Peter darted down a corridor as he fled from Diego. He had to get to Isaac and warn him that many of the prisoners had escaped and more importantly Diego had recovered and was more dangerous than ever before. Peter came to a sudden halt when he saw a magnificent, muscular, black stud strutting from one of the holding rooms. The stud's rock hard 14 inch dick was swinging to and fro in front of him. Guns smiled a devilish grin as he raised a hand to acknowledge the stunned and frightened Peter. Peter performed a complete 180 on the balls of his feet to retreat back and find a way around, but he collided with another naked man that had just left a holding cell.

Teo fell to the ground hard as the sexy blond smashed into him. With a grunt Peter collapsed on top of the gorgeous Israeli. As Peter tried to stand his hands ran over the strong hairy chest and he could smell a pleasant musk from Teo's perfectly sculpted body. Peter managed to find his feet, but it was too late. Guns wrapped his insanely muscular arms around Peter's body and crushed him against his firm chest while a massive 14 inch dick pressed against the loose gym shorts Peter was wearing. As the powerful beast groped and dry-humped against Peter's ass, Peter shamefully felt his thick soda-can sized cock begin to swell with intense desire.

"I'm sick of being caged like an animal," Guns grunted in Peter's ear as he continued to grind against the blond stud's perfectly round ass, "What about you?"

Teo was still a little dazed as he stood up. It took him a moment to realize that Guns was addressing him, and Guns asked the question again. Teo finally found his voice, "Yes, I just want to go home."

"That hard dick of yours makes me think you want a little bit more than that. What do you say? Wanna help me punish this bitch?" Guns laughed.

"I think we should go, while we have the chance," Teo stammered, but he could definitely feel a strong attraction for the muscular blond stud and it was extremely hot to see his body pinned against Guns' dark skin.

"Suit yourself," Guns smiled as he suddenly pulled down Peter's pants and exposed the tight, white bubble butt. Guns smacked it for good measure, "I'm taking this bitch's hole."

Peter squirmed and struggled against Guns' iron grasp, but he could not free himself. Teo stood in shock as Guns suddenly forced the blond to the ground and began pushing his massive dick inside of the tight hole. It looked like a struggle and the gorgeous blond thrashed and clenched his ass cheeks in resistance, but Guns did not relent in his intense lust to fuck. Inch by inch, Teo watched Guns' 14 inch cock disappear inside of Peter's tight white ass. Teo's own 11 inch dick was fully erect and leaking precum as he watched the scene unfold. Every fiber in his body begged him to run, but his dick was like a magnet drawing him closer to the two muscular studs fucking before him.


Wes was being led by a leash connected to the collar around his neck. He half walked, half crawled behind Isaac as he was led from the throne room to the director's own private quarters. Isaac suddenly turned as a series of alarms began to sound from a bank of computer screens that were installed just inside of Isaac's room. Wes realized that the screens displayed security footage of the entire complex.

"Noo!" Isaac roared as he smashed a hand against one of the computer screens and cracked the display. A small smear of blood remained on the monitor as Isaac pulled his hand away.

"Stay here!" Isaac pointed at Wes as if he were talking to a dog, before throwing down the leash and leaving the room. Wes heard a lock roll into place as the director slammed the door shut behind him. Curious, Wes approached the security panel and observed the activity that had angered Isaac. Wes smiled as he realized all of the men who had been taken captive were now roaming the halls of the facility. His smile quickly faded when he recognized his best friend had not escaped. Alex lay inside of a cell apparently unconscious or asleep, completely unaware that his cell door was unlocked.

"Come on, Alex, wake up," he pleaded to the screen. He wished more than anything to help his friend and perhaps even his lover. The circumstances had been unusual, but Wes had to admit he had never felt such deep feelings for another person.


Matt crept from his room and inspected the hall to make sure it was deserted. There was no one in sight, but Matt soon heard grunting and the sound of raised voices drifting from an adjacent corridor. Muffled screams were soon followed by the familiar sound of two bodies smacking together as one man was pounded by another. Matt turned and crept away in the opposite direction. He walked faster and with greater surety the further he fled from the sound of sex. He needed to escape and seek help from the police, or anyone that might take the time to listen to his insane story.

As Matt crept away, Teo was finding it harder and harder to walk away. He was now standing directly over Peter as Guns was brutally pounding away with his monster cock. Peter was crying out as he was pressed against the floor by Guns' massive forearms. Guns suddenly pulled back on Peter's shiny golden hair causing Peter to open his panting screaming mouth a little further.

"Put your dick in his mouth," Guns ordered Teo. Teo's cock was throbbing and dripping with intense desire and he found it impossible to resist. He let the head of his hard cock slide into Peter's mouth, forcing the blond beauty to taste his precum. Peter seemed like he would spit it out, but Teo grasped the sides of his head and began to slide the cock in further before sliding it back out a ways. Peter soon relented and closed his beautiful lips around the massive shaft and began to suck on the hard dick as Teo pushed it in and out of his mouth.

"Yeah, baby," Guns smirked as he continued to ram his massive shaft deep inside of Peter without mercy.

Suddenly, an overhead speaker began to squelch as someone picked up a microphone. "This is Isaac Morris, director of the CDC regional headquarters. I am issuing a lockdown on sectors E through G immediately! All security personnel are to report to these sectors to secure all patients and return them to their designated rooms. Patients within this sector must return to their rooms at once, or the consequences will be severe."

Peter began to chuckle and Teo slammed his long dick deep into the back of his throat to make him gag, "Shut up." Looking to Guns he asked, "What do we do?"

"We'll just have to take this bitch with us," Guns stated as he began to let his big dick slide out of Peter's incredible gaping hole. After Teo had removed his own cock he helped Guns man-handle Peter into a standing position, while Guns maintained an iron tight grip of the incredible stud.

