Chapter 2

He could see them now, see Rob's long blond hair and deep blue eyes sparkling, as he came around the truck front end, to grab a couple of back packs out of the truck bed. He tossed one to Trent, who almost missed it, still not sure what was happening. There were no bedrolls, no sleeping bags attached, but there was one huge cooler.

It took both of them to lug it out, to sling it between them, as Rob led the way towards the trees and the river. Trent didn't mind following, as it had given him a chance to admire the tight fit of Rob's jeans around his butt. He really did admire those firm cheeks.

Even when he would sleep over, he would enjoy running his hand over them, to feel their firm flesh, but he had never gone further. It just would have led to too many questions, which he'd have to answer. Cuddling, rubbing his crotch up into the back of Rob was one thing, doing more was, well, just never going to happen.

He had resigned himself to that, though deep down he knew he wouldn't like it. Trent just couldn't do more, or bring himself to do more or ask for more. It was enough that Rob would let him rub himself, even cum, which was more than he could expect.

Back then, you just didn't blurt that kind of stuff out. You didn't make it obvious, though Rob had to know. Still, he had it better than others. He wasn't a target, wasn't forced to live in pure torment like some of the others in school were. He couldn't imagine himself surviving that crap, which is why he never said a thing. Oh it had turned his stomach to see, to watch but unlike Rob, he never took a stand. He never risked his position in the social pecking order, like Rob had.

No one thought either of them were, which suited him fine. He didn't believe Rob was either, though at times he had dreamed about it, wishing in his sleep that he was. It wasn't just that he had a great body, or a winning disposition. There was something about being near Rob, about talking with him, that made him feel special, made him feel safe.

Looking down now, all he could see was those firm cheeks leading the way through the forest. The small giggles as a branch would suddenly come flying back at Trent. One more reason why he enjoyed his time with Rob, he was always having fun. He could be serious, but it didn't matter, the occasion, or the situation they would be in, Rob always found a way to make it fun, to find something to laugh at.

The hand squeezed his, as he thought about that short trek into the woods, to where they came out to a clearing. At first it didn't seem much different, until he noticed the shadow of their tent. It was just like the one they used, and then it hit him. It was their tent, already set up and off to the side was a cleared path, stones built up and split logs already laid within the circle.

A bucket of water stood to the one side, and further off were several more already cut logs, ready for grabbing and tossing onto an open fire. He felt surprised, his mouth hung open as he stammered at the set up campsite, now knowing why he hadn't been able to reach Rob all day. He had been here, getting his surprise ready.

No wood searching, no having to rush and put up the tent before the darkness overwhelmed them. It was all done and as they set the cooler down, Rob had turned to him and punched him in the arm.


'Yeah, it's great, so what's in the cooler, booze?'

'Booze? Nah, can't have you getting drunk, least not yet. Just some food, soda, and stuff.'

'Stuff? Like what?'

'You'll find out, later. First let's get the fire going, then how about a quick splash in the river, before it gets too dark?'

He hadn't caught it then, but he got it now. Looking down at Rob, he saw a hint of that grin, that little impish grin he had, when he had suggested the quick dip.

The fire had started quickly, and was already crackling & roaring as they headed down the path to the river's bank. He once more following Rob, who seemed to enjoy leading, as if he liked to be watched from the backside. Trent had no objection to being behind either, and as they got to the river bank, he felt the cool breeze coming off the water.

Rob was already stripping, and taunting him to get a move on, before winter set in. He glowed in the soft twilight that filled the area, his skin looking paler than it really was. He saw how his arms moved, how they were already pushing his tight pants down, bending over to take them off, making his cheeks stick upwards, aimed at Trent, adding to Trent's aroused state.

He couldn't help himself, but he was long past feeling embarrassed about having a hard on around Rob. He too began to undress, thinking that the cold river water would erase his current state. As he pushed his pants down, his boner tenting his jockey shorts, Rob turned around to stare directly at it.

