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Chapter 2

The silence was uncomfortable. He couldn't help himself staring, and yet it seemed that Dix was totally impervious to his stares, or his needs. It was like a test of wills, in some ways. How he had a sort of blank stare on his face, while Mark stood  there, sweating.

Staring at the phone, he remembered just how it all felt, how he felt annoyed at first, then self conscious, then scared, as Dix just stared at him. Eventually he managed to avert his gaze, and it was shortly after that he was ordered to get on the table. It was like a sudden surge of relief, and anxiety all rolled into one.

He stretched out on the table, and felt the hands pulling him, positioning him slightly differently. His neck was resting on a rolled up leather tube, that gave him support. Then came the restraints. Each one was carefully tightened over his wrists and ankles, making it impossible for him to move.

Mark felt Dix's presence, as he came close, and whispered into his ear: 'What is your safe word?'

Immediately he answered, 'Demon, Sir' which got him a pat on the head. In some ways, it was rather exciting, to feel that gentle little pat on his head, more rewarding than any words could make him feel. It was strange, thinking of that now, of those little touches, little signs of doing something right. He could still feel the pride, the warmth with each pat, each gentle caress that it earned him.

While other sex, they had always expressed their pleasure, this was different. It was in the moment, not afterwards, and it wasn't words either. You expected those words after a hard fuck, or long tasty blow job. Yet that was during the sex, and he settled back into his couch, feeling the twinge, yet feeling that pleasure too.

Funny how it all seemed to mingle together, as he struggled with deciding on whether to call or not. Some of what had happened, scared the shit out of him, yet at the same time, the good feelings far outweighed the others. And to be honest, he wasn't so sure the others were bad, just that they were new to him.

The whip for instance. How sinister it looked in Dix's hand, as he held over Mark's face that first time. How the strands of leather hung from it (*known as falls), lightly touching the cheek of his face. How his eyes fixed on the hard knot at the end, where it joined the handle, and how dark it all looked in the flickering candle light. He had swallowed hard, as Dix held it near his face.

They had mentioned corporal punishment, and how he might want to try being disciplined with a variety of tools. A cane, a riding crop, and even a hand whip were mentioned, which he had agreed to. Now seeing it, well he was having more than second thoughts.

Yet Dix just stared at him, that little evil grin on his face, as he ran the leather straps down the side of Mark's face, then under his chin. He used it to lift his chin up, ordering him to keep his head that way, as he let the leather lightly caress his throat, then down the centre of Mark's chest.

He felt his muscles coil, felt his heart race a bit, as the falls continued to lightly move down his chest, towards his crotch. How Dix let them dangle, let them tease him, was making him both nervous and excited. He was afraid he couldn't handle them, with any force, yet their slow movement across his flesh made him ache to feel it, to have them lash out and strike.

When Dix moved them down between his legs, how they lay across his groin, then around his hard dick, made him wet his lips. He felt strangely excited, more alive and sensitive to each touch of the falls, thongs, that he felt his balls swelling, felt the cum swirling inside, wanting to escape.

The muscles along the inside of his thighs quivered, as the leather slid past them, making his nerves tingle in anticipation, then when Dix suddenly pushed them up and under his balls, he moaned. He felt the hard knob of where the leather falls had been gathered together, felt it press up against the root of his cock. He felt his body arch upwards, felt his legs strain at the ankle restraints.

Then suddenly they were gone, the feeling was just taken away. His body slumped back to the table, his heart felt disappointed, as he felt the ache in his balls, and in his ass too. He had thought for sure there would be more.

A creaking sound made him flinch, but he kept his head tilted back, as ordered. He felt a sudden burning sensation across his groin, felt his cock jerk as something hot hit the shaft, then across his cock head. He cried out in surprise, as more drops of hot liquid dripped onto his groin, drying almost instantly. He had no idea what it was, as he lay there, head tilted back. He so wanted to lift it up, to stare down his body, but he was too afraid of what Dix would do.

His balls were suddenly grabbed. Mark felt the hand take them both, and squeeze, making him wince, then cry out a bit, as the hand twisted his balls, then pushed them inwards, as if to crush them back into his body. His legs twitched, at the pain that came up his backside, then it suddenly ended. He breathed in deeply, as his hard pole was now grasped by a hand, tightly squeezing the base of it. He moaned a bit, as the hand pushed up and down for a few quick hard strokes. His head move a bit, side to side, which brought a slap to one hip.

