Dr. Diego Juarez stared down in horror at the dead body lying on the floor of his lab. Daniel Morris had sprouted a cock nearly as large as his own forearm and somehow it had killed him. Marc, Guns, and Bart stood not far behind Diego in stunned silence. Only a moment ago they believed that they had been given an incredible gift, but now they saw the gruesome fate which could ensnare them.

"Trevor and Matt are over here," Peter called from across the nearest lab bench, "but they seem to be breathing."

"We should call 9-1-1," Marc suggested.

"It's too late," Diego concluded, "He's already dead, and if we call the authorities they won't understand the complexity of the situation. We have to stop the spread of this virus immediately before others fall victim to mutations like Daniel."

"Where did Alex go?" Peter wondered.

"Call him, he needs to be isolated along with the rest of us," Diego ordered. Peter took out his cell phone and started dialing.

"You did this to him?" Marc stuttered as he stared down at Daniel's body.

"Is this the same thing that might happen to us?" Guns worried.

Bart lunged at Diego in a fit of rage, but Diego instinctively backhanded him and sent the hairy stud sprawling across the floor. Bart sat up and placed a hand over his throbbing cheek, which would likely develop a nasty bruise.

"I don't know what will happen," Diego stated impatiently, "I need you three to sit and be quiet while I try to figure this out."

"We should get out of here," Marc urged Guns.

"Leaving is not an option," Diego stated plainly, "the damage is already done. You would only be placing others at risk."

Peter disconnected his call, "Alex is not answering."

"I have an old contact in my office," Diego realized, "her name is Dr. Elizabeth Bartley and she works for the CDC. I think we should start there."


Five hours later, students from all over campus began to congregate in the courtyard. Everyone was taking pictures and whispering as they watched teams of men and women all wearing face masks enter and exit the science building. The entire building had been quarantined and everyone wanted to know why. Alex had left Wes' apartment in order to freshen up, but he was also drawn by the large crowd of people. He felt his insides twist with worry when he realized what was going on. Somehow he knew that the virus was involved, especially when he saw the large letters CDC printed on a man's jacket. He took a deep breath and began fighting his way through the crowd toward the science building.


Diego was engaged in a heated discussion with his former mentor, Dr. Elizabeth Bartley, when a security agent entered the room. Dr. Elizabeth Bartley was 57 years old, but her age did little to dampen her strong will and stern demeanor. She spoke with her heavy British accent, "What is it?"

"Ma'am, there is a student who says they have had contact with the infected earlier today. His name is Alex Staley. What would you like us to do with him?" the security agent stated.

"First of all," Elizabeth stood like a mother admonishing a child, "We refer to them as patients, not infected. Secondly, have him brought immediately to lab C for blood work. Then question him to determine if he has had any contact with any others outside of this building."

"Yes, Ma'am."

"Now, where were we?" Elizabeth turned back to Diego.

"I was telling you that this virus is not the virus I designed. I look at it over and over again, but they are not the same. Besides they have targeted entirely different receptor sites," Diego stated as he pointed again at images of his blood work and blood work from the others.

"However," Elizabeth countered, "the viral structure from your computer indicates undeniable similarities."

"That doesn't make sense, I'm the only one with access to my computer and my..."

"What is it?" Elizabeth asked, "You just realized something."


"Your lab assistant? You think he intentionally sabotaged your work?"

"No," Diego came around the desk to look closer at his computer screen. He pressed some buttons and selected 'generate image.' Across the screen flashed a computer projection of the potential viral enhancement. It was a stunning, muscular, tan individual with hair running down his chest and abs. Below his navel hung an enormous cock and balls.

"I don't follow," Elizabeth blushed as she looked at the image on the screen.

"My assistant must have unwittingly saved his fantasy in place of my original work. I created this system to easily alter known genetic markers to my specifications. He must have altered the work to create an image he found appealing, but accidently saved the resulting product."

"You're suggesting this all started, because your assistant used this expensive technology that took you years to create as pornography?"

"We'd have to ask him, but yes. This fortunately gives us a starting point for an antivirus or at least a means to stabilize the viral progression."

"Excuse me, Dr. Bartley," another security agent entered the room.


"The director is here."

Diego watched as Elizabeth's wrinkled face turned two shades lighter. She swallowed hard before speaking, "Thank you, Steven. Would you please escort Dr. Juarez back to isolation and send the director in?"

