Part X: The Escape

Wesley stood over the guard he had just punched several times, his heart was racing and he was uncertain how to leave the CDC headquarters. Wesley pushed some of his shoulder length golden hair out of his face as he knelt over the unconscious guard's body. He began to strip his clothes off. Wesley tried not to notice how muscular the guard was as he pulled the clothes from his body and especially avoid contact with the guard's dick. He could not afford any distractions if he hoped to escape from the madhouse he had found himself in. In a short time he was dressed in the guard's clothes and he moved the guard's unconscious body to a nearby closet and handcuffed him inside.

Wes started down the hall, trying to look casual, as if he were exactly where he was suppose to be. He hoped the clothes he had stolen would prevent him from being caught. He wandered down the hall a ways, but realized he did not have the slightest clue where he was going. The CDC headquarters were like a maze. He passed a woman in the hall; she was a petite Asian woman carrying a clipboard. She nodded politely, but paid Wes little mind. Wes turned another corner and saw signs for an elevator further down the hall. Hopefully he could find a way out from there.

When the elevator door finally opened, Wes came face to face with two identical guards. Not only were their uniforms the same, but their faces were the same too. Twins, and very well built twins at that. They both had short trimmed black hair and a clean shaven face. Their dark blue uniforms did not leave anything to the imagination as they were fit tightly over their broad pectoral muscles and bulging biceps. Wes placed all of his effort into pretending he did not notice how incredibly gorgeous the twins were. He stepped into the elevator and pressed the button for the main floor. The elevator doors finally slid closed, and Wes hoped neither guard would ask him any questions.

Suddenly, the elevator jerked and came to a halt. One of the super hot twins spoke, "Did you not realize there are cameras in the halls?"

Wes turned to face the twins and as he turned all three men were suddenly connected to Isaac Morris who was busy finalizing his revenge. Wes cried out in alarm as he started creaming in his pants. He lurched forward into the arms of one of the twins, whose face was also twisted and grunting in response to his sudden orgasm. After a moment all three men took a step back, the front of their pants darkening from the cum soaking through.

"What the fuck was that?" One of the twins asked the other.

"Your guess is as good as mine, this place just gets more and more fucked up with each passing minute," the other answered.

Wes took the brief distraction to slug one of the twins in the side of the head. His hand already stung from the guard he had knocked out in the hall and now his knuckles cracked as they connected with his target. The second sibling responded faster than expected as a baton seemed to materialize in his hand and he swiftly pinned Wes against the wall. To his amazement the twin who had taken the hard hit to the face did not collapse, but staggered backward for a moment. He shook his head and recovered quickly. Not a single mark blemished his handsome face. Not even the start of a serious black eye.

"You don't know who we are, do you?" the twin pinning Wes to the wall sneered, "We are Isaac Morris' personal guards. My name is Jon and this is Jeffrey. We are stronger and heal faster than your average guard around here. You've made a terrible error in thinking you could escape."

"I think we need to teach him a lesson," Jeffrey added, making a malicious smile that still managed to be extremely sexy.

"Wow, it's like you read my mind," Jon laughed, "Maybe twins do have a psychic connection."

Wes grew more alarmed as he felt the hard black baton sliding down the back of his pants, squeezing between his ass cheeks. Jon moved it up and down so it slid across Wes' rectum, causing Wes to let out a frightened little cry. He had never been fucked, and he had never really considered it, except maybe with Alex.

"Please take me back to my room, you don't need to do this," Wes pleaded.

"My rock hard boner tells me otherwise," Jeffrey laughed as he unzipped his pants and let a nice fat 9 inch cock loose into the elevator. Jon man-handled Wes around so that his face was directly in front of the fat cock. Jeffrey stroked the fat dick in front of Wes' face, smiling down at the frightened blonde boy. He slapped the bearded face with his big dick and then slapped the other side.

"You ever had a big dick before?" Jon laughed, "And you're in luck because today there is a two for one special."

"Open your mouth," Jeffrey stated as he slapped Wes across the face with his cock again. Wes clamped his mouth down and refused to give in to this abuse. Jon did not hesitate to take the baton out of Wes ass crack and use it to press against Wes' throat. The sudden lack of air caused Wes to open his mouth as he struggled to gasp for a breath and instead of air he inhaled a fat dick into his mouth. Jon released Wes' throat and went back to sliding the baton into his pants while dry humping him from behind. Wes could feel the bulge of Jon's dick ramming into his ass and pressing the baton harder against his rectum.

Jeffrey wasted no time sliding his cock in and out of Wes' open mouth, making sure to insert his dick as far as he could without making Wes gag too much. Then he'd slide it out slowly before slamming it back down Wes' throat. If Wes tried to struggle, he would find his efforts easily thwarted by the bulging muscular twins that were taking advantage of his helpless predicament.

Jon started stripping off Wes' pants, exposing the muscular ass covered with a layer of golden fur. Jon slapped it hard as he continued to work the baton over the exposed rectum. Wes' own cock was still quite limp as it dangled between his legs. He was turned on by the twins, but the fear of the baton sliding over his ass hole was making him limp. He didn't want to be fucked this way.


It had taken Alex some time to pick himself off the floor after he had experienced the sensations of multiple orgasms all at one time. It didn't happen once, but twice and he was extremely confused what was going on out there in Isaac's fucked-up fuck room. Now that his wits were about him he finally managed to connect with his sexy pal, Wes. There was a cock filling his mouth and another person rubbing a hard baton over his exposed hairy hole. The stud filling his mouth with cock was beginning to unbutton his shirt and Alex had to admire the firm and well-defined six-pack abs and smooth, shaved, muscular chest. How did Wes manage to get himself in such a situation in such a short time?

Alex realized that he could not help Wes from within Wes' mind, so he quickly allowed himself to inhabit the mind of the guy shoving his dick down Wes' throat.


Wes felt a strange helpless feeling wash over his body, but it passed quickly. Then to Wes' great surprise Jeffrey pulled the dick out of his mouth and said, "Well, that was fun. Let's go on our way."

"What the fuck are you talking about?" Jon asked, "The fun was just getting started."

Jeffrey suddenly took a swing at Jon with his own baton, but Jon ducked under the attack. Jon was quick to slam Jeffrey into the wall. In the sudden chaos, Jon accidently shoved the baton he was holding into Wes' ass and it stuck there hanging out of Wes' hole while Wes howled in sudden pain. Wes reached back to pull the baton out of his ass, but the two twins tumbled sideways into him as they struggled against each other. The handle of the baton connected with the wall, causing the hard object to slide further into Wes' ass. Wes gritted his teeth in pain and shock. He finally managed to pull the hard object from his ass, tears starting to run down his face. Jon and Jeffrey continued to wrestle on the ground. The half-naked Jeffrey, his cock swinging around, finally managed to pin Jon to the ground, but Jon was not letting up.

The elevator was still not moving, but Wes started pulling on the door; hopeful that even if they were between floors he might be able to squeeze out. On the ground, Jon was reaching up and squeezing on Jeffrey's exposed balls in an attempt to gain the upper hand. Jeffrey's eyes nearly bugged out of his head and he rolled off of Jon, clutching his aching balls.

"Son of a bitch!" Jeffrey roared as he lay on his side in pain.

Wes was lifting himself up and out of the elevator when Jon suddenly seized his legs and pulled him back into the confined space. Wes landed on top of Jeffrey who was still groaning from the intense pain shooting from his balls. Jon started to come at Wes again, when he suddenly stopped and his expression went blank for a moment.

"Wes, it's me," Jon said.

"What?" Wes asked in confusion.

"It's Alex," Jon smiled, "We've got to get the fuck out of here before Jeffrey's balls stop throbbing. And believe me, that fucking hurt. I think I still feel it."

"So, you were Jeffrey when he attacked Jon? Now, you are Jon?" Wes puzzled as he stood to his feet, "That's fucking crazy."

"You're telling me," Alex laughed as he placed a supporting arm around Wes and lifted him up out of the elevator. Alex started to reach up and pull himself out of the elevator, but the doors slid shut and the elevator started moving down once more. Alex tried to slide out of Jon's mind and into Wes, but he found his efforts blocked somehow. He tried harder, but he couldn't free himself from Jon's mind. Inside his head he could hear a thundering voice, "I have you now, bitch."

Wes watched the elevator doors slide close and Jeffrey and Jon disappeared as the elevator descended. Wes wondered what Alex would do next, hopefully there was a plan.

"Hello, Wesley," a familiar voice called from behind. Wes spun around and saw Peter standing completely naked before him. Peter's dick was as big as a soda-can at its base even as it swung limp between his legs. Peter had a thin layer of sweat all over his body, left from all the intense sexual fantasies they had fulfilled in Isaac's orgy room. Some dried cum also remained splattered on his chest and abdomen.

"I just want to get the fuck out of here," Wes stated.

"Master Isaac is not ready for you to leave," Peter smiled as he took a step forward, "I've heard you've been fucking my boyfriend."

"I heard you've been fucking your boss and you've become a personal bitch to the director of the CDC," Wes retorted.

"We all serve Master Isaac, even if we don't know it yet," Peter advanced again, "He has given me permission to be the first to fuck you. I'm eager to feel your tight hole around my fat dick."

Wes lunged at Peter in the hopes of knocking him down, or at least propelling himself away from the approaching blond stud. Peter moved with an unusual fluidity, just like the twins had and Wes stumbled forward and lay sprawled out on his stomach. Peter was on top of Wes in an instant and his big cock was forcing its way into Wes' exposed hairy ass. Peter's dick seemed to wiggle and move on its own as if it were a separate appendage that could be controlled. Peter was able to use his arms to hold Wes down while his dick forced its way inside of the tight hole.

"Being Isaac's bitch has its advantages," Peter boasted, "my cock forces its way into tight spaces without any effort on my part and it can vibrate."

Wes moaned as he felt the fat cock filling his insides, and it was in fact vibrating slightly, but also growing and shrinking so that it could easily stretch Wes' ass before plunging in further. Wes couldn't help but feel his own dick growing rock hard as he experienced all of these many new sensations. Not only was this his first cock to penetrate his ass, but it was also a genetically enhanced cock that would instantly drive any man wild.

"You like me inside you, don't you?" Peter whispered in Wes' ear.

"Oh, fuck," Wes moaned as the fat cock slid deeper inside. It started vibrating more intensely and Wes could feel the incredible stimulation on his prostate. Wes instinctively pushed his ass up into the air so that the cock slid inside more easily.

"Oh, yea," Peter giggled, "you're totally loving that fat cock."

"So fucking big," Wes agreed as he pushed his ass up some more and Peter responsively shoved the last of his fat dick balls deep into the tight hole. The cock started vibrating even more as Peter pulled out and shoved back inside. Over and over again he rammed his throbbing, vibrating, fat cock inside of Wes' tight virgin hole.


As the elevator door slid open, Alex stumbled out into the hall. Jeffrey still lay on the floor nursing his tender balls, wondering what was wrong with his brother. Jon's mind had closed around Alex and Alex was unable to free himself from the strong overwhelming weight crushing him. He felt like his head would explode from the intense pressure of it all. Finally, Alex stopped trying to escape from Jon's mind and instead tried to maintain control of the massive stud. It was like a tunnel opened into his mind and he shoved the last of Jon's consciousness through that dark void.

Alex stumbled backward, finally free of Jon fighting for control. Once more he tried to leave Jon's body and inhabit that of Wesley, or even his own, but he could no longer travel from one consciousness to the next. The price for using a power you don't fully understand.


Jon could feel his consciousness separating from his body and it was an alarming and terrifying experience, but it also lasted only a moment. He sat up in bed and found himself in a small enclosed space. He felt shorter and his hands were not as big as they normally were. He searched the room and quickly found a mirror. Gazing back at him was the shaggy haired face of Alex. They had switched bodies.


Peter was starting to cry out with intense desire. He thrust his cock as hard and deep into Wes' tight hole as he possibly could. He wanted to cum deep inside of Wes and allow his hot cream to alter and change the young stud's sexy body. Soon, Wes' ass would be able to stretch and grow so that it might accept Master Isaac's mega-dick.

Wes was no longer afraid of Peter's big dick stretching his tight virgin hole. He was eagerly pushing back to take more of the fat dick and begging the massive stud to fuck him harder. The feel of the upgraded cock vibrating and throbbing against his prostate was about to make him orgasm with such intense pleasure that he could not even describe. Again and again Peter slammed the fat cock deep inside and each man cried out.

Soon, Wes was spraying cum all over the floor, his big 9.5 inch dick did not require any assistance from his hand, it just started shooting cum. With each thrust Peter made more cum shot onto the ground beneath him.

Peter wrapped his arms around Wes' body as it twitched with the last of his orgasm and he started increasing the speed with which he fucked Wes' ass. Wes did not think Peter could fuck any harder, but he thought wrong. Peter's intensity was unbelievable as he began stretching Wes' ass to new limits. Peter roared with the effort of slamming his cock inside faster and harder. Suddenly, hot cum started streaming out inside of Wes' ass. It leaked down around Peter's cock, lubing it up as it slid harder and faster in and out of the hole.

"Oh, fuck yes," Wes moaned as he took the fat cock's load. Tiny viruses began to find their way from Peter's hot cum and into Wes' body. These viruses were specifically designed to alter a man so that his ass could take a dick much bigger than normal. Soon Master Isaac would have a whole army of hot men willing and able to satisfy his massive cock.

Part XI: Exposure

Tyler Bartley, who everyone called Ty was lounging around his grandmother's house when she came flying in through the front door. She seemed in an unusually agitated state. Ty being the average 18 year old boy was only mildly interested in his grandmothers concerns and continued to watch television. She went directly into her office and shut the door. Ty even heard the lock. Now his curiosity was spinning.

"Everything all right, Grandma?" Ty called.

"It's perfectly fine, dear, just watch TV. I have some work to finish," Dr. Elizabeth Bartley answered as she leaned against the office door clutching some documents she had stolen from the regional CDC headquarters. In one hand she also clutched a mysterious specimen jar that she intended to test herself from home. She had grown increasingly more alarmed at work, as the influence of Dr. Isaac Morris continued to spread and more and more female members of the staff were dismissed or asked to leave. What was going on?

She moved to the desk and opened the large file and started thumbing through all of the reports. She had snuck her way into the records office and simply stashed whatever documents she could manage into the folder before ducking out. Some of the documents were useless tests, but some revealed startling revelations. Documents containing detailed genetic algorithms to create the perfect person: advanced healing, increased stamina, muscular growth, penile enlargement, and even psychic abilities. These things were already being studied in unauthorized human trials. Everything was going to hell under the supervision of Director Isaac Morris.

Elizabeth nearly jumped out of her skin when there was a knock on the door. "Grandma?"

"What is it, dear?" she asked as she tried to control her rapidly beating heart.

"Can Raphael come over for a little bit and toss the football around?"

"That would be fine, just be careful."

Elizabeth listened to her grandson's receding footsteps and the front door, then returned to the documents she was eager to study. She had to find a way to stop the director's mad science experiments and unprofessional behavior. She was going to have to call Isaac's superior, Dr. Iqbal Patel. It was no secret that Iqbal and Isaac had been enemies for years after Iqbal received the promotion for which both men were fighting. If anyone would be on her side, it would be Dr. Patel and with these documents she should have all the evidence she needed.


Outside, Ty was greeting his friend who lived just down the street. They had become very close friends after Ty's parents were killed in a car accident. Ty moved in with his grandmother and met Raphael when he moved in just down the block. Raphael was two years older than Ty, and Ty reaped the benefits of getting invited to the hottest parties with the hottest people. Now that Raphael was in college, the crazy parties were only getting wilder. Raphael was born in Puerto Rico, but his parents had moved when he was very young. Unlike Ty, Raphael was very heavy into sports and he kept his body very fit and toned. Usually when Ty got laid, it was because he had the world's greatest wing man to sweet talk the ladies.

Ty was a short stout kid, light brown hair (sort of a Justin Bieber style ) with a bit of a large belly. He wasn't incredibly fat, but he wasn't exactly the cutest person either. Many kids had made fun of his acne problem, but Raphael had also given some useful pointers to at least manage the problem, in order to prevent a 'pizza-face' syndrome. Ty had also recently accepted Raphael as a personal trainer, and they would meet at the college gym twice a week to work out together. Ty hoped that if he kept up the hard work he'd lose his overgrown stomach in no time.

As they stood in the back yard, Ty was once more jealous of his friend's ridiculously fit body. Raphael had short trimmed black hair and the faintest shadow of a beard. When Raphael raised his arms to toss the football, his biceps would bulge and showed nicely through his tight fitted shirt. Whatever muscle Ty might have was covered by his loose fitting clothing, because the tighter the shirt the more pronounced his belly would be. Raphael ran and moved with a fluid grace and his clear Hispanic skin had a nice dark tan. Some things are just unfair.

Under Raphael's direction, Ty was catching the ball and tossing it back. With each pass of the ball, the two young men would take a step back. The farther they moved apart the more difficulty Ty had trying to toss the ball to his friend. Raphael threw the ball and Ty ran to catch it, but it once again slipped through his grasp. He heard the front door of the house and peeked around to see who it was.

"Ty?" Elizabeth called, "I'm going out to meet someone. There are leftovers in the refrigerator and if you don't see anything you want order a pizza. I left twenty bucks on the table. Hello, Raphael."

"Hello, Granny Bartley," Raphael waved back.

"Are you sure everything's all right, Grandma?" Ty asked.

"It will be, dear," Elizabeth smiled, "just lots of stress at work."

With that Ty watched his grandmother drive away. There was definitely something going on, but he decided to keep his thoughts to himself. He collected the football and threw it back to his friend, but once again it fell short of its intended target.

"You can't lob it like that, remember?" Raphael coached, "You have to throw it so that it flies steady, without flipping end over end like that. Here try again."

Raphael tossed the ball and this time Ty managed to catch it. Pumped up from the sudden success, Ty threw the ball with all his might. Much to his horror the ball sailed right over Raphael's head as well as fifty feet to the right and went crashing through a window into the house.

"Oh, shit!" Raphael shouted, "There was some power behind that one."

"That's fucking bad," Ty said with some fear in his voice. His grandmother rarely got mad, but he could already picture the disappointed look on her face, which was so much worse than anger.

"Well, I guess that about ends today's lesson," Raphael chuckled.

"She's already stressed with work, how am I going to call and explain this?"

"Just man up and do it," Raphael slapped his pal on the shoulder, "Windows can be replaced, right?"

