• Making An Entrance

    But Rob was different, least he thought so. It wasn't like Rob smacked him around, or took money without asking. It wasn't like he tried to keep him from talking to his friends either, as Marcus had done.

  • The Revival: Chapter 3

    For a 21 year old, he felt he had seen it all, done most of it too. Yet each time he felt that cocky, that self assured, something came up to prove him wrong.

  • Graveyard Shift with Dawson: Chapter 2

    The way he had looked away, had turned his eyes downward gave him a look that got him hard all over once more. Christ, if this kept up he'd need to go use the restroom.

  • Graveyard Shift with Dawson

    A quick glance, and he found his hand back up and near his own mouth. He put his fingers into his mouth, moistening them, then quickly he took them and wrapped them, once more, around his cock.

  • The Revival: Chapter 2

    The voice was so soft, so pleading that he felt his heart skip a beat in sympathy. He was getting in way over his head, but he couldn't just walk out, just leave him hanging like that.

  • The Revival

    Those two were never a quick fuck, but were hours upon hours of pure sex. Maybe William was like that? He sort of tried to compare him to the twins, but he just couldn't.

  • Barney's Dalliance

    He wasn't tall, didn't have any special features that would make him stand out, other than his fit body. He didn't have any fat showing, no rolls of blubber over his belt, like a few of the other salesmen.

  • Pity Fuck

    It wasn't like he was some spoiled brat either. He worked hard for his money, and so what if he posed nude for that website? Sure didn't make him a pervert, just in need of some extra cash.

  • Silent Sam

    Looking up as Brad placed the cookies out, and his cup of tea, he knew it was something he had always been afraid of. Intimacy was never something he had experienced. He had dates as a kid, here and there, but they never went very far.

  • Hung and Not Camera Shy

    Okay so there weren't cameras then, nor were the pictures going to be on some porn site. Still, it really wasn't any different. Besides, the idea that he was hot enough to be filmed, was a turn on.

  • Waiting for Jim

    Wes really wished that he didn't have to leave, and he did mention he might be back in a year, which would be exactly today. Stupid to hope he'd find him again, yet in a year, there hadn't been anyone who had pleased him as much as Jim had.

  • Joe the Painter

    Maybe it was a gaydar thing, or something, but he felt a connection with Joe, sort of as if they were on the same wave length. The way Joe would stare at him, when talking about surfing, about the time he lost his shorts.

  • Rather Special Breed

    It was like, even asleep, Brian could tell when he was horny, when he was up for some dick play or when he just wanted to snuggle. He sighed, as he realized that it would soon be time to get up, to begin the long day.

  • Friday Night's Fare

    Every tiny hair between his cheeks seemed to be on edge, seemed to be moving by the lightest touch ever. His body was already tingling, a sure sign that he was aroused.

  • Inventory Taking

    It wasn't the first time that sparks had flown between them, but there hadn't been any way to go beyond the odd stare. Though Rory had managed a few casual bumps, that were like being hit by bolts of electricity.

  • 15 Seconds

    He could hear him moan, imagine how he would be a massive pool of sweat, as he would push in, then when he could go no further, how he would twist his hips, making his cock jerk from side to side.

  • Just Another Night

    His lungs ached, and his cock was semi hard as the pain mixed with the pleasure. He could feel his body shake, feel his legs growing taut as they spread apart wider, to make the entry easier, to manage the hard thrusts that were now all he could think about.

  • Inside the Campaign

    It was odd, but here he was, his own clothes already off and on the floor. Paul on the other hand was very methodical. His pants hung over the back of the chair, his shirt draped over the back as well, but spread open, so it wouldn't wrinkle.

  • Playing Paddy Cake with Pat

    Least that was how Pat explained it, and now the game would start all over. He liked the idea of walking through the crowded mass of people, never knowing when Pat would suddenly be next to him. The way he would fend off others, their groping hands never quite making it to the promised land.

  • Night at the Opera

    Standing outside, he breathed in deeply. The air was scented by the various flowers in the garden of the Opera House, and it was relaxing. Tyler could feel his muscles relaxing, his body no longer feeling like it was on display as he sipped at his own glass of wine.

  • Erotic Sam

    His cum was sweet, not much salt to its wonderful taste. He would take all he could, drink it all, barely letting any drip out from the corner's of his mouth. It was totally satisfying, and when it was over, he would lay next to Justin.

  • All Lubed Up

    Staring down at Len, at the way his lips were pouting, his nostrils flaring as he waited, he didn't give a rat's ass if Len's cock was 10 inches or 5 inches. He loved how it felt, how it tasted, and the grin on his face grew wider as he turned away, to stare at the bottles on his night table.

  • Helping Hand

    His hips slung back, then with all the force his body could muster, the hips shot forward. His hands reached out and took hold of the man's head, holding it hard as his hips shoved his cock deep into the man's throat.

  • Explain This

    Gradually he let his muscle loosen their hold, gradually allowing Ilya's enormous cock to move in and out faster, and go in deeper with each thrust. Dennis felt himself crushing down more and more with each thrust.

  • Giving Him The Bone

    He would let his tongue run up and down, swirling around that pink hole at first, teasing it until Justin could stand it no more. Then after lots of begging, he would let his tongue run across the hole, tasting it and then teasing it more.

  • Straight Cock

    To have Billy directing him, to be touching him, always gave him goose bumps. It also made him tremble a little, as he would then lean down and take Billy's cock into his mouth, bringing it fully to life under the careful attention of his tongue and lips.

  • Border Guard

    He felt his body rear back, driving his buttocks back and he could feel the knuckles of the man wedged up into his anus. His whole body began to quiver, and his cock seemed like it was burning out of control. The ache became too much as he felt himself coming.

  • My Turn

    His whole body was trembling now as he leaned down more. He wanted more of that tongue inside, and Stephen obliged him as he felt his lover's head pushing up into his buttocks. The nose was hurting him, but he didn't care as he felt the tongue twirling around inside.

  • The Driving Lesson

    The cum was like a raging river as it flew out of the jerking cock head. Its special scent filled the room, and made Tory suck even more. He wanted every drop as he reached up to grab the shaft, to hold it between his fingers.

  • The Pin

    The words had there effect as Sean was enraged. He cried out but it was too late as the whistle blew and the echo of the slap on the mat by the Ref finally registered. Sean William O'Hara had been pinned and it was all over. CT had won and as he stood up, a huge grin on his face he saw the dejected ...