"He will find you," Peter laughed again, "and he will be furious."

"Let's see whose fury is greater," Guns boasted.


Isaac stormed through the halls of the facility as all around him his security team began sealing off exits. Isaac informed guards to place extra protection around the labs, especially after he had seen Dr. Diego Juarez roaming the halls. The image displayed on the security footage that most enraged Isaac and replayed over and over in his mind, was the culprit behind the entire escape. Jon had released all the prisoners and it was Jon who had disconnected the remote access to the prisoner's electric shock collars. Isaac had given Jon everything and trusted Jon and Jeffrey implicitly. Jon was the only person Isaac was interested in capturing personally, so that he might make him pay for his betrayal.

With a group of three security guards all dressed in black uniforms, Isaac approached the main security station for Sector F. Inside, Isaac discovered Drew Sharp bound and gagged in a chair with a nasty looking bloody nose. Isaac yanked the bloody gag from the guard's mouth and made sure he had his full attention before speaking, "Did Jon give any indication what he was after?"

"No, but he didn't seem to remember the security codes," Drew mumbled, "He forced me to tell him what they were."

"And you told him?" Isaac asked with a knife-like edge to his words, "My GOD! I'm surrounded by idiots!"

Drew felt a sea of pain explode through his field of vision as Isaac suddenly backhanded his already broken nose. Drew let the unfeeling bliss of unconsciousness consume him. Isaac looked down at his bloody knuckles and felt regret for his outburst, "Get him to the infirmary at once."

Isaac directed his attention to the control console and quickly flipped a few switches on the panel. He smiled before pressing another button.


Jon peered out through Bart's eyes as he followed Diego down the hall. Jon knew that they were getting very close to the labs, but he had not yet gleaned what Diego hoped to achieve once they arrived. Suddenly, Diego came to a halt and pressed himself against the wall. He placed a hand against Bart's chest encouraging him to do the same. Jon listened and soon heard voices from further down the hall, likely security guards responding to Isaac's recent announcement. Jon was about to alert the guards to their presence when suddenly a shock passed through his body.

Jon realized as he fell convulsing to the floor that Diego had also begun to fall. Suddenly, Jon felt as if he was split apart and he opened his eyes in a blank white room. The jolt of the shock coursing through his body had sent him out of Bart's body and back into the body of Alex. Jon was still unclear how he had been ejected from his own body, but he could not wait to free himself of the ridiculous body swapping fiasco. As Jon laid twitching and jerking in the aftermath of the sudden shock, the door to Alex's cell suddenly opened and all of Jon's hopes were fulfilled. In the doorway, Jon saw his own body looking back at him.

"I want my body back," Alex demanded from within Jon's body. Jon gladly left Alex's jerking, twitching body and let his mind travel back into his own subconscious. As soon as Jon returned to his own body, Alex could feel a familiar tunnel, a familiar connection that he had accidentally severed. Alex latched on to that connection with every ounce of energy he had and in a blinding instant full of pain and a sensation of being split apart, Alex was returned to his own body. Alex realized only too late that his own body had been immobilized by an intense electric shock.

"I'm free!" Jon roared as his hands roamed his massive muscular body, admiring every detail of his perfectly defined form down to his ripped 8 pack abdomen. Jon backed from the room and slammed the door shut, trapping Alex's twitching body back inside. Jon leaned back against the door and let himself slide to the floor as he panted and chuckled with joy and relief. He thought he'd never get his own body back and within a matter of seconds everything had changed.

Jon heard footsteps, but when he turned to look up a strong hand was on top of him, gripping his throat and lifting him off the ground while he tried desperately to breath. Jon's eyes flashed up in panic and he saw Isaac's furious face looking down upon him. Every muscle in Isaac's incredible body was bulging and straining as they lifted Jon's body up off the floor by his neck. Jon didn't know what was happening, but the director was in the most white-hot rage Jon had ever seen.

"You think you can betray me!" Isaac roared, "What did you want? Did you want one of these guys all to yourself? Did I not provide all that you needed?"

"P...please..." Jon choked and gasped, but it was hard to speak with the director's iron grip crushing his neck.

"I've wanted your hot fucking ass since the moment I saw it, but I had too much respect for you and your brother. All of that is about to change, bitch! Your ass is mine!" Isaac suddenly released his grip of Jon's throat and the massive stud nearly collapsed as he gasped for air, but before he might recover Isaac backhanded the gorgeous stud across the face and sent him tumbling to the ground on his hands and knees. Roughly, Isaac pressed his groin against Jon's round muscular ass and began dry humping the stud. He pulled down Jon's shorts and admired the evenly tanned, perfectly smooth ass. He reached across his body to smack the opposite ass cheek hard and leave a nice red hand print on the perfect surface of Jon's ass.

"Yeah," Isaac laughed, "this ass is mine."

"Please," Jon tried again with tears rolling down his cheek, "I want to explain..."

"You!" Isaac suddenly called to one of three guards that had evidently arrived with him, Jon had not noticed them standing there and highly doubted Isaac required three guards to protect him, "Stuff up his mouth, so I don't have to hear him."

"Yes, sir," Robert Burlow, a bulging, dark-haired, wall of muscle, stepped forward at the director's command and exposed his thick 6 inch cock. He kneeled down before Jon, who continued to beg and plead, and mercilessly plunged his thick cock all the way to the back of Jon's throat. Jon choked and coughed, but before he could recover Robert plunged his fat cock inside again. Against his exposed ass Jon could feel the head of Isaac's hardening cock rubbing against him. Isaac's precum was leaking all over the tight hole, slowly lubricating the surface as it stroked up and down across Jon's ass. Isaac spit on Jon's ass to help and then inserted a finger to press all the hot lube inside a little further. Jon's ass tightened and tried to pull away in protest, but as Jon leaned forward away from Isaac's assault Robert's dick suddenly slammed his throat again.

