• Object of Desire

    The fullness of the cock was amazing. It felt so good inside, that the pain of penetration quickly passed, as he began to shake. His legs quivered, the muscles taut, as he moved his hips, to add to the wonderful feelings inside.

  • Anointing of the Man Child: Chapter 4

    He felt his cheeks sink inwards, as he sucked on the cock, while his hand continued to pump the shaft. He felt the body behind the cock shudder, and then the hands were on his shoulders.

  • Anointing of the Man Child: Chapter 3

    Funny, but Trent wouldn't let him pay either, which was nice, but it confused him. Was Trent serious, that he had made a pass at him, or was he trying to?

  • Anointing of the Man Child: Chapter 2

    They were told to get dressed, and as they were standing up, they were also told that the first cuts were decided. He felt suddenly tense. One name was quickly read off, and then they were free to head off.

  • On The Run: Chapter 6

    He wished he had asked more questions, but it was enough that he was getting help. Least, he thought that it was. Still, Sheriff Roy was a crafty old man. Maybe it was a set up?

  • Anointing of the Man Child

    Just like how every Sunday when his parents would go to Church, he would spend the entire morning worrying. He would dredge up some strange stuff, think of how he would answer them when they would come home suddenly knowing his secret. He really hated Sunday mornings, and it was apparent too.

  • Marching to a Different Beat

    He cried out, as the pain in his groin matched that in his rectum. His balls seemed like giant balloons, as they were crushed by Neil's inwards thrusts. Then suddenly he felt it, crying out as he did.

  • It Is About Time

    There were things he hadn't told others, just Eric, who was standing by a couple of Queens they knew. They were all decked out in their finest attire, and you could tell that it was special. Melissa had his water proof make up on, and for good reason.

  • Graveyard Shift with Dawson: Chapter 4

    So why the fucking hassle? It made no sense, as he climbed out of the car, to head towards what he felt would be a difficult graveyard shift.

  • A Hidden Treasure

    no description available for this story.

  • On The Run: Chapter 5

    It wasn't that he was afraid, just that maybe the guy was right, his father wouldn't be happy about some of the things he had done, certainly not all the different guys either, but he wouldn't say a word, if he had been around.

  • On The Run: Chapter 4

    The aroma of the sizzling bacon, the grilling hamburger was all he could concentrate on, but as they cooked, he started to glance over his shoulder a bit. Bobby Rae looked so calm, so relaxed in the big chair, it made TJ wonder a bit.

  • On The Run: Chapter 3

    The hairs on the back of his neck stood up suddenly, as he felt a chill across his back. Then he heard the door open, and then close quickly. He didn't dare look out between his legs, but he stood there, hunched over holding onto his ankles, staring at the floor.

  • On The Run: Chapter 2

    Bobby Rae was on his feet in less than a second, and standing up close right in his face. The barrel of the shotgun was poking him hard into the belly, as he stared into the angry looking face of the Deputy.

  • Caught: Chapter 3

    Swallowing hard, he heard the soft whimper, as he saw the shape of the hand reaching across, and circling where the hidden nipple was.

  • On The Run

    Picking himself up, he made his way forwards, knowing of the stream up ahead, that he could wade, that would wind its way both South, as well as branch off to the West.

  • Caught: Chapter 2

    He could see the concern in Jesse's face, the way his nose was a bit wrinkled up, the corners of his mouth turned up as well. His eyes were narrowed, and you could tell he was thinking about it, wondering how to do all that Terry had explained to him.

  • Caught

    His cock would split him quick, the first part of his cock head would fill the tiny hole, then wait a bit, as his cries would echo, then Damian would push a bit more, as the cock head would stretch him every so slowly, until he would feel tears welling up at the corner's of his eyes.

  • Uncle Dan: Chapter 2

    The whole draft thing, the whole serving your nation thing, changed Bobby too. As his time to ship off, for training, grew closer, the laughter in his eyes, the easy banter between them seemed to end.

  • Uncle Dan

    His hand moved across the stomach, realizing how soft it was, how much he could feel the muscles underneath trembling as his hand moved towards the button on the top of the pants.

  • Rescued at Sea

    Despite his first impressions, he couldn't help but check out the butt, as he leaned over the silent engine, and reached to pull at something or other. He whistled a bit, as he pulled on this and that, then stood up, with obvious satisfaction.

  • Graveyard Shift with Dawson: Chapter 3

    He had thought Chip would say something, to keep him from leaving, but instead seemed relieved that he was going. It didn't make much sense, as he headed out of the apartment, with Chip several steps behind.

  • Fantasy Comes True

    Somehow Lonnie had missed that, as he was really just too impressed by how handsome Ashley was. The blond mop of hair, the flashing blue eyes that seemed to just radiate more, whenever they met his own eyes.

  • Best Friends again

    Nothing kept them apart, until graduation. Then it just seemed to change, as he went to go work for his father in his construction company, and Brent just seemed to drift away.

  • Yard Sale: Chapter 3

    The sun had been up for a bit, and the sound of a big truck out front broke through his fitful sleep. He felt like a hundred, as he raised himself up, knowing that his moment of truth was upon him.

  • Round the Corner

    So what if he was 30, he still had the body he had when eighteen. His hair might be a bit shorter, but he didn't spend his days at the beach, he worked for a living. It wasn't like he was some desk jockey either.

  • Making An Entrance: Chapter 3

    Even if the worst was true, that Rob was turning tricks, or something like that, it wasn't the end of it all, or was it? Would he understand if Rob was seeing other men, for money?

  • Yard Sale: Chapter 2

    He sucked in air, moaned constantly as Ken continued to kiss him, to taste him. The lips would press hard on his, then move to kiss his chin, even his eyes. The hands undid his pants, and were pressing over his own throbbing cock.

  • Yard Sale

    Well fuck him, fuck the company, and fuck the politicians too. He wasn't going to just cave, like others. He didn't go to the bar every night, to drown his sorrows, instead he got his resume together, got his house listed quickly before the others even thought about it, and made his plans.

  • Making An Entrance: Chapter 2

    Don let his hands flex, as he thought about it all. There was no way that the sex they had was any less today, than when they first met. Sure he was 20, but hell even a 20 year old couldn't shoot that much if they had just had sex before?