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Chapter 2

He couldn't believe how much he meant every word of it. Matt really did want to feel the insides of Bradley, did want to experience how his body would stretch as his monster dick pushed inside. It was hard to not just reach out and pull him up on him, to get his ass over his stiff pole, and then slam him down on it. Yet he wasn't going to take a risk, as he licked his lips, as he glanced over to the night table, to see if there were any condoms handy.

Matt heard Bradley giggle, as he leaned over and tweaked one of Matt's nipples, then moved over him to pull open the drawer, where he reached inside to grab something. As his hand came out, he had a fistful of small packages, as Matt sighed his relief. He really did want to feel Bradley ride his cock.

They just stared at each other, a huge grin on both faces, a fist full of condoms in Bradley's hand. He held them over the slightly heaving chest, just above his belly, and every few seconds both would just glance down at the hand, at the huge dick waving in the air. It hadn't shrunk a single inch, and it looked so powerful, so threatening, that Matt wondered if Bradley was having second thoughts.

Yet each time he looked up into his eyes, he could see the desire. He could feel it too, as Bradley's legs were on either side of his, pressing against Matt's thighs. There was no mistaking the tautness of Bradley's muscles, nor the feel of them quivering, either. It was like his whole body was gearing up, was anticipating it all.

'That is big'

'Uh huh'

'You had many who uh, who didn't run? I mean shit dude, that's one huge fucker'


'That all?'

For a second he felt rather slighted, as if Bradley thought he was some whore or something. Yet as he looked up at him, he knew it wasn't what he meant, just that he was nervous.

'That all? I don't let just anyone take a ride, guess I am picky.'

'I've never, I mean that is big'

As he said it, Bradley looked down at Matt's pole. Matt felt a sort of warm glow inside, as he stared down at his dick, then reached down, and took hold of it with his hand. He felt it throb, felt it shake as he wiggled it a bit, then glanced upwards to see Bradley licking his lips.

'It's feeling cold.'

'Yeah right, looks pretty hot to me.'

'No, it's feeling cold, it needs a nice warm hole to crawl into.'

Bradley looked at Matt, his face glowing, a huge smile across his lower face.

'I think I know a place willing to give it a home, if it'll fit.'

'Oh it'll fit, least as much as you want.'

Matt couldn't help it, but grin. The way Bradley looked, how softly they were speaking, seemed to make it all seem so normal, yet special. He couldn't explain it, but he felt relaxed, while feeling excited too. He really never felt like this before. There had been others, but no one that really ever bothered to talk, to touch him, the way Bradley was doing.

His hand was resting on his stomach, near his groin, and the fingers trembled a bit, which Matt could feel. At the same time his own belly seemed to rumble, or the muscles inside did. They seemed to coil, then uncoil, shift as if looking for Bradley's touch, or moving according to the tremors from the shaking fingers. It was odd, in a good way.

Bradley let the condom packages fall onto Matt's stomach as he bent forward, as he let his whole body fall onto Matt's smaller body. He felt the warmth of his body pressing his, felt Bradley's dick against his thigh, felt his own massive tool flatten between their bodies. His breath rushed out, as Bradley's face was over his, as his mouth pressed up against his lips.

He was surprised by the kiss, by its force as he once more tasted Bradley. He reached up and wrapped his arms around the other man, drawing him in closer, feeling the wild beat of his heart against his own quivering chest.

'You don't have to take it, I mean if you..'

'I want it inside, I don't care how big it is, it is you I want to feel.'

Bradley lifted himself up as he spoke, then once more bent forward, giving Matt a quick kiss on the forehead. Then he leaned forward and pulled out a pump bottle, as he slid further down the bed, so that Matt's cock was sticking up in front of his body.

He reached down for a package, and ripped it open with his teeth, spitting out the torn piece. Bradley looked down at Matt, as he let the bottle rest next to Matt's hip. His eyes seemed to just sparkle, as Matt stared upwards, feeling the excitement growing, feeling the ache in his body make him tremble a bit.

His eyes followed Bradley's every move. How he took the thin rubber out of the package, how he pinched the tip of it, then placed it over his cock head. He felt the touch, felt his body shudder at it, then looked up to see the furled brow of Bradley, to see him hesitate.