"This ass will be so fucking tight," Isaac smirked with satisfaction, "and when I'm through, I'll blow my hot creamy load into your agonized face. Spray you over and over again until I drench you with cum. You're my bitch now, Jon."

Without any other warning, Isaac began pushing the fat head of his monstrous 16 inch cock into Jon's hole. Jon moaned and more tears seeped from his eyes as he was both ashamed and in pain. Isaac made it only three inches, before Jon's hole tightened and tried to eject him. Isaac backed out again before pushing back inside, deeper this time. Jon could feel his ass stretching in ways that should not be possible as Isaac's massive cock invaded him. More precum leaked from Isaac's overgrown cock as he once more pulled back and pushed in further. Jon was filled with 8 inches of Isaac's fat cock and his ass was screaming in pain. Isaac was far from finished and Robert was more than happy to continue shoving his fat cock inside of Jon's mouth.


Outside the CDC, Artemis pulled into the employee parking deck and waved his security pass to the guard. Ty sat in the passenger seat next to him and Raphael sat behind him. The guard carefully observed Artemis' guests for several moments, until finally asking, "Who are they?"

"They are here with me to see my boss, Dr. Ivan Petrovich. He will not appreciate it if we are late," Artemis replied coolly.

"Alright," the guard furrowed his brow, "Part of the facility is on high alert so I will have to radio the labs and confirm with Dr. Petrovich. Who should I say is here?"

"My name is Artemis, and I am one of his interns. I also have Ty Bartley, the grandson of Dr. Elizabeth Bartley with me. Dr. Petrovich will be very eager to hear what I have to tell him."

The guard spent a few moments on the radio before returning to open the gate, "Dr. Petrovich will see you. Sectors E through G are still on lockdown, so please do not detour. Labs are located in sector C and your ID badge will grant you access only to these authorized sectors."

The guard watched the three guys drive away, and was surprised to feel his rock hard cock pressing against his pants uncomfortably. Artemis drove forward into the parking deck and located a place to park. He looked to Ty nervously and also glanced back at Raphael, "Are you both ready?"

"Yes," Ty nodded.

"Do you think it was wise to leave the other guys behind?" Raphael asked.

"We had to take as few as possible to avoid suspicion," Artemis reminded.

"I know," Raphael admitted, "but what do we really know about any of them? What if they take off? They might go out and infect countless others with this virus."

"I didn't mean to involve any of them," Ty worried, "but I think they understand the danger of leaving. They all want answers just as badly as we do."

"In any case, we will have to worry about them later. For now we need to focus on meeting my boss and finding out where Ty's grandmother is."

"Alright then, Artemis, lead the way."


Oscar entered Ty's bedroom and shut the door behind him. He had told the other extremely hot guys waiting downstairs that he just needed a quick nap, but in reality he could feel things happening to him. He felt his crotch and could notice that the bulge was considerably larger. His muscles all over his body were firmer and possibly larger. Oscar had always been a scrawny kid and a natural bottom, but now as he looked into Ty's bedroom mirror he felt strangely powerful.

Oscar sat back on Ty's bed and happened to see a picture of Ty and his good friend Raphael at a party. He reached across the bed and took the photo off the night stand so he could see it better. The Ty in the photo was radically different than the Ty that had entered the gym not even a day ago. Oscar had consumed large quantities of Ty's cum and then Ty had injected more and more inside of him as he fucked his tight hole. Oscar wondered what his transformed body would look like. As Oscar lay back dreaming about his body growing and bulging with muscles, he absently began stroking the growing cock. He soon drifted off to sleep with a raging 9 inch boner throbbing in his gym shorts.


Jon could not stop moaning and panting, he felt as if his internal organs were being pulverized as each thrust of Isaac's immense dick hammered deep inside of him. Isaac was furious, and every ounce of anger and aggression was being unleashed mercilessly inside of Jon's tight hole.

Isaac's guards had all let their pants fall on the ground and were taking turns shoving their own dicks into Jon's mouth. Jon was suddenly shocked when a guard they called Russ suddenly ejaculated in his mouth. Jon could taste the salty, bitter fluid filling his mouth in hot thick loads and he gagged at first, but inevitably swallowed some of it to keep from choking. As Russ removed his sloppy wet dick, strings of cum followed and Jon wanted to spit the remaining bitter batter from his mouth, but another guy swiftly shoved his cock inside. Jon could taste the next studs cock shoving Russ' cum back and down his throat. Jon swallowed more as his mouth was assaulted by cock after cock.

Isaac watched his guards begin to cum inside of Jon's mouth and he fucked harder and faster. He wanted to hear Jon's renewed cries of pain and possibly pleasure as his massive cock disappeared so deep inside it was not natural. It didn't take long for Isaac to get his wish. Jon was moaning and whimpering around the cocks stuffed into his mouth. Isaac's lust only flared and his desire to own Jon's tight hole only grew. Jon endured the brutal pounding and yet another cock began exploding into his open mouth, filling him full of hot cum. He gagged and Isaac demanded that he swallow all of it.

After Isaac had watched 4 different men ejaculate inside of Jon's mouth before he finally threw his head back in pure satisfaction and every muscle in his body seemed to tense. Suddenly, his aching balls released load after load of cum inside of Jon's tight ass. Jon cried out in surprise as he felt the concussive blasts of cum inside him. Isaac thought he was finished, but as his massive dick slipped from Jon's tight ass another load of cum erupted across Jon's back. Isaac nearly doubled over at the sheer bliss of his own orgasm. He smacked his insanely massive fat dick against Jon's ass.

