My name is Chad Bingham, I'm an eighteen year old, first year college student.

I had been raised in the country with my brother who what four years older than me, I was very athletic and built very well thanks to not only the athletics I had done but he very hard work done on the farm with my brother and Dad.

I had been raised in a conservative, religious home, very much middle America, with loving parents and all the things that go with a good home life.

other than the fact that I ended up what they called then as "Queer" or a dick smoking faggot, which they now call gay, a much kinder and gentler word.

I was for all intents and purposes a very normal boy growing up.

I had realized my sexual state when doing some work for Gerald Farnsworth, a young man of thirty three, a single man that owned a small farm up the way and he hit me up to do some work for him on his small farm while we were at the local grainery one Saturday.

Well I was just sixteen then and Gerald began to brag on my looks and body, and how well built and athletic I looked and how awesome and sexy I was built.

I loved receiving complements. and found them very erotic and sexually stimulating.

Then one afternoon I was helping clean out some stalls in the barn for Gerald, he came up behind me and felt my ass in my tight jeans.

"Fuck kid your one gorgeous dude you know that?"

I had turned around and realized his touching my ass was giving me a boner, it was so stiff in my jeans it was aching.

Gerald licked his lips and reached down and began stroking it's length thru the material, my cock was hard like a rock, and almost seven inches long at that time.

He smiled and looked into my eyes, "Chad, that is very Nice, do you like how this feels?" he asked.

I sorta gasped a little and said, "Yeah I do."

He took me by the hand and we walked over to some bales of straw, I sat down and just watched as Gerald undid my jeans and slowly pulled them down as I stared at his face.

As he pulled my boxer briefs off, my hardon popped out and upward, like a flag pole, I realized Gerald had a boner that was huge looking to me,,it was bulging out thick and proud thru his jeans.

Well there I sat as he knelt down in front of me, "I think you will like this Chad,"

Gerald leaned over and took my cock into his mouth and I felt like I would fly away, it was the most phenomenal thing I had ever experienced in my life.

I finally reached the point of no return as Gerald sucked my hard-on and I moaned, I'm gonna shoot the white stuff, and that made Gerald get more intense with his sucking, I fired off a round that felt like it would fill a bucket and Gerald moaned his pleasure as he gulped my cum down, making sure to get ever drip.

I was totaled with this little action, but Gerald just kept licking and sucking the tip of my softening cock.

I finally got my breath, "well how did you like that Chad?" Gerald said.

"Fucking fantastic," I responded.

Gerald smiled and I noticed his bulging trousers, I reached up and felt its hardness through his jeans, running my fingers along the length of Gerald's cock making sure to touch and rub around the belled out very prominent head, I felt Gerald's body shudder, and he moaned his approval.

The next thing I knew I was pulling his trousers off, keeping my eye on his swollen cock.

By the time I got it free from his white briefs, it was slimy wet with pre-cum and I leaned over and tasted it, licking the tip with my tongue, savoring the taste of that clear sweet nectar.

I then found myself doing to Gerald what I had done to him.

Well needles to say I got my first taste of man-cream that day as Gerald moaned and grunted and filled my throat and mouth with his seed.

I was hooked and I guess you might say I became a cum-pig, I know I had sucked half the guys on the High School football team at one time or another, most of the baseball team, and all of the swim team, cum had become part of my diet.

It was finally Orientation Day at College. I got all my papers from the Administration Bld, got my room assignment and went to the Dorm.

Orientation for classes took about two hours, and then I went to my dorm room.

I walked into the room, which consisted of a study room in the front with closets and Chests of drawers for two men and two small study desks. then in the back was another room with a large double night stand between two Twin beds for the two guys.

I had laid my things down and was putting my clothes in the drawers in my chest of drawers when the door came open and there before me stood one awesome looking guy, arms loaded with boxes and bags of things etc.

I helped him in and took some of the load from his arms, "Thanks man, that was nice of you." he said.

I watched as he unloaded his things on his bed and then turn around, and in a Darth Vader deep type voice he said, "Hey there dude I'm Nick, Nick Sprawley, I guess I'm gonna be sharing your dorm room with you." We shook Hands and I introduced myself.

My eyes began that scan of this dude, I could tell he was an athlete, he had muscular thick arms, he stood at least 6'3 and must have weighed 250 lbs of solid muscle..... Not an ounce of fat could be seen, his stomach was not thin but very tight and ripped.

I smiled and said. "Jeeze man, your one fucking built dude, arn't you?"

"Well I did get a sports part scholarship."

he said with a grin.

I noticed everything about this handsome hunk, Holy Shit was he good looking, he had a very masculine almost pretty face, with dark brown eyes, thick black eyelashes, a blush of a beard and jet black almost wavy hair that needed a brushing and a ball cap that was turned around backward, very sporty looking.

Nick was wearing a tee-shirt that was tight enough to see a very nice thick set of pec's with protruding nipples, and I watched as he walked around the room, what looked a wrist thick cock swinging back and forth in his sweat pants.

Nick was fucking sexy as hell, but I had to take it easy as I didn't know how he might react to me if he found out I was gay.

He was putting his things away and I just got up on the bed when Nick came in and said, well Chad, I hope we can be good friends, being I don't know a fucking soul here on campus, and we will be seeing each other in a very intimate state.

