I was about twenty two when I got my first job out of college, I was a CPA, I had been working on the job for about two or three years when I realized that the awesome body of the athlete that I had built up in my younger years was slowly fading into oblivion, due to the chair my ass occupied for almost ten hours a day. Then going home and feeling worn out, tired, just out of it, rather Blah!.

I decided to join a health club there in town, and begin getting my flabby ass back in shape, well really I wasn't that bad yet, but I wanted to get myself back in the game and in good shape.

The first week was good, I worked out three nights a week, really putting in the stress and muscular workout that I needed to be in the shape I desired, it didn't seem as easy as it did back in High School and College, but I was determined, and then there was that added plus, of seeing some other really hot guys in the buff in the showers and sauna, and steam-room.

I had to play it straight for the most part but then there was this thing called getting Hard-on's that seem to betray me almost continually.

Actually having to do the spa thing at night, gave me the opportunity to connect with a couple hot, horny guys in the Steam room and sauna.

I was setting there in the Sauna when this handsome Business man came in in just his towel, I had seen him when he walked in out front, wearing a suit, and looking like a million dollars, dark curly hair, nicely built torso, washboard abs, thick muscular tree trunk legs. We got to talking and he was a Lawyer in a major firm Downtown, he was divorced, I loved his slightly dark hair covered chest and his stomach so well and delicious looking.

As I had shared the sauna with him, He told me his name was William or Bill for short.

We were about the last people in the Spa that night before closing, and we both ended up in the sauna.

We were both just naked with a towel wrapped around our waists and sat across from each other and made small talk.

As usual I could not take my eyes off his crotch, which was slightly exposed under the towel, I could see his thick heavy hairy nuts and I wanted to dive between his legs and suck his balls.

As I looked back and forth between his eyes and his crotch, my own began to do that come out and see what's going on thing, before I knew it My seven and a half inch uncut cock was standing up looking for something to get into.

Bill just happened to see it poking it's one eyed head up, and looked into my eyes, giving me a big smile..

But funny thing, I watched as Bill's eight inch, thick, cock began that bouncing effect that began taking place in his cock and his own cock began to get hard as a steel pipe sticking straight upward, standing at attention like it was also looking for something.

I smiled at him looking straight at his hard-on, I watched as he uncovered his hard-on and removed the towel,there it stood like like the leaning tower of Piza, begging for attention.

I went over, dropping my own towel, Sat down beside this incredibly handsome man, and I reached over and said. "This Needs some Attention," he just looked at me with a slight grin.

I leaned over, grabbed his thick cock, and engulfed the full eight inches into my mouth, He leaned back against the wall and slid his right hand thru my hair.

I was working on his cock like a crazy man, wanting that mouthful of what I knew was coming, and all he was doing was moaning and grunting with each time I slid my warm wet mouth to the base of his cock, massaging his nuts as I did.

I felt his body tighten up, noticed his nuts as he got closer and I felt his build up, his heavy breathing as he grew closer to unloading, and then the feeling that I dearly love, feeling his cock as it flexed and pumped his load into my mouth and throat, and feeling his body react as he climaxed.

I just left his cock in my mouth as it finished jerking and shooting his load.

"Fuck Man, I really needed that, I hadn't gotten a nut in almost two weeks, and doing it by hand just isn't what I needed."

I loved knowing that I had done this for him, "it's my pleasure, anytime." I responded.

Well it did happen many more times, truthfully every time we got to the club together we made sure we ended up in the Sauna, I actually enjoyed it too, He began giving me some awesome handjobs, we both left satisfied.

I was a quite sad when I learned that Bill was being transferred to another city on his Job, meaning we wouldn't be having our weekly tryst's anymore, but we made arrangements to see each other whenever one or the other of us were close to each other, just promising to keep in touch and exchanging names and Phone numbers.

I felt rather empty for several weeks and going to the spa didn't have the same fulfilling meaning to me after that, Untill that one night I was there and I met this dude, a School teacher named Rory Horning.

I thought he was the most gorgeous guy, he was shorter than Bill, glistening firey Red hair, nice build,, kinda stocky, muscular, he was a sports coach.

I began to talk to Rory, and I found out he wasn't married, he had been raised in an all boys home.

I worked out with him spotting him as he pumped heavy iron, and he would hold my feet down as I did my set-ups.

We were becoming a team, but I had this one thing, I couldn't keep my eyes off his bulging crotch, I could see a hefty looking bulge but that night I would be in luck, we did everything together, even later that evening we showered together.

Now the shower rooms were a large tiled room with about seven or eight shower heads sticking out of the walls, there are no divisions giving privacy, but that it alright with me.

I almost swallowed my tongue as Rory slipped off his shorts and walked over to a shower head, I stripped and went right beside him, I was a little surprised when I noticed him glancing at my cock, which was almost hard by now.

I looked over and Rory was soaping up with a bar of soap and watched as his hands went to the underside of his thick heavy balls. I watched as I swallowed hard, really desiring to help him with his private parts.

I got really interested as his cock looked like it was getting thicker and hard, he had a thick, veiny, long cut with a line of scar around the shaft about three inches back from the crown of his cock-head.

I must say it looked delicious, I wanted to touch it but reserved myself, "Sorry I said, It sometimes gets like that when I haven't given it enough attention."

"I know that feeling," Rory said as he glanced down at his own stiff boner, which had that ability to stand upright straight up almost against his stomach, He just smiled a big smile.

"Would you like me to wash your back?" I said.

"Sure, if you wouldn't mind?" he said.

"I'll try to restrain my sexual urges but I'll restrain myself." I said with a laugh.

"Hey man, truthfully I'm not homophobic, I'm open for anything."

That was like saying sickum to a hungry dog.

I began washing his back and soaping down his back was a great feeling, touching his tight muscular skin, feeling his muscles in his back, then to get to soap my hand and slide it between those awesome ass cheeks.

I was about to swallow my tongue when he just spread his legs and allowed me full access to his ass, and when I slid my hands up under his ass and took his nuts in my soapy hand I heard his moan, and I knew it was like saying full steam ahead!

I came to myself and realized that I was gripping his thick cock and with my soap covered hand I was stroking his thick, hard manhood.

"Is this all you do." he asked, "I love a good fuck or blow-job and I give in return." he said.

Next thing I knew I was sucking his thick manhood, and I was after his nut juice bigtime.

He stopped me and pulled me up from my kneeling position, turned me around and I felt his tongue as he began to eat out my asshole, and tongue my hole, Shit Man, I was on fire.

I felt it so excited as he stopped and his cock head began to push thru the opening and slide to the balls in my asshole, I was about to cum from getting fucked in the ass by this hot, gorgeous dude.

He knew how to do it well, and I felt his buildup. I finally felt his nuts emptying in my intestines and as he climaxed I stroked myself to a huge cum all over the shower room floor, Damn I hadn't enjoyed sex like that since Bill was here.

After that night it became a full blown relationship.

I learned a lot about Rory, his childhood, all the times he had been used by the older boys in that home as he grew untill it was his turn to be the older guy and return the favor, he had been turned into a fucking, cock sucking machine, and man could he suck cock.

It was so wonderful that I invited Rory to move in with me, and he did, I get to enjoy his sexual expertise on a daily basis now, and he loves it either way, giving or receiving. I am a man in love.

All I can say now is Life it Good........Ciao my friends



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