Daniel could feel his powerful monster cock growing bigger and bigger as it pounded the hot stud's tight little hole. He remembered seeing the hot stud's face transform into that of Diego Juarez, the man that had abused and humiliated him. Diego had haunted his dreams continuously. Always he could feel Diego filling him up with that giant cock. But Daniel was bigger now, stronger and better. He could reflect back on all the sexual encounters he had in his life, but all of them paled in comparison to the intense sensations he'd felt when he fucked those two boys in Diego's lab. Not just fucking, but getting fucked too. Feeling the long cock slide inside him had aroused him more than ever before.

These were his last memories, and they still haunted him as he awoke in a small room on a cot. His body was mostly bare except for a pair of boxers which were doing little to hide his intense 14 inch boner, which actually was sticking out from one of the legs of the boxer. He admired his body for a moment, every muscle perfectly chiseled. He was truly impressed. He wanted to stroke his massive dick and relieve the intense feelings he had, but he decided to investigate his unfamiliar surroundings.

As his feet touched the cold tile floor he tried to stand, but despite all his muscles they felt weak and unused. His head was suddenly fuzzy like all the blood had suddenly rushed out of his brain, depriving him of oxygen. He leaned forward and let his head fall between his knees as he tried to recover and regain his bearings.

He finally felt some relief and looked around the room; it was definitely a military building, perhaps the private quarters of some commanding officer. Daniel recalled the lab he had confronted Diego in and wondered how on earth he'd arrived at his current locale. He wanted answers, but there was no one present to answer any of his questions. He tried to stand again, but his legs wobbled uneasily beneath him, so he sat back down. He sighed, wondering how long he'd been unconscious to warrant this type of muscular atrophy. It would take time, he just had to keep trying.


"Have you seen the news, sir?" Lieutenant James asked from the door.

"I have," Isaac replied as he stared out the window at the multitude of soldiers mobilizing and preparing for combat.

"They've shifted all the blame to you, and they are praising this Dr. Diego Juarez for discovering a cure," the lieutenant continued, "It's unfair, sir."

"Let them think what they want," Isaac stated calmly as he turned to face the lieutenant, "has the general been brought to our side yet?"

"No, sir," the lieutenant looked disappointed, "He's still holed up in his quarters. He can't communicate with the outside and he is unable to escape. I don't know what he is hoping to achieve by resisting you, sir. To be honest, your guidance I've found to be quite pleasurable."

"As any good service should be," Isaac smiled as he approached the lieutenant and gently stroked his cheek. His hand moved down and felt the strong pectoral muscles beneath the lieutenant's shirt. His body was perfect, and Isaac knew it belonged to him.

"Would you like me to be of service now, sir?" the lieutenant asked in an almost pleading voice.

"That won't be necessary." Isaac savored the look of disappointment on the young hunk's face as he took his leave. Isaac looked back out the window at his army. He wondered how long it would take for the outside world to track him to the military base. Surely someone at the CDC was aware of his plan. He had to be prepared.


Daniel could feel the ass of the hot stud around his dick and as he fucked the ass got tighter and tighter, but in reality his dick was growing bigger and bigger. He opened his eyes and he was standing in a large shower room. There were multiple shower heads similar to a locker room, but he could tell it was not a locker room. His head felt foggy and he tried to recall his last memory, but all he saw was Diego's lab. As he looked down, he saw that his body was still fully enhanced just as he remembered. Swinging between his legs was his fully erect 14 inch dick. He tilted his head back enjoying the cleansing water cascading over his body. He reached down and stroked at the massive cock, barely able to fit both hands around its base.

He stroked the whole length with one hand while his other lifted the base and massaged his equally proportioned balls. He moaned in ecstasy as he closed his eyes and imagined the sensations of the young stud's tight ass around his massive cock. He could still recall the sensation of his cock growing and changing while buried deep in the warm, exquisite hole. As he stroked harder and faster he could feel the pent up load building and building. He needed to release the massive load so badly and finally it exploded forth from his massive dick. Thick streams of cum splattered the wall of the shower room and dripped down to the floor, before the next wave of orgasm erupted another load against the wall. There was more cum than Daniel could have ever imagined.

He finally had to lean forward and place his hands against the wall to keep from falling over. As he looked down his dick was still leaking white fluid from the massive head. He panted for breath and could not recall such a satisfying orgasm in his entire life. He shut off the water and...


Daniel stood in a long hallway. He was now fully clothed, but he could not recall putting the clothes on. Furthermore, he did not remember leaving the small cot that he'd been sitting on. It was clear his legs were no longer atrophied, but he didn't remember every getting up. He heard voices and soon after approaching footsteps. He considered ducking inside a nearby room as he contemplated whether it was friend or foe coming towards him. He decided that hiding would not get him any answers to the myriad of questions swimming in his head.

Two military officers suddenly turned the corner and Daniel was happy to confirm his suspicions. Now he would discover if he was a guest or a captive.

