Wesley stood over the guard he had just punched several times, his heart was racing and he was uncertain how to leave the CDC headquarters. Wesley pushed some of his shoulder length golden hair out of his face as he knelt over the unconscious guard's body. He began to strip his clothes off. Wesley tried not to notice how muscular the guard was as he pulled the clothes from his body and especially avoid contact with the guard's dick. He could not afford any distractions if he hoped to escape from the madhouse he had found himself in. In a short time he was dressed in the guard's clothes and he moved the guard's unconscious body to a nearby closet and handcuffed him inside.

Wes started down the hall, trying to look casual, as if he were exactly where he was suppose to be. He hoped the clothes he had stolen would prevent him from being caught. He wandered down the hall a ways, but realized he did not have the slightest clue where he was going. The CDC headquarters were like a maze. He passed a woman in the hall; she was a petite Asian woman carrying a clipboard. She nodded politely, but paid Wes little mind. Wes turned another corner and saw signs for an elevator further down the hall. Hopefully he could find a way out from there.

When the elevator door finally opened, Wes came face to face with two identical guards. Not only were their uniforms the same, but their faces were the same too. Twins, and very well built twins at that. They both had short trimmed black hair and a clean shaven face. Their dark blue uniforms did not leave anything to the imagination as they were fit tightly over their broad pectoral muscles and bulging biceps. Wes placed all of his effort into pretending he did not notice how incredibly gorgeous the twins were. He stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for the main floor. The elevator doors finally slid closed, and Wes hoped neither guard would ask him any questions.

Suddenly, the elevator jerked and came to a halt. One of the super hot twins spoke, "Did you not realize there are cameras in the halls?"

Wes turned to face the twins and as he turned all three men were suddenly connected to Isaac Morris who was busy finalizing his revenge. Wes cried out in alarm as he started creaming in his pants. He lurched forward into the arms of one of the twins, whose face was also twisted and grunting in response to his sudden orgasm. After a moment all three men took a step back, the front of their pants darkening from the cum soaking through.

"What the fuck was that?" One of the twins asked the other.

"Your guess is as good as mine, this place just gets more and more fucked up with each passing minute," the other answered.

Wes took the brief distraction to slug one of the twins in the side of the head. His hand already stung from the guard he had knocked out in the hall and now his knuckles cracked as they connected with his target. The second sibling responded faster than expected as a baton seemed to materialize in his hand and he swiftly pinned Wes against the wall. To his amazement the twin who had taken the hard hit to the face did not collapse, but staggered backward for a moment. He shook his head and recovered quickly. Not a single mark blemished his handsome face. Not even the start of a serious black eye.

"You don't know who we are, do you?" the twin pinning Wes to the wall sneered, "We are Isaac Morris' personal guards. My name is Jon and this is Jeffrey. We are stronger and heal faster than your average guard around here. You've made a terrible error in thinking you could escape."

"I think we need to teach him a lesson," Jeffrey added, making a malicious smile that still managed to be extremely sexy.

"Wow, it's like you read my mind," Jon laughed, "Maybe twins do have a psychic connection."

Wes grew more alarmed as he felt the hard black baton sliding down the back of his pants, squeezing between his ass cheeks. Jon moved it up and down so it slid across Wes' rectum, causing Wes to let out a frightened little cry. He had never been fucked, and he had never really considered it, except maybe with Alex.

"Please take me back to my room, you don't need to do this," Wes pleaded.

"My rock hard boner tells me otherwise," Jeffrey laughed as he unzipped his pants and let a nice fat 9 inch cock loose into the elevator. Jon man-handled Wes around so that his face was directly in front of the fat cock. Jeffrey stroked the fat dick in front of Wes' face, smiling down at the frightened blonde boy. He slapped the bearded face with his big dick and then slapped the other side.

"You ever had a big dick before?" Jon laughed, "And you're in luck because today there is a two for one special."

"Open your mouth," Jeffrey stated as he slapped Wes across the face with his cock again. Wes clamped his mouth down and refused to give in to this abuse. Jon did not hesitate to take the baton out of Wes ass crack and use it to press against Wes' throat. The sudden lack of air caused Wes to open his mouth as he struggled to gasp for a breath and instead of air he inhaled a fat dick into his mouth. Jon released Wes' throat and went back to sliding the baton into his pants while dry humping him from behind. Wes could feel the bulge of Jon's dick ramming into his ass and pressing the baton harder against his rectum.