"I hope you've satisfied yourself," Jon panted as he collapsed to the ground, "but you just fucked the wrong guy."


Marc and Trevor were cuddling comfortable and eating a delicious plate of strawberries delivered by one of Isaac's employees. Their electric shock had been disabled since they were now under Isaac's direct supervision, so they were oblivious to the turmoil that was erupting outside of their room. Marc took a bite of strawberry and then kissed Trevor, they both savored the delicious sweet fruit while their tongues added an extra sensual flair to the treat. Suddenly, there was a loud crash against the door to their room and both men sat up in surprise.

"What was that?" Marc asked.

"I don't know," Trevor wondered and then he called out in the direction of the sound, "Is anybody there?"

His call was met with silence for a long moment and then another knock sounded at the door with less intensity. Trevor crawled out of bed and quickly slipped on a robe that had been provided before opening the door to the adjacent hallway. Dr. Diego Juarez fell into the room since he could no longer stay propped against the door. Diego was still twitching and shaking in the aftermath of the powerful shock that had been delivered throughout his body, but he had managed to stumble some distance away from the approaching guards before collapsing into the doorway.

"Holy shit," Marc peered from the edge of the bed, "what's wrong with him?"

"I don't know," Trevor replied; soon after Trevor could hear voices in the hall, clearly searching for the unfortunate doctor that had just collapsed in their room.

"Someone's coming," Trevor whispered to Marc.

"What do we do?" Marc shrugged.

"Quick, help me get him inside." Together the two strong men dragged Diego's massive unconscious body through the room and into the bathroom. Together they maneuvered him into the tub and closed the curtain. A knock sounded at the door again.

Marc answered this time as Trevor crawled back into bed as if he'd always been there. Outside were three guards armed with a whole weapons belt of dangerous looking equipment and handcuffs. The somber guard in the lead made a cursory glance around the room as he asked, "Have either of you seen anyone come this way recently?"

"Sorry," Marc shook his head, "It's just been the two of us in here together. Why? What has happened? Should we be worried?"

"No," the guard smiled, "nothing you need to concern yourself with. We have the situation well under control. Please just stay in this room. There will be a guard posted outside should you need anything."

"Thanks," Marc smiled back. As the guards walked away, Marc closed the door and leaned against it. He let out a long sigh of relief that they had not demanded a more thorough search of the room. Marc and Trevor quickly made their way back into the bathroom where Diego was still having difficulty sitting up or standing as his muscles failed to cooperate. Soon the giant shirtless scientist fell into unconsciousness again.

"He clearly escaped," Trevor observed, "I wonder if he has a plan to get us all out of here?"

"You want to leave?" Marc asked.

"Eventually, yes," Trevor replied, "I like being with you, but I also don't want to be Isaac's little pet either. We can still be together outside of these walls too."

"I'd like that," Marc smiled as they kissed again.

"I guess we just keep him hidden until he wakes up again."


Peter woke in a small white room. He could remember the shock that had coursed through his body, but the shock had abated as soon as Guns and Teo had let him drop to the floor. Someone must have delivered a shock to the escaping prisoners and Peter had been electrocuted through his contact with the others. His head felt like it was spinning, so he dared not sit up, but a quick glance around revealed that he was lying on the floor and Guns and Teo were in the room with him. The guards in the chaos must have thrown all three men into the same cell in order to sort it out later.

Peter felt a flush of anger as he looked at Guns lying face-down, unconscious on the floor. The massive muscular black man was a beautiful specimen and Peter couldn't help but admit how much he enjoyed having his hands all over his body. Peter had loved the sensations of Guns' large 14 inch cock penetrating him and pleasing him in ways that usually only Isaac was capable. That's what made him angrier; Peter felt that by enjoying it he had somehow betrayed Isaac.

As Peter looked over at the gorgeous black stud and his perfectly shaped muscular ass he could feel his thick soda can-sized cock starting to swell. He stroked it absently as he imagined how he might take revenge on Guns' sweet tight hole. Peter rolled over and crawled toward Guns, he admired the smoothness of his ass and felt the hairy legs. Using his thumb, Peter began to press between the tight muscular ass cheeks and rub the slightly hairy hole roughly. Peter spit on the tight ass and rubbed the wet lubricant across the hole with his thumb again before shoving the whole thumb inside. He wiggled his thumb up inside of the tight hole until Guns moaned and twitched in obvious discomfort.

Peter removed his finger and forced his whole face against the sweet black hole as he used his mouth and tongue to wet the hole. His tongue fucked its way against Guns' tight ass causing Guns to stir and shift in his sleep once more. Peter gripped the massive stud's hips in order to keep him in place while he continued to dive face first into the delicious hole. Peter's hard cock was swinging back and forth and pulsing with anticipation.


"Artemis!" Stephanie squealed as she leaped at him and gave him a big hug, "Where have you been?"

Artemis smiled at one of the only friends he had made while working at the CDC. Stephanie was a graduate student and Artemis' only companion in the intern program at the CDC regional headquarters. While Artemis was more of an errands-boy, Stephanie actually had the brains to eventually work with some of the fancy equipment that filled the laboratories. Despite their differences, they had become quick friends. As Stephanie stepped back from the hug, she seemed to notice Ty and Raphael for the first time.

Stephanie seemed to fall into a trance as she pushed her was passed Artemis and planted a kiss on Ty's lips. She moaned and collapsed into Ty's chest as she shivered and then lost consciousness in sheer erotic pleasure. As her extreme orgasmic cries filled the room, several other scientists peered out of their labs or around cubicles to see what was happening. Ty looked around with a worried expression as he realized the hungry desire on most of those face, "Oh shit."

"Quick," Artemis urged as he pushed Ty into the nearest lab, "Wait in here. I'll find Ivan and bring him to you."