"Dr. Morris, sir," one of the officers stopped in his tracks and saluted, "we did not expect to find you outside of your quarters. Would you like us to escort you to Commander Isaac?"

"Isaac?" Daniel was taken aback at the sudden mention of his brother. In his mind floated sudden memories of his brother speaking to him. He was even more confused by the title of commander. The two officers exchanged looks of concern as they saw how confused Daniel was.

"Are you all right, sir?"

"My brother is here?" Daniel rubbed his temple as he tried to make sense of what was happening.

"Yes, sir," one of them nodded, "Let us take you to him. It will be for the best."

Daniel nodded and motioned for them to lead the way...


Daniel could feel the big strong rock hard cock buried deep inside him. The sensations were so welcoming and familiar. He expected to see the young stud from Diego's lab when he opened his eyes, but instead he found a different man. The man buried balls-deep inside his tight ass was big and burly with dark brown hair. His head was shaved to near baldness, but his face, chest, and abdomen were covered in a nice curly layer. Beneath the hair was a massive, muscular specimen. The man's bulging muscular arms were gripping Daniel's hips as he thrust his massive cock deep inside.

Daniel's own monster cock was rock hard and bouncing off of Daniel's abdomen with each intense thrust the man was making. Daniel wanted to know who the man was and why he thought he could just start fucking some unconscious man, but at the same time he didn't care. He was too lost in the intense sensations to care who had mounted him against his will; he just didn't want the man to stop. Daniel began to ask the man for more.

The massive muscular man seemed to look confused when Daniel asked for more. He slowed and looked down at Daniel with confusion. Then the man uttered through clenched jaw, "You're starting to like it, huh?"

"Yes," Daniel pleaded, "fuck me with that big cock."

"You like being my bitch," the man leered over him as he suddenly started pounding Daniel's ass again with more ferocity. Daniel did not mask his satisfaction as he begged the man to pound him harder and harder. Daniel could feel the intense orgasm building inside his own massive cock. He was about to cum all over. Daniel leaned forward and licked the head of his own giant cock. It didn't take long until he unleashed a mouthful of cum. The second explosive orgasm splattered all over his face and down his chin as his mouth could not hold the intense quantity of cum pouring from his dick.

"Yes, eat that cum bitch," the man roared, "I'm going to make you eat mine too."


Daniel suddenly found himself standing in a small room wearing nothing but boxers. He tried to recall what had happened, but the last thing he remembered was fucking the two men in Diego's lab. The room was primarily empty except for a desk and a cot. He took a step forward and discovered his muscles were weak and tired. He reached out to the wall to steady himself. After a brief wave of nausea he tried to take a few more steps.

Daniel noticed an envelope on the desk in the tiny room with his name printed on the front. He curiously opened the note in the hopes of discovering how he'd arrived at his current location. It was written by his brother, Isaac:

Daniel, I'd love to greet you in person, but I have a lot of responsibilities. Please use the facilities in the adjoining room to wash and make yourself more comfortable. When you are dressed and ready dial 8001* on the phone in your room and a military officer will come to escort you to me. I'm sure you have many questions that I will be happy to answer.

With Love Isaac

Daniel felt that Isaac's note only made for more questions, but his aching muscles were eager to feel the warmth of a nice shower. He pushed open the door and to his room and across the hall he saw a sign for the showers. He entered the large open shower room and pulled down his boxers before stepping turning on the hot water. He loved the feel of the hot water cascading over his body. His head tilted back and he remembered the intense sexual experiences he'd felt in Diego's office.


"Damn, that felt good," Daniel muttered as he reached out for a towel, but he grabbed a handful of someone's shirt. He immediately released it as he looked at the two military personnel that were looking at him in surprise. There was an uncomfortable silence.

"Are you ok, sir?" one of the men asked. Daniel wasn't sure how to answer the question. The last thing he remembered he'd unleashed the biggest load he'd ever experienced all of the wall of the shower. Before that he'd been in Diego's lab. There had to be huge chunks of time completely missing from his life.

"No," Daniel shook his head, "I think something is wrong."

"Don't worry," the other officer smiled, "the sooner we get you to Isaac the better."

"Isaac?" Daniel reeled, "my brother is here too?"

"Yes, sir," one of the men looked very worried at the other, "we just told you that a few moments ago."

"I don't recall any of that," Daniel rubbed his head, "what is happening to me? Before we go anywhere, who are you?"

One of the men had darker skin, likely mixed black and Hispanic, he was quite handsome to look at even with his shaved head and boyish features. "Name's Private Cordrey Walker."

The other man looked a little older and more mature, but was very pale with short cropped blond hair, "I'm Private Nick Palmer."

"Ok," Daniel nodded, "and you work for my brother, Isaac."

"Yes, sir" Cordrey responded, "He is the commander of Fort Holtwood military base. He is a wise and powerful leader; we will do anything to serve him."