"I guess," Ty shrugged. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed his grandmother. It went straight to voicemail. Great.

"You go on," Ty said, "I'll try and find some plastic to cover that up with. Unless I'm in terrible trouble I'll meet you at the gym tomorrow."

"Alright," Raphael grabbed Ty's hand and they made their customary one arm hug, "I'll see you then. Good luck with the window."

"Thanks," Ty laughed with shame.

"Try not to pull the refrigerator door off when you get your leftovers. I guess all this work at the gym has made you stronger than you thought," Raphael laughed as he headed down the drive way.

"Very fucking funny!" Ty shouted after as he went inside.

Inside the house, Ty made his way into his grandmother's office. The glass was everywhere and the football lay neatly on her desk. Ty collected a broom and the dust pan and set to work cleaning up the glass. He noticed some of the glass had managed to find its way under the desk and he could not quite reach it with the broom. He used his hand to reach under the desk and slide the glass shard towards him. As he slid the glass he did not realize a second glass fragment was hiding under the desk and the glass penetrated the soft flesh of his hand. He pulled his hand out in shock and surveyed the bloody site.

"Damn it," he groaned. He cautiously pulled the glass fragment from his hand and over the kitchen sink began washing and scrubbing out the wound. He put on a bandage and went back to work cleaning up the last of the glass. He went to the garage and found a decent length of black plastic they had put down while painting and taped it over the shattered window until it could be fixed later. By this point he was exhausted and headed to bed.


Dr. Elizabeth Bartley approached the park bench where Dr. Iqbal Patel was waiting patiently. In his hand he held a cell phone to his ear and was earnestly talking to someone on the other end. He tried to look casual, but Elizabeth knew he did not want her to overhear the conversation as he quickly disconnected the call.

"Elizabeth," Iqbal smiled up at her, "You should not have gone snooping about in Isaac's affairs."

"Wait until you see these reports! It was against my better judgment to get involved, but someone has to stop this outrage," Elizabeth held the files out to Iqbal

"This is everything?" Iqbal asked as he took the documents.

"All that I could grab," Elizabeth assured.


With that a black bag was thrust over Elizabeth Bartley's head and she was grabbed by two men and quickly thrown into an unmarked white van. Dr. Iqbal Patel watched the van drive away and then rose from the park bench. He redialed the number on his phone, "It's done."


Ty was standing in a large open field and at the far end he could barely make out his good friend Raphael. Raphael was waving to him, indicating he was open to catch the ball that seemed to materialize in Ty's hands. Ty took aim and let the ball fly across the large open field. All along its perfect arc the ball littered tiny glass shards across the field and at the far end it landed perfectly in Raphael's open arms. The glass shards sparkled like diamonds on the field.

Ty watched as Raphael took hold of the football and pressed it to his forehead. Raphael's skin turned from a dark tan to a very pale white and his face began to break out in red blotches of acne. He pulled the ball from his head and threw it back to Ty. As Ty caught the ball his skin began to change into a dark tan and all of the sores on his face healed instantly. Ty threw the ball again. Raphael returned it. Ty watched as his muscles began to grow and bulge beneath his clothes. His stomach receded and he was thin and the start of a six-pack showed on his abdomen.

Ty threw the ball again, Raphael returned it. Ty felt his cock sliding down his leg; he adjusted it and realized that it was growing much larger than he was used to. He liked the weight of it in his hands, so big and fat with large balls to match. He cradled the whole package with his hand and started massaging the rapidly hardening dick. When he looked across the large empty field, shining like the sun from all the sparkling glass, he no longer saw Raphael, he saw himself.

Ty woke with a start and stumbled out of bed. Looking down his body he discovered that the large erection he was dreaming about was in fact a reality. His normally small five inch dick was now poking through his boxers and hanging at about 8 inches long. It was incredibly thick as well, probably as big around as it was long. Ty shook his body and watched the big dick swing with him. It appeared to be real, but maybe he was still dreaming.

It suddenly occurred to Ty that he was not looking over his gut to see his big dick; he was looking straight down over a nice six-pack and round pectoral muscles. Now he was certain he must still be dreaming. It is impossible to fall asleep and wake up with a perfect body. He walked to the mirror and admired his reflection. He was incredibly sexy. He started stripping off all of his clothes and was once again perplexed by the massive cock swinging between his legs. He noticed his bandaged hand and pressed on the palm to see if he still felt pain, if not it must surely be a dream. There was no pain, so he quickly removed the gauze and discovered that his wound was completely gone. It was as if the glass never existed. He gazed in the mirror a long time admiring the sheer perfection of his body.

As he stared at himself in the mirror he started stroking his already rigid cock. He began to wish that his dream came with someone to suck his dick, but since it did not his healed hand would have to do. Soon Ty was pumping his hand back and forth across the big 8 inch dick, which actually seemed to still be growing. He stroked himself harder and faster. His head rolled back and he massaged his big balls with one hand while he continued to stroke with the other. He looked back at his sexy reflection in the mirror. The hot sight was too much and he began to shoot a massive load that splattered all over the full length mirror. As if one massive glob of cum was not enough his cock unloaded four more all over the mirror. At least his orgasm felt real enough.

Ty's alarm began to blare from the side of the bed; time to wake up and go to school. He turned and listened to the alarm. Looking back in the mirror he grabbed his nipple and twisted hard. It hurt. He felt his body, he felt his dick. He touched the wet cum dripping down the mirror and felt the wet sticky substance on his fingers. He smelled it and even touched it to his tongue. Holy shit, the thought, this is real. He was not dreaming. His body had in fact improved itself over night. How was that even possible?

He stood listening to the songs of the 80's on his blaring alarm clock for a long time. He watched his perfect reflection through the cum-soaked mirror. He had to sit down on the bed to stop his head from spinning. He did not have Raphael's face and body as he had imagined in his dream, but he was definitely as sexy as Raphael ever was. Maybe even better looking. He had never realized how jealous he was of his Puerto Rican friend, but looking at Raphael had inspired him to be better. Maybe he had made some sort of wish or pact with some evil spirit in his sleep. What sort of magic existed in the world that could alter his physical appearance to such an amazing degree?

It suddenly occurred to him that his hand had been healed. Why had the wound healed itself? Was that the source of his miraculous transformation? Like Peter Parker being bit by a mutant spider and becoming Spiderman. Glassman, did not have a very clever ring to it. Ty began to wonder what his grandmother was so worried about when she shut herself in her office. He had to talk to her. Lost in his rapid thoughts he reached the door before thinking, pants first.

He found himself incredibly light on his feet, able to skip five steps at a time and he even vaulted himself into a front flip off the final landing. He landed gracefully on his feet fully clothed now in his sleep shirt and pajama bottoms. The bulge of his big cock was now impossible to hide even now that it was flaccid. He'd have to get looser fitting pajama bottoms, then again maybe not.

"Grandma?" he called, "Are you here?"

There was no response, so he quickly searched the house. She was nowhere to be found. Looking out into the driveway her car was still missing. She never returned from her mysterious meeting. Ty tried her cell phone but it went straight to voicemail again. He checked his grandmother's address book and soon found the number for the CDC regional headquarters.

"Thank you for calling the Centers for Disease Control, this is Alexis," a chipper voice answered.

"My name is Ty Bartley, I was calling for Dr. Elizabeth Bartley. Is she available?"

"I'm sorry, but there was an incident last night involving a biological threat. Dr. Bartley has been called away on urgent business. Shall I transfer you to her voicemail?"

"No, that's ok," Ty replied puzzled as he hung up the phone. Ty was worried that the threat must be very severe for her to never call. She would normally notify him personally. He paced the house for a while, dialing his grandmother and wondering what was going on. Overhead the songs of the 80's continued to blare on his radio. Ty had no intention of going to school, he was too worried to focus on school. He dialed that only other person he could always count on.

"Hey, what's up?" Raphael asked.

"My grandmother left suddenly last night, and I'm here with a bit of a situation," Ty started urgently.

"Situation, are you all right?"

"All right? I'm better than all right, I'm muscular and well... I'm overall improved."

"Ty, if you are all right, can this wait? I have a quiz this morning and I can't afford to fail? I'll meet you at the gym this afternoon."

"Oh," Ty muttered disappointedly, "I guess it can wait. I just don't know what to do."

"Ok, gotta go, class is starting," Raphael said distractedly, "Talk to you later."

Ty stood with the phone to his ear for a moment feeling completely abandoned. Then he looked down and saw the bulge in his pants and realized his situation wasn't that bad. It didn't really matter why or how his body had become as perfect as any man could hope to be, it only mattered that it had happened. Looking down at his dick made him want to stroke it again. Maybe while looking in the mirror at his newly enhanced body. That's when the door bell rang.

Ty answered the door and saw a nerdy looking guy standing there. It was a skinny black man with the dark black rimmed glasses which reminded Ty of a librarian. The man was clean shaven and dressed like a librarian too with a shirt and tie and even a sweater vest. As young as the man was, Ty figured he would have a better sense of style. At his side the nerdy guy held a metal case which displayed the easily distinguished biohazard symbol. Maybe he had news of his grandmother.

"Oh... hello," the nerdy guy swallowed hard as he looked Ty up and down, "Did I wake you?"

"No, I was awake," Ty answered wishing again that he had looser fitting pajama bottoms as the nerdy gentleman clearly noticed his bulging crotch.

"My name is Artemis, I've come to collect a sample that Dr. Bartley accidently left here last night."

"She left in such a hurry," Ty pressed, "Is she all right?"

"I assure you," Artemis smiled pleasantly, "she is quite well. She is very busy at the moment and the pressure of her latest assignment is overwhelming."

"What assignment is that?"

"Oh," Artemis chuckled, "they don't even tell me everything. I'm just an intern told to fetch specimen jars and deliver them to where they need to be. Dr. Bartley assured us that the jar was left in her office on the desk."

Ty pictured the football lying on the desk, but there was no specimen jars. It all suddenly made sense. He had been exposed to whatever substance lurked in his grandmother's current assignment. It was odd that she would someone else to collect the jar.

"Please," Artemis flashed his overly-white, overly-friendly smile again, "If I could just come inside and collect the jar, I will be on my way and you can head to school."

Ty stepped out of the way and allowed Artemis to come inside. He closed the door behind them and then ushered Artemis to the office. Artemis could feel an unusual attraction to the young stud as large amounts of pheromones were overwhelming his inhibitions. Artemis was never attracted to men in the slightest. In fact, Artemis rarely cared for sex at all; he was normally too concerned with knowledge and learning to consider the mysterious game of love and/or sexual conquest. But now as he entered the confined space of the office with this fine young teenager he felt an unexpected stir in his trousers. For a black man, he did not fit the stereotype of having a large penis, but even his almost six inch dick would be noticed if he didn't find a way to control himself.

"Is something wrong?" Ty asked.

"No," Artemis shifted uncomfortably as he started doing long division in his mind.

"I have to confess," Ty started, "I think I broke the jar you're looking for and I might even have been..."

Artemis watched the hot teenager walk around the desk as he spoke. Artemis could hear his words, but his eyes were locked on the bulge in the boys pants that was swinging about in the loose pajama pants as he walked. Every fiber in Artemis' body was screaming with intense desire for that young fat cock.

"Are you sure you are all right?" Ty asked again. The nerdy intern simply looked him directly in the eyes and lunged across the desk at him. Ty cried out in alarm as Artemis knocked him to the ground and started massaging the bulge in his pajama pants. The glasses had been knocked from the nerd's face as the two men tumbled to the ground beneath the broken window covered in plastic. Ty was about to toss the guy off of him, but Artemis yanked the fat dick out of the pajama pants and gobbled the whole flaccid dick down.

Ty was shocked by this sudden turn of events and despite his immediate disgust; he was loving the things Artemis was doing to his big fat dick. Ty had only had sex a few times, but he had never had anyone want him this badly. No one had ever swallowed his cock with such intense desire. He propped himself up on his elbows and watched the black intern wrap his fat lips around the big dick. Ty was rock hard in no time.

Artemis was eager to suck the big dick until he had tasted every drop of cum it had to offer. He gagged and choked down the big dick, worshipping it with his tongue and mouth. He let the cock out of his mouth with a loud pop and began licking and sucking on the fat balls; pulling roughly down on the boy's pajama pants for better access.

"Oh God," Ty moaned, "That feels fucking amazing."

"I love your big dick," Artemis smiled again as he licked his way up the entire shaft. Once there, he started sucking on the fat head of the growing cock. Artemis was certain it had to be nearly 9 inches long now and so thick he could barely wrap his hand around it.

"Take it deep again, like you were before," Ty requested and Artemis was swift to comply. The nerdy intern had quite the talented mouth. Ty could not control himself as he suddenly started shooting his hot load into the eager mouth gobbling down his fat dick.

Artemis tasted for the first time the delicious hot cum pouring from the big dick and started sucking hard and fast. He swallowed every drop of cum as it exploded forcefully into the back of his throat. He gagged a moment and then started swallowing and sucking harder and faster. He milked the hot boy's balls and shaft to get even more of the delicious cream into his body. He welcomed every drop of cum, because every drop was more delicious than the last.

"What the fuck was that about," Ty laughed as he looked down at his dick, panting.

Artemis sucked hard and let the big dick pop out of his mouth, making Ty squirm with pleasure again, "I have no fucking idea."

Ty watched the cute black intern lick his fat lips and smile that beautiful white smile. Artemis licked the fat shaft one more time and then started kissing Ty on the lips. Ty did not struggle, he simple allowed the intern's tongue to invade his mouth and share the taste of his own cum. Ty soon found himself closing his eyes and kissing the intern back. This is fucked up, Ty thought somewhere in the back of his mind, but I like it.

Part XII: Marc and Trevor

Trevor and Marc continued to lock lips and touch every part of the other's body. They had become completely unaware of all the other panting and tired men that were collapsing on the floor around Diego and Isaac. Trevor had never seen a more sexy man in all his life, and over and over again he imagined this hot stud jerking his dick wanting to cum more than anything and risking electric shocks to do so. Marc was really starting to love the feel of a big cock inside his ass, and the way it amplified his orgasm as the massive shaft planted against his prostate. Trevor had felt so wonderful inside of him. Both men wanted the other desperately.

"The twins have trouble," Isaac was saying behind them, "Peter, go and put a stop to it."

"Yes, Master," Peter left the room.

"If you had told me a week ago," Trevor laughed, "that I would be falling for a hot guy like you, I'd have laughed my ass off."

"You're falling for me?" Marc asked seductively as he bit his lower lip.

"God, you're fucking sexy," Trevor started kissing Marc passionately again and again. Kissing down his neck and kissing his bulging biceps before going back to his lips.

"You two seem to have hit it off," Isaac suddenly stated from right next to them. Trevor looked around and realized for the first time that every guy in the room was watching them, except Diego who still lay unconscious on the table. Trevor felt himself blush a bit with embarrassment, but then again he had just fucked in front of all these men, so why be embarrassed?

"I guess we have," Marc answered.

"That is just remarkable," Isaac smiled a broad grin, "I can feel the sexual passion between you two, and it is like nothing I've ever felt before. I would like to observe the two of you together further."

"What shall the rest of us do?" Bart asked from the center of the room.

"You will all be returned to your cells, and don't forget, no ejaculation without my permission."

"I figured you'd let us go," Matt jumped up, "now that our virus is inactive."

"You thought wrong," Isaac smiled again as he fixed the four studs with his piercing grey-blue eyes, "there is still much work to be done."

"Please don't send us back there," Guns rose to his towering six foot seven inches.

"It's not right to keep us prisoner here," Teo agreed.

"I don't think you understand the situation," Isaac laughed, "I'm in control. You do as you're told, or I'll make you do it."

"How exactly would you do that?" Bart blurted.

Isaac's eyes narrowed in concentration and Bart let out a tortured cry. He grabbed his balls in pain and agony as if he had just been struck by some unseen force.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Matt lunged at Isaac, but was also quickly doubled over in excruciating pain.

"Please... make it... fucking...stop!" Bart begged from his hands and knees.

"Please, Master," Isaac corrected.

"Please, stop...m-m-master," Bart and Matt uttered together. They both instantly collapsed in obvious relief.

"So," Isaac smiled his diabolical smile, "any more fucking questions?"

Every man remained silent.

"Good, then clear the space! Marc and Trevor have work to do."

On cue, several guards entered the room and ushered Matt, Guns, Teo, and Bart back to their designated isolation rooms. Two very strong men hauled off the unconscious body of Diego as well. Soon, Marc and Trevor were left alone with the terrifying director of the CDC. Trevor had a sick feeling in his stomach as he looked into Isaac's grinning face. Isaac sat on his throne and Trevor couldn't help but glance at his huge cock hanging between his legs, even flaccid it was nearly 9 inches long.

"What are you going to do to us?" Trevor asked.

"Well," Isaac smiled, "I just want to feel you two together. I want to feel that sensation of lust and desire washing over me. I want to try and understand how it works."

"What do you mean how it works?" Trevor puzzled.

"It's just something you feel," Marc agreed.

"I'm beginning to believe that feelings and desires can be fabricated; especially these feelings that are truly at our basest most animal urges. Imagine the power you could have if you could trigger these feelings in others. If you entered the room and every person instantly wanted to bow down before you obediently."

"Ok," Marc stared with wide eyes, "you're fucking crazy."

"I've had enough talk," Isaac growled, "Now I'm giving you the opportunity to spend time with each other, unless you want to go back to isolation?"

"No," both Marc and Trevor answered together.

"Good," Isaac smiled again, "then kiss each other. Like you were."

Marc and Trevor turned to each other and locked eyes. Trevor bent down and started kissing Marc passionately again. Marc pushed his tongue into Trevor's mouth and their two tongues rolled over each other.

"It's not the same," Isaac interjected, "It feels forced now."

Trevor parted lips with Marc, "For a smart guy, you just said something incredibly dumb. You're forcing us to make out. No, shit, it feels forced."

"Plus your whole, crazy, I-want-to-rule-the-world vibe creeps me out a bit," Marc agreed.

"I never said I wanted to rule the world," Isaac protested.

"Close enough," Trevor nodded.

"Well," Isaac contemplated, "You boys are right. I've really strayed from my original purpose didn't I? All I really wanted was to make Dr. Juarez pay, but now I've had a taste of a power you cannot begin to imagine. I have the ability to make men better, so that they might suit my needs."

"Maybe it's time to just call it quits," Marc suggested.

"Maybe you're right..." Isaac suddenly stood again and both men fell to their knees against their will, "...then again maybe not!"

