Chapter 3

Jesse couldn't help but feel a tingling inside, as he looked up at Mr. Willows. The gleam in his eyes, the hunger he obviously had, was all there, just like before, but with a new found urgency, as if time was slipping away. He could see the desire, see the soft glow around the leathery face, how his jaw was just a bit ajar, his lips dry from anxiety, from age.

It was obvious the man was older, and yet in looking up at him, he felt a strange attraction, a strange desire to please this man. The surrounding were certainly unique for him, and the various scents of the different flowers were intoxicating, but nothing like smelling them, with a hint of the older man's cologne among their various fragrances.

He wanted to do it, to please him, and without even realizing it, his one hand was already gently rubbing himself, just lightly but hard enough to move the stiff cock inside of his pants. Just fast enough to attract the older man's eyes.

Jesse broke off the eye contact, his head swivelling around to stare at the surroundings, to see if they were truly alone. He also looked to see how far off the entrance was, to gauge how much time he would have, if someone was to interrupt. As he looked around, his body continued to ache, to distract him, yet he didn't want this time to be interrupted. For a moment he wanted to suggest they head up to Mr. Willows room, or somewhere more safe, when the man spoke.

It was as if he had read his mind, as he spoke softly, informing him no one would interrupt, that he had 'taken care of that' whatever that meant. Yet in some way, the words were enough for him to stop his nervous head twisting, and once more he was staring up at the older man, who hadn't moved an inch.

There was no mistaking his military bearing either, as he stood there, rock solid in his stance, in his gaze. The hands were at his sides, the crease in his pants showing, and unmoving too. It was all rather impressive to see, as his hand moved up his chest, to run across his upper chest.

Jesse felt the fingers pass over his nipples, feeling them tingle, as his eyes stared intently at Mr. Willows. There was no mistaking how his eyes were following every move of his hand, taking it all in. He let the hand move down and then under his shirt. Closing his eyes, he let his head lean backwards, to rest firmly against the warm leather of the huge chair. His heart was beating loudly, but he could hear Mr. Willow's breathing.

Moving his hand, he slowly let the shirt expose his skin, sensing the older man's excitement, as the fingers pulled the material up. Jesse heard the sharp intake of breath, heard the little gasp of pleasure, as he moved the shirt up and over his head, and then, lightly let it fall to the floor.

Leaning hard into the back of the chair, he let his mind wander, let his hands take charge. His own nostrils flared as he breathed in deeply, making his chest rise and fall. The muscles inside were all tingling, as the one hand now moved across his bare skin, the fingers prodding at one nipple, then another. He could hear the sharp intake of air, from nearby, but he ignored them, as his body took charge of his mind.

The beating of his heart echoed in his ears, as the one hand moved to caress his upper body. The other hand now reached inside his pants, to push and prod at his hard cock. He let it tantalize the older man, and when he felt the button on his pants snap, he didn't stop for a second. The sudden opening of his pants, only made his hand move a bit faster, buried deep inside his shorts.

Jesse could hear the man, hear his own heart, as the scent of Mr. Willow's cologne became much stronger. It was now the prominent smell, as his hand moved down to his belly, to rub at the coiled muscles beneath. The other hand lightly running along the hard pole.

In the back of his mind, he could feel his pants being pulled down, out of the way. He didn't let it distract him, as he continued to stroke his massive cock. How good it felt, to feel the warm grasp of his hand, as he let a soft moan escape from his lips. Free of his pants, he let his legs spread open further.

The warmth of the room, of the moment, made tiny beads of sweat pop out on his forehead, slowly trickle down the side. His body tensed, as he felt a soft touch around his temple, as another hand touched him lightly. He felt himself quiver, as the soft touch of that other hand, lightly moved down the side of his face, tracing his jaw line.

Jesse could feel the tips of the two fingers, as they moved down the side of his face, to rest under his chin. He let his eyes flutter, but not open, as the fingers pulsed. It was all so sensual, so erotic, that he could feel the pulse in his own body quicken. His lungs hurt, as he held his breath longer, as the ache in his groin grew. The hand tightened its hold, as it moved up and down the fully engorged pole.

He licked his lower lip, as the fingers moved down underneath, caressing his throat, running around the popping of his Adam's apple. He swallowed hard, as the finger moved along his bare shoulder, then down, to lightly twist the small tufts of hair under his arm. He felt himself quiver, felt the gentle shudder rolling through his whole body, as the finger moved down his upper chest. His legs pushed outwards, and off to either side, opening his groin even more.

Jesse felt the moistness between his buttocks, felt the way the cheeks were clenching and unclenching. He could feel the throb of his cock, as he tried to breath, as the other hand moved down his side, towards his hip.

