Chapter 5

Blake felt like crap, and yet not. He had barely managed to get any sleep, after getting back from his tryst with Trent. All he could think of was tonight, and what promises it held for him, or pitfalls. His mood switched from excited to dread at the drop of a pin, as he tossed and turned all night long.

The Dorm felt stuffy, and even his room mate sensed that something was up, the way he stared at him. Though they had barely spoken, it was obvious that he was watching him. In some ways it made him more nervous, in case he slipped, giving his secret away. Problem was, he couldn't help but think about last night, about later either, and it was rather hard to keep his hard dick hidden.

He had erections before, but nothing like he was experiencing since leaving Trent. The slightest thought, and bang it would get rock hard. Other times it would just as quickly go soft, as he wondered if he would be able to take a dick in his ass, or put one in another guy's? He could feel the nervousness, the dread of screwing it up so bad that Trent would never want to see him again. Then too, if he was that bad, it might make his chances at getting in to the Fraternity go out the door.

Damn, he had forgotten about that too, about how he hadn't a clue it was a Gay Frat House, and how the fuck did they tweak to him being one? That began to bother him too, as he tried to keep his anxiety to himself, and also get to classes. Today was not going to be easy, he thought as he made his way to the main lecture hall, and every time he passed another guy, he made sure his books hid his crotch. Last thing he needed today, but still, he couldn't help but think about it.

There was the Frat meeting, and that would mean some more hazing, but it would also mean seeing Trent again. He still couldn't believe his luck, or how good last night had been. Starting with winning the test of shooting his load the furthest, then having his first taste of cum. Man he wished he hadn't brushed his teeth last night, he wanted to keep that taste as long as possible. Still, routine and years of it made him brush, before he could even think about forgoing it for one night.

Course maybe he'd get to taste more tonight, with Trent? That would be possible, but what about protection? Should he bring his own, or would Trent? If he was to bring it, did it mean he was to do Trent, or what? Damn, he wished he knew the answers, because he really didn't want to fuck up tonight. If last night was any indication, tonight could really be amazing.

The morning was passing in a blur, and he knew that he was acting strange. More quiet than normal, that even got the Professor at one class asking if he was okay. Still, all he could think of was that he had been selected to join a gay Fraternity, where he had met Trent. Maybe if he didn't get in, Trent wouldn't want to see him anymore? Even if tonight turned out great, it could ruin their friendship?

All the thoughts of 'what if' were killing him, as the day seemed to just drag on. His mind had no trouble filling the time with questions, with doubts, with excitement. Passing the local clinic on Campus, he thought about going inside, to grab some condoms, but as he looked at the door, he saw a couple come out, laughing and he just turned and walked away. What would he say or do if one of his dorm mates saw him inside? What if they too had guessed he was Queer, like the Fraternity obviously had? He just couldn't handle that, least not now.

The Campus was big, and it was easy to tell that it was also hazing week. There were lots of guys walking around shirtless, or in strange outfits. One he saw was parading around in nothing but diapers, which made him gawk a bit. It was easy to see his crotch, how he seemed excited too, specially when around the girls that were following him, giggling.

Others were in dresses even, but it wasn't limited to the Guys. The Sororities were also having their fun with initiates too. He wondered what kind of outlandish costumes that the Gay House would make them wear, if any? Surely they would as it seemed common practice, but then nothing was the same, or so it felt. The whole measuring, the jerking off, didn't seem like it would be part of the other Frats, so maybe dressing up wasn't?

As the afternoon wore on, he began to feel more nervous about what tricks, what tests, they would come up with. It mattered, because he felt certain that the only way he could keep on seeing Trent, would be if he made the Fraternity with him. If he failed, he'd probably never see him after, because who would want to hang with a loser. Worse, not just a loser, but a damn virgin too boot. That would be a double whammy, or so he believed, as he managed to finish his day's classes.

His head was off in the clouds, as he made his way down the walkway, towards the Frat House. He didn't hear or see anything, as he tried to figure out what was in store for him, in the way of tests. He also couldn't help but think about Trent, and if he had managed to find a place for tonight. That was mostly on his mind, as he felt the excitement, the desire.

