I guess you might say that my friendship with my best friend came out of our mutual live's in a way.

Brendon and I both have had similar childhoods.

His father and mother were divorced when he was six, because she was a heavy drinker and druggie, and Mine died when I was seven..

After Mom died Dad used Mom's life insurance money to put a down payment on a nice house in the suburbs, which seemed to be the ideal place to raise a family,,, it was nice, a three bedroom home, the family room where there was a fireplace, above the ground swimming pool in the back yard, and a father who worked his ass off making sure I was well taken of,,,,,

Well after we moved into this home in the "burbs" I met this young guy that lived across the street named Brendon, we seemed to hit it off really well I was seven and he was just barely eight.

but we were a lot alike in so many ways.

His Mom had been an alcoholic, and drug addict, his father had grown tired of her lifestyle choices and she evidently didn't want to make any changes in her life, so he finally divorced her and got total custody of Brendon

Brendon's Dad was raising Brendon very nicely, His Dad, Mark was so nice and an nice looking man too.

He had worked in Home repairs and remodeling locally and that way he could be home of an evening with Brendon.

My father was a construction foreman for a large company and sometime had to be gone for a while, and I was left with a sitter.

Until I was fifteen then Dad started leaving me alone, since he thought me trustworthy but I always had a phone number to call in the event something went wrong, and that would be"Mark" Brendon's father, my father had become fairly good buddies with Mark.

My father's Name was Dave, and I was Dave the second, or Junior if you please.and I hated that name, but well It was me.

I began to mature and during the years of puberty Brendon and I began to enjoy the pleasures of rubbing our cocks and then it turned to rubbing each others cocks, and that went on into sucking and swallowing each other's cum, and we even got into the ass fucking thing some too. I Loved getting his sweet cock to the balls into my asshole but he wasn't that crazy about it.

So we began the roles I was a bottom and he was a top, and there we lingered a few years.

That is until that fateful afternoon,it was in September, still a little warm and we were rather horny and we knew we had several hours till Brendons father would be home.

We began to mess around and kiss and then hopped on the bed naked of course with our Hard-ons

It was almost all I could do to get Brendon's eight inch thick cock into my throat and there we were sixty-nining each other like a sex starved monkey.

Brandons body was showing signs of getting ready to blow, and I heard his "OH FUCK David," and his cock started jerking in my mouth filling it with his love sauce.

It took me over the edge and I began shooting my load into his mouth which we both enjoyed, we still had our cocks in each others mouth, finishing up the draining and slurping process when the bedroom door opened, It was Mark, "HEY GUY's WHAT's UP?"His faced turned red seeing us with our cocks still in each other mouth, his mouth fell opened and he was as they say "Speechless."

"Oh Shit guys I'm sorry for interrupting your fun." was all he said and he went back out and closed the door.

We both set up on the bed, still naked as the day we were born, a little tad of cum still on the tip of our cock's, "Man I'm in deep shit now, and My father will probably tell your Dad," Brendon said.

We got our clothes on and I was suppose to spend the night that night, which I had done countless times before. But this night everything had changed.

I was almost afraid of what Mark might say, Brendon was alright he had a job to go to for the rest of the evening I was to be there alone with Mark.

We went on out and Brendon's father was making supper, "I hope you guy's like spaghetti, I'm making spaghetti and Garlic bread, and salad for supper," he said, as if nothing had ever happened.

Nothing was spoken about it at all that evening.

Brendon went on to his evening job, and I was left there alone with Mark.

"Man, bet I can beat you at a hand of poker," Mark said. so we played poker that evening.

I was almost about to blow up from the anticipation of being ready to be asked to leave and go home but it never happened.

about ten o'clock that night I said my goodnight to Mark and he went to the bathroom and I noticed him walking out with his trousers in his hand and nothing but a gorgeous pair of white briefs on.

Mark was not an average looking guy, he was nicely muscles, thick hairy legs, nice abs, thick defined chest, he was awesome looking, I felt this twinge of desire welling up inside me.

But not knowing how he felt about catching me and Brendon sucking each other's cock was eating me up inside.

He said his goodnight's and we went to our respective bedrooms I went to Brendon's bedroom and he went to his.

I lay about to explode, not knowing.

I finally just decided bad or good I had to know.

I went to Mark's bedroom and opened the door, I saw him laying there with just a sheet covering from his waist down.

I walked into his bedroom and he said, "David is something wrong?"

I said, "Yes, everything is, I can't stand not knowing how you feel about what you observed with me and Brendon this afternoon.

Do you hate me and want me to get out of his life, or do you want to kill me, PLEASE for god's sake say something about it." I said.

"HATE YOU? why would you think I would hate you?" he responded. I was feeling his body heat, as he tole me to lay beside him.

"Well I gave my son the opportunity to be himself if he want's to be gay I will accept it and stand behind him in it." Mark said.

"But how did you feel when you saw this going on?"