For a brief moment his heart seemed to stop, as he felt the condom being lifted up, thinking that Bradley had changed his mind. He groaned though when he saw the head disappear, and felt the warm lips circle his cock head, feeling the tongue lick at his slit, gobbling up the glob of precum.

Matt felt his whole body shudder, as Bradley licked at the head of his cock, then lifted his head up. His eyes were glowing as he licked his lips, looking at Matt's stiff cock. His whole body seemed to shake, as he reached over and fumbled in the night table drawer, pulling out a small pump type bottle.

Grinning, he once more picked up a condom package, and was about to rip it open, when he stared at the hard dick. His mouth seemed like it was salivating, as he looked down at the huge monster dick.

He grabbed the condom package, and ripped it open with his teeth, once again. Then he pulled it out, while his other hand reached and quickly grasped the stiff cock, and gave it a few quick strokes, before he took the condom, pinched the top, and placed it over the huge head. His chest was heaving and Matt could hear him panting a bit, as he felt the hand slowly begin to unroll the thin plastic sheath down his throbbing cock.

Matt lifted up his one hand, and ran it against the upper thigh that was by his hip. He could feel it ripple, feel it tremble to his touch, just as his own body was shaking, while the condom was slowly unrolled down to his groin. He felt the fingers pushing the last bit of plastic down, as there simply wasn't any left to unravel.

Bradley leaned back to stare at it, to see the glistening sheen from the thin plastic coating, and then he reached for the bottle, that lay against Matt's side. Putting it next to him, he quickly rubbed his hands together, then pumped some of the liquid from the bottle, again rubbing his hands together.

The touch of his hand over his cock made him moan, as he felt the hand sliding over the head, then closing around his thick pole. He felt each finger as it wrapped around him, as it slowly slid down his pole, coating the thin plastic with the liquid. Matt could feel his toes stiffen, felt the muscles in his legs flex as Bradley slowly stroked his cock.

He licked his lips, and lifted his head up a bit off the bed, to watch as Bradley once more pumped some of the lubricant onto his hand. He could see the liquid glisten a bit, from the room's light, as it was placed over his cock head. The touch of the hand, its pressure on his cock head, made him tremble. His whole body was aching too, something he wasn't used to.

The way his buttocks was clenching, unclenching, made his whole crotch twitch, as the hand slowly made its way down his long pole. He felt the liquid coat his pubic hairs, smelled a faint scent of vanilla waft across his nostrils, as he let himself fall back onto the bed. His head bounced a bit, as he bit his lower lip, enjoying the firm touch of Bradley's hand over his cock.

He groaned as he felt the liquid suddenly on his cock head, and looking up saw Bradley pumping it right onto his penis. He saw it slide down, a small pool on the very top, then watched as Bradley suddenly pumped more onto his hand, then reached behind himself. Matt knew he was adding the lubricant to his own ass.

Bradley was suddenly up and leaning over him, his face looming right above Matt's. He could see the glazed look in the eyes, the way it looked so intense, so dark, was unreal. The frosted hair tips were dangling down, and Matt felt his hand reach up, to take hold of Bradley just below the armpits.

He felt a hand move back, felt it slide down his hips, then over to take hold of his huge pole. He could feel the fingers taking a firm grip of the cock, as the weight lifted off his body, shuffled a bit, as the bed squeaked.

The sudden pull on his cock, made him moan loudly. He felt the sudden warmth, as his cock was being wedged between Bradley's two cheeks. His whole body suddenly seemed on fire, on edge. His muscles tightened even more, his own buttocks clenched tightly, as he felt the flesh of Bradley's cheeks wrap around the blood gorged pole. Slowly it was pushed down, until it gave a small little jerk forward.

Matt heard a muffled moan, as his eyes stared up at Bradley's scrunched up face. He saw how his face was taut, the cheeks pulled in a bit, the forehead wrinkled with lines, as he wiggled his butt, insuring that the huge cock was at the right spot. His own heart was beating wildly, as he watched the nostrils flare, felt the press against his cock head.

