I was raised a country boy quite a way from the Big City lights, I had gotten a college degree in Business and found a nice Job in the Big City.

City life was new to me since all I knew was a big barnyard full of cattle, hogs, chickens, sheep, goats and of course hot sweaty, muscular country boys that knew how to handle a young hot country boy like me who was already and up for a nice thick hard-on to suck on, or a thick cock sliding in and out of my tingling man-hole.

I was laying in my bed in my 14th story apartment watching the moon and the stars out the bedroom window, I realized as I lay there feeling a little lonely and of course as most nights Horny.

I was just in my tidy whites sporting one hell of an aching hard-on Thinking back to when I was just seventeen and back on the farm when I met Matt and his son Randall, on the farm, Matt was a guy my father hired to help work his 600 acre farm. He was a widower and his 18 year old son was with him. Father had a nice mobile home that was set up for his farm hand and his family.

Needless to say Randall and I began to develope a friendship and a working relationship.

It was a Wednesday afternoon that Randall and I were setting on a big bale of straw in the hayloft of the barn, just enjoying the August warmth, Randall got a bucket of water, took off his shirt and Holy Shit, did this young stud have one hell of a gorgeous build, I felt this sensation and tingling in my body and this gnawing in the pit of my stomach, as he took a dipper of water and poured it over his sweaty body, letting his wet hair flop around, I noticed his muscular chest, hairy-ness across his pecs was gorgeous, I had never felt this feeling before, my stomach was tied in a knot, and my cock was harder than I had ever felt it, even my asshole was feeling a slight tingling, something was definately happening to me, something that I could not explain, I couldn't help myself, I wanted to see more of Randall, I stood there almost with my mouth gaping open, "What the fuck is wrong with you?" I heard Randall say with a grin, did I do something wrong?"

I was almost speechless as I continued to stare. "Sorry man, but I can't help it, your body is the most beautiful body I have ever seen," I said.

He stood up and smiled, "Really, do you like looking at my body?" he said with a huge smile. Would you like to touch me, It's o.k, go ahead."

He walked over to me and said, "Here let me help." Things got very serious and erotic at this point.

Here Ken, feel my hairy chest it loves to be rubbed and enjoyed, and rub my abs, tight huh! at first I thought that he might be making fun of me, but I realized he was enjoying my attention.

"But here's where I love to be rubbed the most" and he took my wrist and moved my hand down and I felt his thick hard boner through his Blue Jeans.

I watched his face as he leaned his head back and said, "Fuck yeah, that's it, rub that" and I over from that point, His cock felt like it was as thick as my wrist and at least nine inches long thru the material of his Levi's, I reached down, nervous as hell, shaking like a leaf in a wind storm, and began to unbutton his trousers, he just let it happen, I got them totally unbuttoned and pulled them apart to reveal a pair of bright white briefs. as I slid his sticky sweaty Levi's down his muscular legs, he looked like a Greek God standing there in just white bulging briefs, I was so nervous I was shaking. as I reached over and stroked his hard coke thru his soft white cotten briefs.

I knew what I wanted when I looked into Randalls eyes and pulled out the waist band of his briefs and run my hand down inside, and felt the wet tip of his uncut man-meat, damn it was big, I didn't think I was all that small, but he was huge, at least to me he was.

"Randall leaned over to me and whispered to me, "Do you like what you've found. I likes your."

All I could say was "Yeah!" and I slipped off his whities and there he stood naked, beautiful, his body had no fat on it anywhere and the veins were very pronounced all over his body, and the vein most notable was the big vein running the length of his cock across the top of it.

Being uncut myself I knew what to do, I began to stroking his cock with my hand and pulling his foreskin back and forth as he moaned slightly and gave out a few little whimpers.

Randall opened his eyes and smiled as he said.

"Hey Dude. Let's see what I get to play with."

Randall pulled my sweaty tee shirt off and threw it aside. then undid my faded jeans and slid them down, and My hard cock sprung out as he smiled. "Now that looks good enough to eat, Ken, you ever had your cock sucked?" he said.

"No, never did anything with anyone but myself." I said.

"Well your what? 18 now, it's time you found out what real sex feels like," he said.

Randall quickly knelt on his knees and reached over and started stroking my cock, that alone felt like heaven and I was in another world. I have never experienced anything so wonderful.

Then the tide turned, I watched as Randall's cock began to leak pre-cum, and I was mesmerized as he took the full length of my boner into his mouth, I almost had to pinch myself to see if I was still alive.

To say that this feeling was the most awesome feeling of my 18 year old life would be an understatement.

