Oscar could feel the director's tight ass hole around his monster cock as he pumped his dick deeper and deeper inside. He could taste the director's cum in his mouth, so fresh and hot, as he licked his soft lips. He bent his head down a bit and consumed load after load of cum as it erupted from Isaac's massive 16 inch cock. He wanted to add another hot stud to his collection. He wanted them all. He was just about to orgasm, when he suddenly came awake. His eyes flew open and he sat up in bed.

Oscar was lying in Ty's room, still disoriented from the most vivid dream he had ever experienced. Oscar's clothes lay literally torn all around him as they were stripped from his body. A body he no longer recognized as his own. His body was ripped with extreme muscles and between his legs was a rigid 18 inch cock. The monster cock was throbbing with such intense need and waves of lust washed over his body like he had never experienced before. All over Oscar's cock and body were men, worshipping his perfect body.

Mike, the guy that had reported their gym orgy to the police, was eagerly swallowing the head of Oscar's 18 inch cock, gagging himself as he stroked his own chest. Josh was down lower, sucking and licking Oscar's newly enlarged balls and the base of his thick shaft. The police officer, Flint Shelby, was lower yet as he rimmed Oscar's tight hole, causing Oscar to spurt small amounts of cum into Mike's throat as he experienced such ecstasy. The massive red head, Travis, and Oscar's personal trainer, Steve, were each sucking on Oscar's nipples as they kissed his muscular torso.

Oscar rolled his head back a moment and just enjoyed every sensation. He didn't understand how these men knew what he wanted or what he needed. It was as if he dream and his transformation had acted like a beacon, calling men to him. In reality, his body was producing such potent pheromones that the 5 hot studs downstairs were compelled to come to him. Their dicks all rigid as they ascended the stairs like drones, eager to please the source of their sudden desires. When they had entered the room, they found Ty lying on his bed. They knew it to be Oscar, but the face, body, and massive dick were all Ty.

Oscar touched Steve's blond head, urging his hot personal trainer to look at him. Oscar had always been gay, and he had many sexual fantasies involving his hot blond personal trainer. Of all the 5 men, worshipping his massive new body it was Steve that Oscar desired most of all. Steve looked up at Oscar, and Oscar stared desperately back into the gorgeous hazel eyes. "I'm no longer that scrawny kid you started training."

"No," Steve smiled, "you're not."

"I want to taste you dick," Oscar pleaded as he kissed Steve on the lips. Their mouths parted slightly and their tongues briefly touched before Steve stood up, his rigid 7 inch cock quickly finding its mark. Oscar swallowed the whole length of Steve's cock and then the hot personal trainer began fucking the back of Oscar's tight throat. Steve threw his head back in intense pleasure and began moaning. Oscar's cock erupted another load of hot cum inside of Mike's eager mouth as he was consumed by more and more lust than he had ever experienced.

Oscar's lust only produced more pheromones, which caused the men all around him to become more eager to please. They were insatiable in their need to satisfy their hot young stud. Steve, especially, could see the way Oscar had looked into his eyes and he knew that he had to give Oscar exactly what he desired. His desire to please fueled his passion as he shoved his rock hard cock into Oscar's open mouth. Oscar's tongue began working the dick in ways Steve had never experienced during a blow job. Steve grit his teeth and fought the intense urge to cum, because he wanted to make it last for his beautiful stud. He slowed his pace a bit, but Oscar eagerly picked up the pace again as he started sucking harder on the cock and playing his tongue over and around the head.

Mike couldn't stand it anymore as another load of cum filled his mouth from Oscar's massive cock. Mike let the hot cum fall from his mouth into his hand and then used the hand to rub it into his tight hairy hole. Mike recalled watching Ty's massive cock disappear into Oscar's tiny ass, and in truth Mike had never imagined wanting to get fucked up the ass until that moment. He forgot about his girlfriend that he'd left behind at the gym and had been consumed by feelings and desires he never imagined possible. Now he had the chance again.

Mike stood up over Oscar's prone body. Oscar noticed and momentarily removed Steve's cock from his mouth to look up at Mike's muscular, sexy body. There were no words spoken, but Oscar nodded and Mike sat down allowing Oscar's 18 inch cock to push against his tight hairy hole. The cock pushed and stretched until the head of the massive cock finally penetrated inside. Mike's hungry hole swiftly gobbled down several inches and for a moment the pain pressing against Mike's ass subsided. But the pain became more intense as he forced Oscar's massive shaft deeper and deeper.

