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Previously on Viral Enhancement...

The Campus:

Peter walks in on his teacher, Dr. Diego Juarez who has recently undergone a self induced viral enhancement, and after a blow job Peter is also exposed. Peter unwittingly returns to his boyfriend Alex and infects him too. As the virus starts to show symptoms in Peter, Alex if forced to call the ambulance. Peter wakes on the ride to the hospital and fucks his two hot EMT's, Matt and Trevor. Peter, Matt, Trevor, and Alex are all called back to Diego for tests. Diego fucks Daniel Morris, a man he blames for ruining his career and ultimately leads to Daniel's demise. Alex gets tired of waiting around and returns to campus where he meets his good friend Wesley (Wes), who also gets infected. Diego and Peter in an aggressive rage brought on by the virus enter the gym and infect Guns, Marc, and Bart. Alex and Wes infect Wes' neighbor and foreign exchange student, Teo. All of the men are alerted of Daniel's death and the CDC intervenes to stop the spread of the virus. All the men are taken to the CDC regional headquarters where the director Dr. Isaac Morris reveals he is Daniel's brother and seeks revenge for those responsible for Daniel's death (Diego and Peter).

The CDC:

Alex and Wes attempt to escape the CDC, but a set of hot twins, Jon and Jeffrey, along with Peter thwart their plans. The resulting struggle causes Alex to use his abilities granted by the virus, but he ends up switching bodies with Jon. After an intense orgy, Isaac begins encouraging a relationship that develops between Trevor and Marc for reasons of his own. Jeffrey confesses his feelings towards his twin brother, Jon, and Alex ends up having sex with Jeffrey while in Jon's body. Jon, while in Alex's body, begins to discover the ability to transfer consciousness when he accidently wakes up as Bart. Meanwhile, outside the CDC a scientist named Dr. Elizabeth Bartley brings home a specimen jar to expose Isaac's evil plotting. While Elizabeth is away (being kidnapped by a Dr. Iqbal Patel), her grandson, Ty, stumbles upon the specimen jar and is infected by the virus. Ty is visited by Artemis, an employee sent to collect the specimen jar and ultimately infects him too. Ty goes to consult his good friend, Raphael, at the gym about his grandmother's disappearance, but ultimately infects Raphael and all the other guys at the gym (Steven, Oscar, Josh, and Travis).


Jon continued to look in the mirror admiring the hot hairy stud looking back at him. He had never had so much hair and he kind of liked the look of the hot muscle stud all covered in fur. He ran his hands over his body feeling the furry chest and abs before stroking the big fat 10 inch dick between his legs. It was so hot he wanted to cum everywhere, but every effort to ejaculate would be thwarted by another shock. Bart's body was amazing and Jon preferred it to Alex's body because he loved the muscle.

Jon had finally mastered his ability to jump from Alex's body to Bart's body, but he was still unable to find others at a greater distance. He wanted his own body, but until he could find a way he would be satisfied stroking Bart's big fat 10 inch dick while admiring the hairy muscular body. Jon found his mind flashing to forbidden fantasies of the big hairy stud fucking his twin brother, Jeffrey's tight little ass. He felt an intense urge to cum and grabbed his dick hard in order to stay the explosive white cream trying to spatter the mirror.

Suddenly the door opened and a handsome half American half Cuban scientist named Dr. Paolo Christensen entered the room with two burly guards. Jon was in charge of these two guards and he instantly recognized the incredibly muscular Russian, Anton, and the tall bearded white guy, Drew. Both men were ex-military and since their senses and aggression had been enhanced by the viral treatments Isaac had delivered, they were very formidable individuals. Their muscles were bulging with veins as they crossed their arms across their chests and blocked the only entrance or exit to the room.

"Oh, thank God," Jon sighed with relief, "Please, Paolo, I've been trapped in this..." Drew suddenly reached out and clamped a large hand over Jon's mouth and used his other arm to pin Bart's hairy body against the wall. Paolo walked over and grabbed hold of Bart's big dick and balls and gave them a squeeze, which made Jon whimper.

"Shut up, bitch," Drew grunted in Jon's ear and Jon looked into Drew's eyes with an intense fury; he would not quickly forget his employee's hands clamped over his mouth forcing him to submit. Jon at all times liked to remain in charge and in control. Drew would one day be reminded of that fact. He looked back at Paolo who held a long needle and syringe which had seemingly materialized in his hands. While Drew pinned Jon against the wall, Paolo administered the painful injection directly into Bart's hairy butt cheek. Their assignment apparently completed, all three men suddenly left the room before Jon had a chance to explain further. Fucking assholes.


