I was twentyeight, finally graduating college with a masters degree in engineering, landing a great Job with a major company, I felt like I could lick the world, but, at the present I had my mind on licking something else.

The first week was over on the new job, and I was at new new apartment, which I had to get due to the fact I had to move to another major city, in the southwest, Dallas.

I had read about a rodeo in town, and decided to go the rodeo that evening, something I had always wanted to do. I love horses, and nothing could give me a hard-on quicker than a handsome cowboy, with his stetson hat and those tight, crotch bulging Levi's.

I watched this one young man, whom I thought was probably married, but that part had never held me back if I got the chance to suck his cock.

His name was Kyle Heatherton, gorgeous, muscular and hung.

I started to have a conversation with young Kyle, twenty-two years of age, rode horse like nobody's business.

Now I really liked Kyle but I saw him always with a young lady and I asked him about her.

OH! Sherry? fuck no she's my sister, she lives here in town, I been staying with her. My heart gave a true sigh of relief, there was at least a passing chance with Kyle.

Well one thing led to another and Kyle and I seemed to hit it off with each other, I invited him to supper and he smiled, fucking "A", I would love to have supper with you.

I came by his sisters home and picked him up, "don"t wait up" he said. And off we went.

If I remember right we went to a "Longhorn Steakhouse." Which we both enjoyed, we chatted and got to know each other fairly well, I thought it was about time to unload the bombshell on Kyle.

Well before I could say a word to Kyle he just came out and asked me, "Just interested Ken, Why are you being so nice to me, and friendly?"

"I wish I could answer that question for you Kyle!" "Sorry Man, that's a lie, I'll just let the chips fall where they may, I'm Gay and I'm sexually attracted to you, I just thought maybe there might be a chance you might just want to mess around."

Kyle looked sorta astonished as he began to stare straight at me, rather puzzled, I was waiting for the "Get the Fuck outta my life faggot" The he spoke with a slight grin, "What do you like to do? do you like to suck, or you know take it in the ass?

I was a little taken aback by his bluntness. "You See, I love to fuck dudes in the ass and feel the hotness of their wet mouths on my hard-on, sound like something you might like to do, It's been months since I have gotten my hard cock sucked dry."

I couldn't believe my ears, I sorta stammered and stumbled for words. "Well, Yeah! I love both, and btw, you are by far the most gorgeous hunk I have seen in a long time, the first time I saw you my stomach ached with desire for you>

Kyle patted me on the inside of my leg which held my boner down, anticipating what was to come."Lets head back to your place then and get this party started," he said.

Unless my calculations were correct Kyle was as anxious as I was.

We were walking up the walk to my apartment, and I looked down at Kyle's bulging Levi"s and saw a very substantial swelling. My heart gave a happy jump.

Kyle was a perfect gentleman, I began undressing him and he was like a starving wild man, before I knew it he had me on the bed, Holy shit was this young cowboy, on hell of a fucking stud, muscular, washboard abs, not an ounce of fat on his body, and that cock was made in Stud heaven, thick, long, he could had been a serious porn star. I laughed and told him he must have got it from one of his horses.

He just held his hand around it, and Pointed it at my asshole and said, "want it lubed or rough, I said Lubed Please< I'm not really into a lot of excruciating pain."

I got some anal ease out and we worked some into my asshole, and then some on his cock.

He raised my legs up and grabbed my ankles and just let his cock go where it was pointed and I felt his hard uncut cock-head at the opening of my asshole, and then I felt it's thickness as it penetrated my asshole, Holy shit it felt a bit big, as he slid all nine of this cowboy horse cock to his thick balls and began his ride.

He had slipped it to the balls inside me and just stopped and held it there. "Mother Fucker, that feels so fucking good,"

He started his total control of his and my body, he had me to do with as he willed.

I was about the climb the wall with the sensations he was bringing to bear on my insides, feeling that intensity of his thickness, and feeling my prostate as his thick cock brushed it every thrust, I was about in overdrive, I felt almost faint from the sensations.

I began to try to squeeze his thick cock with my anal muscles as Kyle fucked me and Shit, he was starting to build up to what I knew would be a mind shattering climax.

I felt my own climax coming on as well, from just getting fucked.

I heard his grunting and moaning as his climax built, then the explosion, his body began almost convulsing as his cock swelled tighter than flint rock and began pumping my intestines full of his cum. I had cum at the same time, I was in heaven.

It was at that moment that I realized I was totally happy I had moved to Dallas.

Kyle just almost crashed from exhaustion as he lay on top of me, our bodies still linked by his love muscle, I could feel deep inside me as his cock did those little after twitches, and finally his cock fell out of my manhole, after this I could feel his come running out of my still gaping hole.

We got up and walked around my apartment naked, sorry dude I'm In love was all I could say to Kyle, he came over to me and kissed me on the lips, causing excitement to start up again, before I knew it I had his cock as far as I could take it in my mouth and was sucking like there was no tomorrow.

I sucked Kyle for almost forty minutes when he gave up the load, I almost gagged from the intense amount of cum he unleashed, I was able to take it all.

Every night after that, I would hear a knock on my door about eleven, after the rodeo was over and Kyle would come spend the night, and each night was better than the night before. Kyle soon had to leave to head for another rodeo, I can't tell you the time he shows up at my door when he's in town, no need to tell you why either.

After Kyle left to follow the rodeo circuit, I felt rather alone and empty, I know my asshole needed some attention, and the old hand just isn't the same.