Marc and Trevor were now eye level with the massive cock swinging back and forth between Isaac's legs as he moved toward them. With each step the cock seemed to grow and stand straighter out in front of him. Isaac's muscles seemed to grow and surge as he approached as well, as if he were actively working out every single muscle with each step. Both men glanced at each other in fear, and as their eyes met they knew that they were not in this fucked up situation alone. Isaac suddenly stopped his approach and smiled.

"That was the feeling," Isaac nodded, "you were both connected in a mutual understanding for the other. It was more than just physical attraction. You both desire to be with each other in a unique way. I have an idea."

Marc felt himself stand against his will and start walking toward the throne where he sat facing the table where Diego had been brutally assaulted by cock after cock. Marc thought about fucking the hot Mexican beast and couldn't help but feel his cock get a little harder. Marc watched as Trevor rose against his will and bent himself over the table, much like Diego, allowing Isaac to strap him down.

"What are you going to fucking do to me?" Trevor asked.

"I want Marc to fuck you," Isaac smiled at Marc sitting on the throne, "but I'm going to leave the room. I'm going to leave you strapped down, and I'm going to allow Marc to be free. One way or another, Trevor will be fucked. I leave it up to you Marc to decide if I will be the one to fuck him, or will you do it instead?"

Marc watched Isaac leave the room and close the door behind him. Every muscle in Marc's body was instantly freed and he could move on his own. He practically ran over to Trevor strapped on the table and started unfastening the restraints.

"Don't," Trevor warned, "you know he has to be watching us somehow. Just do it. If I am going to get fucked, I'd want it to be you any way."

"You're sure about this?" Marc asked as he looked down at Trevor's exposed ass. Marc felt his cock growing hard in response to the thought of putting his dick in that nice virgin hole, so round and sexy with just a little bit of hair. Just below that round butt dangled Trevor's big dick and balls between his muscular, hairy legs.

"Yea, baby, I want you," Trevor flashed a cute grin at the sexy stud, "I know how much you wanted to cum while in isolation. You better take every chance you get."

"How did you know about that?" Marc asked.

"I stole a report when the CDC agent wasn't looking. I read something else too, can you suck your own dick?"

Marc broke out into devilish grin, "After my enhancement, yes, I could."

"That's so fucking hot."

"Maybe, before I fuck you," Marc pondered aloud, "I should get my dick wet, so it slides easier into your butt."

"I'd like that."

Marc walked over to the throne so he could sit down and he started stroking his dick while looking at his sexy new friend bent over the table. God, he did have a nice butt. It did not take long for Marc to reach his fully erect 9 inches, his hands gliding over his rigid cock, lubricated by his pre-cum beginning to leak out already. He bent over and took the head of his cock into his mouth and started sucking himself off. Trevor watched and kept telling him how hot it was. Every word of encouragement made Marc suck harder and try to bend over taking more of his own dick. Marc's whole dick was quickly wet with saliva.


Out in the hall, Isaac was leaning against the door feeling the intense passion between the two men. He had never experienced this feeling before. Even before the death of his brother and the quest for revenge, he had been a straight man. All of the girls he had been with were fun, but they were simply together for the carnal act, each person interested only in self gratification. Marc and Trevor were different. They wanted pleasure not only for themselves, but for the other as well. Isaac's dick was rock hard as he experienced the sensation of Marc sucking his own dick. What a talented muscle stud.

"Sir," an annoying voice suddenly interrupted his thoughts. Isaac saw one of his scientists coming towards him.

"What is it, Ivan," he asked the young Russian boy that had recently joined his staff. It was now extremely easy to recruit staff, because even if they were scrawny and unthreatening, the virus could quickly make them better. Everyone wanted to be better. Isaac was particularly proud of the twins he had discovered. Jon and Jeffrey were quiet, skinny boys that worked as interns for the CDC, but now they were formidable monsters and Isaac's most trusted security officers.

"They've identified the specimen jar stolen by Dr. Bartley," Ivan swallowed hard, "It's not good."

"Explain," Isaac demanded, his annoyance quickly changing to rage.

"It was strain MX19."

Isaac thought he felt his heart skip a beat. "You mean to tell me, the most virulent and mysterious strain we have ever created is lost somewhere out there?"

"It would seem so, but we have an agent collecting the specimen now. There is little risk of exposure since Dr. Bartley's grandson is in school right now."

"I hope you're right," Isaac hissed.

"The extraction team is wondering what should be done with Dr. Bartley?"

"I've always been curious what our little enhancement would do to women. Let's say we find out? How about a dose of ZX42?"

"Are you sure, sir? She does have family," Ivan warned.

"Take precautions and start with a lower dose than we normally deliver. Monitor her progress and alert me of any...OH!" Isaac suddenly flinched as he felt extreme heat around his cock and a steely rod inserting into his ass. Ivan frowned at the director's sudden O-face.


"Oh, baby," Marc gasped as the head of his hot wet dick pushed its way inside of Trevor's sexy ass. Trevor's big 12 inch dick was pointing straight at the ground, rock hard. Both men were enjoying every second of their time together. Trevor was nervous at first, but the feeling of Marc's cock pushing into his ass was not as painful as he expected. In fact, the more he relaxed his muscles the easier the cock slid inside. He arched his back and pushed with his legs, trying to open his ass as much as he could for his hot friend.

"Yea, spread that ass," Marc smirked as he smacked Trevor's sexy round butt. Marc let some spit drop down onto the shaft of his cock to make sure there was plenty of lube as he pushed his 9 inch dick into the hot tight ass.


"Yea, spread that ass," the director muttered as his head rolled back and his rock hard 16 inch cock hung before him. Ivan was shaking in fear, but he had heard it was a terrible mistake to disobey a direct order from the director. Ivan dropped his pants and turned around for his massive boss. If he ran, how could the punishment be any worse than having that monster shoved inside? Ivan began to reconsider his options.

Isaac's eyes came open as he allowed Marc and Trevor's hot desire wash over his entire body and he saw his hot young Russian scientist bent over exposing a tight pink hole. Isaac looked down and felt all of his lust raging through him and his hard cock. He was unclear why Ivan was so eager to take his monster cock, but he would not argue with an ass so readily offered. Isaac began inserting his massive shaft into the terrified scientist.


Marc was fucking intensely into Trevor's hot hole. It felt so good to be inside of him. Trevor was moaning as he once again was able to experience the sensation of a rock hard shaft stimulating his ass in so many wonderful ways. He could feel his own rock hard dick bumping into the table with each deep thrust Marc was making. Marc was so sexy as every muscle in his arms and abs contracted with his efforts and his skin had a slight sheen of sweat.

"Oh, fuck me, baby," Trevor urged as he felt Marc's hands around his waist, sending his ass crashing into Marc's hot dick. Marc bent over and turned Trevor's head so that they might kiss. Marc's tongue traced along his ear and he began sucking on Trevor's ear lobe. Trevor moaned in pleasure as Marc never let up on his deep strokes inside of Trevor's ass.

"Your ass feel amazing," Marc whispered in Trevor's ear, and he pulled out all the way and slammed all the way back inside. Trevor grunted in pleasure as his own hard dick slapped hard against the table.

"Yea, you like that ass," Trevor smiled.

"Mmm, I love it," Marc pulled out again and then bent over and started licking the hot pink hole. He stuck out his tongue and started fucking the leaking hot hole with his tongue. Marc could taste his own saliva and pre-cum as he rimmed the tight butt. Marc spit on the hole and started tonguing it some more.

"Oh, you're amazing," Trevor moaned.

Marc loved Trevor's encouraging words. He spit once more on the tight hole and then slammed his dick back inside. All 9 inches of Marc's raging wood pushed into Trevor's burning hot hole. Both men gasped in wonder.


Only 8 inches of Isaac's intense fuck rod would stuff inside of Ivan's over-stretched hole. Ivan was in terrible pain at first, but now he was numb to the intense fucking he was receiving. Isaac was not concerned that he could only use 8 inches, he simply stuffed Ivan as best he could and then started fucking with more and more lust. Isaac could feel the intense sensations of Marc and Trevor as he continued to plow into Ivan's delicious pink hole. There was a passion between those two men that Isaac craved more than the hot ass he was filling. That passion would be his.


Trevor was aching to stroke his own dick, but his hands were still bound to the table so the only stimulation he could manage was the feeling of his dick smacking into the table as Marc plowed into him. "Fuck me hard," he begged Marc.

Marc took hold of Trevor's ass again and started delivering his cock like a jackhammer. His cock was sliding in and out easily now and he fucked hard and fast. The intense stimulation made Marc toss back his head and cum inside his friend's delicious ass. Trevor moaned as he felt the hot cream pouring inside of him. His own dick was dripping and rock hard as it slapped against the table. Marc pulled out his dick and started licking the hole again; tasting the cum that was beginning to leak out.


Isaac suddenly felt overwhelming sensations all over his immense cock, he threw his head back and shot an extremely forceful load into Ivan's ass. Ivan collapsed forward from the intense blast and much of Isaac's cum drenched the back of the young scientist's shirt as the 16 inch cock popped out of the tight hole. Isaac roared with satisfaction as he let his cum blast out in wave after wave of orgasmic delight.


Marc took his mouth wet with cum and started sucking on Trevor's hanging balls. Trevor took a sharp breath as he felt the suddenly stimulation on his balls. Marc proceeded to suck and lick both balls before taking his tongue and working down the rock hard 12 inch shaft pointing at the ground. Once at the tip, Marc played his tongue across it and then swallowed several inches. Trevor moaned again and again as Marc began sucking the big dick.

Trevor's hands pulled against his restraints as he longed so badly to fuck his big dick into Marc's eager mouth. Marc sucked the big dick with such desire and tried each time to take as much of the 12 inch cock into his mouth as he could. Trevor's toes curled and goosebumps stood out all over his flesh as Marc sucked harder and faster.

Finally, it was more than Trevor could stand, he let loose and flooded Marc's mouth with hot cum. Marc accepted it eagerly and let much of it run down his throat. Some of the hot cream leaked out around his lips and dripped down his cheek.


Ivan turned over, hoping that his boss's sudden needs had been satisfied. Ivan was eager to get away from there, assuming he could still walk. Much to Ivan (and Isaac's) surprise Isaac was suddenly overcome by a second wave of orgasms as if someone were sucking hard on his dick. Isaac's massive cock suddenly exploded again all over Ivan's face and even into his slightly open mouth. Ivan reeled back in horror while Isaac's monster dick continued to drench him with cum.

"Oh fuck! That feels good!" Isaac yelled.


Marc stood up and started pulling the restraints off of Trevor as quickly as he could. Trevor stood his legs a bit weak and his back stiff from bending over so long. Marc wrapped his arms around Trevor and both men began kissing passionately. Trevor could taste his own cum on Marc's lips and eagerly licked up the small amount that had dribbled on his cheek. Both men were panting and laughing as they knew they would never have sex quite as wonderful as the sex they had with each other.

"You're fucking amazing," Trevor smiled, "where have you been all my life?"

Both men laughed as they kissed again.


Peter came walking up to the intense scene of Isaac standing over a cum-drenched Ivan. Wesley was following closely behind Peter, no longer expecting he could escape.

"Wow, looks like I missed something," Peter laughed. Ivan shot an unamused look in his direction as he continued to wipe cum from his face.

"Why would you try to escape, Wesley?" The director asked, "After I treated you so well. I even let you fuck my favorite toy, Diego."

"One day," Wes folded his arms, "You'll get what's coming for you. But for now, I guess I am at your mercy."

"I like your fire," Isaac smiled, "take him back to isolation, Peter. I don't think I need any more sex at the moment. Thank you for that, Ivan. I had no idea you wanted me so badly. Perhaps we can upgrade your ass next time. Peter could do that for you? Right, Peter?"

"Absolutely," Peter winked at the cum-soaked Russian, "any time."

Ivan looked back and forth between the tall handsome director and the muscular blond stud. He had never wanted a different job so badly in his entire life.

Part XIII: The Twins

Jeffrey watched his brother looking around in confusion. Jeffrey managed to find his feet, his groin still throbbed dully but it was passing. Alex lifted a hand to his bloody nose, but it was not his hand. It was too big to be his own hand and his arms were too ripped with muscular. Jon's body was stronger and more resilient than his own body ever was. The efforts of trying to leave Jon's body were too much. He realized that perhaps if he were to leave Jon's body unattended it would die, because Jon had been lost in some dark void. What about his own body? What had he done?

"Are you all right?" Jeffrey placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, Alex recoiled in surprise.

"Yea, I'm fine," Alex replied in Jon's deep gruff voice. Overall, it was quite sexy to hear.

"Someone took over us," Jeffrey continued, "just like the boss-man does."

"It was a strange feeling," Alex agreed, trying hard to play the role of the twin brother whose body he now inhabited.

"Oh, your nose," Jeffrey motioned to a nearby door and both men stepped into an employee restroom. Taking some tissue paper, Jeffrey applied it tenderly to his brother's bleeding nose. Alex couldn't help but notice how hot Jeffrey was. He looked in the bathroom mirror and saw the two identical siblings with their security guard clothes all disheveled and Jeffrey's flaccid cock still hanging from his loose pants. Alex could feel Jeffrey tenderly rubbing Jon's arm as he treated the bloody nose.

"You really squeezed my fucking balls," Jeffrey spoke and Alex met his eyes and saw a teasing type of expression on his face.

"Sorry, about that," Alex smiled back at the twin brother.

"Maybe you could make it up to me somehow?" Jeffrey smiled as his free hand glided over Jon's body and grabbed hold of Jon's crotch. Alex felt his balls tighten in response and his semi-hard cock was squeezed by Jeffrey's big strong hand. Alex realized that these brothers were even closer than expected. If he was not careful he might easily be discovered. With no choice but to play along, Alex also reached out and took hold of Jeffrey's naked cock and started stroking it as it grew firmer and firmer in his grasp.

"Mmm, that feels good," Jeffrey whispered as he threw the bloody tissue aside and planted a hot wet kiss against his brother's lips. Alex kissed the sexy stud back. Jeffrey's tongue played its way across Alex's lips and teeth demanding entrance and Alex parted his lips farther and allowed their tongues to meet. They kissed for a moment and Alex swirled his tongue around in Jeffrey's mouth. Jeffrey pulled back alarmed.

"What?" Alex tensed at Jeffrey's expression.

"That. What you just did with your tongue. You've never done that before," Jeffrey broke out in a broad grin, "I like it."

Alex felt his body go slack with relief as Jeffrey again started kissing and Alex continued to please Jeffrey with the new trick Jon had just learned with his tongue. Jeffrey wrapped his arms around Jon's body and the two muscle studs rubbed up against each other, humping their hard cocks against the other. Alex reached down and pulled Jeffrey's shirt up and then over his head, revealing a smooth trimmed chest, rock hard with muscle and abs perfectly sculpted into what might be an eight pack. These twins were exceptionally hot and now he was one of them.

Alex bent over and kissed Jeffrey's strong chest and then played his tongue over the hot studs exposed nipple. It grew hard instantly and Jeffrey let out a satisfied giggle. Alex wrapped his lips around the hard nipple and sucked on it, playing his tongue across its sensitive tip. Jeffrey grabbed both sides of his brother's head and pushed him harder into his muscular chest.

"Damn, bro," Jeffrey laughed, "you must be even hornier than I am today."

"You said I needed to make it up to you," Alex smiled as he looked up at Jeffrey's handsome face. Jeffrey considered his words and then smiled back.

"In that case, you'll have to blow me, just like that bitch Wesley would have had to. I hate when I'm interrupted."

Alex looked down and grabbed the fat 9 inch dick in his hands and then looked back up at Jeffrey and smiled. Jeffrey looked down at his brother with incredible lust and started pushing Jon's head down, so that Alex was forced to drop to his knees before the big hard dick. He gobbled down the dick and Jeffrey let out a sharp gasp of delight. Alex started sucking while he made a muffled moan around the big dick.


Jon paced the room, wondering how he might contact someone on the outside to come rescue him. He'd probably have to wait until someone came with food or to administer injections in order to make his escape. Then he'd have to find his real body and switch back. Jon looked at the shaggy haired guy in the mirror again and was wishing for his big muscular body back. Alex was cute, but he was not tough and fit like Jon. Jon liked to be bulging with muscle so that he could demonstrate his dominance over others.

Jeffrey had become obsessed with Jon over the years. When the two of them had first jerked off together they were 14 years old. They were both intrigued to learn that their dicks were not the same, while Jeffrey's dick hooked to the right, Jon's dick hooked to the left. Most importantly, Jon's dick was a little bigger. Jeffrey found this extraordinarily unfair. Jeffrey was actually the first of the two brothers to experience a blow job from his girlfriend and he explained everything in detail to Jon. Jon had to listen to Jeffrey recount that tale over and over again until it was no longer sexy, it was just pathetic.

One day, Jon walked in on Jeffrey beating off to a steamy porn video and Jeffrey started comparing every move the girl from the porn video was making to his own experience with a blow job. Jon had reached the end of his patience. He recalled pulling out his own dick and silencing Jeffrey with it. Much to his surprise, Jeffrey had eagerly taken the dick and sucked it with all of the passion with which he had recounted his own blow job. Jon did not think he had ever had a better blow job, but he refused to take his relationship with his brother any farther.

The brothers were scrawny and mediocre when they were accepted as interns for the CDC. The job was Jon's idea, but Jeffrey was eager to follow in whatever endeavor Jon decided to take. Then they met Isaac and about 4 days ago he came and offered the two boys a handsome, muscular blond stud named Peter. The two twins were naked together once more after all those years and together they had fucked Peter. Both boys jammed their dicks into Peter's mouth and hot ass, while admiring the other's body. Jon recalled just how hot it was to see an identical reflection of himself sucking his dick. Over the past several days as their bodies enhanced, they had grown closer and closer.

Jon realized his host body's dick was rock hard, just from thinking about his brother and the events of the last several days. He wondered if he would ever see Jeffrey again and feel his hard muscular body in his own hands. He longed to be back in the elevator and wished the events which had separated him from his own body had never occurred. Discouraged, Jon threw himself on the bed and let his eyes close.


Jeffrey looked down at his hot brother in utter disbelief. For years Jeffrey had wanted another sexual experience with his twin brother, but Jon wanted nothing to do with the idea. Now as Jeffrey watched Jon scarf down his fat dick with such intense satisfaction, he knew that his brother had always wanted it, but was afraid to admit it. After all, it was Jon who had first stuck his dick in Jeffrey's mouth and forced him to suck it. It was hot to look down and see someone identical to you sucking your hard rod.

