Ty lay on his bed looking at his reflection in the mirror. Through the cum streaked pane he could see the shaft of his big white cock sliding deep inside of Artemis' hot black ass. Artemis had his head thrown back moaning with intense satisfaction as he took the cock deeper and deeper. Ty had not felt such a tight hole before, but then again his cock had never been so big. He still couldn't believe that he agreed to take Artemis up to his bedroom. It was like every fiber of his body was begging him to fuck this hot intern. His cock began to swell and grow again. Artemis let out a tortured cry, but he continued to move up and down, slow and steady on the immense shaft. Ty was uncertain how many times his cock had pulsed and expanded while deep inside of Artemis, but each time made Ty suck in a sharp gasp.

Artemis leaned over and placed his big fat lips on Ty's lips and tasted the hot young stud before sitting up and riding the cock some more. Artemis had never experienced sensations so exhilarating in his life, but Ty had a way of making him hornier than ever before. Artemis had a rock hard 7 inch dick that was bouncing around while he rode up and down on Ty, taking the monster cock so deep into his gaping hole. Artemis wondered how the cock had even managed to get inside, it had hurt like hell, but something about Ty's dick allowed it to grow to fit Artemis' hole and expanded only enough to still fit inside. It was hard to explain, but with each pulsing sensation, Ty's dick pushed farther into his guts.

Ty was beginning to wonder if his cock would ever cum, or if it would just continue to grow and surge deeper inside of Artemis until it pushed right out of the black boys parted, moaning lips. Ty peered in the cum soaked mirror again and saw the swollen base of his cock, like an arm disappearing inside of Artemis. Artemis continued to ride as if he had been riding cocks this big his entire life. Ty noticed cum dripping down out of Artemis' ass and running down Ty's balls. Ty didn't remember cumming, but then again every single pulsing surge his dick had made felt almost like an orgasm. Had he been cumming every time his cock had grown? Pumping Artemis full of hot jizz and monster cock.

Artemis suddenly stiffened and his rock hard cock started spouting hot cream out across Ty's chest and into Ty's slightly open mouth. As Artemis came, his cock seemed to sprout an inch and the head of his black cock bulged, until it was nice and fat. Artemis was crying out as he experienced the most intense orgasm he had ever had. Wad after wad of cum exploded from his cock and with each time the cock seemed to grow a bit bigger. It got long enough that Ty could easily bend over and start sucking the cum as it exploded out of the cock and into his mouth. After his final spurt of cum, Artemis felt his dick almost instantly retracting to its normal size.

Ty was so turned on by the taste of Artemis' hot cream that he felt his own dick surge one final time and this time the cum exploded in a gush of hot white cum, filling Artemis deep inside. Artemis was shaking with extreme satisfaction as the jets of hot cum poured inside his body. Ty could not even begin to imagine where all that cum was coming from. Artemis cautiously began lifting himself off of Ty's immense cock and as he rose up, the cock continued to pour out of his ass. It finally popped out of the black intern's tight hole and flopped over with a loud thud on Ty's chest. Both boys stared with wide eyes at the 18 inch cock soaked with cum and as thick as a person's arm.

"Un-fucking-believable," Ty marveled as he tried to pick up the heavy cock. It was huge! He needed both hands just to maneuver it around. Artemis knelt down and licked the whole length of the big dick and then kissed Ty again and again. The two boys fell asleep with Artemis lying on Ty's chest, clutching the huge shaft.


Ty woke some time later and felt as if he had just experienced some type of bizarre dream, but then he recognized the feeling of arms wrapped around his torso. Looking down over his body he realized that his own dick was back to its normal size. It was no longer 18 inches long, but the trail of dried cum suggested that his cock had in fact laid across his body, nearly reaching his nipples. Whatever strange research his grandmother had left on the desk was clearly some type of male enhancement on steroids. Ty glanced at the alarm clock by his bed and realized it was nearly 2 o'clock. He was supposed to meet Raphael at the gym in less than an hour.