'Keep still' was ordered, and Mark struggled to obey, to not move, but it was hard to do, as the waves of pleasure and pain continued to race up his body from his cock. He felt himself moaning, felt his body shaking as the hand clasped his dick even harder, almost as if to strangle it.

The hand moved down under his cock, pushing his balls upwards, then two hard fingers began to massage his crack, to run up and down between his cheeks. He wanted to lift his legs up, to let the fingers have more access, but he couldn't. His restraints made it impossible for him to shift himself much, plus he had been told to stay still.

It was agony, as the fingers moved up and down, then twirled around his tight hole. He felt the tips brushing past, lightly pulling at the muscle, lightly opening it. He moaned more as the fingers began to concentrate just on his hole, on the tiny sphincter muscle around it.

The penetration was quick and hard. Mark cried out as suddenly not one, but both fingers were digging into his insides, his muscles unable to prevent their entry. They move in deep and hard. He felt his insides protest, felt his body arch upwards, that got him another hard slap on a side of his body, around his buttocks.

It hurt, and yet as the fingers moved in and out, in a steady but fast motion, he also felt the pleasure such penetration eventually delivered. His head ached, and he could feel the sweat dripping from his forehead, as Dix worked his hole. Soon a third finger was pushing in, making his insides stretch even more. He cried out, a sort of muffled moan, that made the fingers twist a bit, as they pushed hard inside.

Mark had no idea for how long he was fingered, but he felt the change, when his throbbing cock was suddenly engulfed in a warm wetness. He cried out, as Dix's lips wrapped around his cock, and slid down, while three fingers probed his insides. He felt his body arch up, to meet Dix's mouth, to escape the fingers.

Dix let his mouth take him all, every inch of his throbbing cock. He felt the man's nose pressing into his soft belly, felt his face on his groin, as his cock was deep inside of his mouth. His body shuddered, as the tongue licked at the throbbing veins around his cock, as his balls began to throb as well. He wanted to cum, felt his balls getting ready, when once more all of the sensations just ended.

He could hear himself panting, as his body relaxed on the table. Every nerve inside of him was screaming, wanting more, as he struggled to gulp in air. The flickering candle lights made him blink several times, when he felt Dix's hand push his head back, so it rested in a more normal position.

Thinking about it now, he also realized that not once, during the entire session, had his dick softened. Not for one single moment, did his dick soften or even slightly soften. It kept hard, throughout, which was unusual for him. Not that he had problems keeping it up, just that at certain moments, it would relax, as he and his partner gathered themselves for the next bit of fun.

Funny how that hadn't happened last night, or for that matter, how during those odd little breaks, those moments of nothing but silence, how his dick seemed to ache even more, seemed to throb just that much more. It was like it hated the break, anticipated more happening, which it never did. In some ways, it was as if his dick knew more of what was happening than his mind.

The whole night had been like that too, nothing seemed expected, yet when things happened, his body was like amazed, taken by complete surprise. Every nerve in his body never seemed to totally relax, but his dick, just seemed to know more was coming. Not once, which really was remarkable, given how long he had been there.

His arms and legs were sore, from being stretched out for so long, but he didn't complain. One more of the rules he remembered, which was to not speak, unless to utter the safe word, or to reply to a command. For him, that was different. He was a surveyor, used to giving orders to others, to move this way or that way, yet here he was, the one taking the orders.

In his other life, his sex life before last night, he was the aggressor, the top. He was the one who decided what would be done, when and how. If he liked the guy's looks, how his dick hung, he'd suck him off. If not, well the hand was a good tool at times, and rarely did he ever meet someone that he wanted to rim. Though he liked receiving it, he wasn't a fan of ass sucking.

He had told Dix that, who simply told him, if he wanted his ass licked, he had to do it. That had been a tough call to make, sitting drinking some coffee in a rather ornate room. Yet he had bitten the bullet, realizing that Dix was pushing him, testing him. Agreeing that he would rim Dix, if ordered to, was just one more way he felt himself submitting to the will of another. At first glance, Dix would not be one he would normally choose to give a rim job to.