Diego left the room, worried about the terrified expression on Elizabeth's face and he briefly passed the tall man with neatly trimmed dark brown hair and incredibly piercing eyes that were so light blue they were almost grey. Diego was most struck by his broad shoulders which stretched his shirt across his well defined pectoral muscles. Diego felt himself instantly aroused at the sight, but he tried to suppress the urge to jump the furious director whose lower eyelids were slightly puffy as if he'd been crying.

Dr. Elizabeth Bartley extended her hand in greeting as the director entered, but it was not received. The director moved directly to the computer and all of the research notes on the desk. "Where do we stand?"

"All of the men are in isolation. We have concluded that the virus is only spread through blood or sexual..." she halted midsentence as she considered the implications. "Sir, if I may. Do you think it wise for you to involve yourself in the situation? I have everything well in hand."

"I will be taking over from here. Once the campus has been cleared we shall relocate the patients to the regional CDC headquarters where I will continue to monitor their progress."

"Sir, this is highly irregular and highly inappropriate," Elizabeth urged.

"This matter is not open for discussion, Dr. Bartley. Now, tell me everything."


Peter sat inside a small office that belonged to one of the college professors. He was laid back absently stroking his incredibly thick boner through his pants when the door swung open. There was an incredibly tall, broad shouldered stud standing in the doorway with a face mask on. Peter felt a wave of lust in his cock from base to tip; it jumped in his pants. The man looked out the door at a security guard and reiterated his directions that they were not to be bothered and then shut it. Peter liked where this was going.

"So, Peter, I am the regional director for the CDC. Did you ever masturbate in Dr. Juarez's lab?"

"Wow, you're straight to the point," Peter smiled, "a couple of times."

The tall powerful director suddenly backhanded Peter, causing him to tumble out of the chair he was sitting in. The director was on Peter in a flash grabbing his balls and squeezing them, "You think this is a joke, do you?"

Peter squirmed and tears filled his eyes as his guts tightened in response to the excruciating pressure being applied to his balls. He gasped through the pain, "No, it's no joke."

"No, sir," the director squeezed again to emphasize the sir.

"No, sir," Peter repeated. Thankfully the director released his death grip on Peter's balls and stood towering over him.

"You're a pathetic little bitch aren't you? I can just picture you in the lab making the image on the screen look exactly like you want it. Did Dr. Juarez walk in and force you to exit the program quickly?"

"How do you know about that?" Peter mumbled as he doubled over crying.

"I know because you are the one who started this whole fucking virus. You and that dumb ass, Diego Juarez. Whoever put the title doctor in front of his name should be shot. Now, Peter, is there any particular part of your body you don't want? A finger perhaps?"

"You're fucking crazy!" Peter shouted up at the director. The powerful director suddenly mashed the heel of his shoe down on Peter's hand and started grinding his little finger into the floor.

"You forgot to say, sir! Now get the fuck up off the floor."

"Yes...sir," Peter added quickly. He could not get his shaky legs to cooperate and his hand was throbbing fiercely. The director grabbed him roughly by the collar and hauled him to his feet. Then the director unclasped Peter's pants and reached in to pull out the massive fat cock. Despite the twinge of pain still shooting through his scrotum, Peter's dick was quickly getting harder as the director began stroking it. The director reached out and twisted Peter's nipple hard, yanked on it, and then twisted some more. Peter stood nearly on his toes as he cried out in pain.

"I need a sperm sample from you," the director explained as he started stroking Peter's fat cock faster, "Will you cum for me bitch?"


The director punched Peter hard in the gut, causing him to double over. He didn't give Peter a chance to nurse his pain, instead he forced Peter back against the wall and increased the speed with which he was jerking his cock. "That's yes, SIR! You stupid fucking piece of shit!"

"Yes, sir," Peter started crying again, but he was absolutely loving the feel of this stud's hand all over his dick.

"Now, what are you? You are a stupid fucking piece of shit! Say it!"

"Sir," Peter cried, "I am..."

The director delivered another hard punch to the gut, "Speak up, I can't fucking hear you?"

"I'm a stupid fucking piece of shit, sir!" Peter managed through gasps of pain.

"Yes, you are," the director smiled as he started stroking Peter's cock with both hands now, "You see, if you're good you get a reward."