He even could feel the twitch of the tight hole, as it struggled to deny him entry, as more and more of Bradley's weight pressed down on his cock. He could feel it all, the way the lubricant was being squeezed, at how his whole cock was throbbing, as slowly the weight grew, as the resistance to his pole grew, then seemed to retreat.

'Oh God' he heard echo in the small room, just as he felt his cock suddenly jerk forward a bit faster, as he his whole body shook. He was inside, he could feel the velvet lining wrapping around the tip of his head, as his hips pushed up, as the weight continued to press down. His heart seemed to be pounding even faster, as a distant thunder began to echo in his ears, just as the scream seemed to grow distant.

The press of weight stopped, and it was like time had stopped. He could hear the heavy panting breath from above him, but he couldn't look, his head twisted to one side, as the waves of pleasure were rolling up and down his whole body. He felt the throb of his cock, felt the pounding of his heart, the rush of his blood as it flowed faster and faster. Then the weight once more began to move, a bit slower, but steady, as Bradley lowered his ass down, the huge cock slicing slowly up into his insides.

Matt could feel the muscles inside, feel them struggle to hold him back, then bounce away, as if they were an elastic band stretched to the breaking point. He cried out, as he felt the cock jerk, felt his balls throb and shake. His whole body was experiencing every inch of movement upwards, feeling all that was inside of Bradley.

The legs against his side pushed in hard, the knees digging deep into the side. The bed creaked, as he felt the downward motion stop. It hung there, then with a grunt, it came crushing back downwards. Bradley pushed his entire body down, forcing all of Matt's huge cock into the warm hole. He felt the cheeks strike his groin, felt the damp flesh as it crushed down onto his own body. It was like a fire had been lit at that spot. The heat was intense, making him break out into a hot sweat, all over.

His whole body was pouring sweat, as he felt the hot cheeks against his freshly shaved groin. He could feel the tiny nerve endings tingle, twitch, as the hard cheeks rested on them. He felt it all, felt his head roll from side to side. Matt could hear his own voice, moaning, as it mingled with Bradley's own groans of pleasure.

The bed shook, as Bradley began to lift up, but only for a brief moment, before once more falling down, to drive the huge cock as deep as possible inside of him. Matt could hear the squishing sound, the slap of hot sticky flesh against flesh. He felt each thrust, felt his own body begin to pull back, as Bradley lifted himself up, then automatically arch upwards, to meet Bradley's downward thrust.

The bed shook, louder and louder, and his own voice grew more intense, more vocal, as he felt the muscles inside of Bradley's rectum struggle to hold onto his pole, as it drove up and then out. Each time, they tried to hold onto the slippery pole, failing, as it was like a huge piston. It just kept pumping and driving upwards.

He had no idea how many times his body arched up, how many times it came crashing down into the bed. The sounds were all mixed together, one cry still echoing as another roared out from between his dry cracking lips. His chest heaved, hurt from the lack of air, as he struggled to keep each wave of pleasure separate. Matt felt his whole body tingling, felt the heat with each bang of Bradley's cheeks into his groin.

The pain in his balls grew, and he knew it was getting close. He had no idea how long it had been, since he first felt himself penetrate Bradley. The room seemed like it was spinning, his eyes were fluttering, his mind was growing dim, becoming clouded by a dull fog, as he cried out, as his balls seemed to be swelling, as if exploding from the cum inside.

'I am cumming, oh God I can't hold it' he screamed, as his body bucked, as his legs twitched and his toes curled. The weight on his groin was suddenly gone, as his whole body shook, then he felt his body arch upwards, felt the warmth around his cock, not sure what it was. His eyes were shut tight, as he heard a gasp, then a sort of gagging sound, as he arched upwards, driving his cock up further into the wet warmth that surrounded the upper part of his cock.

Strange lights flashed against the backdrop of his eyelids, as he felt his heart racing, felt his chest heave, as his body seemed to just shudder like he was at the centre of an earthquake. Everything seemed to just vibrate, growing in intensity, as he felt the warmth around his cock grow, felt the sudden ache tearing through his whole body.