Everything kept playing over in his mind, running together. How he had sat agreeing to do things, then actually doing them, or not. It all seemed like one blurred picture, yet distinct enough to make him ache for more, even now, hours later. In some ways, it felt like maybe he was just some sicko, yet at the same time, he felt so alive, so full of life.

Okay he hadn't had much sleep, and had been sitting here for what seemed like hours, but he felt tingly all over. Sure, he didn't like everything that he had done last night, or had done to him, but it was the whole package, that had him feeling so invigorated. It was almost as if he had a brand new perspective on things, even work.

Having his morning coffee was even different now. It kept reminding him of Dix, of that room, of those papers. It also reminded him of his decision, of having to make a choice. Glancing at the clock, he realized that time was starting to run out, that he had only minutes to decide.

There was no doubt that if he was late, if his clock was off by a minute or two, it wouldn't matter. He'd be shit out of luck, which made him pick up the phone. He knew inside what he wanted, how he wanted to keep on feeling, yet his mind was still opposing him. It was still throwing up roadblocks, playing to his fears.

Like how Dix made him suck him off, was one thing that had nearly made him use the safe word that night. How he had stuffed his own uncut cock into Mark's mouth, forcing it past his lips and down into his throat. How he had nearly choked on it, and how Dix kept at him to take it all, to suck the whole thing, had made him panic.

It wasn't like he hadn't deep throated a dick before, some even a bigger than Dix's eight inches, but the way it was just thrust into his mouth, at how the hand grabbed at his hair, lifting his head up, to take the whole cock straight in.

No preliminaries, no warnings, just suddenly his head was being lifted up by the roots of his hair, the smell of stale sweat filling his nostrils, then the thick pole being stuffed down his mouth. How it hurt his jaw, made his tongue flatten all came back to him, as he held the phone in one hand.

Mark had nearly thrown up. Not once, but three times, as Dix was merciless. He kept pushing it in and out, forcing Mark to take it, making Mark gag more than once. It was rough, hard, and yet it made his body tingle, made his own cock jerk a bit as he tried to swallow the cock, to let his throat muscles relax.

It had gone on for several minutes. He had felt the skin tighten around Dix's shaft, felt the head become more noticeable as the foreskin was held back. He tasted his salty precum too, which seemed to be never ending. It made him nearly toss his cookies, but he held back, afraid to let his natural urges take over. Dix had pounded his face for what seemed forever, then like everything else, it just ended.

For several minutes afterwards, he coughed, trying to get his throat relax, wondering when the next assault on his mouth would happen. His body ached too, as he slowly stopped panting, gradually feeling his throat ease. It was then, when Dix once more brought out the whip.

Mark had been turned over, but in a different way than before. His head now hung over the table, his arms were stretched out and downwards, towards his feet. His legs still spread far apart, but they felt different.

Dix held the whip under his face, so he could see it, then once again he brought Mark's face up, using the hard end. Mark stared into Dix's eyes, saw that same little grin, saw the sparkle in the eyes too, which made him tremble. He was in position to being whipped, and he knew it. It scared him as Dix stared at him, then once more let his head fall back down. The falls moved across his cheek, then up over his shoulder.

Mark felt his body shake, felt his arm twitch as the leather moved lightly over his shoulder blades, and along the back of his neck, then gradually down his spine. He felt them brushing past his lower back, to rest around the top of his buttocks and back. He felt himself licking his lips, then biting lightly at his lower lip, as the leather pieces just sat there, as if trying to choose where to strike him.

His muscles were once more coiled up, as Dix moved them down one of his butt cheeks, then down between his legs. A hand reached out and underneath to grab hold of his scrotum, and pull them back, so they were between his legs, but visible, not hidden by his lower body.

Down the inside of his leg they moved, slowly and lightly, until they curled around his foot, then back up Dix took them, to once more tease his buttocks. He felt the hard knob suddenly push between his cheeks, then he felt the soft leather caress his exposed balls. He felt frightened, wondering if Dix was going to whip his balls, or worse, reach out and push his hard dick down, and whip that.

Strange thoughts had run through his mind, as Dix just stopped the motion. The leather straps rested on his balls, and Mark could hear his heavy breathing as he waited for the pain to come. He felt his nerves tingling, felt his body grow taut, in anticipation, but instead nothing happened. He felt slightly deflated, when the loud whack echoed in the room.

