It seems strange but love has a funny way of causing you to do things you never dreamed you'd do, or liking someone that you never would have ever thought you would even like.

Since that first time as a young lad I remember that awesome feeling of having my best friend to mess around with and began our life of young sex with.

Or having it come to a point where his dad sucked my cock

Damn, fate has a way of making things come out different.

Timmy Wilson was a young man, about the same age as I was and I remember his Dad, he was the first guy I touched sexually.

I was just sixteen, we lived next door, Jason, Tim's Father was one good looking guy, he had that awesome manly look about him and was really well built, he was a construction foreman, and they lived alone, just him and Timmy.

Seemed his mother had run off with a younger guy one Friday while Jason,(Timmy's Dad) was at work, it left him devastated, and Timmy took a long time to re-adjust to life with just him and his Dad.

I befriended Timmy when they moved next door, Timmy seemed lost and always had that almost hatred for what his Mom had done to his dad, and wanted nothing to do with girls, can't say that I blamed him.

Me I was just a young man, with this insatiable desire to see grown men's cocks. I had seen a couple when I was younger at the YMCA where my father had a membership and we went swimming often.

I guess the first time I really noticed was the time our mailman from our neighborhood was standing naked in the men's locker room, we were all getting dressed to hit the pool, and I had to take a leak, Mr. Hauser, the mailman, was standing at the urinal, stark naked taking a leak when I walked up and stood beside him in just my white briefs. I looked over he smiled and said,'Hey! Ken, how are you doing, getting ready to take a dip in the pool? are you?'

He stood there with the biggest cock I had ever seen, with his hands on his hips just letting it hang there, thick, long, damn, it looked so huge. He noticed my staring and as I stood there his cock began to get erect, he wasn't pissing anymore and before a minute had passed it had slowly pulsed it's way upward to full ridgitety, standing upward at about a 45 degree angle, and I smiled at him and just stared as he wrapped his hand around it's thickness as he slid his fore-skin back exposing the bluish pink thick head.

Looking at my face the whole time, it was awesome looking, he looked over his shoulder to see if someone else was coming and then reached down a took my hand and pulled it over and let me hold it, it was fucking humongous feeling for me as I slipped his fore-skin back and forth a few times.

He stopped and walked over to the crapper stall and went in and I saw the shadow on the floor under the wall of the stall, he was stroking it off.

I remember it flexing out tight and hard in my little hand, it was a friggen awesome a memory I never forgot, and for some reason I of course had sprouted a boner, he looked down and just said, nice son, very nice.

I never forgot Mr. Hauser's cock after that and every time I would see him delivering mail in our area, he would smile, gently rub his crotch, and wink at me. I would just smile back. Nothing ever did happen between him and me, but that don't mean he wasn't in my fantasies and my stroke off inspiration.

Well time moved along and I after Timmy and Jason moved next door, Timmy and I began to have sleep overs, Timmy was one good looking guy, a smaller version of his Dad and his Dad was very good looking and muscular.

When Timmy had told me the story of his mother, and how she just dumped on his Dad, and took off with a younger guy, and how he felt about women. I realized Timmy was ripe so we began to enjoying the jerk of together thing, then that progressed to jerking each other off and then I began sucking his cock for him and he began to fucking me. And we both seemed to enjoy ourselves, at least I know I did.

Well we were there for each other most of our teenage years. Then I went to college and Timmy joined the Marines, man did I ever miss getting it on with Timmy.

But the real shocker was that night it was almost dark, I was setting at the patio table drinking a beer, Mom and Dad were gone to visit Dad's brother in Pennsylvania, I was gonna be home alone for about three weeks.

Well I was setting there drinking the beer, just wishing I had Timmy or anyone there, I was hornier than fuck, and would love to feel Tim's cock buried deep in my asshole while he stroked my cock like he always did, Feeling his cock exploding in my mouth getting to drink down his thick dreamy load.

My nuts were aching pulled up tight against my body, my cock was hard as a steel pipe, sticking up against my body, and I had my hand down in my pants gently massaging it.

'Hey Ken, what's going on man, how you been doing, missing Tim I'm sure,' he said.

I being startled, especially with my hand down in my shorts rubbing my cock, Jumped like I had been shot.

I stammered for words as I noticed Jason standing against the chainlink fence with just his flannel long legged sleeping pants, the kind that has a slit in the front and tie at the top.

I almost swallowed my tongue as I notice his gorgeous hairy chest with a few gray hair, awesome looking chest, chiseled from years of construction, and almost washboard abs, Jason was as handsome as a man his age could be, I figured Jason was about thirty eight to forty years old.

I walked over to the fence and just looked into his eyes, 'Want to come over for a beer,' I asked.