Matt sat in his room, his ass still sore from the very large injection they had given him, but his 9 inch dick was as raging hard as ever. Despite all of the hot guy on guy action he had recently been exposed to, his mind was on his girlfriend, Paige. She was probably the first person on the outside to note Matt's sudden disappearance. He wondered how Isaac and the CDC had covered up the entire 911 call followed by an ambulance left empty on the way to the hospital, the occupants appearing to just vanish. Not only that, there was the issue of a dead body in Diego's lab. Isaac's influence was clearly very powerful and it was quickly spreading with each passing day. Despite his fear of Isaac's intentions, Matt was happy with the incredible body he had received as a result. He longed for the day he could fuck Paige's tight pink pussy again, assuming that day ever came.

Teo lay on his bed very worried about his family. He would normally Skype with them for several hours once or twice a week. He had loved America and was quickly enchanted by the many freedoms and conveniences it had to offer, but now he was imprisoned against his will in a tiny white room. He thought about the way his body had suddenly turned against him, crossed the hall to his neighbor and proceeded to have sex with them. He'd never once considered the possibility that he was gay, but now he had to admit that it was very enjoyable. Getting the chance to stuff that tight Mexican stud had also been a treat. He like the way he could feel the hairy stud's cock rubbing up against his own cock as they both pushed their way inside.

Gun's had only one thought. He wanted Bart's hairy hole. His massive 14 inch black shaft with a fist like head was jumping up and down on his abdomen with each pulse of his racing heart. Of all the guys he'd met recently it was Bart that he truly wanted. He kept remembering the way Bart had taken Diego's enormous dick in the gym and he wanted desperately for that big dick to be his. He wanted to watch his own black shaft disappear inside that gorgeous hairy butt. Bart loved doing squats and leg lifts in the gym, his nice round ass had to be a perfectly muscular specimen. Guns was determined that if given the opportunity he would take that hole. After all, he was huge and powerful, he deserved to be in control.

Trevor and Marc looked around the plush room they were now to share together. Fortunately they were granted a bigger bed and an attached bath with a large shower. Isaac planned to keep them together and monitor their growing relationship. The only condition to staying together was a requirement that each man would be subjected to a random cerebral scan to monitor areas of brain activity. They were also given permission to cum as often as they desired and to have as much sex with each other as they desired. Marc absolutely adored Trevor and his awesome body; he was perfectly content as long as they were together. The two men considered the room and quickly decided they both needed a hot shower first.

Diego woke in a tiny white room; every muscle in his body was tight and tired. His raw asshole was aching from countless dicks plunging their way deep inside leaving his guts with an empty feeling. As if on cue his bowels grumbled with obvious discomfort, probably from having to digest so much cum as it was ejected inside. Diego was a long way from being Dr. Juarez, the respected bioengineer with the naïve goal of curing humanities many ailments. Now, he was simply a broken man filled with many regrets. He wanted so badly to blame Isaac Morris, but Isaac was simply a brother seeking vengeance for someone that was taken from him. He wanted to blame Peter for altering his life's work for the sake of sexual gratification, but he was just a horny kid in over his head. He wanted to blame Daniel Morris, but Daniel had already paid a price too great for his crimes.

Diego knew that he was the sole creator of his current predicament, and as he urged his muscles to cooperate he tried to accept that fact. The truth was as easy to take as the many cocks that had penetrated his tight hole and gagged his throat and he was left with an equal amount of emptiness and bad tastes in his mouth. His downfall was very symbolic, but now he would learn to stand again. He would learn from his mistakes, so that one day when he became Dr. Juarez once more he would do things right. He winced as he started to stand on shaky legs a look of determined resolution on his face.


Alex followed closely behind Jeffrey and was afraid to consider what might happen if Isaac chose to take control of him. Would Isaac immediately realize that Alex was not Jon? He wiped his sweaty palms on his pants as he tried to remain calm. Not only that, but one slip up with Jeffrey and his true identity may be revealed. What if Jeffrey suddenly asked about something only the real Jon would know? Alex looked at Jeffrey as he pondered his situation and as his eyes glanced over the nice tight butt he couldn't help but smile that he had just fucked that beautiful ass.

Jeffrey opened the door to Isaac's throne room and Alex immediately saw Wesley naked and chained to the throne by a collar around his neck. He remembered seeing Peter in that exact same position, an obedient little pet that was inevitably broken by Isaac's mega-dick. Alex felt a flush of rage heating his cheeks as he looked at his hot bearded, golden haired friend chained to the throne. Isaac sat upon the chair, shirtless, but wearing a pair of dress pants and a tie draped lazily around his neck; the new dress code for the Regional Director of the CDC. On the opposite side of Wes sat Alex's former lover, Peter.

Peter was hotter than ever and his soda can sized dick was rock hard and on display for all to see. Peter stroked his dick lazily as he sat draped over the arm rest of Isaac's throne, his other hand was rubbing Isaac's broad, muscular exposed chest. Every once in a while his hand would tweak Isaac's nipples before continuing to rub the hard mound of pectoral muscle. All three men seemed to be relaxing after some exhaustive sexual encounters. Alex wondered what these two giants had done to Wes. He struggled to maintain his composure and control his breathing, despite his intense hatred toward Isaac and his meddling in other people's affairs.