Oscar moaned in pure delight as Mike's perfect ass squeezed his cock in extraordinary ways. He rolled his head to the other side and urged Travis to feed him his massive 10 inch cock. Travis was only too eager to please. Steve was grateful to have a moment to rest. He stroked his hard dick with just enough intensity to keep it hard. He knew it wouldn't be long before Oscar came back for more. Pleasing his dick in ways he'd never experienced. He watched Travis' face as Travis also began to experience the most intensely erotic blow job of his life. Mike was also moaning as he descended further onto Oscar's massive dick. Mike felt as if he body were being ripped in half, but his lustful need made him take more and more.

Officer Shelby urged Josh to help him hold Oscar's legs apart and began sliding his thick 8 inch cock inside of Oscar's exposed wet hole. Oscar howled in pleasure as he unleashed a hot load of cum inside of Mike's hairy ass. The hot cum helped Mike slide down deeper onto the cock until he had taken almost the whole shaft. Mike began bouncing up and down slowly on the unimaginably massive pole penetrating his overstuffed ass, urging it deeper inside. Flint was an insatiable, aggressive fucker and he did not disappoint as he unleashed the full length of his rigid cock inside of Oscar's sweet ass. Each deep plunge of his cock caused Oscar to unleash more and more lubricant inside of Mike's tight ass.

Oscar allowed Travis to rest his throbbing 10 inch dick a moment. Oscar could sense how close the hot red-head stud was to cumming, but he didn't give him the satisfaction yet. He turned back and swallowed all of Steve and began pleasing his dream stud's amazing dick again. He swallowed Steve's cock with a renewed hunger and need. His body was overcome with so many powerful sensations it could easily overwhelm him, so he focused only on Steve's hard throbbing dick filling his mouth. He wanted to please his favorite stud until he tasted his cum, and then he wanted to drain that hard dick dry. Steve would become a more intimate part of him than ever before.

It didn't take long before Steve felt the familiar building sensation. He tried to hold it back, but soon his hot load started surging forth, filling Oscar's hot mouth. Oscar consumed every bit of the hot cum and continued to suck on the throbbing cock as Steve shuddered in orgasmic delight. No sooner had Steve finally dispelled every ounce of cum that was waiting inside and Oscar was on Travis' dick. Oscar began milking Travis' cock with his hot mouth and Travis was also quick to cum. Oscar tasted the hot liquid filling his mouth and gulped it down, eager to have more.

Oscar focused his desire and his need on the cock that Flint was shoving inside of his tight ass. He found that the more he focused on the muscles of his tight ass, the more he was able to control them. Oscar tightened his hole around Flint's amazing cock with every deep thrust he made. He relaxed the muscles so that Flint could withdraw the cock and then tightened them again. After Oscar had mastered his tight hole, Flint began to moan more eagerly as he fucked harder and faster. Oscar motioned for Josh to come closer. Josh obediently brought his 6 inch cock to Oscar and began feeding it to the gorgeous stud.

Mike continued to slide up and down on Oscar's intense shaft. Mike's pain was still unimaginable, but at the same time the massive cock seemed to complete him. He'd never experienced such a powerful sensation. He knew that when Oscar finally gave him the full power of his orgasm, he would receive something else as well. He would become like Oscar. He wanted to know what it would be like to have such power. To look down and suddenly realize that multiple people want nothing more than to please you. Satisfy you in any way you desired.

Josh could not withstand the powerful sensations on his dick, he suddenly started cumming in Oscar's mouth. The tightening of his ab muscles as he inhaled a sharp breath caused the lion tattoo on his body to crinkle. Oscar found the contracting of the perfect muscles somehow enhanced by the black ink, making them more visible, noticeable. As Oscar tasted and experienced everything Josh had to offer in his thick, creamy load he couldn't help but orgasm as well. Mike received a brutal pummeling of hot cum exploding into his guts. Mike continued to ride the massive cock, eager to accept everything from Oscar.

Officer Shelby was the next to cum as he fucked Oscar's tight ass. During Oscar's orgasm the tight hole seemed to grip down like a vice and milk his dick in all new and powerful ways. It didn't take long for Flint to be overwhelmed with sensation and begin flooding Oscar's tight hole with cum. Flint used long powerful strokes to make sure the hot cum made it deep inside. In his aggressive powerful orgasm, Flint smacked Mike's ass hard as it continued to rise up and down on the massive 18 inch monster.

"I have to fuck you all," Oscar said to the gathered men, "I need to fuck you all."


Ty's massive cock slid out of Isaac's ass and Isaac remained draped over the throne, completely defeated. Ty turned to face all the panting and moaning men who had only just finished experiencing an intense simultaneous orgasm. Alex looked up at the throne and saw the hot young stud rising up before them like a mythological god. Ty surveyed them all with a look of hunger and said, "I have to fuck you all. I need to fuck you all."