There was a strange glint in his eyes as he looked at Trent's crotch, then he laughed, as he pushed his own shorts down, turning around to face Trent. His pubic hair a sort of shadow surrounding a huge stiff pole, the most beautiful dick he had ever seen. Whether in some video he had found, or some of the skin mags he had managed to get a hold of, Rob's hard cock looked much better, bigger too.

He swallowed hard then, as Rob just laughed, and made his way to the water, with Trent finally moving up from the rear. His hard cock bouncing as he ran down the little slope towards the water's edge. It was freezing cold, or so he had thought, but somehow it didn't seem to erase his problem. Just seeing that cock, fully hard, was more powerful than the cold river water.

Then too, there was Rob and his closeness, to keep his mind focused on it as well. How he splashed, laughed at Trent. How they moved out a bit, swam around and trying to tag the other. He was certain that a few of those swings that hit his crotch weren't by accident, but he just enjoyed the touch, afraid to say anything, in case it ruined the moment.

It was two kids, having fun, splashing and just being kids, despite their new age, that made them adults. It wasn't like reaching the magic age suddenly made them serious, yet it felt different. Splashing, pushing and the odd touch, was different, was somehow more intoxicating.

All the pressure of reaching eighteen was gone, while they horsed around. It was as if the world had gone away, and there was just the two of them, free of everything. The restraints of society, the weight of wondering what the future held in store for them, the gloom of trying to figure out what it was they wanted for the rest of their lives, was all gone in those minutes of just splashing around. Of laughing, at chasing each other in the cool river water, made it all seem so carefree, so relaxing.

Even the notion of being Gay & all it meant, was gone from his thoughts. He could only think of Rob, of how much fun he was, of how good of a friend he was. The idea that they may go their own ways was not even lurking, as they just had now. It was an amazing feeling, that he only now understood. It was a gift, one he could hold onto for his entire life, unlike some other present that wore out, or got misplaced. This birthday gift, was something he would never lose.

He felt his heart thumb and through his narrowed eyes, he saw the figure on the bed. Trent could feel his pain, but right now, he felt nothing but his pleasure, as he too was thinking of that time they exchanged a gift, that really meant something. Strange, how it had taken him decades to fully appreciate, to fully comprehend it.

Sure he had remembered that time, many times throughout the years, but never as powerfully as he felt it now. It was like yesterday that it had all happened, and he felt the thrill deep inside. His whole body was recalling it, as he held Rob's hand.

How Rob had lead him back to the river bank, and climbed up to stare down at Trent. He could see the moon over his shoulder, the pale moonlight glimmering off his well build body. How the drops of water shone in the pale light, making it seem like he was glowing. But it was how he stood, how he showed Trent that he too was all man. How there was no mistaking the hard pole, that stuck straight out from his body, right at Trent.

It made it all seem normal, as he too stood up, and despite the cool water, was still aroused. Or maybe it was that he just kept getting aroused? From the odd touch, the odd poke, and now the sight in front of him. It all made his body respond, made him ignore everything else.

The worries, the doubts & fears, just seemed unimportant at that time. Somehow, Rob had made him feel safe, comfortable in who he was. He couldn't explain it then, or anytime since, not even now, but it was as if he could just be himself, not feel afraid or worried of it being misunderstood. His erection was part of him, something natural to have, at that moment.

Sex was never a comfortable topic for Trent, back then or really anytime afterwards. The only time he had ever felt safe, felt at ease, was with Rob, and it all came back to that birthday, that time when Rob showed him just how natural it was.

Out of the water, they raced back to their campsite, to find the fire in full roar. They stood next to it, letting the crackling flames dance and warm their toned bodies. It felt good, to just stand there, naked, and let the smoky warmth dry their skin.

It was just a few seconds, maybe a minute or two, but it felt good, and he couldn't help but glance over at Rob, to check him out. His dick had softened a bit, but he was mesmerized by the sight of it. The way it was just there, for him to look. He knew Rob noticed, but he didn't flinch, didn't move away, or try to cover it up. He just stood there, letting him see all he wanted to see.