"Are you all right, brother?" Jeffrey suddenly asked; Alex had no idea he was even looking at him.

"Yes, I'm fine," Alex managed a smile.

"Jon, Jeffrey," Isaac greeted, "I'm so glad you two finally fucked!"

Jeffrey's grin was huge as he looked Jon's identical body up and down, "Me too."

Alex managed to smile again, "It was very hot."

"I always knew you'd be the one to end up on top," Isaac nodded, "In fact I have a new treat for you boys later. An ass you never got to finish filling."

Jeffrey approached Wes with a wicked grin, "Oh, yea, it's that bitch from the elevator. Looks like you didn't get away after all."

Alex scrambled for something clever to add, "We'll teach him a lesson."

Wes looked up fearfully at the two hot twins from the elevator both bulging with muscles underneath their uniforms; one of them was sneering with malicious intent while the other maintained a calm and unreadable expression. They were both incredibly hot, but Wes wanted only to find Alex and escape the hell he had found himself in. Wes glanced across the throne at Peter and tried very hard to forget the feel of Peter's vibrating fat cock inside of him. He had to forget the fact that he actually enjoyed it in the end.

"I already taught him his lesson, but you can still have your turn," Peter smirked.

Alex looked at his former lover and wondered how he had become such a total asshole. Peter was always such an innocent, soft-spoken individual. Horny as could be, but still polite and respectful. Now he was a sex fueled, cock loving maniac that sat at the side of an even bigger and more diabolical lunatic. Alex wished he could go back to before the whole thing began, but then again he would never have found his way into Wes' arms. Alex couldn't help but be a little turned on by the sight of Wes chained to the throne as he looked up at the twins.

"Peter, go make yourself presentable, Iqbal will be here soon," Isaac ordered and Peter groaned like a little child that refused to go to bed before doing as commanded.

"Jon, Jeffrey," Isaac looked at them, "Go greet Dr. Patel and bring him here to me. It is time for him to hold up his end of our arrangement."

Alex fell into step behind Jeffrey as they left the room, because he had no idea who Dr. Patel was or where to find him. He trusted Jeffrey would know the way.


"Finally, a moment of peace," Isaac smiled as he looked down at Wesley, "Would you like a snack while we wait?"

"Go fuck yourself..." Wesley spat at Isaac and immediately regretted it as his groin began to ache as if he had been kicked in the balls, he doubled over dry heaving in response to the torturous pain.

"That's no way to speak to your master," Isaac smiled pleasantly as he watched the tortured stud on the ground, "Don't you remember what I told you?"

"Yes..." Wes gasped and groaned at the horrible pain, "...Master."

The pain instantly stopped and Wes collapsed on the floor, crying as he still clutched his balls. He considered wrapping the chain linking him to the throne around the massive director's neck and ending the nightmare once and for all. Suddenly, Isaac's hand was on Wes' shoulders, comforting the tortured blond stud.

"There, there now," Isaac reassured as he sat down on the floor next to Wes, "There is no need for pain as long as you do what I ask. I'll start slow with you. You're not like Diego or Peter; you've done nothing against me, but I do want you to beg for more of me. I want you to call me Master and recognize your place. You are one of mine now, special, enhanced. Follow me and I can give you everything you could ever dream of having."

As Isaac spoke he took Wes' hand and brought it to his crotch. He began using Wes' hand to stroke the massive cock poorly hidden beneath his dress pants. The flaccid ten inches hung down the right pant leg and as Wes' hand moved back and forth along the length of the monster dick it began to swell and grow. Isaac smiled as he looked down at the whimpering stud, "Yea, doesn't that feel good?"

The door suddenly opened and a young scientist walked in. He halted at the sight of Isaac and Wes on the floor and seemed to forget why he had entered. "Um...I didn't realize you were..."

"Have you ever heard of knocking?" Isaac asked as he rose from the ground and stalked toward the stammering scientist.

"Sorry, sir," the scientist looked at the floor nervously; his entire body was trembling in fear.

"So, what do you want?"

"You asked for regular updates on Dr. Bartley's condition. Would you like one now?"

"Yes, let's hear what has become of that nosey old bag."

"She's actually started to look much younger. Wrinkles on her face have begun to recede and her muscles are growing just like the others that have been exposed to the virus. She maintains an elevated testosterone level and her breasts have begun to reduce. The mammary glands remain present, but are not active. Upon sexual stimulation, the subject has begun to produce a knob-like protuberance from within her vaginal wall, reminiscent of male genitalia. All signs indicate that at her current rate of progression she will develop a penis that will be housed within the vagina and become elongated upon stimulation. We are concerned about her mental instability as a result of these drastic changes. And while I have your ear, I'd like to express how fucked up this is."