Although Alex wanted nothing more than to find Wes and spend all of his days with Wes and no one else, all of those dreams seemed to fade away. He knew that whatever Ty requested of them, they would comply. The naked guards all began scrambling over each other, pushing and fighting their way towards Ty as they longed to be the first to satisfy their new master. Alex even saw Jon and Robert clambering against each other in a desperate need to satisfy. Alex was inexorably drawn to Ty, but not as urgently as the rest. He noted this fact and knew it to be significant, but his lust for Ty was threatening to make him forget. He closed his eyes and forced his thoughts on Wes.


Wes was still trapped inside of Isaac's personal quarters, watching the various intense orgies unfolding before him on the wall of video monitors. He could not believe his eyes when the Russian doctor suddenly turned into a glorious young stud while fucking Isaac with such extreme intensity. Wes could not help but feel his dick growing harder as he watched them all, especially when he saw Alex. He longed to be with Alex again more than anything. As he watched Alex on the monitor he was alarmed when his friend suddenly collapsed to the floor, apparently unconscious.

"Wes," Alex suddenly seemed to speak from within the room. Wes turned and looked around in shock.

"I'm here," Alex spoke again, but this time Wes was shocked as his arm lifted from his side and waved in the air. He focused his mind on lowering the arm, but it was not in his control. "Inside your mind."

"Well, that's a very weird feeling," Wes stuttered aloud.

"You don't necessarily have to speak out loud to me," Alex continued as he let the arm fall.

Wes tried to think of his next sentence without opening his mouth, but all he could think was "This is insane!"

"Yes it is," Alex answered in response to the unspoken comment, "I fear if I'd waited a moment longer though, this young guy named Ty might have had control of me. He defeated Isaac, I think, but now he may have just become an even greater problem."

"Stop that!" Wes tried to suppress the thought, but it was already there.

"Sorry, no need to yell," Alex replied, "It's not like I had a choice in the matter."

"I guess I wanted to be closer to you," Wes spoke because it was too weird to only think the thoughts, "Guess my wish is granted."

"I can speak out loud too, if it makes it easier," Alex suddenly hijacked control of Wes' mouth.

"No! That's worse!" Wes screamed in his mind, "Leave control of my body to me."

"Think how I feel," Alex chided, "I'm just a disjointed consciousness trapped inside my friend's mind. I have very little options here. Plus I can hear everything you're thinking; including how much you hate this. We need to find a way to fix all of this."

"Ok," Wes began to review all the things he'd observed on the video monitors.

"There!" Alex shouted in triumph, "that scientist that started all of this. Diego."

"Yes," Wes spoke, "he managed to make it to the labs. He may have answers."

"Ok," Alex continued, "Is there a guard outside?"

"I'm not sure, but..." Wes started, but Alex finished, "...yes, Isaac locked the door. I know, that's why I asked."

"Seriously, stop that!" Wes gritted his teeth, but Alex was already gone. A few minutes passed and a random security guard unlocked the door and walked inside. He walked over to Wes and handed him a taser. Wes accepted with a frown and then waited a moment before shocking the guard and letting him drop to the ground.

"Well done," Alex applauded in his mind.

"I have to admit," Wes chuckled, "that was fucking awesome!"


Diego reviewed the data again and again as Ivan continued to outline the horrors of their failed attempts at controlling strain MX19. The concept was to isolate the most masculine characteristics of different men and allow the host to take on whichever characteristics they desired. The complications began when the original host transmitted the virus, because the virus would immediately begin to replicate itself and the original host. Essentially, if left unchecked, Ty would soon start to replicate himself over and over and over again.

"We can't just approach Ty now," Ivan worried, "he already overpowered me here in this office. I could not resist doing exactly what he desired."

"We need to find someone that can reach him on an emotional connection," Diego wondered, "allow him to feel something more than lust and a need to replicate."

"We've been friends since we were kids," Raphael spoke from the doorway, "Maybe I could talk to him."

"It's worth a shot," Ivan shrugged, "but we need to isolate a way to stop this particular mutation."

"In all of my work," Diego continued, "I placed a unique signature that allowed me to immediately wipe out any viral materials that were undesired. Sort of a failsafe."

"Yes," Ivan nodded, "we discovered this early in our own research and used that to halt the progression of your virus as well as many of the original test subjects. Unfortunately, the strain of MX19 that we marked for destruction was the one that was stolen. Much of your original failsafe had been masked by the viral mutations. We deemed it too dangerous and unpredictable for human trials."

"So we can't stop the virus," Diego put his hands over his tired eyes, "Can we slow the progression?"

