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Chapter 2

Jimmy still couldn't quite believe it. How the hell had he missed those signs? More than that, what was going to happen, now that they both were, well outed to each other? Did others at work know, were others at work also, well, also Gay? Man, how could he have been so blind, and yet, to be fair to himself, he really didn't see how he could have known. Scott always talked about his dates, with girls, and there were a few who showed up too, so it wasn't like it was just talk. Or was it?

Staring up at him now, seeing how his eyes were fluttering, his nostrils still flaring a bit from his orgasm, well he looked different. Maybe in some way, he had been looking for something obvious, or maybe he just believed in the bullshit that there were signs? Wouldn't that piss off the religious right, to find out that queers really didn't have some secret sign, or mark, that made them known to other queers.

He felt a smile on his face, as he too realized how exhausted he was feeling, yet he also was feeling a bit, well, horny. The ache in his butt was growing a bit, as he stared at Scott's crotch, wondering what it would feel like? Would he be able to take that massive tool, or would he wusse out at the last second? Then too, was that even in the cards? After all, they did have a kiosk to finish setting up.

'You ready to get back to work sluggard?'

'Me? You the one who made this small break longer than normal, so don't call me a sluggard.'

Scott had a rather thoughtful look on his face, as he smiled, but there was something in his eyes, that told Jimmy that he wasn't perhaps just talking about finishing off the kiosk. Maybe there really was hope for a bit more personal relations between boss and employee?

'You are just lucky I don't dock you for it, come on, we got some shelves to put up still, then start humping in the boxes of product. Think you can manage that?'

'And why wouldn't I be able to do that?'

'I don't know, you young punks tucker out real easy, real men, well, we can keep going for hours.'

Jimmy laughed, as he realized that Scott was indeed talking about more than just the kiosk. Funny, but if he thought about it, well there had been a fair number of those comments before. Problem was, he hadn't just finished sucking the guy off, to realize he had been talking in code.

'Listen old man, I can out hump you any day, anytime.'

'Ya think?'

'Oh, I know it... old man.'

'I might just call your bluff, punk.'

'Go ahead, just make sure you have some oxygen tanks handy, you will need more than one... old man.'

Scott just laughed, and pulled himself upright, and began to turn around, to exit the tight small. His legs brushed up against Jimmy's which made him look down, at Jimmy's still naked lower body. His eyes stared for a few seconds at the moving pole, that seemed to be enjoying the sudden attention.

'Funny, not original, but funny still. Oh, and I have never needed any oxygen, though a few others did, but then, they were about your age... punk.'

With a sort of glazed look in his eyes, Scott left the bathroom stall, letting the door bang a few times. Jimmy heard him wash up quickly, then leave the restroom. He just sat there for a few minutes more, then stood up, pulling his pants back up. There was no doubt that Scott had been talking about doing more, but when?

For a few minutes there, he had thought it would be right there in the bathroom stall, but then they'd never get the kiosk finished. That was one thing about Scott, he took his business seriously. Couldn't be after either, as Scott had talked about this party for the last week or so, which meant that he'd have to whack off a few times at home, to console himself, or would he?

Making his way back, he almost ran into a few people walking through the mall. He had made his apologizes, but it wasn't until he had moved on, that he realized he had missed even checking them out. Turning around, he couldn't help but notice how two of the five guys had pretty good looking butts, yet even as he was looking, he was also comparing them to Scott.

It was like one was nice, a real good bubble butt, yet it just didn't look as good as Scott's butt did. The other, well his was interesting but looked rather flabby, something Scott's behind wasn't. Strange, how he was now comparing guys to his boss. It wasn't like him, to fixate on anyone, even if they did meet his criteria. Yet that was what he was doing as he made his way back to the work area, where the kiosk was.

Turning the last corner he saw Trish, standing next to Scott. Suddenly he felt rather angry, to see her there. She was Scott's latest, or so he had said. It was one reason he hadn't tumbled to those subtle hints, because in all honesty, Trish was a looker. No way would she be hanging out with a fag, or be patient in getting into his pants either. And from what Scott had said about her, sex had definitely been going on between them.

