Chapter 7

Somehow the darkness seemed less forbidding, less intimidating, as he felt Trent next to him. He could hear him breathing, almost see it really, as he peered into the darkness. There was no mistaking how he had his head hung low, how his body trembled a little. He could feel it in how the bed seemed to move, as he waited. It seemed like an eternity before Trent started talking. The words were said so softly that Blake had trouble hearing some of them, but as the story unfolded, he realized just how much pain Trent had to be in, just as he was. He listened in horror as he heard Trent explain that it had happened to him too, but not recently, but years ago, just when all those strange feelings were being felt, when a guy first realized that he was different than his friends, that he wasn't into girls, but wanted guys. He listened quietly, feeling his heart thump, feeling his blood turn to ice as he listened to the story, of how at just 14 he had made the mistake of telling his best friend how he had felt. He felt the cold come to him, as Trent told him how his friend had let everyone in school know about him, and how one day after baseball practice, his so called friends had waylaid him, had decided he needed a lesson in what being men were. His stomach gurgled as he wanted to throw up, as Trent told him it all, in detail. It was like what had happened to him, but in Trent's case, he knew his attackers. They were his team mates, and worse, the Coach knew. He hadn't stopped the attack, had simply turned an eye to it, and had even chastised Trent, telling him what did he expect, for being a sinner? Listening to the story, to how Trent's so called friends took turns abusing him, doing things that made his blood grow cold, made him think back to Ron, to his own friends. Would they have turned on him too, if they had known? Would they have waylaid him as Trent's had done? Maybe, though he wasn't sure, and yet Trent didn't seem to have let it stop him, to have changed him. As the horror unfolded he couldn't believe the things done, all by so called friends. It was like they had all gone crazy, had become animals. He had read the books too, yet he never believed them, but now he knew they were true. Just as Trent had found out, he too had found out, but this was 2008, not the Middle Ages. This wasn't possible, and yet as he listened, as he felt Trent's hand tremble under his, he knew it was true. He could hear a clock ticking off in the distance, hear the silence as the darkness just seemed to hold them both in its cloak. The beat of his heart sounded so loud in his ears, different than last night, scary even, as he tried to figure it all out, to make sense of it. The pain in his body, well it hurt but somehow it didn't seem as bad as the pain he felt in his heart, from listening to Trent, from remembering the way his attackers sounded. That hurt more than anything, as he sat there, realizing that he wasn't alone in how he felt. His hand was on top of Trent's, as he clasped it, feeling how cold it felt, how afraid Trent was, as was he. It didn't make sense, all that hate. 'What happened after, did the Police charge them?' 'The Cops? No, no one got charged.' 'Why not? I mean..' 'You saw how they were at the Hospital?' 'Yeah, but that is here, I mean they still took everything down, I don't..' 'You don't get it, I never told anyone, least not until now, how could I? My parents, they wouldn't believe me, it would have been my fault, and it would have made things worse, it was bad enough, so no, there weren't any charges, I didn't tell anyone.' He felt suddenly like he was an old man. Everything he had believed in, everything he had relied on, seemed to suddenly not exist. It was a shock, one that was only acerbated by the pain inside. Blake felt like he had been living in some bubble, as he should have known. He felt so empty, and yet there had been last night. That had been good, no matter what, as he looked over at the slumped shadow next to him. Blake let his hand move up the trembling hand, to take a tentative hold on the arm, and yanked a bit, to try and bring Trent closer to him. At first he felt him resist, then he too seemed to just collapse, as it all took hold of them both. Trent was holding him, hard at first but he quickly pulled back, as Blake winced and moaned a bit, as the pain from his injuries intruded. Trent released his pressure a bit, but didn't move away, and Blake felt his breath on his face, as they looked at each other. 'Some friend I am.' 'Huh? You are a good friend.' 'Yeah right, here you are the one who gets beaten up, and I am the one crying on your shoulder. Fine pair of mugs we are.' 'Haha, yeah, but it's okay, I don't think.. I mean Trent, last night, was it, I mean..' 'Yeah, I meant it Blake, I don't, I mean it's not been easy for me to meet guys, only well, only lately did I feel safe enough, so yeah, last night was real, least for me.' 