"Please..." Peter cried.

"No," the director cut him off, "don't ruin it by running your stupid mouth."

The director's hands groped and rubbed every inch of Peter's cock, they were lubed up only by the pre-cum that was leaking steadily from Peter's throbbing cock. Despite all of the intense pain that was coursing through Peter's body, he could feel his cock on the verge of cumming. He moaned with pleasure as the director continued to stroke faster and harder. The director pulled out a specimen jar and angled it under the tip of Peter's fat cock with one hand while he continued stroking with the other. Finally, Peter let out a cry as cum started shooting into the jar, load after forceful load until the jar was overflowing with hot cum. The director sealed the container and then noticed he had cum on his hand.

"Clean that off," the director pushed his fingers into Peter's mouth and forced him to taste the cum all over them. Peter licked them off and the director pulled his fingers back out. "Good boy. I helped you cum, what do you say about that?"

"Thank you, sir," Peter mumbled.

"Very good. From now on I forbid you to cum unless it is in my presence and with my permission. If I ever discover you have cum without my consent, you will understand the true meaning of pain. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes, sir."

"Good, now pull your pants up. We will all be moving to the regional CDC headquarters soon, then the fun can really begin."


Teo had spent nearly seven days in an isolation chamber at the CDC regional headquarters. He was sick of looking at the same four white walls on his uncomfortable mattress with its white sheets. They were fed and watered almost as regularly as they were poked and prodded by needles. Teo had no idea how he had found himself in such an insane situation, but he wanted more than ever to just get the hell out of this crazy country. His body had undergone a series of extreme changes, and he now had a much more massive, toned body and even his cock had grown to nearly 11 inches. No one ever really explained anything to him, but he had been forbidden to jack off, so he was constantly looking down at this newly enhanced boner pushing against his boring white scrubs.

Matt sat in the next room over, rubbing his arm in response to the massive needle they had just poked him with. Supposedly this latest injection was the last in a series that would inactivate the virus and prevent its progression. Their bodies could never be returned to their original state, but at least they wouldn't die from the virus. His biceps were bulging like never before and his 9 inch dick was constantly at a state of rigid eagerness. He wanted so badly to bust his load all over the white room, but it was strictly forbidden.

Guns was located immediately across the hall. He sat on his bed and threw a yellow smiley face ball against the wall and then caught it. Over and over again he just sat there wondering if he'd ever see the light of day again. He wanted desperately to return to the gym and work out, but his massive black body was so perfect now, there was hardly any point. His cock was...well, he wasn't sure he would ever get to fuck again because no normal person could handle it. He had already had a large 11 inch cock, but now he had another limb sprouting from between his legs and at the end a fat round head almost like a fist. He sighed and bounced the ball again.

Bart lay on his back staring up at the white ceiling cursing the day that the Mexican beast, Diego Juarez, waltzed into the gym with his massive naked cock. Bart's entire body had sprouted hair like an animal, and he was constantly shaving and grooming. The staff had finally seen fit to shave his entire body, but already he was sprouting new hair everywhere, but at least he no longer looked like a cave dweller. He had even shaved off his hair and taken to wearing. He couldn't complain about his 10 inch dick that had sprouted nearly over night, but he wanted so bad to stroke it.

Marc didn't care about the wrath of the CDC, he sat with his pants down rapidly stroking his 9 inch dick with both hands. Every muscle in his body was tense as it worked to satisfy his delicious fat cock. He bent over and took the head in his mouth and started sucking it. He wanted to cum in his own throat so badly. Suddenly, they delivered a jolt that ran through his body and he fell back on his mattress twitching. He wanted so badly to have a few more seconds, but they had thwarted his efforts again.

Wesley was so glad they had finally brought him a fucking guitar. He sat in his room strumming on the acoustic, finally able to push his raging 9.5 inch boner from his mind. He couldn't believe how sexy his body had become, how muscular and firm. His entire chest and abs were covered with a golden fur that was absolutely perfect. He pushed his long hair back off his face as he tightened one of the guitar strings, trying to get it in tune. He wondered if the latest injection worked, would they finally let them leave?