Carefully, Ty moved Artemis' arms and tried to slide out from underneath the nerdy intern, but Artemis was jolted out of sleep, "What?"

"Sorry," Ty apologized, "I didn't mean to wake you, but I'm supposed to meet someone."

"Who is it?" Artemis asked as he kissed Ty's muscular chest.

"An old friend. I'm going to need his help and maybe your help to find out what exactly is happening to me. My grandmother must know something too, but I have no idea when she will be available to explain. Since you work with her, do you know where she is?"

"Sorry, I don't. I don't actually work with Dr. Bartley, they just sent me to pick up the specimen jar. Some really scary hulking muscular guys, twins actually."

"So you don't have a clue where my grandmother is?"

"Not really," Artemis admitted.

"Then I better meet up with Raphael so that I can talk this out."

"Why don't you just stay here with me?"

"I can't," Ty apologized again as he climbed out of bed and started putting on his gym clothes. His clothes were almost too small as they were now bulging with muscles and his dick left a very clear outline in his tight gym shorts

"Then take me with you," Artemis begged.

"It would be too awkward. I can't believe we actually... and you... damn that was hot."

"Yes it was," Artemis smiled, "I don't know how you grew like that, but it was amazing."

"It was unreal," Ty nodded, "I think we are in some serious shit. I was exposed to something, maybe the sample you came to collect."

"I'm sure of it," Artemis laughed, "You are now genetically enhanced on a cellular level by millions of viruses coursing through your body."

"A virus?" Ty pondered, "That's why the CDC is involved in all of this madness."

"Absolutely," Artemis agreed, "and now I can't go back, because I have no sample to give them. I guess you're stuck with me."

"Fine, you can tag along," Ty finally agreed as he threw Artemis an extra set of gym clothes.


Raphael left his final class and started crossing campus towards the gym. Along the way he passed the science building which was still partially under quarantine from some bizarre outbreak in one of the labs. Evidently several classes were cancelled for three days because one of the professors were rushed off to the CDC for further treatment.

Raphael was anxious to hit one of the parties on campus, and probably bring his best friend Ty along. Raphael was a beautiful Puerto Rican stud, whose perfect bone structure was then covered by perfectly toned muscles and dark olive skin. His smile could easily win his way into any woman's pants and he had used that trick many times. Ty was his best friend, and probably would always be his best friend. Ty's recent desire to look better and get in shape was prompted after he had his first sex. Raphael smiled as he recalled getting that girl to give his pal a blow job. Raphael left the scene and let the rest play out. He'd helped Ty get laid several times after that.

Lost in his thoughts, Raphael quickly found himself in the gym. It was unusual how many people were there already. A couple of girls were pedaling on the cycles, he noticed them watching him. Farther down, Jayden Mills, a tall muscular campus security guard was standing over a long-haired kid trying to do curls. Jayden was dressed in his uniform and looked very severe as he asked question after question of the puzzled student. Two other guys were bench pressing, a slim blond haired guy with huge biceps was spotting for a scrawny, dark curly-haired kid, whose arms were wobbling as he begged the muscular blond to help him. The blond simply issued words of encouragement, like some type of personal trainer. Another guy was back in the corner, jumping rope with sweat pouring off of him.

Raphael walked over to Jayden, who often stopped by his residence hall to check on things. It had been several days since Jayden had come around. Jayden was originally from Australia, and Raphael could overhear his heated Australian accent as he really ranted to the poor guy trying to do curls. The guy finally dropped his weights down and stormed away from Jayden, evidently it was time to work out his legs.

"What's going on?" Raphael asked Jayden.

"Oh, Raphael," Jayden smiled in acknowledgement, but his face was still etched with the frustration of his previous conversation.

"Is everything all right?" Raphael asked.

"I've been trying to find a mate of mine," Jayden admitted, "We've worked together on the security team for a while and he would always visit the gym at a certain time. His name is Bart, have you seen him in here?"

