Brian closed his bedroom door, and flopped down onto his bed. He could hear his older Sister in her room, nattering away with her girlfriends, even though it was after 1am. They had just gotten home, and as usual, he had been the third wheel, thanks to the dumb ass choices Beth kept making for boyfriends. He was really getting tired of it all, and he had vowed that he wouldn't do it anymore, until he met her latest, Zac.

He was a freshmen at College, and shared a class with Beth, which had him thinking of maybe applying to the local college himself, after he finished this year at High School. He was just eighteen, did okay with his grades, and even had managed to get on some second squads for both Baseball and Basketball. Zac on the other hand, was nearly twenty, but was a prize sports catch. Least that is how his dumb ass sister referred to him.

There was a definite mean streak in her, he thought, as he began to undress, to figure out just what a sap he had been. To begin with, he was pretty certain she had an inkling that he was gay, that he liked guys. Oh, she never said anything, but how she had conned him to be the driver for her dates the last few months, had him wondering.

It wasn't like he had much of a choice either. She was the darling of their parent's and as she had lost her license, and he hadn't, well, it was expected that he giver her rides, when possible. Least that is how his Father had put it, which pretty well meant he had been relegated to being her Chauffer. Somehow that included taking her and her damn boyfriends up to Hurricane Ridge.

The last guy she had been dating, was rather a boring jock, just as he had figured the new one would be. Boy was he wrong. Colin had been her last, and frankly he was rather glad they had broken up last week. The guy rarely spoke to him, or even acknowledged that he existed. In some ways that was okay, but man, the guy was boring.

Brian had taken them up to 'the Ridge' five times. Each time had been the same, some hard kissing in the back, then a hand up her blouse, then his head down between her legs, then some grunting, and it was over. If anyone had looked in the window, they wouldn't have seen shit. Good old Colin was bashful, with baby brother in the front seat.

Then too, according to Beth, he never did ever get naked in front of her either. Even when they did find some private secluded spot. The guy was a dud, and his consignment to the boyfriend dustbin didn't make him shed any tears. Now Zac, tonight's latest fling, was very different.

For starters, Brian thought he was rather good looking. He didn't have a face full of zits like Colin, and he had a nice smile. His nose had a slight bend to it, but that was from being broken a few times. Zac was a football jock, and it showed too. His body wasn't flabby, and you could tell he worked out. Not just during football season either, but that he did it regularly.

His biggest edge over Colin was that he was nice. He didn't ignore Brian, actually talked to him, made him feel like he wasn't just a taxi driver or something. When they had stopped for burgers, he had even asked Brian what he wanted, and treated him to it, as well. Beth told him he didn't have to, but he insisted, which made him rise in Brian's estimation. The guy had some class, too bad his sister didn't.

It wasn't that he was muscle bound either. Sure he had a well build body, his chest was well defined, his stomach flat and rippled with muscles. Yet his arms weren't huge bulging humps nor were his legs. Still he wouldn't have minded being squeezed by them. Though that was just wishful thinking, as Zac was 100% straight, a true breeder.

Stretching out on his bed, he realized that he had actually enjoyed the night, being out on a date with Beth & Zac. Granted, he didn't sit near them at the movie, but he did notice how smooth Zac was. How he had managed his arm around her, how he had leaned closer to whisper to her, then never moved back. How he had her wrapped around his little finger, long before the movie had ended.

Brian was pretty sure he had felt her up in the theatre, as well. The way she was so flushed when they were leaving, and that wasn't an easy thing to accomplish with his tramp of a Sister. She was like an open invitation, in his eyes, so to have her all flustered was a rare treat for him. Colin never even made her blink, let alone get all giggly and girlish.

He could tell that Zac had hit the right buttons too. The way she kept staring at him and holding his hand as they headed back to the car. How she had almost shouted at Brian, to take them up to 'The Ridge' was rather amusing. He could tell she was horny, at how she licked her lips, how she kept reaching over to kiss him, to touch his chest, was a dead giveaway.

It was when Zac had asked him to stop at the all night grocery store, that cinched it for Brian. He told Beth to wait, and asked Brian to join him inside. It was a bit strange, as he tried to keep up with Zac's rather long strides, and it was only after they were out of ear shot, that Zac started talking to him.