Ty nodded agreement as Artemis quickly closed the door. Raphael volunteered to stand guard in front of the lab Ty was hiding in while Artemis found his boss. Artemis looked down at Stephanie and felt sorry for her. She would be embarrassed by her outburst later, but Artemis understood completely how incredibly irresistible Ty had become. Every moment Artemis was with Ty was intoxicatingly erotic, and Artemis had experienced more new sexual experiences in the past 24 hours than in his entire life. Even after Isaac was stopped, Artemis knew there was no going back to the way things once were.

The CDC labs were an incredible maze of equipment, but it didn't take long for Artemis to locate Ivan, because Ivan was looking for them. "Artemis, have you been exposed?"

"Come quickly, Dr. Petrovich," Artemis urged, "I have to show you something."

"The strain that was at that home was highly dangerous, Artemis," Ivan continued as he followed Artemis, "We must inform Isaac if anyone has been exposed."

"I couldn't agree more," Artemis nodded, "but I'm not the only one who was exposed."

Artemis ushered Ivan into the room where Ty was waiting. Raphael maintained his position in front of the door to prevent any interruptions. Artemis watched as Ivan looked breathlessly at Ty for several moments. Artemis could see the bulge in the Russian scientists pants begin to swell with unbridled lust. Artemis smiled as he remembered first laying eyes on Ty's perfectly muscular body and the intense sensations that he couldn't really understand but also couldn't resist.

"You are the perfect specimen," Ivan reached out and placed a hand on Ty's chest, "every other person treated with MX19 was destroyed by the crippling side effects, but you..."

Ty grasped the scientist's hand gently and stepped closer to him, so that only inches separated them. Ivan could feel the intense heat coming off of the perfect muscular body. Ivan felt a tear slip down his cheek as he finished his sentence, "'re perfect."

Artemis was suddenly there, behind Dr. Petrovich, reaching around and unfastening the doctor's pants. The stiff cock inside of Ivan's pants bounced around as Artemis suddenly stripped the lower half of the scientist's body. Ty sunk quickly to his knees and engulfed the entire length of Ivan's Russian cock and began sucking it deep. Ivan moaned as the head of his dick smashed into the back of Ty's tight throat at the end of each thrust. Ivan grabbed Ty's head and gave in to his intense lust for Ty's delicious mouth. It was clear what Ty wanted and Ivan wanted to give him everything he desired.

"Yes, that's a good boy," Artemis whispered in Ivan's ear, "feed him your fucking cum."

"Oh," Ivan moaned as he fucked Ty's face, "I want to cum for him so bad."

"Then cum, baby," Artemis smiled as Ivan began to unload multiple wads of cum inside of Ty's mouth. Ty sucked them down greedily and continued to suck the scientist's hard knob until every last drop was consumed.


Peter pushed the head of his fat cock against Guns' tight hole and let it vibrate against the tight opening until it finally allowed him to penetrate. As soon as the head of his cock opened the tight sphincter, Peter rammed his entire fat cock deep inside the wet ass. Guns suddenly opened his eyes and tried to move, but his muscles were still difficult to control. He realized there was little he could do as Peter put his full weight on top of him and began fucking him hard. Guns bit his lip and tried not to make a sound, but he couldn't help but grunt and moan a little with each thrust Peter made with his massive cock.

"How do you like it?" Peter growled, "You like getting fucked like a bitch?"

Guns couldn't believe how much power the blond stud was able to deliver. He hated being used and abused by Peter, but at the same time there was something intoxicating about Peter's intensity that began to make his 14 inch black cock hard. As some of his muscles began to cooperate, Guns did not find himself wanting to escape. Instead he began pushing his ass back into Peter's thrusting hips, forcing the massive cock to push deeper inside with each powerful plunge.

"Yea," Peter smiled, "that's right bitch. Take my fucking cock."

"Oh shit!" Guns roared, "Your cock is vibrating against my prostate, it feels so fucking intense!"

"Isaac has made me better," Peter grunted, "You learn your place and he can make you better too."

"In that case..." Guns suddenly spun around and lifted Peter into the air where he pinned the sexy blond stud against the wall with his muscular arms, " place is deep in your white ass!"

Peter was stunned by how quickly the tables had turned. Guns lifted Peter's legs off the floor and Peter was forced to hold tight to Guns' neck to keep from sliding down the wall. Guns lined up his big cock and shoved half of it inside of Peter's exposed ass. He slid out some before slamming all 14 inches deep, making Peter scream. Peter's head was slamming against the wall as Guns held his legs and slammed his massive cock deep inside.

"Now, who's the fucking bitch?" Guns roared, "I will never be Isaac's little bitch!"

"Then fuck me baby," Peter moaned as he finally gave in to his desires, "I want it so fucking bad."

Teo was awakened by the intense sounds of brutal sex. Guns was slamming Peter against the wall, impaling the blonde stud on his massive 14 inch cock. Teo considered pretending he was still asleep, but as he watched the two hot men colliding only feet away from him his cock began to grow harder. Teo stroked his 11 inch cock as he watched Guns' muscular butt flexing with each thrust he made inside of Peter's tight ass. Guns' ass looked slick and recently fucked, ready to go. Teo wanted to feel his hard dick buried inside the sexy black ass so badly.

Peter spent most of his effort trying desperately to cling to Guns' neck, so he didn't fall to the floor, but over Guns' shoulder he could see the insanely hot foreign exchange student rising with a rock hard 11 inch cock in his hands. Their eyes met briefly and it was clear Teo was about to join the fun. Peter smiled with anticipation of seeing the surprise and pure satisfaction on Guns' face as he was fucked both ways. He didn't have to wait long, every muscle in Guns' body seemed to tense as he roared with surprise.

