Tyler Bartley, who everyone called Ty was lounging around his grandmother's house when she came flying in through the front door. She seemed in an unusually agitated state. Ty being the average 18 year old boy was only mildly interested in his grandmothers concerns and continued to watch television. She went directly into her office and shut the door. Ty even heard the lock. Now his curiosity was spinning.

"Everything all right, Grandma?" Ty called.

"It's perfectly fine, dear, just watch TV. I have some work to finish," Dr. Elizabeth Bartley answered as she leaned against the office door clutching some documents she had stolen from the regional CDC headquarters. In one hand she also clutched a mysterious specimen jar that she intended to test herself from home. She had grown increasingly more alarmed at work, as the influence of Dr. Isaac Morris continued to spread and more and more female members of the staff were dismissed or asked to leave. What was going on?

She moved to the desk and opened the large file and started thumbing through all of the reports. She had snuck her way into the records office and simply stashed whatever documents she could manage into the folder before ducking out. Some of the documents were useless tests, but some revealed startling revelations. Documents containing detailed genetic algorithms to create the perfect person: advanced healing, increased stamina, muscular growth, penile enlargement, and even psychic abilities. These things were already being studied in unauthorized human trials. Everything was going to hell under the supervision of Director Isaac Morris.

Elizabeth nearly jumped out of her skin when there was a knock on the door. "Grandma?"

"What is it, dear?" she asked as she tried to control her rapidly beating heart.

"Can Raphael come over for a little bit and toss the football around?"

"That would be fine, just be careful."

Elizabeth listened to her grandson's receding footsteps and the front door, then returned to the documents she was eager to study. She had to find a way to stop the director's mad science experiments and unprofessional behavior. She was going to have to call Isaac's superior, Dr. Iqbal Patel. It was no secret that Iqbal and Isaac had been enemies for years after Iqbal received the promotion for which both men were fighting. If anyone would be on her side, it would be Dr. Patel and with these documents she should have all the evidence she needed.


Outside, Ty was greeting his friend who lived just down the street. They had become very close friends after Ty's parents were killed in a car accident. Ty moved in with his grandmother and met Raphael when he moved in just down the block. Raphael was two years older than Ty, and Ty reaped the benefits of getting invited to the hottest parties with the hottest people. Now that Raphael was in college, the crazy parties were only getting wilder. Raphael was born in Puerto Rico, but his parents had moved when he was very young. Unlike Ty, Raphael was very heavy into sports and he kept his body very fit and toned. Usually when Ty got laid, it was because he had the world's greatest wing man to sweet talk the ladies.

Ty was a short stout kid, light brown hair (sort of a Justin Bieber style ) with a bit of a large belly. He wasn't incredibly fat, but he wasn't exactly the cutest person either. Many kids had made fun of his acne problem, but Raphael had also given some useful pointers to at least manage the problem, in order to prevent a 'pizza-face' syndrome. Ty had also recently accepted Raphael as a personal trainer, and they would meet at the college gym twice a week to work out together. Ty hoped that if he kept up the hard work he'd lose his overgrown stomach in no time.

As they stood in the back yard, Ty was once more jealous of his friend's ridiculously fit body. Raphael had short trimmed black hair and the faintest shadow of a beard. When Raphael raised his arms to toss the football, his biceps would bulge and showed nicely through his tight fitted shirt. Whatever muscle Ty might have was covered by his loose fitting clothing, because the tighter the shirt the more pronounced his belly would be. Raphael ran and moved with a fluid grace and his clear Hispanic skin had a nice dark tan. Some things are just unfair.

Under Raphael's direction, Ty was catching the ball and tossing it back. With each pass of the ball, the two young men would take a step back. The farther they moved apart the more difficulty Ty had trying to toss the ball to his friend. Raphael threw the ball and Ty ran to catch it, but it once again slipped through his grasp. He heard the front door of the house and peeked around to see who it was.

"Ty?" Elizabeth called, "I'm going out to meet someone. There are leftovers in the refrigerator and if you don't see anything you want order a pizza. I left twenty bucks on the table. Hello, Raphael."

"Hello, Granny Bartley," Raphael waved back.

"Are you sure everything's all right, Grandma?" Ty asked.

"It will be, dear," Elizabeth smiled, "just lots of stress at work."

With that Ty watched his grandmother drive away. There was definitely something going on, but he decided to keep his thoughts to himself. He collected the football and threw it back to his friend, but once again it fell short of its intended target.

"You can't lob it like that, remember?" Raphael coached, "You have to throw it so that it flies steady, without flipping end over end like that. Here try again."

Raphael tossed the ball and this time Ty managed to catch it. Pumped up from the sudden success, Ty threw the ball with all his might. Much to his horror the ball sailed right over Raphael's head as well as fifty feet to the right and went crashing through a window into the house.

