" he said, I just smiled as I said. "Guess we'll just have to try and see." I said.

It was later the next day when Chad came over, Jamie was gone again, and he smiled, "Feel like messing around, I was not very accomodating to you yesterday was I?"

I took Chad by the hand and we went up to the bed.

I slipped off my shorts and stood there nude. I undressed Chad and once again I saw that phenomenal cock, it should be registered in the huge Penis Hall of Fame.

we got up on the bed, and I reached over and got some lube, and I lay back lifted my legs, "Time to find out" I said with a smile.

Now believe me when I tell you having your asshole stretched beyound mortal boundries takes some doing, but I did it for Chad, Yeah I was in a little pain and discomvort.

"Fuck man, you did it,"my balls are resting on your buttocks!" Chad said with a surprised look, and then he began to fuck me, it took about three minutes and I wanted him to pick up the speed, I could feel the thickness of his cock stretching my intestins and that feeling that happens when the prostrate get a good massaging with a good fuck, I was on fire, shuttering with each stroke, I couldn't speak, all I wanted was for Chad to fuck me harder, and faster, Dam he could fuck.

I came so hard from just getting fucked that I almost screamed, it was a feeling I had never experienced before, but I was dead set on feeling it again.

As I felt Chad's thick cock flex with each expulsion of cum into my intestines, I fell in love with Chad.

Well all I can say about that experience it was absolutely fantastic.

After getting fucked by a cock like Chad's where could I go for a bigger and better one.

The night set the pace for my life, and Chad And I have been involved with each other for a long time now, and My broher Jamie and I are still close and he don't know about Chad and I.

Life is good,,,,,,,Love Ciao my friends.



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