"What?" Daniel laughed, "Last I knew my brother was working as director of the CDC. He was constantly telling me that my work at the university was second rate to the things I could be accomplishing there. He never did understand that I enjoyed what I was doing."

"No disrespect, sir, but Commander Isaac Morris is in charge of Fort Holtwood," Nick informed.

"Ok," Daniel laughed again as he contemplated what insane dream world he was in. Perhaps after spraying the shower with cum he had slipped on the hot mess and hit his head. Daniel's laughter died off when he realized the other two men found nothing amusing about the situation. He motioned for the men to continue.

"So in what capacity do you help my brother?" Daniel asked after walking in awkward silence for a time, "Is he doing some type of new research?"

"As director of the CDC he was responsible for controlling and studying a viral outbreak at a nearby college campus," Cordrey informed, "Eventually that facility was compromised too and we extracted him to this site where he has assumed control."

"That explains how I got here," Daniel smiled, "He must have cured me of Diego's virus, but perhaps with some side effects."

"Side effects, sir?" Cordrey asked.

"I'm afraid I've experienced some memory loss," Daniel worried, "parts of my actions are simply missing. Not serious, I'm sure, just annoying."

"I can't begin to understand the work Commander Isaac does," Nick smiled for once, "I'm only an expert with incendiary devices. If you want a bomb disarmed, I'm your guy."

"Doubt there is much of that going on around here," Daniel laughed too.


Daniel turned away from the two sexy men that he was fucking and found himself standing in a shower room. He was completely naked and wet from head to toe. He looked around in confusion and tried to recall how he'd been in Diego's lab one second and the next soaking wet in a shower. All over the wall semen was dripping down and he wondered if perhaps he had been in the shower and dreamed the events that had occurred with Diego and the two men.

Looking down he realized that his body and his massive cock were still enhanced by the virus Diego had created, so it was not likely that the events never occurred. He grabbed the nearby towel and dried himself. Not far away there were clothes laid out and waiting for him. He dressed and stumbled into the hall in hopes of finding someone that could help him.


Daniel felt his head roll back as he felt the water cascading down his body, but suddenly it was gone, he was bone dry and fully dressed. A large, burly man with a shaved head and beard was pointing a pistol at his face and barking orders. Daniel felt his head spinning as he tried to understand the impossibility of his surroundings.

"I said," the man ordered, "get down on the ground."

Daniel finally raised his hands and complied with the clearly deranged man's request. Daniel finally took note of his surroundings and immediately saw multiple soldiers armed with assault rifles and his brother was hunched over in a chair. Daniel noticed that Isaac's hands were handcuffed behind his back so that he was tethered to the chair.

"Tell your men to stand down!" the man with the pistol roared at Isaac.

"You know you're outnumbered, General Loizzo," Isaac spoke calmly as he sat up straighter in his chair. Blood was running from his nose, but he was smiling. Daniel barely recognized his brother, he was bigger, stronger, and more fearsome than he'd ever remembered. He had the look of a true leader on his face. "It won't be long before they breach this room and eliminate you."

"You made one mistake," the general laughed as he struck Isaac hard across the cheek with the butt of his pistol, "They all love you and adore you. Now that I have you, I have all the bargaining power I need."

Isaac said nothing, instead he just spit blood at the general.

"You thought you could come into my facility and take over," the general shook his head, "Dr. Iqbal Patel never trusted you. He gave me intimate knowledge about your little experiments in case things got out of hand. You think you are the only one with a plan? All those pheromones and sexy men out there won't tempt these elite soldiers that I trained myself."

"What are you talking about?" Isaac suddenly looked worried.

"Strain EV21," the general smiled, "it lacked the desired effect for your needs, but some of the people loyal to Dr. Patel saw its potential as a deterrent to the pheromones created by your other work. I've been inoculated; it was why I was not taken by your men. A select few of my men were also inoculated so that I might prevent you from taking my military base."

"You're smarter than you look," Isaac smiled, "I guess Patel was smarter than I thought too."

"It's your arrogance and your ego that blinded you," General Loizzo smiled, "Now you'll pay the price."

Without another word the general began to unfasten his belt. Isaac watched him and glared. Some of the general's men approached Isaac and unfastened him from the chair. They took hold of Isaac and bent him back over the chair before pulling his pants down.

"How many of my men have you fucked?" the general asked before striking Isaac hard across his exposed ass with the metal of his belt. Daniel moved to stop the general, but he was quickly reminded to stay on the ground with an automatic rifle aimed in his face. Daniel felt helpless, and hated this man for hurting his brother.

"How many!?" the general roared again as he struck Isaac again.

The general waited, but Isaac simply bit his lower lip and waited for whatever the general had planned next. Tears were in Isaac's eyes, but he refused to let the general know how much he hurt. The general stripped off his shirt, revealing a very muscular body covered in thick curly hair. He struck Isaac again and again.