Mark cried out instinctively, as he felt the hard blow across both cheeks. He only felt the one, realizing that it was something else that had hit his cheeks. The warmth was creeping up from where he had been struck, as the next blow landed just above the first. He kept quiet this time, biting on his lower lip as the pain and warmth, both made their way up his spine and through his whole body.

He flinched after the third blow landed just below the first one. His legs jerked as he felt the tingling of his body, as he felt his balls suddenly swell up and try to push up into his belly, then sag down. A fourth blow was not so straight across, but more on a diagonal, cutting across the three previous blows. He felt himself groan, felt his toes curl up a bit and his legs jerk.

The restraints hurt as his arms pulled at them, as well as his legs, as each blow landed, all on different spots of his fleshy cheeks. He felt the warmth become a solid wave, felt the pain become a bit more intense. Each blow was deliberate and full on to his cheeks, which he could feel shake after the landing of them. His eyes were clenched shut, as each blow struck, his teeth digging into the lower lip, making his cries muffled.

The table creaked, and he felt something wedge between the burning flesh of his buttocks. His head was in a cloud, as he felt the hard press of a thick pole, thinking it was the cane or riding crop that Dix must have used on him. He gritted his teeth, as suddenly he felt the thick knob pressing up against his hole, then slice inside.

He cried out, straining at the restraints as his whole body trembled. His legs grew taut, as did his arms, as they struggled to break free of the restraints. Yet even as he thrashed around, he felt the pain race up his spine, making him even more tense, more tight.

Whatever it was, it was in quickly, stretching his insides like nothing else had so far that night. He cried out, his hands balled up into fists, as he realized that whatever it was, it wasn't a cane or riding crop, it was just too thick for that. Mark felt his body shaking, as the hard object drove deep into him, making his insides stretch beyond their breaking point. He felt them ache, felt them protest, as the hard pole shaped object stopped its drive in, then began to pull back.

He realized then, that it was Dix's hard cock. The pain inside only grew, despite knowing what was being impaled into his body. The hard slap of Dix's groin into his cheeks only added to his groans. He felt each thrust, that seemed to drive in deeper than the previous one. His whole body shook, as he twisted his head from side to side, as the hard cock dove in. Then it would stop for a brief second, before being very slowly withdrawn, to where just the cock head was inside of him.

Each thrust made him jump, made him strain at his restraints. He cried out, wanting to call out 'demon' but he didn't. He bit his lip, until he tasted blood, as the hard pole would dive deep into him. Each thrust going further, each thrust forcing all of Dix's weight to force him flat against the hard wooden surface of the table. He cried out, but stopped short of yelling out 'demon'.

While his body struggled with the pain, the fullness inside, his mind grew stubborn, refusing to let him give him. It kept telling him to take it, to not think of the word, to not think of ending the pain, that was filling his whole body. He let himself take it, believing Dix was merely testing him, to see if he was worthy of more, or being allowed to cum.

His cock ached as it slid up and down against the hard table. How his taut belly rubbed one side, the hard wood the other. It made him groan, made his legs twitch, his arms strain. Each crushing thrust brought a sort of grunt from Dix, but that was it, as he felt himself getting closer, nearing the point of orgasm.

The pain inside stopped as suddenly as it had come to him. He felt his chest heave, felt his heart still pounding despite the lack of any pressure on his backside. Then his head was once more held in a vice like grip, and his eyes opened, to see the massive cock in front. Before he could say or do a thing, it was being driven into his mouth. Once more he felt his throat constrict, felt it try to stop the thick pole from entering, but he failed.

Only this time, it didn't seem to take him as long to relax his muscles. Then too, the thrusts were quick, and hard, when he felt the fingers pulling at his hair, as he felt them yank hard, as the cock was thrust deep down into his throat, further than before. He smelled the testosterone, smelled that man aroma, and as his nostrils flared, he felt the jerk of the cock.

He knew what was to come, but then suddenly the hard thrusts ended. The thick pole was taken out and all Mark could hear was the heavy panting from both himself, and Dix. Then he felt a hand reaching down underneath his heaving body, and take hold of his cock. The fingers wrapped around it, and stroked it while he lay on top.

