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Chapter 2

Barney felt his skin getting clammy as he led Chris towards his bedroom. It wasn't like he was a virgin, but this was his private domain, the one place no one, but himself, had ever been. Even his housekeeper that came in was barred from the bedroom. It was the one room of his house, that he never shared, never let anyone enter.

Maybe it was paranoia, or just being anal about his privacy, but he rarely brought anyone to his home, let alone to his bedroom. He could feel his nerves tingling, but not because it would be a first time letting someone else into the room, but because he actually was excited about it.

Approaching his closed door, he was also nervous, feeling like he needed Chris to approve, to pass judgement on the room, because in some sense, it was important to him. He couldn't rationalize it, or make sense of it, it simply was important to him.

He couldn't even remember if he had made his bed this morning, as if it should matter, but it did. Maybe he was just too finicky, or maybe it was that he really cared as to what Chris thought. Without realizing it, they were there, and as he reached out, to turn the door knob, he turned to Chris, reminding him that he lived alone, and that he wasn't a good housekeeper.

Chris had laughed, which seemed to just make his head a bit dizzy. Everything about Chris was making him tingle, making him skittish too. His approval mattered, but it was strange, almost like he was on a first day back when he was a pockmarked teenager going on his first date. He shouldn't feel this way, he wasn't a virgin but it felt like it, as he rubbed the palm of his hands on his pants, opened the door and stepped to one side, to let Chris enter his private domain.

He watched as the slender youth entered the room, and took only a few steps inside. Barney saw how his head moved slowly around the wide expanse of the master bedroom, obviously taking everything in. The tension just seemed to grow, as he waited for some comment, some sign, that everything was okay.

'Nice' was all he said, as he moved more into the room, but it was how he said it, that made Barney feel like he was floating on a cloud. It was the tone, how Chris' body seemed to relax, as he moved more into the room, still looking around at the pictures on the wall to the mess on the dresser.

Barney watched as Chris moved around the room, till he was by the side of the bed, looking into the open bathroom door. He watched as he took a step closer, looking inside then turning with a small smile on his face, he moved towards the bed. Stopping at the end table, he put the box of condoms down, then turned to look at Barney.

There was something about how he looked, that made Barney relax, move closer into the room. He felt himself smiling, as he moved further inside. The sun was shining in from the large windows opposite the bathroom, which gave a sort of golden glow around Chris, as he stood by the bed. There was that sort of haze, that sunlight created as the dust in the room swirled around, adding to the illusion.

He couldn't help but feel rather excited, as he saw how handsome Chris looked, standing at the side of his bed. The way his hair fell across his shoulders, glittered a bit in the sunlight. How his face seemed to be glowing, from how wide of a grin he had. The long arms, the legs just spread apart enough for sure footing, all added to the young man's aura. Chris was an attractive young man on his own rights, but right now, Barney couldn't think of any guy he had ever seen, that was more handsome, or desirable.

As he made his way towards Chris, he noticed a sudden movement, and he stopped. Chris was kicking off his runners, and Barney realized the curtains were still open. Turning he looked at them, wondering if he should go close them, or if that would seem too anxious.� After all, the window overlooked his back yard, and he had a ten foot high full boarded fence, for privacy.

'Can anyone look in?'

Barney turned to look at Chris, shaking his head as he mumbled that not unless they had a ladder. Chris chuckled a bit, then said if Barney didn't mind, he'd rather have things as they were. He was impressed, that Chris had known what he had been thinking.

'I don't think old lady Grayson has a ladder anyways.'

'That your neighbour? How old is she?'

'Yep, and ancient, looking at her, you'd swear she was on the Ark with Noah.'

Chris laughed as he smiled at Barney, then began to unbutton his shirt. His fingers seemed to fumble a bit, as Barney watched him begin to undress, as if it was perfectly natural. Yet as he looked on, he could see tiny beads of sweat on his forehead, see a few strands of hair becoming matted as the sweat beaded up.