"I don't think so," Raphael replied as he tried to remember, "what's he look like?"

"Big, hairy guy. He disappeared around the time the CDC incident went down, and no one seems to take his disappearance seriously! There is something serious going on around here, and I intend to find out what. I should get out of here, I'm just freaking people out."

"You're just being a concerned friend," Raphael clapped Jayden on the shoulder, "I'm sure your friend will turn up."

"I hope so," Jayden nodded, "Let me know if you hear anything will you?"

Yeah, no problem," Raphael agreed.

"Alright," Jayden smiled, "I'll get out of every bodies way and come back tomorrow."

After Jayden left, Raphael milled around a moment, when he realized that Ty had not yet arrived. He slowly made his way over to the pull-up bar, which was strategically placed directly across from the cycles. He grabbed hold of the bar and started pulling his chin up letting his biceps bulge nicely under his work out shirt. The girls whispered to each other and giggled. He winked at the two cuties as he came up to the top of his pull-up and they both renewed their fit of giggles. He dropped down and considered walking over, when Ty walked into the gym.

Raphael would not have known it was Ty, except for his face was the same. Ty's entire body was stacked with muscles and his clothes were tight against him as they tried to contain the bulging muscular form underneath. Hot on Ty's heels was a nerdy looking black guy in black rimmed glasses. The girls were closest to Ty as he entered the gym and Raphael watched with mute surprise as the two girls stopped cycling and clambered over each other to get closer to him. Ty spotted Raphael and seemed completely oblivious to the two girls as he waved at Raphael. The girls started moaning and grunting wildly. Everyone in the gym turned to look at the two girls.

As Ty turned around in surprise at the sudden commotion, one of the girls touched his chest and started having an orgasm. Ty backed away in surprise as the second girl tripped over the first and also started having an orgasm. Both girls bucked wildly on the floor as their work out pants started to darken on the front with hot pussy juices. They both stopped moving and lay unconscious on the floor. Raphael shamefully realized his 7.5 inch dick was rock hard and tenting his pants. A quick glance around the room revealed that no one noticed, because their eyes were fixed on Ty.

The curly haired kid with the scrawny body tried to hide his 5 inch wood tenting his pants as he sat up on the bench. Just behind him the blond guy with the bulging biceps was adjusting his 7 inch cock so that it pointed down his leg and not straight out into the room full of dudes. The sweaty guy who was jumping rope was now standing in the center of the room with his muscular sweaty chest glistening with sweat and his face dripping with sweat. His red hair was cropped short and his nose appeared to have been broken several times, perhaps a boxer or a wrestler? His upper body was littered with freckles and between his legs a 10 inch cock was tenting out as he stared. The final guy, who had been interrogated by Jayden was still sitting farther away watching the scene in shock.

"Well, that was interesting," the nerdy black guy started chuckling as he elbowed Ty. The guy seemed awful chummy for someone Raphael had never even met. Ty tried not to let the strange events distract him from his goal as he turned and faced Raphael. Raphael looked into his friend's determined face and as he drew nearer, Raphael could not seem to stop his dick from growing harder and harder. Raphael bit his lip as Ty stood directly in front of him.

"We need to talk," Ty stated, "I've been exposed to something in Granny's office. Some type of virus the CDC is trying to contain."

"Is that what did," Raphael swallowed as he indicated the two girls, "that?"

"Probably," Ty smirked as he looked back at the two unconscious women. In his periphery, Ty caught sight of the other four guys in the gym all moving closer to them. They were all staring at him like they were hungry and he was a steak dinner. Even the guy Jayden had yelled at had joined the group now, he was very fit and had a 6 inch boner pushing against his pants.

"Maybe we should get out of here," Ty muttered as he turned back to face Raphael. Raphael heard the words, but mostly he was just watching Ty's soft red-pink lips move as he spoke, they were such nice smooth lips. Raphael realized that Ty's skin had never looked so clear on his face; his friend was truthfully the most gorgeous human he had ever laid eyes on. Raphael absently placed his hand on the smooth skin of Ty's cheek and Ty stopped talking. Raphael silenced him further by kissing him passionately on the lips. They parted and looked into each other's eyes a moment before kissing again. Raphael felt his eyes close as he kissed his best friend and touched his smooth sexy face.

