Donny was one of those 'golden haired boys' that seemed to always be the centre of attention. It wasn't like he sought it, but his looks, his winning smile, all added up to a package that made many drool, and seek him out. It didn't matter if it was out shopping, or down at the local bar, the guys and girls all stopped and stared.

He didn't really mind it, least most of the time. Though lately he was beginning to tire of it, specially as the summer wore on, and the more seasoned visitors were flocking to the beaches, to where he tended the grill. It was his spot, ever since he had been sixteen, some five years now.

The owner of the resort liked to have beautiful boys and girls working the outside stands, leaving the inside to the more professional staff, the more adept workers who could sell an expensive bottle of wine with dinner, to a family of five just out for an evening. Though Donny had surprised him, by how well he tended his own little turf on the beach.

On his days off, business was nearly 50% less than those days he worked it. Even when the weather was the shits, he was able to attract a lot of business. Course he knew, as did the owner, that it wasn't his smile, or the quality of the food he fried up on the grill. It was him, how even in the rain, his shirt was always open, off totally on the hot days, where he showed off his build, his firm pecs, and flat washboard stomach.

The close cropped blond hair, the angular face, with the piercing eyes, all made him the total package, that seemed to attract a lot of customers. Course, he didn't ignore them, and always could remember names. Even if they only showed up for a week, each year, he had a knack of recalling their names, their tastes even.

It had made him popular with the Boss, and with the repeat customers. His tips rivalled those in the big dining room, specially on hot weekends. It wasn't just the tips though, that had made his summer job lucrative. It had helped keep him going during the off months.

People were surprised to learn that he was going to college, that his favourite drink was a mix of vegetables, not hard liquor. Oh sure, he smoked the odd joint, but drugs and him weren't on friendly terms. He didn't like not knowing what he was doing, and he could nurse a single drink, at a bar, for nearly the whole night. Specially when he was on the prowl for more than a dance or two.

It irked him too, that people assumed he was the typical Blond Adonis. Sure, he took care of his body, worked out every morning too. Wasn't always easy, but he did his jogging, went to the gym once or twice each week, and did a lot of swimming, indoors and out. He liked how he looked, as did others. Still it bugged him, that they couldn't see the mind too, that was a good one.

He didn't just skate by in School, he worked hard at his studies, made way above average grades, and when people heard he had a partial scholarship to college, for his grades, they were always stunned, shocked even. And that was beginning to piss him off. Donny didn't mind the attention, after all, it paid for his books, his self indulgence treats, now and then, but he was tired of just being an object of desire.

Even when he first got 'on the game', as the Brits would call it, he wasn't your run of the mill player. He had his standards, and after all those years of being on the 'game', he still could say that he had kept to those standards. He was selective, and his record was clean. No one at work, had an inkling of how he made his money. Most assumed he had some job elsewhere in town, during the off season. No one suspected that he spent the off season, working out, studying.

They just didn't give him much credit for being more than just a pretty face. Even his boss had sat him down, pretending to be a big brother type, or father type, and suggested he should start thinking of his future. Man was he surprised when Donny told him that he was majoring in Economics.

Even his best friend, Todd, didn't seem to get it. Donny had known Todd for ages, ever since they were kids playing in the playground during recess. Yet even Todd didn't know that there was a lot more to Donny, than his looks. All he knew was that Donny had been popular in school, had all the girls following his every move. In fact, Todd had gotten a few 'cast offs' though Donny knew that was simply for show.

The one thing Todd did know, was that Donny liked dick. He had been Donny's first, way back when. Not like they had done much, just what most kids at that age, but it hadn't ended for them. In fact, he still saw Todd on odd occasion, to just get it on. To not have to worry about who to please, or have it all detailed beforehand. With Todd, Donny could just be himself, and always, Todd seemed satisfied.

Granted, last year had been tough, as Todd had a crush on him. It had made for some tense moments, specially when Todd seemed upset that Donny wouldn't be there to celebrate his twentieth birthday. He wanted to, but he didn't think Todd would understand why he couldn't. And that too, was pissing him off.

Okay, so he slept with people for cash. Call it what you want, being a hustler, a hooker, a slut, or whatever, but it paid his bills, and at the same time, he got off. Maybe at times it wasn't as much fun as he had hoped, but Todd would be surprised at just who some of his clients were. They weren't all old men or women. Some of them were, well quite attractive and youthful too.

