I had been raised on the ranch since my father took over for my grandfather, it was a sprawling expanse of many many acres the spread into to miles of ranch.

It was mainly a cattle ranch with so many head of Hereford (White faced) cattle and Black Angus that it was impossible to count them all, as well as show and rodeo horses, god only knew how many cattle my father owned.

My name is Kyle and I was just fourteen when my Grandfather developed Alzheimer's disease and my Grandmother turned the ranch over to my Father who was her only child, and father just took over and continued the enterprise.

We were located not far from the Texas state line but yet still in Oklahoma.

I had been devoutly aware of men since I was of the age to know what a hard-on was for.

The big house was where I lived and the bunk house was about two hundred yards from the main house, and was almost like a Motel set up,,, each one of Dad's hands had his own little Room set up.

It was A nice room with all the comforts of home, a little stove, a refrigerator, living room space T.V. DVD player, and their own shower and bathroom, it was really a nice set up.

I guess you might say that those Ranch hands brought me into manhood. In more ways than just ranching.

I was about fourteen when I found out about "beating my meat" I had already found out that when it's hard it felt good to just rub it and it felt exciting and ticklish and really good, but I had not realized that if you keep stroking it, it will blow what you called sperm, later I found out its what men call their cum,,, but I was just a kid yet.

My mother had always cooked a big meal for the hands and they would come to the house for supper and then do whatever they wanted to or had to do.

It was after supper one night, I guess I was about sixteen at the time, that I noticed Tony, a ranch hand from south Texas, sorta Spanish or Latino looking, dark complected and quite good looking.

He finished up his supper and we walked out of the big house, he smiled at me and said, "I'm going to take a shower, you can come over if you'd like."

To which I responded "I'll think about it?"

Tony had been gone about twenty minutes when I decided he was probably done with his shower by now, so I wandered over to the bunk house and just went it.

I noticed Tony wasn't in the main room of his bunk room, I saw the light on in the bathe room and the door was slightly ajar.

I walked over and heard this moaning sound,"Aw Fuck man, Aw shit!" and I looked in and saw Tony standing there in front of the commode, head back, his eyes were shut, he didn't see me, he was naked, having finished his shower with a very hefty uncut cock in his right hand, his left hand was on his left thigh, all the muscles in his awesome looking body was tight and set, rigid, and he was slightly hunched down as he very rapidly stroked his thick cock, he was pumping it like it was an automatic weapon, I stood there with my mouth open and just ogled that awesome cock, it's foreskin slipping back and forth rapidly, and that shiny bright reddish pink head leaking this clear liquid, I was astounded at how angry his cock looked, and then he grunted, his body started jerking, "Oh Fuck, OH FUCK!, and his cock started shooting out this pearly white thick liquid that hit the mirror on the wall over the commode, it was amazing.

Tony squeezed his come covered hand around his thick uncut cock, getting out the last remnants of his load, and I let out a gasp as he raised it to his mouth and sucked it off his hand.

I was astounded as he looked over to me and smiled, as he licked the final little dabs of cum from his hand.

He looked over at me and noticed I was staring at him as he did this, and winked.

Tony Walked over to me and just reached up and placed his hand on my shoulder and reached down with the other hand and brushed and rubbed my crotch, I felt feelings go through my young body like I had never felt.

I stood there spell bound as he rubbed my cock and it was growing to its full six and a half inches, it was fairly thick for my age too.

When Tony felt my hard-on through my jeans he smiled and said, feel's really good, to which I just looked at his handsome face in a lustful mood, and said, "yeah I know" his hand felt so awesome.

Tony led me to the chair as he undid my Levi's and I felt them drop tot he floor as he set me back in the chair, slipped off my white briefs and took my hard-on in his hand, stroked it a few time, I was in a trance as he leaned over and took my bone hard dick into his mouth, the feeling was incredible.

I let out a gasp at the first sensation and Tony began to work my young cock over with passion, and fervor, I was in a young man's heaven with the bliss and rapture of the first suck job of my life.

I felt like my nuts would go deep into my body as I got like stone rigid and felt my rock hard cock sliding in and out of Tony's hot, wet mouth

Damn, I never wanted that feeling to end it was so phenomenal.

The I felt that churning down deep inside my balls and lower body, I knew I would be feeding my cum to Tony if he didn't back off, Which I must say he didn't and I was soooooo very glad, because that feeling of getting sucked off and shooting my load into his mouth and feeling his tongue working my cock over and watching as Tony gulped my cum was out of this world.

I went back tot he house like a new person and I was from that day on.

That scenario happened several times a week after that in which time I was taught the are of performing that same act on Tony and that first time he shot his cum into my throat, I thought I would gag but I didn't, I loved it and the feeling of making my loving buddy cum was incredible.

Tony became my best friend, but as all things do it came to an end when Tony went into the Military and went off to Desert Storm.

I was eighteen when I got the great pleasure of finding another guy to have sex with.

His name was Chris, he was an Oklahoma Rodeo rider retired at an early age, he was gorgeous. I saw him that first day when he came to do an interview with my dad, we sat at the kitchen table and he gave my Dad his credentials and resume, he was an expert horseman, and cattle man out of Oklahoma, raised on a ranch like me.

I was awe struck at Chris, he was built like a bulldozer. thick muscular veiny arms. legs thick and tight in his jeans, trim waist and I finally saw his stomach one day as he came out of the Bunkhouse buttoning this flannel sleeveless shirt.

