Diego sat up, suddenly realizing the magnitude of what had just happened. His body was more toned and his dick was far larger than he had ever seen it before. He had clearly succeeded to enhance his body on a physical level, but he was wondering what types of cellular changes had occurred not visible to the naked eye. "I did it," he mumbled allowed.

"Yeah, I'd say you did. Do you wanna do it again?" Peter asked breathlessly from where he sat leaning against the wall.

"No, not that," Diego smiled to him, "I successfully enhanced my body using my viral manipulations. I must draw blood samples and investigate further into the full extent of my transformation."

"What?" Peter sat up straighter in alarm, "You injected yourself with the virus?"

"It worked didn't it?"

"Yes, but what if you had ended up like one of those animals: deformed, unresponsive, full of aggression, or suicidal?" Peter stood as he considered all the terrible possibilities. "What would drive you to do such a reckless, insane thing? It was about the funding, wasn't it?"

Diego felt Peter's hand on his arm, and could see the young student's face looking down on him demanding answers. Diego tried to think of an appropriate response, but when words would not come to him, he simply put his hand behind the naked boys head and drew him into a passionate kiss. Their tongues collided into each other and hands groped the other's body. Peter was so lean and muscular and his practically hairless body was soft to touch. Diego grabbed at one of the boys nipples, twisting and massaging with his fingers. Peter let out an audible moan as he broke apart their locked lips and began kissing down Diego's neck.

From somewhere in the haze of his lust, Diego remembered all of the things he had hoped to investigate and he pushed Peter back a step. Diego's newly enlarged dick was almost fully hard again and it was almost impossible to focus. "Stop. You have to go."

"What?" Peter moaned in agony, he was also feeling overcome by an intense lust.

"I have work to do," Diego stood and started walking to the corner of his office, where he kept some change of clothes. He'd have to wear his gym clothes as they were the loosest fitting clothes he had. Diego managed to pull his gym shorts on before Peter wrapped arms around his still naked torso and began tracing the line of hair running down his abdomen.

"Please don't kick me out, baby," Peter pleaded.

Diego's dick twitched with desire and it took every ounce of self control for Diego to deny this young stud. "Get out of my office, right now!"

Peter was furious as he stormed out of the lab. He was most angry with himself for thinking that he had turned his straight mentor gay after a single blow job. Peter still could not even fathom what had driven him to commit to such an act. Somehow, the injection had made Diego practically irresistible. Even as Peter walked down the hall and out of the science building he continued to imagine Diego fucking him in various sexual positions. The temptation was strong to turn around and go back, but Peter refused to be that dependant and needy; besides Diego had made it clear he was no longer wanted.

Fumbling for his cell phone, Peter dialed Alex. As the phone rang, Peter allowed his thoughts of lust to change course. Perhaps he could still have a good fuck, even if it was not the one he wanted. Alex was always there to make him feel wanted again.

" 'Sup sexy?" Alex answered.

"Change of plans," Peter started, "I got out of work early today. What are you up to?"

"Just watching cartoons, while wondering what to do about this insanely hard boner."

Peter chuckled, "Well, I guess great minds do think alike. I'll be back soon, just let that boner rest until I get there."

"Can't wait, baby," the call ended. Peter smiled to himself as he picked up the pace.

Meanwhile, Alex shut off the television and shook the shaggy black hair out of his face. He was lying on his back, his intense blue eyes looking down over his thin frame. He had no shirt on and his boxers were tenting up over the 8 inch boner threatening to break free. He allowed his hand to work its way under the boxers and he started stroking his dick. Personally, Alex wished his dick were a bit thicker, but Peter had never complained. In fact, Peter often told Alex how much he loved his dick. Alex smiled as he realized how much he loved that goofy blond boy.

It wasn't long before Peter opened the door and walked into the room. Alex was now lying back, his boxers pulled down, right hand stroking that 8 inch dick and left hand massaging his balls.

"I've been waiting for you," Alex smiled up at his cute little boy.

"Oh, I want you so bad," Peter said as he knelt down beside him. Peter wasted no time licking the whole length of the rigid dick and then kissing the tip of it. Peter went down again and licked at the balls hanging there before licking up the whole length and then taking the dick fully into his mouth.

"Oh, baby," Alex squirmed as he felt the head of his dick make contact with the back of Peter's throat. Then, Peter was moving his head back up, sucking hard as he moved. As Peter went back down on the big dick, Alex put a hand on the back of Peter's head, running his fingers through the pretty blond hair and shoving him further onto that 8 inch dick.

"Oh, fuck yea," Alex encourage, "that feels amazing."

Peter gagged and Alex let him free, but Peter didn't come straight off the dick, instead he slowly sucked all the way up until he came off with a loud pop. In one fluid motion, Peter moved up to Alex's lips and they began kissing passionately. Alex helped Peter out of his shirt and then started unbuttoning the pants as their lips and tongues locked in a hot, wet embrace. As Peter's pants fell, exposing his tight round butt, Alex slapped that ass with his right hand, and then let his fingers grope into the crack.

"Wait, baby," Peter panted, and he sat up more so that he could reach the hand feeling around his tight rectum. He brought Alex's fingers to his lips and began sucking the middle and index finger. Peter let extra saliva run down and over the fingers until there was sufficient lubrication. They started kissing again and Alex allowed his freshly lubricated fingers to continue their exploration over Peter's tight hole. Then, without pausing he let his whole middle finger slide right into that tight hole. Alex felt Peter tense and a slight moan of pain, maybe pleasure, escaped from his lips. Alex jerked the finger in and out and slapped Peter's ass again with the opposite hand.

