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Chapter 3

A small voice buried deep inside kept telling him that he was old enough to be Chris' father, that it would never work between them. Sure he was just about to turn 40 and Chris was eighteen, but still, it was obvious that Chris was not what one would call 'worldly' or 'sex savvy'. In many ways, Chris was more mature than many guys a lot older, yet in other ways, well, he was just eighteen.

Turning his head, lowering his glance, he stared at the mop of hair resting on his chest. He had to admit, it felt good, and it was exciting. The idea that someone like Chris would want him, or even think he would want him, was well, intoxicating. It felt like somehow he must have done something right, said the right words when needed, because sure as hell wasn't his looks.

Still the persistent voice kept nagging at him, as his one hand moved lightly across the soft skin, brushing the locks of hair away, feeling the smoothness of the young man's skin. How soft it was, how much life was flowing there, and Barney remembered Chris' folks, how pinched their faces were, how they seemed constantly on guard.

He had a few on his route like that, many at first, but not so much now. Most had come to know him, to realize he was no threat to them, even if he did bring them bad news at times. They didn't hold it against him, unlike Chris' parents who seemed, like nothing could ever satisfy them.

To think they would turn their own son away, who they raised for eighteen years, in the blink of an eye, just because he was Gay. Everything else about him was the same, the laughter in his eyes, the softness of his voice, the innocence. It was the same young man and yet now they were informing everyone they could, to stay clear of him, like he was a leper or something. That was something he never could understand about the more uptight religious people. They talked about GOD with so much love, so much passion, yet they were the least to give that love, that passion, unconditionally. They talked about Jesus, yet they forgot that it was Jesus himself who walked among the lepers, when no one else would.

He shivered a bit, thinking about it, wondering what would his own co-workers do or say, if they knew he was in bed with someone like Chris? Would they shun him? Would they also feel repulsed by him, even though nothing else about him had changed? Then too, Barney wondered if that was true, was he the same man he was this morning?

He felt Chris move a bit, under his arm, and once more forced his mind off the complications, and instead just stared down at the young man's naked body, resting against his own. He could see the flabby skin of his stomach, pushed to one side of his body by the weight of Chris' younger more lean form. How good it felt, to have him them, to feel his warm breathe across his chest, as he slept so soundly.

There was a strange sense of protectiveness in his thoughts, which he knew was more fatherly, than that of a lover. Yet, did it matter how he loved the young man, and was it love? That always eluded him, because while he knew that sex was good, at times, better with someone he had an attachment to, he had never really had anyone that he wanted to see more than on occasional nights. Still, looking at Chris, he knew he wanted him to stay, not just the night, or week, but to stay for as long as possible.

Call it love at first sight, but that wouldn't be right either. He had known Chris for some time, as a friends, as someone on his route. Now here he was, in his bed, and it felt different, felt complicated. Not something Barney enjoyed, complications that is. He liked his routine, his pattern, yet from when he first laid eyes on Chris this morning, he knew his whole life was somehow about to change.

The feel of the young man's rising chest, as he breathed in the steady rhythm of sleep, only made his own heart quicken a bit. Barney could feel the sweat on his forehead, as he remembered how perfect it felt, to feel the cum explode, to feel the soft touch of the fingers, to experience the sweetness of his mouth. He could feel it all again, knowing that what had happened, was something he had never expected to feel, to experience.

Barney had paid many a man and woman for sex, in his lifetime, yet nothing compared to the thrill he had when Chris was touching him. Nothing in his past could equal the way his whole body had shook, to the touch of just a finger tip, or a brush of the younger man's lips against his skin, never mind other parts of his body. Yet now, feeling him next to him, he couldn't help but wonder what it would be like, to experience all of Chris, to feel him enter him, or him enter Chris.

Hell, he hadn't even tasted the guy's cum yet, let alone feel his insides through the throbbing of his pole. The idea of it, being buried deep between those firm young butt cheeks, was making him ache, again. It was like his body had woken up from a long sleep, just realizing what the body was for, other than a vessel for his blood and nerves.

The voice inside grew a bit weaker, as his body continued to be aroused by the aroma of the younger man. How good he smelled, as he breathed in his scent, mingled with his own. It wasn't like any other time, and looking down, he doubted if it would ever be like any of those other times, with strangers. Even his more regular partners, couldn't equal the pleasure he had just experienced, and he knew inside, he wanted more.