None of his sister's dates ever really talked to him, or even bothered. Zac was different, and he told Brian how he appreciated him driving them around, and he hoped taking them up to The Ridge wasn't too uncomfortable for him. He also said that maybe Brian would want to grab some chips or soda, for while they were up there, on his tab.

It was nice, to be thought of, and for a second he had felt himself becoming attracted to Zac. For a brief moment he had felt his own body react, which was unusual for him. None of her dates had ever really excited him, but Zac seemed way different. It wasn't just his looks, but how he treated him, as if Brian was a person. That alone was different.

Still it was weird watching the guy buy a package of condoms, knowing they were for later on. After all, she was his sister. Watching him buy them, he wondered if he was one of those, who just unzipped, or did he take it all off? Did he have an uncut dick, or was he circumcised? Questions he rarely thought about with the others, but this seemed way different.

As they made their way to the checkout, he managed to catch a few good glances at Zac's rear. The way he filled out the jeans, those two orbs looking so inviting. Brian felt he wouldn't mind sticking his face between them, to taste and smell Zac's manhole. Course he would like to do a lot more than taste it, which had surprised him.

He actually was horny, feeling his own dick get hard, as they made their way back to the car. Zac had insisted on getting him some cold soda, and chips too. As they headed back, he couldn't help but admire the guy's butt, so much so, that he didn't notice it had begun to rain either.

Judging by how his sister had acted after the movie, he was pretty certain that rain wouldn't stop her from wanting him to wait outside. It had happened once before, but the guy never lasted beyond that one night. Still, it had been friggin cold out, and he had gotten the sniffles as a result. He had vowed he'd never wait outside, and tough shit if the latest didn't like him being in the front. They could either get their own wheels, or find a place to take the bitch. Bad enough he had to put up with their grunts, never mind get a cold afterwards.

He also felt rather angry, because this one seemed to be a good one. Not only was he nice, but Brian realized he rather was curious to see how he performed, if he was just all show, or was there more to him. Did his act go on, when the clothes were off, or not?

As they approached the top of the Ridge, he felt nervous. His palms were sweating, and he could feel a slight flush around his cheeks as well. For an odd reason he was excited about the possibility of seeing Zac performing with is sister. That last part, was a bit icky, but his thoughts were more centered on seeing Zac. After all, he might be straight, but damn he was hot.

To see him partially nude, with a hard on, was worth pushing to stay inside too, even if it hadn't been raining. While the drive up had been the two of them, in the back, smooching, he had noticed a few things. How Zac would toss his head, at times, how his eyes seemed to sparkle a bit, after some really good kissing, and how he managed to slip a hand under her blouse, surprising even her. She was such a slut, at times. Yet he seemed rather expert in making her follow his lead.

Normally she was the one who set the tempo, who set the pace, but not with Zac. He had her well under control by the time he found a decent parking spot. She looked up at him, as he killed the motor, and the rain began to thrum on the roof. Her voice was husky as she told him to get out, that they'd honk when ready to leave. He was about to argue, when Zac told her it was okay, that it was wet and cold out.

She didn't argue with him, which surprised Brian. More than that, he felt rather relieved because he really wanted to stay, to watch. For a moment or two, his eyes had met Zac's. He was a bit surprised when Zac winked at him, telling him that he should stay, and asked if he'd turn the radio up. It was like he knew, or so it felt like he did. The way he had smiled, all made it seem like some grand conspiracy.

He had quickly turned the volume up, as Zac just grinned, then turned to look at his sister. He turned the charm on her, which seemed to make her forget all about wanting her way. She didn't say a word, as Zac kissed her, and that was it, the show was on.

Brian lay out on his bed, thinking of how Zac had taken control over them both. Not just Beth, but him as well. How he had gotten him to do what he asked, without fuss. It was quite the feat, considering how put out he had been feeling at the beginning. Now, thinking about it, he had to admit it had been a nice date, even if he didn't get to sample the goodies.

Just remembering the night was making him horny, again. Hell, he had almost shot his load a few times during the night's romp up on The Ridge, and that was from just watching. The way Zac moved in the confined seat of the back, was amazing. It made Brian want to see him play football, because if he moved that well in a confined space, just imagine what he'd do in an open field.