Trevor sat under the covers reading some of the research notes he had stolen while the CDC agent was in his room. Trevor had knocked something over 'accidentally' and allowed them to pick it up, while he helped himself to their notes. Each patient had been designated a letter, so he wasn't sure who they were talking about, but whoever it was they were repeatedly being shocked. Trevor had wondered what the consequence for masturbating would be, but had been too afraid to test it. His own 12 inch cock was ridiculously large and in definite need of release, it almost hurt having a boner this long. Reading the report made him so much hornier, that there was a stud out there so eager to cum, he would risk repeatedly being shocked.

Alex lay on his bed with his eyes rolled back into his head. While his body lay in the white room, his mind was invading the body of a CDC employee. He had explored much of the facility and had a decent understanding of the layout. He had discovered the room for each of the other captives except for Peter. He was not sure what had happened to Peter after they arrived at the CDC regional headquarters. Alex had developed a very strong connection with Wesley and would often enter his pals mind and pass the time admiring the beautifully enhanced body. No one seemed to understand why Alex had developed differently, but Alex didn't need an explanation to put his abilities to good use. He was determined to find a way to break out of this crazy science experiment gone wrong.


Dr. Diego Juarez was brought into a large room that had been emptied of most of the lab equipment. On the far side of the room he saw a large chair, sort of like a throne. Peter was tethered to the chair by a large chain and a collar around his neck. Diego was immediately alarmed by the sight especially since Peter was completely naked. The two burley men that were escorting Diego took no notice of Peter on the floor, as if this was a common occurrence.

"Peter?" Diego asked, "Are you alright?"

Peter looked up and appeared to recognize Diego, but said nothing. Peter simply turned around so his back was facing Diego and started muttering to himself. The two men suddenly bent Diego roughly over a table and began strapping his arms down. The entire table had been crafted specifically for this purpose, and Diego was acutely aware of the perfect access to his ass as he was bent over the table and strapped down. They continued by securing his legs to each leg of the table so his legs were spread and his ass was up in the air. Diego feared that the employees of the CDC must have been exposed to the virus.

The director entered the room. Diego was struck by how much more muscular the man had become. He was clearly infected. Diego wanted to melt at the sight of the massive stud with his piercing blue-grey eyes, and Diego could tell that the stud had an enhanced cock slapping against his leg. If ever there was a definition of perfection, Diego was looking at it. The director commanded a powerful presence and he made himself comfortable on the throne. Peter lumbered over and leaned up against the powerful stud's pant leg like an adoring pet. The director paid him no attention, his fierce gaze was locked on Diego.

"Do you know who I am?" the director asked.

"You're the regional director for the CDC, but I'm not sure what you're fucking doing here. This has gotten out of hand."

"Do you think?" the director scoffed, "A man died in your lab."

"We have to find a cure and stop this virus. Let me go and we can work out a solution together."

"I've already found a way to stop the virus," the director stated, "I then improved upon it and injected myself. You should see the wonderful things Subject B had to offer, I can practically control anyone with my mind."

"You're fucking insane," Diego gasped in disbelief at what he was hearing.

"Maybe, but you made me this way. You see, I've done all of this just so that I might exact my revenge. Allow me to properly introduce myself, my name is Dr. Isaac Morris. Nearly seven days ago, you raped and murdered my younger brother, Dr. Daniel Morris."

"Oh, shit," Diego yanked in terror at his restraints. It was no use; he was securely fastened to the table. Isaac let out a merciless laugh as he watched Diego struggle in vain. Peter began groping at Isaac's crotch through his pants. Isaac briefly leaned down and kissed the incredible blond hottie before looking back at Diego.

"I'm a very patient man," Isaac stated, "I've been building up for this moment for a week now and I cannot wait to show you everything that you have created."

"What are you talking about?" Diego asked, but as if in answer to his question the door opened. Matt, Guns, Trevor, Bart, Teo, Marc, and Wesley shuffled into the room. All seven men were very confused and most were alarmed to see the massive stud on his throne and a blond stud kneeling beside him. On a table in the room was a massive Hispanic stud strapped down in a very awkward manner. Diego did not know all of the men that were in front of him, but he realized that each man was incredibly well built and sporting massive erections.

"Hello boys," Isaac smiled wickedly, "My name is Dr. Isaac Morris and I have one last task for you before I can release you into the wild. You see that man strapped to the table is responsible for your current state as well as your captivity here with us. I'd like you to fuck this man, with whatever force and physical abuse you deem necessary. I want you to make him hurt and beg and scream."