"While I agree with your sentiments, you must admit that it is remarkably fascinating. How many people have tried desperately to change their sexual identity? We can perform expensive surgeries and give hormone treatments, but never could we attain this level of physical alteration. There is almost nothing that cannot be fixed by the use of viral enhancement. Dr. Diego Juarez truly is a genius and now he is my genius."

"Will there be anything else, sir?" the young scientist asked as he looked awkwardly at Wesley sitting naked on the floor. Wesley's mind was reeling at the impossible conversation he had just heard. He was actually disgusted by the thought of a vagina that produced a penis upon sexual stimulation. What would something like that even look like? Would it be flesh colored or soft and pink like the inside of the vagina? It would probably be coated in its own form of lubrication. The young scientist had described it perfectly, fucked up.

"No, thank you," Isaac nodded, "Keep me informed of her progress and any new developments."

Isaac watched the young scientist leave before turning his attention back to Wes, sitting on the floor. Isaac reached to unbutton his pants when the door opened again, this time admitting Jeffrey followed by Iqbal and Jon bringing up the rear. Wesley breathed an obvious sigh of relief.


Peter stood in the room he shared with Isaac and reviewed the surveillance cameras on the large screen television. Each camera had a designated channel for easy viewing simply by typing in the camera number. He saw that Diego was awake at last; the hot Mexican stud had finally emerged from his slumber like a butterfly finally emerging from its cocoon. Peter watched as the beast of a man did push-ups in his small room. Peter couldn't help but smile as he remembered sucking Diego's dick for the first time. It seemed a long time since he had stumbled into his mentor's office and discovered him passed out on the desk.

Peter typed another number and saw Alex lying on a bed. He looked at his shaggy haired boyfriend and felt the slight sting of remorse. Of all the captives, Isaac feared Alex the most. Isaac had tried to replicate Alex's unique abilities countless times, but despite his best efforts he could not inhabit another's mind in the same way. Peter wondered if Isaac would ever free Alex, or would he keep him locked away indefinitely out of fear?

Peter changed the channel again and saw Isaac's latest obsession. In the shower, steaming hot water pouring down around them, Trevor was ramming his big 12 inch cock inside of Marc's hot muscular ass. Peter watched and felt his hand slowly reach down and start stroking his own fat cock. Peter recalled meeting Trevor for the first time in the back of an ambulance. He'd loved the way Trevor had fucked him and now as he watched he knew that the enhancements had only made Trevor better at fucking. It was no wonder that Marc was obsessed with the hot EMT. Peter wondered again why Isaac was treating these two differently. Isaac never did anything without a reason.

Peter was very surprised when Trevor and Marc suddenly switched places. Marc rammed his 9 inch dick inside of Trevor's hairy ass and just started pounding the hot white ass. After several minutes of getting his ass brutally pounded, Trevor switched off the hot water and both men embraced. Their hands ran over each other's bodies and their lips were locked in a passionate kiss. They kissed deeply and enjoyed the feel of their tongues crashing and rolling over one another. Trevor began kissing his way down Marc's muscular body, dripping with beads of water and when he came face to cock, he turned the stud around and buried his face deep inside of Marc's crack.

Peter moaned as he stroked his dick and watched the hot scene unfolding on the television screen. Trevor apparently had some mad skills with his tongue because Marc was panting desperately as Trevor rimmed his hot bubble butt. Peter wanted to feel Trevor's face buried in his own ass and while he watched, Peter slid a hand down his crack and began fingering his own hole. Peter began to understand Isaac's fascination with the two studs. They had a passion for one another that was rare. A passion that Peter realized he once felt with Alex. Peter switched the channel back to Alex sleeping and stroked his dick until he finally came.


"Wesley," Isaac motioned to the 52 year old, balding, sharp-dressed Indian man that had just entered the room with Jon and Jeffrey, "This is Dr. Iqbal Patel, Deputy Director for Infectious Diseases. And Iqbal, this is Wesley, my newest toy."

"I don't understand your fascination with other guys," Iqbal frowned at the naked stud on the floor, "I put my new big dick to work stretching out some wonderful pussy."

"You're such a dirty old bastard aren't you?" Isaac laughed, "I bet your wife is enjoying your new addition?"

"My wife?" it was Iqbal's turn to laugh, "She hasn't let me have sex with her in years, but my assistant Melanie on the other hand loves my new dick."

"I was right, you are a dirty old man," Isaac clapped Iqbal on the shoulder, "Now, let's get down to business. You have something I am very interested in."

"Yes," Iqbal stood up straighter as he produced an envelope from inside his suit coat, "I've managed to acquire a distribution center that will allow us access to the vaccines. You can make the exchange at that time. You must replace the correct lot numbers to insure that the vaccines are delivered to the correct location. I've included the lot numbers designated for delivery to the military base at Fort Holtwood."