Screw the open field, he thought, he'd rather seem him performing on his bed. The idea of Zac spreading him out, of undoing his shirt, like he had done to Beth. The way he had her blouse open without her even realizing it, was a neat trick. He wished it had been him opening the eyes and realizing that his chest was exposed, instead of her.

His eyes couldn't help but widen, as he watched how his hands moved up and down her body, how his body seemed to move in time with them. How he held her down, with his body weight, while he paid close attention to her chest, while his hands seemed to move down.

To think of those lips of his wrapped around one of his nipples, instead of her breast, made him reach out for the bottle of lubricant on his night table. The whole night had become a once in a lifetime moment. Least he thought so. Beth, well she was still in heaven, he thought, plus the whole experience meant that perhaps there would be an encore performance.

That idea made him grin, and stare down at his hard cock. The lights were off in his room, as he flipped open the top of the lube bottle, and poured a generous amount of the goo into the palm of his hand. Brian felt the tremors inside, as he imagined Zac leaning down over him, his teeth nibbling at each of his nipples.

Brian pinched one, while he ran his other hand down his throbbing pole. The cool liquid coated every inch of his hot pole, as his mind saw Zac's face over him. He could see the eyes flashing, the way his lips were spread apart, the tips of his teeth just showing. Then the hair covered his vision, as he felt the sharp bite on one nipple, knowing that Zac was biting. Then he could feel the tongue licking at the nipple, and around it.

Moaning a bit, his hand began to reach down and pull up on his scrotum, coating it with the last of the lube. His body began to ache a bit, as he felt the tongue licking at the centre of his chest, then moving towards his other nipple. He felt it being licked, then teased by the teeth, before it was sucked for a few moments. His chest began to ache, as his breathing became a bit more rapid, his hand wanting to move faster, but his mind refusing, wanting to enjoy every possible thought.

His eyes were shut tight, as his hand moved up and down his naked chest, towards his belly then back up. Brian felt the muscles underneath, felt them rolling away from his own caress, imagining it to be Zac's hand. He could see it happening, feel it even, as he moaned a bit more, squirming a little on his bed. It really felt good, to imagine Zac touching him, taking him to the point, just as he had done with Beth.

How he had moved his body up and down, his tongue licking at her, would be exactly how he would do it to Brian. The way his head moved from side to side, while his hand had slipped down, to caress the thighs, to make them spread apart, just as his were now spread. The way he had worked, his hand digging down under her waist band, would be how he would do it to Brian, if he ever wanted to.

His mind clouded for a bit, knowing it would never happen, but the moment, along with the images, were more powerful. Brian felt himself floating, felt his body being lifted and transported to another place, to where there was no Beth, no squealing of pain from her, instead it was all replaced, with him. He was now Beth, laying in the back, under Zac's powerful body.

Groaning, he felt his cock thicken even more, felt the soft press of lips against his belly, knowing it was Zac. He felt his legs ache, felt them stiffen a bit as they spread out. One leg banging up against his wall, which he ignored, as he felt the hands around his hips, felt them caress him.

His whole body shook, as he felt the hands moving between his legs, running along the top, then moving down and across his inner thighs. He could feel Zac's hot breath on his stomach, feel the tongue licking at his belly button, while a hand reached upwards, to poke at his groin.

The way he felt the fingers pushing down under his balls, at how they found his crack, and quickly seemed to move upwards, spreading his cheeks. He moaned more, as he felt his hips lift up, to give Zac's hand space to move underneath his cheeks. He could feel the fingers probing, feel them find his manhole, feel them tease it, move around and hint at more. He licked his lips, as he felt the finger poking at the hole, then pull back, then poke it again, and tease him more.

His body was bathed in sweat, as was the one above him. He could feel the heat, as their bodies lay together, as the fingers poked, and then the sharp pain of penetration came racing upwards. His entire body leapt upwards, his legs spread far apart, as he bit down on his lower lip.

Brian saw the hair above him, saw how it was soaked with sweat. Saw too, the eyes that were blazing with desire, how sharp they looked, how it made his heart ache, his chest heave, as he looked up into Zac's eyes. It was amazing, to feel his pulse racing so fast, to feel the throb of Zac's hard penis poking into his belly, as he leaned up and kissed him fully on the mouth. How sweet he tasted, the slight saltiness from his sweat, mingling with his own special taste.

