First of let me say I appologize to my loyal readers and fans. I have had to take a break due to ailing health, I had a heart valve that went bad on me.nd it has taked some time to recouperate, Im doing great,back in the swinf of things glad to be back too,hope you enjoy what I have to offer.

Being raised in a strong Christian home was a draw back, especially for a guy like myself who has know from the time I was five I loved guys cocks getting to see them in the public rest rooms at malls, parks, in the men's room at church, or anywhere I got the chance to look at them.

I realized you could not tell from the looks of a man, just what kind of cock he had, cut, uncut, straight, slightly bent, long, short, thick, thin, there are so many different types but this I knew, the all loved attention.

I came to realize that even most married men would take a good blowjob, if the proper setting and situation arose.

I was fourteen in scouts when I sucked my first cock, it was a troop leaders son, who by-the-way, was an eagle scout, just doing his part for America, it was at that scout summer camp. I fell in love with the taste of thick, hard cocks, and cum shooting into my mouth.

I was sixteen when I was at a local park for a Sunday night baseball game, the park was full of people. I had to go to the john and drain the old lizard,

I went in and heard this funny sound and that's when I saw in the last cubical at the end that there were two sets of shoes under the under the walls, and one looked like he setting on the commode, and the other was standing in front of him with his trousers and white briefs down around his ankles, I heard a slight moaning and this whispering, "I'm gonna cum,,don't stop. Oh Holy Fuck." I heard this grunting sound and then after a little while the dude standing up in front of the guy on the commode, pulled his trousers up and walked out, I knew him from the Local Grocers, he worked as a meat cutter. I think his name was Jim, I also knew he was married and has a couple kids.

Just from what I had heard and I knew what was happening I had gotten a boner I needed some attention, and then this dude that was in the stall looked out the door, "Hey kid, would you like your cock sucked?" he asked, "Well is the pope a catholic?" I thought.

I went into the cubicle and dropped my shorts, and this dude grabbed my hard-on and began sucking it like there was no tomorrow, "Fuck yeah" was all I could think, that feeling of a hot wet mouth was out of this world. I was gone in sixty seconds. The climax was unbelievable, and this dude took all my load like he was starving for something good to eat.

I felt so total fulfilled in every way after I nutted, I knew I was hooked

I wanted to try it so I asked if he wanted me to suck him off, which he did. I took his place on the commode and I looked into the one eyes python in front of me, Holy shit it was big..Try as I would I couldn't get it all in my mouth and when this dude shot his load It almost choked me, but I gave it the old college try.

Well it was several years later that I had gotten a car, I still loved the taste of cock tho, and I found a great was of getting cock.

I would go for a drive down one of several hiways in the area, and there would be some yound dudes hitch hiking, I would stop and pick them up and proceed to seduce them into letting me suck their cocks.

I ran into this one young guy that I picked up, He was one of those black leather jacket wearing dudes James Dean type,, leather boots, levis, no belt white tee shirt.

As soon as he got into my car, he would splay his legs apart turn to sorta look my way with his thick bulge showing like a Lighthouse in the darkness, Fuck his cock looked ten inches and he would just gently stroke it as he set there just looking longingly.

I would take the hint and we would find a secluded spot I got very efficient at deep-throat sucking that thick long cock, this dude had a British accent awesome foreskin, and could cum in quarts. I really enjoyed him, or at least I loved it when I got the opportunity to do so. He seemed to enjoy it too.

Well to make a long story short, I attended the local community college, got a degree in business and management. I found a really good job in business field, selling different products that the company I represented sold.

It had been a rather long, drawn out month. I had traveled many miles, I was feeling horny as fuck and just quick-y hand jobs weren't taking care of the problem for me, I needed to feel a throbbing cock in my mouth, I was hungry for a good drink of man cum.

I finally thought of something. I had about a thousand miles of traveling to do. My next stop was about six hundred miles from the city I was at.

I pulled into a bus station, (Greyhound).

I got out, went in and just decided I would give some nice looking dude a ride to where ever he needed to go.

The first guy to catch my eye was this very handsome military guy, Army I figured, fatigues, boots you know, the whole nine yards.

I walked over to him, he was playing a video game on his i-pod. or something I wasn't sure. anyhow I said. "Hey there, My name is Ken, Whats yours" I ask.