"We simply isolated the infected animal test subjects and provided lethal injections," Ivan worried, "I don't think that would be an option now."

"Absolutely not!" Artemis agreed.

"You said the virus only replicated the original host?" Diego asked.

"Yes," Ivan nodded.

"So," Diego wondered as he sifted through the data again, "perhaps the virus requires the original host DNA to complete the strain. Perhaps the secret to defeating the virus is not in the virus, but in the host DNA. We'd need a blood sample from the original host though."

"And even then, it's only a theory," Ivan reminded.

"But also our best option at the moment," Diego turned to Raphael, "you'll have to learn how to draw blood."


Matt had crept through all the chaos in the halls. He could see the exit just beyond a set of double doors, but three large, heavily-armed men were standing between him and the exit. All he wanted was to be free of the insanity that had surrounded him on all sides and it all started with that unlucky 911 call. Matt felt his heart skip a beat as one of the guards began to turn. Matt realized that the guard would instantly spot him in his current location. Matt searched the area and quickly ducked inside of the nearest room.

The room was dark, but Matt simply placed his ear against the closed door and listened to make sure the guard had not seen him. After a long period of silence Matt peered into the dark room. Fumbling his hand across the wall he discovered a switch and turned on the flickering overhead fluorescents. He was in a small janitor's closet and in the middle of the floor was a security guard with his pants off and the janitor with his shirt off and pants around his knees and cock still buried deep in the guards ass. The two men were staring at Matt in surprise. Matt stared back for a long moment before switching the light back off and then disappearing back into the hall.

Matt collided with the security guard that had almost seen him and both men were sent sprawling across the floor. The other two guards at the entrance heard the commotion and responded quickly. It was not long before Matt was completely overwhelmed on all sides. He struggled to free himself, but the guards were too many. Matt finally accepted his fate and made one last look at the exit no more than 10 feet away. So close.

"Attention security," Isaac was suddenly transmitting through the overhead speakers, "Please bring all prisoners to me immediately for further evaluation. Any member of staff that is not currently engaged in essential activities should also report here for immediate reassignment. Thank you."

"Come on," two of the guards grabbed Matt while the third stayed to watch the exit, "sounds like we're going to see the boss."

The janitor and the guard in the closet suddenly emerged, now fully dressed. The guard looked embarrassed, but the janitor looked like he was enjoying every moment. Matt could see a massive bulge in the janitor's pants.

"You have to be fucking kidding me, Steinwick!" One of the guards chastised the two men.

"Sorry," the embarrassed guard smiled sheepishly, "I could resist."

"Come on, you could definitely use reassignment."


Oscar had already unleashed massive loads inside of Mike, Josh, and Officer Shelby. Each man had cried out, but they begged him to stuff every inch of his new massive 18 inch cock inside them. Somehow Oscar had cum deep inside of each man and now his dream stud and personal trainer, Steven, was bent over in front of him. Oscar watched his massive dick sliding in and out of Steve's hot hole as he fucked him doggy style. Steve was clutching the sheets of Ty's bed with such force as he tried not to scream, but the sounds were being brutally fucked out of him by Oscar's massive cock.

Mike had begun shuddering on the floor, his muscles writhing and shifting as he features began to become more and more identical to Ty. Mike's cock was enlarging and pulsing as it took the shape of Ty, the ultimate stud. Josh sat on the floor watching Mike, knowing that his transformation was not far away. Already, Josh's head felt fuzzy and he was overcome by a wave of nausea. Oscar had become Ty, and now he was making them all replicas of Ty.

Oscar finally threw his head back as he unleashed his fourth massive hot load deep inside of Steve's overstretched ass. Steve practically rolled onto the floor as Oscar finally dragged the whole length of the massive 18 inch cock out of Steve's ass. Oscar sat down on the bed and looked over at the muscular red head, Travis. Oscar smiled and said, "Come ride it, bitch."


Ty had used his ability to mock Isaac's voice to his advantage. He watched as countless hot guards began pouring into the throne room and many of them dragging patients with them. Ty was eager to have them all and none of them could resist his perfect body.

"Ty," a familiar voice suddenly spoke to Ty's right. He turned and saw Raphael standing there.

"Raphael," Ty smiled, "I'm glad you're here."

"I want to help you..." Raphael whispered as he stepped closer to his fully naked friend, "...but i need a..."

Raphael was now standing inches away from Ty. Ty turned and faced Raphael and touched his friend tenderly on the cheek. Raphael's body went rigid with delight as Ty's soft lips touched his own. Soon Raphael was kissing back with such intense passion and desire. Raphael let a needle and syringe slip through his grasp and completely forgot their existence as he gave himself to Ty.



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