• Bookworm Seduction

    He made out like the room was always hot, and that despite his complaints, nothing seemed to ever work. Quickly he brought up that it was one reason why he usually hated working in the room, or that when he had no choice, he usually did his work more or less undressed.

  • Spring Showers

    He cried out, his hand suddenly gripping Gary's taut thighs. The fingers dug hard into the young man's flesh as he shot his whole crotch upwards, while pulling the boy's body down. His cock pushed upwards, burying itself deep into the boy's body.

  • Graduation

    It seemed like an eternity before his body stopped shaking. His eyes opened briefly then closed again, then opened again. Kerry saw Tommy, sitting astride of him, his chest splattered with Kerry's cum. His eyes grew wider as he searched his friends face, still in shock by the whole thing.

  • Dick Delight

    The sound of rapid breathing broke into his thoughts, as he realized it was his own lungs seeking oxygen. He looked up at Colin, to see his face was rather drawn, a bit haggard even. The glazed look in his eyes slowly dissipated as he came back from wherever his mind had gone.

  • Cock Taster

    Unlike the other players, this cock was still hard. He could feel the head slide past his lips, tasting the dried cum on its head, and he licked at it, trying to taste inside the small slit itself. A small little moan came to him that no one else could hear, but it made his heart skip a beat or ...

  • Cleaning Up: Chapter 2

    The fingers moved down over his own jean, and reached down to caress his aching groin. He heard the moan, as he sighed a little. Wes was holding his breath, making him hurt as he brought his hand back up, and slowly popped the button. The sound startling them both, and for a second Paul looked up.

  • 3 for 1 Trade

    He began to moan a little, and then he sucked in his breath, as Kyle suddenly shoved the whole cock into his mouth. He felt the lips wrap around the head, then he felt the wet warm mouth cover his whole cock.

  • Cleaning Up

    He licked his lips as he stared at the swaying pole, the large exposed cock head, that seemed to point straight at him. He felt the weakness in his knees, as he merely nodded, unable to speak.

  • Forced Out

    His hands moved away and wrapped around the upper thighs, reaching out to grasp at the shivering mounds of Sam's buttocks. They dug into the warm flesh, as he began to move his head along the thick cock shaft. In and out he fed himself the hard pole, his fingers digging in.

  • Winner's Circle

    It seemed endless. The constant pile driving of his ass with Jimmy's quivering jack hammer. The huge cock made him ache, but he was too busy demanding more of it, urging Jimmy to push it in harder and further. His whole body was shaking as the cock moved in hard and fast now.

  • Backyard Romance

    Jake had shown up without his shirt, and sweat had been glistening on the golden skin. Now, he wasn't sweating, but the naked upper torso was still a delight to behold.

  • Accepting His Good Fortune

    Ted was aching for Ken, even now as he looked up to see Ken looking at him. He could see the hurt now, more than before and it made his heart ache too. There was no denying his feelings, or those that Ken held for him. Slowly he stood up from the chair and stepped over to sit next to Ken.

  • Falling Snow

    The press of his lips around his cock made him shudder. His hands pounded each side of the bed as Justin took his cock in one swoop. The lips moved quickly down the shaft, until his nose was pressing hard into Nate's groin. He felt the breathe on his crotch, and bit his lip. His eyes were shut but ...

  • Not What He Does

    It was like a starter gun going off, as Ethan's low groan became more lively and suddenly the body underneath was alive. Cal raised his hips upwards, and this time, as he began to push down he felt Ethan shoving his dick and body upwards to meet him.

  • Anniversary Surprise

    Terry cried out, as suddenly the hot burning sensation was shoved deep inside of his rectum. He shook and struggled as the pain rolled up his body. Then as it subsided, he felt his ass being probed by a finger. Then it became two fingers that moved around his hole, and they were slowly inserted ...

  • Ken's Bitch

    Then he felt a hard hand on his back, and the wet push of something very thick and round on the top of his cheeks. He didn't quite know what it was, if maybe Ken was getting ready to put something else into his ass, as he felt it slowly moved down his crack.

  • Teaching Assistant

    Suddenly the Professor pushed back his chair and stood up, his eyes never leaving Lewis's. He got a strange glint in his eyes as he stretched, his chest pushed outwards. Lewis sucked in his breath, and then looked up as the Professor spoke to him.

  • Behind the Bushes

    Justin's hand was around Kerry's hips and as they sank down to the grass, Gord saw the flash of flesh that made his body tremble. The sight of two very firm erect cocks, sticking out and poking the other person was unbelievable. He couldn't believe how much thicker and longer Kerry's cock looked.

  • Shipping Off

    Jay's hand moved inside the jeans, to grope at his own erect cock. Bill's eyes seemed to widen as he stared, saying nothing but panting a little. Encouraged by the sight of Bill's cock stiffening a little, Jay pushed open his jeans more.

  • Cole's Declaration

    His crotch ached as his hand pushed Reggie's head more, willing him to go further, to take his aching cock into his mouth. It didn't take Reggie long to understand the signal. The finger stopped playing and now the whole hand reached down to the root of Cole's throbbing cock, and pushed it upwards.

  • Boat Ride

    He couldn't take it any longer, and pulled his face back, and as he did, he jammed his index finger deep into the moist hole of his friend. He felt him jump, felt his body surround his finger as he plunged it in deeper, twisting it from side to side as he fingered him hard.

  • Dirty Laundry

    He let his grip go on Chandler's head as he felt a tremor of pleasure go through his entire body. His hips moved back, slowly relaxing as he pulled back. His cock slowly leaving the throat and sliding past the loosening lips that held it. He sighed as he heard a strange whimper from Chandler.

  • Backroom Pro

    He was closer now to Taylor, and he suddenly saw the blonde turn around and stare directly at him. His heart skipped a beat as he saw the interest sparkle in the eyes. Morgan felt his cock throb a little, as he moved closer, to where he could almost smell the young man.

  • After Hours Service

    Dillon sucked his cock hard, and even twisted it once or twice in his mouth as he took the whole trembling cock deep into his mouth. Dean felt the head of his cock reach down into Dillon's throat as he moaned his pleasure out.

  • Birthday Surprise

    Cory ran his tongue along the pulsing pole. He started right at the root, and slowly let his whole tongue move upwards. It moved along the shaft, pressing against the hot taut skin. Dan watched in amazement as he felt the pleasure rolling into his body.

  • Final Camp Trip

    He groaned as he shook it, watching the last few drops of his own cum drop off the head, onto his still shaking body. He fell back, totally exhausted. His breathing was very irregular and his legs hurt as he slowly tried to regain control.

  • The Watcher

    It was over before he knew it. The redhead was now standing up and kissing the tall kid again. Terry knew that he was sharing the cum with him that had filled his mouth. He wiped his own mouth, tasting his own dried cum as he watched them hold each other, kissing.

  • Cooking With Irma

    With a strangely firm push, he moved Morgan off and onto his back. His hands held Morgan down as he straddled the surprised man. His knees were pressing into Morgan's thighs, keeping his legs closed. His wet hair hung over his head and he flung it back with a violent toss of his head.

  • Roadside Encounter

    The cries were constant and Brent's hand were pushing his head down, with tremendous force. It wasn't necessary as he buried his face hard into Brent's crotch, letting his cock fill his mouth and throat. He sucked it dry and as the last few drops came out, he felt his own body shaking.

  • The Camera Never Lies

    Licking his lips he kicked off his shoes and dropped his pants. In his stocking feet he moved back up the pictures, his eyes taking it all in. Licking his lips his hand continued to pull at the thick pole still in his boxer shorts.