"And if we refuse?" Wesley asked.

"Then I'll make you fuck him," Isaac grinned as he cast his mind out and took control of Wesley's body. Wesley involuntarily walked over to the hot stud bent over the table and pulled down his white scrubs to expose the nice round hairy Mexican ass. Wes slapped it hard as he pulled his own pants down, his 9.5 inch cock at full mast, throbbing with desire to penetrate that hot hairy hole. He lined up his cock and spit down on his erect shaft, rubbing it over the head and then started thrusting his way inside.

Diego gritted his teeth as the fat cock head pushed through his tight hole and started filling up his resistant rectum. He tried to relax his constricting muscles out of fear of getting torn apart by the big cock forcing its way inside. Suddenly, in one hard thrust the entire cock rammed deep inside. Diego shouted out in pain and tears stung at his eyes. Wesley was starting fuck without mercy and without pause he brutally pulled out and rammed all the way in deep. Wesley slapped Diego's ass hard and then slapped it again where his red handprint was already starting to show. The louder Diego moaned the harder he longed to fuck the hot hairy ass. After having a massive boner for so long, it didn't take long before Wesley's cock started cumming with incredible force. Diego could feel the hot cream like flying into him like a bullet from a gun. Load after load, Wesley just kept cumming like he had never cum before. Cum was oozing out from around his cock as he continued to ram it deep into the stud's tight hole.

Wesley suddenly regained control of his body and stumbled back in relief at finally cumming after so many days. He looked up at the massive director and smiled in appreciation. The director simply turned his attention back to the other six men, who were staring in absolute disbelief at the hot scene before them. "Who's next?"

"You mean, I can finally cum?" Marc asked, "You have no idea how many times I've tried jerking off in my room."

"Yes, you can cum as much as you want as long as you fuck Diego's ass."

"Done and done," Marc smiled as he stepped forward, pulling out his rigid 9 inch cock. Marc was naked in seconds and lining his dick up with Diego's exposed ass. Trevor admired Marc's incredible body and started stroking his own 12 inch dick as he watched. Trevor was happy to know the identity of the horny stud who risked getting shocked just to get off.

As Isaac watched Marc start to penetrate Diego's tight hole, he pulled out his own fat 10 inch cock and let it flop down over his pants. Peter immediately slurped it into his mouth like the eager little bitch he had become. The 10 inch dick was flaccid and Peter easily sucked most of it down, but it was quickly growing harder and larger in response to the intense sight of Diego getting what he deserved.

Marc was relentless in his fucking. He had been building up to a good fuck for a whole week and now that the moment was at hand he refused to cum until he had enjoyed every bit of the tight ass squeezing his raging hard cock. Diego was panting and screaming at every thrust he made.

"Why don't one of you boys, shut him up?" Marc asked.

A tall slender stud stepped forward. Marc checked him out as he approached. He had short spiky hair and he pulled out a massive 12 inch cock. Marc smiled at the awesome stud who began stuffing his cock into Diego's screaming mouth. Trevor nearly came directly into Diego's mouth simply because Marc smiled at him in the sexiest way he could ever imagine. Trevor was so hot for the muscular stud he could hardly stand it. The whole time Trevor fucked Diego's face, his eyes were on Marc.

Diego was being brutally slammed from both ends, tears were streaming down his face and he could not get a breath. Trevor's massive cock was just rammed the back of his throat without end, and Trevor seemed oblivious to Diego's intense discomfort and pain. He desperately breathed through his nose, fighting for any chance he could get to take a breath.

"Oh dude, you got to feel this ass," Marc told Trevor as he pulled out, "Come on, put that big fat dick inside him."

Wesley sat down on the floor, utterly spent and unwilling to participate any further in the madness. He watched as Marc and Trevor switched places and Diego began screaming with more intensity as the huge 12 inch cock started sliding into his tight hole. Trevor did not yield, he just kept forcing more and more of his huge cock inside. The other four studs were now fully naked, standing around the table as they stroked their cocks. Wesley's eyes stared in disbelief at the huge black man with muscles bulging at every angle. The largest muscle was hanging between his legs; it was the biggest cock Wesley could ever imagine. It was something you would see on an animal, not a human.