"You don't want to talk to me?" the general smiled as he pulled back on Isaac's hair, "That's ok, I'll show you what else the EV21 virus did to me."

The general opened his pants and a massive boner came spilling out. It was at least 11 inches long and it was extraordinarily thick. From the dick's head was issuing a mysteriously green fluid much like precum, except for the disgusting color. Daniel was alarmed by the sudden sight. He felt helpless.

"My semen also has special properties," the general smiled, "Once inside the body it will begin to weaken you and then cause you physical pain. The only cure to the effects is another dose of hot cum fresh from my cock."

"Don't do this to him," Daniel begged, "haven't you taken enough?"

"Oh look at this," General Loizzo laughed, "the little brother is worried."

"Stay out of this, Daniel," Isaac warned.

"Maybe fucking you is not the real punishment," the general smiled, "maybe I should force you to watch me fuck your brother."

It didn't take long for the general's men to carry out his wishes. Soon Daniel was being pinned on his back as his clothes were practically torn from his body. The general approached with his massive cock dripping his discolored precum, like some sort of venom.

"Leave him alone!" Isaac shouted as he tried to fight off the men subduing him. Isaac even tried to use his ability to inflict pain or control them, but he'd been trying in vain since they invaded. The EV21 virus was blocking everything. Isaac felt so stupid that he had not been more careful with the research done at the CDC. He'd been too focused on saving his brother and gaining power.

The general lined up his massive cock and began to shove the head inside of Daniel. Daniel moaned and felt instantly violated by the massive man hovering over him. He felt tears in his eyes when the general suddenly shoved the entire length inside without mercy. The general pulled out and rammed his way back inside. Over and over the general began to fuck Daniel.

Daniel looked down and saw his own dick beginning to grow stiff and rigid. He was ashamed that part of him was enjoying the general's ruthless pounding. The general smiled down maliciously and fucked harder and faster.


As Daniel rounded the corner following Nick and Cordrey he suddenly tripped over a box that was in front of him. He stumbled forward and crashed into a table with many computers on it. One of the monitors shattered as it hit the floor. Daniel looked around in hopes of apologizing to Nick and Cordrey, but realized they were gone. He was alone inside of a room with many computers and workstations. The overhead lights were dim as if they were only emergency lights that had kicked on when the power failed. Daniel realized that he'd lost some time again as he tried to gain his bearings.

"What is happening to me?" Daniel wondered, but his question was answered only by gunfire in the hallway outside. He ducked down and saw through the open door that one of the military personnel had just been gunned down by an automatic weapon. The soldier responsible approached the body and put another round in the head. Daniel was terrified.

Instantly sweat was pouring down his back and he felt cold and clammy all over. He didn't understand what was happening, but he did not want to meet the man in the hall unless he knew he was friend or foe. Daniel crouched down farther until he was hiding beneath the computer table. As he watched the soldiers feet he realized that the gunman was entering the room.

Daniel focused on his breathing. He tried not to panic, but his fear and racing heart were betraying him. He simply held his breath all together. The soldiers feet were soon joined by two other sets of feet. Daniel closed his eyes momentarily, wondering if it was too late to believe in a higher power. Perhaps if he prayed these men would go away.

"This is where we are supposed to put it," the first man stated. It became clear that the other two men must have been carrying something very heavy which they placed on top of the table. Daniel tried to shrink himself as much as he could beneath the desk as all three sets of feet stood around the table he was hiding under. They were fortunately too engrossed in their project on top of the table. Only minutes passed, but Daniel felt that it was an eternity.

Finally, the men seemed to finish their mission and one by one they exited the room. Daniel waited another moment before finally breathing a sigh of relief. His heart was hammering in his chest as he looked out the door at the dead body in a pool of blood. Slowly he finally climbed out from under the table. He looked into the hallway and saw no trace of the men with guns. Looking back into the computer room Daniel spotted the large black box the men had left on the table.

Approaching, Daniel looked at the device and realized that it was armed with a timer slowly counting down. The vast amount of wires went down inside the mechanism where they terminated in several bricks of C4. Daniel's sense of terror and alarm instantly began to rise again as he realized there were only 37 minutes before the bomb would detonate.

In his mind Daniel could hear Nick laughing as he said, "If you want a bomb disarmed, I'm your guy."

Daniel knew he had to find the man that was escorting him to Isaac. He only hoped that in the time that had passed between blackouts Nick hadn't been killed by men with guns. In the hall, Daniel observed the dead body and decided to relieve the ill-fated soldier of his side arm. He peered around the hallway and tried to decide which way to go next.

As Daniel followed the wall with the pistol in front of him, he heard footstep approaching from around the next corner. He immediately aimed the weapon at what would normally be chest level and waited. It didn't take long for a soldier with close cropped light brown hair rounded the corner. The soldier also had his weapon drawn, but Daniel was already prepared.