It was as if Chris knew that he was awake. The soft moan, that made Barney's body go stiff, the sudden snuggling in more of the body, making Barney tingle, all were like some choreographed ritual. The head moved a bit, until it was staring up at him, the body was pushed in even closer, as if afraid to let go of his warmth, of his touch. The arms pushed in tighter, to hold him in their grasp, as the eyelids fluttered, gradually opening up to peer right at him.

It was the smile that suddenly grew wide across Chris' face that made Barney quiver. He felt his legs twitch again, as he stared down into those warm eyes, that seemed to exude nothing but desire. How they sparkled, as they looked past his own, deep down into his very soul. Barney could feel that tiny voice resisting, but he could also feel something else, as if his whole body was suddenly being invaded, that made him nervous. It was like everything he had ever thought, every done, was suddenly an open book to Chris' probing eyes.

Yet even as he thought that, and looked back, refusing to turn away, he felt his own eyes looking deeper, seeing the pain inside, seeing how his own closeness to the young man, was making the pain shrink back, make it less menacing.

He felt himself tremble, then he felt the finger tips caressing his pubic hairs, felt the affection coming from within his own soul, yet knowing it was Chris. He felt the sudden desire rising in his body, felt the muscles shaking a bit, as the finger moved ever so lightly around the base of his cock. How hard he had suddenly become, how awake too. The mere touch of the tip made his whole body tremble, made his toes wiggle, his heart pound just a bit faster.

The light press of lips on his chest only made him quiver more, as the tip of the finger moved down, to run lightly over his balls. He felt them shake, felt them expand, as if his body was already miles ahead of his mind's thoughts. This was not what he had ever expected, and yet it felt so right, so perfect, he wondered why it had taken so long for someone to awaken all those feelings inside of him.

His eyes misted over a bit, even teared up a little, as the lips moved off his chest, as the finger tip moved under his scrotum, then back up to run lightly up the underside of his hard cock. Chris seemed to find a way, to move his body into Barney's even more, one leg now over the top of Barney's feet. He could feel the blood flowing through them, feel the pulse of the younger man's heart, as he continued to just look at him, to feel his thoughts trying to touch his own.

No one had tried that before, no one cared to delve deep into his thoughts, which was scary on one hand, yet exciting on the other. He was torn, unsure of what to do, as he liked to be private, liked to be an unknown quantity to his sex partners, but this was different. This wasn't about sex, he could feel that, even though he tried to not acknowledge it. It was a strange fight he was having, with himself, as he felt the fingers become a bit more urgent, a bit more demanding of his body.

Barney heard himself gasp out loud, as he felt Chris' mouth engulf his hard cock. He felt the tongue swirling around his cock and tasting him. He could feel his body shaking, as the pleasure soared within. How it felt made him pant, as the head bobbed up and down over his cock, his one hand grasping tightly the long locks of hair, pushing the head deep into his groin.

Barney could feel his head twisting, flopping from one side to the other as his hand relinquished its hold, as it now balled up into a fist, pounding the bed from the extreme pleasure that was filling every nerve, making every one tingle, scream with a desire to explode.

He could hear his panting breathe, as the hard press of Chris's mouth over his cock was ended. He felt his body tremble a bit more, as he let his eyes open, the eyelids fluttering as he tried to focus, when he felt the sudden grasp of his cock, at the base. Looking down, he saw the intent look on Chris' face as he stared down at Barney's cock. In the other hand was a thin sheath of plastic.

The hand pinched the top, the other hand moved off Barney's cock to grab the rolled band, and place it on the top of his cock. He could see the precum as the condom was fitted over his cock. The young man's face was glowing, or at least it looked like it, as it turned to stare back up at Barney.

'I need you inside, please Barney.'

He felt the tears welling up, saw the begging look in Chris' eyes, as he just reached out with one hand, to take hold of his own cock, holding it tightly so Chris could unroll the thin condom. There was no mistaking the look either, in Chris' eyes as he quickly rolled the condom down the throbbing pole, until it pushed into Barney's pubic hairs, that were around his cock base.

Chris pulled himself upright, looking at Barney as he manoeuvred his body around, so that he now straddled Barney's amble stomach. Barney moved his hand out from under the thigh, to let it rest on the top of the leg. His other hand moved to duplicate it, as Chris leaned forward, his firm buttocks just touching the hard pole.