'Hell yeah, kid, it gets damn lonely since Timmy left, I would love to, your mom and Dad gone I noticed their car hasn't been here for several days?' he asked;.

'Well I know how it feels, Seems like he's been gone forever.'

It was getting Darker and I ask Jason to come into the living room in the house and have a seat on the couch.

We went in and chatted about how Timmy was doing and what was happening in the military, and then about my schooling and college, but I wanted to ask Jason something personal, I was getting so turned on looking at his naked chest and noticing the outling of his cock laying down to the left of his fly in his pants.

I sat beside Jason on the couch and I just smiled and looked over at him, 'Hey man, do you know just how good looking you are, your one hell of a good looking guy, I bet you got women hanging all over you.' I said.

Jason, 'Well Ken, to tell you the truth I haven't been with a woman since before Karen left, Just me and my fist.' he said.

'I smiled and said. 'Man what do you do for sex, I know that part didn't leave with her, you got to want to get your nuts off once in a while.' I said.

Jason smiled and said, 'Oh yeah, my and my hand have a great thing going.' he giggled.

I just looked saddly at Jason, man that must be a lonely existance.

I said, 'I think your gorgeous, I said as I reached over and placed my hand on his chest and rubbed, he never resisted, or said anything, just smiled and when I got to his nipples and began to gently tweek them and rub, I heard his voice give out a moan, never giving a thought ot the face his cock had risen up tight and rigid in his sleeping pants.

The bulge was fantastic, and It was the go a-head that I needed, I looked at his face and his eyes said, it all, they were so sexy, dreamy, and full of desire, I knew he wanted what I was getting ready to do.

I slid my right hand down his abs, massaging as I went, then I undtied the top of his sleeping pants, and opened them out. he was not wearing underwear, I looked down at his gorgeous pubic bush dark and full, his legs and thighs were hairy and his nuts were full and rounded and thick, but his cock 'Holy fuck' it was phenomenal, thick, not terrible long, maybe about seven and a half long, but it was awesome looking so straight, veiny, thick with a scar where his fore-skin had been removed as a baby, and that dark lovely flared out thick head was awesome.

I looked at Jason as I wrapped my hand around it's thickness and he smiled, 'Wow Jason this needs what I'm gonna do, it's been to long for you.

I leaned and I heard his voice grunt, and felt his stomach jerk as I slid my hot wet mouth to the pubic hair, and began sliding my lips back and forth on his cock, and sucking him off like a pro.

It didn't take too long for Jason, and his cock was firing off in my mouth as he pushed my head down on it, as he gasped for air he said.'Holy Fuck Ken, I had no Idea you liked to suck cock, is that all you like to do.'

I just smiled at Jason and said, 'You'll see.' and he gave me a big hug and smile.

Jason spent the night that night with me, and of course we slept together and he fucked me like a virgin on her wedding night, even after all those years Jason had not lost the knowledge of how to fuck, and I got to enjoy his expertise.

For almost three weeks I was spending the night at Jason's house or he was at our house, fucking and sucking like little whores, Jason was one happy guy after that, and I always did what I could to take care of his needs, especially his sexual needs. I sucked him off one night on the patio out in the open and loved that excitement of it.It went on like that for about a year, and of course enjoying Timmy when he would come home for leave.

Then one afternoon Jason told me he was sorry but he was starting to see this woman about the same age as he was, I figured it was time for a change, to do something different.

I got a job in another city, found myself an apartment, and decided to find me someone else for my own personal life and settle down.

I found out that was a lot easier said than done.

I know it sounds strange but I love to go to garage sales and yard sales and then one day, that one special Day, I had seen these advertisements for a giant Flea Market, another one of my passions.

on the day of the Flea Market I found myself up early and heading out, I stopped at the local 'Duncan Do-nut' shop and getting several do-nuts and some coffee.

I went to the Flea Market in the next town, started walking around looking at the booths and little setups checking out what the people were selling, lots and lots of interesting stuff.

I was about at the far end of this one row of little set ups and there was a little sorta camper tent with open sides and there was a bunch of different things collectibles, and different things setting on tables for sale, and then my eye caught what I wanted, it was fantastic, and so good looking, I found myself staring and almost drooling, it was a very nice looking guy selling his wares there in the tent.

he was sorta wild haired from the wind blown.

I was in a trance as I ogled and stared at this gorgeous young man, 'Hello, see something you can live without, or really like?' his words brought me back to reality, 'Oh yeah, I sure do,' I responded.

I looked straight into his eyes. 'Tell me something do you enjoy living this kind of life, going from city to city, Flea Market to Flea Market?' I ask.

He looked a little puzzled as he smiled, it's o.k. I guess, but it gets a little lonely, living in a motel, not having anyone to go home to, eating out of a microwave or fast food place, but it's a living of sorts, I make a few bucks, well enough to keep my vehicle in good repair and go from place to place and eat I guess.