"Lower the gun," Daniel ordered. Reluctantly the soldier obeyed.

"You're not military," the soldier noticed.

"No," Daniel nodded, "but I still learned how to fire a gun when I was younger. Trust me when I tell you the safety is already off. What's your name?"

"I'm Private Dallas Nisonger," the young man stated, "I am still loyal to Commander Isaac. I'm hoping you're one of his scientists that occasionally consult here."

"Something like that, yes," Daniel nodded, "tell me, do you know a Private Nick Palmer?"

The young soldier nodded.

"Good, holster your weapon slowly and take me to him."

Dallas obeyed and Daniel was relieved for the moment that he had found someone he thought he could trust. Even so, Daniel kept his pistol leveled on Dallas' back, just in case their little trip turned out to be a trap. But after a few minutes of walking through the twisting halls they emerged into a larger room, perhaps a cafeteria where makeshift barriers had been erected to shield from gunfire. Several men had taken up post to prevent anyone from approaching.

"It's Dallas," the soldier stated, "this guy is looking for Nick."

"Does he have a gun drawn on you?" one of the men asked.

"I have a gun," Daniel stated, "I will use it if I have to. I just need to speak with Nick, I here he is an expert with bombs."

Dallas turned and looked at Daniel with curiosity. It was clear he was unaware of any bombs, which further confirmed Daniel's suspicion that he was trustworthy. They both waited as the men behind the barrier consulted with one another.

"Nick's not here," one of the soldiers stated, "He went out on patrol with his pal, Cordrey. You'll have to check sector C."

"You know where that is?" Daniel asked.

"If you go back the way we came," Dallas pointed, "but take a right instead. I heard some heavy gunfire that way though."

"Do you know if Isaac is safe?" Daniel asked.

"We are still trying to locate him," Dallas responded, "that's why I was scouting."

"I'll let you continue your search, but eventually if I can't find Nick we all need to get out of here. There's a bomb back where you found me and it's going to level most of this building."

Daniel watched Dallas' eyes go wide as he nodded, then Daniel retreated back the way Dallas had instructed. In a short while he saw a sign indicating he'd entered sector C. The whole place was crawling with soldiers. Daniel snuck quietly along the wall and ducked inside of rooms at the first sign of trouble.

He proceeded a little farther and could hear another soldier approaching. He ducked inside the nearby room and inside he discovered that it was already occupied. Daniel was terrified at first, but then he realized he'd found Nick, but not how he'd expected. Nick was moaning down on his knees, his face practically kissing the floor while his hands were cuffed behind his back. Cordrey was on top of him, pulling on the handcuffs in order to force Nick back onto his big dick. Despite the gravity of the situation, Daniel momentarily forgot why he'd been looking for Nick.


The two soldiers that had discovered him in the hallway suddenly turned and they were in the room where Isaac was waiting. Daniel laughed.

"If I'd known it was just around the corner, I didn't really need an escort," Daniel stated and both men looked at him with confusion, but they didn't comment.

"Brother," Isaac smiled as he came forward and gave Daniel a big hug.

"It's been a while," Daniel puzzled as he felt the massive body beneath Isaac's clothes. This was not the Isaac Morris that Daniel remembered, "you were infected too?"

"Yes, but only by choice," Isaac smiled as he looked down at his little brother, "Despite his mistakes, Dr. Juarez has made some amazing discoveries."

"How the hell did I get here? And where are we?" Daniel asked, but again noticed strange looks from the two men that had escorted him.

"Your story is complicated, little brother," Isaac rubbed his temple, "You were actually quite dead for a while, but I managed to save you. You've been unconscious for weeks now."

Daniel felt shocked to hear the word weeks. In his mind he'd just been in Diego's lab before waking in a strange location. Daniel had to sit down in a nearby chair as he considered the weight of Isaac's words.

"Nick, Cordrey, you're free to go," Isaac nodded to the two soldiers, "I need some time with my brother."

Isaac sat down across from Daniel and began to walk his brother though the events that had led them to the military base. Daniel was filled with a mix of different emotions, both happy that his brother had saved him but also disappointed that Isaac was the same power hungry fiend he'd always been. In fact, the virus had made it worse. Daniel recalled the violent and aggressive power he'd felt when he fucked the men in Diego's lab. He could only imagine how the level of alteration Isaac had endured would affect him.

"I don't know what to say," Daniel looked at his brother when the story was finished.

"I can see you judging me," Isaac growled as he stood up, "You've always looked at me like that. I encourage you to move up and stop teaching at that college. You do amazing research, but you just look at me with those judgmental eyes. I've done so much of this for you!"

Daniel stood too and grabbed Isaac by the shoulders, "I don't mean to look judgmental. I'm sorry, but you have to admit that as much of this was for me, you've enjoyed being in control. You've always liked being in power. When is it going to be enough? You've basically commandeered an entire military base just for the sake of amassing more power."