Then he moved to his backpack, and pulled out a towel, that he put down on the long log that was near the fire. He quickly moved to grab two more large logs, dumping them on the fire. The sparks flew high in the air, the flames twirled around the new fuel, then began to eagerly eat at it, while Rob dug back into the backpack, pulling out a huge terry cloth towel.

He sat down on the log, with one end of the towel around his shoulders. Rob opened one arm up, holding the other end of the towel, and it was somehow like an invitation that Trent couldn't refuse. It seemed so natural, that he didn't even hesitate to walk over, sit next to Rob, and let him place the open end of the towel around his own shoulders.

Rob didn't let his hand move away either. It rested firmly over Trent's shoulder, holding him close to his own body. They touched, at various parts, and stared out at the now roaring fire, in front. They didn't say a word, but just rested into each other's side. He could remember that feeling now, how good it had felt to have another leaning into him, to lean back & not be rejected, not be worried it would be misunderstood.

Time didn't seem to matter, and they had just sat there, moving once or twice to add a few more logs onto the fire, but they just sat there. No words spoken, just two friends enjoying the touch of the other next to them. Even the cooler night breeze didn't seem to phase them. Trent recalled how his hand rested on Rob's thigh, then moved down so his whole arm rested on the thigh, his hand at the knee. Rob had his arm still around him, but it rested down at Trent's waist, the hand just up around where his stomach met his thigh.

It felt so good, to feel those strong fingers laid on his leg, his whole body feeling like it was almost floating, only Rob's touch holding him down, stopping him from floating up into the air, towards the heavens. It was an odd feeling, that he had never felt before, or since. It was a moment of utter bliss. Trent never could remember a time when he had been happier, and the evening had only just begun.

Looking down at Rob, he knew he owed him a lot, for just that one night, that one moment in his entire life, when he truly felt at ease, felt like he could be himself. He smiled down, seeing the answering smile in the pain wracked eyes. Even now, Rob could make him feel like he was okay, that he didn't have anything to prove.

Sitting together, on that log, he had felt so at ease, that he surprised himself and had turned his face to look at Rob, and out of instinct, he kissed the warm shoulder that his head rested on. As his lips touched the warm flesh, he realized what he had done, but instead of leaping up and running, he waited.

It was as if Rob had been waiting for it, as all he did was snuggle his own body closer into Trent's, and there was a sort of small little whimper that he heard over the roar of the fire. It all felt so natural, that he just let his head push in a bit more, his arm moved from on top of Rob's leg, to circle his friends waist, to rest just as Rob's hand rested around him.

Trent could feel the contentment, the simple feeling of being accepted, even now. He chuckled a bit, to himself, as he remembered how Rob had looked at him, how his eyes seemed to just peer right inside of him. It had felt rather hot, a turn on that somehow seemed right. How he would then glance down to Trent's dick, and how the eyes would widen a bit. Thinking of it now, he also remembered how Rob would lick his lips, so slowly that he couldn't help but notice every crevice in them. How his eyes would see the cracks on the rough surface of the tongue itself, as the tip would run across the upper lip first, then the lower one. How it would curl around the corners, as if he had a piece of food stuck in it.

It all came back to him now, as his eyes softened, as he stared down at his friend. How could he have missed all that love? Yet he had found it, before it was too late. He felt a hitch in his heart, as his chest heaved a bit at the lost moments but the beat of the other heart next to his, made him push away the regrets. Instead his mind took him back to that night, to that eighteenth birthday celebration.

While his folks had made a fuss over it, his mom making him a special dinner with all of his favourites, it was the night by the river that had made it memorable. It was where he finally lost the awkwardness of youth, thanks to Rob.