Alex listened to the conversation between the older Indian man and Isaac, but he was having a difficult time understanding the discussion. One word stood out, vaccine.

"Congratulations," Iqbal smiled wickedly with Isaac, "you will soon control a small army."

"Your support will not be forgotten," Isaac patted Iqbal's arm again as the two men shook hands. Iqbal passed Isaac the envelope containing all of the information. Alex could sense that the information in the envelope was key to unraveling Isaac's schemes.

"Well, keep in touch," Iqbal smiled as he headed toward the door, "I'll be eager to hear about any new developments you might have. I may have to stop back periodically for an upgrade."

"Absolutely," Isaac nodded, "Take care, Iqbal."

Alex decided to take charge so as to look like he knew what he was doing, "Come, Dr. Patel, I'll show you out."

The three men walked down the hall towards the elevator. As they walked Alex recalled the maze of halls on the first floor. They would need to take the first right and second left to get out to the parking deck to which they had assigned Dr. Patel. Then Alex's worst fear occurred when Dr. Patel asked a question he did not know the answer to.

"So, twins?" Iqbal inquired, "Has Isaac used you boys as his play things too?"

"We've been virally enhanced, if that's what you mean?" Alex replied.

"I think he's asking if he's fucked us?" Jeffrey continued, "And the answer is no, but the director could do whatever he wanted to us if he wanted to."

"I'm surprised he could show such restraint," Iqbal pondered, "I guess he is able to maintain control over his new abilities better than I expected."

Alex stopped and pressed the elevator button, but Jeffrey gave him a confused and irritated look. Alex looked back at the twin brother wondering what he was missing. When Jeffrey realized his brother was going to continue to wait for the elevator he decided to intercede, "Jon, we should show Dr. Patel the newest lab. Did you forget that Isaac discussed that earlier?"

Alex realized that he was not involved in the discussion to which Jeffrey was referring. Evidently, Isaac had other plans for the Indian doctor which did not involve escorting him back to his car. Now Alex realized that his ruse of pretending to be Jon could quickly come unraveled.

"Oh, how dumb could I be?" Alex replied as he looked into Jeffrey's quizzical expression, "Would you like to see our newest lab, Dr. Patel?"

"I really must be going," Iqbal smiled politely, "but thank you any way."

"We really cannot take no for an answer," Jeffrey pressed, "Clearly you are not aware of Isaac's quick temper if we do not do exactly as he has instructed."

"If you insist," Iqbal sighed in frustration, "lead the way."

Alex sighed in relief as Jeffrey took the lead and started ushering the doctor down a nearby hall and to the right. Alex wondered if he would have to get his hands dirty with Dr. Patel. Alex was not sure the extent of Jon and Jeffrey's loyalty. Would they hurt or even kill in service to their master? As Alex followed Jeffrey and Iqbal toward the lab, he felt his insides knotting in nervous anticipation. He wished he could simply jump out of the situation and back into his own body. A body he had left unattended and potentially lifeless. What becomes of a body without a consciousness?

"Do you boys share your master's fascination with other men, or do you like pussy like a normal man should?" Iqbal asked.

"I've always been slightly interested in both men and women," Jeffrey answered, "but I love getting a blow job, my first was from this girl named...oh, shit. Jon, what was her name?"

"Um..."Alex swallowed hard as the other two men came to an abrupt halt and looked at him for a response. Alex felt his mouth sticking shut as if he had just inserted a large spoonful of peanut butter.

"April," Jeffrey smiled, "that was her name."

"Oh yea, April," Alex laughed, "I remember her."

"Well, Dr. Patel," Jeffrey nodded, "We have arrived."

Alex opened the door before them and discovered one of the white rooms in which all of the prisoners were being detained. The realization of Isaac's treacherous nature was etched on Iqbal's face as he realized he was not going to leave the CDC headquarters. Jeffrey shoved the old Indian man inside the small room and started ripping at the guy's pants; exposing his muscular butt covered in graying hairs.

"Get ready, Jon," Jeffrey smiled up at Alex, "You're finally going to get your wish to fuck an older man. Look at that tight butt. I bet it's never been touched, after all Iqbal here loves the pussy."

Alex was not really interested in fucking the older man, but he had no choice but to maintain his cover as Jon. Jeffrey shoved Iqbal back down across the bed when he tried to get up and then spit into the old man's hairy butt. Using his finger he started working his spit into the tight hole.

"Oh, yea," Jeffrey laughed, "You ought to feel this tight hole, Jon."

Alex stepped forward and added his own spit to Iqbal's hole as Jeffrey removed his finger. Then Alex started shoving one of Jon's big fingers inside the tight space as Iqbal was moaning and begging to be freed. He kept reminding the two studs that he had done everything Isaac had asked, but his desperate cries for mercy fell on deaf ears. Jeffrey spit on his own finger and then started working it in to Iqbal's tight butt along with Jon's finger.

