Dear readers,

So far I hope you have enjoyed this series. This is my first story and honestly I just write what comes to mind. Part VII has a dark turn, but bear with me I think it is necessary for the plot.

When Daniel was in high school he was student council president, captain of the baseball team, valedictorian, and recipient of multiple scholarships. When he received his PhD with a focus in biopharmaceutical research, he was top in his class and graduated with honors. In his career, he had become the Chairman of the Board of Bioresearch by the age of 28 and he intended to seek new opportunities. Daniel had always had power and influence, and everything he did, he excelled.

Daniel sat, crumpled in a corner, not wearing any pants, and consumed with shame and confusion. Somehow, all of Daniel's power had been taken away in a single moment. Daniel still felt hollow deep in his guts, as if some part of him was removed along with the massive 12 inch cock that had filled him. He was afraid he would never find his way out of the fog of pure confusion and self-hatred, but sudden loud noises drew his attention. At first he cowered and cringed, but somewhere deep inside he fought to regain his courage. He would have to investigate the source of the sounds. There was something familiar about the loud noises he heard. Some primitive part of Daniel knew exactly what he was hearing.

Daniel crawled across the lab floor towards the source of the dreaded noises that were now bombarding his ears. There was no mistaking the sound of flesh against flesh. Daniel also heard shouting, but in his confusion he had difficulty focusing on the words being exchanged. He finally rounded the corner of the nearest lab bench and saw a massively muscular man with chestnut brown hair and wearing pants with the ass ripped out getting plowed by this massive stallion with dark spiky hair. "Fuck me Trevor! Oh you're so much fucking bigger!"

Daniel looked away and closed his eyes, but all he could see was the image of his own ass getting split apart by a monster dick. Daniel tried to fight the sensations overwhelming him, but he was also inhaling large amounts of pheromones that were being produced in excess by the two men fucking. Daniel felt the horror of his own dick growing more and more rigid with each passing second. Daniel felt like the entire world had stopped turning and then flipped upside down.

Daniel opened his eyes and took in the scene before him once more. The man, evidently named Trevor, had a huge dick which likely rivaled the size of Diego's massive 12 inch dick. Daniel could picture that 12 inch dick swinging back and forth as the door to the lab came open.

"Oh, Matt, I love fucking this sweet ass. It is so much more round and firm now that we've changed," Trevor whispered.

"Your cock is driving me wild; it's so fucking deep."

Daniel watched the two men and started stroking his own fully hard 8.5 inch cock, but he no longer felt fear or confusion. He felt angry. Every time he imagined Diego's cock penetrating him and violating him it only fueled his intense fury. Daniel began to wonder if these massive studs before him were important to Diego in some way. What would Diego do, if these studs were taken away? Daniel knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that he would not be satisfied until he had taken everything away from his enemy, Dr. Diego Juarez.

Fueled by his new sense of purpose and determination Daniel stood and tore his blue shirt, causing every button to pop off. The shirt fell behind him as he stalked naked into the room. He removed his silver tie and wrapped it around Trevor's throat while he was fucking the shit out of Matt. The massive spiky haired stud gasped in surprise and tried to back up, but Daniel shoved his hard cock into the stud's ass with one swift motion. Trevor bucked and thrashed, but Daniel overpowered him with his adrenaline-fueled rage and started fucking Trevor without mercy.

"What's the matter?" Matt asked as he turned to look, noticing for the first time another naked man now choking Trevor and fucking his virgin ass. Matt had secretly hoped he would get to be the first one to break Trevor in, but a maniac with a terrible ravenous expression had beat him to it. What terrified Matt the most was the force being applied to Trevor's neck as if the intent was to render him unconscious or worse. Matt acted quickly and threw his entire weight back toward the two men behind him. Matt felt Trevor's massive cock ram deep inside as the three men stumbled back a step.

For a moment, Trevor was able to catch a coughing and sputtering breath as the force of the tie around his neck was momentarily loosened. Trevor sucked in air and tried to duck down out of the noose that had slipped around his neck, but the attacker was already starting to tighten his grip again. Trevor let his elbow fly and made contact with the lunatic's face.