His legs began to ache a bit, as the vision before him registered with his mind, with his thoughts. Chris stared down at him, his eyes looking like burning embers of hot coal, as he shifted his body a bit, reaching around, to take hold of Barney's throbbing pole. As he did, Barney felt his own hands move, to reach up and around, to pull apart the firm cheeks.

As his fingers dug into the hot flesh, he felt himself shudder, felt the passion inside roaring, felt the overwhelming heat of his desire, as his body continued to stiffen, to tighten. The young man flicked his head back, as his upper body moved a bit back. Barney felt his cock suddenly being pulled down, being wedged between the two firm cheeks. His cock head jerked a bit, as it felt the soft warm flesh moving across its bulging top. It made his whole body shiver, as it moved down to a point where it was suddenly held firm.

He could hear the rapid breathing above him, as his eyes flicked open. Looking up he saw the firm chest, the flexing Pecs, as Chris stood there, poised, feeling the press of Barney's hard dick up against his tight pink hole. He could see the concentration, see the muscles in his face twitch, then he felt the push. He felt the muscles inside of Chris object, felt them resist, but he could also feel the urgency, the desire pushing that resistance aside.

His body was suddenly being pushed down deep into his bed, as he heard the strangled cry, as he penetrated Chris' body. The bed shook, as did his body. The sound of his penetration made him cry out, as Chris began to moan, and start to wiggle his butt further down, into Barney's groin. He felt the entire body weight on top of his soft belly, felt the muscles buried in his fat shake, felt them coiling and uncoiling, as the butt ground down into his lower belly.

The body leaned back even more, the head tilted even further back, as Barney stared at the figure above him. He saw the eyes clenched tight, saw a trickle of a tear roll down from the corner of one eye. He noticed the way his Chris was biting at his upper lip, at how his nose was flaring, as he swivelled his hips around, making Barney's hard cock swirl around inside the tight confines of Chris' innards. He felt the soft velvet lining stretching, as his cock head banged from side to side, as the muscles inside, tried to grasp hold of his huge pole, to hold it steady.

The body moved upwards, sliding up along his cock, then just when he thought the head would come free, he felt the hard downward thrust. His body ached, as the moist cheeks struck his groin, then began once again the climb up and off. He felt his hips pushing down into the bed now, then he felt it, felt the power inside. Just as the cheeks were at their height, just as the entire cock shaft was exposed, he felt the twitch, felt the change from above.

As the motion stopped, as the soft groans went up an octave or two, he felt the contraction inside of Chris' body. He felt the muscles grapping hold, and as they body began to slide back down, Barney felt his arms move, to take hold of the young man, to grip tightly around his waist, and shove his own lower torso upwards, as hard as he could with the extra weight on top.

He heard the sudden cry, the quick jubilant shout, as his body arched upwards, to meet Chris' downward thrust. He felt their bodies come together, felt the power of their combined thrusts meet, making the bed shake.

The sound of their sweat soaked bodies colliding echoed in the room, yet barely noticed, as their voices cried out, screaming their profound pleasure. His eyes fluttered, as he saw the expression across Chris' face, as he saw the pleasure flashing through the sheen of the cheeks, the jaw, and even across the glazed covering of Chris' eyes. He saw it all, in that one blink, as he held his body rigid, waiting for the next signal, the next coming wave of pure nirvana.

Time meant nothing, as he felt the hard up and down thrusts only grow more frequent, more intense. The tight hold around his cock seemed to grow more extreme, as he felt the sweat dripping off his whole body. He could hear his own voice, crying out its pleasure, mingling with the cries from Chris. He felt the drops of hot sweat drop to his body, sizzle as they evaporated on his own burning skin.

His hands dug in even deeper, until he was certain that he was feeling the very bones within. The tips of his fingers were dug in deep, the knuckles of his hands white from the force of his grip, as he pushed Chris upwards, as he shot his hips further down into the shuddering bed. The moment was there, he could feel it, knowing Chris could as well.