His hand stopped stroking and moved up and out from under his shorts. He was feeling very hot, as if in a steam room. His body shook, as he breathed in deeply, letting his arms drop to the side, as the gentle tug on his shorts made him lift his groin up off the chair.

The feel of warm air across his groin, the way his legs were pushed together by the downward slide of his underwear made him suck in his breath. He could feel his dick sticking up, free form any restraints. There was no mistaking the grasp either, that came from nearby, as his cock was exposed to anyone nearby. For a brief moment he felt a bit hesitant, about being naked in a public room, but he trusted the older man.

As he felt his underwear slide off his feet, he automatically let his legs once more open wider, to either side. His hands now moved down to rest on his thighs, then one moved across his belly as he let his hips push upwards a bit, then settle down into the soft leather.

Jesse could feel his flesh sticking to the leather, feel the warmth across his buttocks, as he settled his rear into the seat cushion. His body was leaning back when he felt a small jolt, and suddenly felt his whole body going backwards. The chair was a recliner, and he felt the bottom pad bang into his lower calves, raising his feet up off the floor.

He let his head tilt back, felt his hips sway a bit, side to side, as he let his body get accustomed to its new position. Jesse felt the excitement in the air, felt the tension in his body, as he reached down, and let his balls fall forward, the hard pole sticking up into the air. His legs weren't spread as wide apart, as before, but he lifted his feet upwards, resting the bottoms of his feet against the lower part of the foot rest.

Jesse moved his knees now, letting them both move to the opposite side, so his groin was fully exposed. His one hand continued to caress his belly, the other gently massaging the inside of one of his exposed thighs.

His body flinched a bit, as Mr. Willows let one of his hands touch the top of a knee, then slowly make its way down the tingling side of his leg. He felt the fingers, felt them tremble a little, as they moved lightly over his flesh. It all felt so good, making him let out a soft little whimper of pleasure.

The tips of the finger moved up and around his thigh, then up and over his hand, up the arm, lightly brushing his tiny arm hairs. It all made him tingle a bit more, made him sink back into the chair, as the fingers moved further up his arm. It was an amazing feeling, as he lay there, more or less. His body shuddered a bit, as the fingers moved back down, and then as they came to his waist, moved off the leg, to touch lightly his crotch. His body shook, as the fingers moved over the top of his pubic hairs.

Jesse could feel how his body was enjoying the touch, how it was throbbing deep inside, making him sweat. It was all so unreal, the smell of orchids, of cologne, of sweat, mingling with the musky scent of men aroused. He breathed it all in deeply, as the fingers moved down and around the thick base of his hard dick. He felt the shaft tremble, as the tip of the fingers brushed past lightly. He sucked in his breath, as the tips moved all around the shaft, the knuckles brushing past his balls, making them tingle, shake even.

Then one finger began to slowly move up the underside of his penis. It lightly caressed him, moving up along the pulsing vein. He felt the touch, making his whole body tremble, and he knew that he was close. It was impossible, he was the one who made other's come close, choosing when he would cum, not them choosing. It all was so different, yet enthralling, as he felt the tip of the finger moving slowly upwards, making his blood run faster, his pulse quicken.

It was agonizing in one way, as the tremors of pleasure kept mounting inside. The more slowly the finger moved up and then around his cock head, the stronger the tremors inside became. He groaned now, his head flopping from side to side, and his body twisting and squirming on the hot leather. His body was sticking to it, and it made it harder for him to move, but he couldn't help himself.

The mounting pressure was testing his control, and Jesse struggled to keep in control, despite the soft caress of his penis. His balls were throbbing, the liquid inside boiling, as they pushed upwards, urging for release. He cried out, as he struggled to hold it back, to let the mounting tremors race through his body, without surrendering.

The finger moved down the top of his shaft now, then once more was circling the thick base of his cock. He could feel his skin tighten, feel how hard his dick was, as the older man lightly caressed him. Then when he thought he couldn't hold out any longer, the finger moved away. He felt himself shudder, felt his body sink deep into the chair, then the wound up muscles inside began to uncoil.

For the moment the pressure eased, and his eyes fluttered, when he suddenly felt moist lips pressing up against one nipple. He felt the teeth, grating lightly over his left nipple, a pair of fingers now tweaking at the nipple to his right. He cried out, as the teeth bit down a bit, pulling at the left nipple, the fingers now pushing and lightly prodding the right one.