Still, it shouldn't bug him, but it was. He felt his body stiffen, felt the anger inside, the desire to scream at her, to tell her to get his fishy hands off his man. The thought, made him pull up, because Scott wasn't his man. So why did he suddenly want to think he was? Okay, so he was good looking, was the right age, and available, still why did he suddenly assume he was his?

Shaking his head a bit, which got a few looks from some passerby's, he put a grin on his face, and gave a warm hello to Trish. She turned and smiled at him, a sort of look that showed she appreciated his looks, but one that also said he was way out of her league. If she only knew, he thought, as he grinned back and went on to begin gathering brackets to put in place, for the glass shelving.

Scott was talking to her, in a lowered voice, and he couldn't� make any of the words out. Yet he sensed that she wasn't very happy at what he was saying. He wanted to look up, to see what Scott's faced looked like, but he didn't dare. He felt rather giddy inside, still sort of in shock from the break in the bathroom stall.

Maybe Scott was telling her he couldn't go to the party with her, maybe tonight was the night for him calling Jimmy's bluff, though he knew it was no bluff. He was pretty good in the sack, least no one had complained. He also could keep it up, and without needing any blue pill either. In his own mind, he felt rather comfortable in showing Scott, just how much stamina he had. The hard lump in his dick was proof enough. After all, he really did have a good one in the bathroom, but he was ready to go a few more rounds. Least his body seemed to be telling him, specially that ache between his butt cheeks.

Jimmy found his fingers were becoming sweaty, as his mind continued to daydream, to think that tonight wasn't just going to end with the kiosk being ready. Somehow, inside, he felt like Scott was going to make good on his threat.� Time seemed to drag a bit, yet before he knew it, Trish had left, the shelves were all up. All that was left to do, was bring in the inventory & then maybe he could satisfy the growing aches inside. He had managed to avoid staring, too often, yet he knew that when he had, Scott seemed to have been looking too.

Was it maybe regret, or desire? Jimmy wished he could tell, but with� Scott, it just seemed like a blank. He had no clue as to what anything meant, if a small wrinkle or curling up his upper lip was good or a bad sign. He felt totally flustered, as he couldn't help but remember how good Scott had tasted, how powerful his hands had felt, as he held onto Jimmy's hair.

The unpacking and display was moving along, and as Jimmy reached into the last box, he realized Scott was standing by his side. Looking up at him, he couldn't help but notice his bulging basket, then at the way the eyes were looking down at him. He was a bit nervous, nearly dropping the fragile carving in his hands.

Clutching the piece, he felt the perspiration trickling down the back of his neck, and the rather trembling shake of his muscles, as he set the piece onto the shelf. It looked perfect, with the price tag dangling just right. He leaned back on his feet, and turned to once more look at his boss, Scott.


'I see, and without breaking anything, must be a record.'

'For you maybe, I don't break things.'

'Oh, I think you do, but least it isn't my stuff. So, you ready to pack it in?'

Jimmy let his head move down, from staring at Scott's face, to his groin, then lifting his eyebrows, looked back up at him.

'Always reading to uh, pack it in.'

Scott laughed as he reached down with one hand, to push at his groin, adjusting his bulging basket a bit. The lips were curled upwards, giving his face a rather mischievous look.

'I am sure you are, grab your stuff, I'll give you a lift home. Have to make a stop or two on the way.'

Jimmy heard the words, saw the bulge, and yet felt a bit depressed. It was like that was it, there wasn't going to be any later tonight fun, which he had been hoping for. His body seemed to sag, as he thought that the bulge had been for him, but maybe it was for her, instead. Damn he hated this kind of shit.

After all the guy had gotten him pretty revved up earlier, and all this talk, this banter about taking it, about stamina, and now 'packing it in' seemed to say one thing, but mean something totally else. It was a piss off, as he stood up, his own excitement dwindling a bit. Yet he couldn't help but notice how Scott's eyes immediately moved down to check him out, as he stood up.