Jeffrey wasted no time sliding his cock in and out of Wes' open mouth, making sure to insert his dick as far as he could without making Wes gag too much. Then he'd slide it out slowly before slamming it back down Wes' throat. If Wes tried to struggle, he would find his efforts easily thwarted by the bulging muscular twins that were taking advantage of his helpless predicament.

Jon started stripping off Wes' pants, exposing the muscular ass covered with a layer of golden fur. Jon slapped it hard as he continued to work the baton over the exposed rectum. Wes' own cock was still quite limp as it dangled between his legs. He was turned on by the twins, but the fear of the baton sliding over his ass hole was making him limp. He didn't want to be fucked this way.


It had taken Alex some time to pick himself off the floor after he had experienced the sensations of multiple orgasms all at one time. It didn't happen once, but twice and he was extremely confused what was going on out there in Isaac's fucked-up fuck room. Now that his wits were about him he finally managed to connect with his sexy pal, Wes. There was a cock filling his mouth and another person rubbing a hard baton over his exposed hairy hole. The stud filling his mouth with cock was beginning to unbutton his shirt and Alex had to admire the firm and well-defined six-pack abs and smooth, shaved, muscular chest. How did Wes manage to get himself in such a situation in such a short time?

Alex realized that he could not help Wes from within Wes' mind, so he quickly allowed himself to inhabit the mind of the guy shoving his dick down Wes' throat.


Wes felt a strange helpless feeling wash over his body, but it passed quickly. Then to Wes' great surprise Jeffrey pulled the dick out of his mouth and said, "Well, that was fun. Let's go on our way."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Jon asked, "The fun was just getting started."

Jeffrey suddenly took a swing at Jon with his own baton, but Jon ducked under the attack. Jon was quick to slam Jeffrey into the wall. In the sudden chaos, Jon accidently shoved the baton he was holding into Wes' ass and it stuck there hanging out of Wes' hole while Wes howled in sudden pain. Wes reached back to pull the baton out of his ass, but the two twins tumbled sideways into him as they struggled against each other. The handle of the baton connected with the wall, causing the hard object to slide further into Wes' ass. Wes gritted his teeth in pain and shock. He finally managed to pull the hard object from his ass, tears starting to run down his face. Jon and Jeffrey continued to wrestle on the ground. The half-naked Jeffrey, his cock swinging around, finally managed to pin Jon to the ground, but Jon was not letting up.

The elevator was still not moving, but Wes started pulling on the door; hopeful that even if they were between floors he might be able to squeeze out. On the ground, Jon was reaching up and squeezing on Jeffrey's exposed balls in an attempt to gain the upper hand. Jeffrey's eyes nearly bugged out of his head and he rolled off of Jon, clutching his aching balls.

"Son of a bitch!" Jeffrey roared as he lay on his side in pain.

Wes was lifting himself up and out of the elevator when Jon suddenly seized his legs and pulled him back into the confined space. Wes landed on top of Jeffrey who was still groaning from the intense pain shooting from his balls. Jon started to come at Wes again, when he suddenly stopped and his expression went blank for a moment.

"Wes, it's me," Jon said.

"What?" Wes asked in confusion.

"It's Alex," Jon smiled, "We've got to get the fuck out of here before Jeffrey's balls stop throbbing. And believe me, that fucking hurt. I think I still feel it."

"So, you were Jeffrey when he attacked Jon? Now, you are Jon?" Wes puzzled as he stood to his feet, "That's fucking crazy."

"You're telling me," Alex laughed as he placed a supporting arm around Wes and lifted him up out of the elevator. Alex started to reach up and pull himself out of the elevator, but the doors slid shut and the elevator started moving down once more. Alex tried to slide out of Jon's mind and into Wes, but he found his efforts blocked somehow. He tried harder, but he couldn't free himself from Jon's mind. Inside his head he could hear a thundering voice, "I have you now, bitch."

Wes watched the elevator doors slide close and Jeffrey and Jon disappeared as the elevator descended. Wes wondered what Alex would do next, hopefully there was a plan.

"Hello, Wesley," a familiar voice called from behind. Wes spun around and saw Peter standing completely naked before him. Peter's dick was as big as a soda-can at its base even as it swung limp between his legs. Peter had a thin layer of sweat all over his body, left from all the intense sexual fantasies they had fulfilled in Isaac's orgy room. Some dried cum also remained splattered on his chest and abdomen.

"I just want to get the fuck out of here," Wes stated.

"Master Isaac is not ready for you to leave," Peter smiled as he took a step forward, "I've heard you've been fucking my boyfriend."

"I heard you've been fucking your boss and you've become a personal bitch to the director of the CDC," Wes retorted.