There was no way he could hold back, on the third stroke he felt himself explode, felt his balls suddenly empty their contents. He felt his cock shake, felt it tremble in between the hand that was sliding along its length. He cried out, yelling he was cumming.

He was too late in shouting his warning, as the hand suddenly stopped moving. Yet he felt his whole body shudder, felt the explosion of his milk as it raced through his cock, streaming out onto the table and along his heaving chest. Mark felt his muscles suddenly collapse, his whole body shaking. Every part of him was suddenly exhausted, as his cum spewed out. The hand that held his dick, was quickly removed, but he still shot a small final load of cum.

Mark lay there, slowly letting his body return to normal. There wasn't any other sounds really, just his own panting breathing. He didn't know what to do, or if that was the end of it, as he felt completely exhausted. His ass hurt from the caning, his legs and arms hurt from how he had thrashed while taking Dix's cock, but he didn't want it to be over. He wanted more, wanted to take Dix again in his ass, but he wasn't even sure if Dix was still in the room, it was devoid of any other sound, but his own.

He was beginning to wonder if Dix had left, when he felt the restraint on an ankle loosen, then another. The wrists were last to come off, as he lay there, totally spent. His body ached, as he didn't have any strength to even lift his head up, to try and see where Dix was.

His body flinched, as once more he felt the leather straps on his shoulder. His head turned to see Dix standing near him. His eyes were narrow, sort of slanted, as he told him to get off the table and get down on his knees. Mark swallowed, not sure if he could do it, but he managed to push himself up, then slide his legs off the table.

Holding on, he lowered himself off, to kneel at the side of the table. His eyes followed Dix's every movement, not sure what was going to happen. His lips felt bruised, and he could still taste his blood, as Dix moved to stand right in front of Mark.

He had one hand holding his cock, which was still hard. Mark noticed how the cock head was still so purple in color, so full too. It made him lick his lips, which seemed to get Dix to smile. Then, before he could move, Dix had his other hand around the back of Mark's head, and was holding it tightly, as he moved in closer, and shoved his cock towards Mark's mouth.

There was no need for any words, as he quickly opened his mouth, to let Dix ram the hard cock past his bruised lips. He felt it push inwards, once more filling his mouth and throat with its thickness and length. The cock was shoved in as far as possible. He could feel Dix's pubic hairs rubbing up against his face, smell them, as Dix began to twist and turn his hips.

It didn't take him long either, before he was pounding Mark's face with his hard dick. The one hand behind his head, kept him from moving away, made him take every inch of that cock down into his throat. He felt his body shaking still, as Dix pounded his face. He could hear the man's breathing growing shorter, feel the thrusts coming faster, when Dix just pulled it all out.

Before he could close his mouth, he felt the stinging stream of hot cum splatter across his face. He heard the low groan too, as the hot cum struck him. He closed his eyes briefly, but then couldn't resist opening them again, to watch the stream of milky cum shoot out from the cock head. He licked at his lips, tasting the cum, as more shot out. He felt it hit him, as Dix stroked his cock a few more times, before it was all over.

Mark leaned back against the table, totally exhausted, covered in Dix's cum. His own belly and chest had his own dried seed on it, as he looked over at Dix, who still stood there, staring back at him.

It was shortly after that, when Dix had told him that if he wanted more, if he wanted to not have sessions end so quick, that he would have to call tomorrow, to confirm his desire for more advanced training. It was said so softly, so low, that he had trouble picking up each word, yet when he did, he felt his body shake. It was like he was on the edge of a cliff, about to fall off.

Looking down, at the phone in his hand, he felt himself shake all over again. It was as if he could hear Dix now, telling him that there was lots to learn, that it would take months before he could really call himself trained. Mark felt the sweat on the palms of his hand, as his eyes stared up at the clock. Licking his lips, he began to punch the numbers, realizing that time was nearly gone, that his chance to enjoy it all, was about gone.

Mark fumbled with the phone, having to hit cancel twice, before he finally got the numbers pressed. He waited, looking at the clock, waiting. His body was tense, as he realized how close it was to the time limit set by Dix.

'please, let my clock be fast, please oh please' he kept saying as he waited for Dix to answer the phone.


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