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Chapter 1

Matt looked up at the man above, at the way his face was all scrunched up. He saw the eyes staring at the timepiece in his hands, as Matt struggled to regain his breath. He had given it his all, now was the moment of truth. From looking up at the man, he couldn't tell if he had done it, or if it had been another failed effort.

This was his last chance, as he hung on the side of the pool, his body slowly returning to normal. He felt his exhaustion, knew deep inside that he had given it his best shot, that he had left nothing behind. Every muscle had been pushed to its limits, if not beyond.

There simply wasn't anymore for him to give, as he waited for the verdict from the Coach. Either he had made the time or not, in which case his tryout for the Swim Team would be over, or not. As he puffed, letting his lungs take in the air, he managed to look over to the far side, and saw Bradley standing by the locker room entrance.

There was no mistaking his grin either, which seemed to relax him a bit. His eyes looked up as the Coach told him to climb out, that he done good, and he'd see him next week. At first it didn't register, then he realized he had made the team. Suddenly his muscles stopped aching, as he pulled himself out of the pool, to stand dripping on the edge, a huge grin on his face.

Look over, he saw the smile on Bradley's face, saw the way he stood there, which gave Matt a bit of a start. It was almost as if he could feel Bradley's pleasure, pride, in his effort. Even as the news worked its way into his mind, he realized that Bradley would be looking the same even if he hadn't made it. Strange, but he hadn't thought about it much before, but now, having made the team, it hit him.

Bradley had also tried out, but had dropped out early on in the trials. He claimed he didn't want to go through the whole ritual again, that he had had enough at High School. Matt had been a bit put off by that, as swimming was everything to him. He had begun swimming every since he could remember.

He had felt like the water was more of his natural habitat, than his home. Nothing had made him feel more relaxed, than doing laps, or just paddling around the local pool, or at the local river in the summer. It was at that river, where he had his first orgasm, where he had his first blow job.

In fact, most of his important firsts had been at or near water. His meeting Bradley the latest example of how water had given him pleasure. Matt knew that the Coach hadn't been pleased with Bradley quitting either, nor with his reason for it. It had been a rather testy little discussion, and deep down, Matt wasn't so sure that Bradley was honest about his reasons for dropping out.

Okay, he was a bit anal about his hair, and his looks, but hell, the swimming season wasn't really all that long, not like say Basketball. And it would give him added status, yet Bradley had dropped out, saying he just couldn't go through another season of being bald, of itching.

The itching was a pain, he knew that, but it wasn't like the hair wouldn't grow back. In some ways, when it did grow back, it was different, it added character too. The girls would love that, specially given how Bradley looked.

Strange, but even at that point, he had no idea that Bradley was just like him, not really into girls, but just putting on an act, to stay safe from the name calling, the looks. He was the same, which made their hanging out difficult at times. Shit, each time Bradley would leave, he would run to the bathroom, lock the door, and whack off.

It was only later when he found out that Bradley would leave, and run to the woods to do the same thing Matt was doing. If only he had known earlier, but then better late than never, as Bradley told him that night. He could still recall it, as if it was just an hour ago.

He had finished practice, been disappointed in his time, despite his added workout schedule. Matt had gotten up earlier all week, to run longer, to pump up his leg muscles. He had done more crunches, more curls to get his muscles hardened, but it hadn't kicked in yet. He still wasn't finding his stroke, and he knew he needed to cut some time off, or he'd not make the team.

High School had been easier, as there really hadn't been the competition that there was here, at College. Back there he didn't need to push himself so much, only at meets, and it had worked. Matt hadn't gone to Nationals, but he had done well at the State Meet. It was a lot different here, because everyone had done State Meets, had done well. Most had also gone to Nationals, so his competition was fiercer.

It was that night, when he found out about Bradley, when it just sort of came out. He still couldn't believe his luck either, as he had walked out of the locker room, his head hung low, as he struggled with is backpack, with the sense of impending doom. Bradley had easily made the time, but he was faltering. For the first time, he felt like he wouldn't have his home, his comfort zone.