Maybe the guy was just a tease, a flirt who wasn't really into guys, in the way he was? That could explain why he had such trouble reading him, or figuring out just what he was actually saying. Then too, the way he had cum, it couldn't just be an act, or about a quick blow job for the sake of Cumming, or could it?

He couldn't help but dwell on it while in the front seat next to Scott, as they made their way, inevitably to his place. The first stop was at a local liquor store, which only made him more depressed. He figured Scott was stocking up for his date with Trish. There wasn't much conversation on the way from the mall, to the store, or even as they left it.

Scott seemed preoccupied, and all he could think of was how he wished he could be in Trish's place tonight, being boned by Scott. He was certain she would be, after all, that was what girls like her wanted. Maybe she saw in Scott a way to get up in the world too, as he was young, successful in business, so naturally she'd want to snag him. And what else did she have, but her body? Not that he wasn't above using his, for his needs, but she was so obvious.

As the car stopped in front of some apartment building, he jumped a bit as he realized that Scott was once more staring at him. He turned his face, also realizing at how jealous he was of Trish, and how his thinking about her, was sort of, his way of dampening the disappointment. After all, if Scott was maybe just gay curious, how could he compete with someone like Trish?

'Damn, you are a moody little bitch, aren't you?'

'No, hard to talk when you got some weird crap playing on the radio.'

'Now a music critic I see, okay, so you coming up?'

'Up where? This your place?'

'Give the boy a cigar, yes, or you chickening out already?'

It was only for a second, but his face must of shown his surprise, as Scott laughed and gave him a tap on the shoulder, while undoing his seatbelt. In that instant, Jimmy felt like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders. His body sensed the change, and he could feel the tightness in his pants, as his dick reacted to the sudden news. Trish wasn't the only one to get boned tonight, if at all. He was, and for some inexplicable reason, he felt like it was his first date.

He could feel his face blush, as he fumbled with his own seatbelt, then he nearly fall out of the car, as he tried to hurry out. All Scott could do was laugh at him, which made him giggle himself. Strange, he never considered himself a giggler, and it was odd to hear his shrill half laugh, half chuckle. It also made his face go redder, as he hurried his step, to keep close to Scott.

The brown paper bag was in his hand as they made their way into the building. It really wasn't anything spectacular or expensive looking, yet it was nice. He was a bit busy staring at Scott's backside, seeing how his hips moved, how his legs took large strides. If he didn't know better, he'd have said Scott was in a hurry too.

That perception made him slow down a bit, and relax. The lump in his throat eased, while the lump in his pants seemed to get harder. He couldn't help but keep a huge grin on his face, as he also studied Scott's butt, wondering how it would feel, to slide his own pole between them. Suddenly everything seemed just right, just perfect, as they moved out of the elevator, down the long hallway.

He didn't even notice which floor they were on, as the doors they passed simply had letters on them, not a single number. For all he knew they could be on the second floor or the very top. It didn't really matter as they came to the last door of the hallway, and Scott pulled out his keys. He handed Jimmy the brown bag while he fumbled a bit with the door, then they were inside. A quick click and the place was lit up, looking rather stark, but inviting.

Stepping further inside, he noticed how it was rather empty. Typical straight bachelor pad, and nothing like his own dinky apartment, but then this was much larger. He couldn't help but notice a nice big screen television, some stereo stuff and speakers. Not much else really, other than the rather large sofa. Still it was clean which surprised him as he took his jacket off.

'I just put 'em in the bedroom, it's that door over there.'

Jimmy turned to follow where Scott was pointing and moved over to turn the door handle, to put his jacket inside. He couldn't quite explain it, but it felt like he was being manoeuvred to the bedroom right off, not even a bit of small talk. On the one hand, he felt like he couldn't wait either, yet on the other he felt like maybe it was a bit rushed, a bit, well cheap.

Opening the bedroom door, he could tell that it was the one room that Scott used. There was an opened bottle of cologne spray on the end table, of a rather massive looking bed. A lamp, along with an opened box of condoms, lay next to the spray bottle. The other end table had the alarm clock, but what he noticed the most, was that the bed was made. The guy had to be queer, no straight bachelor ever bothered to make their bed, least none that he had ever known.