Ty also closed his eyes as the sexiest guy he had ever met kissed him. He could not believe it was happening and while he was slightly disgusted and nervous at this bold new step between his friend and him, he didn't want it to stop. Raphael's tongue was soon demanding entrance to his mouth and Ty allowed it. Their kiss went deeper and became more intimate as their tongues rolled over each other. Finally, both men parted, panting with the intense passion of their kiss.

"Damn!" the nerdy black guy exclaimed from right next to them , "that was hot."

"Yes it was," Ty smiled, "Raphael, meet Artemis. Artemis, meet Raphael."

"The pleasure is all mine," Artemis extended his hand as he obviously checked out Raphael's incredible body, especially the 7.5 inch dick that was standing at full attention.

Ty was about to explain more to Raphael when he was suddenly grabbed from behind and turned around into another kiss. Ty was being wrapped in strong sweaty arms and being crushed against a hot sweaty chest. A 10 inch boner started poking him in the leg as the strong beefy stud crushed his lips against Ty's. Raphael felt a flush of jealousy as he watched the sweaty red headed guy suddenly take Ty like that.

The scrawny guy with dark curly hair suddenly fell to the ground and was pulling off Ty's shoes. As Ty's feet were bared, he started licking the feet, his tongue played between the toes before he started sucking the big toe. The blonde guy knelt down behind his young companion and started dry humping the curly-haired guy's butt as it stuck up in the air. The dirty blonde, long-haired guy who was doing curls bypassed Ty completely and started kissing Artemis. Raphael just watched for a moment in complete shock as his dick grew harder.

In moments, Ty was completely naked as the huge red head and the small curly-haired guy both started tearing at Ty's clothes. Ty's dick fell out of his pants like an elephant trunk it was starting to grow, but it hung limp because it could not stand straight out due to the intense weight. Raphael, couldn't take it any longer, he pushed the red head back a bit and took Ty's lips against his own. Ty kissed him and their tongue met again. Raphael could feel Ty place a hand against his chest and he loved his friend touching his hot body.

The red head was suddenly back, pushing his tongue in between Ty's mouth and Raphael's mouth. Raphael could feel the guys sweat on his arm and could taste the foreign tongue trying to inserts its way back into the mix. Raphael tried to push the guy back again, but the red head was prepared this time and stood his ground. Every muscle was tense on the red-head's sweaty body.

Artemis removed his glasses and set them aside as he continued to make out with the hot gym boy. The guy had dirty blond, shoulder length hair and Artemis loved running his hands through the cute guy's hair. He stripped off the guy's shirt revealing a killer six pack and strong pectoral muscles. Across his chest the guy had a tattoo of a lion in black ink. The lion's clawed hand seemed to reach out underneath the guy's nipple and the roaring lion's head went over the nipple; the body of the lion disappearing beneath his armpit. Artemis admired the art before sucking on the nipple trapped between the lion's jaws and claws. The guy threw his head back and moaned.

The scrawny curly haired guy had given up on Ty's feet as he now started to admire Ty's incredibly large dick. He tested the weight of it in his hands before trying to cram the large cock into his mouth. It didn't fit at all, but he continued to try licking the cock shaft up and down making it all wet. His blond trainer was still grinding against his ass as he also leaned over and started licking and sucking on parts of Ty's big dick that the scrawny kid was missing.

Raphael and the red-head were becoming more and more aggressive as they fought for Ty's incredibly soft and delicious lips. Ty was becoming worried that they would soon resort to violence which would not end well. Ty was also aware of the fact that two mouths were sucking on his dick and it felt amazing. His toes curled as he felt the two guys coat his dick with their saliva.