"Pull out your dick, Jon," Jeffrey commanded as he continued to stuff his brother's hot mouth. He pushed the head of his dick into Jon's cheek and let it pop out the side. Then he shoved it back in and repeated. Alex obediently pulled out Jon's dick and started stroking the hard shaft. It was heavier and meatier than his own dick and it felt good to stroke the foreign cock. He used one hand to massage his balls while he continued to stroke it. Jeffrey was eagerly stuffing his brother's cheeks with cock.

Suddenly, Jeffrey dropped down and started sucking on Jon's nice hard dick. Taking it deep into his mouth and sucking with intense desire. Alex put his hands behind his head and enjoyed the wonderful blow job. Jeffrey wanted so desperately to please his brother while he was getting his opportunity and he wanted the both of them to cum together right here in the bathroom; their hot jets of cum landing on the other as they shot their loads. Evidently, Jon wanted the same, because he lowered himself down and the two twins started to 69; each brother swallowing the cock of their mirror image.

Alex could hardly believe how incredibly kinky these two brothers were. Sucking each other's cocks and maybe they even fuck each other? Alex wondered which of the two would normally top? If he offered to take this hot studs cock, would he identify himself as someone other than Jon? It was best to allow Jeffrey to lead their intense session of sexual arousal. Jeffrey's mouth was very talented and Alex realized he could learn some tricks from this sexy stud for when he ever had time alone with Wesley again. Thoughts of Wes being cornered by these two beefy twins suddenly curdled Alex's mood. Maybe he should make Jeffrey get fucked as payment of the way he treated his friend.

Jeffrey was in heaven as his brother gagged on his cock and he gagged on his brother's cock. Jon was so rock hard in his mouth that Jeffrey was sure he would explode at any moment, filling his mouth with hot spunk. Jeffrey sucked harder, wondering what it would be like to taste his brother's delicious cream. Jon was taking Jeffrey's cock nice and deep and Jeffrey made a thrust just to hear his brother gag again on the big cock. "Fucker," Jon mumbled around the cock in his mouth.


Jon's hands moved across his broad chest again. He was so happy he was back in his own body, so hard and muscular to the touch. There was something different though. His entire body was covered with a layer of fur. It was hot to run his hands through the hairy hard muscles. He lets his hand slide down over his hard hairy abs and his dick is so hard as he grabs it. It is rock hard and even bigger than he remembers. He opens his eyes and looks down over the hairiest chest and abs he has ever seen. A big bush surrounds the 10 inch cock sprouting from his waist.

While Jon strokes the hard dick he realizes that he is no longer in Alex's body. He stands and looks in the mirror. There is an impossibly delicious stud looking back at him. Hairy and hung. His hair has been shaved and likely his entire body was shaved at one point. At the moment it is covered with hair and muscles bulge at every angle. Jon makes different poses and admires the hot body in the mirror. He grabs the hard morning wood and starts jerking it as he looks in the mirror.

Bart can feel his hand jerking his dick and watches as he admires himself in the mirror, but he is completely helpless. Bart can't move his body or grasp what is happening. He wants to cum so bad, and the hand desperately jerking him off wants to cum as well. Bart can almost feel another presence in his body. He tries to call out and warn the invader about the shock that will come, but his voice is no longer his own.

Jon is nearing a climax when a jolt of electricity shoots through his body. He recoils and cries out in alarm before leaping out of bed, back in the body of Alex. Bart is left shaking on the floor as the jolt of the electric shock continues to tighten his muscles. 'Now they are deliberately trying to torture me,' he thought.


Alex let his hand smack Jeffrey's ass while he took the hot cock deeper into his mouth. With his hand he crept around until his finger was rubbing against Jeffrey's exposed ass. The twin seemed to tense in surprise, but then he pulled Jon's cock out of his mouth and smiled a little at his brother. Alex didn't let on that he knew Jeffrey was watching, he just kept playing his finger over the shaved hole. Alex assumed that Jon had never committed to such behavior as fingering his brother's hole and momentarily considered stopping, but then again Jeffrey had smiled with satisfaction. Jeffrey clearly wanted his brother in the worst way. Alex would fulfill this stud's fantasy and hopefully gain his trust. Alex had to take the opportunity he was granted to find out what the director was up to. Not to mention he was insanely horny.

Alex came off of Jeffrey's incredible dick and started sucking his fingers. Then he allowed his index finger to play over Jeffrey's hole again. Again he sucked his finger and this time he wiggled his finger slightly into the hole. Jeffrey moaned around Jon's big dick and Alex continued to push the finger deeper. As the finger wormed its way into Jeffrey's ass, Alex started sucking Jeffrey's cock again. Alex smacked Jeffrey's ass again as he started finger fucking the tight butt. Jeffrey squirmed and moaned louder as he felt his brother's finger delving into new territory.

Alex suddenly rolled Jeffrey over onto his stomach and replaced his finger with his tongue. Alex realized that Jon's tongue was far longer and more flexible than his own. He was able to plunge it into the hot pink hole and flick it around, making Jeffrey beg for more. Alex munched and sucked on Jeffrey's tight butt, enjoying every moment of the incredible experience. Jeffrey's ass was kind of sweaty and the salty taste was exhilarating.

Jeffrey could not believe his brother's sudden intense lust, but he never wanted it to end. He had always secretly fantasized about his brother many times. He'd watch himself in the mirror and wonder what it would be like to see Jon touching him. Jeffrey had finally gotten to see Jon fucking another person when the director delivered Peter to them. Jeffrey had been struck to the bone by how hot his brother was as every muscle was tightening in a desperate need to fuck the blond stud. Jeffrey wanted his brother to look at him that way.

"God, your ass is good," Alex mumbled as he continued to munch and lick the hot ass. It was gleaming with saliva and the raw pink hole was begging for more attention.

"Yea," Jeffrey groaned with pleasure, "eat that ass, Jon. You're making all my fantasies come true right now."

"Do they end with me fucking you?" Alex laughed, "Because that is where this is headed."

Jeffrey laughed too as he started pushing his ass harder into his brother face, urging his brother's tongue to go deeper inside while preparing him for the fucking he had always dreamed of. Alex knew the hot twin was ready and spit into his own hand to lube up his dick. Then he started pushing the hard bulging mushroom head into Jeffrey's tight hole. Jeffrey cried out, his ass started constricting in response to the hot shaft forcing its way inside.

"Oh, Jon," he moaned, "take my hole."

"Yea," Alex smiled, "this hole is fucking mine now. Hell, it probably is just like my hole."

"Oh, it's so big," Jeffrey growled as he put his hand back on Jon's ripped ab muscles and took the cock stretching his tight hole even deeper. He flinched in pain, but didn't stop pushing back into his brother's wonderful cock. Alex leaned over and planted his lips on Jeffrey's lips while he was turned back to see his brother's body. There was no tongue, just a few quick kisses of affection before Alex rammed his dick deeper. Jeffrey's back arched and he doubled over in surprise. Alex pulled out several inches and slammed the dick home again. Again and again he plowed the hot stud's ass.

Jeffrey was not disappointed by his brother's intensity. Jon was as hungry for Jeffrey as Jeffrey was for Jon. On the bathroom floor, Jeffrey struggled to keep his hands and knees under him as Jon drove his whole weight into fucking his tight hole. Jeffrey grunted with satisfaction with each intense thrust of his brother's cock. Alex was lost in his intense need to fuck Jeffrey's delicious ass. It had been a while since Alex had felt his own dick inside of a tight hot hole. He had experienced the sensations through connections with others, but this was so much more sublime.

"Oh, fuck me, Jon," Jeffrey moaned, "Fuck me hard."

Alex let Jeffrey have it. Pulling back on the stud's hips and forcing his dick deep between those bubble butt cheeks. He bent over Jeffrey and put his full weight into slamming Jon's dick deep inside of his brother. Faster and faster he pummeled Jeffrey's ass with his raging hard dick. It took every effort he had not to cum inside of Jeffrey's ass, but he wanted to keep fucking and never stop.

"Oh, Jon," Jeffrey, "you're going to make me..."

Jeffrey's final words were lost in loud cries of orgasmic delight as his hot cum started spurting out all over the floor. Alex could feel his own dick pulsing with an intense need to cum, his cock head flaring inside of Jeffrey's ass while he tried to resist the urge.

"Don't cum," Jeffrey suddenly pulled away from Jon's dick, "I want to taste it."

Alex was not about to argue, his cum was coming and it was coming now. Jeffrey positioned his mouth under the meaty cock and caught the entire load in his mouth. He allowed it to sit there, savoring the flavor before sucking it down his throat. Alex leaned down and kissed him tenderly on the lips, and licked a small bit of cum from his mouth that had gone astray.

Jeffrey was about to talk to Jon about their first experience in the bedroom so long ago, when Jon had fed his cock to Jeffrey. Fortunately for Alex, a voice suddenly boomed in both of their minds.

"Jeffrey. Jon. Stop fucking around and return to the throne room."

"Duty calls," Jeffrey laughed.

"I guess so," Alex smiled timidly, "he didn't sound happy."

"When does Isaac ever sound happy?" Jeffrey frowned, "Anyway, we'll talk about this sudden passion later, all right?"

"Can't wait," Alex agreed, hoping that Jeffrey would not bring up any personal questions to which he did not know the answer. He needed to find Wesley and a way to get back to his own body.

Part XIV: The Gym Revisited

Ty lay on his bed looking at his reflection in the mirror. Through the cum streaked pane he could see the shaft of his big white cock sliding deep inside of Artemis' hot black ass. Artemis had his head thrown back moaning with intense satisfaction as he took the cock deeper and deeper. Ty had not felt such a tight hole before, but then again his cock had never been so big. He still couldn't believe that he agreed to take Artemis up to his bedroom. It was like every fiber of his body was begging him to fuck this hot intern. His cock began to swell and grow again. Artemis let out a tortured cry, but he continued to move up and down, slow and steady on the immense shaft. Ty was uncertain how many times his cock had pulsed and expanded while deep inside of Artemis, but each time made Ty suck in a sharp gasp.

Artemis leaned over and placed his big fat lips on Ty's lips and tasted the hot young stud before sitting up and riding the cock some more. Artemis had never experienced sensations so exhilarating in his life, but Ty had a way of making him hornier than ever before. Artemis had a rock hard 7 inch dick that was bouncing around while he rode up and down on Ty, taking the monster cock so deep into his gaping hole. Artemis wondered how the cock had even managed to get inside, it had hurt like hell, but something about Ty's dick allowed it to grow to fit Artemis' hole and expanded only enough to still fit inside. It was hard to explain, but with each pulsing sensation, Ty's dick pushed farther into his guts.

Ty was beginning to wonder if his cock would ever cum, or if it would just continue to grow and surge deeper inside of Artemis until it pushed right out of the black boys parted, moaning lips. Ty peered in the cum soaked mirror again and saw the swollen base of his cock, like an arm disappearing inside of Artemis. Artemis continued to ride as if he had been riding cocks this big his entire life. Ty noticed cum dripping down out of Artemis' ass and running down Ty's balls. Ty didn't remember cumming, but then again every single pulsing surge his dick had made felt almost like an orgasm. Had he been cumming every time his cock had grown? Pumping Artemis full of hot jizz and monster cock.

Artemis suddenly stiffened and his rock hard cock started spouting hot cream out across Ty's chest and into Ty's slightly open mouth. As Artemis came, his cock seemed to sprout an inch and the head of his black cock bulged, until it was nice and fat. Artemis was crying out as he experienced the most intense orgasm he had ever had. Wad after wad of cum exploded from his cock and with each time the cock seemed to grow a bit bigger. It got long enough that Ty could easily bend over and start sucking the cum as it exploded out of the cock and into his mouth. After his final spurt of cum, Artemis felt his dick almost instantly retracting to its normal size.

Ty was so turned on by the taste of Artemis' hot cream that he felt his own dick surge one final time and this time the cum exploded in a gush of hot white cum, filling Artemis deep inside. Artemis was shaking with extreme satisfaction as the jets of hot cum poured inside his body. Ty could not even begin to imagine where all that cum was coming from. Artemis cautiously began lifting himself off of Ty's immense cock and as he rose up, the cock continued to pour out of his ass. It finally popped out of the black intern's tight hole and flopped over with a loud thud on Ty's chest. Both boys stared with wide eyes at the 18 inch cock soaked with cum and as thick as a person's arm.

"Un-fucking-believable," Ty marveled as he tried to pick up the heavy cock. It was huge! He needed both hands just to maneuver it around. Artemis knelt down and licked the whole length of the big dick and then kissed Ty again and again. The two boys fell asleep with Artemis lying on Ty's chest, clutching the huge shaft.


Ty woke some time later and felt as if he had just experienced some type of bizarre dream, but then he recognized the feeling of arms wrapped around his torso. Looking down over his body he realized that his own dick was back to its normal size. It was no longer 18 inches long, but the trail of dried cum suggested that his cock had in fact laid across his body, nearly reaching his nipples. Whatever strange research his grandmother had left on the desk was clearly some type of male enhancement on steroids. Ty glanced at the alarm clock by his bed and realized it was nearly 2 o'clock. He was supposed to meet Raphael at the gym in less than an hour.

Carefully, Ty moved Artemis' arms and tried to slide out from underneath the nerdy intern, but Artemis was jolted out of sleep, "What?"

"Sorry," Ty apologized, "I didn't mean to wake you, but I'm supposed to meet someone."

"Who is it?" Artemis asked as he kissed Ty's muscular chest.

"An old friend. I'm going to need his help and maybe your help to find out what exactly is happening to me. My grandmother must know something too, but I have no idea when she will be available to explain. Since you work with her, do you know where she is?"

"Sorry, I don't. I don't actually work with Dr. Bartley, they just sent me to pick up the specimen jar. Some really scary hulking muscular guys, twins actually."

"So you don't have a clue where my grandmother is?"

"Not really," Artemis admitted.

"Then I better meet up with Raphael so that I can talk this out."

"Why don't you just stay here with me?"

"I can't," Ty apologized again as he climbed out of bed and started putting on his gym clothes. His clothes were almost too small as they were now bulging with muscles and his dick left a very clear outline in his tight gym shorts

"Then take me with you," Artemis begged.

"It would be too awkward. I can't believe we actually... and you... damn that was hot."

"Yes it was," Artemis smiled, "I don't know how you grew like that, but it was amazing."

"It was unreal," Ty nodded, "I think we are in some serious shit. I was exposed to something, maybe the sample you came to collect."

"I'm sure of it," Artemis laughed, "You are now genetically enhanced on a cellular level by millions of viruses coursing through your body."

"A virus?" Ty pondered, "That's why the CDC is involved in all of this madness."

"Absolutely," Artemis agreed, "and now I can't go back, because I have no sample to give them. I guess you're stuck with me."

"Fine, you can tag along," Ty finally agreed as he threw Artemis an extra set of gym clothes.


Raphael left his final class and started crossing campus towards the gym. Along the way he passed the science building which was still partially under quarantine from some bizarre outbreak in one of the labs. Evidently several classes were cancelled for three days because one of the professors was rushed off to the CDC for further treatment.

Raphael was anxious to hit one of the parties on campus, and probably bring his best friend Ty along. Raphael was a beautiful Puerto Rican stud, whose perfect bone structure was then covered by perfectly toned muscles and dark olive skin. His smile could easily win his way into any woman's pants and he had used that trick many times. Ty was his best friend, and probably would always be his best friend. Ty's recent desire to look better and get in shape was prompted after he had his first sex. Raphael smiled as he recalled getting that girl to give his pal a blow job. Raphael left the scene and let the rest play out. He'd helped Ty get laid several times after that.

Lost in his thoughts, Raphael quickly found himself in the gym. It was unusual how many people were there already. A couple of girls were pedaling on the cycles, he noticed them watching him. Farther down, Jayden Mills, a tall muscular campus security guard was standing over a long-haired kid trying to do curls. Jayden was dressed in his uniform and looked very severe as he asked question after question of the puzzled student. Two other guys were bench pressing, a slim blond haired guy with huge biceps was spotting for a scrawny, dark curly-haired kid, whose arms were wobbling as he begged the muscular blond to help him. The blond simply issued words of encouragement, like some type of personal trainer. Another guy was back in the corner, jumping rope with sweat pouring off of him.

Raphael walked over to Jayden, who often stopped by his residence hall to check on things. It had been several days since Jayden had come around. Jayden was originally from Australia, and Raphael could overhear his heated Australian accent as he really ranted to the poor guy trying to do curls. The guy finally dropped his weights down and stormed away from Jayden, evidently it was time to work out his legs.

"What's going on?" Raphael asked Jayden.

"Oh, Raphael," Jayden smiled in acknowledgement, but his face was still etched with the frustration of his previous conversation.

"Is everything all right?" Raphael asked.

"I've been trying to find a mate of mine," Jayden admitted, "We've worked together on the security team for a while and he would always visit the gym at a certain time. His name is Bart, have you seen him in here?"

"I don't think so," Raphael replied as he tried to remember, "what's he look like?"

"Big, hairy guy. He disappeared around the time the CDC incident went down, and no one seems to take his disappearance seriously! There is something serious going on around here, and I intend to find out what. I should get out of here, I'm just freaking people out."

"You're just being a concerned friend," Raphael clapped Jayden on the shoulder, "I'm sure your friend will turn up."

"I hope so," Jayden nodded, "Let me know if you hear anything will you?"

"Yeah, no problem," Raphael agreed.

"Alright," Jayden smiled, "I'll get out of every bodies way and come back tomorrow."

After Jayden left, Raphael milled around a moment, when he realized that Ty had not yet arrived. He slowly made his way over to the pull-up bar, which was strategically placed directly across from the cycles. He grabbed hold of the bar and started pulling his chin up letting his biceps bulge nicely under his work out shirt. The girls whispered to each other and giggled. He winked at the two cuties as he came up to the top of his pull-up and they both renewed their fit of giggles. He dropped down and considered walking over, when Ty walked into the gym.

Raphael would not have known it was Ty, except for his face was the same. Ty's entire body was stacked with muscles and his clothes were tight against him as they tried to contain the bulging muscular form underneath. Hot on Ty's heels was a nerdy looking black guy in black rimmed glasses. The girls were closest to Ty as he entered the gym and Raphael watched with mute surprise as the two girls stopped cycling and clambered over each other to get closer to him. Ty spotted Raphael and seemed completely oblivious to the two girls as he waved at Raphael. The girls started moaning and grunting wildly. Everyone in the gym turned to look at the two girls.