It made him squirm, made his whole body begin to throb, as he felt the kiss, felt the press of lips on his, then the tongue swirling inside of his own mouth. How good it all tasted, how hard it made him. The moans were nearly constant now, as his body continued to tremble, as Zac went down once more, kissing his chest, his belly, then suddenly he felt the wetness around his cock head.

His body arched upwards again, as he drove his cock into the willing mouth. He could feel the teeth as his hard pole pushed past, to bury itself deep into the willing mouth. It felt so good, as the lips wrapped around the shaft, slowing its drive, but not denying its entry. He cried out a soft whimpering sound, as he felt his cock bang into Zac's mouth, then move into the recess of the mouth.

Brian could feel the tongue licking at the underside of his shaft, feel it lick at the bulging veins that were filled with his blood, as the lips pressed tighter around the whole shaft. He could even feel his hot breath on his pubic hairs, as his cock was sucked. He cried out in a muffled voice, as he felt the head twist a bit, sucking on his pole. Then it moved up slowly, pulling at the hot flesh of his pole, to twist more as it held his cock by the head only.

The waves of pleasure were unreal, as he felt his balls sling upwards, then fall down. He felt the pain in his balls, as the mouth released his cock, and suddenly was buried underneath his shaft, licking and sucking at his balls. He moaned a bit louder, as his hands thrashed on either side. The bed creaked, as he felt two powerful hands lifting his ass cheeks upwards, spreading them apart, as they lifted him up. He felt the raspy tongue suddenly lick at his crack, then it was moving upwards, licking at his hidden valley. Right up to his manhole, he felt the tongue licking.

His body shook, as the tip of the tongue was licking at his hole, then suddenly curled up and poked at his hole. He groaned, his hands reaching out to grab the bed sheets. He balled them up into his fist, as he felt the tongue dig up into his hole, tasting his insides.

It was almost more than he could stand, as he cried out, his head rolling from side to side. His mind continued to play the images across his closed eyelids. His whole body shook, as swirling mists floated around the image of Zac's heaving chest, of his hairy legs.

He could see the hairs standing up, as his whole body now loomed over him, as his own legs were lifted up and placed over his head. One was wedged up against the back window, the other dangling over the back of the front seat. He could see the fogged windows too, the drops of rain still pelting them, rolling down, as Zac's sweat soaked face stared down at him.

'Yes, oh yes' he heard himself moan, as he felt the hard cock being wedged between his upraised cheeks. He could feel it throb, feel it swell as it was wedged tightly up against his pole. The thin condom was barely noticeable, as he bit his lower lip, staring between his upraised legs, at Zac's drawn face.

The penetration was like nothing he had ever felt before. It was both excruciatingly painful, yet amazingly beautiful too. His body shook, shuddered, as the hard cock slowly spread his hole open, as it slowly penetrated into his soft insides. He felt himself crying out, felt himself quivering, as every muscle inside shook. Each nerve inside, seemed to be tingling, as the hard cock penetrated past his tiny pink muscle, and stretched his insides. He could feel them protesting the thickness, yet giving in to it. He felt the pain, as it turned into a dull ache inside.

Brian felt his body quiver, felt the racing waves of pleasure seeking out every nerve in his body, as the huge shaft began to push inwards. His body struggled with the thick pole, but as it moved in, it seemed to pull it in, even more. He ached for it all, and could feel it drive deeper into his body, than any cock ever had before. He felt the lining inside growing hot, felt it begin to burn, as Zac's hard pole continued its relentless drive inwards.

He could feel Zac's sweat dropping onto his belly, a steady stream of hot salty perspiration. Just as the rain pounded the roof of the car, he felt the same drumming on his belly. Each drop making his body shake, making him moan. Each drop adding to the growing stream of sweat that flowed down his body, as the huge cock rested deep inside of him.

Brian could feel Zac tremble, then twist his hips to each side, making the hard pole inside jerk and twist, as well. He felt it begin to pull out, but not far, before it was once more driven back inside. It began to develop a steady rhythm, that grew faster and faster with each drop of rain on the roof. It was like it was in tune with nature itself, as it began to speed up, to pull out, then drive back in.

