Alex stood with his arm wrapped around Wes, so that they could each support the other in their weakened condition. Standing before them blocking the only entrance to the small room were a cluster of massive MXers.  Teo, Guns, Jeffrey, and Peter lay just inside the room splattered and soaked in cum from the MXers.  Their bodies were under going changes and eventually they would become perfect replicas of the other massive studs infected with the MX19 virus. The face and eyes were still very reminiscent of the young boy, Ty, who had originally come in contact with the virus.  Alex had saved Wes from these incredible beasts, but they were still trapped.

                “How do we get out?” Wes asked the question Alex was afraid to.

                “I don’t know.”

                The MXers moved forward, somewhat surprised that Alex and Wes had not already succumb to their incredible, perfect bodies. From their bodies poured a continuous, overwhelming abundance of pheromones which should have rendered Alex and Wes utterly defenseless and compliant to whatever sexual demands they required.  The MXers maintained a constant 18 inch erection, always ready to supply more cum and infect whoever stood in their way.  If Alex and Wes would not submit, they would be taken by force.

                “Shit they are coming for us,” Wes backed against the wall.

                Alex did the only thing he could think to do. It had become almost a reflex to abandon his own mind when push came to shove.  Alex had been uniquely effected by his viral enhancement and had unlocked new abilities within his own mind.  He cast himself into the mind of the nearest MXer.  Immediately his body collapsed to the floor in an unconscious state. Alex was suddenly overwhelmed by the crying out of a hundred different voices.

                The mind of the MXer was like standing in a quiet room, but knowing that there is a sound of a television or some sort of electronic device left on.  You can hear and almost feel that a TV was left on, but it was left on mute, leaving only the soft hum of the electronic equipment.  But instead of a soft hum it was the cry of hundreds of men longing to be free.  Overriding all this sound was the intense desire to have sex.

                Alex looked around the room through the eyes of the MXer and saw his unconscious body and Wes backed into a corner.  While Alex could recognize Wes, the MXer saw only a sexual opportunity.  It wanted Wes, it hungered for him.  More importantly the MXer wanted Wes’ cum.  The MXers were seeking out samples of cum, collecting them to bring them somewhere.  Alex was confused by many of the thoughts, but he could get the overall picture. This MXer had been particularly pleased with the sample it had collected from Guns.  Already Guns’ exceptional DNA was being incorporated and broken down.

                Alex used all his might to take control of the MXer’s body.  He reached out and grabbed the chair that was left unused in the room.  He felt off-balance with the giant 18 inch erection swinging from his pelvis, but he managed the swing the chair around and make contact with the MXer closest to him on the left.  As the chair madec ontact with the MXer’s head, Alex could feel the overwhelming pain of the blow.  All the voices murmuring in the background cried out at once.  Alex realized that the MXer’s were essentially sharing their experiences.

                Alex wasted no time bashing all the other MXers across the head until they all lay motionless on the floor.  Alex closed his eyes as his head continued to spin and ache with the force of each blow he had delivered.  It took every ounce of energy Alex had to maintain control over the massive body he had inhabited.

                “Alex? Is that you in there?” Wes asked.

                “Yes,” Alex whispered, still trying to keep his balance despite the throbbing headache.

                “You have no idea how much I want to fuck you right now,” Wes moaned as he reached out and touched the MXer that was now inhabited by his best friend and lover.

                “You can’t,” Alex whispered, “Get the chair and club this asshole over the head when I go back to my own body.”

                Wes looked disappointed, but did as he was instructed.  Alex prepared to leave, but a new presence appeared inside his mind.  “Who are you?”

                The voice boomed around inside of the MXer’s mind drowning out all other thoughts.  It was how Alex imagined it would feel if God actually spoke to you inside your mind.  While Alex was afraid, the voice was also somewhat soothing and relaxing.  It made him feel more compliant and willing to obey. “I asked you, who you are?”


                “What?” Wes asked as the MXer vocalized the thoughts.

                “My name is Alex.”

                “I know your name,” Wes replied, “get back in your body!”

                “I have not yet tasted you Alex,” the voice echoed, “How did you get here?”

                “Fuck you,” Alex sputtered.

                “I don’t understand what’s going on,” Wes put the chair he’d been holding down.

                “I would enjoy that, Alex,” the voice bellowed from inside, “Perhaps we should meet face to face.  You can lose yourself in endless pleasure and become a part of the whole.  Can you not feel the powerful body you possess?  Join us and become the perfect male form.  We are all, and we are one.”