As Ty turned around in surprise at the sudden commotion, one of the girls touched his chest and started having an orgasm. Ty backed away in surprise as the second girl tripped over the first and also started having an orgasm. Both girls bucked wildly on the floor as their work out pants started to darken on the front with hot pussy juices. They both stopped moving and lay unconscious on the floor. Raphael shamefully realized his 7.5 inch dick was rock hard and tenting his pants. A quick glance around the room revealed that no one noticed, because their eyes were fixed on Ty.

The curly haired kid with the scrawny body tried to hide his 5 inch wood tenting his pants as he sat up on the bench. Just behind him the blond guy with the bulging biceps was adjusting his 7 inch cock so that it pointed down his leg and not straight out into the room full of dudes. The sweaty guy who was jumping rope was now standing in the center of the room with his muscular sweaty chest glistening with sweat and his face dripping with sweat. His red hair was cropped short and his nose appeared to have been broken several times, perhaps a boxer or a wrestler? His upper body was littered with freckles and between his legs a 10 inch cock was tenting out as he stared. The final guy, who had been interrogated by Jayden was still sitting farther away watching the scene in shock.

"Well, that was interesting," the nerdy black guy started chuckling as he elbowed Ty. The guy seemed awful chummy for someone Raphael had never even met. Ty tried not to let the strange events distract him from his goal as he turned and faced Raphael. Raphael looked into his friend's determined face and as he drew nearer, Raphael could not seem to stop his dick from growing harder and harder. Raphael bit his lip as Ty stood directly in front of him.

"We need to talk," Ty stated, "I've been exposed to something in Granny's office. Some type of virus the CDC is trying to contain."

"Is that what did," Raphael swallowed as he indicated the two girls, "that?"

"Probably," Ty smirked as he looked back at the two unconscious women. In his periphery, Ty caught sight of the other four guys in the gym all moving closer to them. They were all staring at him like they were hungry and he was a steak dinner. Even the guy Jayden had yelled at had joined the group now, he was very fit and had a 6 inch boner pushing against his pants.

"Maybe we should get out of here," Ty muttered as he turned back to face Raphael. Raphael heard the words, but mostly he was just watching Ty's soft red-pink lips move as he spoke, they were such nice smooth lips. Raphael realized that Ty's skin had never looked so clear on his face; his friend was truthfully the most gorgeous human he had ever laid eyes on. Raphael absently placed his hand on the smooth skin of Ty's cheek and Ty stopped talking. Raphael silenced him further by kissing him passionately on the lips. They parted and looked into each other's eyes a moment before kissing again. Raphael felt his eyes close as he kissed his best friend and touched his smooth sexy face.

Ty also closed his eyes as the sexiest guy he had ever met kissed him. He could not believe it was happening and while he was slightly disgusted and nervous at this bold new step between his friend and him, he didn't want it to stop. Raphael's tongue was soon demanding entrance to his mouth and Ty allowed it. Their kiss went deeper and became more intimate as their tongues rolled over each other. Finally, both men parted, panting with the intense passion of their kiss.

"Damn!" the nerdy black guy exclaimed from right next to them , "that was hot."

"Yes it was," Ty smiled, "Raphael, meet Artemis. Artemis, meet Raphael."

"The pleasure is all mine," Artemis extended his hand as he obviously checked out Raphael's incredible body, especially the 7.5 inch dick that was standing at full attention.

Ty was about to explain more to Raphael when he was suddenly grabbed from behind and turned around into another kiss. Ty was being wrapped in strong sweaty arms and being crushed against a hot sweaty chest. A 10 inch boner started poking him in the leg as the strong beefy stud crushed his lips against Ty's. Raphael felt a flush of jealousy as he watched the sweaty red headed guy suddenly take Ty like that.

The scrawny guy with dark curly hair suddenly fell to the ground and was pulling off Ty's shoes. As Ty's feet were bared, he started licking the feet, his tongue played between the toes before he started sucking the big toe. The blonde guy knelt down behind his young companion and started dry humping the curly-haired guy's butt as it stuck up in the air. The dirty blonde, long-haired guy who was doing curls bypassed Ty completely and started kissing Artemis. Raphael just watched for a moment in complete shock as his dick grew harder.

In moments, Ty was completely naked as the huge red head and the small curly-haired guy both started tearing at Ty's clothes. Ty's dick fell out of his pants like an elephant trunk it was starting to grow, but it hung limp because it could not stand straight out due to the intense weight. Raphael, couldn't take it any longer, he pushed the red head back a bit and took Ty's lips against his own. Ty kissed him and their tongue met again. Raphael could feel Ty place a hand against his chest and he loved his friend touching his hot body.

The red head was suddenly back, pushing his tongue in between Ty's mouth and Raphael's mouth. Raphael could feel the guys sweat on his arm and could taste the foreign tongue trying to inserts its way back into the mix. Raphael tried to push the guy back again, but the red head was prepared this time and stood his ground. Every muscle was tense on the red-head's sweaty body.

Artemis removed his glasses and set them aside as he continued to make out with the hot gym boy. The guy had dirty blond, shoulder length hair and Artemis loved running his hands through the cute guy's hair. He stripped off the guy's shirt revealing a killer six pack and strong pectoral muscles. Across his chest the guy had a tattoo of a lion in black ink. The lion's clawed hand seemed to reach out underneath the guy's nipple and the roaring lion's head went over the nipple; the body of the lion disappearing beneath his armpit. Artemis admired the art before sucking on the nipple trapped between the lion's jaws and claws. The guy threw his head back and moaned.

The scrawny curly haired guy had given up on Ty's feet as he now started to admire Ty's incredibly large dick. He tested the weight of it in his hands before trying to cram the large cock into his mouth. It didn't fit at all, but he continued to try licking the cock shaft up and down making it all wet. His blond trainer was still grinding against his ass as he also leaned over and started licking and sucking on parts of Ty's big dick that the scrawny kid was missing.

Raphael and the red-head were becoming more and more aggressive as they fought for Ty's incredibly soft and delicious lips. Ty was becoming worried that they would soon resort to violence which would not end well. Ty was also aware of the fact that two mouths were sucking on his dick and it felt amazing. His toes curled as he felt the two guys coat his dick with their saliva.

Raphael was feeling white hot rage and jealousy as the stupid red haired guy continued to invade his precious time with Ty. Raphael suddenly launched a strong right hook at the guys head, but the guy ducked the incoming fist and quickly tackled Raphael to the ground. Raphael had feared the guy might be a wrestler and the quick way in which the guy subdued Raphael was proof of that. Raphael felt his hand pinned behind his back and the guy's hot sweaty body was crushing down upon him. The guy's rock hard 10 inch dick was poking Raphael in the gut, while Raphael's dick was sticking up between the guy's legs.

Ty watched in horror as his friend was suddenly tackled to the ground and he feared how the situation would unfold, but when he tried to move to aid his friend the two guys glued to his dick like leeches would not release him. He could only moan in pleasure again as the two guys played their tongues over his dick and started sucking the head, because that was all that fit in their mouth now. One of the guys started sucking on his balls one at a time. The feeling was intense.

Artemis was sucking on the hot tattooed studs other nipple now, really running his hands over the guy's sexy abdomen as he looked up at the guy's handsome face. Raphael struggled beneath the weight of the red haired guy. Raphael realized he could not get the guy off of him with brute strength, so he thrust his hand into the guy's pants and started stroking the huge 10 inch meat. The guy seemed surprised by the sudden turn of events and started thrusting his hips to the rhythm of Raphael's strong hands jacking off his dick. While the guy was distracted Raphael managed to free his pinned hand.

Ty looked down at his dick hanging at about 12 inches, both guys just really going to town. The blond guy was eagerly pulling the curly-haired guys pants down, Oscar. Oscar was the curly-haired guy's name. Ty didn't know how he knew the name, he just did. The blond guy was Steven; he was Oscar's personal trainer. The guy all over Artemis was... Ty reached over and touched the guy's back and was finally able to come up with a name, Josh. The red-haired guy was too far away to touch and Ty was unable to come up with a name.

Suddenly, Ty's dick started pulsing and surging, it sprouted another inch or so as it sprayed a wad of hot cum into Oscar's face. Oscar sputtered in surprise, but Steven was there in an instant to help lick the mess off his face. Together the two guys made the cum disappear and continued to suck on Ty's large dick. Artemis had pulled down Josh's pants and was looking at the 6 inch dick with joy. Artemis wrapped his fat lips around the hot guy's cock and started sucking with a mad intensity. His tongue flicked and swirled around the sensitive cock's head. In minutes the guy was moaning and panting fighting the urge to cum right into Artemis' mouth.

Raphael had pulled his own dick out and was stoking it, spitting in his hand, and stroking some more. With his other hand he had managed to pull down the red head's pants and was quickly stroking the red head's massive 10 inch dick. The red head guy rolled his head back and moaned in pleasure, so Raphael took the opportunity he'd been waiting for. He suddenly started shoving his own 7.5 inch dick all slick with his own saliva into the red headed guy's ass. He was determined to teach this red headed monster that he would not easily be controlled.

The red head's eyes popped open wide as he felt the head of a cock push into his rectum. He tried to rise off of the invading cock, but Raphael gripped him with strong arms, not to mention Raphael's hand was still wrapped around the big 10 inch dick. As the red head tried to squirm off the dick again, Raphael thrust his hips and rammed the dick deep inside the tight virgin ass. The red head roared in rage and he suddenly backhanded Raphael across the face. Raphael did not let the sudden pain in his cheek stop him, he simply thrust his cock in and out again and again, determined to make the red head yield.

While Oscar continued to try and gobble down Ty's dick, Steven started shoving his dick inside the cute young guy's tight virgin hole. Ty watched over the scene, he intuited that Oscar was gay and somehow knew that he had been fantasizing about his hot personal trainer for months. Oscar's dreams were coming true as Steven penetrated his tight hole. Ty looked over and saw his best friend shoving his dick inside of the red head guy. Raphael's dick was incredible as it penetrated the virgin hole surrounded by a thin layer of red fur. Ty was mesmerized by the sight of that hot cock going in and out; his hot friend's face contorted with determination as he thrust inside and dragged the red head down on his dick.

Artemis was lost in his own world as he sucked the delicious cock. He stroked his own 7 inch dick as he pulled it out of the gym clothes Ty let him borrow. He noticed the hot guy above him looking down with a hungry sort of look as he watched Artemis blow his hot dick. Artemis let the guys dick pop out of his mouth and stood up to kiss the guy. Then Artemis slowly pushed down on Josh's shoulder until his mouth was lined up with Artemis' own 7 inch cock. Josh engulfed the dick several inches and started sucking. Surprised, Artemis felt his dick suddenly cum in response and it grew a little fatter. Josh sputtered and gagged, but Artemis clenched his cheeks and demanded, "Swallow it."

Ty could not stand it any longer; he wanted that cock inside him so badly. "Raphael, I want you to fuck me."

Raphael threw the sweaty red head stud off of him and came rushing to Ty's side where the two guys began kissing intimately again. Oscar continued to suck on Ty's dick while Steven fucked him from behind. Oscar was screaming and moaning wildly as he enjoyed Steven's 7 inch cock slamming in and out of his hole. Their bodies slapped together with a wet smacking sound and Steven's entire body seemed to tense and tighten with his efforts. The red head guy picked himself off the floor, filled with a lust-fueled rage.

Raphael lined up his dick and pushed it inside of Ty's virgin butt. Ty's ass seemed to open easily and then once Raphael was inside it clamped down like a vice, squeezing every inch of Raphael's 7.5 inch cock in extraordinary ways. Raphael moaned and groaned as he pulled his dick out, the hole released and he crashed back inside; his entire dick disappearing deep in his best friend's ass. It then clamped down around him as he pulled back again. Nice and slow he pushed his dick inside as Ty moaned. Ty's own dick started spurting more cum as Raphael's slammed him and with each raging cum shot his dick seemed to grow a bit bigger.

With every thrust Raphael made into Ty's ass, Oscar received a face full of hot cum. Ty's dick was nearing its full 18 inch length and Oscar could only lick up the cum and suck on the side of the shaft and balls. The dick was too enormous to do much else. As Oscar started sucking Ty's balls an intense wad of cum exploded out of the monster head and splattered across Oscar's back and Steven's abdomen. Steven desperately leaned over and licked up some of the cum. Oscar met Steven's lips while Steven continued to fuck him from behind and together they swapped some of Ty's hot cum.

The red head had lumbered over behind Raphael and brutally rammed his tongue into Raphael's exposed ass. Raphael grunted with discomfort, but he was too engrossed with fucking Ty's incredible ass to stop the red head. The red head continued to explore Raphael's hole with his tongue and Raphael realized the sensation was not that bad, in fact it felt kind of good. He fucked Ty's vice like ass while the red head stud continued to rim his perfect Puerto Rican ass.

Artemis looked down at his black dick going in and out of Josh's mouth. His dick was nearly 9 inches long now as it spurt another load of cum and Josh swallowed it obediently. Artemis suddenly picked Josh up off the floor and went back down to his own knees. Artemis once more wrapped his fat lips around Josh's dick and started sucking harder than ever on the 6 inch shaft. He was going to make this hot guy cum. He wanted to drink his cum desperately. Josh was moaning as he grabbed Artemis head and pulled him into his dick; face fucking the black intern.

Steven was pounding Oscar like he had never fucked another person before, and he knew that any moment he was going to cum. Oscar's own 5 inch dick was flopping around as Steven brutally pounded him. Ty was in heaven as Oscar's tongue and mouth savored his dick and his best friend penetrated deep inside of his hot hole. The red head lined up his own big 10 inch cock and then smacked the head of the big shaft against Raphael's exposed pink hole. With one last wad of spit in Raphael's ass, the red head started shoving the big fat shaft inside. He slapped Raphael's ass as he muttered, "Take that dick."

Raphael was being pierced by an intense rod; it was so big he did not think it could fit inside of his virgin hole. He was determined not to stop fucking Ty's ass, so he just let the red head do whatever he wanted. He would give up his own ass as long as he was the one inside of Ty. Raphael felt pain as the fat dick pressed harder inside filling his ass and stretching him to the extreme. Raphael wrapped his arms around and gripped Ty's muscular chest fiercely as he fought the pain. Tears leaked from his eyes as the red head started thrusting inside. Raphael urged his muscles to relax and he pushed his ass up, so that the dick would slide easier into his hole. The pain started to pass and Raphael experienced a rush of euphoria as he both fucked and got fucked.

Josh couldn't take it any longer he started cumming inside of Artemis' mouth. Load after load of hot cum were slurped down Artemis' throat as Josh fucked his face. Ty could instinctively smell the fresh cum as it exploded out of Josh's dick. Ty knew suddenly what he wanted from all of these hot guys. Ty gave a command, "No one shoots another load, unless it is in my mouth."

Steven looked up as he grunted with effort, "Then get ready, because I'm about to... oh fuck, Oscar. Your ass is so good."

Ty bent over as far as he could and moved Oscar out of the way as he opened his mouth. Steven brought his dick to Ty's open mouth and started stroking his dick harder and faster until at last the cum spurted out of the tip and into Ty's mouth. Ty sucked it down and swirled his tongue around Steven's swollen cock head. Oscar was there almost immediately; he shoved his own dick into Ty's mouth and started face fucking the massive stud that was begging for cum. Oscar could not help but stare at the two hot guys behind Ty, the muscular Puerto Rican and the sweaty red headed wrestler.

As Josh, sat down on a nearby bench, Artemis looked down at his enlarged 9 inch dick still dripping with cum. He wanted to try out his new dick inside of another guy's hot ass. As he looked at the other 5 guys; Steven had been spent, Oscar was desperately fucking Ty's face, Raphael was desperately fucking Ty's ass while this incredibly sexy red head was pushing a fat dick inside of Raphael. The red head's ass was already wet and appeared to be lubed and ready to fuck. Artemis wanted it, and he wanted it now. He walked over and started sliding his dick inside of the surprised red head. Artemis loved the feel of the tight ass as his cock slowly slipped inside. He wanted his cock to grow, buried deep inside the hot sweaty stud's ass.

"Oh fuck!" the red head guy suddenly cried out, "How big is that fucking thing? It fucking hurts!"

Raphael looked over his shoulder in curiosity and saw the young black guy pushing inside of the red head's ass. Raphael laughed to himself, because he thought the red head deserved a taste of his own medicine. Raphael was in heaven, even with the red head's cock buried 10 inches into his ass, it was actually beginning to feel very good as it pressed against his prostate. Ty's vice like ass was milking his cock in ways no ass or pussy had ever made him feel. Raphael knew he would not last much longer before his came.

Ty sucked down every drop as Oscar suddenly started cumming inside of his mouth. For a little guy Oscar shot a surprising 10 shots of hot cum really hard and fast into the back of Ty's throat. Ty almost gagged on the first hot thick wad to strike the back of his throat, but then he guzzled it down with his saliva. Oscar made little noise as he came, but his little face squished in the sexiest grimace as he pumped his cum into the hot stud's mouth. Steven started rubbing Oscar's shoulder's tenderly as he watched his young friend cum. The two kissed as Oscar's wet dick fell from Ty's mouth' completely spent of its cum offering.

Artemis fucked into the red head's tight butt and he could feel his dick expanding inside of the hot hole. He was stretching the poor muscle stud to limits he probably never dreamed of, and with each expansion of his dick more cum seeped out of the tight butt. It was so hot, Artemis never wanted to stop. Ty had given him this amazing gift and he intended to use it. The red head was just screaming in discomfort, but he was trapped by Raphael's ass and could not easily escape the brutal fucking he was receiving. Artemis remembered getting fucked by Ty and imagined that a part of the red head had no desire to escape. In truth he really wanted it.

Ty's 18 inch dick was swinging around like a horse cock as Raphael continued to pummel his ass. Ty could feel cum just leaking out of his dick like a dripping faucet. Raphael roared as the stimulation became too great. Raphael started shooting his hot load deep inside of Ty's hot ass. Despite Ty's earlier command, Ty did not want it any other way. He wanted to feel his best friend's hot cum pumping deep into his hot hole. His ass milked the cock of all of its cum and left Raphael shaking and spasming from his intense orgasm.

The red head pushed Raphael off of his dick, clearly overwhelmed by the sensation of Raphael's orgasm, and started stroking hard on his 10 inch dick, "I'm gonna cum!"