Diego looked up from Marc's massive cock filling his mouth and saw Isaac sitting on his throne. Peter was bobbing his head up and down on the biggest dick in the room. Isaac's dick had to be pushing 14 inches and was huge and thick around its base. Peter could barely fit any of the cock into his mouth any more. Diego was pulled away from the unbelievable sight as Trevor finally thrust the last of his 12 inch cock into his ass.

Trevor started grinding his cock inside of Diego, relishing the feel of his cock now fully penetrating the hot, hairy ass. He pulled out and started thrusting back inside. He started ramming harder and faster into the tight ass, feeling Wesley's warm cum all around his cock as it penetrated deeper than any man had ever been. Diego was uncontrollably grunting and crying out, but every time he opened his mouth wider to scream, Marc was there to ram his cock into his throat. Diego would gag and gasp, but Marc did not let up. Trevor watched Marc with the determined look on his face and couldn't help but fuck harder and faster. Marc suddenly arched his back and cried out as cum exploded from his cock. Diego was overwhelmed by the massive load suddenly being launched down his throat. Diego had no choice but to swallow, swallow, and swallow. Overcome by the sight of Marc cumming, Trevor also started unloading his load deep inside Diego's tight ass.

Guns could not stand it anymore, he had his chance to fuck with his massive new cock and he was definitely going to take it. He stepped forward with his massive cock head, like a fist swinging in front of him. He roughly pushed Trevor away and started forcing his way inside of Diego's hairy hole. The entire ass was just dripping with cum and Guns used the hot cum to slick up his cock like lube. He forced the fist-like head inside and Diego was screaming as he was stretched to the point of no return.

"You know what they say," Guns laughed, "once you go black, you never go back."

"Oh my! Fuck!" Diego shouted, "It's too fucking much! Please stop."

Guns was startled when Diego started crying and pleading. He actually felt a little sorry for him getting bent over and tied down. He paused and started to reconsider what he was about to do to this poor man.

"Don't fucking stop," Isaac commanded as he took control of Guns and continued to ram the massive black shaft into Diego's ass. Diego was crying and screaming in protest, but with each little thrust, inch by inch of the massive 14 inch black shaft began to slip inside. Diego felt like the inside of his body was being hollowed out by a massive drill. His guts twisted in protest to the massive invading object that was stretching him past normal human limits. Suddenly, parts of Diego's pelvis shifted and the cock started slighting in more easily. Diego sighed as the force of the cock opened him up more than ever before. Isaac allowed Guns to take control of his own body again.

Isaac smiled that his enhancements to Diego had in fact worked. Part of Diego's normal drug regimen was a new strain of the virus that would allow his ass to stretch and even rearrange parts of his body to allow better access by a massive cock. It was unfair that these genetically enhanced studs would never get to fuck again, so now they had a genetically enhanced bitch to satisfy them.

Guns felt strange after having his mind invaded, but he now seemed to understand that Diego's ass was made to handle his massive cock. He could feel it sliding in more readily and at last he thrust the entire 14 inch cock deep into the hot stud's hairy ass. Diego groaned and his back seemed to arch as the cock penetrated him so deep.

"Holy fuck," Diego muttered breathlessly, "that's so fucking deep."


Alex stood just outside the room, staring in disbelief, just like every single other man in the room. The biggest black cock Alex could ever imagine had just disappeared into Diego's hairy hole. It was absolutely impossible for such a thing to occur, but Alex had just witnessed it with his own eyes (or at least the eyes of a CDC employee). He had set out to save these men, but now he realized that none of them needed saving. Maybe they didn't want to be saved. Alex wasn't sure, but he needed to get out of there. Alex turned to go, but caught sight of Peter sucking away on an even bigger cock than the one buried inside of Diego.

Peter was going to town, just sucking as much of that monster cock as he could. He didn't care about anyone else in the room, just the big cock filling his mouth. Alex shook his head and realized that they would never be the lovers they once were. Alex felt his heart now longing to be reunited with Wesley. Wesley had always been a close friend, and it just seemed like their relationship would be stronger than anything he shared with Peter. He looked into the room again, but didn't see Wesley. Just to be sure he peered his head inside.

"I thought I asked not to be disturbed," the director suddenly bellowed from across the room.

"I apologize, sir," Alex quickly responded, "I was seeing if any of the prisoners needed returned to their rooms."

"No, they have not finished here. Now please go, and shut the door behind you."