I felt the awesome buildup of my first cock to mouth cum, and I moaned something like I'm gonna shoot it, you better get off, and before I could say another word, my cock started belching out the full load and I was shocked to see Randall going after it like it was delicious.

He did not let go of me till he had drained my cock totally empty of my seed.

Randall looked up and said. "DID you like that?" "Fuck yeah man, it was fantastic, you'd have to be dead not to like that." I said.

We sat back down on the bail of hay and smiled at each other, "We will do that a lot if you like," Randall said.

"Id be a fool not to, don't you think." I said.

I looked over at Randall and saw him there with his thick pre-cum leaking cock in his hand and gently stroking it.

"Do you want me to try sucking you off?" I said.

"Nah, I got something else planed for my cock." he said.

The next thing I knew I was on my back on a couple bales of hay, with my legs in the air, as Randall buried his face in my ass cheeks and was making me crazy with his tongue, sliding it in and out of my asshole, I had never dreamed it could feel like this.

I closed my eyes to enjoy the moment when I felt his licking and probing stop and I felt his cock-head gently pushing and going in a circular motion around my asshole, then I felt the gentle nudge of his cock-head as It penetrated my anal opening, Randall just held tightly onto me as he slid his pre-com covered cock, to the balls into my intestines. I felt so full, yet so fulfilled, as Randall began to fuck me like a male lover he was, What I couldn't realize was that I wanted more, his cock-head was rubbing that little love button, making me crazy with lust and the want for more.

Randall changed position and he had me on my side with one leg up and his cock full length into my body, I was going almost wild with lust and desire, I wanted more, don't stop. faster, harder I heard myself saying.

I was on the verge of shooting another load and As I heard Randall's grunting and impending climax I let out a grunt and began shooting a load of cum out over the hay, I felt like I had been taken on a journey to heaven, nothing had felt like this.

That was the introduction for me Into the world of sex and I have been enjoying it every since.

I still get a weekend visit from Randall every so often but He still works for my father on the farm.

As I lay there in my bed in my apartment, I felt the need, that want, that almost necessity to feel another guy, I wanted that more that air to breathe I think.

I decided to go up to the rooftop where there are chairs for people to sit, thinking maybe I would just set there in the darkness and night air, and enjoy a slow memorable, jerk-off, bust a nut and let the cool night air, sorta blow my cares away. Then maybe I could sleep.

I got up there it was nice not hot, not cold, just right.

I was setting close to the firewall the edges the rooftop, and leaned back just in my sleeping shorts, looking around I noticed I was alone.

I slid my hand down in my shorts and began to enjoy a slow gently stroke, as I played with my foreskin slowing stroking my boner, just enjoying it with much pleasure, knowing I was totally alone.

I was in my own zone when I heard this very sexy, deep voice. "Would you like some help with that?" I a state of surprise and almost shock I almost jumped up, there I was, caught with my hand in the "cookie Jar" if you please' I looked up and to my surprise I saw this studly handsome guy, like me just in a pair of sleeping shorts.

Before I could make heads or tails of it all, he was next to me, and took my hand out of my shorts and replaced it with his, and I must say it felt wonderful, This dude knew what he was doing, "Hi, I'm Gerald, the Plumber and Maintenance man for the building, I live in apartment 26, And I can take care of any problems you have with your leaky pipes, and down onto my cock he went with his hot, wet, slippery, awesome mouth, I didn't have time to respond as Gerald took my cock like a starving dog into his mouth all the way to my balls which he was very adept at rubbing, I was gone man, I hadn't had anything like this since I was back home with Randall.

I just lay back and let Gerald fix my leaky pipe. Damn he was good.

After he was done sucking my nuts empty, Gerald smiled as he took out his boner and said, "Anything else I can do for you?"

I raised up, slipped off my shorts, leaned over the safety wall on the edge of the roof, I smiled as I spread my ass cheeks, "Yeah! Gerald this needs a good plugging, Gerald came closer and I saw a beautifully circumcised cock about eight inches long, quite thick. and he spit on it and with the pre-cum liquid, it was slick enough to slide right in and take up residence. Gerald fucked me for almost twenty minutes as As I watched the street life down below, we finally both blew our loads onto the floor of the roof, Well mine went on the floor, his went deep into my ass. He grunted and groaned as he cum, it was loud enough they could have heard him twenty-seven floors below. That was one hell of a wonderful night.

Well now when I need my pipes cleaned, or any sort of "Plumbing Problems" or maybe my shorts straightened out Um! Electrically that is, LOL! I call for Gerald the Plumber and Maintenance man, he takes of any of my problems. He also makes a wonderful Lasagna too. Yeah he makes house calls too. LOL!

Life is good,,,,,,,,, Ciao my friends.



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