Working at the Resort, he rubbed shoulders with the rich, not just the fashionably well off. There were some high rollers that stayed there, and their offspring. That was the perk, that he rather enjoyed. It was one thing to satisfy some old codger, another when the guy was hot, and able to do more than just grunt and sweat.

Guys like Todd, they didn't understand that in his line of work, it wasn't just the sex. It was how you looked after your client, how you made them feel, no matter how repulsive they might be. Sort of like, you didn't give a guy a raw burger, if he wanted it well done. You had to deliver, but you had to make sure they were enjoying what you were serving.

Just like you would know that some hated pickles and onions, so you threw some sliced tomatoes alongside, or a leaf of lettuce. It didn't mean much, but over the long run, it showed you were interested. Not like he cared what they ate, but it did get repeat business. Selling your ass wasn't really all that different.

You learned what your client wanted, whether it was to have their dick held tightly, while you moaned as their pole throbbed, or if you licked your lips when staring at them, as they grabbed hold of your dick. It was about putting on a show, even if they had rolls of fat for a belly, which you were supposed to lay on top of.

Everyone assumed that those who sold their asses, did it because they liked sex, that they had no other talents, so they sold their body. He had other talents, was a good short order cook, a good salesmen too, but selling his ass, paid a damn site more. And it was the money, that had been his reason. Not for drugs, like others claimed.

It pissed him off, that people assumed that those in his profession, did it out of desperation, out of a need to pay for their drug habit or that they were just too stupid to earn money any other way. He hated that, and yet he wasn't about to tell Todd, or any of his other friends, about his profession.

You could talk about anything, like of how you got the clap, or how you don't use condoms. It was like not much was off limits, no matter how personal it was. Like his friend Joey, who preferred to fuck guys without a condom. Most of the guys he knew, insisted on condoms, and most ragged on Joey too, for not being more safe. Yet no one looked down on him for it.

No one talked about him being incapable of loving another person, because he liked bareback sex. Yet when they talked about hustlers, it was like what they did, just precluded them from being boyfriends, lovers. It was like what they did, was the lowest of things to do. He didn't understand that, because in some form or another, everyone sold their ass.

Like Joey, what did it matter what a guy did before you met? Okay, maybe in Joey's case it did matter, simply because of health stuff, but unlike Joey, he had regular tests done at the clinic. Hell, Todd only had two HIV tests since he'd known him, while he had one every three months, along with other tests for things like Gonorrhoea, Syphilis, and such. Joey didn't, nor had Trace or even Willie bothered to have any tests, even though they seemed to have a new sex partner every weekend.

Sure many in his profession were careless, were high risks for disease. But they were the strung out ones, not his kind of Hustler. He charged a lot, and his clients expected some degree of safety, which he obliged. Now, Joey, well he didn't charge, but he didn't tell his partners about his penchant for bareback sex. If they wanted a ride with a condom, he didn't object, but then he didn't tell them he liked doing it without, either. So who was more risky to be with? Him or Joey?

Yet they all figured all Hustlers were like that. Just as he knew that a lot of guys who didn't use condoms, did get tested. So he didn't judge all like Joey, so why should they judge all Hustlers like the one's they read about? Why should they assume that they were all just in it to get the cash, to score drugs with.

Okay, maybe he didn't know a lot of guys that were in his line of work, given he wasn't the kind who stood on a street corner, looking for a date. Still, even they deserved some consideration. It wasn't all fun and games. He had a few clients that he wished he didn't have to service, which is how he looked at it. He provided a service, one he was good at.

His customers were varied, with one exception. They had the money to pay, without blinking an eye. Like old man Winters. In all honesty, he had to say that the guy was repulsive, in his eyes. He wasn't just fat, he was obese, but that didn't mean he deserved any less service, than maybe Joshua Blonden the Third did.

Ken Winters was about 60, and he had to weigh at least 350 if not more. He had thin hair on top, and he was constantly wiping his face, as he perspired a hell of a lot. He wasn't tall either, so his weight was a lot more obvious, and his legs were almost the size of Donny's waist. Still, he was willing to pay, and he paid good.

So why shouldn't he get the same service that he gave to Joshua? In some ways, Ken was nicer, because he wasn't arrogant, he didn't believe he was entitled, and yes, he knew he was fat. Joshua on the other hand, had it all. His family were loaded, and they paid for his time at the resort, and it wasn't like Joshua had a brain.