'Me too.' 'For real? I mean I know how you must be feeling, how things like what happened, how it screws us up, if we let it.' 'Then let's not let it, Trent, what happened, it really isn't our fault, is it?' Blake felt the body stiffen next to him, then relax a bit. He also felt the head move closer, then a soft brush of Trent's lips against his own. His body jerked a bit, as he felt the tender kiss on his bruised lips, felt the sudden ache in his groin too, felt the stirring there that he hadn't felt since the attack. 'No, it isn't, it really isn't.' Blake felt his own body relax, as he tasted the kiss, felt the warmth returning to his body, as he also felt the ache from his bruises. He felt better, as he slumped back down onto the mattress, holding Trent's hand. Trent began to get up, off the bed when Blake reached out with his hand, to tug at Trent's arm. He saw him turn, and look down at him. 'Don't go, not tonight.' He could see the lips part, see the gleam of Trent's teeth as he smiled down at him, then watched as stood up by the bed. His face was in darkness, but saw his arms move down, as he dropped his pants, and then lifted up the covers, to slide under the covers, to lay next to Blake. Trent reached over, and gently lay his arm over Blake, and let him roll into his warm body. Blake felt the press of Trent's body, and his eyes closed. His body seemed to just uncoil, as he felt the soft press of Trent's body next to his own. He felt safe, for really the first time since coming back from the hospital, as sleep began to take hold. Yet even as his mind began to rest, he could feel the warmth at his groin, feel the warmth of Trent's bare legs against his, and he sighed, feeling content. He was safe, and the memory of earlier was gone, for now. Instead he saw the way Trent was looking at him, when he had been on his knees, staring up at him. It was last night, and he knew that what they had planned for tonight, wasn't lost, that it would happen, just not now.


Time had flown by, and here he was, standing in front of everyone, about to become a member. It was still amazing, given how things had gone, but he had done it, had gotten past the first trials, then the beating. That still hurt at times, but he had his last exam this morning, and the Doctor had told him there was no sign of internal injuries, which meant, tonight was a go, if he wanted. Stealing a glance down the line, he saw Trent, and immediately he felt the stirring in his groin. In his mind, there was no doubt that tonight would be a go, and best of all, they wouldn't have to look for a place. As members of the Fraternity, they had their own room, and it had been decided that they share a room. It was sort of a gift, from the guys, which had made him weepy, when they told him last night. From being a 200 to 1 long shot at making the Fraternity, he was now fully accepted. The ceremony was a formality, but he had been told earlier that he would make it, simply because he hadn't given in to the hate. He hadn't backed down, like he had thought he would, and while not much would come of it, least when he walked along the Quad, the whispers weren't so much, and people actually didn't avoid him. Some even smiled or waved at him, which was a lot different than he had hoped for. It was far from being over, but he wasn't backing down. He was pursuing it, forcing the Administration to deal with it, to find ways to correct it. While it wasn't much, the unlit path to the Fraternity was now lit at night, just as the other paths were. Campus Police patrolled it as often as the other pathways, and the New Chancellor had promised that the College would find his attackers, would prosecute them. Not many at the Frat House bought that, but they were willing to wait and see. It hadn't made the news beyond a brief blurb on the local television station, but that was okay too. He really didn't need that kind of attention, but he also knew, standing there now, that if it hadn't been for Trent, he'd never be standing here, never be looking forward to his first full fledged night with a guy. Least that was the plan, but this time he wasn't about to take any chances. After the ceremony, he wasn't leaving the house. Nor was he letting Trent go out either, and he already had purchased all he needed for tonight. There were not one, not two, but four boxes of unused condoms in their room. Two giant bottles of lubricant to go with the condoms, one water based, one silicon based. Reading all those magazines had given him the facts, that some condoms were less reliable with silicon lube, so he wanted to make sure. Trent had laughed at him when they were at the mall. How he had read every label, so carefully, before selecting not just the lube, but the condoms. He avoided the one's with spermacide in them, avoided the short dated one's