Sal and I woke up the next morning from one wild hellatious night of unbridled sex, I didn't think I would ever get enough of Sal's awesome uncut Latino cock, it was truly a thing of beauty, and I love that taste of his cum.

Sal was laid out naked, and I was laying across his awesome tight body with my head on his chest, and my hand on his cock. We must have slept like that.

I finally woke up and hit the shower about eight that morning, shook Sal and told him we needed to hit the road, when that didn't work I leaned down and started sucking his half-sleep-hard cock, it tasted awesome.

after about two or three minutes I could feel his body responding and his cock had gotten harder than a steel pipe.

"It didn't take him long to start blowing his load into my mouth,,"Fuck Dude! What a fucking awesome way to be woke up," he said.

I had his thick cock in my hand gently sliding out the last remnants of his cum, licking it off when I looked up at his face, "We need to be hitting the road if we're going to get there by dark." I said.

We both got up, and took a shower together washing each other and enjoying ourselves, I guess for some reason it was more than sex with me, I began to have tender loving feeling for Sal, I was falling in love with this young man.

I couldn't take my eyes off him, he was really one outstanding looking young man, and he was mine, at least for now.

We had been driving about four hours when Sal said he needed to take a break.

We pulled into a rest area got out stretched our legs, I had gotten a Pepsi at the machine in the little pavilion there and Sal went on in the men's room, I had been waiting for a while and decided to go into the men's room and take a whiz.

I got into the men,s room and I heard the familiar sound of a cock being sucked, in the wheel chair cubical at the end, I didn't move but waited and I heard this young man's voice trying not to be noisy, "OH FUCK YEAH! then I heard this grunting sound a almost noisy sound as I realized he was blowing a load, I was boned up just from the sound of his cumming and grunting and moaning.

I waited by the urinal and saw the door open and I saw this young guy about 19 come out with a bulging pair of shorts, I could tell from his shorts he had been getting it sucked, he smiled in a blushing sort of way and and I watched him as he washed his hands and winked at me and walked out.

I turned to the cubicle and watched as Sal came out wiping his mouth and smiling.

"Man Sal, your one lucky fucker, you know that?" I said, with a grin.

"Sal smiled and said, Yeah I do my best."

We walked out got into the car and took of down the road again, I was driving this time.

WE finally pulled in about 7:30 that evening, and I introduced Sal to Steve and Mom, they were both really happy to meet him, I had told them about him not having any family and they welcomed him to their home for the Holiday's.

Sal knew how to charm the pants off a saint, he had so many stories to tell about his life and the Navy, which Steve ate up with a passion, I could tell Steve had enjoyed his life in the Navy.

Steve and Sal really hit it off great, and for some reason I knew that we would be getting into t threesome sexually with Steve before the Holiday trip was finished.

Well that came into being the very next day, Mom got a call from her best friend Madge, who worked at the beauty shop with Mom, and they decided to drive to the Huge Mall about forty miles away, they planned to spend the day, and do some last minute Christmas Shopping telling us she probably wouldn't be back till later that night, when her and Madge got together it was a day long event, and when she and Madge took these little excursions it was always fine with Steve and I.

Well Mom had left early, Sal and I were still in bed and got up, we walked by Steve and Mom's bedroom, and the door was a-jar, I peeked in to see Steve laying on the bed with just his boxers on, he slept that way, and I could see a sleep boner pushing up the material.

Sal and I both walked in and we crawled on their bed on both sides of Steve, he didn't wake.

we both began to gently rub on his taught muscular hairy chested body. I was feeling Steve's Body, his tight muscular rippled stomach I noticed that Sal and freed Steve's stiff cock from the confines of his boxers.

Sal looked up at my face and gave me a huge smile, as he leaned down slipped Steve's velvety foreskin back, exposing his thick cock-head and I watched as about eight inches of Steve's big cock disappeared into Sal's mouth and Sal began to work on Steve's rigid manhood, swirling with his hand on the base as he slid his wet hot mouth up and down on his cock-head.

I noticed a movement in Steve's body and he began to thrust his hips upward slightly, his right hand dug into my shoulder and Steve took Sal's artwork in total enjoyment,.

"Oh Fuck man, I'm gonna blow, Fuck yeah." and I watched as Steve's body began to jerk and undulate as Sal's mouth ballooned outward as Steve's cum filled his mouth to overflowing, Sal's slurped and swallowed as Steve lay there, drained and exhausted from the awesome blow-job he had just received from Sal.

"Holy Fuck man, and Merry Christmas to you guys, welcome Home guys," Steve said with a big Smile, "That was Fucking awesome."

It was the following Thursday night Mom called and

was working late doing some hair at the shop.

We decided to go out to get some Chinese food,.

Steve made a little joke about his favorite Chinese soup had been "Egg Drop soup" but lately it has become "CREAM of SOME YOUNG GUY" and he started laughing and we of course joined in.

When we got there We were waited on by this adorable young Oriental man about twenty in a really cute suit, Sal boldly looked the cute young oriental man, winked at the young waiter and asked for some "Cream of some young Guy," the young waiter smiled and winked back, then Sal excused himself to use the restroom, The waiter disappeared with our order.

after a few minutes I started towards the men's room and shock,,,,, out of the men's room came that waiter, looking very pleased and smiling.

Sal looked up and smiled at me, licking his lips, Sal had gotten his cream of "SOME YOUNG GUY."

All I could say was "SAL, how the fuck do you do that, find random guys and suck their cock's?" His reply was, "with my mouth silly boy. Just watch and learn."

And I did just that, I learned many things from Sal that Holiday trip, and I still enjoy my memories of that time, and I still enjoy My Step Father now these several years later too. But I now have the love of my life living with me in my own home, Sal, that Sailor I picked up that day, he got out of the Navy and came back home to me, and what a time it has been.

I just goes to show you doing a good deed like picking up a hiker can be a very good and lasting thing. Ciao my friends.



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