Chapter 4

It was an impressive walk to Mr. Willow's room. The halls were so wide, so richly adorned, that he felt like he was in some Palace. The myriad of portraits that hung at regular intervals, the deep rich look of the wood, all combined to create a rather impressive setting.

Entering the room was no different. Double doors opened into a large expanse, that was more like a fancy ballroom, with a sitting area. The sleeping area was discreetly off to one end, but it was the warmth of the place, that impressed Jesse.

Unlike Mr. Willow's home, this room seemed more suited to him. It wasn't filled with fancy delicate trinkets, but with more substantial goods. The sitting area, had two large oversized armchairs, arranged so that one could sit, and enjoy the view of those seated on the couch. At the same time, they'd be able to still enjoy the fireplace, that dominated the wall.

The room really had a much more comfortable feel to it, than any of the rooms back at the house. It was simply laid out, yet you felt at ease, now overly taken by its richness. It suited the older man, who took a seat in one of the big armchairs, indicating Jesse to take a seat on the couch.

There was no rush, no pressure to move to more physical closeness, which suited Jesse. It gave him a time to relax, to let his body recharge. He knew he would need to keep his wits about him, to not let his own needs, desires, take control again, as it had down in the Solarium. The odd twinkle in the older man's eyes told Jesse, that he knew exactly what Jesse was thinking.

In some ways, it felt assuring, as well as a bit creepy. It had to be some spiritual connection, because really he didn't know the man that well. Hell, they had barely spoken, until the moment in the kitchen, then out by the tree. Yet it was as if they could read each other's thoughts, know what the other wanted, without the need of words.

He settled back into the soft couch, enjoying the odd sip of Cognac that Mr. Willows had given him. They just talked, about a wide range of topics, always skirting the sex, and yet not really. He knew he wanted the older man, knew he wanted to take him & please him in ways he would appreciate.

Not like some of his dates with guys his own age, or bit younger, but like how one would appreciate a fine wine. Just as he was doing with the aged Cognac. To smell it, enjoying its fragrance, as it wove its way up his nostrils, to warm his very insides. To then gently sip at it, just enough to wet his lips, to allow a small amount to trickle in, to coat his mouth and make its way down his throat.

That was how he wanted to enjoy the older man. To gently savour him, his scent, his feel, and then to slowly bring him to that ultimate point of orgasm, to let it simmer, then slowly fall back, so he could once more enjoy the whole package, that was the whole man. Jesse knew he was odd, for guys his age, because to him, sex wasn't just shooting his load. He liked to enjoy getting there, to the point where it was beyond control, to where the pain of not cumming was intense. It made the eventual orgasm more intense, as well as last a whole lot longer.

Most of the guys his age, or younger, didn't appreciate that. They didn't get it, that just sitting and talking could be arousing, that looking at a person fully clothed, could be all part of the sex. To steal glances at the rising and falling lump in the crotch, were all part of building up to that final moment.

It didn't take rocket science either, to talk with someone, to find out their tastes, their likes, not about sex, but about life. All that made one comfortable, at ease, which made the sex even more pleasurable. He loved to just sit and talk, as they were doing. Sure it added some spice, when they would mention things that could have a secondary, or sexual overtone to it, but all that did, was make him hornier. How could that be bad?

Jesse found that Mr. Willows was very versed in a lot of things. From current events, to the delicate balance of plants placed in a bed. He seemed so knowledgeable, that it surprised him, making him like the man even more. How his eyes would light up when he voiced an opinion of this politician, or that one. How he could get to the meat of an issue, such as why so much of mainstream religion opposed change.

He had no idea how long they talked, only that he was impressed by the man's knowledge. He also was impressed by how his voice made him tingle, how it seemed to make him shiver in anticipation. It was no surprise when he found himself sitting next to him, nor was it a surprise when the man let his hand touch his upraised knee.

They talked, for what seemed a minute, but had been a lot longer. Time seemed to have simply vanished, leaving them in a sort of timeless space. They talked, with passion, about what mattered to them, shared their thoughts, until he felt himself leaning forward, to run the back of his hand across the rather thin side of the man's face. He could feel his strength, despite the looseness of the flesh, yet it gave him a thrill, to touch him that way.

The feelings were obviously returned, as the man's eyes seemed to just explode. They were like bright shining super nova's as his own weathered hand lightly caressed Jesse's face. How those eyes sparkled as the fingers moved across Jesse's full lips, feeling the tiny cracks in the flesh, making them actually tremble.

He didn't let himself fall for it a second time, as he smiled, and returned the favour. How good it felt, to feel the man's body suck itself inwards, as his own fingers moved down and under the chin, then up and around to play with the man's ear lobe. Jesse leaned inwards, giving the man a small kiss on the cheek, then letting his tongue lick upwards towards the ear.