"Yea, bitch, cum," Artemis urged as he fucked his growing cock deep inside of the red head's delicious hole.

Ty heard the red head's warning and moved over in front of him, he licked the end of the cock and sucked the head while the red head stroked it, suddenly load after load unleashed inside of Ty's mouth. Ty sucked down the cum and swallowed every bit of it before he leaned back and looked up and smiled at the big red headed stud, "Nice to meet you too, Travis."

Travis slowly pulled Artemis out of his ass as he stepped away and Ty remained on his knees in front of Artemis' big 12 inch dick now swinging in front of him. Ty and Artemis were the only guys who had yet to cum one last time. The other 5 guys were standing around the gym or resting against the equipment as they tried to catch their breath. Ty grabbed Artemis' dick and licked the whole wet shaft before sucking briefly on the tip of the big dick. He could taste Travis' hot ass and a lot of Artemis' cum. Ty stood and lifted Artemis off the ground as if he weighed next to nothing. Ty propped Artemis against one of the nearby weight machines and then started pushing his massive 18 inch cock inside of Artemis' tight hole.

Raphael watched in astonished surprise as the black guy's hole seemed to mold and shape around Ty's intense cock. Artemis was stroking his own 12 inch dick furiously as he accepted the brutal monster into his body. The intense amount of cum leaking from Ty's dick provided enough lube for the entire 18 inch cock to slide all the way inside of Artemis. Artemis rolled his head back, "Yea, baby."

"I like your new dick," Ty smiled down at the sexy intern as he leaned over and started sucking the head of Artemis' dick. Artemis groaned as Ty began sliding his massive cock in and out of the over-stuffed hole. Raphael was sure the poor black guy would suddenly rip completely in half as Ty pushed inside over and over, but instead Artemis continued to take the monster cock with a broad smile on his face. Soon the weights of the machine they were fucking on were rattling loudly as Ty slammed his dick into Artemis' hole.

Artemis suddenly shot a fountain of cum over his own head and with Ty's next thrust another shot landed on his face, then chest and abs. As cum continued to dribble out of Artemis dick, Ty started licking the hot juice off of Artemis face and chest. Then Ty's entire body seemed to stiffen and he threw his head back in a mighty roar and unleashed his own massive load of cum deep inside of Artemis' ass. Again and again, Ty shook with the intense pressure of his own orgasm. His dick slid out of Artemis' hole and shortly following what appeared to be a quart of cum started pouring out of Artemis ass as the muscles expanded and contracted. Ty gave Artemis' chest one last lick before kissing the black guy on the lips.

"Well, that was unexpected," Ty laughed as he turned to Raphael, "I think we better have that talk now."

"What the fuck is going on in here?" A guy suddenly yelled as he walked into the gym. Every eye turned and looked at the new comer who was shortly followed by his girlfriend.

"On second thought," Ty considered, "Let's have this chat at my place. You can all follow me there."

The guy and his girlfriend watched in horror as the 7 naked men gathered their clothes and then left the gym. As the final massive stud, who seemed to be in charge, passed them the guy shamefully came in his pants and the girl began to have an orgasm. Ty flashed them a devilish smile and said, "Sorry about that."

Part XV: The Vaccine

Jon continued to look in the mirror admiring the hot hairy stud looking back at him. He had never had so much hair and he kind of liked the look of the hot muscle stud all covered in fur. He ran his hands over his body feeling the furry chest and abs before stroking the big fat 10 inch dick between his legs. It was so hot he wanted to cum everywhere, but every effort to ejaculate would be thwarted by another shock. Bart's body was amazing and Jon preferred it to Alex's body because he loved the muscle.

Jon had finally mastered his ability to jump from Alex's body to Bart's body, but he was still unable to find others at a greater distance. He wanted his own body, but until he could find a way he would be satisfied stroking Bart's big fat 10 inch dick while admiring the hairy muscular body. Jon found his mind flashing to forbidden fantasies of the big hairy stud fucking his twin brother, Jeffrey's tight little ass. He felt an intense urge to cum and grabbed his dick hard in order to stay the explosive white cream trying to spatter the mirror.

Suddenly the door opened and a handsome half American half Cuban scientist named Dr. Paolo Christensen entered the room with two burly guards. Jon was in charge of these two guards and he instantly recognized the incredibly muscular Russian, Anton, and the tall bearded white guy, Drew. Both men were ex-military and since their senses and aggression had been enhanced by the viral treatments Isaac had delivered, they were very formidable individuals. Their muscles were bulging with veins as they crossed their arms across their chests and blocked the only entrance or exit to the room.

"Oh, thank God," Jon sighed with relief, "Please, Paolo, I've been trapped in this..." Drew suddenly reached out and clamped a large hand over Jon's mouth and used his other arm to pin Bart's hairy body against the wall. Paolo walked over and grabbed hold of Bart's big dick and balls and gave them a squeeze, which made Jon whimper.

"Shut up, bitch," Drew grunted in Jon's ear and Jon looked into Drew's eyes with an intense fury; he would not quickly forget his employee's hands clamped over his mouth forcing him to submit. Jon at all times liked to remain in charge and in control. Drew would one day be reminded of that fact. He looked back at Paolo who held a long needle and syringe which had seemingly materialized in his hands. While Drew pinned Jon against the wall, Paolo administered the painful injection directly into Bart's hairy butt cheek. Their assignment apparently completed, all three men suddenly left the room before Jon had a chance to explain further. Fucking assholes.


Matt sat in his room, his ass still sore from the very large injection they had given him, but his 9 inch dick was as raging hard as ever. Despite all of the hot guy on guy action he had recently been exposed to, his mind was on his girlfriend, Paige. She was probably the first person on the outside to note Matt's sudden disappearance. He wondered how Isaac and the CDC had covered up the entire 911 call followed by an ambulance left empty on the way to the hospital, the occupants appearing to just vanish. Not only that, there was the issue of a dead body in Diego's lab. Isaac's influence was clearly very powerful and it was quickly spreading with each passing day. Despite his fear of Isaac's intentions, Matt was happy with the incredible body he had received as a result. He longed for the day he could fuck Paige's tight pink pussy again, assuming that day ever came.

Teo lay on his bed very worried about his family. He would normally Skype with them for several hours once or twice a week. He had loved America and was quickly enchanted by the many freedoms and conveniences it had to offer, but now he was imprisoned against his will in a tiny white room. He thought about the way his body had suddenly turned against him, crossed the hall to his neighbor and proceeded to have sex with them. He'd never once considered the possibility that he was gay, but now he had to admit that it was very enjoyable. Getting the chance to stuff that tight Mexican stud had also been a treat. He liked the way he could feel the hairy stud's cock rubbing up against his own cock as they both pushed their way inside.

Gun's had only one thought. He wanted Bart's hairy hole. His massive 14 inch black shaft with a fist like head was jumping up and down on his abdomen with each pulse of his racing heart. Of all the guys he'd met recently it was Bart that he truly wanted. He kept remembering the way Bart had taken Diego's enormous dick in the gym and he wanted desperately for that big dick to be his. He wanted to watch his own black shaft disappear inside that gorgeous hairy butt. Bart loved doing squats and leg lifts in the gym, his nice round ass had to be a perfectly muscular specimen. Guns was determined that if given the opportunity he would take that hole. After all, he was huge and powerful, he deserved to be in control.

Trevor and Marc looked around the plush room they were now to share together. Fortunately they were granted a bigger bed and an attached bath with a large shower. Isaac planned to keep them together and monitor their growing relationship. The only condition to staying together was a requirement that each man would be subjected to a random cerebral scan to monitor areas of brain activity. They were also given permission to cum as often as they desired and to have as much sex with each other as they desired. Marc absolutely adored Trevor and his awesome body; he was perfectly content as long as they were together. The two men considered the room and quickly decided they both needed a hot shower first.

Diego woke in a tiny white room; every muscle in his body was tight and tired. His raw asshole was aching from countless dicks plunging their way deep inside leaving his guts with an empty feeling. As if on cue his bowels grumbled with obvious discomfort, probably from having to digest so much cum as it was ejected inside. Diego was a long way from being Dr. Juarez, the respected bioengineer with the naïve goal of curing humanities many ailments. Now, he was simply a broken man filled with many regrets. He wanted so badly to blame Isaac Morris, but Isaac was simply a brother seeking vengeance for someone that was taken from him. He wanted to blame Peter for altering his life's work for the sake of sexual gratification, but he was just a horny kid in over his head. He wanted to blame Daniel Morris, but Daniel had already paid a price too great for his crimes.

Diego knew that he was the sole creator of his current predicament, and as he urged his muscles to cooperate he tried to accept that fact. The truth was as easy to take as the many cocks that had penetrated his tight hole and gagged his throat and he was left with an equal amount of emptiness and bad tastes in his mouth. His downfall was very symbolic, but now he would learn to stand again. He would learn from his mistakes, so that one day when he became Dr. Juarez once more he would do things right. He winced as he started to stand on shaky legs a look of determined resolution on his face.


Alex followed closely behind Jeffrey and was afraid to consider what might happen if Isaac chose to take control of him. Would Isaac immediately realize that Alex was not Jon? He wiped his sweaty palms on his pants as he tried to remain calm. Not only that, but one slip up with Jeffrey and his true identity may be revealed. What if Jeffrey suddenly asked about something only the real Jon would know? Alex looked at Jeffrey as he pondered his situation and as his eyes glanced over the nice tight butt he couldn't help but smile that he had just fucked that beautiful ass.

Jeffrey opened the door to Isaac's throne room and Alex immediately saw Wesley naked and chained to the throne by a collar around his neck. He remembered seeing Peter in that exact same position, an obedient little pet that was inevitably broken by Isaac's mega-dick. Alex felt a flush of rage heating his cheeks as he looked at his hot bearded, golden haired friend chained to the throne. Isaac sat upon the chair, shirtless, but wearing a pair of dress pants and a tie draped lazily around his neck; the new dress code for the Regional Director of the CDC. On the opposite side of Wes sat Alex's former lover, Peter.

Peter was hotter than ever and his soda can sized dick was rock hard and on display for all to see. Peter stroked his dick lazily as he sat draped over the arm rest of Isaac's throne, his other hand was rubbing Isaac's broad, muscular exposed chest. Every once in a while his hand would tweak Isaac's nipples before continuing to rub the hard mound of pectoral muscle. All three men seemed to be relaxing after some exhaustive sexual encounters. Alex wondered what these two giants had done to Wes. He struggled to maintain his composure and control his breathing, despite his intense hatred toward Isaac and his meddling in other people's affairs.

"Are you all right, brother?" Jeffrey suddenly asked; Alex had no idea he was even looking at him.

"Yes, I'm fine," Alex managed a smile.

"Jon, Jeffrey," Isaac greeted, "I'm so glad you two finally fucked!"

Jeffrey's grin was huge as he looked Jon's identical body up and down, "Me too."

Alex managed to smile again, "It was very hot."

"I always knew you'd be the one to end up on top," Isaac nodded, "In fact I have a new treat for you boys later. An ass you never got to finish filling."

Jeffrey approached Wes with a wicked grin, "Oh, yea, it's that bitch from the elevator. Looks like you didn't get away after all."

Alex scrambled for something clever to add, "We'll teach him a lesson."

Wes looked up fearfully at the two hot twins from the elevator both bulging with muscles underneath their uniforms; one of them was sneering with malicious intent while the other maintained a calm and unreadable expression. They were both incredibly hot, but Wes wanted only to find Alex and escape the hell he had found himself in. Wes glanced across the throne at Peter and tried very hard to forget the feel of Peter's vibrating fat cock inside of him. He had to forget the fact that he actually enjoyed it in the end.

"I already taught him his lesson, but you can still have your turn," Peter smirked.

Alex looked at his former lover and wondered how he had become such a total asshole. Peter was always such an innocent, soft-spoken individual. Horny as could be, but still polite and respectful. Now he was a sex fueled, cock loving maniac that sat at the side of an even bigger and more diabolical lunatic. Alex wished he could go back to before the whole thing began, but then again he would never have found his way into Wes' arms. Alex couldn't help but be a little turned on by the sight of Wes chained to the throne as he looked up at the twins.

"Peter, go make yourself presentable, Iqbal will be here soon," Isaac ordered and Peter groaned like a little child that refused to go to bed before doing as commanded.

"Jon, Jeffrey," Isaac looked at them, "Go greet Dr. Patel and bring him here to me. It is time for him to hold up his end of our arrangement."

Alex fell into step behind Jeffrey as they left the room, because he had no idea who Dr. Patel was or where to find him. He trusted Jeffrey would know the way.


"Finally, a moment of peace," Isaac smiled as he looked down at Wesley, "Would you like a snack while we wait?"

"Go fuck yourself..." Wesley spat at Isaac and immediately regretted it as his groin began to ache as if he had been kicked in the balls, he doubled over dry heaving in response to the torturous pain.

"That's no way to speak to your master," Isaac smiled pleasantly as he watched the tortured stud on the ground, "Don't you remember what I told you?"

"Yes..." Wes gasped and groaned at the horrible pain, "...Master."

The pain instantly stopped and Wes collapsed on the floor, crying as he still clutched his balls. He considered wrapping the chain linking him to the throne around the massive director's neck and ending the nightmare once and for all. Suddenly, Isaac's hand was on Wes' shoulders, comforting the tortured blond stud.

"There, there now," Isaac reassured as he sat down on the floor next to Wes, "There is no need for pain as long as you do what I ask. I'll start slow with you. You're not like Diego or Peter; you've done nothing against me, but I do want you to beg for more of me. I want you to call me Master and recognize your place. You are one of mine now, special, enhanced. Follow me and I can give you everything you could ever dream of having."

As Isaac spoke he took Wes' hand and brought it to his crotch. He began using Wes' hand to stroke the massive cock poorly hidden beneath his dress pants. The flaccid ten inches hung down the right pant leg and as Wes' hand moved back and forth along the length of the monster dick it began to swell and grow. Isaac smiled as he looked down at the whimpering stud, "Yea, doesn't that feel good?"

The door suddenly opened and a young scientist walked in. He halted at the sight of Isaac and Wes on the floor and seemed to forget why he had entered. "Um...I didn't realize you were..."

"Have you ever heard of knocking?" Isaac asked as he rose from the ground and stalked toward the stammering scientist.

"Sorry, sir," the scientist looked at the floor nervously; his entire body was trembling in fear.

"So, what do you want?"

"You asked for regular updates on Dr. Bartley's condition. Would you like one now?"

"Yes, let's hear what has become of that nosey old bag."

"She's actually started to look much younger. Wrinkles on her face have begun to recede and her muscles are growing just like the others that have been exposed to the virus. She maintains an elevated testosterone level and her breasts have begun to reduce. The mammary glands remain present, but are not active. Upon sexual stimulation, the subject has begun to produce a knob-like protuberance from within her vaginal wall, reminiscent of male genitalia. All signs indicate that at her current rate of progression she will develop a penis that will be housed within the vagina and become elongated upon stimulation. We are concerned about her mental instability as a result of these drastic changes. And while I have your ear, I'd like to express how fucked up this is."

"While I agree with your sentiments, you must admit that it is remarkably fascinating. How many people have tried desperately to change their sexual identity? We can perform expensive surgeries and give hormone treatments, but never could we attain this level of physical alteration. There is almost nothing that cannot be fixed by the use of viral enhancement. Dr. Diego Juarez truly is a genius and now he is my genius."

"Will there be anything else, sir?" the young scientist asked as he looked awkwardly at Wesley sitting naked on the floor. Wesley's mind was reeling at the impossible conversation he had just heard. He was actually disgusted by the thought of a vagina that produced a penis upon sexual stimulation. What would something like that even look like? Would it be flesh colored or soft and pink like the inside of the vagina? It would probably be coated in its own form of lubrication. The young scientist had described it perfectly, fucked up.

"No, thank you," Isaac nodded, "Keep me informed of her progress and any new developments."

Isaac watched the young scientist leave before turning his attention back to Wes, sitting on the floor. Isaac reached to unbutton his pants when the door opened again, this time admitting Jeffrey followed by Iqbal and Jon bringing up the rear. Wesley breathed an obvious sigh of relief.


Peter stood in the room he shared with Isaac and reviewed the surveillance cameras on the large screen television. Each camera had a designated channel for easy viewing simply by typing in the camera number. He saw that Diego was awake at last; the hot Mexican stud had finally emerged from his slumber like a butterfly finally emerging from its cocoon. Peter watched as the beast of a man did push-ups in his small room. Peter couldn't help but smile as he remembered sucking Diego's dick for the first time. It seemed a long time since he had stumbled into his mentor's office and discovered him passed out on the desk.

Peter typed another number and saw Alex lying on a bed. He looked at his shaggy haired boyfriend and felt the slight sting of remorse. Of all the captives, Isaac feared Alex the most. Isaac had tried to replicate Alex's unique abilities countless times, but despite his best efforts he could not inhabit another's mind in the same way. Peter wondered if Isaac would ever free Alex, or would he keep him locked away indefinitely out of fear?

Peter changed the channel again and saw Isaac's latest obsession. In the shower, steaming hot water pouring down around them, Trevor was ramming his big 12 inch cock inside of Marc's hot muscular ass. Peter watched and felt his hand slowly reach down and start stroking his own fat cock. Peter recalled meeting Trevor for the first time in the back of an ambulance. He'd loved the way Trevor had fucked him and now as he watched he knew that the enhancements had only made Trevor better at fucking. It was no wonder that Marc was obsessed with the hot EMT. Peter wondered again why Isaac was treating these two differently. Isaac never did anything without a reason.

Peter was very surprised when Trevor and Marc suddenly switched places. Marc rammed his 9 inch dick inside of Trevor's hairy ass and just started pounding the hot white ass. After several minutes of getting his ass brutally pounded, Trevor switched off the hot water and both men embraced. Their hands ran over each other's bodies and their lips were locked in a passionate kiss. They kissed deeply and enjoyed the feel of their tongues crashing and rolling over one another. Trevor began kissing his way down Marc's muscular body, dripping with beads of water and when he came face to cock, he turned the stud around and buried his face deep inside of Marc's crack.

Peter moaned as he stroked his dick and watched the hot scene unfolding on the television screen. Trevor apparently had some mad skills with his tongue because Marc was panting desperately as Trevor rimmed his hot bubble butt. Peter wanted to feel Trevor's face buried in his own ass and while he watched, Peter slid a hand down his crack and began fingering his own hole. Peter began to understand Isaac's fascination with the two studs. They had a passion for one another that was rare. A passion that Peter realized he once felt with Alex. Peter switched the channel back to Alex sleeping and stroked his dick until he finally came.