"Oh, shit!" Raphael shouted, "There was some power behind that one."

"That's fucking bad," Ty said with some fear in his voice. His grandmother rarely got mad, but he could already picture the disappointed look on her face, which was so much worse than anger.

"Well, I guess that about ends today's lesson," Raphael chuckled.

"She's already stressed with work, how am I going to call and explain this?"

"Just man up and do it," Raphael slapped his pal on the shoulder, "Windows can be replaced, right?"

"I guess," Ty shrugged. He pulled out his cell phone and dialed his grandmother. It went straight to voicemail. Great.

"You go on," Ty said, "I'll try and find some plastic to cover that up with. Unless I'm in terrible trouble I'll meet you at the gym tomorrow."

"Alright," Raphael grabbed Ty's hand and they made their customary one arm hug, "I'll see you then. Good luck with the window."

"Thanks," Ty laughed with shame.

"Try not to pull the refrigerator door off when you get your leftovers. I guess all this work at the gym has made you stronger than you thought," Raphael laughed as he headed down the drive way.

"Very fucking funny!" Ty shouted after as he went inside.

Inside the house, Ty made his way into his grandmother's office. The glass was everywhere and the football lay neatly on her desk. Ty collected a broom and the dust pan and set to work cleaning up the glass. He noticed some of the glass had managed to find its way under the desk and he could not quite reach it with the broom. He used his hand to reach under the desk and slide the glass shard towards him. As he slid the glass he did not realize a second glass fragment was hiding under the desk and the glass penetrated the soft flesh of his hand. He pulled his hand out in shock and surveyed the bloody site.

"Damn it," he groaned. He cautiously pulled the glass fragment from his hand and over the kitchen sink began washing and scrubbing out the wound. He put on a bandage and went back to work cleaning up the last of the glass. He went to the garage and found a decent length of black plastic they had put down while painting and taped it over the shattered window until it could be fixed later. By this point he was exhausted and headed to bed.


Dr. Elizabeth Bartley approached the park bench where Dr. Iqbal Patel was waiting patiently. In his hand he held a cell phone to his ear and was earnestly talking to someone on the other end. He tried to look casual, but Elizabeth knew he did not want her to overhear the conversation as he quickly disconnected the call.

"Elizabeth," Iqbal smiled up at her, "You should not have gone snooping about in Isaac's affairs."

"Wait until you see these reports! It was against my better judgment to get involved, but someone has to stop this outrage," Elizabeth held the files out to Iqbal

"This is everything?" Iqbal asked as he took the documents.

"All that I could grab," Elizabeth assured.


With that a black bag was thrust over Elizabeth Bartley's head and she was grabbed by two men and quickly thrown into an unmarked white van. Dr. Iqbal Patel watched the van drive away and then rose from the park bench. He redialed the number on his phone, "It's done."


Ty was standing in a large open field and at the far end he could barely make out his good friend Raphael. Raphael was waving to him, indicating he was open to catch the ball that seemed to materialize in Ty's hands. Ty took aim and let the ball fly across the large open field. All along its perfect arc the ball littered tiny glass shards across the field and at the far end it landed perfectly in Raphael's open arms. The glass shards sparkled like diamonds on the field.

Ty watched as Raphael took hold of the football and pressed it to his forehead. Raphael's skin turned from a dark tan to a very pale white and his face began to break out in red blotches of acne. He pulled the ball from his head and threw it back to Ty. As Ty caught the ball his skin began to change into a dark tan and all of the sores on his face healed instantly. Ty threw the ball again. Raphael returned it. Ty watched as his muscles began to grow and bulge beneath his clothes. His stomach receded and he was thin and the start of a six-pack showed on his abdomen.

Ty threw the ball again, Raphael returned it. Ty felt his cock sliding down his leg; he adjusted it and realized that it was growing much larger than he was used to. He liked the weight of it in his hands, so big and fat with large balls to match. He cradled the whole package with his hand and started massaging the rapidly hardening dick. When he looked across the large empty field, shining like the sun from all the sparkling glass, he no longer saw Raphael, he saw himself.

Ty woke with a start and stumbled out of bed. Looking down his body he discovered that the large erection he was dreaming about was in fact a reality. His normally small five inch dick was now poking through his boxers and hanging at about 8 inches long. It was incredibly thick as well, probably as big around as it was long. Ty shook his body and watched the big dick swing with him. It appeared to be real, but maybe he was still dreaming.

It suddenly occurred to Ty that he was not looking over his gut to see his big dick; he was looking straight down over a nice six-pack and round pectoral muscles. Now he was certain he must still be dreaming. It is impossible to fall asleep and wake up with a perfect body. He walked to the mirror and admired his reflection. He was incredibly sexy. He started stripping off all of his clothes and was once again perplexed by the massive cock swinging between his legs. He noticed his bandaged hand and pressed on the palm to see if he still felt pain, if not it must surely be a dream. There was no pain, so he quickly removed the gauze and discovered that his wound was completely gone. It was as if the glass never existed. He gazed in the mirror a long time admiring the sheer perfection of his body.