That was when Bradley suggested he pull out the stops, that he give himself every edge now, instead of waiting for competition. Looking back on it now, he realized it was a come on. It was Bradley pushing him, telling him he needed to make himself sleeker, to cut down on the drag, that got it all started between them.

He smiled, as he trotted over towards Bradley. Things had changed so much that night, when he had agreed to have Bradley help him prepare for the next day's trials. How he hadn't realized how bright Bradley's blue eyes had lit up when Matt had agreed. Nor did he even realize then, how convenient it had been that Bradley's roommate was off for a few days either.

Course he found out since, that Bradley had set that up too, but getting one of those trophy girls that hung around him, to go off with the roommate, so as Bradley could have the room to himself. It had been a rather well thought out plan, that had netted the results he had obviously wanted.

Mind you, Matt knew he had missed it all. Flirting, pursuing a guy, just wasn't something he was good at, nor was it really a huge priority for him. He didn't mind being a loner, didn't mind jerking himself off at nights, until he had met Bradley. Then the joy of jacking off, well it sort of got less satisfying. Luckily that got solved that night, when he had gone to Bradley's dorm, to get his body prepared for the next day's trials.

He usually did it himself, but as Bradley told him, no one could reach all over, could get every hair. Then too, he said you needed to eliminate some of the dry patches, that were always in awkward spots. Matt had to admit, he hadn't thought about that aspect. Yet it made perfect sense, that every part of his body needed to be sleek, to be smooth, so that he could penetrate the water easily, not disturb the natural flow of it over his body.

The idea of Bradley shaving his body, of doing the spots he couldn't reach had given him a boner all day too. Never had he felt so excited, so aroused, as he had been that day, and it worried him too. Many times he had thought about calling Bradley, to say it was okay but he'd manage on his own. Yet each time he picked up his phone to dial the number, he hesitated.

To have a legit reason to be touched, by Bradley, well, that was not something to push off, to refuse. Okay, it would be difficult to explain the hard on, but then again, what swimmer didn't get his dick hard, when doing the shaving routine? Even in High School, the guys all bitched about how they had to whack off after shaving themselves, or find their girls for some sex, due to the raging hard ons.

Not like they were all queers, so it was natural. Hell, it couldn't be helped, because if you wanted to do a good job around the cock, it had to be hard. If not, man you could miss a ton of pubes, which would rather make it all pointless. I mean one thing to miss a few, but the itching afterwards, just wasn't worth the grief of trying to keep it soft.

Besides, the warm water, the soap, it all had its way of making a guy think of sex. It was natural, so he would put the phone down, deciding he would go through with it. At least until the next panic attack would hit him, which it did. The last one striking as he raised his fist to knock on Bradley's dorm room.

He didn't realize how nervous either, until Bradley locked the dorm room door. Matt felt like he had jumped a mile, or at least the few feet to hit his head on the ceiling. Strange at how Bradley had laughed, making some comment about how he was safe. Strange, but he had laughed too, as he noticed how everything was laid out.

There was the bowl of warm water. Bradley had one of those fresh water dispensers, that did hot water for tea or coffee. He had two bowls out, one steaming a bit and a couple of small wash clothes resting on the edge of the bowls.

No electric razors either, and several bottles of lotions were all on the small end table, near one of the single beds in the room. Across the entire bed was one of those full length mattress pads you saw in Hospitals. It was padded, but rubber, so no liquid would leak through to the mattress beneath. It was like Bradley had it all planned out, which it turned out he did.

Matt felt his dick shifting inside the tight speedos he was wearing, as he remembered how seeing the stuff laid out, the rubber sheet had given him a hard on, then too. At the time he didn't think much about it, but Bradley had welcomed him with his shirt open. Sort of like he had just been putting it on, and he had stolen a quick glance at his bare chest.

Funny how a guy could remember such details, afterwards, and at odd times. The way his eyes had looked, how his hands seemed to tremble a bit, as he had held the door open, to let him in. How he had even taken a quick look out in the hallway, before closing and locking the door. It all came back to him, made him want to hurry up with his shower, so he could meet Bradley outside.