Jesse let his tongue caress the skin, just behind the ear lobe, then up against it, until it was swirling around the outer inside band of the ear itself. Then suddenly he pushed inwards harder, his hand moving up the quivering thigh, while his tongue buried itself deep into the ear canal, licking at the man. His hand rubbing the thigh, moving ever so slightly across the skin, towards the man's crotch.

The intake of breath made him change direction, as he let his hand move up the rising & falling chest, to circle the older man's Pecs. He could feel him as he sucked in the air, to fill his lungs, feel the rush as he exhaled. All the time he let his tongue lick and dart in and out of the man's ear, then around it, to move downwards, licking at the back of his neck.

Jesse kept his eyes closed, as his head moved downwards, as his tongue continue to lick at the older man's skin, down his neck. His hands moved up and under the shirt, as he managed to undo the buttons. The touch of his finger tips against the man's warm skin, made his heart skip a beat or two.

He could feel the excitement inside, yet he managed to keep it in check. No way was he going to let the man have his way with him a second time. This time it was his turn, to show him how much he enjoyed the company, how much he cared. The way his hands moved, slowly at first, then quickening their pace, then again, going slowly over the chest, had its effect on the man.

His chest continued to rise and fall quicker, with each caress, with each flick of his tongue, that now moved to the front, to tease one nipple, then slide across to administer to the other nipple. He hears him sucking in his breath, felt the beat of his heart, as he moved slowly across, always moving down.

The plan was simple, as he licked and kissed the man's flesh. He could feel the small wiry hairs under his lips, taste them, as his hands moved from one spot to another. To caress the nipple he had just licked, to twist the other he had just nibbled on, to then tease it even more by the soft caress of his finger tip. Jesse heard the man moan, felt how his own hands gripped at Jesse's bare shoulder.

His hand moved down, under the man's waistband, to grab at his penis, to suddenly reach down & take it firmly in his grasp. Mr. Willows moaned louder, the fingers dug deep into Jesse's flesh, as he felt the hard cock pulse. He smiled to himself, enjoying the touch of his hand around the rather amble sized shaft. It surprised him a bit, as his hand wrapped around, to feel it so hard, so thick.

A quick pull up, made him realize it was also fairly lengthy, and its thickness didn't seem to diminish either as his hand moved up and over the pulsing cock head. The palm of his hand moved over the head, feeling the wetness of precum, that he quickly smeared and pushed down as he brought his hand back to the base of the penis.

He could feel his own chest aching, as he let his hand twist around the base, then move back upwards. The sound of the man panting made him realize he had done it just right. The older man had amazing stamina, as his own hands now moved down his back, to try and force him off balance, to get his younger body to lean further over the man's body. It was a good trick, but at 28 he was more fit, and resisted the pressure, knowing exactly what the man wanted.

Jesse's hand moved up, the last of the precum smearing up along the lower belly, making the muscles beneath tremble a bit. He sighed, as he heard the panting breath gradually ease, as he let his face move down, to kiss at the small little tuft of hair down the center of the man's chest. He licked at it, then lightly ran his fingers over it, feeling the matted hairs bristle.

He stood up, and let his hand stretch outwards to Mr. Willows, who took it and together they slowly walked over to the far end of the room, where the massive four poster bed stood. Jesse walked with his head next to the man's shoulder, his arm around his waist, as they stopped half way, and kissed briefly, full on the lips. Jesse felt his body tremble, as they embraced, answered by the shaking of the man's body next to his own.

He let the man to the side of the bed, who couldn't stop staring at Jesse, as he undressed the few clothes he had on. Jesse didn't know how or when the older man had managed to remove his shoes, pants, and shirt, but then he didn't recall how his own shirt was undone, or his own pants opened. He stood there, watching the older man climb up onto the bed, until he was in the center of it.

There was a bit of a paunch to him, that he hadn't noticed before, or felt. Yet the man was fairly trim, and you could see the muscles stiffen. The way his legs looked old, leathery, but still the muscles stood out around the thighs. How hard they looked, like bands of steel wound up tight.

Then there was the biceps, that seemed to pulse a bit, and his chest continued to heave, as Jesse examined his whole body, with his eyes. The distant fire made for some interesting shadows on the dark wall, that added to the ambience of the moment. He breathed in deeply, as he let his eyes move down, towards Mr. Willows crotch.

Jesse felt his breath sucking in, as he stared at the hard thick pole that was standing up from the center of the man's crotch. It was big, bigger than he had imagined, and yet it had a sort of small curve to it. He felt his body shudder, as his eyes focused on the organ, seeing the veins that were wrapped around it, how they pulsed as the blood flowed through.