too. They had laughed when Trent said he was like some GI Joe on a Mission. Gawd, how good it had felt to laugh, to just be thinking of tonight, instead of his nightmare. He still had those, but each night they came to him, Trent had been there. He had held him, had comforted him as he had relived the horrors, had imagined worse, but now they didn't last as long, didn't need hours of comforting to put them aside. Looking at the row of guys making the leap forward, he felt rather special. He knew things weren't going to be easy, specially if they did find the guys who had attacked him, but he was different than that night, not an easy mark anymore. He had taken some lessons, very basic one's, but he already felt like he had changed. To begin with, his parents had been amazing. The Cops had called them, but they didn't yell, scream, or ignore him. His father had offered to come up, to take him home if he wanted, which was a huge change. His mother had worried about him, but he had managed to assure them both that he was okay, he even had the guts to tell them about Trent, and to his surprise, they hadn't sounded upset, or surprised. Less than two weeks, and it was like an eternity of changes had happened almost overnight. He had a new self confidence, most of the time. Yet he was honest enough to know it was just a beginning, just a start due in large part to Trent. How he had stood by him, never leaving his side, but it wasn't just him. It was everyone, from the Frat President downwards. They were all there, for him, which had surprised him. They had run a sort of shuttle like service. Posters appeared on Campus, with a telephone number for Gays wanting someone to go with them, when walking to town, or just going back from a late night study session at the Library. The Frat Guys had it all set up, and it had surprised their straight counter parts when they found out just who some of the gay guys on campus were. Most of the Weight Lifting team for example, were members, and any one of them could take on at least two or three others. Couple of the defensive line turned out to be Gay also, which shocked the football coach. Shocked him so much, that he resigned even. It was like a revolution of sorts, in how suddenly a lot of people just became gay. No one had suspected them, no one had guessed, and he wondered if some of it was simply symbiotic, or if all those who came out, really were. He was pretty certain that a couple of the football players that had signed up for the protection service really weren't gay, and frankly none had actually said they were. Everyone just assumed that only Gays would turn out to help Gays, but Trent didn't buy that, nor did the Frat House. They seemed all rather pleased, and gave him the credit for making it happen, though in all honesty, he didn't think he had done much. All he had done, was sign a complaint, at the local Police Station, and had followed it up with a formal complaint at the Administration area. Course one of the old Alumni had helped more than him, though it was on his behalf. The guy was a top lawyer, and someone had send him an email about Blake's attack. He suspected it had been Trent, but Trent denied it, though not quite as well as he should have, if he hadn't done it. Still, he got the credit, and now tonight was his chance at what he had really wanted. He felt totally nervous, and most of what was being said at the ceremony was going over his head. He couldn't help but still think about it, about how it would feel, to have something up his ass, that he wanted. Blake had to keep telling himself that, as his mind tried to ruin the desire of his heart. He wanted Trent, wanted it all, and yet his mind seemed to resist, to try and force him to change his mind. There had been the excuse of it being too dangerous, specially so soon after his assault. He had taken care of that by talking to the Doctor, one he had found off campus. One who wasn't a prude either. Man that had been scary, trying to broach the subject with a total stranger, but the man had made it easy, unlike the one's on campus or at the Hospital. As the ceremony wound down, he could feel his nerves stretching, feel the sweat beading up on his forehead. It was nearing that time. Yet while he felt the ache in his rectum, in his groin too, he also felt scared. What if he didn't like it? What if he couldn't do it, just yet? He ran over his check list, trying to make sure he hadn't missed anything. Hell he had taken every precaution possible. Had ate a light dinner last night, nothing but fluids all day, and some vitamins. He had made damn sure he was cleaned out, which had gotten Trent giggling this morning. But hell, last thing he wanted was to gross him out, and the kiss he had gotten, well that made the constant trips to the toilet worth it. Blake had read about all this stuff, had thought what a hassle, and