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Chapter 1

Mark stared down at his cordless phone. His brown eyes looked blank, as his mind argued about whether he should call Dix or not. Glancing up at the clock, he knew he only had 30 minutes to decide, before it would be too late. Those were the rules, from 1pm to 2pm only, and only today. Any later and there would be no answer, ever.

For the last 30 minutes he had been staring at the phone, now and then reaching for it, then pulling back. He still wasn't sure if what he had experienced last night, was something he wanted to ever experience again. Yet at the same time, he felt like if he didn't, he'd be missing out on the best sex of his entire life.

Not like he had a boring sex life, until now. Certainly last night with Dix had showed him a whole new type of sex, and it wasn't like he hadn't known what was involved. That was the other thing, the way he had to sit and actually tell Dix what he would or wouldn't do. It was so unreal, to sit down and over a cup of coffee have it all laid out for him.

Now it was up to him, if he want to pursue that line of sex. It wasn't something he had to ever do before. The guys he had sex with, well it had been good, damn hot too but if he didn't like it, he could just not call them. If he did like it, well he usually could call whenever, not have any deadlines, or ultimatums. That too made this all different, as he stared at the phone, wishing it would ring, but knowing that Dix wasn't about to call him. It was his choice, his only.

Leaning back into the chesterfield, he felt the twinge around his ass, and along his back. It was still a bit sore from last night. As Mark thought about it, he found his hand lightly moving around his wrist, feeling the tenderness. His hand moved along his arm, feeling the ache in his muscles, up around the shoulder.

Dix wasn't all that much older than him, least in years. About a year & a bit, making him 27 to his own 25 and a bit. Dix was one of those trainers, the kind that you hired to get you in shape, while he worked in the real world. Mark was a surveyor by trade, loved the freedom his job gave him, and the ability to be outdoors. Dix on the other hand, well at first Mark thought he was either at a gym or at someone's house yelling at them to do one more push up or sit up.

Now he wasn't so sure. He had a rather soft voice but man it could bark out those orders at times. Mark smiled as he remembered how the night had gone from idle chit chat, to the meat of things, as Dix called it. He was pretty no nonsense, but he had a sense of humor, or so it seemed. Now he wondered, given how hard he had worked him that night, and it was his first stab at that kind of sex too.

Mark liked to try new things, which is why he had answered the ad in the local bar rag for some 'edgy sex with attitude' that had gotten his attention. It wasn't like it was from some hustler either, though he had wondered at the time. Still, he had always been curious about the more rough aspect of sex, though he didn't realize just how much went into a 'session', as Dix called it.

They had met at a coffee shop, near Dix's flat. He was a bit shorter than Mark, had his hair cut short too, but his face reminded Mark of some military dudes he had known. The way their eyes seemed to never settle on one spot, but always were darting around. Sort of like they were afraid of being seen, or attacked. It was unnerving at first.

He had a rather unshaved look too, plus he certainly seemed built. The way his sleeves looked so stretched, as if they were a size or two too small. Yet all in all he thought he stacked up pretty good to him, but he had only been kidding himself. Dix was certainly far more defined, had a body that was very well defined, a total turn on for him too.

Going back to his flat was an experience. The place was more up scale than he had imagined, and the furnishing inside didn't seem to match the guy either. There were lots of delicate objects in shelves, and the furniture itself looked more suited to some doddering old geezer, than to a fit 27 year old trainer.

Yet as he sat on the couch, he was surprised at how comfortable it was, at how it supported his frame without any pressure. He now understood why too, as he grimaced a bit, staring down at the phone. Time was ticking away, and he needed to decide. Did he want more training at Dix's hand, or not?

There was so much to consider, before making that call. He knew he couldn't back out later, it was a choice to make now, or never. No procrastination, least not if he wanted to continue to see Dix, to have him administer to his needs. A small grin crossed his face as his hand moved across his bare chest, feeling the chest hair move, felt the way his nipples were once more fully erect. Sore, but erect and seemingly ready for more.

He had his nipples sucked by some of the best, but nothing like how Dix had done him. Man, he didn't think he'd ever be able to touch them again, not the way Dix had used those clamps on them. How they didn't seem too bad at first, then suddenly they were squeezing them so hard, he thought he'd pass out.