Once more he felt himself lifting up, felt his body reaching for the heavens, as his body grew hotter, as sweat poured from every pore, like a dam had burst. He felt the lights blinding his eyes, making him shut the lids even tighter, as his head tossed from side to side faster. His hands were clenched, grabbing at the padded sheet underneath, until his fingers were throbbing from the pain. His toes were curled so tightly he was sure he had broken a few of them, as his legs bucked, as his whole body was massive collection of competing jolts of pure pleasure.

The pain in his balls began to subside, the odd jerk, the odd twitch, taking over from the massive quakes. His body ached, as he heard the hard gasping sounds from near his stomach. The flashing lights of dots and streaking lines of color were gone, as his eyes slowly opened. He could hear the panting now, the long gasps, as he also felt the stickiness on his belly, around his shaved pubic region. He felt himself shake once more, then as he opened his eyes, he saw the spent body next to him. The hair was all matted, and there was a semi transparent coating around the chin and lips.

Bradley's hot breath continued to blow across his burning flesh. He could feel it, smell it too, which made him moan, as his body slowly began to calm down. He didn't think he could feel his legs anymore, as he struggled to move, to lift his head up, but he couldn't. Matt felt totally drained, totally exhausted, as he just lay there.

Eventually the room fell silent, as Matt finally managed to lift his head up. He felt chilled, as the room's air cooled his body, and the smell of men seemed to just fill his nostrils with its aroma. He felt a small hitch in his heart, as he pushed himself upright, to see Bradley rolling over onto his back. His chest was still heaving a bit, but his breathing was more normal, just as his was.

Slowly he watched Bradley lift himself up, to lean on a rather wobbly arm. He looked at Matt, a strange glint in his eyes.

'I took it all, damn, I never felt like this.'

'Me neither.'

Bradley just leaned forward, and let his head fall on Matt's breast. He was looking up at him, as he just laid there, his exhaustion, his pleasure showing in his face. Matt let himself fall back, as well. His hand rested lightly on Bradley's head, the fingers playing with the very wet strands of hair, idly twisting them around, then letting go.

The sudden press on his shoulders, the squeeze brought him back to the moment. He had been so absorbed by making the time, by thinking of last night, he didn't realize that he had made it to Bradley. He grinned back at the man, who seemed like he would burst with joy. He had an insane urge to grab Bradley, to hug him and lift him up, though he doubted if he could.

'I told you, I knew you'd make the time up'

'Yeah and I still have all my hair too'

Bradley laughed at him, and in a carefree moment, he reached out and tussled Matt's hair. His touch made his cock jerk inside of his trousers. He felt a quiver in his heart, as he smiled back at Bradley.

'I can fix that problem.'

'True, but maybe first, you'd like to solve my other problem?'

'Oh? I don't know, it still hurts to walk, not sure I can fix that other problem, so soon.'

'Practice makes perfect, so they say.'

'I am beginning to think I might enjoy practice more, but first, we celebrate.'

'I thought that was celebrating?'

'Oh it is, but it is more like the cherry on top of the sundae, the perfect ending to a celebration.'

'Nice save, but you sure? I wouldn't want to see you having to crawl to classes.'


'Me? A little, at times, so, what did you have in mind?'

Bradley took a step back, staring at Matt. It felt good to have him looking at him, as he moved his jacket away from his front. He saw how the eyes lit up, as they immediately noticed the rather obvious lump that showed to one side. It was rather pleasing to see Bradley looking at him, knowing too, what was going through his mind.

'You know, I was thinking.'


'Uh huh, I do that on occasion.'

'I see, and what were you thinking?'

'Well, I was thinking of ways to cut down on some of your body drag in the water.'

'Yeah? Come up with anything?'

'Yep, got me a really good idea.'

'Care to share it?'

'Figure we could tie you dick to the inside of your leg, to cut down on the drag, and hell, we'd maybe shave several seconds off your time.'

'Fuck you.'

'Oh I so do hope so, I sure do.'

Matt couldn't help but laugh, as they walked away from the pool. He really didn't care what they did to celebrate, as long as it ended with them being together later. He felt the ache inside, wondering what it would be like, to feel Bradley inside of him?


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