"Wesley," Isaac motioned to the 52 year old, balding, sharp-dressed Indian man that had just entered the room with Jon and Jeffrey, "This is Dr. Iqbal Patel, Deputy Director for Infectious Diseases. And Iqbal, this is Wesley, my newest toy."

"I don't understand your fascination with other guys," Iqbal frowned at the naked stud on the floor, "I put my new big dick to work stretching out some wonderful pussy."

"You're such a dirty old bastard aren't you?" Isaac laughed, "I bet your wife is enjoying your new addition?"

"My wife?" it was Iqbal's turn to laugh, "She hasn't let me have sex with her in years, but my assistant Melanie on the other hand loves my new dick."

"I was right, you are a dirty old man," Isaac clapped Iqbal on the shoulder, "Now, let's get down to business. You have something I am very interested in."

"Yes," Iqbal stood up straighter as he produced an envelope from inside his suit coat, "I've managed to acquire a distribution center that will allow us access to the vaccines. You can make the exchange at that time. You must replace the correct lot numbers to insure that the vaccines are delivered to the correct location. I've included the lot numbers designated for delivery to the military base at Fort Holtwood."

Alex listened to the conversation between the older Indian man and Isaac, but he was having a difficult time understanding the discussion. One word stood out, vaccine.

"Congratulations," Iqbal smiled wickedly with Isaac, "you will soon control a small army."

"Your support will not be forgotten," Isaac patted Iqbal's arm again as the two men shook hands. Iqbal passed Isaac the envelope containing all of the information. Alex could sense that the information in the envelope was key to unraveling Isaac's schemes.

"Well, keep in touch," Iqbal smiled as he headed toward the door, "I'll be eager to hear about any new developments you might have. I may have to stop back periodically for an upgrade."

"Absolutely," Isaac nodded, "Take care, Iqbal."

Alex decided to take charge so as to look like he knew what he was doing, "Come, Dr. Patel, I'll show you out."

The three men walked down the hall towards the elevator. As they walked Alex recalled the maze of halls on the first floor. They would need to take the first right and second left to get out to the parking deck to which they had assigned Dr. Patel. Then Alex's worst fear occurred when Dr. Patel asked a question he did not know the answer to.

"So, twins?" Iqbal inquired, "Has Isaac used you boys as his play things too?"

"We've been virally enhanced, if that's what you mean?" Alex replied.

"I think he's asking if he's fucked us?" Jeffrey continued, "And the answer is no, but the director could do whatever he wanted to us if he wanted to."

"I'm surprised he could show such restraint," Iqbal pondered, "I guess he is able to maintain control over his new abilities better than I expected."

Alex stopped and pressed the elevator button, but Jeffrey gave him a confused and irritated look. Alex looked back at the twin brother wondering what he was missing. When Jeffrey realized his brother was going to continue to wait for the elevator he decided to intercede, "Jon, we should show Dr. Patel the newest lab. Did you forget that Isaac discussed that earlier?"

Alex realized that he was not involved in the discussion to which Jeffrey was referring. Evidently, Isaac had other plans for the Indian doctor which did not involve escorting him back to his car. Now Alex realized that his ruse of pretending to be Jon could quickly come unraveled.

"Oh, how dumb could I be?" Alex replied as he looked into Jeffrey's quizzical expression, "Would you like to see our newest lab, Dr. Patel?"

"I really must be going," Iqbal smiled politely, "but thank you any way."

"We really cannot take no for an answer," Jeffrey pressed, "Clearly you are not aware of Isaac's quick temper if we do not do exactly as he has instructed."

"If you insist," Iqbal sighed in frustration, "lead the way."

Alex sighed in relief as Jeffrey took the lead and started ushering the doctor down a nearby hall and to the right. Alex wondered if he would have to get his hands dirty with Dr. Patel. Alex was not sure the extent of Jon and Jeffrey's loyalty. Would they hurt or even kill in service to their master? As Alex followed Jeffrey and Iqbal toward the lab, he felt his insides knotting in nervous anticipation. He wished he could simply jump out of the situation and back into his own body. A body he had left unattended and potentially lifeless. What becomes of a body without a consciousness?

"Do you boys share your master's fascination with other men, or do you like pussy like a normal man should?" Iqbal asked.

"I've always been slightly interested in both men and women," Jeffrey answered, "but I love getting a blow job, my first was from this girl named...oh, shit. Jon, what was her name?"

"Um..."Alex swallowed hard as the other two men came to an abrupt halt and looked at him for a response. Alex felt his mouth sticking shut as if he had just inserted a large spoonful of peanut butter.

"April," Jeffrey smiled, "that was her name."

"Oh yea, April," Alex laughed, "I remember her."

"Well, Dr. Patel," Jeffrey nodded, "We have arrived."

Alex opened the door before them and discovered one of the white rooms in which all of the prisoners were being detained. The realization of Isaac's treacherous nature was etched on Iqbal's face as he realized he was not going to leave the CDC headquarters. Jeffrey shoved the old Indian man inside the small room and started ripping at the guy's pants; exposing his muscular butt covered in graying hairs.

"Get ready, Jon," Jeffrey smiled up at Alex, "You're finally going to get your wish to fuck an older man. Look at that tight butt. I bet it's never been touched, after all Iqbal here loves the pussy."

Alex was not really interested in fucking the older man, but he had no choice but to maintain his cover as Jon. Jeffrey shoved Iqbal back down across the bed when he tried to get up and then spit into the old man's hairy butt. Using his finger he started working his spit into the tight hole.

"Oh, yea," Jeffrey laughed, "You ought to feel this tight hole, Jon."

Alex stepped forward and added his own spit to Iqbal's hole as Jeffrey removed his finger. Then Alex started shoving one of Jon's big fingers inside the tight space as Iqbal was moaning and begging to be freed. He kept reminding the two studs that he had done everything Isaac had asked, but his desperate cries for mercy fell on deaf ears. Jeffrey spit on his own finger and then started working it in to Iqbal's tight butt along with Jon's finger.

"We can't fuck around. We have to get this bitch nice and loose, so he can take your big cock, Jon."


Peter finally returned to the throne room and before even entering he could hear the desperate slurping sounds and gagging noises. As the door eased open he saw the head of Isaac's enormous 16 inch dick forcing Wes' mouth wide open. Wes was kneeling naked on the floor, still chained to the throne while the tall, incredibly muscular stud stood over him gripping his head with both hands and working his big dick into his mouth. Isaac had sent Peter to get dressed and look presentable, but now as he entered the room he began removing the clothes he had just finished putting on.

"That's fucking hot," Peter whispered as he began rubbing his hands across Isaac's broad shoulders and up through the director's sandy brown hair. He kissed the director's muscular back while he ran his hand around over the muscular torso and perfect abs. Peter continued to rub, kiss, and worship every muscle of Isaac's perfectly toned upper body. Wes remained on the floor, eyes wide as his face was stuffed with a dick bigger than anything he could even begin to imagine.

"You took your time pampering yourself," Isaac spoke to Peter as he leaned his head over and the two men kissed.

"I got distracted by all of your surveillance cameras. It seems your latest experiments are fucking like rabbits in their new room."

"Aren't they hot?" Isaac muttered as they began kissing again.

"Not as hot as this," Peter smirked as he began drifting down to his knees. Soon Peter was kneeling next to Wes on the ground and as Wes continued to be gagged by Isaac's massive shaft, Peter began licking and sucking the enormous balls attached to the base of the mega-cock. The huge spheres were too large to fit in his mouth, but he sucked them hard and took what he could into his hot wet mouth. Soon Isaac's balls were dripping with saliva and the director was tossing his head back in a delighted moan.

"Oh, yea, baby," Isaac urged Peter on, "I hope you're taking notes, Wesley. Peter is amazing at sucking a cock."

Peter proceeded to lick and suck on the long fat shaft that could not be stuffed inside of Wes' mouth. Peter took Wes face in his hands and turned the hot stud away from Isaac's monster dick so they could kiss. Peter could taste the delicious pre-cum from Isaac's dick inside of Wes' mouth as their tongues touched and their lips met.

"Suck his balls," Peter commanded as their lips parted and Peter opened his mouth wide and took the massive cock deep into his mouth. He gagged a bit, but continued to push down farther on the dick. He stuffed nearly 9 inches down and then he felt Isaac start humping into the back of his throat. Wes was obediently sucking on Isaac's massive balls. Peter could not take any more; he came off the monster dick, coughing and his eyes watering. A string of saliva stretched between Isaac's enormous dick and Peter's open mouth, Peter slurped up the wet mess as he dove back down on Isaac's dick. Isaac was roaring in satisfaction as the two men took control of his big dick.

Peter was quite busy trying to take the big dick, but he noticed that Wes was looking down at Peter's exposed cock. Peter was not quite fully erect, but the dick was growing and becoming as fat as a soda-can. Peter came off of Isaac's dick again and looked at the blonde stud sucking on Isaac's balls.

"You liked my dick didn't you?" Peter smiled at Wesley, "Why don't you suck it for me?"

Wes looked at Peter with obvious conflict. Wes looked up at the monstrous director standing over both of them and Isaac simply nodded his approval. Wes leaned all the way over and took Peter's dick. He sucked timidly on the slightly flaccid dick and felt it stretch as he sucked. After the initial taste he became a little braver and began taking more of the fat dick into his mouth. Overhead he could hear the intense slurping sounds of Peter downing Isaac's immense cock. Soon, Peter's dick was rock hard in Wes' mouth and started vibrating slightly as it slid over his tongue. Wes became braver and braver as he kept sucking the fat dick.


The moment had finally come. Alex lined Jon's big 9 inch dick up with Iqbal's exposed hairy ass. In truth, Alex was not at all attracted to the older Indian man, but he was able to stay hard by looking at the hot twin brother, Jeffrey, who was urging him on. There was no going back as the head of Jon's cock started to penetrate the tight hole. Iqbal was bucking and moaning with hatred and discomfort, but Alex continued to push his way inside.

Jeffrey slapped Jon's ass and roared, "Oh yea, fuck him brother! Fuck him like you want it!"

Alex fueled by Jeffrey's encouragement and determined to appear as strong and dominant as Jon shoved the last of the big dick into Iqbal's ass. The man beneath him began screaming and crying as he pulled back and thrust again.

"Stop! Please, stop!" Iqbal screamed, "I can't..."

"Yea, fuck him brother," Jeffrey urged again and this time Alex began fucking the tight hairy ass harder and faster. The ass was so tight his dick almost hurt as it was squeezed on all sides by the virgin hole. Alex pressed through the pain and fucked harder and faster into the tight butt. He tried not to look down and he let his eyes drift close as he imagined Wes underneath him. Iqbal kept crying out in his Indian accent begging him to stop. The image of Wes was quickly wiped away.

"Shut up," Alex grunted as he thrust inside very deep and started pushing Iqbal's face down into the sheets so as to muffle his cries. He tried to imagine Wes again, but it didn't feel right. He realized he would never be so rough and inconsiderate to Wes. Wes was his friend and his tender lover.

Alex suddenly felt someone directly behind him and seconds later Jeffrey was pressing the head of his own big dick against Jon's tight virgin ass. Jeffrey must have lubed up his dick with some saliva, but Jon's ass was not prepared for the sudden assault from Jeffrey's big dick. Alex grunted in pain as the big dick forced its way inside. Alex collapsed completely on top of Iqbal as his face contorted in extreme pain.

"Jeffrey," Alex grunted, "What the fuck?"

"I don't know who you are" Jeffrey replied as he continued to tear and shove his way inside of Jon's tight virgin hole, "but you're not Jon. Jon would know my girlfriend's name was not April and Jon would never fuck that crusty old bag of bones you have his cock buried in."

Alex felt foolish as he realized his game was at an end. He should have known that he would never be able to fool Jeffrey. Jeffrey was ruthless in his punishment as he continued to force his way deep inside and then he pulled almost all the way out before slamming back inside. Alex felt trapped as the muscular twin forced his way inside and his own dick remained jammed deep inside the tight hairy Indian.

"I'll teach you not to take my brother's body," Jeffrey grunted as he started pounding harder and faster into Jon's tight hole. Jon's hole was constricting in response to the massive stimulation, but Jeffrey didn't slow down to let the virgin ass adjust to the invading shaft. The tighter Jon's hole squeezed, the more desperately Jeffrey tore into it. Soon Jeffrey was practically bouncing up and down on top of Jon, their bodies slapping together with each colliding, punishing thrust. Iqbal was grunting desperately at the bottom of the pile as the full weight of two huge muscular studs was crushing him against the bed and a big dick remained wedged deep in his ass.

"Give me back my brother," Jeffrey demanded as he fucked incredibly hard and smacked Jon's exposed ass. "Give him back!"

"I..." Alex grunted as Jeffrey slammed down, "...can't."

"I don't fucking believe you," Jeffrey started pounding harder as he grabbed hold of Jon's hips and pulling the beautiful ass up to allow better access. Jeffrey unleashed the full fury of his anger and aggression upon the tight virgin ass. Jeffrey felt more powerful and in control then he could ever remember in his life. Ever since the day his brother had suddenly shoved a dick in his mouth, Jeffrey had followed Jon around. Now Jeffrey tasted the first sensation of being in control. It tasted like freedom.

"He's..." another hard deep thrust, "...gone..." their bodies slapped together, "...please..." Jeffrey's dick pushing so deep inside, "...stop!"

Alex could feel all the stimulation of Iqbal's tight hairy ass still squeezing his dick and as Jeffrey pounded him Alex couldn't help but cum. Iqbal started moaning and crying out in misery as he understood what was happening. He was so ashamed that he was not only getting fucked, but the beast inside him had just cum; filling his insides with hot white cream. Alex grunted as his orgasm shook through his body and his rectum tightened around Jeffrey's dick in response. The sudden squeezing of Jon's ass on Jeffrey's dick inflicted greater pain on the raw and abused hole.

"I'll stop when I have my brother back," Jeffrey demanded desperately fucking harder than he had ever fucked another person before. Every muscle in Jeffrey's body was tight and tired, but he wouldn't give up. His cock was desperate to cum, but he was not about to yield until he got what he wanted. Jeffrey seemed to fuck forever and Alex was beginning to think it would never end, but the inevitable finally happened; Jeffrey began cumming inside his brother's tight virgin butt. Jon's hole was stretched and abused and pumped full of hot sticky jizz, it was no longer virgin as Jeffrey let the cock slide out.

Jeffrey stood panting from the efforts of his fucking and his entire body was drenched in sweat. Alex took the sudden opportunity and swirled around and backhanded Jeffrey hard across the face. Jeffrey stumbled backward and Alex used the brief moment to propel himself out of the room and slammed the door behind him. He secured the locks and trapped both men inside. Alex leaned against the door feeling cum drip from his painfully raw ass.

Alex felt the jump as someone or something suddenly slammed against the door, followed by an animal-like roar of rage. Over and over again someone beat against the door and Alex backed away slowly, worried the desperate beast within might just manage to escape.

"You'll regret this day!" Jeffrey roared from within, "I'll make sure of it!"

"I already do," Alex muttered as he started down the hall.


Peter was slouched down in the throne and his big fat dick was sticking straight up into the air. Wes was bent over him nervously while the director continued to bury his face into Wes' ass. Wes' face was directly in front of Peter and his hot breath was against Peter's cheek while the director rimmed him and prepared the tight hole.

"You want my big dick again, don't you?" Peter asked before he kissed Wes and rubbed his hands over Wes' muscular body.

"No," Wes stated as his eyes rolled back in his head from the pleasure of the director's talented rim job.

"Don't lie to me," Peter kissed Wes again, "I saw the way you look at it. Like nothing you've ever felt before."

"Yes, I want it," Wes finally admitted as he kissed Peter.

"Then take it," Isaac suddenly demanded as he pulled his wet face away from Wes hole and started shoving the hot ass down on Peter's fat dick. Peter's dick went to work wiggling its way inside of Wes' hole, desperate to find a tight space in which to please itself. It began vibrating, expanding and contracting to better access Wes tight hole. Isaac helped push Wes down until he had taken the entire length of Peter's fat dick into his ass.

"Now ride that fat dick," Isaac whispered in Wes' ear.

"Yes, Master," Wes replied as he began pulling up and then sitting back down on the huge fat cock. Wes moaned as Peter's dick started vibrating more urgently, stimulating Wes in all the right ways. Wes' whole body broke out in goosebumps as he began bouncing up and down on top of Peter's fat dick.

"You want that dick," Peter smiled up at Wes.

"Tell us how bad you want it," Isaac whispered.

"Oh, God," Wes moaned, "It feels amazing! Yes, Master, I want that big dick."

Isaac watched Wes bounce up and down on Peter's incredible fat dick for several moments while he stroked the length of his 16 inch cock with both hands. Isaac was amazed at how quickly a man could be broken. He wanted to feel the things that Trevor and Marc felt towards each other, but in the end Isaac just wanted everyone to submit. He wanted them all to call him master. He would be their ruler, and they would do his bidding because he would give them the gift of perfection.

Isaac looked at the envelope lying nearby and thought of the possibilities that were in store for him. His massive cock seemed to get harder and harder as he thought about his plan. Soon a local shipment of flu vaccines would be laced with a dose of his amazing virus. The shipment would be sent to the Fort Holtwood military base and infect all of the immunized soldiers. They would be enhanced and made perfect, like Jon and Jeffrey. Their dicks would grow, or in the case of women a dick would appear, so that they could easily spread the virus to others. The last ingredient would be the obedience and intense loyalty to Isaac. They would feel as Trevor and Marc felt towards each other; willing to do anything for Master Isaac.

Rock hard and leaking pre-cum from his massive 16 inch shaft, Isaac lifted Peter's legs up while Wes continued to bounce up and down on top of Peter's fat dick. As Peter's legs were propped up into the air it exposed his beautiful ass and Isaac began shoving his monster dick inside once more. Peter opened to him and started accepting the monster dick. Peter moaned and panted as he felt the sensations of Wes riding him and Isaac stuffing his way inside. Soon, Isaac was pulverizing Peter's ass with the giant dick and Wes was starting to climax. Wes' body writhed and jolted side to side as he stroked his dick, desperate to cum with Peter's dick buried in his ass.