That too was a whole different scene. To not only know how to act, how to perform for the guy, but to remember how to stop it all. Mark figured he was pretty tough, resilient even, but he had come so close, so many times last night, to just shouting it out, to ending it all. He had never experienced such pain, across his chest, his groin, or his rectum.

Yet at the same time, he had never felt such pleasure either. The way his nipples had felt when Dix sucked on them, each one given the same treatment. It had only made his dick ache. Hell, it had made his whole body tremble, if he was to be honest. How the pain turned to pleasure, back to pain, then pleasure.

It was like Dix had some secret switch that he flicked at will. It really was amazing, as his hand trembled a bit, remembering sitting on that couch, listening to Dix explain the things he liked. It scared him, and he could tell that Dix knew that too. The way his face smiled, sort of. It was more like a wicked little grin than a smile, and how his eyes seemed to glitter when he talked about how he liked to bind his boys, only added to the fear.

Yet he didn't run out, or get up and storm out. He had stayed, and listen to the man's soft voice as he talked about he liked to use wrist and ankle restraints. How he enjoyed the feel of rope being tied tightly, but not too tight. How he used a gag at times, but not the first time out. Then there was all the talk about taking him to new heights, not just mentally, but physically too.

How he would teach Mark, to not cum until he had commanded it, to hold it back and make it even more of a powerful orgasm. It held his attention, as he really did love the orgasms he had. Dix seemed confident he could triple, at least, those feelings, but only if Mark was willing to follow his instructions, to him teach him the right way.

While he had failed on that score, last night, he was rather intrigued about it, wanting to find out just how it worked. Not that his failure last night was total either, he had managed to hold it back for a bit. Still, it was too soon for Dix, who showed his displeasure. He could still feel the whacks across his buttocks, the way the hard pole of rubber had hit, each whack making him wince, making him bit his lower lip.

The whole night had been odd, and yet today he felt still exhausted from it, still tingling really. None of the sex he had before, ever really left him feeling this satisfied, or this anxious to have more. And he had, had some hot guys. There was William, Matt, and a few others that had left feeling totally drained, but nothing like how he was feeling right now. It had been hours since he had gotten dressed, slowly too.

Every part of his body had hurt, had felt like it was ready to just collapse. All the way home, he could still feel some of the tingling, some of the thrill of the sex, long after it had been done. Yes, the pain was there, but so was the pleasure, the warmth inside. Odd how he could separate the two, so long after. It was as if each blow, each surprise, had etched itself into his body, not just his memory, but his body itself.

His eyes moved across the phone, towards the crumbled paper that lay next to it. One of the pieces had Dix's phone number, the other was his copy of the consent form. He smiled as he looked at that, wondering if it really meant anything, or was just part of the whole routine? Did him signing his acceptance mean anything legally, or was it to put him in the right frame of mind?

So what if he had signed something, it didn't list really all that was to be done, or that they had agreed. Plus, a lot of it was left up to Dix, to his expert knowledge to determine what Mark would do, or could do. How far it went, was pretty well up to Dix, with the only exception being that one safe word.

Choosing that had been hard, because it had to be something he could easily say, remember. It was his key to safety, as Dix told him. He told him several times too, which impressed Mark. It was sort of like Dix cared, cared so much that he was anal about it, but after the night had ended, he was glad too.

At first, when they had been talking about it, he had felt rather foolish in trying to choose one. He even had sort of made fun at it, which had gotten him a stern look. Then there was the sheaf of documents that Dix brought out, which he told Mark he would need to gather, if he elected to continue with his 'training'. That too had a sort of sinister sound to it, but the papers Dix handed to him were rather impressive.

They showed everything about him, results for test for various infections, assorted diseases, not just his HIV status. That did impress him, showing he was free from Gonorrhoea, syphilis, and Hepatitis A, B, & C. In some ways it seemed all so cold, so planned, but then again, the sex sessions weren't just random. Though Dix did say that once things progressed, it would appear more random, but for now, it was either this way, or no way.

It made him stare at Dix for several minutes, and this time, the man didn't flinch, didn't shift his eyes one fraction of an inch. He stared right back, letting Mark look. He remembered how he had shivered then, as he realized that this wasn't about just tying up one's hands, and teasing them, or spanking their bottom. This was the real deal, that there really would be pain, hard pain.

