Damn where do I start:

I was seventeen when I remember the first time I learned that messing around with other guys my age was one of the most wonderful pleasures a guy could encounter.

I remember it like it was yesterday, I Met Tim and his father who had moved up the street when he came by and I was playing basketball in the front of my house. We had a nice sized driveway leading to a two car garage and my father had erected a basket ball hoop over the garage door, and we both had played many a game in that driveway, never-the-less I was shooting some hoops, and I had gotten pretty darned good, when I heard this very masculine voice, I'll play you a game of "HORSE" most of us know what that game is, since it's pretty much universal.

I turned to see this very good looking Sandy blond haired young man, who seemed to be about my age, standing behind me, "Hi My name is Brendon Jacobs, My father and I just moved into the fourth house up the street."

I Smiled, held out my sweaty hand, and shook hands, "Glad to meet you Brendon, my name is Ken." I said. " Do you play basketball?" I asked with a smile.

As Brendon andwered my question in the affirmative, I was beginning to have feelings of arousal as he spoke, his eyes were rather on the beautiful side, his voice was deep and masculine and his body had that athletic sort of swimmers build. I noticed his legs were very muscular and thick, truthfully, I had never looked at a guy with this kind of feeling, I guess it must have the been onset of lust or desire, I didn't know then. I found out Brendon was one year older than me, And we started a friendship that day that was to last untill the present.

Brendon and I began to have those sleepovers and that of course worked into doing the feeling each other up in our underwear to stroking off together sizing each others cocks up, you know the regular stuff if your a gay guy.

Brendon had an awesome cock, he was cut, and it was a good seven and a half inches long, nice and round with nice veins on a bronzy shaft, and a beautiful head.

It was about our fouth sleepover I got to take it into my mouth and suck the cum out of it.

It was a little surprising when he blew his load in my mouth and I almost gagged at it, but I held on and finished swallowing, after that first time, I didn't have a problem with swallowing his load, actually I enjoyed the whole thing, I loved that feeling as his cock swelled up and expelled its load, his nuts would disappear into his body as he climaxed and he would make the most awesome grunting, sort of a moan as he shot it.

And of course he sucked me off too.

We had been doing this for about a year and a half and then one afternoon I went over to Brendon's home expecting to see him, his Dad was in the kitchen and asked me in, Brendon was going to be gone for a couple days, I was actually horny and needing some hot sex, but I guessed I would have to endure.

Steve, Brendon's Father, asked me in and offered me a Coke, I sat at the table and made small talk, I was looking at Steve, I had seen him earlier several times and he was ever so friendly, but this day he really looked hot and sexy. I guess I was just really horny, he was 39 years old, haveing just been 18 when Brendon was born, and divorced at 26, and I never did know why Brendon was with his Father untill that day, she was killed in a car accident when he was ten and Brendon was turned over to his Father.

I had drank my coke, when Steve stood up and walked over to me, took the empty can and set it on the counter, I noticed a bulge in his shorts, and sorta licked my lips.

"Well Ken, I would like to ask you a question," he said.

"Well Brendon tells me that you like to suck guys off, Is that true," He asked.

I wasn't only shocked, I was embarrased, I looked up at him red faced, not knowing that Steve knew and really wondering why Brendon would tell him. 'Man, it's alright, me and Brendon have a very open relationship," he said.

"Well Yes Sir!" I responded.

" Do you enjoy swallowing the load?" he asked. "Yes Sir," I responded, feeling like I should get up and run or something.

He began rubbing my shoulders, and then I watched as he unbuttoned his shorts, pulled out his underwear elastic, and out flopped this uncut, at least eight incher and asked "How would you like to give this a try," He said with a smile, "I don't know of any thing that I like better than a good Blow-job, and most guys will tell you a dude can suck cock better than any chick can."

Steve walked closer to me and I reached out and slipped my hand under his big hairy, thick balls, I heard his whisper, "Oh Fuck yeah kid, thats what I need."

I leaned over and licked his pre-cummed wet foreskin, and slipped it back exposing that gorgeous thick head, and I put my lips tightly on the tip and kinda forced the head of his awesome cock to penetrate my lips, and gave him the most awesome blow-job I could. I needed this as much as he did.