Raphael was feeling white hot rage and jealousy as the stupid red haired guy continued to invade his precious time with Ty. Raphael suddenly launched a strong right hook at the guys head, but the guy ducked the incoming fist and quickly tackled Raphael to the ground. Raphael had feared the guy might be a wrestler and the quick way in which the guy subdued Raphael was proof of that. Raphael felt his hand pinned behind his back and the guy's hot sweaty body was crushing down upon him. The guy's rock hard 10 inch dick was poking Raphael in the gut, while Raphael's dick was sticking up between the guy's legs.

Ty watched in horror as his friend was suddenly tackled to the ground and he feared how the situation would unfold, but when he tried to move to aid his friend the two guys glued to his dick like leeches would not release him. He could only moan in pleasure again as the two guys played their tongues over his dick and started sucking the head, because that was all that fit in their mouth now. One of the guys started sucking on his balls one at a time. The feeling was intense.

Artemis was sucking on the hot tattooed studs other nipple now, really running his hands over the guy's sexy abdomen as he looked up at the guy's handsome face. Raphael struggled beneath the weight of the red haired guy. Raphael realized he could not get the guy off of him with brute strength, so he thrust his hand into the guy's pants and started stroking the huge 10 inch meat. The guy seemed surprised by the sudden turn of events and started thrusting his hips to the rhythm of Raphael's strong hands jacking off his dick. While the guy was distracted Raphael managed to free his pinned hand.

Ty looked down at his dick hanging at about 12 inches, both guys just really going to town. The blond guy was eagerly pulling the curly-haired guys pants down, Oscar. Oscar was the curly-haired guy's name. Ty didn't know how he knew the name, he just did. The blond guy was Steven; he was Oscar's personal trainer. The guy all over Artemis was... Ty reached over and touched the guy's back and was finally able to come up with a name, Josh. The red-haired guy was too far away to touch and Ty was unable to come up with a name.

Suddenly, Ty's dick started pulsing and surging, it sprouted another inch or so as it sprayed a wad of hot cum into Oscar's face. Oscar sputtered in surprise, but Steven was there in an instant to help lick the mess off his face. Together the two guys made the cum disappear and continued to suck on Ty's large dick. Artemis had pulled down Josh's pants and was looking at the 6 inch dick with joy. Artemis wrapped his fat lips around the hot guy's cock and started sucking with a mad intensity. His tongue flicked and swirled around the sensitive cock's head. In minutes the guy was moaning and panting fighting the urge to cum right into Artemis' mouth.

Raphael had pulled his own dick out and was stoking it, spitting in his hand, and stroking some more. With his other hand he had managed to pull down the red head's pants and was quickly stroking the red head's massive 10 inch dick. The red head guy rolled his head back and moaned in pleasure, so Raphael took the opportunity he'd been waiting for. He suddenly started shoving his own 7.5 inch dick all slick with his own saliva into the red headed guy's ass. He was determined to teach this red headed monster that he would not easily be controlled.

The red head's eyes popped open wide as he felt the head of a cock push into his rectum. He tried to rise off of the invading cock, but Raphael gripped him with strong arms, not to mention Raphael's hand was still wrapped around the big 10 inch dick. As the red head tried to squirm off the dick again, Raphael thrust his hips and rammed the dick deep inside the tight virgin ass. The red head roared in rage and he suddenly backhanded Raphael across the face. Raphael did not let the sudden pain in his cheek stop him, he simply thrust his cock in and out again and again, determined to make the red head yield.

While Oscar continued to try and gobble down Ty's dick, Steven started shoving his dick inside the cute young guy's tight virgin hole. Ty watched over the scene, he intuited that Oscar was gay and somehow knew that he had been fantasizing about his hot personal trainer for months. Oscar's dreams were coming true as Steven penetrated his tight hole. Ty looked over and saw his best friend shoving his dick inside of the red head guy. Raphael's dick was incredible as it penetrated the virgin hole surrounded by a thin layer of red fur. Ty was mesmerized by the sight of that hot cock going in and out; his hot friend's face contorted with determination as he thrust inside and dragged the red head down on his dick.