As he stared at himself in the mirror he started stroking his already rigid cock. He began to wish that his dream came with someone to suck his dick, but since it did not his healed hand would have to do. Soon Ty was pumping his hand back and forth across the big 8 inch dick, which actually seemed to still be growing. He stroked himself harder and faster. His head rolled back and he massaged his big balls with one hand while he continued to stroke with the other. He looked back at his sexy reflection in the mirror. The hot sight was too much and he began to shoot a massive load that splattered all over the full length mirror. As if one massive glob of cum was not enough his cock unloaded four more all over the mirror. At least his orgasm felt real enough.

Ty's alarm began to blare from the side of the bed; time to wake up and go to school. He turned and listened to the alarm. Looking back in the mirror he grabbed his nipple and twisted hard. It hurt. He felt his body, he felt his dick. He touched the wet cum dripping down the mirror and felt the wet sticky substance on his fingers. He smelled it and even touched it to his tongue. Holy shit, the thought, this is real. He was not dreaming. His body had in fact improved itself over night. How was that even possible?

He stood listening to the songs of the 80's on his blaring alarm clock for a long time. He watched his perfect reflection through the cum-soaked mirror. He had to sit down on the bed to stop his head from spinning. He did not have Raphael's face and body as he had imagined in his dream, but he was definitely as sexy as Raphael ever was. Maybe even better looking. He had never realized how jealous he was of his Puerto Rican friend, but looking at Raphael had inspired him to be better. Maybe he had made some sort of wish or pact with some evil spirit in his sleep. What sort of magic existed in the world that could alter his physical appearance to such an amazing degree?

It suddenly occurred to him that his hand had been healed. Why had the wound healed itself? Was that the source of his miraculous transformation? Like Peter Parker being bit by a mutant spider and becoming Spiderman. Glassman, did not have a very clever ring to it. Ty began to wonder what his grandmother was so worried about when she shut herself in her office. He had to talk to her. Lost in his rapid thoughts he reached the door before thinking, pants first.

He found himself incredibly light on his feet, able to skip five steps at a time and he even vaulted himself into a front flip off the final landing. He landed gracefully on his feet fully clothed now in his sleep shirt and pajama bottoms. The bulge of his big cock was now impossible to hide even now that it was flaccid. He'd have to get looser fitting pajama bottoms, then again maybe not.

"Grandma?" he called, "Are you here?"

There was no response, so he quickly searched the house. She was nowhere to be found. Looking out into the driveway her car was still missing. She never returned from her mysterious meeting. Ty tried her cell phone but it went straight to voicemail again. He checked his grandmother's address book and soon found the number for the CDC regional headquarters.

"Thank you for calling the Centers for Disease Control, this is Alexis," a chipper voice answered.

"My name is Ty Bartley, I was calling for Dr. Elizabeth Bartley. Is she available?"

"I'm sorry, but there was an incident last night involving a biological threat. Dr. Bartley has been called away on urgent business. Shall I transfer you to her voicemail?"

"No, that's ok," Ty replied puzzled as he hung up the phone. Ty was worried that the threat must be very severe for her to never call. She would normally notify him personally. He paced the house for a while, dialing his grandmother and wondering what was going on. Overhead the songs of the 80's continued to blare on his radio. Ty had no intention of going to school, he was too worried to focus on school. He dialed that only other person he could always count on.

"Hey, what's up?" Raphael asked.

"My grandmother left suddenly last night, and I'm here with a bit of a situation," Ty started urgently.

"Situation, are you all right?"

"All right? I'm better than all right, I'm muscular and well... I'm overall improved."

"Ty, if you are all right, can this wait? I have a quiz this morning and I can't afford to fail? I'll meet you at the gym this afternoon."

"Oh," Ty muttered disappointedly, "I guess it can wait. I just don't know what to do."

"Ok, gotta go, class is starting," Raphael said distractedly, "Talk to you later."

Ty stood with the phone to his ear for a moment feeling completely abandoned. Then he looked down and saw the bulge in his pants and realized his situation wasn't that bad. It didn't really matter why or how his body had become as perfect as any man could hope to be, it only mattered that it had happened. Looking down at his dick made him want to stroke it again. Maybe while looking in the mirror at his newly enhanced body. That's when the door bell rang.

Ty answered the door and saw a nerdy looking guy standing there. It was a skinny black man with the dark black rimmed glasses which reminded Ty of a librarian. The man was clean shaven and dressed like a librarian too with a shirt and tie and even a sweater vest. As young as the man was, Ty figured he would have a better sense of style. At his side the nerdy guy held a metal case which displayed the easily distinguished bio-hazard symbol. Maybe he had news of his grandmother.