In one way, it seemed like any other time when he had indulged his need for male flesh, the way things were so calm, so collected as Chris slowly undid his shirt buttons. Just like any other guy he had picked up, but as he watched, he realized it was totally different. Sure those other guys were a bit nervous, but not like Chris.

They were more worried that they wouldn't get paid, while with Chris, he could tell it was for other reasons. The look in his eyes, how his fingers fumbled with the simple task of undoing a button, told Barney that he was nervous, scared even, that Barney wouldn't find him attractive, or something.

Stepping closer, he saw how rigid Chris was holding himself, how he kept glancing at him, as if he expected Barney to suddenly change his mind, and have him stop. He couldn't help but feel the attraction growing, as he moved around the end of the bed, to stand in front of Chris.

He let his eyes move up and down Chris' body, smiling as he took it all in. There was no mistaking the bulge in Chris' pants, nor how his arms were shaking, from nervousness or excitement. The way even his legs seemed to be vibrating, as he took a step closer.

'Let me help, or we'll be here all day.'

'That wouldn't be so bad, would it?'

Barney laughed, as he reached out, to unbutton the last few buttons. He was amazed at how his hands didn't shake, or tremble as he undid the buttons, opening Chris' shirt. The way it fell away, to expose the smooth golden flesh to his eyes, made him quiver a bit.

His nostrils flared, as he smelled Chris, his scent mingled with sweat & cologne, that gave him a strange warm feeling deep down inside. Barney couldn't help but feel his body react, as he stared at Chris' open chest. How there were really not many hairs there, and what was there was so fine in color, that they didn't look like hair at all.

Before he could step back, or think, he felt the hands on his hips, and he looked up to see Chris staring at him. The eyes sparkled as he took a step closer, which his own body matched. It was like he their bodies were being drawn together, and before he could realize it, he felt Chris' hot breath across his face.

His own eyes were blurred, and he found his head tilting to one side, opposite to the way Chris' head was also leaning. It was all instinct, or just some natural reaction, but he could feel his heart start to rumble a bit, felt his chest suddenly become tight.

The brush of moist lips against his, made Barney quiver. His whole body shook, as he felt the lips begin to press harder, felt his own lips pressing back and opening a bit.

It was all Chris needed, as his tongue was suddenly pushing through the tiny opening. It felt like a battering ram, as the rough edged tongue forced its way through the small gap between his lips. His whole mouth suddenly seemed like it was on fire, as the tongue forced his jaw to widen, to let it enter.

While his body was tingling, it was strange how he could feel the tingle of his toes more than any other body part. Not even his dick seemed to overpower that feeling come up from his toes, as he found himself holding tightly to Chris' trembling body. He could feel the hard press of his groin into his own, feel how the lump in the jeans was actually stiffening, even more than it already was.

So many strange sensations were rushing inside, that he felt like his body was about to explode. Barney had been aroused before, but nothing like how he was feeling at this moment, and just from a simple embrace & kiss. He could hear himself moan.

Chris' hands were clutching at his butt cheeks, the fingers digging in, as his own hands were pulling the slender body closer to his, trying to make them one. He could feel the shortness of breath, feel the pain around his lungs as they struggled for air. It was amazing as he let his eyes flick open, to see the pressed face against his own, the long hair wrapped around them both.

Barney could feel Chris' hands moving around and across his whole body. It was like a pair of demons tearing at his body, and yet he was totally enjoying the sensation. The way they were tearing, ripping at him, prodding him. It all made him shudder, made him quiver in desire, as his own hands seemed to be taking their cue from Chris, not from his own thoughts or impulses.

Breaking apart, after what seemed like hours, he found himself gasping for air, his chest heaving, but he also found that they were both stretched out on the bed. He had no recollection of them moving onto the bed, and judging by the way Chris was breathing, he doubted if he did either. The pounding inside his chest, made him glance down, to notice that a lot more than just getting on the bed had gone unnoticed.