Artemis was lost in his own world as he sucked the delicious cock. He stroked his own 7 inch dick as he pulled it out of the gym clothes Ty let him borrow. He noticed the hot guy above him looking down with a hungry sort of look as he watched Artemis blow his hot dick. Artemis let the guys dick pop out of his mouth and stood up to kiss the guy. Then Artemis slowly pushed down on Josh's shoulder until his mouth was lined up with Artemis' own 7 inch cock. Josh engulfed the dick several inches and started sucking. Surprised, Artemis felt his dick suddenly cum in response and it grew a little fatter. Josh sputtered and gagged, but Artemis clenched his cheeks and demanded, "Swallow it."

Ty could not stand it any longer; he wanted that cock inside him so badly. "Raphael, I want you to fuck me."

Raphael threw the sweaty red head stud off of him and came rushing to Ty's side where the two guys began kissing intimately again. Oscar continued to suck on Ty's dick while Steven fucked him from behind. Oscar was screaming and moaning wildly as he enjoyed Steven's 7 inch cock slamming in and out of his hole. Their bodies slapped together with a wet smacking sound and Steven's entire body seemed to tense and tighten with his efforts. The red head guy picked himself off the floor, filled with a lust-fueled rage.

Raphael lined up his dick and pushed it inside of Ty's virgin butt. Ty's ass seemed to open easily and then once Raphael was inside it clamped down like a vice, squeezing every inch of Raphael's 7.5 inch cock in extraordinary ways. Raphael moaned and groaned as he pulled his dick out, the hole released and he crashed back inside; his entire dick disappearing deep in his best friend's ass. It then clamped down around him as he pulled back again. Nice and slow he pushed his dick inside as Ty moaned. Ty's own dick started spurting more cum as Raphael's slammed him and with each raging cum shot his dick seemed to grow a bit bigger.

With every thrust Raphael made into Ty's ass, Oscar received a face full of hot cum. Ty's dick was nearing its full 18 inch length and Oscar could only lick up the cum and suck on the side of the shaft and balls. The dick was too enormous to do much else. As Oscar started sucking Ty's balls an intense wad of cum exploded out of the monster head and splattered across Oscar's back and Steven's abdomen. Steven desperately leaned over and licked up some of the cum. Oscar met Steven's lips while Steven continued to fuck him from behind and together they swapped some of Ty's hot cum.

The red head had lumbered over behind Raphael and brutally rammed his tongue into Raphael's exposed ass. Raphael grunted with discomfort, but he was too engrossed with fucking Ty's incredible ass to stop the red head. The red head continued to explore Raphael's hole with his tongue and Raphael realized the sensation was not that bad, in fact it felt kind of good. He fucked Ty's vice like ass while the red head stud continued to rim his perfect Puerto Rican ass.

Artemis looked down at his black dick going in and out of Josh's mouth. His dick was nearly 9 inches long now as it spurt another load of cum and Josh swallowed it obediently. Artemis suddenly picked Josh up off the floor and went back down to his own knees. Artemis once more wrapped his fat lips around Josh's dick and started sucking harder than ever on the 6 inch shaft. He was going to make this hot guy cum. He wanted to drink his cum desperately. Josh was moaning as he grabbed Artemis head and pulled him into his dick; face fucking the black intern.

Steven was pounding Oscar like he had never fucked another person before, and he knew that any moment he was going to cum. Oscar's own 5 inch dick was flopping around as Steven brutally pounded him. Ty was in heaven as Oscar's tongue and mouth savored his dick and his best friend penetrated deep inside of his hot hole. The red head lined up his own big 10 inch cock and then smacked the head of the big shaft against Raphael's exposed pink hole. With one last wad of spit in Raphael's ass, the red head started shoving the big fat shaft inside. He slapped Raphael's ass as he muttered, "Take that dick."