"I have enemies," Isaac stated, "already they plan to pin the entire viral outbreak on me as the director of the CDC. I refuse to go down without a fight."

"Sir!" a soldier suddenly appeared in the doorway with a panic-stricken look, but seconds later the man's face exploded in a grotesque rain of bone and blood. The sound of gunfire echoed around the room as a whole team of soldiers took the room. Each man was carrying an automatic assault rifle and they were quick to seal off the area.

"What the..." Daniel stood flabbergasted as he recalled Isaac only moments before stating that he had enemies. The last man to storm into the room was a massive guy with a shaved head and beard. He was older than anyone else in the room and he had a battle-worn look about him. Daniel watched this brute of a man level his pistol at his face.

"Down on your knees."


"Oh yea, I want you to cum in my mouth," Daniel begged the big man fucking him, but he suddenly realized that he was no longer on the floor getting fucked. The man that had been pounding his hole only moments before was now standing in front of him. Daniel was aiming a gun at the man.

"What are you waiting for?" Daniel could recognize Isaac's voice, but he was still uncertain what had happened. He looked again at the man with the shaved head and could still practically feel the man's dick inside his ass. It had felt so good. Now there was a gun between them. Before Daniel could process the information the man lunged at him and quickly pulled the gun from his grip.

Daniel recoiled and realized that his muscles felt weaker and there were green steaks running up and down his arms. He stumbled backward and heard the gun he'd just had stripped from his hand echo a loud report in the hallway.


One moment Daniel recalled standing in a hallway, the next he was lying on his back completely drenched in his own cum as a powerful man was lording over him pounding an immense cock inside his ass. Daniel had no words for the bizarre turn of events and there was clearly no means of escaping the current predicament. Suddenly, the big, hairy man began to orgasm and Daniel could actually feel the fluid inside him. It was almost hot and burning inside of him. It was hotter than any cum he'd every known before.

Daniel was repulsed to see that as the man extracted his giant dick from his ass it was coated in a slick green film. Daniel looked down to see green oozing from his puckered anus as well. He wanted to say any number of things, but then he noticed over the big man's shoulder that his own brother was handcuffed to a chair watching the whole thing.

"What the fuck is happening right now?" Daniel yelled, "Who the fuck are you? And why is my ass filled with green?"

"Silence him," the big hairy guy ordered and someone knocked Daniel hard over the head with the butt of a rifle.

Daniel was uncertain how much time passed, but he soon woke and discovered that the room was now empty. He held the painful lump on the side of his head for a moment before venturing to his hands and knees. Slowly he reached out and grabbed the chair he remembered his brother being handcuffed too. He used the chair to slowly pull himself up. After locating all of his clothes he moved toward the exit. In the doorway there was a dead body, the man had clearly suffered a bullet to the back of the head and lay face down in a pool of blood.

Maneuvering around and over the dead body and the blood, Daniel stepped out into the hall and surveyed the area. He was satisfied that for the moment the place was empty. He didn't understand what was happening. He remembered Diego's lab and then standing completely wet in a shower and then he was being fucked by a maniac with green cum who enjoyed bashing people over the head. Daniel wondered if he actually died in Diego's lab and was being punished in some bizarre purgatory.


As if in answer to his thoughts of purgatory, Daniel could feel his wrists behind his back, clamped tight inside of a pair of handcuffs. Around and next to him were soldiers that had apparently been taken prisoner as well. It was as if they all appeared around him in the hallway. He was so confused he wanted to scream.

He wanted to scream for other reasons too. His whole body felt as if it were being poked constantly by little needles, and where the handcuffs were biting his wrists felt like they were on fire. It was like having a sun burn but he could not recall the last time he'd been exposed to sun. He could recall lots of cum, some of it green, but no sun.

"Do you feel it yet?" One of the men next to him asked.

"What?" Daniel looked at the man who clearly seemed to know him, but Daniel was at a complete loss. He'd never seen the soldier before in his life.

"You're starting to get marks on your arms," the man motioned to Daniel, then he seemed to look at Daniel again.

Daniel looked down and tried to see his arms that were behind his back and indeed he recognized the marks on his arms. He looked back and saw the man still looking at him with an odd expression, "What?"

"You don't remember what happened, do you?" the soldier asked.

"I can't say as I do," Daniel admitted.

"Well for starters, my name is Nick, and we've been through quite a bit of hell together today. Stick with me and I'll help you get back with your brother in no time."

"Yes, I saw my brother not long ago," Daniel wondered what his brother thought of him lying on the floor getting raped by green-cum man, "What does he have to do with all thise?"

"Wow," Nick shook his head, "Your memory is worse than ever this time."

Daniel had many more questions, but their conversation was interrupted when the enemy soldiers forcing them to march along suddenly stopped. There was a whizzing sound and one of the enemy soldiers dropped to the floor. Seconds later, another fell.