To be able to touch another man, and to experience him, was making him walk a bit faster than normal. His eyes were staring straight ahead, though he really couldn't see much. He was too wrapped up into recalling how Trent had looked, at how his skin had glowed in the starlight under the branches. The way his hands had felt, how his dick had tasted. Despite brushing his teeth, he thought he could still taste him, still feel that sticky goo as it flowed past his mouth.

He could remember exactly how the cock head had shook, how the whole cock had throbbed while moving past his lips. It made him want more, and he wasn't bothering to hide his obvious desire, as he walked down the path, at least until he felt the hands grab at his shoulders.

A hand was slapped across his mouth, as he felt himself being dragged backwards, as tree branches grabbed at him, as the man holding him pulled. There were more than one, as other hands were holding his arms and pulling as his feet dragged at the dirt. He felt the panic taking hold, as he struggled, though he was being tightly held.

A harsh voice told him to stop or it would be worse for him, but he kept struggling a few seconds more. The hands around his arms grew tighter, making him wince, as he tried to shake free, but quickly realized he couldn't. His heart was pounding, as he felt his body being dragged, felt the fear racing up and down his body.

Sweat was dripping from his forehead, as he was suddenly tossed onto the ground, in a clearing. He looked up, to see several dark clothed guys all around. There were at least four, and he was certain that there were one or two more further out, watching the ways into this clearing.

One of the dark clothed guys moved quickly forward, while another moved behind him. He tried to swivel his head, but was held back as another kneeled down, holding his legs firmly onto the ground. A roll of tape was produced, then ran across his mouth, making it impossible for him to scream. He could smell his fear, as his eyes bulged outwards, looking at the strangers that had grabbed him.

They were all in dark clothes, shirts and pants. Even the runners on their feet were black, and as he looked up at them all, terrified, he also realized they were all wearing hoods. Their mouths were free, and slits for the eyes and nose, but there was no way he would ever be able to describe them.

A couple were taller than the rest, yet all of them were extremely well built. You could see the bulging muscles in their arms, legs. None of them had a belly either, as he struggled with the fear inside. He couldn't talk, as he stared at the four who stood around him, in a sort of circle. They just stared down at him, barely breathing.

'Faggot' the one in front yelled at him. He looked up, as he saw the foot rear back, then strike him square in the stomach. He felt the vomit in his throat, as he rolled to his side, as another kick hit him hard in the small of his back.

The others were calling him 'Faggot, Queer, Freak,' as they joined in kicking him. He felt like he was going to pass out, or throw up despite the tape over his mouth. He felt his stomach heaving, as he tried to crawl away from the hard kicks that found every tender spot in his body.

Then he felt his hands being grabbed and stretched out above his head. Blake was turned onto his back, as the other two held his legs. The fourth man moved over, spitting at him, then reached down and grabbed at Blake's pants.

He yanked them down, and pulled them off his shaking body. He had also managed to pull his shorts off, and Blake lay there, naked from the waist down. The two holding his legs suddenly released one leg, each. Then they pulled the one leg they held far apart, as he stared up the one towering over him.

Blake wanted to scream, unsure what was going to happen. There had been one fleeting second when he thought it was part of the initiation, until the kicking had started. Then he knew it wasn't. His thoughts grew cold, as he wondered what would happen to him, or how much they would hurt him. The pain was all over, every part of his body felt like it was in pure agony as the man above him suddenly unzipped his pants.

Staring up at him, Blake watched him nod at the guy holding his arms above his head. He felt two feet firmly planted against his shoulders, as the guy pulled his arms all the way back, until he felt like they would be yanked out of their socket. The two holding his legs had one foot up against his hips, and also had him stretched out as far as possible.

Looking up, he saw the one above him reach into his pants, and pull out his cock. He stared up at it, seeing that it was soft, and the hand holding it aimed it right at him. He saw it suddenly jerk a bit, then he felt the hot liquid hitting his face. Blake also heard the loud laughter from the one holding his hands, as the other's pee struck Blake's face.