"We can't fuck around. We have to get this bitch nice and loose, so he can take your big cock, Jon."


Peter finally returned to the throne room and before even entering he could hear the desperate slurping sounds and gagging noises. As the door eased open he saw the head of Isaac's enormous 16 inch dick forcing Wes' mouth wide open. Wes was kneeling naked on the floor, still chained to the throne while the tall, incredibly muscular stud stood over him gripping his head with both hands and working his big dick into his mouth. Isaac had sent Peter to get dressed and look presentable, but now as he entered the room he began removing the clothes he had just finished putting on.

"That's fucking hot," Peter whispered as he began rubbing his hands across Isaac's broad shoulders and up through the director's sandy brown hair. He kissed the director's muscular back while he ran his hand around over the muscular torso and perfect abs. Peter continued to rub, kiss, and worship every muscle of Isaac's perfectly toned upper body. Wes remained on the floor, eyes wide as his face was stuffed with a dick bigger than anything he could even begin to imagine.

"You took your time pampering yourself," Isaac spoke to Peter as he leaned his head over and the two men kissed.

"I got distracted by all of your surveillance cameras. It seems your latest experiments are fucking like rabbits in their new room."

"Aren't they hot?" Isaac muttered as they began kissing again.

"Not as hot as this," Peter smirked as he began drifting down to his knees. Soon Peter was kneeling next to Wes on the ground and as Wes continued to be gagged by Isaac's massive shaft, Peter began licking and sucking the enormous balls attached to the base of the mega-cock. The huge spheres were too large to fit in his mouth, but he sucked them hard and took what he could into his hot wet mouth. Soon Isaac's balls were dripping with saliva and the director was tossing his head back in a delighted moan.

"Oh, yea, baby," Isaac urged Peter on, "I hope you're taking notes, Wesley. Peter is amazing at sucking a cock."

Peter proceeded to lick and suck on the long fat shaft that could not be stuffed inside of Wes' mouth. Peter took Wes face in his hands and turned the hot stud away from Isaac's monster dick so they could kiss. Peter could taste the delicious pre-cum from Isaac's dick inside of Wes' mouth as their tongues touched and their lips met.

"Suck his balls," Peter commanded as their lips parted and Peter opened his mouth wide and took the massive cock deep into his mouth. He gagged a bit, but continued to push down farther on the dick. He stuffed nearly 9 inches down and then he felt Isaac start humping into the back of his throat. Wes was obediently sucking on Isaac's massive balls. Peter could not take any more; he came off the monster dick, coughing and his eyes watering. A string of saliva stretched between Isaac's enormous dick and Peter's open mouth, Peter slurped up the wet mess as he dove back down on Isaac's dick. Isaac was roaring in satisfaction as the two men took control of his big dick.

Peter was quite busy trying to take the big dick, but he noticed that Wes was looking down at Peter's exposed cock. Peter was not quite fully erect, but the dick was growing and becoming as fat as a soda-can. Peter came off of Isaac's dick again and looked at the blonde stud sucking on Isaac's balls.

"You liked my dick didn't you?" Peter smiled at Wesley, "Why don't you suck it for me?"

Wes looked at Peter with obvious conflict. Wes looked up at the monstrous director standing over both of them and Isaac simply nodded his approval. Wes leaned all the way over and took Peter's dick. He sucked timidly on the slightly flaccid dick and felt it stretch as he sucked. After the initial taste he became a little braver and began taking more of the fat dick into his mouth. Overhead he could hear the intense slurping sounds of Peter downing Isaac's immense cock. Soon, Peter's dick was rock hard in Wes' mouth and started vibrating slightly as it slid over his tongue. Wes became braver and braver as he kept sucking the fat dick.


The moment had finally come. Alex lined Jon's big 9 inch dick up with Iqbal's exposed hairy ass. In truth, Alex was not at all attracted to the older Indian man, but he was able to stay hard by looking at the hot twin brother, Jeffrey, who was urging him on. There was no going back as the head of Jon's cock started to penetrate the tight hole. Iqbal was bucking and moaning with hatred and discomfort, but Alex continued to push his way inside.

Jeffrey slapped Jon's ass and roared, "Oh yea, fuck him brother! Fuck him like you want it!"

Alex fueled by Jeffrey's encouragement and determined to appear as strong and dominant as Jon shoved the last of the big dick into Iqbal's ass. The man beneath him began screaming and crying as he pulled back and thrust again.

"Stop! Please, stop!" Iqbal screamed, "I can't..."

"Yea, fuck him brother," Jeffrey urged again and this time Alex began fucking the tight hairy ass harder and faster. The ass was so tight his dick almost hurt as it was squeezed on all sides by the virgin hole. Alex pressed through the pain and fucked harder and faster into the tight butt. He tried not to look down and he let his eyes drift close as he imagined Wes underneath him. Iqbal kept crying out in his Indian accent begging him to stop. The image of Wes was quickly wiped away.