"Get down," Nick plowed into Daniel and forced him closer to the nearest wall. Together they both crouched down while a firefight erupted in the narrow hall around them. In a few moments of deafening gunfire and men's screams all the enemy soldiers were dead around them.

"Holy shit," a young soldier appeared in the hall, "That was awesome!"

"Dallas, while I also appreciate these clean kills, can you get these cuffs off us?" Nick asked of the soldier. Two other men appeared behind Dallas and they also began to admire their handiwork as they searched the fallen men for ammo. Dallas freed Nick and Daniel from their handcuffs.

"Have you seen Isaac?" Nick asked Dallas.

"No," Dallas shook his head, "but I had word that the general was near here and last I heard Isaac was with them."

Daniel was rubbing his wrists and looking at the green streaks on his arms. It was truly terrifying and his whole body was tingling with pain.

"Feels like little needles, doesn't it?" Nick asked him, "I'm starting to feel it where the cuffs were on my wrist."

"I feel that everywhere," Daniel said, "my wrists feel like they are on fire. What the hell is happening?"

"We've been infected with something," Nick shook his head, "Still can't believe I didn't see it."

Daniel was going to ask more, but the two other soldiers that had assisted Dallas suddenly dropped dead as more gunshots echoed through the narrow passageway. Daniel watched in horror as Dallas took a shot to the knee and crumpled in front of him. Daniel, determined not to be helpless dove to the ground and scooped up a handgun that one of his captives had dropped. He turned to the source of the gunfire and saw his brother being led by four guards and the man that had cum inside him with the green cum.

Daniel suddenly fit the two pieces together, the green streaks on his arm, he had been infected. As the man with the shaved head was reloading Daniel found his feet and pointed the pistol at the mans face.

"Do it," Isaac encouraged, "Shoot him!"

Daniel barely knew the man in front of him, but he knew at least some of the body trail the man had left in his wake, and now it was clear that he had infected him with something. Daniel felt no hesitation as his mind decided to follow his brother commands.


Daniel was shocked that Nick and Cordrey felt it necessary to fuck while so much shit was raining down around them. He was about to voice his distaste for their actions when suddenly he was falling backwards as a concussive sound filled the air. He finally hit the ground and the impact caused every fiber of his body to sing with howling pain. Every joint seemed to ache and every muscle felt tight. He saw several people flee and others firing their weapons after them.

In all the chaos, Daniel sat up and recognized one face almost immediately. He crawled forward and looked down in shock. There was so much blood. Daniel had to blink to see through the tears in his eyes.

"What the fuck?" Daniel whimpered as he reached out and applied pressure to the gunshot wound in his brothers abdomen, "How did this happen?"

"Why didn't you kill him?" Isaac asked as tears slowly poured from his eyes too.

"Kill who?" Daniel asked as he looked down, "Oh my God, Isaac. Why? Why is this happening?"

"I...I..." Isaac couldn't finish the words, he slipped into unconsciousness. Daniel checked his pulse and knew he was still alive.

"Someone, please help me!" Daniel yelled. Dallas was crawling closer with a bullet wound in his leg; he encouraged Daniel to continue applying pressure.

"They shot Isaac," someone else spoke and Daniel recognized Nick Palmer standing there, "We failed him."

"There's no time for guilt," Dallas admonished, "You need to stop that bomb. Go, Nick, now! Or we'll all be toast."

"What bomb?" Nick asked bewildered.

"You never told him?" Dallas looked incredulously up at Daniel.

"No," Daniel spat back at the guy, "I only just found him, and then my brother was shot! He needs help."

"I'll apply pressure to his wound," Dallas moved closer to Isaac, "You need to show Nick where the bomb is."

"No," Daniel stated, "I'm not leaving him."

"If you don't, we'll all be dead anyway," Dallas warned, "Now go, both of you."


Daniel could feel the disgusting general's slimy green cock inside him, but the next moment he was standing in a different room with a gun in his hand. Before him lay a completely naked dying man that he had never seen before. Daniel knew deep down that he had just killed this man, but he had no idea why. Then he could see the green cum oozing from the dying man's still erect penis.

"It's ok," someone else spoke, "You did the right thing."

Daniel rounded on the source of the voice and pointed the gun at another young man who was trying to pull his clothes back on. "What the fuck?"

"That's what I'm supposed to say," the guy smiled as he pulled his pants on, "You're the one pointing a gun at me, remember?"

"I guess I am," Daniel felt like this man knew him, "Is there a reason I should point it elsewhere?"

"What's wrong with you?" the man asked as he pulled his shirt over his head and looked at Daniel.

The door to the room burst open before any more could be said and a whole group of men with assault rifles moved in around Daniel. "Drop the gun."

Daniel felt he had no choice but to comply. In no time, the men that had just swarmed in had him handcuffed and were leading him roughly out of the room. All over his body, he was beginning to feel uncomfortable. Soon Daniel was being marched along beside the other man from the room, both of them with their hands cuffed behind their backs.