Towelling off, Matt could feel the odd guy looking at him, stealing a glance, but he didn't mind anymore. It used to bother him, but then too it was his paranoia. After all, he was queer, but he also had what many would have killed for, a killer of a dick. He was rather proud of that, though it was when he stripped at Bradley's place, that night, when he really noticed how proud he was.

The way Bradley had stared at him, at that huge dick sticking out from his slender body, had made his jaw open. His eyes had bulged too, and while at the moment he hadn't noticed, later on he did recall how the bulge in Bradley's pants had grown.

While he had been naked in front of lots of guys before that night, it had been his most nerve racking experience to date. He had fiddled with his belt, his buttons, and did everything he could to prolong the moment. The small talk had been unsatisfying, as if they both sensed that something was about to change between them. Matt didn't think Bradley was gay, least not then. Though afterwards, he did chide himself for not picking up on some of the signs.

Still, at that moment, he was nervous, scared even. He could feel the push of his dick in his shorts, feel it growing, which only added to his nervousness. He had done everything he could to delay the process, even suggesting that they start with the chest first. Bradley had pushed that idea away, saying that he'd only wind getting his clothes all wet, and the dorm's dryer was not working.

There was a bit of a chill he thought, but then it was just nerves. His shirt was off on the floor, as were his shoe and socks. He had sat on the bed, heard the rubber squishing sound, which only made him more nervous. Bradley seemed impatient, but he now realized that was just his own nervousness showing.

They had talked about it after, but at that moment, he just felt scared. He knew his dick was hard, knew it would plop out the second he pulled his shorts down. He had been right too, but it was at that moment he started to realize, that there was more to the night. He had noticed Bradley's eyes, saw his jaw open, saw him lick his lips, which had only made him shake a bit more.

It was when he was stretched out on the bed, when Bradley began to soak his body with the warm clothes, before applying the shaving cream, that Matt felt his body twitch, felt that tell tale sign, that he was horny. He felt his chest heave a bit, as the first hot cloth was placed over his groin, as Bradley lightly pushed it up against the base of his hard penis.

How his fingers lingered a bit longer than they should, or how he just stared at him. Thinking of it now, he should have known that the whole offer was a ruse. He hadn't even as Bradley applied the shaving cream around his dick, and made him push his legs apart, holding the upper thigh while he applied hot clothes, then shaving cream.

When he reached out, to start to shave, not at his chest, or his legs, but at his groin, he could see the fingers tremble a bit, see them quiver. He felt his own body shudder too, as the fingers reached around his massive pole, to hold it steady.

The jolt inside, was unbelievable. He felt his whole body quiver, felt it shake, as the tips of the fingers moved all around the thick shaft, to take hold. His skin seemed to suddenly be on fire, as he felt the fingers tighten their grip. Matt remembered looking up, seeing a glazed look on Bradley's face, as he tried to control his breathing.

How the razor had appeared, shaking a bit from the trembling hand, that didn't seem to bother Matt. He was too enthralled by the way he felt, from the touch to worry. Then as the blade touched his skin, he felt his body tingle. It was almost like every muscle inside had suddenly decided to tighten up. His teeth bit down on his lip, as he watched the action at his groin. How thick his cock looked, with a soft fluffy cloud of white at its base. Sort of like some huge office tower rising above the clouds. He shook, as he wondered what it would be like to have Bradley stroke him.

He had felt an ache in his buttocks too, felt the muscles clench as the hand held his hard on, as the razor made its slow way across his belly, cutting his pubic hairs off. His whole body was taut, as Bradley carefully moved the razor along the skin, adding a bit more shaving cream in spots.

How soft his touch was too. Matt was a bit surprised at that too. The fingers were tightly holding his dick, but then as they pushed his penis to one side, to let the razor glide over his scrotum, he couldn't help but notice how light the touch was, how gentle it was. The way his fingers would press down, would pull the sac, while the palm of the hand held back his massive dick.

Matt still couldn't figure out how he had managed to not shoot his load then, specially when Bradley had held his dick, had gently tugged at it, while he cleaned off the remnants of the shaving cream. He never thought he had that much self control, as Bradley proceeded slowly to shave all of the hair off his chest, what little there was of it.