The liquid stung his eyes as the man aimed his piss towards them. He tried to shut them, clenching them tightly as the hot liquid burned under his eyelids. He struggled, but to no avail, as the piss trickled down his face, even along his mouth. A stream hit his mouth, making the tape uncomfortable. He could feel some of it seeping through the corners, as the man yelled at him, calling him names, telling him they didn't like faggots.

The sound of the zipper made him open his eyes, and he saw the man above buttoning his pants. He was finished, and then he just stood there, looking down at him. His body looked so menacing, as he towered over him, then he reached down, to rip the tape off of his mouth.

'Scream, or make any noise Faggot, and I'll gut you in a second, got it?'

Blake nodded, but the man kicked him and asked him again.

'Do you understand?'


The man stared at him, then moved and took hold of his leg, nodding for the one holding it to take his place. The other did as directed, and he too stood over Blake, just as the first did.

Undoing his pants, he too pulled out his cock, as Blake stared up at him. He felt like he was in some nightmare, some horror flick as the voice from below told him to open his mouth, to keep it open if he knew what was good for him.

The fear made him open his mouth, as he saw the glint in the eyes of the hooded figure above him. As he did, he saw the stream come to him, hitting him on the cheek, then move towards his mouth. Blake felt the salty liquid fill his mouth, flow out of the corners as it filled his mouth.

'Swallow it Faggot' the voice commanded, though he already had. He had no choice, if he didn't want to suffocate. His body shuddered, his stomach twisted inside, as the hot salty piss filled it.

'See, all faggots like piss, bet they eat shit too'

He didn't know how long he was there, as each one took a turn pissing into his mouth. He threw up a few times, the vomit covering his front, mixed with the piss from the four guys. It was like an endless nightmare, as he tried to figure out who these guys were, what else they had in store for him. He just wanted to escape, to run, but they held him tightly. The pressure never easing for even a millisecond.

After the last had finished, he thought maybe it was all over. That they would let him go, but he was wrong, as once more the original man was back towering over him. He had cruel looking eyes, yet as he stared up at him, he could see he was somehow excited, as if seeing him drenched in their piss had turned him on, or something like that.

Blake saw the mouth twist up into a strange curl, grin, as the man leaned over to the side, and picked up something that was buried under the fallen leaves. His eyes bulged as he saw the thick handle of what looked like a broom. He turned his head to look up, saw the glint in the man's eyes, and his whole body trembled.

'Don't, Please, Don't' he cried out, which only made them all laugh. With a head signal, Blake watched as one of the guys holding a leg moved up and once more taped his mouth. He tried to struggle, to break free, that only earned him a few kicks to his side. He stopped his struggle, as he watched how the one held the long pole, at how he would look at it, then down at Blake. There was no mistaking what he was going to do, which terrified him.

The pain was unbelievable, as he heard the laughter, heard the chuckles. It was like suddenly he was in another world, as it was all so distant, to far off. More like listening to a movie playing in another room, with the sound turned real low. There were muffled cries, he was sure of that, but nothing that broke the cloud that seemed to hover over his eyes.

The pain in his insides made him open his eyes. He stared upwards, feeling cold, feeling racked by spasms of rolling pain, but as he moved his head, there was nothing but a sort of darkness. No one was around him, as he struggled to lift himself up on his hands. It suddenly came back to him, as he quickly glanced all around, but he was alone in the clearing. Off to one side he saw a thick tubular shaped object, felt the sickening pain in his guts, as he felt the night chill.

Sitting up, he felt the pain from the kicks, and he ran his hand down his body, feeling the bruises that had arisen. His legs shook, as he found his clothes next to his body. He reached out, grimacing in pain, crying out from it. Then he bit his lower lip, as he managed to pull the pants over his legs, and up. His whole body was in pure torment, as he tried to stand up, but found he was still too weak.

Crawling forward, he knew he had to get out from the woods, get to the path where it had all began. His body protested, as he reached out with one hand, suddenly touching the pole shaped object, knowing exactly what it was. He cringed, as his body shook, but he managed to take hold of it, and drag it with him, as he slowly crawled towards the path, on his hands and knees.