"Oh, you feel so fucking tight," Teo whispered against Guns' back as he finished inserting his whole rigid cock deep inside.

"So deep," Guns moaned. He pushed his cock deep inside of Peter and then Teo pushed his cock deeper inside of him. Guns felt goosebumps all over his body as he endured the intense sensations. Soon all three men began to fuck in sync as both Guns' and Peter's tight holes opened to the fat monster cocks invading them.

"It's so hot watching you get fucked," Peter moaned to Guns as he watched the massive hunk take Teo's dick like a pro. He held on to Guns' muscular neck and dared not let go even though his arms were burning from the effort, because he didn't want the moment to end. Guns was hitting all the right places with his massive cock and Peter could hardly believe when his own dick started cumming without any assistance, completely hands-free Guns had fucked the cum out of Peter. Peter moaned in an intense orgasm and Guns renewed his intensity as he fucked deep inside of Peter's tight hole.

Teo leaned back and let Guns take his 11 inch dick deep into him as he fucked Peter harder and harder. Guns was doing double work both pleasing Teo and fucking the cum out of Peter. Teo had never felt such a hot muscular ass around his hard dick before. Teo watched Peter's face as he began to cum all over himself and was turned on by the gorgeous blonde stud. "I want a piece of his ass."

"Yea, baby, you wanna fuck this bitch?" Guns asked Teo over his shoulder. Without waiting for a response, Guns carried Peter over to the only bed in the room and threw him down. He grabbed his legs and pulled him into doggie position, making sure to prop the ass up high for Teo. "Get in there."

Teo didn't hesitate; he moved into position and slammed his cock deep into Peter's well lubricated hole. Peter's ass seemed to tighten and form around his cock and please it in ways he had never imagined possible. With each thrust Teo had to grit his teeth to keep from releasing his cum in an intense orgasm. Teo was so enraptured with Peter's ass he didn't notice Guns until the black studs face was buried deep inside of his ass. Teo jumped in surprise as he felt the black stud's tongue pushing its way against his tight hole, making it wet. Teo knew what Guns wanted, and the absolute enormity of Guns' cock made him nervous, even scared.

"Please don't," Teo begged, "I don't think I can handle it."

"You took my hole," Guns mumbled as his face moved away from Teo's ass, "Now I'll take yours."

Guns spit another wad of spit against Teo's tight hole and then pushed his finger in deep. Teo moaned and his body shuddered as he continued to fuck Peter. Guns lined up his fat 14 inch cock and slowly began penetrating Teo's extremely tight ass. Teo screamed and fell forward over Peter's back, which allowed Guns better access to Teo's beautiful Israeli hole. Guns seized the opportunity to slam several more inches deeper into the overstuffed ass. He grabbed hard onto Teo's hips and started to pull the stud back onto his massive 14 inch cock as he pushed deeper and harder.

Tears spilled from Teo's eyes and he put his mouth against Peter's shoulder to muffle his tortured cries. Teo felt Guns withdraw his massive cock a little and it gave him a sense of relief, his ass seemed to relax and his guts did not feel like they would explode. But the relief was only momentary, because Guns suddenly slammed his dick harder and deeper than before. Teo yelled loudly and bit Peter's shoulder, just enough to make Peter squeal, but not hurt badly. Guns repeated the process, pulling out a bit and slamming in deeper. Over time Teo realized the intense sensations of pain and violation were becoming less and less. Soon the feel of Guns' massive cock was warm and pleasant.

Soon Teo was rocking back and forth onto Guns' cock, so that he might feel the intense sensations of Peter's ass around his own cock. Guns was nearing an intense orgasm as Teo's tight hole now allowed him to fuck harder and deeper, pleasing every inch of his raging 14 inch cock. Guns and Teo both came at the same time, both men spilling their hot creamy cum deep inside the tight, sexy asses they were fucking. Seconds later all three men experienced an intense electric shock that caused Teo to collapse on top of Peter, his dick still buried inside, and Guns to fall backward onto the floor.


Diego opened his eyes and blinked against the harsh light that was greeting him from the ceiling fixtures. Diego could tell he was now lying in a soft bed with pillows all round his head. He tried to sit up but a wave of nausea and dizziness caused him to lay back down with a defeated growl. He heard two people whisper nearby and his eyes shot back open as he tried to see who was in the room with him. "Who's there?"

Marc suddenly appeared in Diego's field of vision, "It's just me, and Trevor."

"We wondered when you were going to wake. Are you ok? What's happening out there?" Trevor asked as he approached the bed from the other side.

"Too many questions," Diego said groggily as he wiped a hand over his face, "besides I don't know what's going on."

"You mean you don't have a plan?" Marc pressed.

"I had an idea, but as long as they are able to incapacitate us with that electric shock, there is nothing I can do."

"We didn't get electrocuted," Trevor pointed out hopefully, "they deactivated the devices they had on us in order to run more unique tests."

"Very unique tests," Marc laughed a little as he gave a meaningful glance at Trevor, who blushed slightly.

"So, you could get to the labs," Diego thought as his mind tried to formulate a new plan, "but you won't have the knowledge in my head to be of any use. You can't very well bring the lab to me..."

"What if we capture the guard outside our door and you dress in his clothes?" Marc prompted, "Then you can escort us to the labs."

"That might work," Diego smiled, "but give me a minute. I still feel dizzy."


Alex was suddenly dropped hard onto the floor by Jon and several guards; a quick glance around revealed Isaac's throne room. Alex was finally beginning to regain control of his muscles and he could also sense that his ability to enter the minds of others had been restored, but he feared using it after the difficulties he had faced trying to get his own body back. Isaac entered the room shortly after, his face creased with his intense displeasure as he sat upon his throne.