in reality it was. Still, if you wanted to have it all go right, it was worth it. Least he was rather hoping it would be. Still, he worried about things that had him skittish. The slightest sound would make him jump, and he had nearly lost it when Trent had sneaked up behind him, and popped a balloon. Christ, had he jumped a mile in the air, yelled too when he found out it was all a joke, but then as they had hugged, he couldn't help but laugh too. Then too, he had gotten even. A well chosen moment, a well aimed balloon with just the right amount of ice cold water, had satisfied his desire for revenge. It had looked so funny, and the others, all laughing with him, had saved him from Trent's anger, but then Trent never seemed to get angry at him. Put out maybe, but never really angry. It was almost like they were meant for each other, as if all that had gone on, had not driven them apart, but had brought them closer. He felt so happy, as he shook hands with the Frat President, as he mingled with Brian, and the other new members that had made it through. Funny thing was, other than the one that first night, no one had flunked out. The House had simply expanded by nineteen new pledges, with cots being added to many of the rooms. He and Trent were slated to have a new roomie too, but it wasn't to happen until next weekend. It was like the House were giving them time, to let his injuries heal, to let them have some private time. No one had asked them too, it was just done. Kind of made him wonder, why so many hated Gays. From what he had seen, his kind weren't nasty, weren't constantly having sex either. It wasn't a constant parade of naked men either, with hard ons. Fact was, he saw more dick at the dorm than here, as most walked around with towels covering themselves, unlike the Dorm. Course it wasn't that way in his room, not with Trent. The guy was a show off, the way he would enter the room from classes, and in less than a blink of an eye, he would be stark naked. At first he wasn't sure if it was simply to make him not feel ashamed, or what, but as the days wore on, he realized that Trent liked showing him his naked body. Fact was, he enjoyed seeing it too, though there wasn't much he could do, least not at the beginning. He somehow got into the same habit too, so much that when other's came to call them for dinner, or to pop in to check on him, they would enter with their hands over their eyes. It made them both laugh, as they would quickly grab a towel or sheet to cover their nakedness, but lately, well, who cared? They earned the nickname, Sunshine Boys, not for being old, but for being alleged nudists. They were always in the buff, in their room, and well, Trent did have nicely tanned skin, though not all over. He had that nice little whiteness, that always made Blake horny. The first few days had been awkward, but the more that Trent ignored it, the more that he simply took being naked in front of Blake as natural, the more Blake seemed to feel himself change too. He didn't close the bathroom door when undressing, or taking a pee. He liked it when Trent would stare at him, would comment on how nice of a penis he had. That first touch, after the attack had been something he would never forget. It wasn't that he even managed to get fully erect, but that problem ended the very next time. Yet it was typical of Trent, at how he worked at making him feel normal, without it appearing to be work. How he simply would reach out, and grab his dick now, to yank on it, and lick his lips. How his eyes would glance up at Blake, as if asking if it was okay. He enjoyed being sucked off, enjoyed sucking too, and while it had taken almost a full week before it happened, it seemed like it would never end now. The instant he heard the door to the room open, and that it was Trent, his dick would suddenly spring up, become fully aroused. Trent was a big tease too, as he would sometimes undress real slow, or would strip so fast, but not his undies. Then he would parade around, swishing around, showing off his ass. And he had a nice one too, least Blake thought so. Tonight, he was hoping to experience a lot more of Trent's ass. Last night, he had been worried, hoping that today's Doctor's appointment would give him the green light for tonight. Even the shopping for the condoms, the lubricant, was all in anticipation of tonight, which he really didn't think would happen, least not then. Sure he wanted it to happen, least he thought he did. There were still doubts, still fears, and they had talked long into the night about it. Another change for him. He had never had anyone to talk to, to actually discuss things like how it felt to have a dick in the ass, or to suck on one. Trent seemed so open about it all, yet the more they talked, the more Blake realized that Trent was just as shy as he was. He just showed it differently, but the