Time didn't seem to exist, as he moved slowly forward, the smells of stale piss haunting his every movement. He could smell other scents, but was afraid to think of what it was, as he managed to see the lighter area of the pathway itself. There were no lights, but it was bathed in the twilight of the early stars. His mind refused to think of anything, but of reaching that path, of making it out from the woods.

Finally he felt his body accept the torment of motion. His legs ached, his arms were numb, as he finally broke free of the woods, to lay panting on the soft green grass. Blake lay there, panting, letting his body relax, as he struggled to regain some strength. He didn't know where to go, but as he looked up and down, he realized he was too far to make it to the main Campus grounds. The Frat House was just ahead, and there would be someone there, he hoped.

It took him several attempts, before he could make it to his feet. The pain was unbelievable, specially in his rectum, as he stumbled forward. He felt like he was drunk, as he weaved his way along the path, towards the Frat House. His eyes held the image of the house, and in it he knew he would find Trent. It was what was driving him, to find Trent, to fall into his arms.

Somehow he just knew that he would help him, that he would take the pain away, as he stumbled forward, until he suddenly found himself at the door itself. He had no idea how he had made it, or even how late it was. All he could think of, was that he had made it, that he would find Trent inside.

He was exhausted, as he leaned against the double doors. His arms ached, his legs were shaking, as he tried to reach the buzzer, to signal anyone inside, but he felt himself sliding down, felt his body collapsing. The pain, it was too much, as he felt the tears rolling down his face. He couldn't reach the buzzer, as his fingers clawed at the wooden frame, as his body slowly fell to the ground. His eyes closed, as he struggled to remain awake, to summon whatever strength he could, to summon help.

The darkness was winning, as he struggled to fight it. 'No, NO!' he heard himself cry out, but it was useless, as the darkness seemed to envelope him. His body shook, but then he heard a sound, something that made him cringe. They were back for him, he was sure of that, as he tried to fight, as he felt the hands holding him down. The voices were all around him, but then he heard the one voice calling his name, the one sound penetrated his mind, and he stopped thrashing about. The hands holding him down, relaxed their grip, as he stopped fighting them.

He just lay there, a thin smile around his mouth as he felt his body relax, as the nightmare of them coming back was suddenly gone. Blake felt the pain all over, but somehow it didn't matter, he was safe now. The nightmare was over, for the moment, as he opened his eyes, to see lights and worried faces all around him. His lips were bruised, thickened a bit as he moved his head to stare at where he thought he had heard the voice.

Blake saw him, the look on his face, the concern. The pain was forgotten, as he looked over at Trent.

'I am sorry, for being late'

'It's okay, least you made it'

'Yeah, I did, didn't I?'

Another voice made him turn his head, as he stared over at a face he recognized. It was the one who had been in charge last night. He smiled at him, wondering why they all looked so sad, so upset? Then he remembered the night, and shook. The pain was there again, but a bit dulled, as he realized he had made it, he was at the Frat House, safe for the moment.

'An ambulance is on its way, hold on Blake.'

His eyes cleared and he could see the face perfectly now. There was no mistaking the concern being shown, as he struggled to try and sit up, but the pain was too much. Every bone in his body hurt, as he tried to move, failing. He lay there, panting, but before he could say anything, he felt his hand being lifted up, and he turned his face towards his side.

Trent had taken his hand, and was holding it up to the side of his face. He saw him kiss the back of it, and all he could do was smile at him. Yet even as he did, the pain inside seemed to lessen.

The room suddenly became more noisy as he lay there, feeling totally exhausted. The pain was a bit dulled, as he saw people moving about, then a face loomed up over him. He shrank back, suddenly frightened, but the voice was soothing, calming, as it reached out and looked at his eyes. He felt at ease as he heard Trent talking to him, telling to relax, to let the Paramedics do their job. He smiled, as he felt the hand touching his shoulder, knowing it was Trent's.


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