His body shuddered, as the lips closed around his bitten nipple, the tongue now licking at it. He moaned softly, as the fingers pressed hard into the area just around the right nipple. His whole body was squirming, as he felt both nipples being manipulated, being aroused even more. His body began to feel like it was on fire. The heat of the moment, rose from deep within, as the older man began to bite then lick at the one nipple. His hand now moving from the right nipple, to caress the flesh below it, then slide down to the belly, to the upper thigh. The hard press only made Jesse moan more, as the teeth let go of the nipple.

The long flick of the tongue across his chest, matting his few hairs only made him squirm more. He felt the edge of the tongue licking down in the center of his chest, at the V shape of his upper body. Jesse's hand moved up off the arms of the chair, to reach out for the man, and to take hold of him, to help guide him. He was younger, but the old man had surprising strength in his body, resisting the press of Jesse's hands. He remained solid, licking at the upper body, tasting Jesse's salty body.

Despite Jesse' strength and obvious indications, the man refused to go lower, despite the now urgent pleas from Jesse. His lips moved along the trembling flesh, making Jesse shudder. His legs were twitching, as he struggled to have the older man satisfy the ache between his legs, but to no avail. His body was sweating, rivers running down his face, his whole body steaming, as the older man continued at his pace, licking, kissing, touching the hot flesh.

His cries becoming mingled as one, as he felt the tremors inside, felt the pleasure, and felt the ache growing. His body wanted to be touched, to be caressed, to be allowed to surrender. On the one hand he was trying, on the other he was desperate to deny his body's wishes. The numbness in his arms, his legs, began to wear on him, as one leg fell off to the side, only one being able to be kept up and spread apart.

The throb in his groin was dull, but he could still feel how hard his cock was, as if it was an unbreakable rod of pure steel. It stood tall, dripping a little from the top, as his body continued to twist and writhe under the old man's mouth and hand.

The uncontrollable urge to cum had eased, his body was less tense, as the hand moved along his side, as the mouth no longer pressed against his flesh. He sighed a bit, as his own hands relaxed a bit, the numbness easing. His dick was still aroused, still like steel, but he was slowly catching his breath, when he felt the soft caress across his inner thigh. The closeness of the hand, brushing past his stiff dick, made him catch his breath, his eyes pop open for a moment.

Jesse saw the glazed look immediately, the way the older man's nostrils were flaring, as he stared down at Jesse' dick. It made his heart skip a beat, as he noticed how deeply the man was staring, almost as if in a trance. The light touch against his inner thigh made his eyes snap downwards, to see the old long finger moving lightly over his body. He noticed how it just barely passed over the small hairs, that stood up from his flesh, as it moved closer to his groin, to his patch of pubic hair. He licked his lower lip, as he saw the finger cross over, then slide down the crotch, at the warm moist flesh between the groin and thigh.

He heard his own voice moaning, as his body trembled. It was an amazing feeling, as his eye fluttered a bit, but remained open, watching the slow motion of the finger down between his crotch and thigh. He felt it down at his toes even, and the hair on his head began to tingle too. Odd how his whole body suddenly was twitching, every muscle once more coiled´┐Ż up, as the finger moved so slowly down then across his cum filled balls.

How they both seemed to grow, as the finger passed lightly over his leathery sac. How hot it made him feel, as once more his body began to pour sweat, as the finger crossed to the other side. Glancing up he saw the old man's eyes narrow, focusing on his finger.

Jesse let his eyes move back down, saw how his legs were once more up, spread apart. His knees were shaking, as the finger moved up this time, on the other side. The warm tip moving along the inside, along his groin, to once more tickle at his wiry pubic hairs. He could feel each hair tingle, as the tip moved across.

His head fell back into the soft leather, his hair hanging all around in a wet tangled mess. He felt the strands on his shoulder, cool but damp, as the finger now moved across the belly, then suddenly, he felt a second finger, and they both moved down instead of across. He could feel the tips brush against the thick pulsing base of his dick, and he moaned loudly, his hands upraised, resting on the older man's arms.

Jesse felt his hands tighten around the older man's arms, as he shut his eyes. Lost in the moment, he felt his body ache, felt the rolling thunder inside, as the man's fingers moved around the thick base of his cock, then as he began to settle down into the chair, he felt the fingers move away, suddenly replaced by a firm grip at the very base. The fingers wrapped tightly around his lower shaft, gripping it hard.

Just as he felt the pressure around his shaft, he felt the warm press of lips up against the tip of his cockhead. He felt the raspy edge tongue flick out, lick at the center of his cock, and felt the pre cum that was oozing out being licked off. A long rolling shudder went running through his whole body, as now he felt the lips pressing up against the head, the tongue flatten out by the press of his cock head.

