As I find myself growing older in life, I think back to the days, I guess all of us do, that we were so virile, young, nicely built, athletic and our bodies were something that we no only were proud of, but gloried in, just young dumb and full of cum.

Hell! I remember when I was seventeen I would walk around trying to hide a magnificent boner, actually it seemed to lead me anywhere it wanted to go.

I was never ashamed of it even in the showers in High school, it would rear its thick head even tho covered with a nice foreskin, it would come slipping out of its skin sheath. Although it gave my sexual preferences away, I was never ashamed of getting aroused in the shower at school. I was bigger there in the cock department than most of the other guys and they didn't want to be known as someone that looked at another guys cock. although they all checked each other out, it's just a young man thing.

But I did remember most guys looking and smiling quite a bit, I just paraded my boner which stood straight out, thick and hard like a fucking diving board, and bounced proudly with each step I took, Hell, I even had the coach smile when he saw it and wink at me, wasn't sure what that wink meant, maybe he liked it, he did seem rather over affectionate with me afterwards. But nothing ever come of it.

I remember well I was approaching my eighteenth birthday, I Lived with my Mom at the house that she and my stepfather lived, I didn't get along with him because I think he suspected me of being gay but he was so homophobic that he smelled of it, which strained any chance of having a good relationship with him .

We lived close to the Missouri river and as a young man, I loved nudity, well it became a regular thing that while Mom and Dave (My step-dad) were at work, I would go down to the wooded area, which was about half mile thick, between the river-road and the river and I would go deep into the woods, strip off all my clothes, and run around in the woods along the river bank naked, laying there naked in the full sunlight tanning, I loved it, and would usually end up in full view of God and all nature having an explosive orgasm as I jerked off.

It was one of the most erotic and sensual activities of my youth. Usually enjoying fantasies of guys from the locker rooms walking around naked, seeing their nut-sacks swinging, their cocks cut or uncut, and their asses, which I wanted to just enjoy like mad, and fantasizing what I would love to do with them.

I was at that age when it was becoming an imperative that I get on with the Idea of having sex with another man, I wanted it, I was in that frame of mind, I was needing it. to feel it, to touch another guy, to know that pleasure of sucking, or being sucked, I guess I was like a starving Man constantly looking at the menu, but not being able to afford the food.

Then one afternoon I was indulging in one of my favorite fantasies, walking naked in the woods, my cock was so hard If I had turned sideways it would have leveled a tree, I was edging myself, stroking just long enough to get to the certain feeling, and then letting it back off a while, to prolong that awesome climactic feeling, until I could stand it no more, when I heard the leaves rustle and twigs snap over to my left, I turned and I saw a young man, he looked to be about twenty six or seven, in a clearing with his hand down in his sweat pants just gently rubbing his cock as his other hand played with his nipples under his red tee-shirt.

I stood there and watched and got even more turned on as I realized this young guy, who was a black man, a light colored black man, was so fucking handsome, I had never looked at a black man like this before. Evidently he didn't realize I was there watching him, but he messed with his body rubbing it and massaging his penis until he reached upward and slipped his shirt off, I watched as he undid his sneakers and then slid his sweats and underwear down and kicked them aside, I almost swallowed my tongue as he stood there like a bronzed statue,awesomely built, muscular, his muscles were so tight he was almost shiny looking. His arms, his abs, Pecs, and ass and legs were he was phenomenal, he was gorgeous looking there in the sunlight coming through the trees, then he turned and I saw his cock, I had never seen a black mans cock before, but it fulfilled every stereotype of a black man, having not only a big dick, but a huge cock, he looked like one of my grandpa's stallions, it hung down to his knees and was like his wrist in thickness.

All I remember is I wanted to touch it, feel it, suck on it, or whatever he would like, so I let him get into the action of gently stroking it in the sunlight as he leaned there against a tree in the wooded area, and as he began to stroke it I saw that shiny dark pinkish head slipping in and out of its foreskin, my stomach was tied in a knot from the nerves, I wanted it bad, very bad.

I slowly walked over to him and he never saw me, he had his eyes closed, I guess he never expected to see anyone, until I was right beside him within reach and I reached out and touched his thick black cock, he jumped and let out a gasp, 'Oh Fuck man, I didn't realized I wasn't alone here." and then covered himself up with his hands.