'Well where are you staying now?' at a motel?'

'Nah, Im staying in my truck this time, don't sleep well but it keeps the weather off me.' he said.

'Hey my name is Ken, and I would like to invite you to come over to my apartment and have supper with me, and spend the evening, if your not booked for something else.'

He started laughing and said, 'Well let me check my appointment calender.' he said with a little snicker.

'Nope I'm free till the seventh of never it seems, no bookings.'

'Hey if you want to hang around I'm getting ready to shut down in about 15 minutes, having a evening at a regular home would really be wonderful,' he said.

We chatted and introduced ourselves to each others.

His name was Hayden Loffley from Lubbock, Texas, but he was one good looking guy, my stomach was tied in a knot from just being around him.

He locked everything up and we took off for my apartment, and got there about thirty minutes later.

When we got out, 'Hey Ken, mind if I take a shower, staying in that truck and using porta potties don't make for a good place to have a shower or bath either is o.k.' he said.

I said sure the bathroom is over there first door down the hall.' I said.

I was starting some supper that night when I heard a voice 'Hey there got any shampoo, and a towel,' I walked down the hall to the bathroom, the door was open and I walked in and there standing his his awesome glory, was Hayden, The words 'DAYUUUMM' came from my lips before I could stop them, I looked up at Hayden, when I noticed his gorgeous body, it reminded me of Jason, slightly hairy chest, chiseled muscular body, ripped abs and then My eye caught sight of the object of my desires, his cock was Texas sized too, thick, long, still bearing it's foreskin and I wanted it bad, but not so bad I would get my head split open making a move I would regret.

'Wow Hayden, your fucking built, dayummm you got a a nice body,' I said.

Hayden's first words were, 'Like I said back at the Flea Market, see something you can't live without or really like?' he said.

I smiled and walked over to him and he just stood there in all his naked beauty, as his cock started to swell out and stand up.

I looked into his gorgeous unshaven face and dark brown eyes, 'You know that your fucking gorgeous and I want you,' I said as I leaned into his face a kissed him I felt his hot tongue respond, 'Fuck man, I ain't been kissed in forever, I would love to make love to you, it's been since God knows when'

I reached down and slid his foreskin back. 'Hey Ken, give me a few minutes and let me get this body clean and we will continue this after we have supper and Im all clean in the bedroom if that's o.k. I like to offer myself in the same manner I would like to get sex offered to me, clean.' he said.

I smiled, 'sure I need to get down to the kitched and I leaned down and kissed the end of his thick swollen cock and slid my mouth over the head a couple times, 'Something to look forward too Hayden.' I said.

'Shit man, I will be looking forward to that too, I love to feel a good hot mouth on my cock.' he said with a big smile. Then he kissed me and said, 'be right with you.'

I fixed supper for us and when I looked up I saw this god of a kid, Hayden looked to be about twenty two or so, Leaning against the door jam, with his arms folded with just a towel around his trim waist.

I almost swallowed my tongue as I beheld Hayden in his sexy, gorgeous glory, now clean shaven, almost like a shiny new penny.

I felt a twinge of love go through me, it was a feeling I had never felt, I had felt desire, lust, wanted lust, but never this feeling it was that felling that I wanted to spend the rest of my life with this hot guy.

Hayden walked over and said, 'God man, I don't believe this, your special to do this, you know that?' he said.

I set the food on the table and walked over and just passionately kissed Hayden on his sweet lips, Feeling were flooding my body as I kissed him.

We sat down at the kitchen table and at a good meal, Hayden was so kind and appreciative for the meal, and then I threw the dished in the dishwasher and we walked hand in hand to the bedroom.

Hayden was so good looking I knew when we started it wouldn't take very long for me to blow a load in the state I was in.

We got on the bed and in less than three minutes i had Hayden,s thick uncut cock in my mouth sucking it like it was the last cock on earth when I felt his hot mouth engulf my cock and take it to the hilt, I thought I had died and gone to heaven.

We made love with each others mouth until I felt his cock start that jerking sensation and his cum was flooding my mouth 'Aw shit, OH fuck man, that feels so fantastic.' Hayden said as his body shook from the feeling of his climax, I loved the taste and feel of his cum as I licked my lips and cleaned of a little drip off his cock head sucking and cleaning his fore-skin with my tongue.

I fell in love with Hayden that night and he is still with me.

A few days later I had the awesome pleasure of him eating my ass out and slipping that awesome cock balls deep into my intestines and he lay into me like I was a Saturday night hooker and he was my john.

Making love with Hayden and getting him into my life is just about the most wonderful thing I have ever had happen and all I can say when I tell others about Hayden, is I still love Flea Markets,

you just never know what you might pick up at a Flea Market, look what I found.



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