Peter could see Wes about to cum, and at the last second, Peter pulled Wes up towards him and sucked hard on Wes' cock. Wes cried out and began unleashing six steaming hot shots of cum down Peter's throat. Peter eagerly swallowed them all as he sucked on Wes' dick. After he was spent Wes leaned down and kissed Peter then he turned around and kissed Isaac before collapsing on the floor beside the throne.

Isaac stood over Peter pounding away with his monster dick stretching Peter. Peter's head was bumping against the back of the throne with each thrust and Peter took his own dick, still slick and sticky from Wes' ass and started pumping the length of it up and down. Isaac was relentless, but Peter loved every moment of it. He was so glad Isaac had made him better, so that he could take a cock that big deep inside. It was like something out of a dream.

Suddenly, as Isaac slammed his dick in deep, Peter saw a jet of cum explode from his own dick and splatter the headrest of the throne. Two more shots splattered his own face and chest and then more cum just seemed to leak out from the slit, down his hands and balls. Isaac didn't stop, he just slammed again and again and to Peter's amazement another stream of hot cum exploded from his dick and onto his chest.

"Wes, clean up this mess with your tongue," Isaac demanded.

"Yes, Master," Wes stood and started licking Peter's abdomen, chest, and then face. As Wes licked Peter's cheek, Peter touched his tongue to Wes' tongue and the two men kissed, swapping Peter's cum.

Isaac roared with satisfaction as he felt the wave of his own orgasm quickly approaching. He pulled his massive shaft out of Peter's ass and watched as cum exploded all over the two kissing men. Stream after stream of hot cum splattered the two studs, showering them with it, but they just kept kissing. Isaac was so turned on by the sight; he bent over and started kissing with them. Isaac kissed his two cum soaked sex slaves.

Part XVI: MX19

Ty began to feel intense waves of pain washing over his body. Every muscle began to tighten and he even heard bones inside of him cracking. The screams issuing from Ty's mouth were deafening in the small space of his car, and all Ty heard was silence, as if he were locked in a distant room with only his pain to keep him company. Finally, unconsciousness took Ty and he gladly welcomed the dark embrace of nothingness, but Ty did not fall into a world of nothing.

Ty stood in a large open football field with Raphael on the far end. Ty felt the football in his strong muscular hand and he threw the ball across the empty field with more grace and ease then he'd ever had before. The football spiraled through the air, but as it reached the top of its arc it suddenly smashed into a solid wall, and cracked the reflective surface of a giant mirror. Ty peered in curiosity as the giant mirror began to shatter and Ty realized that Raphael was not standing on the other end of the field, because it was only a reflection. Ty felt a hand on his shoulder and turned in surprise.

Artemis stood next to Ty and he was wearing no clothes as he placed his dark hand reassuringly on Ty. Ty looked into Artemis' eyes with puzzled wonder, because he recognized the eyes as his own. "What is happening?" Ty asked.

"You can be whoever you want to be," Artemis smiled.

"We can make you blend in," Oscar and Steven suddenly voiced together from Ty's left side.

"We can help you get your grandmother back," the red head, Travis, materialized out of nowhere on Ty's right.

"You can use our essence," Raphael whispered delicately in Ty's ear as he appeared behind him. All the men shared the same eyes, and Ty knew they were his eyes. He wanted to run in terror, but there was no escape from the eternal nightmare of his mind.


Raphael managed to stop the car just before colliding with a large spruce tree. Ty had suddenly started screaming while driving and then blacked out from what must have been excruciating pain. Raphael moved quickly to try and grab the steering wheel and then stop the car. Ty's foot was pressing on the gas and Raphael could not get the leg off from the awkward angle. Raphael resorted to throwing the car in neutral and allowing the car to eventually roll to a complete stop.

"What is happening to him?" Artemis asked from the back seat.

Raphael finally took the time to observe his friend and realized that Ty's face, muscles, and bones were protruding in strange ways and moving constantly as they repositioned in new ways. Ty's skin had also begun to darken with a noticeable tan. Every part of Ty's body was changing and moving. Raphael nearly jumped out of his skin when he heard the big red headed stud named Travis tapping at the glass.

"Is everyone all right?" Travis asked.

"I don't know," Raphael responded as he rolled down the window. Travis bent down to peer inside and his eyes quickly fixed on Ty.

"What is happening to him?" Travis asked in horror.

"I don't know," Raphael wondered aloud.

"It has to be the virus," Artemis worried, "what if this starts happening to us? Oh shit, I was exposed next."

"What's going on?" Oscar was suddenly at the car window too along with Josh and Steven.

"We're all screwed, that's what's going on," Travis growled as he smacked his hand hard against the car roof and walked away in frustration. Oscar, Steven, and Josh gathered in closer for a better look. Raphael placed a reassuring hand on his best friend's face and felt a pang of fear and heartache as he could do nothing but watch Ty suffering. As Raphael looked at Ty's face, he realized that the skin tone of his hand was very similar to Ty's new complexion. More bones snapped into place on Ty's shifting face and Raphael could suddenly make out very familiar features in the cheeks and the bridge of the nose.

"Holy shit," Raphael muttered.

"What?" Artemis leaned forward from the back seat.

"He's becoming me," Raphael stated, but even as he said the words the idea sounded stupid and ridiculous.

"Oh my God," Oscar gasped, "I think you're right. His body and face are changing to match you perfectly. It's all just falling into place."

"None of this shit can be real!" Travis bellowed, "I must be fucking dreaming!"

"I'd second that," Steven agreed.

"I think he's through changing," Artemis whispered with a child-like wonder. Raphael nodded as he looked down at an identical copy of himself. It was an eerie and unsettling feeling as he gazed at his friend, but saw only his doppelganger. Suddenly, Ty's eyes sprang open, but Ty did not see his own brown eyes looking back, he saw Ty's blue-grey eyes instead.


Alex wasn't sure how much time he had before Isaac would call them back to complete some other villainous task, but he intended to use every second he had at his disposal to find a way out. He recalled searching much of the CDC facility with his mind and he was relatively certain there was a security station down the hall and up a flight of stairs. He could review the cameras and hopefully form a better plan. Jeffrey's enraged cries still echoed up and down the deserted hallway as Alex made his way along. Alex had to hope no one would happen to venture down the corridor any time soon. He believed this hallway was chosen to imprison Dr. Patel because it was rarely frequented, except to check on unfortunate guests.

Alex climbed the stairs, his sense of urgency growing. At the top he nearly collided with a massive muscular security officer. Alex had to admit that Isaac had impeccable taste when choosing employees. "Hey Jon," the big burly stud smiled.

"Hello," Alex quickly took in the man's nametag Andrew Sharp, "Andrew."

"Andrew?" the stud snorted, "No one ever calls me that."

"Well..." Alex's mind was spinning out of control with panic. Alex tried to remember that he was not himself; he was one of Isaac's personal guards, "...that's your name isn't it? So what's the problem?"

"No, chill," the security officer grinned, "we don't have a problem. You just surprised me is all."

"Of course I knew you go by Andy," Alex stated. The man simply stared at Alex for a second before busting out in a fit of laughter. Alex was puzzled, but soon found it necessary to give in to the man's infectious laughter. Alex realized that Andrew did not go by Andy either. Instead of prolonging the ridiculous guessing game, Alex proceeded, "I need to view the security footage. I can't seem to find my brother, Jeffrey."

"Well, she's all yours then," Andrew pointed to a nearby door, "I was on my way to the shitter anyway."

"Great, I'll hold down the fort until you return," Alex nodded.

Inside the security station, Alex observed the monitors and discovered a number of people being held prisoner throughout the facility. Reviewing the instrument panel's various knobs and levers, Alex was able to deduce that all of the doors in the observation wing could be unlocked from the security station. He attempted the override, but was quickly met with a request for a password. (Nothing is ever that easy). He heard Andrew opening the door and quickly reached for the baton at Jon's waist. He needed more time to review the security footage and find his own body, and maybe Andrew, or whoever the hell he was, would have the password. As Andrew stuck his head through the door, Alex smashed him across the face with the baton.


"I know what to do," Ty declared as he sat straight up in the driver's seat of the car.

"Ty, do you realize..." Raphael started.

"You just about killed all of us in this car!" Artemis grumbled from the back seat.

"...and you look just like me," Raphael finished.

"It's your essence, DNA, whatever you want to call it," Ty explained, "I was exposed to it through your cum. My body caused me to develop a desire to consume the cum of others so that I might physically become that person. I could appear as any one of you, except Josh because I was not directly exposed to his bodily fluids."

"This is some crazy sci-fi shit," Oscar marveled.

"Artemis, do you know anyone of importance at the CDC?" Ty continued to formulate his plan.

"The head of my department is Ivan Petrovich," Artemis stated, "he had dealings with the director of the CDC."

"Good, you have to get me in there to meet this Ivan. We can even tell him that I was exposed to the virus just to get us inside."

"So you can collect his essence," Artemis smiled as he suddenly realized the genius of the plan.

"What about the rest of us?" Josh asked, "We've all been exposed to something too, right? What is going to happen to us?"

"I don't know," Ty admitted, "but all of our answers will likely be at the CDC. If we gain access to the facility, we can all get the treatment we need. I'm sure my grandmother can help too if we find her."

"It sounds like the best..." Raphael started, but the sound of sirens interrupted his sentence and familiar red and blue lights reflected off the rearview mirror.

"Oh, shit," Travis groaned.

Ty turned around to look out the back window. He saw an officer approaching the car with a young man in tight shorts and a t-shirt. Ty recognized the guy, but couldn't place him. He suddenly realized that the young man was the hot guy with his girlfriend that they all passed when leaving the gym.

"These are the men, officer," the guy was stating as he pointed at the seven guys gathered in and around Ty's car.

"Nobody move!" the officer shouted as he placed a hand on his sidearm, "I want all of you outside the car to place your hands on the passenger side of the vehicle!"

"He must be with them," the guy from the gym said in desperation as he suddenly started running toward the car. The officer was surprised by the sudden turn of events and quickly pulled his sidearm. Oscar, Steven, Josh, and Travis moved quickly to place their hands on the car as instructed, but the man from the gym continued to race like a maniac toward the car.

"Stop right there!" the officer shouted at the insane guy from the gym, "I will handle the situation, please stop!"

The guy continued to run toward the car and when he reached the driver's door, he pulled open the handle and lunged inside at Ty. Ty could not believe the rabid way that the guy pulled him from the car and began tearing at his clothes. It didn't take long for the guy to wrap his lips around Ty's dick and begin sucking like a starved kitten on its mother's teat. Ty groaned in pleasure and Raphael discovered he was beginning to sprout a hefty boner as he watched his doppelganger getting an intense blow job.

The officer had finally reached the car and was staring with utter disbelief at the site in front of him. The gun in his hand seemed to become heavy and he let his arm fall to his side. Without realizing it the officer let the gun drop onto the ground and began taking off his clothes.

"Holy shit, he's hot," Artemis smiled as he observed the officer stripping, revealing a perfectly toned body. The chest sprouted a well groomed layer of hair and the abs were perfectly sculpted. The officer's dark hair was cropped close around his head and he had a decent 7.5 inch dick.

"He's very hot," Oscar agreed as he began dry humping the side of the car with his own hardening dick.

"No, we don't have time to..." Ty suddenly moaned in pleasure, "...Oh shit! Don't stop!"

Ty began pushing the guy from the gym down on his dick as the man sucked harder on the ever growing cock. It was already 9 inches long and growing steadily. Soon every man was groping their hard cocks or that of their neighbor as they watched the officer pull down the young man's shorts. Ty knew the guy's name was Mike through their physical contact, another ability granted by the viral changes. He wanted to stop the sexual urges rushing through his body and the body of every man around the car, but at the same time he just wanted more cum.

"I want to cum for you," Steven begged as if reading Ty's mind and he suddenly exposed his rigid 7 inches and pressed it against the back window of the passenger side. Artemis rolled down the back window and took Steven's dick greedily into his mouth. Josh and Travis began pulling their dicks out of their pants so that they might also put them through the car window for Artemis to wrap his fat lips around. Oscar opened the front passenger side door and began pulling down on Raphael's pants, eager to get at the 7.5 inch cock inside. Raphael thought to protest, but he wanted it so badly.

Ty watched as the officer spit again on Mike's hairy hole and mercilessly shoved two fingers inside. Mike was moaning with pain, but Ty's huge cock was filling his mouth and with each pulsing elongation it was pumping Ty's semen into Mike's throat. The officer was finally ready and he pulled his fingers out and inserted his erect cock and began to stroke in and out of Mike's tight hole. Ty was mesmerized by the officer's wonderful fucking skills and couldn't wait to taste the officer's delicious cum as it poured down his throat. He wanted the essence, he hungered for it, and he was desperate for it.

Artemis took turns sucking Josh, Travis, and Steven, but sometimes the three studs would get greedy and start shoving their dicks into Artemis' mouth while another dick still filled his full mouth. Artemis just accepted all three as best as he could. Artemis was beginning to feel a hunger for the cum of these three studs that was insatiable. Artemis stroked his own 12 inch dick as he sucked and sucked.

Oscar was doing amazing things with his mouth that Raphael had never felt before on his big dick. He just kept begging the curly haired cutie to just keep going. Raphael feared he might cum right down Oscar's willing throat, but he tried hard to stop his orgasm, because he wanted to save all his cum for Ty. Ty moaned and groaned as Mike could no longer fit any of the massive 18 inch cock in his mouth, but continued to lick and suck on the massive shaft. The officer was pounding the shit out of Mike with an animal-like intensity and he repeatedly slapped Mike hard on the ass.

Steven was the first to shoot his load into Artemis open mouth. Artemis was quick to slurp up the ejaculating dick and guzzle down every drop of Steven's white hot cream. Not long after, the officer said he was about to cum, and Ty urged him to come into his open mouth. Pulling out of Mike with a loud popping sound the officer unloaded his massive cock into Ty's waiting mouth. Ty lapped up every bit of the delicious cum and sucked it down. Josh came next into Artemis' mouth. Travis quickly rounded the car and took up the officer's place inside of Mike's tight ass. The officer stood back and watched as Travis tried desperately to show him up, and Ty's monster dick leaked extra cum at the site of the sexy red-head wrestler pounding Mike's hole.

"Oh shit," Raphael groaned, "I'm about to cum, please Ty, I want you to have it."

Raphael watched his doppelganger, Ty, lean over and suck on his dick. Raphael was disturbed at first to see himself sucking his own dick, but it felt so good, he just let go and ejaculated inside of a replica of his own throat. Ty swallowed his friend's seed with total satisfaction. While Ty was busy sucking Raphael's cum, Travis and Mike could not wait any longer. Both men began shooting their loads and Travis buried his deep inside of Mike's ass.

When Ty had finished with Raphael, his face was inches away from Oscar and Oscar smiled the most devilish grin, "I want you to fuck me."

"You want to take this monster?" Ty waggled his 18 inch cock, taunting Oscar with its massive size.

"Stretch me open like no one ever could or will again," Oscar pleaded.

Ty pushed his way past Mike, Travis, and the officer as he made his way over to the other side of the car. Every man had his eyes on Ty as he shoved his massive cock slowly, inch by painful inch, into Oscar's tiny hole. Oscar cried out, but he would grit his teeth and beg Ty to continue. As Ty fully penetrated Oscar's hole, his body began to ripple and morph and as Ty fucked Oscar's hole he transformed from Raphael to Travis. After a moment he morphed from Travis to the officer and then finally he returned to his new and improved muscular self. Soon after Oscar began squirting his cum all over Raphael's exposed chest in the front seat and Ty was roaring as he impaled the skinny boy on his massive cock. With incredible force Ty pumped Oscar full of his cum. Load after load exploded inside of Oscar's guts and the hot boy accepted it all with cries of pleasure and pain.

"Sorry officer," Ty panted after he had pulled out, "but you and Mike have to come with us now."


Peter entered the white room and took a seat on the only chair in the room while watching the incredibly massive Mexican doctor perform pull ups from a low hanging rafter. "Working hard are we?"

"Why aren't you with your new pal, Isaac?" Diego asked of his former assistant.

"A part of me has missed you, I suppose," Peter replied.

Diego let himself drop and Peter admired the hot body gleaming with sweat. He fought his urge to run over and touch Diego's perfectly formed chest and abs; to lick the hot fresh sweat from his gorgeous body.

"I started this," Diego continued with a severe look on his face, "I intend to end it."

"That will be hard to do from in here," Peter smirked, "and if you don't escape soon, Isaac has plans in motion that will be unstoppable. Soon others outside of this facility will be infected and Isaac's power will only grow."

"A virus can be unpredictable," Diego smiled back, "eventually one comes along that you can't control. Isaac is in over his head, he just doesn't realize it yet."

"You want to fuck me don't you," Peter stood and crossed the room to finally run his hand over Diego's hard sweaty body.

"Not at all," Diego said as he grabbed Peter's hand with a painful grip and used the momentum to pin Peter's arm behind his back, "I want you to get me out of here."

As if in response to Diego's demands, the light click of the doors automated locks suddenly disengaged. Peter yelped in pain as Diego pushed Peter toward the door and tested the handle. The door opened without resistance.

"Why would anyone unlock the doors?" Peter asked in bewildered worry.

"It seems things are already spiraling out of control for your precious Isaac," Diego laughed, "now take me to the labs where they manufacture the virus."

"I'm not taking you anywhere," Peter suddenly moved quickly and freed himself of Diego's grasp before making a dash down the corridor. Diego considered pursuing, but realized he had other plans that were far more important. Diego made his way down to opposite corridor and was amazed by the number of holding cells he encountered. As he passed one door he saw another captive cautiously opening the door and sneaking a peek outside. Diego recognized the hairy, beefy stud from the gym.

"Dr. Juarez," Bart stuttered in confusion, "You're not supposed to be free."

"Neither are you, Bart," Diego smiled, "but here we are. There must be someone looking out for us."

"Yeah," Bart replied, "I suppose so."

"Well, I must keep going," Diego nodded down the hall, "much to do."

"Wait, I'll go with you," Bart offered, "You may need some help."

"Fine with me," Diego patted Bart on the shoulder, "Our first order of business might be finding clothes. No sense walking around with our cocks hanging out, I'm already tempted to bend you over like old times."

"Don't you fucking dare!" Bart roared in rage.

"I was joking," Diego chuckled, "...sort of. Come on, let's go."

Still controlling Bart's body, Jon followed the Mexican doctor down the hall, eager to see what plot he might uncover for Isaac.




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