"I had no idea the extent of your abilities," Isaac nodded at Alex, "I want to understand them. Study them, so that I might replicate those abilities in others."

Alex returned Isaac's request was a disapproving glare, "So you can control others, you mean."

"Yes," Isaac laughed dangerously, "I suppose so."

Alex suddenly doubled over as if he had been struck in the balls very hard. He could sense that Isaac was responsible for the sudden burst of pain, but he dared not use his ability to fight back. Alex felt a small amount of relief before the pain doubled in intensity and the wave of nausea that overcame him almost made him vomit. Isaac let the pain subside again.

"There are always other means of control," Isaac smiled with a sick and twisted satisfaction as he watched Alex doubled over in pain before him. "Jon, I punished you unfairly. I'll offer you a chance to use this bitch right here, as hard and violent as you want. Take your revenge out on this pathetic piece of shit."

"With pleasure," Jon smiled as he pulled his shirt off revealing his perfectly toned 8 pack. He seemed to walk right out of his pants after unbuttoning them, so smooth and agile. His cock was rock hard instantly with anticipation. All 10 inches were throbbing, rock hard as he plunged his cock mercilessly into Alex's tight ass. Alex's hole clenched and tried to reject the big cock pushing inside, but Jon ripped and tore his way inside as he pushed Alex face down onto the floor. Alex cried out as Jon delivered powerful thrusts, each one tearing through tightening muscles. Alex felt tears pouring from his eyes as he was brutally fucked. All of Jon's anger was channeled into his intensity. Lost in the moment Jon even reddened Alex's ass with brutal open-handed slaps. Alex moaned in discomfort with each blow in the same place over and over again.

"You can make it stop," Isaac said calmly as he rose from his throne and began circling the two men engaged in ruthless sex, "Just use your ability."

Alex gritted his teeth and endured Jon's brutal assault. He refused to give Isaac what he wanted. Alex tried to relax his raw ass so that it was not ripping and tearing from all the destructive power. Alex pushed his hips up and fought the pain. Through gritted teeth he yelled, "Is that all you fucking got? Fuck me you pussy!"

Jon roared in frustration and anger as Alex continued to goad and mock him. The assault on Alex's ass doubled in ferocity and Jon was alight with an animal like need to dominate and control. Despite all of his efforts, Alex would not yield to the two massive men that sought to control him. Alex accepted their brutal torture, knowing that despite the pain, he would not lose to them now. They wanted something he possessed, and that gave him the power.

"Get off him, Jon!" Isaac commanded, "This isn't getting us anywhere."

"I'm not done with him."

"You're done when I fucking say you're done," Isaac growled as he unleashed a powerful punch of pain into Jon's balls. Jon rolled off of Alex clutching his balls, oddly enough Jon's rock hard dick began shooting his cum into the air as he rolled over onto his back, evidently unable to contain the hot sticky mass while in such agony.

Alex tried to rise to his hands and knees, but his legs and arms were struggling to support his weight. Alex hurt all over and his ass felt painfully raw. Isaac was suddenly squatted down in front of him, inches from his face. "Why won't you give me what I want?"

"Excuse me, sir," a guard interrupted from the entrance to the room, "there is a Dr. Petrovich here to see you."

"I thought I said no interruptions under any circumstances!" Isaac growled as he stood up.

"Can I fuck him then?" the guard asked eagerly, "I've never felt so horny in my life."

"What? No! Send him in."

"Yes, sir," the guard hung his head in defeat as he let Dr. Ivan Petrovich inside. Alex saw the scientist and despite all his pain his dick began to grow hard. Jon forgot the pain in his balls as he began to stroke his semi-hard dick, staring in lustful desire. Five guards that had taken up positions around the room began to rub their own hardening dicks as they observed the scientist entering the room. There was nothing particularly special about the Russian scientist, he was attractive, but there was something intoxicating about his presence. Isaac stared at Ivan in wonder. Isaac recalled fucking this scientist, but did not remember him exuding such masculine power or inciting such lustful desires.

"I want you," Ivan said as he pulled of his white coat, revealing bare chest underneath. His khaki pants were bulging with the largest cock Isaac had ever seen. Isaac's own cock was rock hard as it snaked down his left pant leg.

"What are you?" Isaac whispered breathlessly as he watched the incredible Russian stud approaching him. All the guards were closing in around the scientist, eager to lay their hands on his body, to feel his cock, kiss him, taste him, and worship every muscle and every inch of his glorious body. Alex kissed Ivan's bare feet as he walked by and used all his strength to crawl after him, because his legs were still too weak to stand. Soon Ivan was standing inches away from Isaac.

Ivan reached out and caressed Isaac's muscular chest. He let his hands slide up around Isaac's neck and pulled the tall magnificent stud into a passionate kiss. The guards began tearing at Ivan's pants, pulling his clothes off of him like lions fighting over their dinner. None of the activity seemed to bother Ivan, his eyes stayed fixed on Isaac. Isaac was shaking with intense desire like he had never experienced before. He moaned in happiness as Ivan began to kiss his body; his pectoral muscles, his biceps, his abdomen. Ivan's hands unfastened Isaac's pants and his arm dove inside to stroke the massive 16 inch cock.

Ivan kneeled down, his pants in shreds around his ankles. Jon and three guards were touching, kissing, and massaging Ivan's glorious body, while Alex and the other two guards had become fascinated by Ivan's massive 18 inch cock. All three men found a place to suck or kiss and please the massive shaft. Despite all the sensations, Ivan's eyes remained fixed on Isaac as his hands extracted Isaac's massive 16 inch cock from within the confines of his pants. Isaac knew he would bend over and get fucked by this perfect specimen, but Ivan seemed interested in only one thing.