His belt was undone, his pants were open, showing his underwear. Looking over he noticed that Chris had his own pants spread open, that the bulge was sticking between the opening, which made his eyes widen. God, how big it looked, how hard it seemed, and yet he had no memory of undoing the pants, of maybe even touching that bulge.

Looking up, he saw a strange gleam in Chris' eyes as he realized that the ache in his chest wasn't easing. The blood was rushing, as his heart continued to pound wildly inside. He saw the glazed look, as Chris now leaned forward, once more tilting his head, but instead of moving towards his lips, Chris' head moved down, and the hair brushed past Barney's open mouth.

Looking down, he saw one hand rise up and rest on top of Chris' head, as his body leaned backwards onto the bed. His legs still dangled over the edge, but he also realized his shirt was wide open, pushed aside to expose his entire upper body to Chris. Barney could feel the sweat trickling down as well, feel how his dark chest hairs were matted from the small little rivers of sweat that had rolled down.

The sharp little jolt made him glance down, as he saw the head poised over one of his exposed firm nipples. The pain was from Chris' teeth that had taken hold of the jutting flesh, and bit down on it, pulling upwards at the same time. Barney cried out a bit, as he felt a hand reaching down his belly, pushing under the waist band of his shorts.

He let his head fall back, as now the tongue licked at the still tingling nipple. Barney could feel the tongue's raspy edge swirl around the nipple, licking at the rough base, then up and over. He moaned a bit, as his hands pushed up against Chris, pushing his shirt up and off the younger man's shoulders. He could feel the hand reaching under his underwear, rubbing the soft flesh of his groin, pushing the fingers into it.

Barney had never felt so aroused, as Chris continued to lick and suck on his nipple, nibble at it even, which only made Barney moan a bit louder. Then he felt the tongue snake across to his other side, to the other untouched nipple. His body suddenly arched up, as he felt the fingers touching the base of his hard cock. He didn't know if he could back, as the fingers prodded at the thick base of his pole, as his belly was sucked in, as the press of Chris' palm made his shudder.

He had many hand jobs before, but this was totally different. The touch felt like small electric jolts, as the fingers moved around, slowly encasing the base of his cock. His mind also could feel the tongue licking at his nipple, then at the centre of his chest. Even the hairs on his chest seemed to be sending some sort of signal to his brain, letting him know how good it felt to be touched that way.

It felt like he was being assaulted by huge waves of pleasure. The way his body was shaking, or felt like it was, only made his mind groan with delight. His own hands seemed to be moving, but he really couldn't feel anything but the way his own body was acting, how it was responding to the touch of Chris' tongue, hands, and fingers.

Barney felt a cramp in one leg, felt the vibrating pulse of his main artery in the other leg, as it shook, from the way his whole body felt like it was on fire. He moaned and knew one of his hands had hit the mattress, was still hitting it, as he responded to Chris' touch. How the hand moved around his dick, how the tongue was now licking at his belly, while the other hand caressed his tingling nipples.

His legs wanted to open wider, to give Chris more to touch, to fondle, but they were being held back. He struggled, unable to open his legs wider, and yet he couldn't stop Chris, couldn't let it end so he could find out why his legs wouldn't spread open more. His mind knew why, but he couldn't quite bring the answer forward, as too many other thoughts were whirling around inside. He moaned, as his hands continued to caress, pull, touch, Chris's backside. He could feel the hot flesh under his touch, unsure how he could feel the bare skin, not caring how, just that he was.

The press of Chris' lips against his lower belly, made him cry out, made his body arch a bit upwards, his head pressing harder down into the mattress. Just as he felt like he couldn't hold back, that his body was about to let him down, the sound of heavy panting echoed in his ear, then he tasted salt on his lips, then the press of Chris' lips back up against his own mouth. He tasted the tongue again, as it suddenly darted inside, then withdrew, his own tongue following it.

Barney could taste the inside of Chris' mouth, then the feeling of something burning his fingers, as he realized he had hold of something. The press of Chris' body on his arms told him he was grapping at the hard dick, at Chris' own hard dick. He felt the sudden shiver inside as the realization of it dawned on his mind. For a brief instant, he could feel the blood rushing through the veins of Chris' erect penis, then his mind was once more overwhelmed by the sensation of Chris on top of him.