Then it was the legs, and how his hand felt, as he held each leg, just below where the cream had been applied. How he let the hot clothes soak into his body, how it felt as the hand held his calf, held his ankle later on. How it felt as the palm of the hand pushed down on his foot, its warmth adding to the whole inner feelings, that seemed to roll up and down his body.

Turning over on his back had been another whole new experience for him. He felt his own huge dick wedged upwards, between his stomach and the bed. Yet as he adjusted his body, he felt Bradley applying the hot clothes to his buttocks. How he had gently pried apart the two cheeks, to lightly wash them down, to gently let the hot warmth seep into the soft hidden flesh.

The shaving cream had been unreal too, making his tiny hole pucker a bit, specially when the hand passed over it. One of Bradley's fingers pausing briefly over it, which only made it ache even more.

How wonderful it felt, as the fingers spread across the inside of a cheek, then slowly pulled it apart, while Bradley stroked it and cut the tiny peach fuzz hairs between. How warm it all felt, as he did each side, then moved down the back of his legs.

In some ways, it felt better than any sex he had. The way the fingers moved across his legs, his backside too. How soft they felt, how warm it all felt, until finally he heard the words, that told him the shaving was done. That he could turn over now.

That was when he felt his heart quicken. Turning over, he didn't realize how good it had all felt, or that his body had reacted as it would normally to such careful handling. Just as he felt his hard cock pop out from beneath, as it stuck out and he leaned backwards, did he feel the sticky pre cum on his belly. Panic was suddenly in full bloom, as he struggled to figure out what to say, what to do.

His first instinct had been to cover it up, to place his hands over the offending smear, but he didn't have the time. It was too late as he glanced over at Bradley, to see him staring at it, at his stomach, and the drying trail of pre cum.

Matt could feel his face blushing, feel his body tense up as he struggled to come up with some excuse, some explanation, but he never needed to. Instead of saying a word, he watched in awe as Bradley stepped a bit closer, as his hand reached out towards Matt's stomach.

With his eyes nearly popping out, he saw the fingers reach out, for the tips to lightly brush over the trail, then move back towards Bradley's face. Matt was certain his heart would explode, as he saw Bradley place each finger into his mouth, sucking them clean of his, his pre cum. He couldn't believe it, couldn't comprehend what he had just witnessed, until he saw Bradley's head come closer.

His eyes almost popped out of their socket, as he saw the frosted hair fill his vision, as he felt the hand suddenly grab hold of his trembling dick. His body trembled, as he saw the head lower itself, and then the room seemed to just explode. Flashes of lights crossed back and forth, as his body bucked a bit, shook hard. The bed squeaked a little too, as he felt the tongue flick across his cock head, swiping the large drop of pre cum.

Looking up, he saw the glint in Bradley's face, as he lifted himself up, and as he raised his upper body up, he was also taking off his shirt. He tossed it off to the far side with one fling of his arm. The other was reaching down, and he heard the button pop, then the zipper being pushed down. In no time at all, Bradley was standing next to him, totally naked, just as he was.

There were some tufts of hair around each of his nipples. Each one firm and sticking out like a short bolt. His body was trembling, the muscles rolling as he let his eyes move down. He lifted himself up onto his hands, as his head stared at Bradley's fully aroused cock, at how Bradley had one hand around its base, slowly stroking it, aiming it directly at Matt.

He swallowed as he realized just how much he wanted to see more, to reach out and touch it too. He leaned forward, as Bradley stepped in closer. It was as if both could read the other's mind. How he seemed to just know that Matt wanted to taste him, to lick at his cock made him tremble a little. The press of the one hand on the back of his head, the way he could smell him now.

That thick scent, that heavy aroma of a man fully aroused, assailed his nostrils, which made him take several deep breathes of it. He had enjoyed that scent before, from his limited experiences, but this time, it just seemed more intense, more arousing. He couldn't help himself, as he moaned a bit, which seemed to spur Bradley on.