                Alex struggled again to return to his own body, but he could not pull himself away from the compelling voice.  The voice was much stronger and some unseen force bound Alex to the mind of the MXer.  Alex could suddenly see and feel the presence of more MXers traveling through the halls. The voice, the leader, whatever it was, was sending more men to collect Alex and Wes for their ‘collection.’ Alex looked at his frightened lover, more worried about Wes’ fate than his own.  If Alex was trapped, it did not matter, but he refused to see Wes stuck with him.

                “You have to leave me,” Alex pleaded.

                “I can’t!” Wes looked shocked, “Not after I’ve come all this way to help you!”

                “You don’t understand, there is something more going on here,” Alex grabbed Wes’ hands, “If you stay they will capture both of us.  You have a chance to leave, please take it.”

                “I’m not leaving you again,” Wes shook his head.

                “Which is why you should take my body,” Alex nodded.

                “So that when you return,” Wes realized the logic behind it, “you’ll be with me.”

                “Yes, but you must go now,” Alex pleaded, “Take the hall to the left, another left at the end.  You should be able to get back without running into another MXer, but you must go now.”

                “Touching,” the voice boomed, “You would sacrifice yourself for him.  It does not matter, all shall be one eventually.”

                Wes using his enhanced muscles was able to lift Alex’s unconscious body with relative ease and sling him over his shoulder. The two shared a meaningful glance, and Wes was certain it was not goodbye.  They had found each other over and over again since the nightmare had begun and they will find each other again.  Wes hurried into the hall and disappeared around the corner.  Alex waited, he could sense several more MXers approaching and he prepared to go with them.

                “You have made a mistake,” the voice spoke, “Everyone you care for eventually lets you down.  He will fail you and you will feel pain, grief, and despair.  With us, all is pleasure.  You can live in a constant state of satisfaction.  You can be superior to all other men.”

                “You and I have different definitions of superior,” Alex replied.

                “We shall see,” the voice acknowledged just as four MXers filed into the room to escort Alex.


                Sometime later, Alex began to recognize familiar halls and passageways.  He walked among countless MXers coming and going.  It was like ants near their colony.  Collecting food and items and then returning in lines upon lines to their home.  But what these monsters collected was cum and more followers.  The walls were slick and wet with cum and all around was the musty smell of sex.  Alex could feel the cum dripping down from the ceiling and he could feel it squishing under his feet.  It was both impressive and disturbing at the same time.  Finally, they entered the room that had once acted as Isaac’s throne room.

                The room was packed with MXers fucking and ejaculating over every surface and allover one another.  Their 18 inch dicks were constantly hard and always ready to fuck again and again.  Alex could sense the desire to join them, all the voices in his mind were urging him to fuck with the rest of them.  Without ever coming in contact with anyone, Alex knew the 18 inch cock on the MXer he was inhabiting was ready to spew cum.  Alex could feel the balls aching, desperate to unload their heavy burden.

                “It’s ok,” the voice spoke, but not in his mind, from inside the room, “Cum.”

                Alex looked up as an opening appeared between all the MXers fucking and he got his first glimpse of the man on the throne and the source of the voice.  Alex was shocked and awed by the sight.  A man about twelve feet tall lorded over the MXer orgy with a smug look.  His body was not bulky like a body builder, but every bit of the massive stud was toned to perfection.  Small growths of hair covered all the right places on the chest, down below the navel, and a well-trimmed growth of pubic hair.  The man’s face was strikingly similar to all the other MXers, but he had more mature features and a short beard.  The man’s dick hung down between his legs like a third appendage. It had to be 3feet long and a foot around, resting on a bed of balls the size of volleyballs.

                Alex could feel himself cumming everywhere, he couldn’t help it.  As he looked upon the leader of these perfect specimens he could see only what every man dreamed to be.  Alex knew it was unrealistic, he knew that such a man could not and should not exist. It was unnatural, and such a massive cock was virtually unusable, but Alex wanted to satisfy and fulfill this perfect studs every will and desire.

                “You see,” the man spoke, “We live in ecstasy and every moment is pure bliss.”

                “But these are people,” Alex tried to come to his senses, “they have individual thoughts and people who care for them.”

                “People leave,” the man declared, “Whether by death or choice all there can ever be is pain and suffering.  Here there is only pleasure and a hunger for more.  You can have more, you can be more.”

                “I can’t,” Alex shook his head, “I care too much for my friends and…”

                “Wes,” the man finished the sentence, “Such feelings are pleasant, but they will fade.”

                “You have to believe in yourself and the other person,” Alex tried to reason.

                “I have spent much of my life on the outside,” the man shook his head, “No one looked at me with eyes filled with lust as you just did when you entered this room.  I am beyond all of them now.  I can be what I want to be and I can mold the perfect male form.”