Raphael was being pierced by an intense rod; it was so big he did not think it could fit inside of his virgin hole. He was determined not to stop fucking Ty's ass, so he just let the red head do whatever he wanted. He would give up his own ass as long as he was the one inside of Ty. Raphael felt pain as the fat dick pressed harder inside filling his ass and stretching him to the extreme. Raphael wrapped his arms around and gripped Ty's muscular chest fiercely as he fought the pain. Tears leaked from his eyes as the red head started thrusting inside. Raphael urged his muscles to relax and he pushed his ass up, so that the dick would slide easier into his hole. The pain started to pass and Raphael experienced a rush of euphoria as he both fucked and got fucked.

Josh couldn't take it any longer he started cumming inside of Artemis' mouth. Load after load of hot cum were slurped down Artemis' throat as Josh fucked his face. Ty could instinctively smell the fresh cum as it exploded out of Josh's dick. Ty knew suddenly what he wanted from all of these hot guys. Ty gave a command, "No one shoots another load, unless it is in my mouth."

Steven looked up as he grunted with effort, "Then get ready, because I'm about to... oh fuck, Oscar. Your ass is so good."

Ty bent over as far as he could and moved Oscar out of the way as he opened his mouth. Steven brought his dick to Ty's open mouth and started stroking his dick harder and faster until at last the cum spurted out of the tip and into Ty's mouth. Ty sucked it down and swirled his tongue around Steven's swollen cock head. Oscar was there almost immediately; he shoved his own dick into Ty's mouth and started face fucking the massive stud that was begging for cum. Oscar could not help but stare at the two hot guys behind Ty, the muscular Puerto Rican and the sweaty red headed wrestler.

As Josh, sat down on a nearby bench, Artemis looked down at his enlarged 9 inch dick still dripping with cum. He wanted to try out his new dick inside of another guy's hot ass. As he looked at the other 5 guys; Steven had been spent, Oscar was desperately fucking Ty's face, Raphael was desperately fucking Ty's ass while this incredibly sexy red head was pushing a fat dick inside of Raphael. The red head's ass was already wet and appeared to be lubed and ready to fuck. Artemis wanted it, and he wanted it now. He walked over and started sliding his dick inside of the surprised red head. Artemis loved the feel of the tight ass as his cock slowly slipped inside. He wanted his cock to grow, buried deep inside the hot sweaty stud's ass.

"Oh fuck!" the red head guy suddenly cried out, "How big is that fucking thing? It fucking hurts!"

Raphael looked over his shoulder in curiosity and saw the young black guy pushing inside of the red head's ass. Raphael laughed to himself, because he thought the red head deserved a taste of his own medicine. Raphael was in heaven, even with the red head's cock buried 10 inches into his ass, it was actually beginning to feel very good as it pressed against his prostate. Ty's vice like ass was milking his cock in ways no ass or pussy had ever made him feel. Raphael knew he would not last much longer before his came.

Ty sucked down every drop as Oscar suddenly started cumming inside of his mouth. For a little guy Oscar shot a surprising 10 shots of hot cum really hard and fast into the back of Ty's throat. Ty almost gagged on the first hot thick wad to strike the back of his throat, but then he guzzled it down with his saliva. Oscar made little noise as he came, but his little face squished in the sexiest grimace as he pumped his cum into the hot stud's mouth. Steven started rubbing Oscar's shoulder's tenderly as he watched his young friend cum. The two kissed as Oscar's wet dick fell from Ty's mouth' completely spent of its cum offering.

Artemis fucked into the red head's tight butt and he could feel his dick expanding inside of the hot hole. He was stretching the poor muscle stud to limits he probably never dreamed of, and with each expansion of his dick more cum seeped out of the tight butt. It was so hot, Artemis never wanted to stop. Ty had given him this amazing gift and he intended to use it. The red head was just screaming in discomfort, but he was trapped by Raphael's ass and could not easily escape the brutal fucking he was receiving. Artemis remembered getting fucked by Ty and imagined that a part of the red head had no desire to escape. In truth he really wanted it.