The head of his cock was barely inside, part of it out from the tight hold of Chris' hole, when Barney summoned every ounce of his energy, forcing his body to hold that moment, then he released it all, in one giant upward thrust. At the same instant, he pulled down with his hands, bring Chris' trembling body downwards, even faster. The muscles grasping at his dick, hadn't a chance, as he drove his cock hard and deep inside. He heard the cry, felt the air leave his own lungs, as his body became one giant spasm of shaking flesh. He felt the ache inside, felt the sudden rush of blood from everywhere in his body, to flow quickly to his groin. He could feel the balls shaking, feel the cum leaving them to rush along its tubes, towards the very tip of his cock.

The orgasm was unbelievable, as he body stood motionless up high in the air, his groin holding not only his weight, but Chris' entire body weight as well. He felt the body impaled on his cock shake, felt the tremors as they roared up and down the younger man's insides, then he felt the hard hot slap across the side of his face.

Another stinging blow landed on his chin, and then on his chest. The burning was intense, as he felt his body shudder, realizing the blows were coming from Chris, that he had also reached that point of no return. His eyes flicked open briefly, to see the blood gorged cock head jerk back towards Chris' groin, as if shrinking, then as his eyelid began to close, he could see it shooting forward once more, a thin stream of milky white liquid leading the way.

Again he felt the hot sting against his body, as the jizz struck him hard, the sound of its strike lost amid the loud cry of joy coming from Chris. He could feel it all, as his own body finally began to shrink back towards the bed, as the weight of the young man became too much for him. He felt the bed creak, felt the press on his belly, as his cock shook, still buried deep inside of Chris' rectum.

Chris collapsed on top of him, adding to the weight he was feeling. His body was exhausted, his mind lost in a fog of pure pleasure, as the tremors seemed to continue, in an endless stream. Barney felt it all, even the nagging voice from earlier was there, but muted at the moment. It was replaced by an insane desire to have the same feeling, to have his own body penetrated, as he had just penetrated Chris'. He cried out, as he felt the arms reaching around, holding him tightly.

The crush of Chris' body into his knocked what little breathe he had left, out, as he gasped for air. His arms were at his side, but as Chris' held him even tighter, he found them wrapping around the shaking body on top of him. He felt the tears now, against his chest, and as he held Chris, he could tell the young man was crying.

He was at a loss, as to what to do, or say, but the tears began to dry up, just a few hard sobs now filled the room, along with his own panting breath. It perplexed him, for a minute or two, as he tried to collect his own thoughts. So much had happened, and as he finally managed to open his eyes, he notice the darkness of the room. Glancing over to the side, he could see that dusk had fallen, that they had been in the room for hours.

Yet as he realized that, he also felt like they had just gotten undressed, just begun to explore each other. He couldn't explain it, but he knew that the nagging voice inside, from earlier, was in for a hard fight from his feelings. Maybe it was simply an old man's silliness, an infatuation with one younger, but he didn't care. It didn't matter if at some time it all came crashing down because right now, he didn't feel like almost forty, but more like he too, was eighteen.

Turning his head back, he saw the sparkling eyes looking at him. He felt himself smile, as Chris snuggled in closer, his eyes never leaving Barney's.

'I am starved'

'Yeah? Funny, I am hungry too.'

'I can see, but I meant food, though I wouldn't mind more of what you just dished out.'

'Really? Greedy thing aren't you, didn't anyone teach you to share?'

Chris lifted his head up, and stared at Barney for what seemed an eternity. His eyes seemed to narrow a bit, as they peered at him, then the corner's of his mouth curled up in a sort of semi grin. Barney felt the jerk of the young man's penis, against his belly, as he lay there, still huffing a bit.

'I'd love to share that with you, if you are sure, I mean...'

'Oh I mean it Chris, and not just for tonight either, but for as long as you want, I know I am not...'

'Don't, don't Barney, I know what you are going to say, and you are wrong. Man you are way wrong, and yes, I really do want to share that, and more too, if you really want me to, not, not because you feel sorry for me either. I don't think I could handle that.'

The way he had said the last bit, so softly, so innocent sounding, that he thought his heart would break in two. Barney lifted his arms up, and pulled Chris up and closer to him, so that his face was directly above his own. He stared at him, saw the pain, saw how it was lurking there, and he knew, it wasn't faked, it wasn't a come on. His hands held tightly to Chris' shoulders, as they looked at each other, reading the other's thoughts, feelings.

He felt his head lift up, felt his arms pulling Chris down, as the eyes closed, as they embraced each other, as their lips touched, making them both quiver.


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