He could feel Scott's eyes on him as he stared at the inside. The smell of his cologne was all over the room, and from behind him too. He felt nervous, felt himself wiping the palms of his hands on his pants, as he turned around, to ask where to put the jacket. As he did, he saw that look, that hunger, in Scott's eyes. He felt a small tremor inside, as he just tossed the jacket off to one side, not caring where it landed.

'Guess that means you don't want a drink first?'

'Not unless you do.'

Scott lowered his eyes, staring at Jimmy's crotch. He watched as he licked his lips, then let his eyes look upwards at him. It felt so sexy, so damn erotic, that he couldn't help but let his hand move down the side of his body, to rest just by the lump in his pants. He pulled back a bit, on the pants, accentuating the bulge. There was no mistaking the eager look flashing in those eyes.

'I think the drinks can wait, uh, there are perhaps more pressing matters to delve into.'

Jimmy laughed, as he spread his legs a bit further apart, hooking his thumbs into his belt. He stared hard at Scott, as his body stiffened. There was no mistaking Scott's desire, no error in thinking he wanted him. He wanted to ask about Trish, was about to, when he realized, screw it. All that mattered right now, was to satisfy that hungry look in Scott's face.

He watched Scott's eyes widen, as he quickly tore off his clothes. A few popping sounds, a few gasps too, as he tossed his clothes out of the way, and stood in front of Scott, totally nude. His hard dick was aimed right at Scott, then he moved a step or two backwards, then sat down on the bed. He heard it creak a bit, as he pulled himself further up onto the bed, his eyes never leaving Scott's face.

'Uh, you don't waste much time, do you punk?'

'Not when they are your age, old people tend to forget things, or what they are doing.'

Scott laughed as he took a step back, and slowly, with his eyes fixed on Jimmy's naked body, began to undress himself. He took his time, watching how Jimmy looked at his every move, at how his fingers deftly undid the buttons, letting the shirt hand open. At how he slowly unzipped his pants, pushing them down his long legs, leaving his underwear covering his groin. Jimmy could feel the excitement building, knowing that Scott was playing him, just as he played some of his own dates.

It was all rather nice, to be on the receiving end, watching the man reveal his naked body in slow steady steps. How he saw the dark chest hair flashing beneath the open shirt, to suddenly being totally visible. How the legs appeared darker, thanks to the hair, but all he could think about was what lay under those tight shorts.

Jimmy could feel his own body trembling in anticipation, noticed how Scott kept a close watch on him too. The way he would glance up, to find Scott's eyes peering right at his wavering dick. How those eyes looked so longingly at his dick, which made him reach down, to give it a quick tug, a little push towards Scott's direction.

He saw the little shudder, the way the muscles in the thighs shook, and he smiled to himself, as he let his finger run underneath the cap of his head, making his dick quiver a bit. There was no mistaking how excited Scott was becoming, as he no longer was taking his time.

Jimmy had glanced away, briefly, to stare at his hard cock, and the sudden feeling of the bed moving, made him quickly look back towards Scott. The older man was already next to him, his eyes looking at Jimmy, then down at his cock. His mouth looked dry, but his eyes were glowing, as his hand moved out, to rest lightly on Jimmy's knee. The fingers tighten and pressed deeply into his flesh, then the man's strength pulled, making his legs spread further apart, exposing all of his groin.

'I think I will have a drink.' he softly said, as Jimmy watched his head come down and block out his own vision. He felt the hand move up and push at his other leg, widening the space between his legs. He could feel the hot breath, as his head tilted back, one hand resting lightly on Scott's head.

It wasn't as he had expected, but the sudden grip around the base of his cock, made him suddenly moan. Then he felt the jolt inside, felt the growing tremor rushing through his whole body, as his legs spread a bit further, his toes began to ache. Scott had taken hold of his cock, and the lips were already moving down the cock head, the tongue licking at the oozing precum.