He saw how the cock swayed, how it seemed to be sniffing the air around it, as if looking for something. Jesse felt his own cock stiffen, as if the two were sending out secret signals, or maybe like two vessels, sending out sonar signals, to find where the other was. His body shook a little, as he looked up to see Mr. Willows staring at him. His eyes were so bright, so brilliantly shining, that it made him bite his lower lip.

The man wasn't what you would call attractive, and yet in many ways, he was. Just like the statue of David wasn't exactly special, yet when you stared at it, you felt something special, that made it more attractive. Mr. Willows was like that, the way his face shone, how his eyes seemed to be so full of life, only added to his looks.

There was nothing special about him, from the silver hair, to the leathery skin, and yet Jesse couldn't help but feel like he was in the presence of someone very special. His body shook, as he reached down, to open his pants even more, exposing more of his boxer shorts. There was no mistaking how the eyes were drawn to his crotch. The way they seemed to just focus directly at him.

Jesse felt the rush of blood to his cock, wondering what it was about the man, that made him so damn horny. If he wasn't careful, he'd get his shorts off, just in time to shoot his load. He didn't want that to happen, as he let his eyes move downwards, breaking the spell.

His hands moved slowly, as he shoved his shorts down, to let his own dick come free. There was the sound of air being sucked in, which gave him some pleasure. His body arched a bit, his hips pushing a little forward, showing off his hard dick. It felt good, to feel the man's appreciation of his body. That too, was something most of his age didn't show, that they were excited by the whole package, not just the dick.

With Mr. Willows, you could see it in his eyes, in how his whole body stiffen, as each piece of his body was fully exposed to his view. Everything seemed to make him twitch, to make him stiffen. That was real appreciation, as he bend down, to remove his socks. Standing fully upright, he could see the way the man looked at him, how much he wanted him.

Instead of moving off to the side, he climbed up on the huge bed, from the foot. He moved forward, so that the older man's legs were on either side. Jesse rested on his knees, and looked at the man, slowly letting his hands rest on the ankles of the older man's feet. He was certain he could feel a sort of vibration, as the man's body trembled from his touch.

Reaching down, he let one of the feet curl around, to rest on his lap. The man's long toes were resting over his crotch, pushing his erect cock down. He could feel the blood rushing, feel the toes twitching, as he lightly ran his hand up the man's foot, and around it.

Shifting his weight a bit, he managed to let his hard cock graze across the sole of the man's foot, which trembled to its touch. He heard him sigh, a soft little whisper of pleasure. Jesse moved his hand over the foot, his finger tracing a soft outline over the foot, then across the toes, and below them. They wiggled, as he brought his head down, pulling up on the foot at the same time.

His tongue flicked out, to lightly pass over the top of the toes, brushing at the small little tufts of hair, feeling them sway, feel the foot tremble, as he let his tongue move all across, then back. As it came back, he lowered his eyes, to stare at the big toe, and then it was buried in his mouth. His lips wrapped around it, tasting a bit of sweat, but also smelling a soft hint of perfume, from soap or body wash.

He breathed in deeply, as he moved his mouth down, so it engulfed the entire toe. He could feel it wiggling inside, as his tongue flicked at it, tasting it. His body stiffened as he felt the tremor racing up from the toe, to go up the older man's leg, toward his heart. He could feel it travelling up, feel it making the man quicken his heart beat. Feel it tighten the man's chest, as it moved through his body.

It was like his body knew what to do, before his mind could even think of it. His mouth let go of the toe, his tongue licking at the leathery skin, then moved upwards, across the shaking foot, up past the ankle. His body shuffled in closer, as the other leg now moved around, and he could feel the toes up against his buttocks, pressing against the soft flesh, as he moved up. His buttock was upraised a bit, and the foot moved up and between, to caress at his full balls. It made him moan, as tried to ignore the pleasure it gave him.

He wanted to take his time, but his body had other thoughts. His whole body shook, as he moved up and between the older man's legs. His hair was brushing the man's balls, as his tongue licked at the hairy legs, as he let his tongue play at the skin under the knee. Mr. Willows was moaning constantly now, as he licked at the inner thigh, as his hands moved up and along the thigh, then across to once more touch the man's groin.

Jesse could smell him, the testosterone, the mixture of a real man and his cologne, that only made his body quiver even more. He felt the press of his balls, felt their fullness, as he let his head push aside the man's throbbing pole, so he could lick at the sac. His teeth nibbled at them, tasting the tough skin, before he opened his mouth, to gather first one, then the other, inside his mouth.

The skin was vibrating, as he swallowed them both, his tongue flicking and pushing at the skin, making the testicles move around. The older man was already moaning, which became louder, as Jesse licked at that spot under the scrotum. How the man seemed to quiver, as Jesse moved his hands around, and lifted up at the man's legs.

