• Screams of Joy

    Dan would push his whole body in, rubbing his groin into Mark's face, making him gag more, and as he did, he would yell at him, and slap his backside. His hands would reach over to grab his cheeks and also make his cock go further down Mark's throat.

  • Hanging Out

    His own hands moved down the front of Chase's body, touching and caressing the shivering body. His hand reached between the shirt and skin, and moved down. He could feel the muscles of Chase's belly rippling as he rubbed the hot skin with his hand.

  • Little Off The Top

    His eyes widened but he opened his mouth quickly, feeling the hot pole pushing inwards. He choked a little as the cock was jammed inwards, and he wrapped his lips around the throbbing shaft, as Brian moved it in and out slowly. He fed him his cock for what seemed several minutes, with one hand ...

  • Morning Coffee

    His lips crushed into Ron's and Ron felt his body shake. It was like being on fire, the heat was unbearable, and the sudden pain in his groin was amazing as he felt the moist lips on his own. He moaned as his own hands moved to hold the younger man's body.

  • Just Routine

    Every now and then, as he stroked the cock, Don would moan softly, which only added to the moment. It made Trevor's body shiver at times. The sounds always made him hornier as it would spur his hand onwards. It would begin to move faster and at times, Don would have to just stop his cleaning.

  • Thrill Seeker

    Dan was an adrenalin junkie, though not quite how some would expect. Sure he was athletic and had the body to match his urge for extreme activities, but it was his penchant for doing things, where the risk of being caught was more important to him than whether or not he could do the task.

  • Lawn Boy Fantasy

    He found that through the entire summer, he would try to find ways to entice Reed to come in or to talk with him. Not like they hadn't before, but now he would make excuses, find odd jobs that enabled him to get a good look at the handsome young man.

  • The Nightmare

    Maybe it was the way Craig looked, his body and his always walking around their dorm room half naked. Rarely did the guy walk in and not take his shirt off at least. Most of the time he would immediately walk in, strip totally naked then wrap a towel around his flat belly, and go for a shower.

  • Moving In

    He could feel the excitement building inside as well, as this was his first attempt at something more than a one nighter or a weekend fling. He had been "dating" Ryan for nearly three months now. A record for him..

  • Secret Love Slave

    Bruce laughed to himself as he felt the precum oozing around his cock, thinking of Ross and his cock. How he would slowly slide it down his butt cheeks, making them open wider as the huge moist cock head travelled down the sweat soaked crack.

  • The Business Lunch

    Russ placed the head and began to slowly slide it down between his cheeks. Tom felt the flesh shivering at the touch and he bit his lower lip as the head reached his pink hole. He felt like screaming as he realized just how fucking big that cock head was.

  • Old Haunts

    While it became clear to him, Colin had suddenly leaned over and wrapped his arms around Taylor. His hot breathe made Taylor tingle a little as he held the trembling body of his friend in his own arms.

  • Playing Through

    His eyes stared up into Carlos' face. There was a small smile across the face and the eyes were staring hard at Conrad. He felt a lump in his throat as he wondered what was going to happen, when Carlos chuckled a little and his hand moved away from Conrad's groin.

  • Full Contact

    He wanted more, and he could hear his own voice begging for more, urging the man on top to go faster, to send the hot pole deeper into his body. His hips arched upwards to meet the downward thrust.

  • The Audition

    Martin needed the money and the ad had been pretty specific as to what they were looking for. Sex and someone who had a decent piece of equipment, which he thought he met. Though looking at some of the guys around, he wondered if it would be enough.

  • In Flight Service

    It felt good pressing into his ass cheeks, and the little moan from next to his ear told him that the guy was enjoying himself. The hand suddenly moved out and were yanking on Jean-Paul's pants before he knew it.

  • Climbing the Ladder

    He let Ross take him inside one and close the door behind him. Then once more he felt the hot press of lips on his as his pants were undone. They dropped quickly to the ground, as the mans hands tugged at his shorts, finally pushing them down.

  • Maximum Refresh Rate

    He could feel his hand reaching through the open bath robe he was wearing, and lightly caressing his groin. The mere thought of Carl, sitting in the big armchair, legs drawn up to his chin, his bare feet dangling over the edge made Rodney shiver in anticipation.

  • The After Party

    He glanced out the side window to see it fogged over and he turned back to stare at Todd. There was a slight chill in his stomach and finally he realized that his pants were open, that his underwear was slid down and his cock was sticking out, hard and pulsing.

  • Afternoon Round Up

    His arms gently guided Billy over towards the small pile of remaining hay and then he made him lay down on it. He stood towering over the lad and just looked at him as slowly he undid the belt buckle and then popped open the button to the pants.

  • Should Have Listened

    Steve felt the cock pushing in and pulling out, a rhythm suddenly developing as Mark was face fucking him. He pulled his tongue out of the way and tried to open his throat more to accommodate the pulsing pole that now pushed in and out with a rather strident force.

  • Tims First Time

    The way Josh had surprised him by turning him over and spreading his butt apart, to tenderly run his finger down his butt crack, then to slowly and deliberately tease his hole. Man, he could still feel that rolling wave of pleasure that seemed to never end.

  • Out of Towner

    Sitting on his couch they shared a bottle of red wine and well, things naturally progressed and before he knew it, shy reserved Joe had disappeared. The guy was a bit of sex nut once he had felt the green light had been given.

  • Pompus Ass - Hell of a Fuck

    He couldn't believe he had taken that monster cock. Thinking of it still made him wince as he clearly remembered the searing pain as State Assemblyman Howard R Muenster the 3rd had penetrated his ass last night.

  • Kicked Off

    Jocks weren't exactly high on his list of favourite people but then he did enjoy their bodies, the smooth muscular thighs, the always tanned golden flesh of those chests, mostly devoid of any real hair, given they were just 18 or 19 for the most part.

  • Craigs Bedroom

    The way Zac had twisted his long thick cock deep inside of Craig's ass was something he wasn't used to. Nor was he used to the different ways Zac kept positioning him, to make sure he felt every inch of that monster prick as it ploughed hard into his butt.

  • Holiday Affair

    Thinking back, he wished he had taken out his video recorder. The whole strip number was something out of a porn flick. Well better actually as he had twirled the shirt, had even swatted him with it in a playful manner. It all made him aware of just how good looking Chris was.

  • Getting Ready

    He was firmly impaled on that cock and it wouldn't let up until Will had been pleased. God how he could fuck too. The quick hard jabs into his body, the refusal to lessen it no matter how much he pleaded.

  • Bus Stop Pick Up

    His age looked to be on the youngish side but the stubble around his chin said he at least could shave. The lips, Christ the lips were a nice thin pink that made you dream about spreading them apart and diving into the mouth or better yet, to have them wrapped around a nice throbbing cock.

  • Fries With That

    The image of a man on his knees, hidden from everyone else while he stood in full view. His pants wrapped at his ankles while his stiff dick was firmly planted into some guy's mouth was definitely a rush.