Jimmy felt his hand tightening around Scott's hair, as the wet mouth slid further down his burning pole. He felt his lungs exhale, as he felt the lips holding onto the flesh, as the mouth slid even further down. His whole body felt like it was on fire, as Scott sucked on him, moving up and down his pole, like a bloody suction machine. Jimmy felt like he couldn't hold back, as his hips began to try and arch upwards, to drive more of his cock into the warm wet mouth. He heard himself moaning, as he put both hands on top of Scott's head, pushing it down as hard as he could.

The press of his nose into the soft belly only made him moan more, but Scott was a lot stronger, as he pulled up suddenly, panting a bit as he looked sideways at Jimmy. Then he quickly moved his body up and was taking Jimmy's face into his hands, and kissing him hard full on the lips. He could smell his own scent, as he opened his lips, to let Scott's tongue dive deep inside. His body shook, as Scott had hold of his dick, stroking it while kissing him. It was unbelievable, as he tasted his own pre cum, then as he was trying to kiss back, he felt his chest heave. His body was aching everywhere, as he felt Scott's hands down at his legs, felt his body cross over his, and rest in between his spread legs.

He knew what was coming, but was enjoying the hard press of Scott's body on his, at how his hands moved up and down his sides, at how they touched his legs, pushing them even further apart. He moaned more, as his own hands were grabbing at every possible reachable part of Scott, when he felt the lips around one nipple, the one hand reaching under his buttocks. He cried out as he found himself being flipped over onto his side, Scott now behind him.

The sudden press of fingers between his cheeks made him moan softly, as he felt the sudden pain of his buttocks being pushed apart. Then the hard raspy tongue was licking at him, just above his crack. Every nerve inside was tingling, as he bit into the pillow, struggling to not cry out, as he felt the rolling waves of pleasure going through every part of his body.

The tongue was digging at his insides, licking him hard and then softly, twirling around his tight pink hole but not touching more than the edges. He felt it pucker, felt the need to have it touched, as he pushed his torso back, trying to direct that raspy tongue to where he wanted it. Scott continued to ignore his needs, until his body once more shook in an uncontrollable spasm of pleasure.

He felt his butt quiver, felt the ache growing around his hole, as the tongue moved all around the small pink hole. He felt the muscles coil, felt the desire become almost unbearable, making him cry out, in a begging tone, wanting Scott to do him, to fill him.

There was no answer, just the tongue moving around his hole, the fingers digging in even deeper, pulling at his flesh, widening the gap between his two cheeks. He moaned now, adding more pleas to what seemed deaf ears, when he felt the first touch. Jimmy nearly shot his load, as his cock jerked, as his whole body shuddered.

Scott's tongue suddenly had stopped playing with him, and was now diving past his hole, spreading it open by its own strength. He felt the tip slide past his muscle, diving deep inside to lick at the soft velvet lining of his flesh. He cried out, one hand pounding the bed, as Scott's tongue licked him hard and deep.

His body twisted and turned, as sweat poured from every open pore on his body. The tongue moved up and down, side to side, then out, then in. He felt his body shaking, felt his cock jerking, felt his balls aching threatening to unleash their precious milk at any second. He cried out, trying to hold it back, desperate to but knowing he couldn't. His voice echoed in the room, as his body could no longer holdback.

The words seemed lost in the big bedroom, but suddenly found himself back on his back. Over top of him was Scott, and his cock was quickly being engulfed into the older man's mouth, just as his body gave one last shudder. The pain in his groin was replaced by a sudden rushing sensation, as his body exploded.

He felt the cum leaving his body, felt it quickly filling Scott's mouth. He heard a short gagging sound, but his ears were quickly filled by the thunder of his own heart, as he reached down and up, to grab hold of Scott's head. Jimmy held it tightly, as his whole body arched up, driving his cock further into Scott's mouth. He felt his cum coating the sides of his exploding cock, making him quiver even more, making his body jerk harder.

As the last of his cum trickled out, he felt the cool air, felt the press of Scott's body on top of his leaning off to one side. Drops of something wet fell onto his heaving chest, as Scott move across, then back again. He felt the hands pulling and pushing at his still shaking body. His mind was still reeling from the waves of pleasure, when he found himself facing the door, the pillow off to one side. He could hear some noise, but couldn't make them out.