I need to hit the showers been on the road for three days and need a cleaning.

I was anxious to see what was under those sweats that was swinging back and forth so I just said, "If you don't mind I will join you in a shower, I need one too. If that's O.K?" I said.

"Hey man, not a problem, I was even gonna ask you to join me, if you didn't have a problem with showering with another dude."

We hit the showers at the end of the dorm hall, which consisted of a large room with several shower heads hanging from the walls, open and not very private, which was fine with me.

Mich undid his sneakers and took off his socks, then threw his Tee-shirt to the side.

I watched as he pulled his sweats and briefs to the floor, I thought I would pass out from the sheer awesomeness of his gorgeous ass, perfectly shaped, rounded with dark hair running down the crack along the asshole, and his hairy legs were fantastic reminded me of Gerald the farmer.

The I did a double take as he turned around facing me and I watched his hand as he pulled at his heavy, weighty cock and sorta fluffed up his nut-sack, which were like a bulls nuts, this guy was hung.

I was speachless as we walked together into the showers.

I looked at Nick and not trying to be too obvious, I just looked at Nicks package in amazement, "Man Nick I bet the girls go GA-GA over that?"

"Well only a few, most don't want to get involved with a horse-cock," he said.

We didn't talk much about the subject until we both got back to the dorm room.

I was setting on the bed reading a booklet when Nick finally got his stuff arranged and walked into the bedroom and set on the bed in his thin shorts.

I kept catching myself staring at his crotch, all but licking my lips at what I was looking at.

Nick was looking at some sort of school pamphlet, when he spoke up and said, "I sure the fuck hope I can find someone here at College that likes the kind of sex I do. I'm so fucking horny that I could fuck a snake if it would stay still."

I said, "It's college man, that shouldn't be a problem."

"Well you see the problem I'm what I refer to as a borderline homosexual," he said with a giggle.

"A borderline Homosexual? What the hell is that? I always thought you were or you weren't."

"Well what I mean is that I love getting my cock sucked, I would rather get sucked off than fuck, but I do like to fuck too, but I'd rather it be anal sex, and most gals don't like that sort of things and the gals I have had suck me off, usually don't want to swallow my load, and I feel that's a must, AND, for some strange reason I love to have my asshole played with and even penetrated while getting sucked off." I know that's a little different BUT! that's what I like."

I smiled and said, "I love to be sucked off too, Heard a guy sucking cock does a much better job of it because they know what a guy likes and they usually take the load too."

"Yeah I have heard that too, but haven't had the balls to find a dude willing to do that, and in the event I did let a guy suck me off, I wouldn't want to have anyone find out about it, You understand don't you." He said.

"Hell yeah that's pretty much understood.

"Well if it won't bother you, I need to bust a nut," and Nick looked into a bag of magazines and pulled out a fuck book and began to leaf through it.

I was setting there glancing at Nicks crotch as he leafed through the booklet and I notice a substantial swelling in his boxers. Damn he had one thick heavy cock.

I watched as he gently stroked the swelling and I couldn't help myself.

I got up, my own cock now straining, and went to his bed and set down at the end of his bed, he looked up at me as he lay there holding his cock down.

I looked into his beautiful eyes and said. "Nick, I just might be able to help you with your wants in the sexual department, You just enjoy your magazine and let me take care of that swelling between your legs."

Before he could say a word I had popped his thick cock out of the split in the front of his boxers. and was stroking the thickest cock I had ever felt.

He just said using his favorite explative, AWWW FUCK! and his hips began to slightly thrust upward into my hand.

I realized that his cock was so thick my hand would barely fit around it's shaft and my fingers barely touched.

I had stroked Nick's thick cock and was noticing a slight clear droplet of pre-cum forming at the eyelet.

I leaned over and licked it off, tasting Nicks sweet pre-cum and Nick dropped his magazine and lay back with his arms upward above his head. and i took almost half of his cock into my mouth, feeling it swell and flare out in my mouth,

Nick was saying his AWWWW FUCKS!!...... at regular intervals especially when I took his cock to the balls, deep-throating his awesome meat.

I had Nick almost crazy with lust by the time I realized his cock was about to spew, I remembered him saying he loved haveing his asshole played with as he was getting sucked.

I wet my middle finger and slipped between his ass cheeks, I Heard him "AWWWWWWW FUCKKKKKKK!! as I slid the first half of my finger into his asshole and his cock started jerking and spasming in my mouth filling it with cum..... I couldn't have felt better if I had won the lottery.

Nick looked up at me and smiled, Holy shit man, that was fantastic Chad.

I know were going to have a wonderful year in this room together.

We got up and went to supper in the campus cafeteria.

After supper we for a walk together around the campus of the college.

It was like a first date...... and I knew many more would be coming.

At about eleven that night I was laying next to Nick on his bed and I said. 'you feel like a fuck?"

'He looked at me with a smile and withing three minutes I had his thick cock balls deeps bare-back in my asshole. It felt phenomenal.

This love life lasted all the year long and I anxiously awaiting for the beginning of our Next year Nick and I have already requested to be each others room-Mate. But That first day will always be my most awesome Orientation Day.

Nick calles me every day while the break is on and we're apart.



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