Isaac threw his head back as he felt Ivan's hot mouth wrap around his massive cock. It was impossible to take the whole thing, but Ivan opened his throat and began ramming the massive cock deep into his mouth as he bobbed his head up and down. Isaac's toes curled as he experienced the most intense and perfect blow job he had ever known in his life.

Jon couldn't take it anymore. He had been licking and sucking on Ivan's sweet ass, but his rock hard 10 inch dick needed more. He moved to line up his massive cock and shove it into that delicious ass, but the guard names Robert was suddenly there shoving him out of the way. Robert managed to shove his 6 inch dick inside for a moment causing Ivan to moan in surprise around the massive cock in his throat. Jon shoved Robert aside and pushed his 10 inch dick inside and began pummeling the tight hole. Ivan moaned, but remained fixated on the massive cock that he was gobbling down his throat.

The thrusts of Jon's dick inside of Ivan's ass caused the 18 inch cock Alex was sucking to explode a load of cum in his face and mouth. The two guards were there instantly licking the cum from his face and kissing Alex so they could get a better taste. When all the cum was gone the three men continued to please the massive 18 inch cock before them. Isaac also felt his own first load of cum pour down the hot Russian's amazing throat. Ivan slurped and sucked every drop down just in time for a second load to flood the hot scientist's warm mouth. Isaac grabbed Ivan's head and began face fucking him harder, eager to feed him more cum, and Ivan sucked harder and faster, eager to take as much cum as he could get.

Robert suddenly tackled Jon causing Jon to fall over on his back with Robert on top. Jon struggled for a moment, but Robert, overcome by lust suddenly started kissing Jon passionately. Their tongues touched as they invaded each other's mouths. Their hard dicks rubbed together as they both kissed. Jon rolled Robert over onto his back and spit into his hand. Jon rubbed the wet spit onto the Robert's tight hole and let his fingers work inside. Robert moaned in surprise, but the lustful look in his eyes told Jon everything he needed to know. Robert wanted a cock and Jon was all too willing to give it to him. Jon plunged his hard 10 inch cock inside and began to ram Robert's tight hole. The huge beefy stud beneath him began begging for more as he accepted Jon's beautiful cock.

Isaac's cum was just leaking from his dick as Ivan sucked it down. Ivan came off the cock and took a deep breath. It had been a while since he'd come up for air. "That's enough," Ivan smiled, "Now I'm going to fuck you."

Isaac didn't hesitate, he lay back on his throne and spread his legs wide open, positioning his ass at the edge of the chair. Ivan rose and as he walked toward Isaac his body seemed to contort, twist and then reposition. Isaac was astounded as Ivan transformed into an even more muscular, sexy young stud. His body was rippling with muscles and his massive 18 inch cock was throbbing, wet and slick from all the mouths and cum.

"Who are you?" Isaac whispered as he touched the young stud's perfect pectoral muscles and bulging muscular arms.

"My name is Ty," the stud whispered back as he began plunging his massive 18 inch cock inside of Isaac's tight hole. Isaac screamed in pain, but he kept begging Ty to keep going. He didn't want it to stop. He wanted to feel every inch of Ty's massive cock stuffed inside of him. He wanted Ty to unleash a massive hot load deep into his guts. There was nothing and no one Isaac had ever wanted more. Ty's massive cock penetrating Isaac's hole began to cause Isaac's massive cock to leak cum everywhere. Ty was able to grab the massive 16 inch monster and suck on it while continuing to penetrate deeper and deeper inside of Isaac's hole.

Isaac moaned in satisfaction as he experienced the most intense sensations he had ever known. Over Ty's should, Isaac could see that the other men in the room had joined Robert and Jon in an intense orgy. It was a mass of muscle and moaning men. All of them giving and receiving pleasure. Something about Ty's presence caused men to give in to their most basic urges. It didn't matter how, they just wanted to please. Isaac just wanted to please Ty, so he begged him over and over to fuck him harder and deeper. Isaac was soon accepting every inch of Ty's massive cock. Ty consumed Isaac's cum straight from the head of his cock as if it were delicious nectar leaking from the fountain of the gods.

As Ty pumped his massive cock deep into Isaac, Isaac's cock began to expel one final blast of cum. More cum than Ty had ever seen began erupting into his mouth. Ty swallowed load after load, eager to have another stud in his collection. Ty would become Isaac. Isaac's time in power had come to an end. Ty roared as he shot load after load deep inside of Isaac's tight hole. As if a wave of intense erotic pleasure exploded along with Ty's massive cock, all the other men in the room began cumming. Jon pumped Robert full of load after load of his delicious cream as the two men kissed. Alex accepted a mouth full of cum from one of the guards. There was nothing but the sound of orgasms echoing through the throne room as Isaac was finally defeated.


Diego followed Marc and Trevor into the laboratories. All three men were drawing attention from the various scientists as they wondered what was going on. Diego approached the first scientist he could find, "Who's in charge here?"

"Ivan Petrovich," the guy spoke meekly, "He's in that office over there. Those two young men, won't let anyone else in that room."

Diego approached the attractive Latino and black men that were standing like sentinels in front of the office the man had indicated. "Please get out of my way. I need to speak with Dr. Petrovich."

"Fuck you," the Latino stud replied, "no one gets in."

Diego shoved the two boys aside and pushed his way into the office. Dr. Petrovich sat at the desk with his head in his hands. He was pouring over a folder full of data, charts, and graphs.

"I know how to stop Isaac," Diego stated.

"Well, you're too late," the black guy said as he returned to the entry to the office, "our friend already went to stop him."

"He's not the problem anymore," Dr. Petrovich looked up defeated; he pushed the file he had been studying across the desk, "meet MX19."

Diego peered down at the data and began scanning the results. He looked up in shock at the Russian scientist before him, "What have you done?"



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