His body was still shaking, when he felt the hands moving his legs, pushing him harder onto his side, one hand suddenly running between his cheeks, moist and rough. Jimmy felt his body shaking, as there was suddenly hard being wedged between his cheeks. He moved a bit, to try and look over his shoulder, but he couldn't. The hard press of something very solid was now at his hole, and he realized that he was about to be penetrated.

It all came to him, in that instant. The reaching over was for the condoms, the big thick object was Scott's dick, and as he sucked in air, he felt the first jolt of pain begin to enter his body. His legs stiffened, as Scott pushed a bit harder, one hand pushing his leg apart, his upper body resting on Jimmy's. He felt his hot breath on the side of his face, smelled the mixture of cum, of sweat, as he felt the hard lancing pain tearing into his body.

For a moment, he thought he couldn't take it, his scream nearly out of his throat. Then he felt the muscle inside surrender, felt the hard thick head slide past and enter him. He cried out, but not from pain, but from pleasure, as Scott's cock drove into his body. He felt its thickness, just as his mouth had earlier that day. God, to think of how big it had been, to think it was now inside of him, made him shake. His hands hit the bed, he bit the blanket, as he pushed his hips backwards, wanting more of the big cock to penetrate him.

Jimmy felt the press of Scott's body up against his, felt it drive him forward a bit, as the groin pressed into his butt. He moaned now, as slowly Scott began to pull back, to hopefully drive it back in, and he wasn't disappointed. The sudden thrust forward made him cry out, made his body shudder again, made his legs tighten. He couldn't believe how full he felt, how his whole body seemed to be filled by the hard cock.

In and out it went, slow and deliberate, then suddenly the speed picked up. He could feel it jack hammer into his body, the sounds of Scott's thigh slapping up against his butt cheeks. He felt each thrust which made him cry out, made him moan constantly. The hard thrusts didn't seem to stop, as Scott began to change up. He would push in hard, then very slowly pull back, then several quick hard hammering thrusts, then back to a more regular rhythm.

Jimmy could feel his body shaking, feel it being drenched in sweat both from his own perspiration, as well as from the torrent dripping off onto his body from Scott. Off in the distance he could hear other sounds, but his own ears could only hear his own cries, along with the thunder of his heart, as his pulse continued to race. His chest ached, as the hard cock continued to dig into his body. He could feel the veins pulsing as they pushed past his tingling nerves.

Every part of him seemed coiled, as the big dick dove in, then slowly pulled back. His toes were curling, the muscles everywhere, were protesting, yet he couldn't stop it. Instead he could hear himself begging for more, pleading for more, which Scott seemed willing to do. The thrusts grew quicker, then deeper too. He felt his whole body being pounded, felt it slide across the bed with each hammering blow into his body, when finally the distant noise became distinguishable. He could hear Scott crying out, hear his hard panting breath blowing across his face, then suddenly it was gone.

The head of the cock was still inside him, then suddenly it was racing into his body faster than before. He felt Scott's body crash into his, felt his whole body push forward, sliding forward from the force of the blow against his buttocks. He felt the cock inside thicken, felt it swelling up, then he felt it. The whole cock seemed to shake, to jerk wildly and bang Jimmy's inside.

Just as suddenly as it had been driven in, he felt the sudden emptiness inside. He cried out, begging for its return, but as the words escaped his lips, hot burning stings blew across his quivering cheeks. He flinched, as he felt the burning liquid strike him everywhere. His voice was hoarse, as he heard the hard panting breath, felt it once more across his face, then he felt the sudden weight on his body.

His legs trembled, as his body took the weight, as more gobs of hot liquid seemed to dribble down between his cheeks, and across them. He could hear Scott's heavy breathing, hear his own, as his body quivered, as the hot burning liquid cooled, drying quickly on his hot flesh. He felt not only his own body shaking, but Scott's too. It was strange, to feel so exhausted, yet be unwilling to let it end.

In a croaking voice he heard himself taunting Scott.

'That all you got Old Man?'


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