"Shut up," Alex grunted as he thrust inside very deep and started pushing Iqbal's face down into the sheets so as to muffle his cries. He tried to imagine Wes again, but it didn't feel right. He realized he would never be so rough and inconsiderate to Wes. Wes was his friend and his tender lover.

Alex suddenly felt someone directly behind him and seconds later Jeffrey was pressing the head of his own big dick against Jon's tight virgin ass. Jeffrey must have lubed up his dick with some saliva, but Jon's ass was not prepared for the sudden assault from Jeffrey's big dick. Alex grunted in pain as the big dick forced its way inside. Alex collapsed completely on top of Iqbal as his face contorted in extreme pain.

"Jeffrey," Alex grunted, "What the fuck?"

"I don't know who you are" Jeffrey replied as he continued to tear and shove his way inside of Jon's tight virgin hole, "but you're not Jon. Jon would know my girlfriend's name was not April and Jon would never fuck that crusty old bag of bones you have his cock buried in."

Alex felt foolish as he realized his game was at an end. He should have known that he would never be able to fool Jeffrey. Jeffrey was ruthless in his punishment as he continued to force his way deep inside and then he pulled almost all the way out before slamming back inside. Alex felt trapped as the muscular twin forced his way inside and his own dick remained jammed deep inside the tight hairy Indian.

"I'll teach you not to take my brother's body," Jeffrey grunted as he started pounding harder and faster into Jon's tight hole. Jon's hole was constricting in response to the massive stimulation, but Jeffrey didn't slow down to let the virgin ass adjust to the invading shaft. The tighter Jon's hole squeezed, the more desperately Jeffrey tore into it. Soon Jeffrey was practically bouncing up and down on top of Jon, their bodies slapping together with each colliding, punishing thrust. Iqbal was grunting desperately at the bottom of the pile as the full weight of two huge muscular studs was crushing him against the bed and a big dick remained wedged deep in his ass.

"Give me back my brother," Jeffrey demanded as he fucked incredibly hard and smacked Jon's exposed ass. "Give him back!"

"I..." Alex grunted as Jeffrey slammed down, "...can't."

"I don't fucking believe you," Jeffrey started pounding harder as he grabbed hold of Jon's hips and pulling the beautiful ass up to allow better access. Jeffrey unleashed the full fury of his anger and aggression upon the tight virgin ass. Jeffrey felt more powerful and in control then he could ever remember in his life. Ever since the day his brother had suddenly shoved a dick in his mouth, Jeffrey had followed Jon around. Now Jeffrey tasted the first sensation of being in control. It tasted like freedom.

"He's..." another hard deep thrust, "...gone..." their bodies slapped together, "...please..." Jeffrey's dick pushing so deep inside, "...stop!"

Alex could feel all the stimulation of Iqbal's tight hairy ass still squeezing his dick and as Jeffrey pounded him Alex couldn't help but cum. Iqbal started moaning and crying out in misery as he understood what was happening. He was so ashamed that he was not only getting fucked, but the beast inside him had just cum; filling his insides with hot white cream. Alex grunted as his orgasm shook through his body and his rectum tightened around Jeffrey's dick in response. The sudden squeezing of Jon's ass on Jeffrey's dick inflicted greater pain on the raw and abused hole.

"I'll stop when I have my brother back," Jeffrey demanded desperately fucking harder than he had ever fucked another person before. Every muscle in Jeffrey's body was tight and tired, but he wouldn't give up. His cock was desperate to cum, but he was not about to yield until he got what he wanted. Jeffrey seemed to fuck forever and Alex was beginning to think it would never end, but the inevitable finally happened; Jeffrey began cumming inside his brother's tight virgin butt. Jon's hole was stretched and abused and pumped full of hot sticky jizz, it was no longer virgin as Jeffrey let the cock slide out.

Jeffrey stood panting from the efforts of his fucking and his entire body was drenched in sweat. Alex took the sudden opportunity and swirled around and backhanded Jeffrey hard across the face. Jeffrey stumbled backward and Alex used the brief moment to propel himself out of the room and slammed the door behind him. He secured the locks and trapped both men inside. Alex leaned against the door feeling cum drip from his painfully raw ass.

Alex felt the jump as someone or something suddenly slammed against it, followed by an animal-like roar of rage. Over and over again someone beat against the door and Alex backed away slowly, worried the desperate beast within might just manage to escape.

"You'll regret this day!" Jeffrey roared from within, "I'll make sure of it!"

"I already do," Alex muttered as he started down the hall.


Peter was slouched down in the throne and his big fat dick was sticking straight up into the air. Wes was bent over him nervously while the director continued to bury his face into Wes' ass. Wes' face was directly in front of Peter and his hot breath was against Peter's cheek while the director rimmed him and prepared the tight hole.