How he had just stood up, putting out his hand for Trent's own hand. How he smiled, how he looked, totally naked, standing straight to his full 5foot 11inches, shoulders squared. It made him look like some ancient Greek God, the matted dried blond hair curling around his shoulders, his neck. The curls bunched up in spots, the eyes a brilliant blue, the face in a warm inviting smile, all added to his feelings.

He had no idea what was to happen, but he let himself be led back towards the tent, where another surprise greeted him. The sleeping bags were all laid out, one fully opened filling most of the tent. The other rested to one side, to be a cover when required. There would be no separation between them tonight, as he stared down at the arrangement.

To one side was a small overturned box, their camping lantern set on top. It was set to low, and the flame flickered a bit, greeting them as the wind blew softly around the inside, from the opened flap at the front. He sighed, as he stared at it all, at how romantic it all looked.

Walking past Rob, he looked around, letting his hand drop Rob's clasp, and after taking it all in, he turned towards Rob, to thank him, but Rob had moved in closer. He was a bit surprised by his closeness, further stunned by how Rob simply put a finger up to his lips, indicating for him not to say a word.

Then he moved another step closer, and Trent could smell him, a mix of smoke and river, that made his insides rumble a bit. He blinked, as Rob reached out, to wrap both arms around him, to draw his naked body into his own. He felt the press of Rob's hard cock against his thigh, felt it slide to one side, as his own hard dick pushed between his friends legs, next to a warm thigh and very hot groin.

He could feel that shudder, even now. How it had felt, how the strange rolling waves of pleasure had made their way up and down his whole body. How he had shook, as Rob pulled him in close, how he then felt the warm press of his friend's lips against his neck, just under an ear. How good it felt, as the hands moved up and down his backside, touching him in a way that only made the shaking increase.

How his hands moved down to his naked buttocks, to grasp at his own cheeks, how his own hands seemed to awaken, to also begin a strange movement across Rob's naked backside. How his cock jerked, how hard it suddenly felt, how much it ached too, as they held each other, standing together. He felt Rob's perfect cheeks, the touch making him tingle, as they ran down the firm orbs. It was unbelievable, even now he felt the tingle deep inside, as he recalled that moment.

Trent could see it all now, see how Rob pulled back, his hands holding him by the shoulder as his blue eyes stared deeply into his own green eyes. How the one hand moved upwards, pushing a lock of Trent's hair away from his face, how the lips looked. It all came back to him, making him tingle, all over again.

He could see his eyes flutter, the lids slowly closing, as the head tilted to one side, and moved inwards. Trent could feel how his heart had begun to race, how his blood begin to pump wildly through his whole body, making it quiver, as his own head tilted, as his own eyes began to close, despite his desire to capture every moment.

How his body shook, how it simply seemed to explode as he felt the soft touch of those lips on his. It was agonizing, wonderfully agonizing, as he found his lips parting, eager to let in the pressing tongue. The way it moved inside, how it pushed past the small opening of his lips, forcing its way past his teeth, to lick eagerly at the insides, at his own tongue. It had made him tremble then, and now too.

How could he have missed it, but he had. Now he knew it,  and he felt it all over again, only this time it was even more powerful. How deep the tongue moved, how his body felt the power of the kiss, the emotion of it all. It was his first real kiss, from another guy, and it was like nothing he had ever experienced.

The press of Rob's body against his grew too, as he felt his body taking charge, as his mind simply revelled in the wonderful feelings that kept filling his whole being. Nothing else seemed to matter, as he felt the deep hard kiss, as he felt the press of Rob against his own body. How they slowly sank to their knees was nothing but a blur, as they kissed each other. His hands were roaming all across the now hot flesh of his friend, as was his hands. He could feel the fingers probing him, reaching him in places no one had ever touched before.

He had no idea how long they kneeled, kissing each other, exploring each other, before he realized that they were on their sides, stretched out on the open sleeping bag. He could feel its padding, but more than that, he could feel the warm body pressing into his own.