"Please don't be upset, You are one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen." I said.

He released his hand that covered a small portion of his crotch, I gently reached over and wrapped my hand around his thick cock, it wouldn't even go all the way around it. "Fuck man, this is fantastic, you have a beautiful cock dude." I said.

Then as he stood there sorta bewildered at me and what I was doing, I began my journey to fulfilling my ultimate fantasy. I knelt down in front of this black dude, and took about half of his cock's length into my mouth. it was awesome, so thick, and hard, so velvety smooth, veiny, with just a slight taste of urine but sweet.

I heard this dude say "Oh Fuck, man that feels awesome." I knew I had him in the palm of my hand or was it in the depth of my throat. LOL! never-the-less, I was in heaven, I wanted him to finish in my mouth,and I thought he would choke me to death. because as I got him closer to shooting his load, he began to grab my head and slip his cock deeper and deeper into my mouth and throat, and he finally grunted and pulled my head tightly to him as he unloaded his thick creamy white sweet, acrid, cum deep into my throat, I felt his pubic curls tickle my lips, I had taken the whole thing. I have that memory as one of the best of my life, but then the first time I always the best, but his name was Joshua, and believe me Joshua and I met there many, many times and enjoyed each other.


I had decided to go into the Police academy, study to be a police officer, I had the build and body for it and I also had an edge up on most other guys, I had had seven years of martial arts training in my younger years and I had some tournament wins under my belt, I was able to handle myself in hand to hand very well.

I graduated the academy and went on to a placement job at a city police department in a large city. I loved the idea and when I met my I guess he was my partner, actually his job was to teach the new rookie his ropes, and everything that pertains to his job.

Officer Jeff Stegmeyer was assigned to me as a trainer and overseer, I was to ride his beat in the patrol car, well the first day was awesome, I learned so many things you didn't learn in the academy, and I was of use in an altercation at a quick shop store when three thugs needed to be taken down, officer Stegmeyer was impressed with my ability to handle myself.

That night after our first day (We worked the evening shift.) We went back to the Police station and went into the police locker room, we stripped and headed for the shower, I had not seen officer Stegmeyer naked before and as I stepped into the shower I saw one gorgeous man, standing there letting water run down over his gorgeous body, he was built nicely, with a beautiful layer of hairyness down his chest, over his stomach and blending into a thick hairy bush around a thick, nice cock, I had to be careful here.

On problem was there I still got my old friend who now shows up as the wrong time. my cock began to rise and stood upright like a flag pole.

Office noticed it and smiled at me, "I know I'm really fucking sexy Ken, but wow, that's really impressive. I didn't know if my eyes were playing tricks or not, but I thought His cock was thickening up and getting longer too. But Jess left the shower before it finished.

The next night he was dressed when I got there, I quickly dressed and hurried the briefing room, after we had gotten our daily briefing we went to the patrol car and headed out.

I was setting there drinking a Coke we had stopped and got, when Officer Stegmeyer as me a question. "Hey Ken, be honest with me, yesterday when in the shower did you get that hard-on because of me of something else."

I felt a little afraid to answer, "truthfully, Jess, I guess I should tell you the truth, I'm Gay," there now you know.

" you mean a real life cock sucking, cum guzzling, ass fucking Homosexual?"

" Yes I am, but if you want I will put in for a transfer for another partner." I said.

"Hey man, I'm not a homophobe or anything like that. I have a legitimate reason for asking, Truth is I like you, and was just wondering if you find me attractive, as you know I'm not married either. and, well, I do like to get my cock sucked every so often. And there's nothing like a nice sweet ass to fuck." he said.

"I don't know what to say, of course, Jess, the other day in the shower, all you would have said was 'come here and take care of this and I would have sucked you dry," I guess that's stupid isn't it?" I said.

"Fuck no man, just listing to you gave me a hard-on," Jess said.

I reached over setting there in the patrol care, and felt his crotch as he lay back and spread his legs. his cock was laying down the inside of his leg and felt like a radiator hose, hard and thick.