Slowly he heard his own panting breath, along with Chris' and he opened his eyes. Above him was that perfect face, the eyes still glazed over, if not more so. The long curly hair drooping downwards, ends moving lightly over his own heaving chest. He could feel Chris' hot breath on his face, felt his own chest heaving, as they looked at each other.

Panic suddenly gripped his heart, as the image began to slide away, until he felt the hands gripping something around his thighs. Looking down he knew why he couldn't spread his legs any further, as his pants hung down, just halfway down his thighs. His eyes opened even wider, as he saw the blond head slowly moving down his body, licking and kissing at his exposed upper body, as his hard cock was pressing up into Chris' own exposed chest.

He felt it all, and watched as the head slowly moved down, as the hands took hold of his pants, and pushed them down. Barney felt his legs close a bit, felt his lower body lift up, as Chris pulled the pants downwards, freeing more of Barney's lower body from their constraint. He could hear the heavy panting breathe, as the head lifted up to look upwards, along his prone body. Barney felt himself tremble, as he stared into Chris' eyes, seeing the desire flashing at him. His own eyes returning the desire, the need.

Chris pulled Barney's pants and underwear off in a quick easy motion. Then he was suddenly standing up at the side, as one hand tossed Barney's pants off to one side. Barney felt himself lift his upper body up, to watch, to stare at the young man. He saw his ribs moving, as his chest heaved, and he saw the way his own pants were pushed down a ways, his underwear still hiding the hard dick he had been holding.

Barney licked his lips, as he saw the little grin, then noticed how Chris had moved his hands to his hips, to lift up the waistband of his boxer shorts. He watched with bulging eyes, as the young man pushed down, and leaned over a bit, to shove his underwear and pants off his body. Standing back upright, Barney saw the hard dick winking at him. He saw the thick pole jerk a bit, then steady, staring right at him. He couldn't help but let out a small moan, licking his lower lip at the same time.

Glancing upwards, he saw that look in Chris' eyes become even more intense, more alive. It was as if a whole slew of fireworks were exploding in the pupils, as they began to come closer to him, making him move his body a bit further up onto the bed. His legs still dangled over the side, but only the ankles and feet were hanging over, as Chris now stood right up in between them.

The touch of Chris' body next to his feet made his own cock quiver, which brought a smile to Chris' face. Then he felt the hands reaching down, taking hold of his legs, and pushing them apart even more. He felt the legs being pushed up and backwards, spreading them open, exposing his buttocks.

His head hurt from leaning up, and he let it fall back, as he felt the hands pushing his legs further apart, then felt the warmth of the young man's body as it rested between his legs. The bed creaked a little, as Chris adjusted his body between Barney's upraised legs, then the hands moved down, from the just above the ankles, to around the top of his thighs.

Looking down his body, he saw the golden flesh between his legs. The sunlight was shining across Chris' naked upper body, and he could see the tiny white hairs down the v of his chest. He could see the deep purple of the skin around each nipple, and as he looked up, he could see the blond hair gleaming, the sunlight reflecting off the sweat soaked strands.

He saw Chris lick his pale lips, then look down at the hard cock that jutted up from Barney's crotch. He saw the eyes flicker, saw them quickly glance upwards, then back down. Barney could feel the blood rushing from his extremities, as Chris' hands reached around his thighs, the fingers digging into his flesh, along the inside of both thighs.

A brief moment of calm seemed to enter his mind, his body, as he felt the fingers tighten their hold on his flesh. Then he felt the swish of air, as Chris' head moved suddenly. He felt his body tense up, then was stunned as he felt the press of Chris' tongue between his thigh and groin. He moaned loudly, as the tongue licked downwards, his hard dick brushing past Chris' face.

His body shook, as the tongue licked at the thigh, then moved down under his dangling balls. Barney felt the hands digging into his flesh, pushing his body upwards. Chris' shoulder now pushed as well, as they lifted him upwards, forcing his legs even higher.