Asking for a Beer had also surprised him. The way Dix had smiled at him, then simply said 'not a chance'. He did explain that they either did it straight, or again, no way. He rather had wished he had a few drinks in him before they had gone into the so called playroom, but afterwards, it all made sense.

He certainly didn't want some drunk or inebriated person administering those little lessons. The risk of going too far, of maybe even ignoring the safe word, were just too great. Dix also told him, no drugs allowed, not even some Pot. He was quite cool and calm as he explained it to Mark, but you could tell he was deadly serious. He said no lessons, if Mark had a hint of being under the influence, of anything, booze or drugs.

Made sense, once they were into the session, but at the start, he felt it was all rather pointless. He knew better now, and was glad that Dix had been such a hard nose about it. Last thing he wanted was to have Dix make a mistake, because he was high or feeling the drinks. Just the idea of him being loaded, while twisting that nipple clamp, made him cringe.

Staring at the wall clock, he realized that time was running out. He had to make up his mind, before he lost this opportunity. Problem for him really, was did he think of it as an opportunity, or as something to run from?

While it was more role playing, sort of an enhanced sexual game, it felt like a lot more than that. It felt strange to lay on the hard table, to watch this nearly bald shaved man tie his arms up, to pull on the arm so that his shoulders ached. To see him carefully bind his wrists, then to pull his legs apart, with the same precision, same intensity.

How his hands held his ankles, as he strapped them down. How he looked up at Mark, his eyes glaring. It all added up to making him nervous, yet also very excited. Nothing had ever felt this way, even though he had tried it a few times with others.

Like how Matt had tied him up, while poking at his sac, then sucking on his cock. It had been good, but no where as good as when Dix had finished tying up his legs, and had just ran his hand up the leg. How powerful it had felt, how sexy it made him feel. Then the way his hand had slapped at his hard cock, which surprised him, but also made him feel hornier.

Matt had been a good fuck, a great cock sucker too, but nothing like how Dix had him feeling. The whole living room scene, had definitely set the mood. Walking into the playroom, he had been surprised by how dark it was. Even when Dix flicked a switch, it didn't seem to brighten up much.

There wasn't much in the way of furniture. A large wooden table stood dead centre in the room. You could see the open cuffs, and the padding. It was a rather wide looking table, which he now knew was so he could be stretched out better. Laying on that table, spread eagled and unable to move, had made him quiver, even now, just recalling it.

Mark leaned forward, his arm outstretched as the memory of that night flooded his mind. He felt his body shudder, as he recalled it all, as his fingers stretched out for the phone. The way Dix had opened the playroom door, and stood to one side, telling him to enter the dark side of sex, where nothing was taboo.

That sort of made him start, but he had walked in. It was almost like being back in School, him accepting a dare. The similarity ended there, though. This was a lot more than a dare as he stepped in, noticing the long dark shadow of the table in the centre. He heard the switch being flicked on, but the darkness didn't seem to disappear all that much.

It shed some light, mostly around the corners of the room. He noticed how the walls were actually more like floor mats, that one used in a school gym, or at some exercise place. There were things handing from one, and the table was more noticeable. Seeing the restraints made him stop and look. It also had made him wonder what he had gotten himself into, as well as making him chant his safe word, over and over again.

What had felt like an over dramatization, was suddenly very real as he stared at the table, then at the rubber walls. He realized, all the screaming in the world wouldn't help him one bit. No one would hear as he looked up and down, to see that even they were covered. Funny, he hadn't noticed that when he first stepped in.

Dix closed the door rather loudly, which made Mark jump. He turned around quickly, noting how close Dix was suddenly to him. At first he felt like running, but realized the only way out, was through Dix. Suddenly the guy didn't look so small, or equal. It was like he had grown, to become a giant, and it made him break out in a bit of a cold sweat as he retreated a few steps, towards the table.

There was that sort of grin, that only added to his sense of fear, which yet seemed to not be greater than his curiosity. Strange, as he watched Dix move around the room, lighting several candles that Mark hadn't even noticed. They were like candelabra's, on long black poles, and you could see they had been well used, the candles that is. Some had thick stubs only of candles, while others were nearly new looking, though still fat.

Near the long table, that he could now see better, was a trolley with a cloth over it. He felt a strange cold creep into his spine, as his eyes stared at the trolley, wondering what evil little toys were hidden there.