It only took a few minutes untill I had him moaning and then he threw back his head, grabbed my head with his hands and sunk his cock balls deep into my throat as he grunted and filled my mouth with his acrid, bleachy, musty tasting cum, I was exstatic, Damn Dude I had just sucked off my best friends Dad, and he loved it.

Steve became a really intimate friend to me after that day, and I enjoyed keeping him satiisfied.

About a month after that Brendon was spending the night and he told me his father told him he was right, that I could suck like a pro. "My Father Really likes you, you know." I just Smiled. then leaned down and sucked Brendons cock for him, there is a big difference in the flavor of his cum to his father's.

Now its several years later I had gone to college and got a job working in the business sector, I had landed a nice job in a sales firm, having been there for about three years and establishing my reputation as a master salesman, I was doing good, making good money.

It was a Friday afternoon that I was called into the bosses office, I took a seat and was waiting when the door opened and in walked my boss with this absolutely "Drop Dead Gorgeous young man of about twentyfive," I thought my heart would stop beating. Just seeing his awesome pearly white toothed smile, hearing his sexy, erotic voice and those eyes, melted you thru and thru, my cock got instantly hard.

My boss introduced us,I thought I would pass out from the feeling I was having, his name was Mark a new hire and the boss ask us both aabout it.

"Ken, starting Monday and going thru next Thursday, there is a tradeshow in Denver, I have picked you and Mark to go and represent our company, mostly because of your expertice and experience, and because you are both single, no close family ties to keep you from doing it.

I said Ok, and so did Mark, I was excited about the possibility I would have the chance to maybe get a shot at Marks body maybe naked, and yet there was that possibility, that Mark would tell me to take a fucking hike and get the hell out of his life too.

We got on a plane that Sunday afternoon, armed with out papers, a rental car waiting and a company credit card for extra expenses.

We got to the Hotel and there was just one room rented for us, we neither one minded sharing a room and that was awesome for me, I wanted to see Mark in the buff, but the cool thing was the room had only one king sized bed.

"Hope you don't mind," I said. "Hey man, you wouldn't be the first time I was in bed with another guy," he said with a smile.

"Did you sleep with your brother or something when you were a boy," I asked.

"Well, not exactly," he said with a puzzled look.

"Look, I might as well be up front with you, I like sleeping with other guys, I like getting my cock sucked, I like fucking them, and having them do the same thing to me, I'm gay O.k. If that's a problem I can get a different room." he said.

"A Problem, HOLY SHIT MAN, a Problem, I was the one worried about it, I'm Gay too. What a fucking coincidence, or mayby it's just fate." I said.

Mark Smiled as we approached each other, I smiled into his gorgeous eyes, as he leaned over and planted a big kiss on my lips, his lips were hot, moist, so sensous, and his tongue set me on fire. "I ain't had sex in months I need it bad."

It took about two minutes to be undressed and on top of the covers of the Bed.

I admired his gorgeous hairy chest, his awesome abs, and his legs were like a marathon runners, muscular but under those tidy whites throbbed one thick uncut treasure, waiting for some worship, and worship it I did.

I slipped back his foreskin and I heard his loud moan as I took his cock to the balls and just held my mouth there, working his shaft with my tongue, swirling my tongue around his sensitive cock had, feeling as his balls tightened up and then finally feeling his body jerk in spasms as he shot a massive load into my mouth, I was in love.

I was what he needed and I was too.

The first night was awesome like a wedding night, Marked Fucked me like a Virgin Groom, and we had a night of passion like no other up to this time.

I woke up and yelled at Mark to get up we're running late, but what did I expect after all, all the night spent enjoying each other.

We got to the Trade Show and just in time got set up, and every time we would look at each other Mark would wink at me and smile.

We went and had lunch and on the spur of the moment we went to the mens room and Mark set out to drain my nuts dry, sucking me off in the Wheel Chair Cubicle. There was spontaneous Combustion there that day.

Well to make the long story short Mark and I did awesome at the trade show, in more ways than one.

We don't live together yet but we should, one or the other of us are at each others apartment almost every night and the sex has not stopped, I could drink his cum in a wine goblet and eat Mark alive. he loves getting his ass rimmed, and I love doing it too.

Life is good My friends....CIAO



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