Well son, I was a little stunned, and surprised to say the least. But to be truthful I was Jealous as hell that it wasn't me there with my cock in your mouth." he said as he looked over with a big grin, "It's been so long since I felt the feeling of warmth of someone else on my cock, and yeah I was quite jealous." Mark said.

I was stunned, I looked up and said. "Wow man, I had no Idea." I just looked down at his lovely hairy chest, his stomach muscles and I noticed the outline of a nice sized boner under that sheet as we lay there.

I reachedover across his chest and began to rub Mark's hairy chest, and I brushed his left nipple and heard a light grown.

It was like pushing the go ahead button on my body, my cock sprang up to full staff and I started kissing his chest and I leaned down and felt his hand on the back of my head as i sucked his nipple.

As I gently rubbed his body I felt such passion toward Mark, did I ever believe it would every happen with me and him, NO," did I ever think about maybe wanting to do it with Mark,, Most Definately."

AS I was taking pleasure in Mark's body, I felt such desire, I wanted to taste his cock, and I wanted to drink his nut sauce.

I lifted the sheet and there before my eyes lay a log of thickness like a soda can, which I might say looked to be about nine or so inches.

"Holy Shit Mark, I had no idea, now I know where Brendon get's his inheritance."

Mark smiled "Yeah it's great for showing off, but isn't worth a plug nickle when it don't get used for it's intended purposes."

I reached down and began stroking it thru the briefs, 'Oh Shit kid, that feels awesome."

"Hey man, no need to be Jealous when I have wanted to do this for a long time." I said.

I leaned over and pulled his briefs down to his knees, and then realized he had something else in common with my father, they were both uncut, "Fucking Awesome" I said, I Have always wanted to enjoy messing with and uncut guy.

"Well I will say this, it is sure enjoying what your doing with it, uncut or not." he said.

I finally got a whiff of his many crotch aroma dn it was like pouring gasoline on a fire.

I slipped his foreskin back, exposing that awesome bluish pink cock head and I had to have a taste, I felt his body arch upward and his hands went behind his head and gripped his pillows, Marks body went rigid and I Heard "AWE Fuck, AWE Shit man,OH God that feels fantastic." as I slipped my tightened lips to the pubic hair around his thick cock.

I got set into making Mark's blow-job the best I had ever given.

I worked on this thick cock and especially that sensitive head with heated passion.

Mark was about to have a stroke as I slowly and passionately brought him to a climax.

When he finally emptied his long pent up load into my throat and I gulped it down like a starving dog, he lay there breathless as I wiped the cum off my lips with my other hand.

Mark looked up at me like a drugged kid, his eyes were glazed over.

Mark looked so satisfied and pleased, "That was fucking Phenomenal" he said with a big smile.

I looked down and his cock was still having those after-jerks, I felt so pleased to have been the one to bring Mark such pleasure and I knew I would be doing it as often as he wanted.

It was one week later I was home and I got a call from Mark, wanted me to come over and whatever the excuse I knew he needed some loving.

I got over there at his home and Brendon was at work, Mark came out of the bathroom with just a towel wrapped around his gorgeous body.

Just seeing Mark's body in that towel was enough, I got an instant concrete cock.

I smiled and walked toward Mark and he grabbed me and kissed me, god he was fucking hotter than a Friday night whore

As he pulled me against his body I could already feel that awesome cock of his, pressing against me and I was in a fix wanting to get at it.

We got to the bedroom as fast as we could get there.

I was throwing my clothes along the hallway as I went and Mark dropped the towel and let his gorgeous hairy ass shine like a moonlight scene from a great movie.

Mark Wheeled around and grabbed me and threw me on the bed, raised my legs up and with a shocking expertise began eating my asshole out.

I was astounded at his doing this and I was wondering where he learned to do such a fantastic job, it wasn't something he picked up by watching straight Movies.

I was in heaven as he tongues my asshole, and licked my nuts, Mark had done this before, I knew it by the way he took to it like a frog to a pond.

What really shocked me was when he took my cock to the hilt in his mouth, no teeth and with a passion, that only came from having done it before.

Finally he stopped and looked at me with a smile, Hey David, what can I say, College roommate and I used to get it on, always loved sucking a guys cock."

We messed around for almost and hour, when the door opened and there was Brendon, off work early,

Brendon Smiled, "Holy shit DAD!"

next thing I knew Brendon was stripping and walked over to me and slipped his Hard thick cock into my mouth as his father sucked on the other end.

I was almost ready to blow a load into Mark's mouth and I stopped and wanted to do something else. I got up put Mark on his back and I sat down on his thick long cock and took it to the balls as Brendon got up over his Dad's body and fed me his cock, I blew a load all over Mark's chest as he fucked me upward deep and thick.

I felt his cock jerking as he filled me with his seed and I tasted Brendon's seed as His Father filled one end, Brendon filled the other..

I have had many sessions with them both and Individually and no matter which one' I'm with it's always a wonderful time. And the funny thing My Father hasn't got a clue about it either and Mark and Dad are very good friends. HUMM!!!! maybe there's something going on there? I'll have to check that out.



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