'What is your safe word?' the voice commanded, which made him feel like Dix had shouted it at him. He was that close, and had obviously leaned towards his ear, to ask him.

'demon' he had stuttered in response, that wasn't quite right. Oh the word was right, but he had already forgotten the rules, and felt his entire body being pulled forward, as Dix had reached out with one hand, grabbing his shirt in his fist.


'Demon.. Sir'

Dix held him for a second or two, glaring at him, almost nose to nose, before releasing him. Mark realized just how powerful the guy was, as he had been lifted up onto his toes, with just the yank from one single hand. It felt strangely hot in the room, as he stood there, uncertain what to do next. While Mark might be an inch taller, Dix certainly had the greater strength.

His fears were growing, despite the talk outside the playroom. How did he know if Dix would accept his safe word? What if he forgot it, or worse, was too weak or something to say it? Thinking about it, he wondered why he was willing to put so much trust into a guy he had met through an ad in a bar magazine. What did he know about the guy, other than he was some personal trainer?

The contact had been by email, and the meeting arranged the same way. No one knew where he was, which made him look harder at Dix. The way he held himself, how carefully he moved as if walking on egg shells. It was like everything had a purpose, and each movement was calculated for minimum effort.

The candles added some flickering light to the room, and he could smell them burning, as he waited, uncertain if he still wanted to go on with this. He felt the palms of his hands become damp from sweat, felt his forehead beading up with sweat, as Dix finally finished lighting candles, and now stood, once more, in front of Mark.

His dark brown eyes seemed to glare, as they moved slowly up and down, taking in Mark's nervous posture. He could feel the disdain, or disgust. He wasn't sure which, as Dix stepped closer to where he was once more nearly nose to nose with him.

'Strip, everything, now'

It wasn't shouted, wasn't screamed, but it held a sense of menace in each word. He felt like he was in some Boot Camp for Marines or something, as he tried to move, to undress. Yet Dix didn't move, didn't get out of his way, but stood there, daring Mark to move him. It was quite intimidating, as he struggled to get his shirt off, without touching Dix.

The shirt and pants weren't hard, but he was having trouble getting his socks off. He had to lean to one side, to reach around Dix's rather obstructing body, but he managed finally to get each sock off. Then came the underwear.

He had on a pair of jockey type shorts, and they required a bit more of his fancy footwork, to finally get down his legs, and off. The look on Dix's face didn't inspire him either, as it looked rather cross. The eyes stared hard at him, then moved down to glare at his naked groin. Mark felt his cock stirring, growing a bit harder than it already was. His body quivered a bit, as Dix stared at him, and he wondered if his body was not as Dix expected.

'Turn around, face the table'

Mark did as he was told, and waited. He wondered if he was going to be spanked now, or what. They had talked about that, and he had agreed to being spanked, even with a tool like a paddle or riding crop stick. He didn't think much of it, but now he sure was thinking of it.

Instead he could hear Dix undressing. Mark wanted to turn around, to see, but he dared not disobey. The list of agreed upon punishments for disobeying Dix's orders had sounded mild in the other room, but not in this room. Here they seemed to take on a whole new meaning, as he stood there, feeling nervous, feeling very vulnerable.

It sounded like he was also putting something on, as he heard Dix grunt, heard the sound of fabric, or something stiff, being pulled up. His eyes were burning as he really wanted to look, to just turn around, but he was too scared to do so. Besides, he remembered the instructions, the agreed up rules. Hell he had signed a paper to that effect too, which he had found a bit funny. Not so now, as he waited for Dix to tell him what to do next.

'Turn around' Dix ordered which made him sigh in relief. Least now he could look, but as he turned around, he was surprised to see Dix was sort of naked, but no dick was hanging out. No hard or soft uncut cock was there for him to look at. His was out, sticking out rather nicely, he had thought, but nothing in return. Instead Dix had some sort of black rubber shorts covering his entire crotch.

Granted they were skin tight, and if he stared hard enough, he could see the outline of a rather thick pole, pushed off to one side. The balls were also well shaped, showing nicely in the black whatever, but that was it.

He noticed that Dix didn't have lots of body hair, on the chest, while he did. Still even his legs were a bit hairier than Dix's but no way was his muscles anywhere as well developed. Those were clearly visible to his eyes, as he stared at the man, waiting for the next instruction.


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