talks, it was something he wished he could have done a lot sooner, done without having to have been attacked. Trent was the worrier now, when it had been him at first. Trent was the one who insisted on having the Doctor tell him, face to face, that they could have sex, that it wouldn't cause any damage. Then too, the Doctor had said they would have to take it slow, which had made Blake laugh. He had to explain why too, which made Trent blush, because they had talked about it, about how Trent liked to not pound an ass, but to go in slow and deep, then pull out slow, before going back in. How he preferred to take his time, to feel every nerve inside, to feel every muscle surrender to his dick, as it moved inside. The Doctor had only grinned, and slapped Trent on the back, then gave his okay, saying that he was sure it would be okay. Funny thing about it, until that slap, that almost laughing agreement that it would be okay, he hadn't felt horny, but in that instant, he had gotten a boner. A real hard one, that required very little effort to relieve, once they had gotten back to the Frat House. It was also the first time that he had gotten Trent to nearly choke, on his cum. The expression on Trent's face had been priceless, as he had taken Blake's cock, had managed to wrap his lips around it, and was only half way down on his shaft, before Blake had felt it begin. He had cried out, his hands had suddenly dug deep into Trent's shoulders, and his body had reared back, before lurching forward, hard. His whole cock had suddenly been thrust fully into Trent's mouth, without much warning. Blake had heard him gag, heard him struggle, as his cock just seemed to explode. His whole body had trembled, had shook as he emptied his balls, as Trent tried to swallow it all, failing too. A lot of Blake's cum was dribbling down Trent's chin, as he pulled out, and felt himself shake. It had been quick, and as he looked down at Trent, he could feel how much Trent cared for him. It had never struck him, as much as at that moment. Funny thing about it, was how Trent leaned back on his hands, and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand, then licked his lips. He grinned too, as he said that next time he'd like a bit more notice, so he wouldn't be such a slob, and miss out on his protein. Blake had surprised himself, by telling Trent that there was lots more, when he was able to properly suck a dick. He had changed, and he was enjoying the change too. As the group began to break up, as guys paired off with others, to celebrate on their own, he looked for Trent, to take him up to their room, where he could finish his education into the Gay lifestyle. Blake jumped as a hand clapped him firmly on the shoulder. Turning around, he saw Trent standing there, his eyes sparkling, as he stared at him. He smiled back, relaxed as he felt the hand reach out, take his and begin to lead him towards the main stairway. He could feel other's watching, wondering for a bit at why, but ignoring it, as he felt the urgency inside of his body. They took the stairs, mostly two at a time, and moved down the hallway towards their room. He was having troubles keeping up, as Trent seemed in a rather rush, which surprised him a bit. He had figured he'd be the one rushing, but something was holding him back, or so it felt. Then as they approached their room, he couldn't help but notice that there was something on the door. It made him stop for a moment, made him suddenly remember the taunts from that night, made him shiver. He felt Trent stop, then squeeze his hand, which pushed the memories away, and let him move forward. The door had pink ribbons on it, and a small little bronze plate. He stared at it, then read the inscription on it. His body shook, as he read the large print, that said 'lovers only' and below that, were his and Trent's name. He felt the kiss, felt the hand grope him, then he was inside the darkened room. Small candles were flickering next to their beds, which had been pushed together in the centre of the room. They had done it before, but it was different this time. The flickering candle light made his heart quiver a bit, as he saw the single rose. It was a deep fire red, and was placed across both pillows. It just seemed to shimmer in the candle light, as he felt Trent next to him. He turned to stare at him, and he felt his touch on his face, wiping away a tear at the corner of one eye. The kiss was soft and gentle. Blake felt his eyes close, felt his body melt into Trent's body, as the kiss made his whole body tremble. Then he could feel the soft caress of his hands over his whole body, just lightly touching him. He moaned, as he felt his shirt being undone, felt his chin being lifted up, the hollow of his neck being lightly kissed. He stood there, feeling the tenderness, feeling the joy of just being held. His body was trembling, as