I went weak in the knees as I smiled at Chris and ogled his ripped abs and his trim waist. he was almost perfect and I already knew I had the hots for Chris.

Chris was about twenty six or seven, and had a close almost burr haircut, and wore a tan Stetson, that had a few miles on it from several years of hard work.

Well truth was My Dad made Chris a foreman and I was always very glad to work with Chris doing whatever I could, but mostly just to be with him, I loved working with Chris.

Whether or not Chris was into guys remained to be discovered as of yet.

It was starting to get a little chilly heading toward Fall and I was walking one afternoon toward the barn closest to the house.

Beside the Barn was this little leantoo sort of building with a buzz saw that was used to cut logs to length and then split for fire wood.

I heard the saw being used, and I knew it wasn't my father, him and Mom had gone up to Oklahoma City to do some shopping for Mom, and was to be gone a couple days.

I went into the shed and there was Chris in a Grey T-shirt sawing some young trees into firewood.

"Hey Kyle, what's happening, I thought you would be gone with you Mom and Dad."he said.

"Fuck no man, I hate shopping, I would rather be here with you guys working or something."

Chris smiled.

"Would you like some help with the wood?" I asked.

"Sure I'd love a chance to work with you today, and maybe get to know you a little better," he said.

I just watched his arms as his thick muscles pulled and sawed and his thick legs, god he was awesome looking, I was feeling such a sexual vibe and attraction to Chris I didn't know if I could contain my emotions.

My cock was aching and I wanted to suck Chris off so badly my stomach was aching, and I just thought I had never even seen Chris's cock yet, but I didn't care if it was the size of a peanut or a horse dong, I wanted Chris.

I stopped and walked over in front of Chris and he smiled, "Something I can help you with Kyle?" he said.

"Well Chris Don't get mad, but, WELL, I want to feel you," I said like a stupid kid.

"Fell me, Sorry, I don't know what you mean," he responded.

I reached out and touched his thick muscular as he stood there with a little grin on his face.

I rubbed his thick chest muscles and then my hand went down to his abs and rubbed them, the sweat was glistening on his stomach muscles as I lifted his shirt and almost passed out at the sight of his awesome lightly hairy chest and stomach.

I was almost shaking from the excitement as I notice his face watching me, yet letting me proceed.

Chris reached over and shut the saw off, and said, "Kyle, Is touching me all you want to do, I'm getting these vibes from you,"

It was at that moment that I let my right hand reach down and rub his bulge in his crotch.

I noticed a smile on his face as he let me enjoy what I was doing. I was not almost gone away into a trance as Chris let me undo his Levi's and unzip them.

I opened them as he looked into my eyes.

I was in heaven, for so many weeks I had wanted to do just this and now, WOW!!!!

I opened Chris's trousers as he set back on some logs and I pulled them down a little and there before me was this thick huge cock tenting the white material of his White Hanes Briefs.

I reached over and as he looked into my face and smiled, "well if that's what your after, it's all your's" Chris said.

I reached up and took the elastic and pulled it out and freed the sleeping monster, Chris's cock was gorgeous, he was at least eight inches of the thickest cock and I had thought Tony's was thick, it was straight, bone hard and the foreskin just covered about half of his manhood.

"Well do you approve?" Chris said.

"Fuck yeah, I hope you like getting it sucked, cause I love to suck cock." I said.

"Fuck yeah Kyle, it's just about my all time favorite to do,"

I leaned down and I heard Chris's deep voice moan as I took about six inches of his hard-on into my mouth at tried getting it down my throat, "AWE FUCK!" he said. and I began to work on that gorgeous perfectly shaped head, I had sucked and licked and swirled my tongue around that head and felt his hot ass as it began to thrusting upward into my mouth, I knew he was liking what I was doing.

I was massaging his thick oval nuts as I brought Chris to a mind shattering climax, it was so thick and big that I gagged trying to get it all down my throat and swallowing his load.

I was just happy with Chris's load in my mouth and down my throat, but Chris was one of those kind of guys. that don't leave his lover unsatisfied.

Chris still naked from the waist down, stood up grabbed me, and lay me back on the logs.

I had never experienced anything like it before but he lifted my legs up and dove face first into my asshole and I felt the feeling of getting a rim job and my asshole tongued for the first time, I thought I would tear the bark of those logs there in the shed.

I felt like if he had kept it up I would have blown my nut just getting my asshole eaten.

But not to be outdone, Chris's hot wet mouth came around and began to suck on my nuts and then he took my cock to the hilt into his mouth and sucked me off I felt his hot mouth drink all of my man juice down like it was a milkshake.

Well there was no doubt about it, Chris and I made passionate love on many occasions after that, but before that week was up I got to feel the wrath of Chris's thick cock as he took me to a new place of having my asshole impaled on that gorgeous cock of his and before he was finished I felt like a baby spider Monkey laying on my back under Chris with that awesome cock balls deep inside my body, and I had my legs wrapped around Chris and was fucking him as fast as he was fucking me. God it was fantastic.

Well I was totally thrilled with Chris,our new Ranch Foreman. and I just loved the way he handled my body, he was good at everything he did, and he definately knew his way around a bed with a guy in it beside him. I plan on keeping him in my life as long as he will want to stay.



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