Ty's 18 inch dick was swinging around like a horse cock as Raphael continued to pummel his ass. Ty could feel cum just leaking out of his dick like a dripping faucet. Raphael roared as the stimulation became too great. Raphael started shooting his hot load deep inside of Ty's hot ass. Despite Ty's earlier command, Ty did not want it any other way. He wanted to feel his best friend's hot cum pumping deep into his hot hole. His ass milked the cock of all of its cum and left Raphael shaking and spasming from his intense orgasm.

The red head pushed Raphael off of his dick, clearly overwhelmed by the sensation of Raphael's orgasm, and started stroking hard on his 10 inch dick, "I'm gonna cum!"

"Yea, bitch, cum," Artemis urged as he fucked his growing cock deep inside of the red head's delicious hole.

Ty heard the red head's warning and moved over in front of him, he licked the end of the cock and sucked the head while the red head stroked it, suddenly load after load unleashed inside of Ty's mouth. Ty sucked down the cum and swallowed every bit of it before he leaned back and looked up and smiled at the big red headed stud, "Nice to meet you too, Travis."

Travis slowly pulled Artemis out of his ass as he stepped away and Ty remained on his knees in front of Artemis' big 12 inch dick now swinging in front of him. Ty and Artemis were the only guys who had yet to cum one last time. The other 5 guys were standing around the gym or resting against the equipment as they tried to catch their breath. Ty grabbed Artemis' dick and licked the whole wet shaft before sucking briefly on the tip of the big dick. He could taste Travis' hot ass and a lot of Artemis' cum. Ty stood and lifted Artemis off the ground as if he weighed next to nothing. Ty propped Artemis against one of the nearby weight machines and then started pushing his massive 18 inch cock inside of Artemis' tight hole.

Raphael watched in astonished surprise as the black guy's hole seemed to mold and shape around Ty's intense cock. Artemis was stroking his own 12 inch dick furiously as he accepted the brutal monster into his body. The intense amount of cum leaking from Ty's dick provided enough lube for the entire 18 inch cock to slide all the way inside of Artemis. Artemis rolled his head back, "Yea, baby."

"I like your new dick," Ty smiled down at the sexy intern as he leaned over and started sucking the head of Artemis' dick. Artemis groaned as Ty began sliding his massive cock in and out of the over-stuffed hole. Raphael was sure the poor black guy would suddenly rip completely in half as Ty pushed inside over and over, but instead Artemis continued to take the monster cock with a broad smile on his face. Soon the weights of the machine they were fucking on were rattling loudly as Ty slammed his dick into Artemis' hole.

Artemis suddenly shot a fountain of cum over his own head and with Ty's next thrust another shot landed on his face, then chest and abs. As cum continued to dribble out of Artemis dick, Ty started licking the hot juice off of Artemis face and chest. Then Ty's entire body seemed to stiffen and he threw his head back in a mighty roar and unleashed his own massive load of cum deep inside of Artemis' ass. Again and again, Ty shook with the intense pressure of his own orgasm. His dick slid out of Artemis' hole and shortly following what appeared to be a quart of cum started pouring out of Artemis ass as the muscles expanded and contracted. Ty gave Artemis' chest one last lick before kissing the black guy on the lips.

"Well, that was unexpected," Ty laughed as he turned to Raphael, "I think we better have that talk now."

"What the fuck is going on in here?" A guy suddenly yelled as he walked into the gym. Every eye turned and looked at the new comer who was shortly followed by his girlfriend.

"On second thought," Ty considered, "Let's have this chat at my place. You can all follow me there."

The guy and his girlfriend watched in horror as the 7 naked men gathered their clothes and then left the gym. As the final massive stud, who seemed to be in charge, passed them the guy shamefully came in his pants and the girl began to have an orgasm. Ty flashed them a devilish smile and said, "Sorry about that."



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