The fire inside seemed to leap forward, making his whole body feel like it was a raging inferno, as the lips moved around the head, then began to slide down his burning shaft. The ache in his groin grew, as the lips pressed tightly against his skin. He cried out, one hand releasing the older man's arm, to pound on the chair arm. He felt his own fingernails digging into the soft flesh of the palm of his hand, as the mouth moved down his shaft, and he felt his body shake, then arch upwards.

His other hand moved up and onto the older man's head. He sucked in air, smelling the musky scent of aroused males, feeling it all around his trembling body. This time the man didn't resist his urgent pressing, and the press of the man's nose into the side of his thigh made him moan loudly. Jesse felt his balls throb, felt the raging flood gathering strength inside. His body quivered, as every nerve was tingling, was on edge, waiting for the right moment.

The wild beat of his heat told him it would be soon, the roar in his ears testament to that coming moment. His body was ready, and his mind couldn't hold it back, as he felt the lips pulling up on the skin of his dick. He could feel the tongue being dragged along the underside, feel the tip as his cock was slid out from within the man's mouth.

Then as he felt the head of his cock about to be let go, the tongue suddenly flicked out, licking at the sensitive head, at the blood gorged flesh that felt like a white hot ember of pure fire. He cried out, his hand now grapping at the older man, who suddenly shot his face forward. His mouth once more engulfing the entire penis, the nose once more buried deep into Jesse' groin.

The old man reached out now, his two hands took hold of Jesse's hips. He was surprised at the change, then at the strength of the man's hands that held his hips tightly. He felt the pain as the fingers dug deep into his flesh, as the head moved up his cock, then shot back down. He felt his body shudder, as the man moved his head back up, this time holding his cock head only in the mouth. He felt the tongue swirling around the head, licking at it, like a lollipop. He moaned loudly, feeling the sensation deep inside his body.

He twisted, trying to move out of the man's firm grip, but he couldn't as his body ached, as the rolling waves inside built in strength. Each one rolling up and down his whole body, making his arms quiver, his legs twitch. He cried out again, as this time the head moved slowly downwards. His body shot forward, but was once more held back, then again the head moved up, faster this time. Then down it came, the hands around his hips pulling up at the same time, bringing Jesse' lower body up and off the chair.

He felt his cock driving deep down into the man's throat, felt the muscles grapping at the throbbing pole as it flew past, and he cried out, feeling his balls swell, feeling the liquid inside pushing at the inside of them, stretching them bigger.

Jesse felt it, a deep rolling booming thunder, that sent a huge shock wave into his whole body. He couldn't hold it back, screaming out as the pain forced his body to shake, to shudder. Then the rushing sound of his explosion echoed in his ears, as his body lost control. He felt the balls squeezing now, aiding in the sudden rush of cum that began to flow through his groin.

He felt the cock jerk back, then shoot forward. It made the head holding it pull back a bit, but only for a brief moment. His voice was crying out, as his body shook. His toes were curling inwards, his legs stiffen like two boards, as his body released its stream of cum deep down into the older man's throat.

Jesse felt the muscles quiver, in the man's throat, as his cock swelled up, then shot its load of hot milk deep down the throat. He could feel the man swallowing, several large gulps, as his seed continued to pour from his dick.

Tears rolled down from his eyes, mingling with the rivers of sweat as his body bucked and yet was held firmly by the older man's mouth. Jesse couldn't believe how much he was shooting, how many waves of pleasure kept coming up and down inside. He felt them, each one, and before they ended, another was replacing it, growing in intensity, as his body continued to empty itself of his milk.

He felt the ease of pressure, as his body now settled into the chair, and his eyes opened, to see the old man above him. Jesse saw the coating of his cum, drying on the man's lips, and chin. There was no mistaking the man's pleasure at it either, as he looked down at Jesse. He had enjoyed his drink of milk, as he smiled down at Jesse, no words necessary.

It took him several minutes to calm down, to let his body gather itself, but as he waited, he saw how patient the older man was, still standing by his side. As the rise and fall of his chest eased, the man bend down and picked up his removed shorts, and placed them over his feet, then slowly he pulled them up, pausing for a few seconds, to gaze at Jesse's soft penis. His eyes were glittering, as he stared, then glancing up he gave Jesse a warm smile, pulling the shorts up and over, covering Jesse's groin.

He did the same with the pants, then stood back a step or two, to just gaze down at Jesse. Slowly, Jesse pushed his feet back, against the foot pad, until the chair was once more in its normal upright state. As the bottom clicked back into place, he glanced up at the older man. He saw him wipe his face, with a small white towel, then Mr. Willows grinned at him.

'Shall we adjourn to my rooms, where we can uh, take our time?'

All he could do, was nod and grin. There was no doubt that tonight was not going to be about sleeping, as he realized, he was no match for Mr. Willows.


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