"Oh... hello," the nerdy guy swallowed hard as he looked Ty up and down, "Did I wake you?"

"No, I was awake," Ty answered wishing again that he had looser fitting pajama bottoms as the nerdy gentleman clearly noticed his bulging crotch.

"My name is Artemis, I've come to collect a sample that Dr. Bartley accidentally left here last night."

"She left in such a hurry," Ty pressed, "Is she all right?"

"I assure you," Artemis smiled pleasantly, "she is quite well. She is very busy at the moment and the pressure of her latest assignment is overwhelming."

"What assignment is that?"

"Oh," Artemis chuckled, "they don't even tell me everything. I'm just an intern told to fetch specimen jars and deliver them to where they need to be. Dr. Bartley assured us that the jar was left in her office on the desk."

Ty pictured the football lying on the desk, but there was no specimen jars. It all suddenly made sense. He had been exposed to whatever substance lurked in his grandmother's current assignment. It was odd that she would someone else to collect the jar.

"Please," Artemis flashed his overly-white, overly-friendly smile again, "If I could just come inside and collect the jar, I will be on my way and you can head to school."

Ty stepped out of the way and allowed Artemis to come inside. He closed the door behind them and then ushered Artemis to the office. Artemis could feel an unusual attraction to the young stud as large amounts of pheromones were overwhelming his inhibitions. Artemis was never attracted to men in the slightest. In fact, Artemis rarely cared for sex at all; he was normally too concerned with knowledge and learning to consider the mysterious game of love and/or sexual conquest. But now as he entered the confined space of the office with this fine young teenager he felt an unexpected stir in his trousers. For a black man, he did not fit the stereotype of having a large penis, but even his almost six inch dick would be noticed if he didn't find a way to control himself.

"Is something wrong?" Ty asked.

"No," Artemis shifted uncomfortably as he started doing long division in his mind.

"I have to confess," Ty started, "I think I broke the jar you're looking for and I might even have been..."

Artemis watched the hot teenager walk around the desk as he spoke. Artemis could hear his words, but his eyes were locked on the bulge in the boys pants that was swinging about in the loose pajama pants as he walked. Every fiber in Artemis' body was screaming with intense desire for that young fat cock.

"Are you sure you are all right?" Ty asked again. The nerdy intern simply looked him directly in the eyes and lunged across the desk at him. Ty cried out in alarm as Artemis knocked him to the ground and started massaging the bulge in his pajama pants. The glasses had been knocked from the nerd's face as the two men tumbled to the ground beneath the broken window covered in plastic. Ty was about to toss the guy off of him, but Artemis yanked the fat dick out of the pajama pants and gobbled the whole flaccid dick down.

Ty was shocked by this sudden turn of events and despite his immediate disgust; he was loving the things Artemis was doing to his big fat dick. Ty had only had sex a few times, but he had never had anyone want him this badly. No one had ever swallowed his cock with such intense desire. He propped himself up on his elbows and watched the black intern wrap his fat lips around the big dick. Ty was rock hard in no time.

Artemis was eager to suck the big dick until he had tasted every drop of cum it had to offer. He gagged and choked down the big dick, worshiping it with his tongue and mouth. He let the cock out of his mouth with a loud pop and began licking and sucking on the fat balls; pulling roughly down on the boy's pajama pants for better access.

"Oh God," Ty moaned, "That feels fucking amazing."

"I love your big dick," Artemis smiled again as he licked his way up the entire shaft. Once there, he started sucking on the fat head of the growing cock. Artemis was certain it had to be nearly 9 inches long now and so thick he could barely wrap his hand around it.

"Take it deep again, like you were before," Ty requested and Artemis was swift to comply. The nerdy intern had quite the talented mouth. Ty could not control himself as he suddenly started shooting his hot load into the eager mouth gobbling down his fat dick.

Artemis tasted for the first time the delicious hot cum pouring from the big dick and started sucking hard and fast. He swallowed every drop of cum as it exploded forcefully into the back of his throat. He gagged a moment and then started swallowing and sucking harder and faster. He milked the hot boy's balls and shaft to get even more of the delicious cream into his body. He welcomed every drop of cum, because every drop was more delicious than the last.

"What the fuck was that about," Ty laughed as he looked down at his dick, panting.

Artemis sucked hard and let the big dick pop out of his mouth, making Ty squirm with pleasure again, "I have no fucking idea."

Ty watched the cute black intern lick his fat lips and smile that beautiful white smile. Artemis licked the fat shaft one more time and then started kissing Ty on the lips. Ty did not struggle, he simple allowed the intern's tongue to invade his mouth and share the taste of his own cum. Ty soon found himself closing his eyes and kissing the intern back. This is fucked up, Ty thought somewhere in the back of his mind, but I like it.



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