Faster it went, making him moan constantly. He could feel it swell, feel it stretch the condom to where he thought it might even burst, but it didn't. He felt the cock slice into his body, felt it like it was a hot poker as the speed only got faster and faster. He found his body shaking, felt the legs above him grow numb as he held them up with his hands. His knuckles white from the pressure he was using, to keep them up, to keep them spread apart, as he took the hard cock deep into his body.

It was amazing, at how hard it was, at how fast it moved inside of his body. He couldn't believe the constant pounding that he was taking, at how good it felt. Brian could feel his own cock, flopping against his hard belly, feel it strike the burning flesh of his belly, as Zac jack hammered his hole.

The way his balls ached, the way his cheeks clenched and his cock jerked, Brian knew he was close, too close. He didn't want it to end, to stop. His head was soaked, as he kept twisting and turning, as the hard pole pounded into him. His toes curled up as he felt the thrusts grow more intense, more meaningful. They had gotten slower, as Zac was reaching his own point of surrender.

Brian struggled to not shoot, to hold back until Zac had cum. He opened his eyes to stare at the man's face, to see how his face muscles were all constricted. To see how his eyes were shut tight, how his head was tilted backwards. The hair was nothing but long soaked strands of matted clumps, as the hard thrusts grew more intense. He felt his whole body jump with each thrust into him.

The cock inside jerked, and suddenly he felt the pressure of the cock head pull back, then suddenly jerk forward. It struck hard, the whole body grinding into him. He felt himself push back into the door, heard himself cry out, as the cock inside swelled, and suddenly trembled. It sent a rolling tremor through his whole body.

He could hear Zac's breathing stop, felt his whole body become almost motionless, as the moment approached, took charge. Brian felt the muscles inside of Zac contracting, twisting, then suddenly releasing. The press into his body made him yelp with pain, as he felt the cock inside shudder, felt it swell, as the rushing cum came roaring through its insides, to pour out of the swollen cock head.

Brian felt the condom swell, felt it stretch as the cock poured out its milk, and then he felt the whole weight of Zac's body come crashing down onto him. His hands let go of his ankles, his legs wrapping around the heaving lower torso. His toes ached, as he felt the heaving body resting on top of his own shaking body. The cock was still inside of him, jerking and shooting its load into the thin condom.

As Brian felt the hard pole slowly slip out of his hole, he could feel Zac's hot breath on his face. His eyes opened, to see the golden skin next to him, saw Zac's fiery eyes staring at him. He smiled back, as he saw them flutter a bit, then felt the soft little kiss on his cheek.

His whole body shook, as he felt the body lift up, to give him a chance to pull himself back, to lean against the corner, and to breath. Brian could see the chest heaving, see the glow that seemed to surround Zac. It felt good, as he glanced down at his own naked body, to see the splatter of cum all along his chest, knowing it was his.

He hadn't even realized that he had shot his own load, while taking Zac's. His hand moved down, to touch the cum splatter, as his racing heart began to slow down. His eyes closed briefly, as he touched the dried cum on his chest, as he felt the exhaustion creeping in. His whole body was exhausted, as he opened his eyes, to see the posters on the wall.

Brian stared at the far wall, at the closed door of his bedroom. Off in the distance, he could still hear his sister nattering on the phone, as he looked down at his still heaving chest. It had felt so real, as he stared at the cum all over his body. Brian felt himself shake, felt the tremors inside begin to weaken, as he realized that he had been imagining it all. He shook his head, as he tried to relax, to regain his composure. It had been so real, as if it really had been Zac's cock inside.

Looking down, he noticed his blue medium dildo was resting between his legs. That explained how it had felt so real, but as he leaned back on his pillow, he still couldn't get the images out of his head. How powerful Zac had looked, naked. How big his cock was, and better than that, how it would look tomorrow night.

He grinned, as he stared at the dildo. Tomorrow night, he was taking his sister and Zac to the beach, where he would be able to see a damn sight more, than he had managed to, tonight. Zac had asked him, if he'd mind driving them to the beach, so they could have a midnight picnic. It was supposed to be a full moon, too. Brian hadn't given his sister time to refuse either, agreeing almost too quickly.

Zac had looked at him a bit strange, then grinned as he said 'it's a date then' which made Brian chuckle a bit. It had pissed his sister off, until Zac had turned to her, kissing her, preventing any possible objection. As his eyes closed, he wondered if Zac would try a different position, or would he stick to the missionary position? 


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