Stories by GayStoryTeller

  • Along the Garden Path: Chapter 4

    It was an impressive walk to Mr. Willow's room. The halls were so wide, so richly adorned, that he felt like he was in some Palace...

  • Clearing the Air: Chapter 4

    He felt like he had just been struck by a bus. His whole body was rock solid, as he kneeled there, staring up at Mike...

  • Along the Garden Path: Chapter 3

    Jesse couldn't help but feel a tingling inside, as he looked up at Mr. Willows. The gleam in his eyes, the hunger he obviously had, was all there, just like before, but with a new found urgency, as if time was slipping away...

  • Plain Brown Wrapper: Chapter 3

    Turning his head, lowering his glance, he stared at the mop of hair resting on his chest. He had to admit, it felt good, and it was exciting.

  • Along the Garden Path: Chapter 2

    There was a bit of a flicker in the man's eyes, a quick glance too, as he almost seemed to be checking him out.

  • Along the Garden Path

    The walk down the back area, towards the Oaks was more or less silent, though he could feel the excitement growing. Then too, he could feel Mr. Willows' eyes focused intently on him. It did feel good, he had to admit, as they reached the tree, and sat down to stare out the stream.

  • Burning the Midnight Oil: Chapter 2

    Staring up at him now, seeing how his eyes were fluttering, his nostrils still flaring a bit from his orgasm, well he looked different.

  • Burning the Midnight Oil

    He swallowed quickly, wondering if he had been moaning or worse, crying out. He hadn't heard the main door open, and there hadn't been anyone else inside when he entered, so he felt a slight tinge of panic inside.

  • Wasted

    The sadness grew inside of him as his heart became heavy with the realization that he would not be having that safe feeling anymore.

  • Plain Brown Wrapper: Chapter 2

    He couldn't even remember if he had made his bed this morning, as if it should matter, but it did. Maybe he was just too finicky, or maybe it was that he really cared as to what Chris thought.

  • Plain Brown Wrapper

    In some way, it felt rather nice though a bit scary. He wasn't sure himself, of how he was feeling, but he knew he liked Chris, that he didn't want to see him hurt, or upset. Maybe Chris would be able to tell that, tell that he was serious about wanting to be a friend, first.

  • Clearing the Air: Chapter 5

    They turned the corner, to where the building ended, and a small entrance way for the buses was. Mike looked around, then leaned against the brick wall, shuffling his feet, and looking downwards at them.

  • Clearing the Air: Chapter 3

    Mike had his blue jockey shorts on, and there was no mistaking how thick that basket looked. His eyes were smarting, as he stared intently at the bulge, seeing the tubed shape of his friend's cock.

  • Clearing the Air: Chapter 2

    Yet, what was weird, was how he wanted to turn, to look at Mike. At the same time, he also found himself wondering, what did Mike's crotch look like, if it was full, or not.

  • Clearing the Air

    God, that had hurt so much, that he had stopped him from going any further. Come to think of it, he had bolted from the bushes, pulling his pants up, feeling scared shitless as he raced away from the little clearing the guy had taken him too.

  • On The Game

    The close cropped blond hair, the angular face, with the piercing eyes, all made him the total package, that seemed to attract a lot of customers. Course, he didn't ignore them, and always could remember names.

  • Remembering: Chapter 4

    The way his eyes had widened when they stared at Rob's crotch, seeing his fully aroused cock. He hadn't expected that, not after all they had already done, but there it was, once more filled with blood, gorged to the point of looking like it would explode.

  • Remembering: Chapter 3

    Yes, there had been other men, other guys early on in his life, in his career since that birthday campout, but none seemed to be as vivid in his mind, as the times he was with Rob.

  • Remembering: Chapter 2

    He had resigned himself to that, though deep down he knew he wouldn't like it. Trent just couldn't do more, or bring himself to do more or ask for more. It was enough that Rob would let him rub himself, even cum, which was more than he could expect.

  • Remembering

    While the physical relationship was ending, he knew that he would never forget Rob, that what they had, would never be replaced, never be diminished either. Even if he lived to be a hundred, what they had shared in this lifetime would never be forgotten.

  • On The Run: Chapter 8

    Twisting a bit in the rotting leaves, he felt his mind wandering, felt a strange prickliness in his nerves, as he tried to figure it all out, to try and put it together. Why were the Feds after him, but just as important why was Old Roy taking the risk to protect him?

  • Third Wheel

    The waves of pleasure were unreal, as he felt his balls sling upwards, then fall down. He felt the pain in his balls, as the mouth released his cock, and suddenly was buried underneath his shaft, licking and sucking at his balls.

  • Entering the Dark Side: Chapter 2

    While other sex, they had always expressed their pleasure, this was different. It was in the moment, not afterwards, and it wasn't words either. You expected those words after a hard fuck, or long tasty blow job.

  • Entering the Dark Side

    The shirt and pants weren't hard, but he was having trouble getting his socks off. He had to lean to one side, to reach around Dix's rather obstructing body, but he managed finally to get each sock off. Then came the underwear.

  • Making the Team: Chapter 2

    The bed shook, louder and louder, and his own voice grew more intense, more vocal, as he felt the muscles inside of Bradley's rectum struggle to hold onto his pole, as it drove up and then out.

  • Making the Team

    That was when he felt his heart quicken. Turning over, he didn't realize how good it had all felt, or that his body had reacted as it would normally to such careful handling.

  • Anointing of the Man Child: Chapter 7

    He listened quietly, feeling his heart thump, feeling his blood turn to ice as he listened to the story, of how at just 14 he had made the mistake of telling his best friend how he had felt.

  • Anointing of the Man Child: Chapter 6

    As his mind was conjuring up all the difficulties ahead, he had missed seeing Trent coming back. He flinched as Trent was suddenly there, in front of him. His whole body shook, as he stared up at him.

  • Anointing of the Man Child: Chapter 5

    There was the Frat meeting, and that would mean some more hazing, but it would also mean seeing Trent again. He still couldn't believe his luck, or how good last night had been.

  • On The Run: Chapter 7

    Glancing down, he could see Jack's head, see the hair spread across his chest, and feel the weight of each wet strand. His body was exhausted, as they lay there, unable to move, totally spent.