• Being Disciplined

    Soon as he had arrived, Nick had tied up his hands and then made him get on his knees. It was strange the way Nick had commanded him to strip off his shirt, shoes, and socks, so that he was only wearing his pants.

  • Country Tryst

    The hot taste of the pre cum making him see lights and weird flashes of dots and other assorted shapes. His mouth opened wide suddenly and the hard throbbing pole was suddenly once more inside the mouth.

  • Will He Show

    After all the idea of coming down here to nude sunbathe had been Chris. The glint he had seen in the blonde boy's eyes had hinted at a damn sight more than just baking in the heat.

  • He Came From Above

    It was like Sam had been waiting for just those words. Before Peter could even say more he felt Sam leaning further into his body and reaching to bring him into his own body. He felt the warmth of Sam's bare chest against his own

  • Just For Fun

    He loved to have fun as he aimed his semi erect penis towards the camera. Robert wanted to make sure that the bloke would see it all, the way the foreskin folded around his shaft, the way his balls hung low making an inviting taste treat if that was his thing.

  • Rotten Aim

    I told you that you needed to be dealt with as they used to in my day, that means simply that you drop your trousers and any undergarments you might be wearing, then lay across my lap and I shall administer your punishment.

  • In A Thousand Words

    Thinking of that gave Tyson a wicked little smile. It brought back that night rather vividly too. Least the sudden jerk of his cock seemed to enjoy the memory of it all. Fuck, so did he if he was honest. Jeremy was an ideal date in that he went to another school.

  • The Visitor

    He opened his eyes wide as he saw the desire inside of Alan's eyes, felt it from the trembling flesh that he held in his hands. The boys hips were shaking as he held them and he could feel the mounting tension as the boy stared at him.

  • 17 Please

    Just the way Jay would hold himself in the elevator gave Donny a raging hard on. Nothing he could think about could erase the image of the guy in a tight t-shirt and faded jeans that seemed his daily attire from his mind.

  • Shower Jerk Off

    He had met Brad along the beach. Brad had been one of those that turned out to be a damn bit more. To begin with the guy had no shame and the way he walked along the beach in his shorts, well it was evident to Troy that this guy knew he was hot.

  • Skateboard Slam

    That was when Warden gently touched him with the tips of his fingers, lightly brushing his pubic hairs as his mouth kissed the now swollen head of his cock. It had felt too good and he felt his own hands suddenly leaning on Warden's shoulders.

  • Taking It As It Comes

    Every nerve in his body seemed suddenly on edge as his hand moved down to Sid's waist, feeling the tight band of the shorts. His own body bucked as Sid's free hand had moved down Lestat's back and was tugging now at the back of his shorts.

  • Beach Hook Up

    Despite being dumped on his ass, it didn't Max long to convince Deon that he should model for him. Mind you needed the money that Max talked about helped make his mind up fast too.

  • Solitary Seduction

    The warm goo spread on his hands as he then gently applied the thick lubricant to his erect cock that dangled impatiently in front of his toned body.

  • The Tease

    It was all intoxicating to his young mind and all that he had dreamed came rushing up to his mind now as he felt the eyes watching him. The rush of blood to his cock was making him feel giddy as he let Jordan gaze at him.

  • The Wager

    Slowly Ian turned away from him, showing him his side and with the white of his hips the denims were slipped down and out came the swollen cock. Scott heard his voice moan softly as he witnessed the uncut cock staring out.

  • What Are You Thinking

    The hint of golden flesh showing adding to his thoughts about the young man he had picked up on the road. The way the light brown hair blew across his thin face only added to his fantasy about Brett. Strange, he never brought one of his pick ups here before.

  • The Mistake

    The original scheme had called for them both to fool around and then jerk each other off. Now Bill told him the guy wanted to have James jerk off first, then Bill would do it and then the two of them would get on the bed and do each other again.