Daniel felt the sudden burst of pain across his left cheek and he roared in frustration as he was sent sprawling onto the floor. Matt was on top of him in a flash, pinning him to the ground. Trevor continued to cough and struggle to catch his breath.

"What are you fucking waiting for?" Daniel asked with hot rage, "Are you going to fuck me or not?"

Matt looked shocked by the idea, but then he looked over at Trevor and back at the mad man before him. Matt seemed to reconsider and started unzipping the front of his pants while straddling the cute guy he had pinned to the floor. Matt had fallen asleep several hours ago with a 7 inch cock in his pants, but now he was amazed to see a fat dick roughly 9 inches long come flopping out and rest on the naked stranger's abdomen. Matt couldn't wait to fuck with his newly improved tool. Matt knew he would have to let up on the guy if he were to get his dick in his ass.

Matt looked to Trevor who had finally regained his breathing and was looking in horror down at his attacker, "Can you help hold him down?"

"How did someone so much smaller than me overpower me like that?" Trevor marveled.

"I don't..." Matt was suddenly surprised as Daniel lurched forward and rolled him over onto his back, quickly switching positions as if it were nothing. Daniel lined up without pause and rammed his cock into Matt's ass and started drilling the loose hole. After being fucked by Trevor's massive cock there was little resistance, but Daniel used that as a reason to fuck harder and faster than ever before. Daniel roared with rage again as he plowed his cock into Matt's ass.

Trevor stood for a moment in shock. The maniac that had attacked him was not a big man, and he certainly should not have been able to tackle Matt like that, but he did. It was as if the man was possessed by some incredible resolve. Now the man had his hands around Matt's throat and was ramming into him like some sort of animal. Trevor grabbed the man and threw him backward away from Matt. The guy landed on his back and the cock that had only moments ago penetrated Trevor and Matt wagged back and forth as the man hit the ground.

The man looked up at Trevor and made a wild laugh as he grabbed hold of his dick and started stroking it toward Trevor, "You fucking liked it inside you, didn't you?"

Trevor shook his head in protest and felt determined to stick his own cock inside this little man. His cock was at least 12 inches long (if not longer) and incredibly thick. He felt furious that this ass hole had interrupted his time deep inside Matt. Before Trevor could get down and fuck the crazy man, Matt was on the guy's hole, shoving his 9 inch dick inside.

Matt was nothing like Diego, but Daniel suddenly felt like the piece that had been stolen out of him was being forced back into his body. Daniel tilted his head back and begged for Matt to get the entire cock buried into his ass. "Fuck me! That's right! Fuck me!"

Matt started pounding the man's tight hole and each stroke was fueled by his anger that he had been overpowered by such a small man. Matt had been enhanced and all of his muscles were bigger then they had ever been, but he had been overpowered and fucked by this unenhanced bitch. Matt fucked with such ferocity, as if he intended to split the man in two, and the harder he fucked the more the man begged for it.

Trevor watched as Matt fucked the man and considered going around to fuck Matt deep again, but something about the man's cock standing up as stiff as a board and bouncing around as Matt drilled him kept drawing his attention. Trevor kept thinking about that cock in his ass, and were it not for the intense choking he had enjoyed it.

Daniel was loving every moment of Matt inside him, but his eyes were focused on Trevor, who was standing with a look of indecision etched on his face. Daniel smiled up at him, "Just fucking ride it, already."

Trevor straddled the man, his back to Matt, and sat down on the guy's cock. It went inside and Trevor loved the feel of the mushroom head penetrating him. He pulled all the way off and let it pop back inside. Over and over he pulled up and sat back down. Then he took the cock all the way into his ass and started riding up and down the shaft, moaning as he felt the cock fill his insides with each decent. Trevor's own 12 inch cock was bouncing up and down, side to side as Trevor rode the guy's cock.

Daniel couldn't stand to watch that big dick swinging around in front of him, he rolled up as best he could and put the head of the dick into his mouth. He rolled his tongue over the head of the big dick and sucked the tip. Daniel kept repeating the process, swirling his tongue and sucking the dick. Trevor let out a satisfied moan.