Daniel flinched as he stared down the barrel of the crazy bearded man's pistol, but when his eyes opened he was holding the gun and there were two men fucking in front of him. They were the men that had escorted him to see Isaac, but he could not remember their names.

The one with the darker skin was mounting the other and was brutally pounding the man's ass with a massive fat dick. Daniel tried not to, but in his pants he could feel his own dick stir with excitement. The sight before him was incredibly mesmerizing, but why did he have a gun? He was not normally in the habit of forcing two men to fuck at gun point, but it seemed the most reasonable explanation.

"It looks like you have a big one," the darker skinned man smiled at Daniel while he fucked hard into the other soldiers ass, "You like seeing me dominate this little bitch."

"Please, help me," the guy on the floor looked up at Daniel.

Daniel stood wondering if he should just back out of the room and disappear.

"I'm not done with you, Nick," the dark-skinned man said, "I'm going to pump you full of my cum. I've been wanting to do this since day one. Maybe this guy here wants to pump you full of cum too. Look at that big dick getting hard in his pants."

It was true, Daniel could not help but feel his cock growing harder and harder at the sight of the two men fucking. But the man named Nick, continued to plead with Daniel to help him.

"I don't think he wants you to fuck him," Daniel finally said.

"You think I care what this bitch wants?"

"Clearly not, but I'm asking you to stop," Daniel ordered, "and I happen to have a gun."

"I'll stop after I've finished pumping him full..." the man paused as he began ejaculating inside his friend's ass, "...of my..." the man came again, "...CUM!!!"

Daniel watched in horror as the man's dick came out of Nick's ass all green. The man looked drunk with lust and need as he looked at Daniel. "Come over and fuck him and I can fuck you at the same time. Spread the love."

"What the fuck are you?" Daniel asked.

"I just want to fuck!" the man lunged at Daniel and the gun fired. The man flopped over onto his back and lay their gurgling on his own blood.

"It's about fucking time!" Nick moaned as he started to stand, "You couldn't have stopped him before he infected me?"

"What?" Daniel asked, "I can't believe I just killed someone."

"Cordrey was a traitor," Nick stated, "He's been loyal to General Loizzo this whole time."

Daniel just stared down at the dead body in shock the gun still clutched in his shaking hand.


Daniel was relieved to discover that the cuffs were suddenly gone from his wrists. He looked up and saw that the other man was now free too. The man was looking at him expectantly.

"So, where's this bomb?" the guy asked, "I have a feeling there is some need for urgency?"

"Bomb?" Daniel asked.

"Oh, for fuck sake!" the man yelled, "Of all the times you could lose your memory!"

"Last I remember I was in a room with you and then we were captured."

"Yes, and you are also the only one that knows where this bomb is located."

"I found him near Sector B in the third corridor when he first mentioned the bomb, maybe it's close to there?" Another guy spoke from behind. Daniel turned around and saw a multitude of bodies sprawled on the floor, but his eyes were drawn instantly to one in particular.

"Oh my God, Isaac!" Daniel rushed over.

"We don't have time for this," the guy with bombs on the brain pleaded, but Daniel was already lost in his renewed grief.

"Wait!" the man next to Isaac wondered, "Didn't Isaac have a room with research he'd transferred over in Sector B?"

"Yes, that must be it," the first guy took off running.

Daniel cradled his brother's head in his arms as he watched him dying. Tears trickled down his face.

"His pulse is getting weaker," the man lying on the floor shook his head, "We may be too late."


Nick raced around the corner and into the room with computers. There on the desk was the bomb with only one minute left on the timer. Nick raced inside and observed the housing for the bomb and the wiring. He was relieved to see that they used a fairly simple design, because if the wiring were more complex he'd need more than one minute to disarm it. After careful study, Nick snipped one of the wires and the display flashed to all zeros but the bomb did not detonate. He breathed a sigh of relief.

General Loizzo and his men had reached the roof where their helicopter was waiting. They all ran towards it. Isaac's men suddenly opened fire upon them and the general watched as several of his men fell down dead. He'd lost nearly every single one of his men. He climbed inside the helicopter just in time to see the helicopter pilot take a bullet to the head. Moved forward into the cockpit and shoved the pilot out. Another bullet ricocheted inside the small space and grazed across the general's right eye. He roared in rage as he got the helicopter in motion. Blood was pouring from his face.


As Daniel fell he remembered hearing his brother's voice shouting, "What are you waiting for?"

Daniel was certain his brother wanted him to kill the man that had been fucking him, but he didn't know why. Now as he opened his eyes again, he discovered in brother's lifeless body in his arms. Blood was everywhere on Isaac's clothes, on Daniel's clothes, on Daniel's hands, it was the most horrifying scene Daniel could ever imagine.

Daniel simply bent over his brother's body and wept. Over and over he had to learn that his brother was dead.



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