Crying out, he felt the tongue licking at his moist flesh, at the spot just below his balls. He felt the sac being pushed by Chris' face, that made him tremble even more, as his hands balled up into fists, as they struck the mattress with force. He felt the waves of new pleasures coursing up and through every nerve in his body. His mind reeled, as they came crashing into it, as his heart began to race even faster.

Sweat was now pouring from every opening in his body, as Chris' tongue seemed to be moving down, rather than up. His cock wavered and swayed to and fro, as Chris' nose was wedged up between the join between his thigh and groin. He could feel the hot breath with each exhale, as it blew across his sweat soaked flesh. He cried out, as the tongue seemed to swirl around, teasing the soft skin below his sac.

The muscles in his legs quivered, shaking as the tongue suddenly pushed further downwards. The fingers now reached across, the weight of his legs being borne by Chris' shoulders, to grasp at his fleshy butt cheeks. Barney felt them reach between each cheek, making his body shudder.

The fingers were quickly stretching his soft flesh, exposing his inner valley to Chris. He felt the tingling, felt the desire only growing inside, as the finger tips reached down, to then dig sideways into his soft flesh. He felt his hole ache, felt it tremble too, as the fingers spread apart the cheek, the room's air blowing across the moist pink flesh of his inner valley.

The room began to spin, for him as he couldn't understand what was happening. He thought maybe Chris wasn't going to wait, that he was about to be penetrated by that huge dick, but it wasn't feeling like that. His whole body was a quivering mess of jumbled thoughts, of unknown sensations, as he felt the air swirling around his opened hole.

Part of him wanted to yell out, to remind Chris to use a condom, but his mind couldn't make his mouth form the words. His lips were swollen, one under the other, as his teeth were biting the soft flesh, as more and more new sensations flowed into his whole body. His legs trembled, the muscles inside shaking.

Barney felt the tips of fingers touching the outer edge of his hole, then he felt them dig in, then pull away from him. His hole ached as the tiny muscle resisted, then gave in slowly as it was stretched wide open. Then he felt the hot breath over it, which made his head spin. His heart began to pound, as he felt a rough flick against the dead centre of his hole. He felt its wetness, then his body just seemed to explode.

He heard his voice crying out, heard himself pleading even, for more, but what it was he wanted, he still couldn't fathom. The new sensations were familiar in some ways, different in others. He could feel the tongue now, know it was Chris' tongue, but it was licking at his insides, at the silky skin of his rectum. No one had ever done that, no one either male or female, had ever done what Chris was now doing.

It felt amazing as the waves of pleasure rushed up into his body. His balls were shaking, as was his dick, as he felt the tongue's tip lick at his inside, then pull out and slowly travel all around his quivering hole. He could feel it, as Chris tasted him in the one virgin spot of his body. He cried out, understanding why his voice was pleading for more.

Nothing felt as good as this, never before had he experienced such an exhilarating explosion of pleasure inside his body. The tongue was licking one second, then the tip darting past the moisten hole. Then it was out, licking again, moving up and down the soft skin between his spread apart cheeks. He could feel the nose pressing against his balls, feel the hot breath as it blew downwards.

As the fingers pulled, he felt the tongue suddenly move down and give a quick swirl around his hole, then he felt it burrow inside of him. He moaned loudly, his fists banging the bed, as the Chris' tongue dove deep into his trembling body. He felt it fill his hole, fill the tunnel inside, pushing the silky lining wider. He felt it lick up and around, all inside of his body. The pleasure was immense, and so intense that he could feel himself losing it.

Never had he felt like this, so out of control, so aroused. The pain in his groin was only growing, the beat of his heart was like a jet engine refusing to be held back. The blood was rushing from everywhere, towards his groin, as Chris' tongue licked and swirled around inside.

The tip would poke one way, then another, as he felt the press of Chris' face into his buttocks. The fingers were pulling back, harder as they tried to open him even more, to let more of Chris' tongue push inside. Barney could feel the muscles on the back of his thighs tighten, quiver as they grew taut.