I noticed a young business man that lived at the last apartment in my complex.

I noticed his black business briefcase and his dark suit, his beautiful, perfect hair and his gorgeous smile.

One morning I went out of my apartment to get the morning paper, I heard some cussing, "Fuck you piece of shit" and I watched as he kicked his car.

I walked over to his car and there he sat against the car seething mad at his car. "Problem," I asked.

"Oh this piece of shit won't start, now what will I do, I live here and My Job is down town, a good ten miles. I got a special meeting which means a lot of money for my company and I'm broke down and stuck, I just moved here from Arizona, and I don't know a fucking person. I'm sorry, my name is Phil, I don't mean to sound so negative, but everything has gone wrong this week, fighting with my wife and then this."

"Hey man, I understand, although I'm not married, I have had problems, just lucking in the wife department not to have that kind of situation. Sorry dude, my name is Ken, I live in 203." "My name is Phil, I live in 226." Glad to meet you Ken," "Same here, Phil."

"I sure as shit wish I wasn't married though, having a piece of ass available ain't worth it, using the old hand is a lot more piece full than all this shit."

"Damn," I thought, maybe there's a chance. I felt for this dude.

"Well let me help, I can drive you to work and come pick you up and let get a friend of mine to look at your Toyota."

"Sounds like an awesome invitation but I don't want to impose and put you out."

"Not a problem man, I would love to take the chance to get to know you better, I don't have many friends here either," I said.

We got into my car, and took off, "so you and the old lady aren't hitting off to good these days. can I ask you a personal question?"

"Sure anything," he said. "Well you brought up the fact of not getting sex these days, is that an ongoing thing?" I asked.

"Lets just put it this was if I got to have sex or got my cock sucked today, My right hand would get jealous, it's been so long, I don't remember when was the last time."

"Fuck Dude, Man, I got to have that touch, you know, that personal feeling, like I don't think there is a thing that feels better than a hot,wet mouth, with just the right amount of pressure on my cock, bringing me to ecstasy, and that feeling of blowing a nut into a hot, wet mouth is like nothing I could think of."

"Damn Dude, your getting me aroused, Look at this," and I looked down and his suit pants were tented with a nice sized, hard-on.

Without even thinking I reached over and squeezed it a little, then jerked my hand back, "sorry dude," "Hey that really felt kinda good, wish my wife would do that for me."

I felt like before the next couple days were over I would that hard-on in my mouth and drink a load of Phil's cum.

I took Phil to work, and promised to meet him after work, I gave him my cell #no and he gave me his, just in case.

That night I picked him up and went home to which he tried to pay me for my troubles< but I wouldn't hear of it, "My pleasure," If he only knew what I had on my mine, I could't get that swollen thick cock out of my mind.

It was about six that evening when I got a knock on the door.

"Guess what?" She has gone to her mothers in Ft. Worth, gonna be gone for a few days." he said.

'She left me a note on the table and said, TV dinner is in the fridge warm it up in the oven, I fucking hate T.V. Dinners.

I offered Phil a beer and ask him to stay I had a roast in the oven and although I'm not a gourmet cook, I do throw down some pretty good chow.

Phil looked pleased, "Man, I would love a good home cooked meal."

Phil Ate like a starving man, he loved my food, "Sure wish the old lady could cook like that, I would be in heaven."

Phil was wearing a pair of like Gym shorts and a tee shirt, just relaxing clothes.

We sat down on the couch side by side, and sorta just sat there and talked, of course the subject turned to sex.

"Hey Phil, can I ask you something?"I said. "Sure whats up.?" he asked."

"Well this morning, in the car, you remember," he nodded his head, "Well have you ever considered

allowing another dude to suck your cock for you, truth is I'm love men, and I love to suck cock, and I'm damn good at it, I would love to take care of your need there, I even like getting fucked in the ass."

A look of slight shock came across Phil's face. "Wow dude, I don't know, that's a big thing. I will have to give that some thought. It would, without a doubt, be a first for me."

"Well I don't want this to end our friendship thought." I said, "Of course not, I'm not homophobic or closed minded either."

Phil left and went back to his apartment, I thought well I tried, hope he don't turn on me.

It was about 10:30 later that night, when I heard someone at the door.

It was Phil, "I gave it some thought and decided it wouldn't hurt to give it a try, as horny as I am."

I smiled and for some reason I said, "You won't regret it, I promise."

I led Phil like a lost kid to my bedroom, and I began to undress, him and just sorta love on him, I got him down to his boxers and there it was again, "sorry I can't help it, I slid his boxers off and Damn his cut cock was a thing of beauty, dark skinned thick, very nice sized balls, what a waste, Laying there dormant all that time, it was a gorgeous cock.

I leaned over and raised his cock up and licked on his cock head. "OH Shit man," and I took his cock to the balls, I had Phil writhing as I sucked his thick cock, damn it was like a steel pipe hard, he needed this.

I felt his body becoming ridged and his stomach muscles began to sorta spasm, as his legs tightened up and his toes curled, and I heard the gasping as he started his assent to the most awesome blow-job Phil had ever had. He was amazed that I would take his load in my mouth and swallow. "I will take all the loads you want to unload in my mouth." I said.

That night I sucked Phil off to finish four times.

Phil has been coming around several times a week, even thought his wife is back, but he don't do without." Phil loves it.

I love it, soon I"m gonna let Phil Fuck me, I'm breaking him in a step at a time. Maybe even get him to return the suck-off favor. I'll let you know.....Ciao Baby



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