The guy knew how to order the good stuff, how to indulge himself with treats, but he never worried about the cost, nor about those who waited on him, or who he had around him. It had taken a whopping wad of cash for Donny to agree to service him, much more than anything he had ever charged Ken.

Yet if he had told that to Todd, he wouldn't understand. All he'd see was some fat old man being naked, while Donny sucked him off. He wouldn't see how the guy looked so happy afterwards, how his eyes would light up and how he would laugh, feeling like he had just been given a super gift. Todd wouldn't see that, before making up his mind, before judging Donny.

And by the same token, he'd accept him doing Joshua, who had a good body, who wasn't fat or even old. He would accept him taking money from him, because he was 'acceptable' in Todd's eyes. He wouldn't even think of it as paying, but more of simply Joshua being a generous sort, who knew that Donny could use the money more than say a new pair of pants.

In the back of his own mind, he knew that the sex with Ken was difficult. That he had to conjure up all sorts of mental images, so he could do his job, so he could suck on that tiny dick, that was buried under the rolls of fat. Course, he knew too, that if Ken ever lost that weight, that so called tiny dick wouldn't be so tiny. It simply wouldn't be hidden.

On the other hand, Joshua was not well endowed. Maybe that was why he was such a prick, not just that he got whatever he wanted. Maybe it was that he didn't know how to compensate for having a below average cock, by learning how to touch a person, how to arouse them and yes, even satisfy them.

If anything, Ken was more fun. Least with him, you could tell he was enjoying Donny's work. How he would moan, how he would cut off his cries, and you could look up at him, and just see him biting down on his lower lip, as you licked at the cock head, or flicked the tongue across his balls. You could see it, in how his fat jiggled, as his chest heaved up and down, while you held his cock in your fingers.

With Joshua, he wasn't vocal at all. In fact, Donny would call him pretty much a dead fuck. He did like a bit more servicing than Ken, and he paid dearly for every bit of it, but if he was to be honest, he worked perhaps harder to please Joshua, than he did Ken. Sure, he had to conjure up more mental pictures when with Ken, but he had to do more physically, for Joshua. It was a trade off.

It was the little things too, that people like Todd never understood. Things like how a client expected not just certain sexual acts, but how they were to be performed. Joshua was very particular. Now most guys named Joshua, you could call them Josh, and it would be fine, but not Mister Joshua Blonden the 3rd. Nope, it was Joshua, or Mister Blonden, and if you forgot, well, he was not a pleasant man about it.

Todd didn't understand, that in cases like Joshua, if the guy wanted to be a prick, you pretty well had to take it. You couldn't take him to court if he didn't want to pay you, for calling him Josh, instead of Joshua. And he had tried that crap with Donny, but then Donny wasn't a rookie either. Todd didn't understand that at times you had to go out of character, to do or threaten to do things, you could never do, but the client had to believe you would, or it would all be for nothing. Todd just didn't get that either, that it wasn't just about spreading your legs, of taking some strange dick in your mouth.

Hell you could think you gave the client the best damn fuck in his entire life, and after you pulled out, you find the guy was bored, or he makes some comment, like 'is that it? You charging me how much for that?'. There was a lot of negatives in his business, but no one seemed to grasp that little fact.

They didn't get it, didn't understand how guys like Joshua were not clients you really wanted, but they were more common than old man Winters. Sure you got some sweet hearts, but most were like Joshua. Demanding at best, darn right rude more likely. How he would lay there, while Donny had his legs up in the air, how he was dripping sweat, as he pounded his ass, yet when looking up at him, he would look bored, look like he wanted to read a book. Guys like Todd didn't seem to understand the work involved, in seeing that kind of reaction, but not get distracted. To keep his dick hard, to keep his rhythm going, despite the bored glances, the disdain on his face.

Nor did he understand how it felt when you had done the deed, had satisfied them, to then be rushed out the door. To have them, wrap themselves up in a robe, and count out the rest of the money due, while glancing at the clock, trying to hurry you up in leaving. That too was a price a guy like him had to endure, to pay.

Oh they may come around, chat you up, buy you drinks, in an effort to get you to come home. Then would come the haggling, and then once the deal struck, it was like you were suddenly on a timetable. Get in, get naked, do it, then get the fuck out. That was how many did it, how it felt most of the time.