His eyes flickered open, but all he could see was exploding lights across the entire room. Long flashes of red, of blue, streaked across as he felt the tongue digging into his body, felt his body pushing down onto it, wanting to feel more of it penetrate his insides. His hands held onto the bed cover, gripping it as the waves of pleasure seemed to roll through him, in endless wave after wave.

Barney knew he couldn't hold out, it was beyond his ability to control, as he felt his balls push up then fall back down, as the hot cream inside was about to be released. He cried out 'I am cumming, God I am gonna cum' that seemed like a cannon shot into the room. His whole body began to spasm, his buttocks pushed down hard, then was starting to arch upwards, when he felt the face move from his body.

A hand reached around, as his legs were suddenly free to fall to either side of the body still between them. He felt the tight hold over his cock, as his body arched up to where only his shoulder blades were pressing down into the mattress. As he cried out, he felt the head of his cock suddenly become wrapped in a strange warmth and wetness. He couldn't make it out, as his body suddenly shook uncontrollably.

His voice was groaning loudly, the room echoed and echoed to his groans, as his body was suddenly totally out of his control. His toes curled, and even the hair on his head seemed to ache, as he felt the rolling explosion from his groin. Every nerve was suddenly sending signals to his mind, which was reeling. The ache in his belly grew, the eyes began to flutter and grow dim, as he felt the blood rushing from everywhere.

He heard himself scream, heard his strangled cry of release, as his cock reared back then was shooting forward, as if to pull free form his body. He felt the sticky cream racing through the hot tube of his dick, felt it suddenly fly outwards, but he didn't hear it. Instead he heard a gagging sound, a strange gurgle as his body continued to shudder, quiver uncontrollably.

Barney felt himself falling, then just as his buttocks touched the mattress, the second wave was on him. His hips had sunk back, now arched upwards in a sudden rush. As he cried 'oh God' for the umpteenth time in a few seconds, he felt the sticky cum sliding down his throbbing cock, wondering at how it could be possible.

His mind continued to try and process all the tingles and jolts, that made his whole body shake. His toes were hurting, from being curled up, and his hands hurt from pounding the bed, as his body released more of his precious milk. He felt the emptiness in his balls, felt the veins around his cock tighten around his quivering pole.

He heard the coughing sound, felt his body shake, as his eyes managed to peer through the fading flashes of lights. The brightness of the room made his eyes narrow, made his eyelids close and open rapidly, as he tried to peer through it all. As he felt the last spasm ease, his eyes fastened onto the shimmering shape of Chris, who was now looming over him. Barney saw he had moved, that he was leaning over his crotch, and he saw a strange whiteness around his lips, and his chin. He stared at him, seeing at how his chest was heaving, as much as Barney's own chest.

As their eyes locked, he saw the look of satisfaction in Chris' eyes, realizing that the drying white stuff on Chris' face, was his own cum. He could see some on the forehead, some by a cheek next to a still flaring nostril, realizing that he had begun to cum before Chris could get his mouth over Barney's dick.

Barney watched, as Chris moved off and around Barney's legs, to lay next to his side. His body was still shaking, as was Barney's, as he rested one hand on the trembling belly. His face looked up and over at Barney, the eyes seeming to ask him if everything was okay. As much as he wanted to speak, he didn't have the strength, as he smiled back instead, his own hand now resting on top of Chris' hand.

Chris seemed to understand, as he let his head fall down, to rest on top of Barney's breast. The hair was just under his nostrils, and he could smell a faint aroma of shampoo, as well as the pungent odor of sweat mingled with his cum. He sighed, as he let his arm wrap around the young man's body, bringing him in closer.

The idea of hamburger for lunch, was long forgotten, as he lay there, enjoying the warmth from Chris' naked body leaning up against his own. He felt satisfied, and hungry, but not for food, but for Chris. His body gave one last twitch, as the idea of him & Chris, seemed to take hold, deep down inside of him.


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