Trent slowly opened his shirt, slowly moved his hand along his chest, lightly caressing him. He shivered, as the flickering lights danced around him, as his body revelled in the soft touch of Trent's hand that gradually had him stripped naked. Blake had no idea what time it was, or how long it had taken, but he was standing there, in Trent's arms, totally nude. His body ached, in a good way as he felt his butt cheeks clench and unclench as Trent's hand passed over them. He felt the hardness of his cock, as the fingers moved lightly over the hard shaft, barely touching the hot flesh. He felt his legs quiver, as the hand moved up and down, as Trent's tongue licked at him, touching him as it had many times before, yet it was different this time. It was more tender, more sensual. He felt his whole body shaking, as the hands moved him, guided him, until he was suddenly stretched out on the bed. He didn't even remember falling down onto the bed, or how Trent had somehow managed to shed his own clothes. All he knew was that he was there, resting beside him, his hand moving over his rolling stomach muscles, that his cock was sticking up like a flag pole, harder than he had ever been. The ache in his balls were excruciating, yet wonderful as Trent's fingers moved across the full sac. He felt his breath on his forehead, as he leaned over to reach for something next to him. The flickering lights were suddenly gone, their wild dance on the room walls were suddenly gone, and the darkness took hold. He didn't panic this time, as usual. He didn't feel a cold chill creep into his body, as he smelled that cologne, that Trent wore. He felt the ache inside, felt his body quiver as he rolled over onto his stomach. The hands moved lightly over his back, around the nape of his neck, lifting his hair up. He felt the soft press of lips and shivered, as Trent kissed him, then dragged his tongue downwards. He felt it run down his spine, right to the beginning of his butt. His legs twitched, his cheeks seemed to flutter a bit, shake like jelly, as the hand moved along them, the fingers barely touching. He sighed, as his body sunk further into the mattress below. His body ached, but not from pain, but from desire. It felt like he was floating on air, the way everything was so soft, so gentle. The touch of his hands, of his fingers, of his mouth. Blake felt the love, felt it hold him as his body was finally made into a man. He had cried out, a soft low groan, that barely echoed in the room, as he felt the pulse of his heart race. His lungs grew short of breath, as he felt the fullness inside of his body, as he slowly felt the beat next to his own heart. He felt the tears at the corners of his eyes, as his body grew fuller, as slowly the muscles inside gave way to the warmth, to the slowly moving energy that was Trent's love for him. He felt it all, as if he was floating on a cloud. In and out he felt it push, felt it touch him. It was like his whole insides were slowly wrapping around it, holding it for a second, before letting it in further, touching it in such a way, that it throbbed with pleasure. His whole body felt like it was on fire, felt like he was melting. Time seemed endless, as he felt the love hold him, caress him. Nothing seemed to matter, there was no pain, just a warmth that made him glow, as he felt the shortness of breath, felt the racing pulse, felt the hard beat of a heart, mingle with another wild beating heart. He felt it all, felt every touch, every nerve, as the fullness only grow inside of him, only helped him feel the warmth around his whole body. The bed was soaked, dripping from his sweat, from Trent's, but he didn't notice it, as he felt the cry before he heard it. It wasn't loud, wasn't primal, or even harsh sounding. It was slow and yet deafening at the same time. His whole body had shook, quivered, and he felt it, felt it fill and stretch the thin plastic, then he felt it moving, felt it going back out of his body. He cried, his body heaving, as he felt the hard pole, felt a sense of panic, that quickly was erased. That one instant, that one moment of stark terror had come back, but it had been beaten back. He cried, as he felt the love, felt the passion that had taken its place. His body ached, his legs were taut and stretch tightly. His toes had curled up and arched, but even as he catalogued it all, he knew that his nightmares wouldn't come back, not tonight, not tomorrow either. He sighed, as his body took all of Trent's weight onto itself. He felt his own body, exhausted, but satisfied, for the moment, as he felt the warmth deep inside. He felt it all, felt it growing, even as the fullness grew less. His body was radiating the heat, the passion, that had filled him just seconds earlier, as he sighed, smelling that aroma, that scent that was his and Trent's.


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