"We all serve Master Isaac, even if we don't know it yet," Peter advanced again, "He has given me permission to be the first to fuck you. I'm eager to feel your tight hole around my fat dick."

Wes lunged at Peter in the hopes of knocking him down, or at least propelling himself away from the approaching blond stud. Peter moved with an unusual fluidity, just like the twins had and Wes stumbled forward and lay sprawled out on his stomach. Peter was on top of Wes in an instant and his big cock was forcing its way into Wes' exposed hairy ass. Peter's dick seemed to wiggle and move on its own as if it were a separate appendage that could be controlled. Peter was able to use his arms to hold Wes down while his dick forced its way inside of the tight hole.

"Being Isaac's bitch has its advantages," Peter boasted, "my cock forces its way into tight spaces without any effort on my part and it can vibrate."

Wes moaned as he felt the fat cock filling his insides, and it was in fact vibrating slightly, but also growing and shrinking so that it could easily stretch Wes' ass before plunging in further. Wes couldn't help but feel his own dick growing rock hard as he experienced all of these many new sensations. Not only was this his first cock to penetrate his ass, but it was also a genetically enhanced cock that would instantly drive any man wild.

"You like me inside you, don't you?" Peter whispered in Wes' ear.

"Oh, fuck," Wes moaned as the fat cock slid deeper inside. It started vibrating more intensely and Wes could feel the incredible stimulation on his prostate. Wes instinctively pushed his ass up into the air so that the cock slid inside more easily.

"Oh, yea," Peter giggled, "you're totally loving that fat cock."

"So fucking big," Wes agreed as he pushed his ass up some more and Peter responsively shoved the last of his fat dick balls deep into the tight hole. The cock started vibrating even more as Peter pulled out and shoved back inside. Over and over again he rammed his throbbing, vibrating, fat cock inside of Wes' tight virgin hole.


As the elevator door slid open, Alex stumbled out into the hall. Jeffrey still lay on the floor nursing his tender balls, wondering what was wrong with his brother. Jon's mind had closed around Alex and Alex was unable to free himself from the strong overwhelming weight crushing him. He felt like his head would explode from the intense pressure of it all. Finally, Alex stopped trying to escape from Jon's mind and instead tried to maintain control of the massive stud. It was like a tunnel opened into his mind and he shoved the last of Jon's consciousness through that dark void.

Alex stumbled backward, finally free of Jon fighting for control. Once more he tried to leave Jon's body and inhabit that of Wesley, or even his own, but he could no longer travel from one consciousness to the next. The price for using a power you don't fully understand.


Jon could feel his consciousness separating from his body and it was an alarming and terrifying experience, but it also lasted only a moment. He sat up in bed and found himself in a small enclosed space. He felt shorter and his hands were not as big as they normally were. He searched the room and quickly found a mirror. Gazing back at him was the shaggy haired face of Alex. They had switched bodies.


Peter was starting to cry out with intense desire. He thrust his cock as hard and deep into Wes' tight hole as he possibly could. He wanted to cum deep inside of Wes and allow his hot cream to alter and change the young stud's sexy body. Soon, Wes' ass would be able to stretch and grow so that it might accept Master Isaac's mega-dick.

Wes was no longer afraid of Peter's big dick stretching his tight virgin hole. He was eagerly pushing back to take more of the fat dick and begging the massive stud to fuck him harder. The feel of the upgraded cock vibrating and throbbing against his prostate was about to make him orgasm with such intense pleasure that he could not even describe. Again and again Peter slammed the fat cock deep inside and each man cried out.

Soon, Wes was spraying cum all over the floor, his big 9.5 inch dick did not require any assistance from his hand, it just started shooting cum. With each thrust Peter made more cum shot onto the ground beneath him.

Peter wrapped his arms around Wes' body as it twitched with the last of his orgasm and he started increasing the speed with which he fucked Wes' ass. Wes did not think Peter could fuck any harder, but he thought wrong. Peter's intensity was unbelievable as he began stretching Wes' ass to new limits. Peter roared with the effort of slamming his cock inside faster and harder. Suddenly, hot cum started streaming out inside of Wes' ass. It leaked down around Peter's cock, lubing it up as it slid harder and faster in and out of the hole.

"Oh, fuck yes," Wes moaned as he took the fat cock's load. Tiny viruses began to find their way from Peter's hot cum and into Wes' body. These viruses were specifically designed to alter a man so that his ass could take a dick much bigger than normal. Soon Master Isaac would have a whole army of hot men willing and able to satisfy his massive cock.



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