So yeah, when he had guys like Ken, who didn't rush, who offered you the use of their shower, even an after sex drink, you appreciated it. Not because it was due, just that it was a rarity. Todd didn't get that part of his life, nor would he understand it. He'd tell him that if it was that horrible, why do it? He just couldn't get that many people did their jobs, because it paid what they wanted. They didn't switch jobs, simply because their boss was a prick, or the people they had to deal with, were jerks.

Donny wanted a fine life, and he knew that in time, he could get that, with his career in Economics, but that was at least five years away from being started on. In the meantime, he knew that his looks would only last for so long, that he could make a lot of money now, to give him a real edge when he did finally get his degree, and head out into the world. Yet, somehow, he knew that Todd couldn't or wouldn't, understand that rationale.

It bugged him in a way that was becoming more noticeable too. He was snapping at Todd, and the others, too, because while they could easily dismiss guys who didn't tell their partners they had been having unprotected sex, at the same time they nattered about how they could never date a hustler, for fear of him always cheating. Shit, it wasn't like he did his clients just to get off, he did it for the cash, for the rewards.

Sure guys like Ken weren't what most of his group would call desirable, though Joshua they all thought would be a good catch. In his mind, he'd been around both, seen how they were. Joshua was a self centered bitch, while Ken was nice. He respected Donny, and those who paid him any attention. He knew his negatives, and you could see how it hurt him too, how insensitive others were. So yeah, he paid for the sex, and frankly, it wasn't a turn on for him, but he was nice. That had to count.

Yet at the same time, the sex with Joshua was nothing he'd write home about either. Sure he had a few, like that guy from the Cayman Islands, that would fly in for a few days, then jet off somewhere else. Every summer, he showed up, and he had become a regular too. And yes, he was loaded, knew it, but unlike Joshua, he didn't lord it over everyone.

He was always in a hurry, but when he had enlisted Donny's services, it never seemed like he was. He didn't hurry him out the door right after he shot his load either. And he talked, and seemed to take an interest. Oh at first it was mostly about how did Donny like working at the resort, at his job at the refreshment stand. But it grew, as they got to know each other.

The sex wasn't bad either, and for a man in his late forties, Mathew was pretty damn hot. His body was lean, not going to seed. His stomach was flat, not washboard flat, but close enough. His chest had a nice patch of hair, but because he could, it was trimmed. The hairs were never overly long or short. Plus he smelled nice, always fresh, no matter how hot it had been outside. He had that scent that just made you close your eyes and imagine a soft deserted island somewhere.

What surprised Donny was that he liked it up the ass. He loved to be pushed down onto the bed, to have his legs spread apart, then mounted quickly. He was a bit into the rough stuff, in that he didn't want it easy. Maybe it was having to always be ordering people around, that it was a relief to not make the decisions. Plus, for a man his age, he had one tight ass. It was always fun to do him, to hear him moan, to hear him grit his teeth as he mounted him. To feel his cheeks clench as he drove his dick into him.

Yet when he had done him, when he had pounded his ass hard, till he was ready to shoot, it didn't end with that. It wasn't over when he pulled out, and ripped the condom off, to shoot his hot load across Mathew's backside. To see how his spine seemed to stick out more, as each shot of his cum splattered across the back muscles, only made him feel like he was being enjoyed. The way his cheeks would tighten, as the cum spread across his back, as he leaned against him, smelling that scent mingled with sweat, with cum.

Then, rolling onto his own back, it wasn't like Mathew got up, and reached for the wallet. He would roll over too, and usually lay a hand over Donny's heaving chest. His fingers would lightly play with him, caress him, until he had calmed down, until the rush of his blood had returned to normal. It was then, that they'd talk, that he would ask him about things, about what classes he was hoping to take next semester. Never did it seem false, or phoney either. It was like he really did care, though Donny didn't quite buy it. Still it was nice to be asked.

Still he doubted if Todd or the others would get it, would understand, how that was important to him. Sure, he could just as easily get up, dress, and leave, but this way, it felt less like business, less dirty. That too was gnawing at him, because he really didn't think that what he did was dirty, or something to be ashamed of.

He worked hard for the money, and so what if it was about sex. Not like any of them had not done things, had sex, to get their way. Todd, had openly admitted to sleeping with one of their friends, to get a chance at being invited to a concert that he had tickets for. So like, how come that didn't make him a hooker? He sold his ass, for some tickets. Least when he sold his ass, it was for a lot more than the price of some concert ticket.