"Clayton Meyers, Sir" he said, being so polite, his voice almost made me weak in the knees, and his smile and perfect teeth, and beautiful face was so awesome.

I shook his hands realizing that his accent was deep southern. "Where you from Soldier?"

"Fort Smith Arkansas Sir." he said.

"Please call me Ken, Sir was my father." I giggled as he smiled.'

"Well I have this proposition, for you Clayton"

"Proposition, what sort of Proposition?" he looked a little bewildered, but his looks were heart stopping, I wanted Clayton bad.

"Well! I'm all alone in my big Lincoln Navigator, Company owned of course, and I would like to have your company along my journey, I'm headed for Your neck of the woods so to speak," I said.

"It will save you a bus Ticket and a very uncomfortable ride on that bus."

"That's it? just giving me a ride for the company I would give you."

"For the most part. I'll pay for everything, including a Motel room to sleep at least one night and the meals (company Credit Card).

He thought for a minute "Wow, that is quite an offer, I think that would be nice.

Clayton went and got his money back for the ticket he would not be using and we loaded his big Clothes bag and small tote bag into my SUV.

We were going down the hi-way when we began to talk and Clayton shared with me he had been raised in an orphanage until he was seventeen and then enlisted in the Army, no family to go home too. so he was free to travel.

That night we pulled into a motel Six, and I came out with the room key.

"I hope you don't mind Clayton, but we have to shar a room to help with the expenses."

"Not a problem Ken, at the home where I was raised, we slept two to a bed, shit man, that's how I learned the skillful art of stroking my cock" he said with a giggle.

We got inside the room, it was nice and we both decided it would be nice to just order a pizza and beer, set back and relax,,, after all we had both been on the road for several days.

But my mind was on his body, and what was in that package of his.

The pizza came and they brought a twelve pack of Bud, and we just set in our underwear and ate, all the time I kept noticing Clayton, He was looking at my body and I of course was admiring, desireing his.

Clayton looked up at me staring me in the eyes, Ken I want to ask you a question and I hope it don't offend you, just answer me truthfully, but have you ever had sex with a guy, you know, gotten your dick sucked, or sucked a cock, or maybe been fucked or fucked another dude.

I smiled at him and almost screamed, "Yes, Yes, Fucking Yes!" "Well Fuck me Dude, what we waiting for?"

"I was hoping that maybe I could seduce you into letting me suck you off, in trade for the ride," I said with a slight nervous laugh."

I watched as Clayton began stripping for me. "God damn Clayton, your gorgeous," I said.

"Thank you Ken your not bad yourself. I would be honored to have sex with you." he said.

I felt his hand touch my chest as we set there, it wasn't long we were on the bed stroking each other and kissing, groping, feeling each other up. It was about about here I felt as I reached down and wrapped my hand around his cock, it was thick and long Damn every part of his body including his cock was awesome,

I lay him back and began slipping his boxers off, that's when I noticed his uncut foreskin, I felt like I had died and gone to heaven, I have a passion for a foreskin.

I leaned into Clayton's hairy muscular body and engulfed his cock in one suck, to the balls and it was a job. Clayton moaned his pleasure as I sucked his cock and brought him to climax, tasting his load licking him clean.

"Holy Shit, Ken! that was the best blow-job I have ever had by anyone."

I just smiled and before that night was over I had gently and so blissfully and lovingly fucked royally by Clayton, just one nut didn't satisfy either of us

We finally fell asleep about four thirty that morning, totally wasted and exhausted from the night of fantastic sex.

We or at least I felt like a newly wed when I awoke the next morning in Clayton's arms.

This relationship lasted several years, and Clayton was sent to Afghanistan, I had no way to get a-hold of him, I got three letters and an email from him and then nothing after that, I was devastated. I haven't the slightest hint of, nor heard as to what happened to Clayton, Since I was not legally part of his family, I was not allowed to find out legally.

Maybe In my dreams I hear his voice calling, and hear his footsteps walking in my house, showing up out of nowhere, and starting our love affair all over again. I miss Clayton more that words can say. Sometimes while laying in bed at night I think I smell his aroma on the pillow and I feel somehow hes is still hear, maybe I'll hear his voice calling to me. I miss you Clayton.!..............Ciao My Friends.



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