Trent realized, not once had he objected, not once had he drawn back. It was perfect, as it was supposed to be. It was as he had always imagined it would be, as he lay there, feeling his hands touching part of another male, without fear, without feeling like the world would suddenly come to an end. He didn't feel any shame, as a strange hand moved across his belly, as another's hand brushed past his pubic hairs.

How he had moaned too, as that hand reached down between their hot bodies, to take hold of his stiff dick. How he felt the rolling tremors rush through his body, as the fingers wrapped around the base of his cock, gripping it firmly. It was unbelievable then, more so now as he could feel it, feel the passion come from the finger tips that touched his throbbing pole.

It felt like tiny electric shocks, the way the tips seemed to just spark. Like a charges of electricity was passing from Rob's hand to his cock. It made him ache in a whole new way, one that was almost too much for his body to take. He felt himself quiver, felt his body arch upwards even, as the hand held his cock tightly.

Trent recalled how his chest hurt, how he struggled to breath, as Rob's hand began to slowly move up his pole, to pull on his taut flesh, to roll over the full veins that were sticking out, throbbing with the rush of his blood. How his own limbs felt numb, as the blood rushed to his groin, at how his eyes were watering from the racing emotions deep inside of him.

His own hands were trembling, but he felt them reaching between their bodies, felt them touch the tip of something hard, that was hot and sticky. His hand trembled even more, his mind began to see strange flashes of lights, as he held his eyelids tightly shut. The pain was excruciating, but oh so wonderful, as he realized that Rob was oozing pre cum, just as he was.

The realization only confirmed the pleasure he was feeling, the passion too. How good it all felt, as his hand moved down his friend's dick, to wrap his own fingers around the throbbing pole. It was his first dick, first touch of one that wasn't his. It was strange, as he felt the blood pulsing through the thin veins, knowing that Rob was feeling the same sensations. To know another was feeling, what he was feeling, only made him moan more.

The hold he had was broken, as the body next to him moved, as the lower part disappeared from his grasp, and the tight hold on his own cock seemed to suddenly lessen. A brief moment of despair crept in, but was quickly vanquished as he felt the hard press of lips on his chest, the hot breath of another over one nipple, then another.

There was the sudden pain as teeth nipped at one nipple, biting it lightly and pulling back, then as it made its way up his nervous system, he felt the soft press of warm lips on around the nipple, a press that made him groan. Trent felt the brush of the nose against his chest, then the raspy edge of the tongue as it licked at the centre of his chest, moving down his heaving chest. He tried to suck in as much air as possible, smelling the scent of smoky wood, the crispness of river water.

As the tongue moved downwards, he felt the ache growing, felt the way his body was rumbling, how his balls were swelling, adding to the ache, to the growing threat of explosion. How much could his sac grow, before it burst, he wondered, as the tongue was joined by two hands, that moved along his body, touching him, caressing his rolling muscles.

He heard himself cry out, felt himself biting his lower lip as his hands rested on the sweating back of his friend. He could feel the strands of his hair, feel his fingers grabbing at them, twisting them around as the new sensations moved up and down his entire body. How his legs were stuck straight out, stiff and unyielding, making him cramp up, which he ignored.

Everything was coming too fast, as his breath panted, as his heart raced, all the time the tongue moving closer to his groin, to his throbbing cock. He couldn't believe what was happening, he couldn't even fathom at how it had happened, only that another man was kissing and licking his body. Only that another guy suddenly was kissing his belly, that a tongue was suddenly licking at his pubic hairs.

He remembered how he had cried out, how his hand had grabbed hold of Rob's head, how it was pushing it down, even further. How much he wanted to feel that tongue, those lips, around his cock. And when he did, how it made his body suddenly shook in uncontrollable waves of spasms. How every nerve in his body suddenly seemed overwhelmed by the moment, how his body had arched upwards the instant he felt the touch of Rob's lips around the head of his cock.