                “But you will still be alone,” Alex pointed at the man’s massive 3 foot dick, “who will be able to satisfy you now?”

                “When I have perfected this body, I will replicate again.”

                Alex was stunned into speechlessness as he realized the potential that a new race of twelve foot tall MXers could soon be running around.  No amount of quarantine or containment could stop such a force.  The whole world could be in grave danger if this threat was not stopped soon.

                “You can’t stop me,” the man laughed a little, “It is already too late.  I can feel more and more of my replications filling the streets of the nearby city. My influence will spread far and wide. All will be one, one will be all.”

                “Not if I have anything to say about it!” Alex projected his mind as quickly and powerfully as he knew how and in a flash he had entered the mind of the leader.


                Alex was in a sea of endless sexual gratification. He could feel and sense every MXer pounding and getting pounded by countless dicks.  He tried to focus on the voice of the one person that mattered, but he had no idea what he was looking for.

                “You’ll never find me,” the voice echoed, “We are too many.”

                Alex took steps toward the source of the sound, but it seemed to shift and alter directions.  Alex had never felt so lost in another person’s mind, it was no wonder this person had split from reality and abandoned himself to madness.

                Alex moved again, but found his path blocked by the image of two men.  Alex recognized Jeffrey immediately and cowered back a few steps.  The second image was a younger kid, Alex knew his name to be Oscar even though he had never met the young stud before.

                “Hello, asshole,” Jeffrey laughed viciously, “miss me?”

                “You can’t take this away from us,” Oscar growled, “I’ll never stop fucking.”

                Alex was in a mind full of hostility and as he backed away from these two, more shadowy figures began to materialize behind them.  Each man was crying out how desperately they wanted to stay inside of their cocoons of pleasure.  As Alex backed away, he ran into a wall of flesh which gripped his arms, legs and body with vice like need.  All around him were the visions of men each with massive erections eager to fuck and conquer any that stood in their way.

                They forced Alex down and stuffed his mouth with their dicks.  In reality it was impossible, but in this dream prison Alex could feel many dicks entering his mouth, countless dicks.  His also was not spared.  He could feel as if a hundred men were all using him.  Alex didn’t want to like the sensations, but he did.  He felt the same urge to cum over and over again just as he had in the MXer’s body.  It was easy to see why so many men had been corrupted by this intense desire.

                But it wasn’t real.

                “It’s not real,” Alex squeezed his eyes shut and forced that single thought over and over.

                Alex swiped out and cleared the foggy illusion of men stuffing his face with cock, they dematerialized as he forced his way up. He stood and looked out into the sea of men, looking through what was illusion, trying to locate what was real.

                “Don’t fight the pleasure,” a voice sounded, but it was not the same commanding powerful voice that Alex had heard before. It was a scared, frightened, pathetic voice.  Likely a young kid, barely 18 years old.

                Alex pushed through the fog of hot, powerful men and managed to grab hold of someone.  A young kid, slightly pudgy with a very pimply face.  Alex gripped the young kid and the kid looked afraid.

                “You’re what everyone is afraid of?” Alex laughed.

                “Don’t look at me,” the boy pleaded, “this isn’t who I am anymore.”

                “And who were you?” Alex demanded, “What’s your name?”

                “All are one…”

                “Spare me that shit,” Alex shook the boy, “What’s your name?”

                Before Alex could get his answer the boy seemed to look around in a panic and Alex realized what the boy could see. Whenever Alex projected his mind, there was always a door or a crack back to his own body.  Alex could see the little asshole spotting that exit.  Alex was frantic, it had happened before once with the twins and Alex had been disconnected from his own body.  It was too late, the boy slipped through the crack and was gone.

                Alex stood in his new body, a hulking 12 foot man with a 3 foot dick dangling nearly to the floor.  All the MXers had stopped their orgy and were looking up to him with blank expressionless faces.  Despite the young kids hopes that all the men were happy and fulfilled, they were really only carrying out their masters will.  Now that the young kid was gone, they were all directionless and lost.

                “Well,” Alex mumbled, “this is unexpected.”


                Wes had just reached the lab with Alex’s body. Diego and Ivan were busy at work, Artemis had rushed to see Wes.  Wes was in the middle of recounting the last moments of his failed rescue mission when suddenly Alex’s body opened its eyes and sat up.

                Wes immediately crouched down and draped his arm around Alex’s shoulders, “Your back! Thank God, Alex!”

                “No,” Alex spoke, “my name is Ty.  My God, what have I done?”



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