"Oh, baby," Peter whispered, "I lubed up two."

"You're such a greedy little boy aren't you?" Alex giggled as he let his index finger slide in with his middle finger. Peter's hole spasmed momentarily as Alex began finger fucking him with two fingers. Peter reached back and started jacking Alex's hard 8 inch dick.

"You're right, I am greedy," Peter smiled down at Alex, "because right now I want this in me bad."

"Get on it, baby," Alex reached out toward the night stand and came back with a bottle of lube. He put a little in Peter's hand, which quickly returned to stroking Alex's dick. They kissed again before Peter lined up his rectum with that big stick. Alex held the base of his cock to help steady it while Peter lowered himself down onto it.

Alex's dick was long but not fat except for the giant mushroom head, which Peter loved teasing in and out of his hole when they first start fucking. Alex moaned his satisfaction as Peter pulled the fat head of the cock out of his ass and then plunged right back down on it. Each time Peter went back down he would take a little more of the cock's length deeper into his ass. Before long Peter's ass cheeks were making contact with Alex's balls and Peter's dick was swaying back and forth for Alex to see. Alex started stroking his boy's 6 inch cock, while Peter continued to ride up and down on the big dick. Alex tried to thrust his hips in time with Peter, so that his dick would come out further and slam in deeper with each movement Peter was making. Peter moaned and groaned in pleasure as he took that dick up his ass.

Suddenly, Alex rolled up and started kissing Peter on the lips then down his well formed pectorals, licking and sucking between each mound of muscle. Then, Alex allowed his tongue to play across each of Peter's soft nipples making them hard in response to the simulation. Peter continued to ride up and down on Alex's cock while his own dick was trapped between his own abdomen and Alex's abdomen. Peter loved the feeling of his dick rubbing against Alex's firm abs.

Alex finally pushed Peter over onto his back, but the big dick never left the tight ass. Alex used both hands to run fingers through Peter's hair, while he moved in for another passionate kiss on the mouth. Then, Alex inclined himself a little, so that he could drill deep into Peter's hole. Peter grunted as Alex made his first hard stroke in this new position, and with each thrust Alex became a little more intense. Peter loved looking up into Alex's piercing blue eyes as he focused on fucking. There was so much intensity shared between them as Alex started pounding Peter harder and harder. Soon both men were panting with the intensity of their efforts. Sweat ran down Alex's chest and nose as he put his entire effort into fucking his beautiful boy.

Peter started stroking his hard dick, wanting so badly to cum while Alex was deep inside. They had fucked so often, Peter knew exactly when to start so that Alex would cum not long after. As Peter felt his body building up to its intense orgasmic climax something strange happened. Every muscle in Peter's body seemed to bulge at once and a fire seemed to spread through every part of him. He screamed out loud with such intensity that Alex almost fell off of him. Despite the pain, Peter still wanted to cum so badly.

"Don't stop fucking, baby," Peter pleaded.

"Did I hurt you?" Alex looked down in concern.

"No," Peter stated, "shut up and keep fucking."

Alex did as he was commanded and started his deep thrusts again. Peter continued to stroke his dick, but waves of pain and nausea began flooding through his body. He stroked his dick, but the pain was making it hard to cum. Then his muscles started tightening again, his rectum clamped down over Alex's dick causing the stimulation to be multiplied. Alex did not understand what Peter was doing, but the sudden addition of extra stimulation caused Alex to ejaculate without warning. As the hot cum burned its way through Peter's insides, Peter was finally able to cum. The force of the cum was so hard that it flew over the top of Peter's head and continued to spurt load after load on Peter's face and chest. As the last load of cum exploded out of Peter's rock hard dick, Peter lost consciousness and began seizing on the bed.

Alex cried out in alarm and rolled his seizing boyfriend over onto his side and tried to keep him from hurting himself. Before Alex's eyes hair began sprouting out of his boyfriend's hairless chest. Soon a small coat of fur covered Peter's pectorals and a sexy little line of hair sprouted below the navel. All of Peter's muscles were bulging and his skin was even changing pigmentation. Peter was not necessarily pale before, but he was not nearly as caramel colored either. Finally, as quickly as it had begun the seizure stopped.

Alex was relieved to find Peter breathing steadily and apparently asleep. Alex wiped up the cum off of Peter and managed to pull Peter's underwear back on, before calling for an ambulance. After placing the call, Alex began to dress himself. "What is happening?"

Diego looked down through the microscope, boggled by what he was witnessing. According to all of his previous calculations and experiments the virus should be rendered inert after it completed its programmed function, but analysis of his blood showed the virus was very much alive and replicating rapidly. The function of these replicated viruses would not be predetermined by Diego's genetic fingerprint, but instead would be wholly capable of... what? Diego was wary to find the answer to that question.

Suddenly, Diego's mind wandered to his intense new experience in his office earlier that day. If the virus was still active within his own body fluids, could Peter have been infected? He moved quickly to the wall phone in his lab and dialed Peter's cell. There was nothing but ringing for a long time and Diego feared he would be forced to leave a message, but suddenly the other end connected.

"Hello?" a quavering voice answered.

"This is Dr. Diego Juarez, with whom am I speaking?"

"Alex, I..." Diego was about to interrupt the long silence when, "...there's something wrong with Peter. The ambulance is on its way."

"Please, don't involve other doctors, they would not understand what is wrong with Peter, you must bring him..." the call was disconnected.

"Shit!" Diego's voice echoed around the lab.



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