I told him to call in a bathroom break and pull over to a private place. and as he pulled over, I unzipped his uniform pants. and fished his cock out and leaned over and sucked him off, right there in the police cruiser. it took him about three minutes to unload his cum.Grunting and jerking, I swallowed and enjoyed every drop of it.

I looked up and as he calmed down in his breathing.

"Hope we didn't get any on my black uniform pants," he said.

"Not one little drop, I swallowed every sweet, awesome drop." I said with a smile.

Jess and I stayed partners for several years and lived together and believe me he did enjoy fucking my tender sweet asshole, almost as much as I enjoyed it.'


Jess had taken a transfer on the Job and decided to move to Pheonix, Arizona. I didn't want to go because of my Mother who was now widowed.

I decided I wanted something different to do so I went back to college and gut a degree in business.

I became a CPA, I got a job in a local firm, and was doing mostly corporate taxes.

I got a phone call from a business that wanted to hire me to become their accountant handling their taxes.

I went to their offices and they showed me their books, truthfully they were a holy nighmare. I took on the task, and their office manager was very nice looking, unmarried man named Stephen, he was sorta nerdish, mathmatically brilliant but very withdrawn.

He helped me find the answers to many of the problems with the paperwork in the company and there was one problem with Stephen, I could not take my eyes off him, he was downright drop-dead gorgeous, he and a wonderful physique, beautiful eyes, slightly dark almost black wavy hair, and his hands were beautiful, sorta tanned, veiny with hairy knuckles, and his nails were in perfect shape, he wore glasses, wire rimmed, and when he took them off, It left me breathless.

The first time I saw Stephen I noticed he looked like he had forgotten to shave, and his aftershave sent tingles through my spine.

To top it all off was his crotch, he sat in an office chair beside me and His crotch looked like it was stuffed with a towel, it was so packed full, I saw this and I needed to know, "Stephen, are you married, I don't see a ring." I asked.

"Me, MEEEE Oh, my no, Never even dated a woman," he said almost shocked in response.

"Why do you ask?" he said.

"Just wondering, because if you weren't I wanted to ask you out to supper tonight after work, I would like to get to know you on a friendship basis. Would that be o.k." I ask.

"Oh! Wow, no ones ever ask me out before. I would love to." he responded,

I just thought I got my foot in the door.

We went out to supper that night and had a great meal, and we went back to my place for a drink, I was serving a nice glass of Wine when I got to Stephen he was just wearing some casual slacks, when I hooked my foot on the rug and almost threw the wine on Stephen, landing on his crotch,this was not intentional. I appologized as Stephen held out the material of his trousers.

I know it looked like a set up but I told Stephen to remove the trousers, since they were washable I would put them in the washer and wash them.

I brought him a pair of my faded jeans and as he stood, there I brought a towel and began to wipe the wine off his trousers, he just smiled and as I wiped, I began to notice a swelling taking place, and it was a big swelling, the longer I wiped the bigger it got. I saw it's size and I looked up at Stephen, he just smiled and turned his head, but never told me to stop.

I then undid his trousers and pulled them down, and I reached into his boxers and pulled out one thick, huge cock, beautifully circumcised, gorgeous perfectly shaped head, and well just say it was picture perfect, I took it into my hand and stroked it a few time. all Stephen did was moaned a little, "If you keep that up I'm gonna shoot the sperm out. Nobody have ever done that before."

I leaned over and as I looked over and smiled at Stephen, I said. "You really need this Stephen,"

I raised up his cock and took it into my mouth and took about three forths of his length into my throat, I heard his moan, and grunt, and It was over almost as soon as it started. I swallowed his man sauce and loved it.

Stephen spent the night that night, and we had one hell of a wonderful night.

Stephen and I became lovers and he moved in with me, and was there almost fifteen years until his death at the age of 46.

But now I have his wonderful memories and his love, because I know that his love goes beyond the grave. I know I still love him.

I look now to go on, maybe find love again.

Life doesn't always give us what we want but we accept each and every day with thanksgiving and look forward to a beautiful tomorrow.

I learned as I got older life wasn't about all the men I have conquered it had been more than that, Oh yeah, I don't regret a one of the wonderful men I have been with , but I know there are more, I'm not dead yet. I feel young and alive, and remember guys, we all get older, and older ain't bad it's awesome.




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