He didn't realize it then, but he remembered it now, at how his hand had pushed, how his body had arched upwards, driving his hard cock past the lips, deep into Rob's mouth. How there was a sort of gagging sound, how hot it felt all around his pole, as it pushed up into the waiting throat. How the lips wrapped so tightly around the hot flesh, how they slid down, letting his cock in, then out.

How good it felt to feel his nose pressing deep into his groin, how his body seemed to ache, to throb in time with the motion of the mouth over his cock. There was his voice too, loud and shrill as it cried out, shouting his enjoyment of it all.

His voice would have sent any animals nearby scurrying away from its loud cry, yet even as it filled his ears, he could still hear the crackling fire in the far off distance. He could still smell the smoke, smell Rob too, as his body throbbed, as it pushed further up with each new thrust. One hand held the head hard against his body, as he arched upwards, his other hand pounding the earth next to him, as he felt the power of his body growing, as he felt the swirling emotions inside bind together to become one uncontrollable wave of pure passion.

Trent could feel it now, just as he had that night. How his body soared, how the pain grew and grew until there was no other choice. His whole body had become a sea of sweat, of desire. His balls had swollen to more than twice their size, or so it had felt like. He felt it all, felt the press of his sac, as it couldn't expand any further. His cock was rock hard, never before as hard as it was at that moment.

He felt it all, felt the roaring pain inside, felt it suddenly explode. The force knocking the little air in his lungs out, as the force of it, made him feel like he was in the middle of some blender turned on high, as if he had been in a force 5 tornado.

It sucked the life from him, as his body jerked hard, as it arched upwards, driving his thick throbbing cock deep into the willing throat. There was nothing but a swishing sound, echoing in his ears, as his body exploded, as he felt the power of his ejaculation.

The sound of his cum, how it roared out from his cock echoed in his ears, or was it Rob swallowing as fast as he could, as he felt the thick sticky goo coating his cock, running down the throbbing pole to drip down around his pubic hairs. He felt it all, felt the way his body suddenly seemed drained of all energy, of all power, as his cum continued to pour out.

The throb in his ears, the cries in his throat, all combined to make him shiver, make his body tremble in ways he didn't think possible. It was unbelievable, even now, at how deep the tremors reached. It was like a secret cavern had opened up inside of him, to unleash this horrendous downpour of the very essence of his life. He felt it all, in tiny compartments of his brain, as he felt all of it.

Every drop that came rushing out, made an impact somewhere deep in the recesses of his mind. He could feel them leave his body, feel the warm mouth and throat that eagerly drank each single drop, desperate to let none escape.

Leaning back in the plain metal chair, Rob's hand still grasped in his, he felt how drained he was now, just as he had been then. His eyes flickered, as they took in the soft light of the room, but as he looked at his friend, there was a strange sheen on his face. A sort of glow that made him realize that Rob had felt it too, that somehow, through all the pain killers in his body, he had felt that moment again, just as he had.

It hurt, inside, to realize how long it had taken him to come to this point, at what it had taken, to wake him up. Glancing down, he felt the love. For the first time in his life, he was able to acknowledge it, for what it was. No hiding behind other words, no need to cloak it behind some mask of shame or guilt. It had been love, still was love, as he tightened his own grip on the hand in his.

The hand returned his strengthened grip as he felt his chest ache. The shortness of breath was still there, the way he had felt the second the last of his cum had dribbled out from his cock. How totally exhausted he had felt, how his whole body had immediately sunk back into the warm earth. How Rob had fallen on top of him, equally exhausted, equally drained of all strength.

What he remembered most of that instant, was at how totally exhausted they were, but how satisfied he was. How full he felt, how warm and complete he felt. He rarely felt such pleasure, such fullness, satisfaction, as he had right then. Leaning forward, he let his one hand run across the damp forehead of his friend, smiling down at him, still holding his hand.

He saw the understanding in the eyes, saw the sparkle again, only this time, a bit more vibrant, a bit more lively than before. Despite the drugs being pumped into his veins, he was telling Trent that he too felt it, that he too remembered that time, that instant, but that he also remembered it all.


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