But they wouldn't get it. They'd all think he was somehow, unreliable, but it was a lot more than they were. He showed up, did his best, whether it was for guys like Ken or those like Joshua. He didn't beg off, didn't do just enough to get the cash, so he had nothing to be ashamed of.

He did what was expected of him, so how did that make him less than qualified for being a boyfriend, a lover? He did his best to please the other, that it wasn't just about his enjoyment. In his books, that made him a good candidate for boyfriend, for lover. Yet guys like Todd thought otherwise. It made no sense.

Donny felt his shoulders sag, as he realized that he was simply trying to figure out why, at his age, he was still single. Why he had no boyfriends, least nothing that had become serious. Sure there had been the time last year with Todd, but then he had pulled back, afraid of how Todd would react, if he found out just what Donny did for his money.

Back then, it didn't seem important, but as this last year moved on, it grew in importance. He knew he was feeling lonely, that he wanted someone to curl up with at night, to not be just there, as part of the service. Maybe that was why he had started accepting the odd sleep over client, the kind that paid big bucks, to wake up with him next to them in the morning?

Maybe he accepted guys like Ken, because he didn't feel all that good about himself? That maybe he did it, as sort of punishment, for doing what everyone considered, the bottom of business? Strange, because being a hustler, was one of the oldest professions out there, which must mean it was in demand. So how come so many assumed only scum were hustlers? Why couldn't good guys, like Todd, understand that he didn't feel for his clients, that it was about simply giving them their monies worth?

Why did they assume it was a sexual perversion, or some addiction, that made him sell his ass? He did what he did, for the cash, not for the physical contact. Did a dentist open your mouth, because he liked smelling people's breath? Did a person become a proctologist because they had a yen to stick their hands up people's assholes? So why did they always assume you became a hustler, because of the sex?

Then too, there was that whole 'golden boy' crap. No one figured he had an original thought in his head, let alone that he could see beyond the next roll in the hay, or whatever. Donny opened his dresser drawer, rummaged inside, and then pulled out his bank book. He flipped it open, to stare at the tidy neat figures recorded. His eyes narrowed a bit, as he stared at the figures.

If he was so damn stupid, how come he had a bank balance with five figures? So much for being just a scattered brain blond. Not like any of his friends could boast having that kind of money. And some of them made a lot more than he did, or had families that paid a lot more of their expenses. He sighed, knowing that it wasn't a comfort, he still wanted what seemed like, unattainable to guys like him, a lover.

Putting his bank book back under some shirts, he leaned back on his heels, to look at himself in the mirror. He could see what made people want him, to be near him, but just as he couldn't see beyond the tanned skin, the frosted tips of his eyelashes from the sun, the pale pink lips, neither could they. He was more than just a hot body, looking for an easy fling. He had opinions on things, had values.

He knew how to make a guy cum super quick, though he didn't use that trick. Instead he let his clients get their monies worth, he let them enjoy it. So why couldn't other's see that he was just as deserving of that? Maybe Ken was right, maybe he should think of giving it all up, of retiring and looking for someone to settle down with, but how could he?

See, that was the problem for him. If he did settle down, if he did find someone he wanted to be with for a lifetime, didn't they deserve to know the truth about him, even if it was over with? Like Joey, he should be telling his dates, that he had unprotected sex with others, but he didn't. So if he was upset about that, in Joey, how could he not tell his planned partner about his past?

And why should he have to give it up?

Why was it, that when it came to sex, even the so called liberals were as straight laced about it, as the tight assed bigots? He sighed, as he adjusted the beaded choker he had on, as he straightened a small lock of hair. He looked down, at the bronzed flesh of his chest, and pushed down some of his fine blond hairs. He adjusted his crotch, and licked his lips, then peered in closer, to check for any blemishes that might have popped up. Everything was in place, looked just right, as he reached down, to grab his keys.

With one last look in the mirror, he smiled, realizing that maybe he didn't have a lover, right now, but at least he had money in the bank, and shortly would add to that total. He felt the stirring in his groin, felt his eight inch dick jerk a bit, and smiled. Screw Todd and the others. He was still the guy people followed, he was still the guy they dreamed of at night, some with cause.

After all, they had paid their money for it.


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