"I'd like to go," Wesley suddenly spoke from the corner of the room. Alex felt his heart race with joy, "I've already finished and if you don't mind, Mr. Director, sir."

"You're boring me with your lack of enthusiasm," the director considered, "Alright, return to your room."

Soon with the doors to the intense orgy shut behind them, Alex began escorting Wesley down the hall towards his room. He needed to free his own body now. He turned to tell Wesley the plan, but Wesley violently punched him square in the face, as he fell to the ground Wesley punched him again. Alex sat up suddenly in his own bed with a pounding head ache. "Son of a bitch!"


Guns was unleashing ever ounce of energy he had to fuck Diego with his massive cock. It took a great deal of effort just to move that heavy dick around, let alone plow it deep inside a tight hole. He couldn't believe that he was fucking this hot Mexican hole with a 14 inch cock, it made him feel so powerful and in control. It was like nothing he had ever experienced before.

Marc had found his way over to Trevor and they were both making out, both of them occasionally sneaking peeks at the massive black cock burying itself deeper than humanly possible in Diego's hairy ass. Trevor knew that he wanted Marc so badly, and his 12 inch dick was almost fully hard again and ready to go. Marc reached down and started stroking it while their lips locked and they kissed passionately.

Guns was now pounding without mercy and Diego had gone practically silent. Diego was in a state of stunned shock and with every thrust of the massive cock he made an involuntary grunting sound. Guns pulled out suddenly and Diego felt as if he entire intestines just fell from his body. His ass was a gaping pink hole and Guns brought his massive cock around and started pouring cream all over Diego's face. It was like a hose exploding hot cum everywhere, until Diego's face was drenched in the hot sticky substance. Guns leaned down and licked some his own cum off of Diego's face and then kissed the hot stud. He licked some more before standing up and looking to the three remaining studs.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" Guns laughed.

"I have an idea," Bart suddenly spoke, "but we have to unstrap him."

"Go ahead," Isaac nodded. Isaac then turned his attention to Peter, "Are you ready to ride me?"

"Yes, sir," Peter smiled, "I love your cock."

Peter had also been enhanced for easy access, and Isaac had fucked him so many times in the past 4 days that Peter's ass easily accepted his massive cock. Peter just continued to force his way down, determined to take the entire fat 16 inch cock of his master. Peter wanted to bounce up and down on this big cock, nothing else mattered.

Diego was easy to handle, because he was in such a state of disbelief and his legs would hardly support his weight after all the intense fucking he had received. Bart laid himself down on the table and Guns helped lower Diego down on Bart's fat 10 inch cock.

"Ride it bitch," Bart ordered and Diego tried to bounce up and down. Bart's dick was nothing compared to the intense monster that had just hollowed out his insides. Guns helped Diego move up and down on top of Bart's dick.

"Are we sure about this?" Teo asked in his sexy accent.

"I know I'd love to see it," Matt looked at him, "Fill him up."

Teo lined up his 11 inch cock with Diego's already stuffed hole. As Diego came down on Bart's dick he shoved the first few inches inside. Diego gasped in surprise at the feel of two dicks entering his gaping ass hole. Slowly, but surely, Teo forced his fat cock into Diego's ass. Bart was moaning as he felt Teo's fat cock cramming its way into the tight hole. Diego started to cry and tried to come up off the of the two massive cocks pushing their way inside, but Guns forced him back down.

Isaac was allowing the sensations that each of the men were experiencing to course through his body. The feel of two cocks sliding into Diego's hot hole together was overwhelmingly delicious. Every sensation he felt served to enhance his incredible sex with Peter. Peter was driving himself down on his 16 inch monster cock, roaring with intense satisfaction. Peter wanted to please every inch, he lived for it, and he wanted nothing else.

Marc had encouraged Trevor to pick him up and prop his back against the wall. Trevor started sliding his massive 12 inch cock into Marc. Marc remembered the first time that Diego had fucked him like this, but there was something so much hotter about Trevor. Trevor was not fucking just to fuck, Trevor had this look in his eyes. Trevor wanted Marc, and it made Marc's cock incredibly hard. Trevor pushed his way inside of Marc's ass and started fucking him like he'd never fucked before.