The touch on his lips was like a hot burning rod being pressed on them. He tried to rear back, but Bradley's hand on the back of his head, held him firmly. He stopped fighting it, realizing how much he really did want it. His lips opened, and he tasted the salty precum as he moved his head forward, to taste the hot head, the steamy pole that followed.

His body shook, as he felt his hands reach up, to take hold of Bradley's hips, to dig his fingers in as he bobbed back and forth over it. He tasted it all, felt it throb to his motion, felt the heat inside, as he twisted his head a bit, to twist around and take more of the long pole. While it wasn't as huge as his, it still was rather large.

The slurping sounds only made him want more. His whole body ached, as he held onto the hips, as his mouth tasted the pole. He realized too, that Bradley was uncut, though he hadn't noticed it right away. His foreskin was so tight, that he had missed that. Yet he could taste it, feel it shift from the press of his lips.

While the sounds of his mouth echoed, he could hear the soft moans coming from Bradley. He felt his own body shake, as he began to let one hand explore that perfect swimmer's body. He felt the muscles, felt their power as his hand moved up and down the thigh on one side. His other hand held tightly, then switched roles. It was like a hard caress, as he let his left hand swing inside, to brush past the full scrotum.

He heard the groan, felt the penis in his mouth jerk, as the back of his hand moved past the swinging balls. His own mind was reeling, as he tasted Bradley. The hard thick pole was stretching his throat, making it ache, but he loved its feel, its warmth. Every taste bud inside his mouth, was watering with anticipation of Bradley letting go, of tasting his jizz.

The motion of his head became faster, the lips tried to tighten even more, to add more friction to the motion, to make the hard throbbing pole hotter. He felt the hands on his shoulders, felt them dig into his flesh, while the moans became more intense, louder and longer in duration. He let his hand reach down, to take hold of the full sac.

As he felt the rough leathery skin, he felt like his shoulders would be wrenched off from his torso. The fingers dug deep, as the whole body shook. Matt felt Bradley's body arch backwards for a second, then suddenly it was driving forward with his entire body weight behind it. He felt the cock in his mouth jerk, felt it bang against the soft throat lining, then dive deeper into his throat.

He gagged, struggled with the fullness inside his mouth and throat, when he heard the cry, felt the press of Bradley's pubic hairs up against his face, his lips. Every muscle in his own body suddenly grew even more taut, more on edge. The cry was barely out of Bradley's mouth, when he felt the cock head rear, felt the skin swell up between his lips.

In that second he knew what was to happen, as it did. He had no chance to prepare, as the hot stream of cum came flooding into his throat, overwhelming him. He tried to swallow, as the thick cream filled his throat and mouth, as it pushed past his lips to dribble down the corners of his mouth, all before he could manage that first swallow.

He couldn't cough, as his reflexes tried to deny him the pleasure. His throat tried to close, to stop the flood of cum that was still pouring from the swollen cock head inside. Then as he gagged more, as his stomach twisted, he managed to swallow, to relieve the pressure on his throat a little, just as the cock head reared back a third time.

This time he was ready, as his hands gripped the thighs of Bradley's trembling body. Matt could feel Bradley's whole body shaking, as the final stream of hot cum flowed out of the hard cock. He could feel the blood pulsing as it moved along the thick shaft, as it expelled its precious milk into his own throat.

Every part of his body had shook, his legs had twitched and he felt a strange burning sensation in his ass, as he held onto the trembling legs. The hard pole slowly relaxed in his mouth, as the hands released his shoulders. He could feel the fingers shaking, as he leaned back, to see Bradley staring down at him. The eyes, glittering as he looked down at Matt, then further down at the huge cock that was still standing tall between Matt's legs.

'I want that, oh God do I want that'

Matt smiled as he leaned back and pulled himself up further onto the bed. His cock was aching, oozing some pre cum as he smiled at Bradley. Matt couldn't believe his luck, or his good fortune. To think, he had wanted to not show up, to cancel, and yet here he was, about to get to ride the Campus' most eligible.

'It hurts going in.'

'No kidding, but damn it, I want to, uh..'

'Suit me up, I think I want you to as much, hell I know I do.'


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