"You want my big dick again, don't you?" Peter asked before he kissed Wes and rubbed his hands over Wes' muscular body.

"No," Wes stated as his eyes rolled back in his head from the pleasure of the director's talented rim job.

"Don't lie to me," Peter kissed Wes again, "I saw the way you look at it. Like nothing you've ever felt before."

"Yes, I want it," Wes finally admitted as he kissed Peter.

"Then take it," Isaac suddenly demanded as he pulled his wet face away from Wes hole and started shoving the hot ass down on Peter's fat dick. Peter's dick went to work wiggling its way inside of Wes' hole, desperate to find a tight space in which to please itself. It began vibrating, expanding and contracting to better access Wes tight hole. Isaac helped push Wes down until he had taken the entire length of Peter's fat dick into his ass.

"Now ride that fat dick," Isaac whispered in Wes' ear.

"Yes, Master," Wes replied as he began pulling up and then sitting back down on the huge fat cock. Wes moaned as Peter's dick started vibrating more urgently, stimulating Wes in all the right ways. Wes' whole body broke out in goosebumps as he began bouncing up and down on top of Peter's fat dick.

"You want that dick," Peter smiled up at Wes.

"Tell us how bad you want it," Isaac whispered.

"Oh, God," Wes moaned, "It feels amazing! Yes, Master, I want that big dick."

Isaac watched Wes bounce up and down on Peter's incredible fat dick for several moments while he stroked the length of his 16 inch cock with both hands. Isaac was amazed at how quickly a man could be broken. He wanted to feel the things that Trevor and Marc felt towards each other, but in the end Isaac just wanted everyone to submit. He wanted them all to call him master. He would be their ruler, and they would do his bidding because he would give them the gift of perfection.

Isaac looked at the envelope lying nearby and thought of the possibilities that were in store for him. His massive cock seemed to get harder and harder as he thought about his plan. Soon a local shipment of flu vaccines would be laced with a dose of his amazing virus. The shipment would be sent to the Fort Holtwood military base and infect all of the immunized soldiers. They would be enhanced and made perfect, like Jon and Jeffrey. Their dicks would grow, or in the case of women a dick would appear, so that they could easily spread the virus to others. The last ingredient would be the obedience and intense loyalty to Isaac. They would feel as Trevor and Marc felt towards each other; willing to do anything for Master Isaac.

Rock hard and leaking pre-cum from his massive 16 inch shaft, Isaac lifted Peter's legs up while Wes continued to bounce up and down on top of Peter's fat dick. As Peter's legs were propped up into the air it exposed his beautiful ass and Isaac began shoving his monster dick inside once more. Peter opened to him and started accepting the monster dick. Peter moaned and panted as he felt the sensations of Wes riding him and Isaac stuffing his way inside. Soon, Isaac was pulverizing Peter's ass with the giant dick and Wes was starting to climax. Wes' body writhed and jolted side to side as he stroked his dick, desperate to cum with Peter's dick buried in his ass.

Peter could see Wes about to cum, and at the last second, Peter pulled Wes up towards him and sucked hard on Wes' cock. Wes cried out and began unleashing six steaming hot shots of cum down Peter's throat. Peter eagerly swallowed them all as he sucked on Wes' dick. After he was spent Wes leaned down and kissed Peter then he turned around and kissed Isaac before collapsing on the floor beside the throne.

Isaac stood over Peter pounding away with his monster dick stretching Peter. Peter's head was bumping against the back of the throne with each thrust and Peter took his own dick, still slick and sticky from Wes' ass and started pumping the length of it up and down. Isaac was relentless, but Peter loved every moment of it. He was so glad Isaac had made him better, so that he could take a cock that big deep inside. It was like something out of a dream.

Suddenly, as Isaac slammed his dick in deep, Peter saw a jet of cum explode from his own dick and splatter the headrest of the throne. Two more shots splattered his own face and chest and then more cum just seemed to leak out from the slit, down his hands and balls. Isaac didn't stop, he just slammed again and again and to Peter's amazement another stream of hot cum exploded from his dick and onto his chest.

"Wes, clean up this mess with your tongue," Isaac demanded.

"Yes, Master," Wes stood and started licking Peter's abdomen, chest, and then face. As Wes licked Peter's cheek, Peter touched his tongue to Wes' tongue and the two men kissed, swapping Peter's cum.

Isaac roared with satisfaction as he felt the wave of his own orgasm quickly approaching. He pulled his massive shaft out of Peter's ass and watched as cum exploded all over the two kissing men. Stream after stream of hot cum splattered the two studs, showering them with it, but they just kept kissing. Isaac was so turned on by the sight; he bent over and started kissing with them. Isaac kissed his two cum soaked sex slaves.



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