Diego was overwhelmed and stuffed with more cock than he ever could fathom. And just when he thought there was no way more cock could be pushed inside him; Matt was standing in front of him, shoving his own 9 inch cock into Diego's mouth. Guns continued to help drive Diego down on top of the two cocks invading his hole. Teo was going to work, fucking his cock into Diego's ass with intense desire. He started speaking dirty words in another language and slapping the hair ass.

Peter bounced relentlessly on Isaac's cock, and he couldn't stop when his big thick cock started pouring cum all over his master's leg. Peter didn't let his own orgasm slow him down; he simply took his master's cock deeper and continued to ride until he had satisfied the monster cock.

Marc was being slammed against the wall as Trevor drove all 12 inches of his cock deep inside his ass. Marc loved the sensations of being fucked mercilessly by this incredible stud. He kissed Trevor and Trevor kissed back. Soon their lips were locked again in a passionate kiss while Trevor fucked hard and deep into the tight hole.

"I want to make you cum again," Trevor whispered in Marc's ear.

"Yea, baby," Marc smiled, "make my fucking dick cum."


Alex was trying desperately to reach out with his mind and find Wesley, but all at once a wave of sensations exploded through his body. He could feel his ass as if it were being split in two and all over his cock there were sensations. He was nearing an orgasm in seconds because of all the stimulation that suddenly poured through his body at once. He lurched forward and started to cum inside his pants, the hot liquid poured down his leg.


All at once, Bart, Matt, Teo, and Diego were connected to Alex. They did not understand what was happening, but they could feel every sensation and all four men suddenly started cumming. Matt arched his back and shot his load into Diego's throat where Diego desperately started swallowing. Diego felt his own dick erupting and shooting loads over Bart's head and into Bart's face. Bart and Teo both tensed as their cocks started squirting hot cream deep into Diego's hole. Diego had load after load of cum filling his insides. His entire body was sticky with sweat and cum.

Isaac who had been allowing the sensations of each man wash through his body was suddenly slammed with the sensation of multiple orgasms. His cock erupted like a volcano inside of Peter's hot ass and Peter moaned with intense satisfaction as the hot liquid filled him. Isaac thought it was over, but he could still feel the sensations of a hot ass fucking his big cock. He looked across the room and saw Trevor brutally pounding away at Marc's tight little hole.

Marc started stroking his hard cock, until at last it started shooting its hot load up, Marc opened his mouth and caught the cream in his mouth. Another load blasted out of his cock and he caught it as well. He swallowed and then gave Trevor another passionate kiss. They both savored the taste of the delicious cream.

Peter had come off of Isaac's dick, but Isaac could feel Trevor nearing his orgasm and he stood suddenly, forcing Peter to his knees. As Trevor began firing his hot load inside of Marc, Isaac began pouring a second hot load all over Peter's face. Isaac's dick was throbbing intensely after cumming twice in such a short period of time.

Trevor fucked the last of his hot cum into Marc's hot ass, and then let Marc's legs down to the floor. They started kissing again, unaware of the rest of the men behind them. Diego had been placed back on his table where he lay unmoving and stunned into silence. The other men were panting and out of breath; exhausted from the intense fucking they had just performed.

The whole room went silent as Isaac stalked over to the table, where Diego lay on his back. The massive 16 inch cock was swinging around, cum still dripping from its massive head. Isaac's revenge was not complete. He grabbed hold of Diego's legs and started forcing his massive cock inside the gaping pink hole. Diego looked up in pure terror at the look on Isaac's face and despite all of the cock he had endured; this mighty beast of a man was still able to stretch his ass with his incredible 16 inch cock. Diego was soon begin pummeled by the largest cock ever. Diego's ass continued to stretch and accommodate the immense cock filling his hole. Tears leaked from his cheeks as he felt the ultimate shame that he had forced on Daniel.

"This is for my brother," Isaac roared as he slammed inch after inch of his huge monster cock into Diego's hole. He fucked harder and faster until at last he came a third time deep inside of Diego's ass. The cum was so forceful and almost painful as it exploded inside of Diego's raw ass. Diego lost consciousness at the force of Isaac's intense fucking. Isaac momentarily lost control of his abilities and as he came this final time, he connected with every single man in the building. Everyone suddenly started cumming wherever they were. Most lurched forward and creamed their pants, some exploded into the urinal they were using, but everyone felt Isaac's orgasm, the sweet sensation of his revenge.



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