Shifting his body, he managed to get the man's legs up and over his shoulders, which allowed him full access to the man's lower body. He licked his lips, then began to kiss at the upraised cheeks, at the soft flesh that shook to his touch. Then his tongue moved towards the soft valley between, making Mr. Willows groan and twist a bit. His hands held the man tighter, as he let his tongue drag down the valley, towards the man's pink hole.

He wanted to make it last, but his own body was forcing him to go faster. His mouth pushed between the upraised cheeks, his nose pushing into the warm flesh of the cheeks. The tongue licked hard between the cheeks, pressing down on the tender flesh of the little valley, until it came to the hole. Jesse felt the muscles tighten, felt the body quivering, as his tongue circled the pink hole.

For a brief moment, the tongue moved around, circling the outer edges of the hole, teasing it, making it quiver, then it drove deep inside, pushing aside the muscle in one quick motion. He heard the cry, felt the man's whole body shake, quiver, and stiffen. His tongue went deep inside, licking at the man's insides.

In and out it went, pushing and licking. It was hard to hold the man's buttocks, from the wild gyrations of his lower body. Mr. Willows was moaning, groaning, all at once, while Jesse kept driving his tongue in and out, then up along the tender valley, before diving back into the quivering hole. The words barely registered but his body seemed to understand, as he quickly pulled his face from between the spread cheeks.

One hand quickly moved forward, taking hold of the older man's penis. His fingers wrapped tightly around the thick shaft, while his head moved up and over the hard pole. His lips pressed up against the hot cock head, and were just pulling in the head, when Jesse felt it rear back. He heard the cry, felt it echo in the large room, as the cock head shot forward.

The gush of hot sticky cum filled his whole mouth and throat in an instant. He felt his head pull back a little, then swallow. Then he let his lips widen a bit, taking all of the throbbing cock inside. The head banged up against the roof of his mouth, as more of the man's cream flowed out, even as his first load was just moving down his throat.

Jesse felt the cum dripping out from the corner's of his mouth, as he swallowed again, then again. He didn't want to let any go to waste, but there was so much, he couldn't help but miss some. The force of the man's second spurt nearly pushed his head back, as it struck the very back of his mouth. Almost gagging, he shifted his body a bit, taking an even stronger grip on the shooting pole.

Feeling the older man's hips rise up, he felt the hard cock push up against the back of his throat, as a third spurt of hot cum filled his mouth. It was less than the first two, but he still had trouble swallowing it all, as his own body began to tremble, wishing it too could release its precious load of man milk.

Gagging just a bit, he felt the hips sinking down, but then he realized, that his own head, was being pushed down, by the older man's hands. He realized too, just how strong they were, as he tried to pull back a bit, unable to. Then, as the hips sunk down onto the bed, he felt the quick uplift, the quick jerk of the cock in his mouth, as the fourth and final load of cream was released.

Unlike the others, the force was weak, but it was still thick and tasty, as he eagerly swallowed it, enjoying every drop that slid down his throat. How hot it was, how tasty it was, with a mix of sweetness and saltiness he had never tasted before. Jesse could feel the race of his heart, as he swallowed a few more times, enjoying all of the hot milk.

The hands on his head, slid off, and he could hear the panting breath of the older man. His head pulled back, his lips coated with drying cum, as was his chin. Looking upwards, he saw the glassy eyed look in Mr. Willow's eyes, saw the way his lips were a bit twisted, a small drop of blood on the lower lip. He realized the man had bitten into it, as the force of his orgasm had taken hold of him.

The legs were spread apart, the muscles still twitching from their release. Jesse had never seen such a complete picture of a satisfied man, and yet as the eyes cleared up, he knew that the night was far from being over. There was that growing glint in them, and the twitching body slowly began to relax, the cock a bit softer, but no way fully deflated yet. It was like, it had merely expelled some extra fluid. The balls looked a bit leaner, but still looked like they had amble fluid remaining.

Leaning back on his haunches, he couldn't help but feel a bit amazed. The man was 72 for God's sake, and yet he had the stamina of a bull in its prime. There was no mistaking the gleam, the obvious desire for more, in that grin, that beamed down at him. He couldn't believe it, as even his own younger body, seemed exhausted already.

'Be a good lad, and go brink our glasses over, I think we could use a bit of drink, before moving on.'

He almost laughed, knowing that it was just an excuse for the older man to give them both an excuse to relax, to get ready for the next phase of their fun. Getting off the bed, and turning to walk back to the sitting area of the room, he couldn't help but feel the man's eyes on him. There was no doubt, of him watching his naked body walking away, which only made his cock jerk a bit. Already it was once more rising, readying itself for more fun.

Jesse couldn't help but smile, feeling very satisfied with his performance so far. It was a tie, one to one, as he knew the old man had tried to not cum, but had failed in holding back, just as he had when on the chair in the Solarium. He felt his body quiver, thinking of just what would be next.


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