Matt watched the guy's cock going in and out of Trevor's ass, and felt even angrier at him for stealing his chance at Trevor's hole. Matt started pulling his dick out farther and slamming it harder, deep into the guy's tight hole. With each powerful thrust the guy let out a satisfying grunt that made Matt want to fuck even harder.

Trevor suddenly realized that each time he was descending down on the man's dick it was penetrating deeper, and it almost felt like his hole was getting too tight for the dick. Trevor tried to relax his ass more, but it didn't matter. There was more and more resistance with each downward motion.

"Oh fuck!" Daniel suddenly shouted as he felt his cock expanding and growing inside of Trevor. He could see the look of confusion on Trevor's face and was afraid the hot stud would climb off. Daniel grabbed hold of Trevor's thighs and started pumping his cock up inside of his ass which was growing tighter and tighter by the minute as his cock was growing thicker and longer. Daniel was determined not to slow down and started using every effort to fuck up into his stud with the monster cock. Daniel watched that 12 inch cock bouncing around and he was determined to fuck harder and harder until his own dick was just as big and buried inside the stud's ass.

Matt was still watching the cock going into Trevor's ass, but now he was shocked to see it growing thicker around with each thrust the guy was making. Matt was certain the dick was nearly the same thickness as Peter and still it appeared to be growing. Matt could hardly keep his own dick in the guy's ass as he started thrusting up into Trevor's hole.

Trevor felt so full of cock he thought he would explode. Then, he was exploding. Trevor's body jerked and his cock started spewing cum like a garden hose. The first shot was so forceful it launched well over Daniel's head, but the second shot made it inside Daniel's mouth as he eagerly started sucking it down and holding his tongue out for more. Daniel went back to sucking hard on the end of the cock, slurping down all the cum he could get.

His cum spent and his ass stretched to the max, Trevor started to stand up off the cock. Matt watched as inch after inch came out of Trevor's hole and finally the biggest dick he had ever seen flopped out onto the little stud's abdomen. It was nearly 12.5 inches and as thick as a soda can at its base. It was almost inhuman that Trevor had taken it into his hole. Trevor made it a few steps before collapsing on the floor. Matt still thrust his own cock into the guy's hole, but he had slowed out of pure shock and awe. Matt reached out and grasped the heavy cock, bent over and licked the whole length of it. He could taste Trevor's ass all over it had to lick it again.

Daniel launched himself over and on top of Matt again, lined up his massive new tool and started splitting Matt's ass open. Matt moaned and screamed, but Daniel continued to force his way inside. Matt could feel the massive cock pulsing and swelling even as it penetrated him. The cock was still growing and now it was growing inside him. Matt screamed in terror as the cock pushed and forced its way inside. Daniel started thrusting his hips and driving the heavy cock into the overfilled hole. With each thrust the cock would swell and grow. Bulging and driving its way inside of Matt. Daniel laughed at the look of terror and fear on Matt's face and increased his speed.

Daniel imagined the look on Matt's face as Diego's face. Daniel knew that one day he would look down and see Diego staring up at him in terrified screams. The very thought of his sweet revenge caused Daniel to fuck harder and faster until he started to cum. His cum filled all of Matt's bowels with thick cream and then it filled it again. Finally spent, Daniel pulled his massive 14 inch cock out of Matt's ass and watched as the white cream came pouring out. Daniel noticed that Matt was now unconscious, but evidently not before letting his own load spill across his ripped stomach.

Daniel turned to Trevor and discovered that he was also unconscious. Daniel smiled at his handy work, then looked to the door to the lab and wondered how long until Diego returned and discovered that Daniel was not lying helplessly on the floor any longer.

"I'll be waiting for you," Daniel laughed hysterically, "You may be my maker, but I will be the one to fuck you into oblivion!"

Inside Daniel's chest, his heart was beating at a lightning speed trying to supply blood to his incredibly disproportionate cock, but his heart could only take so much. Daniel felt as if an anvil had just landed upon his chest and he was being crushed. He clutched at his chest as it seized within him. Stumbling across the room he reached out for the phone on the wall. Dr. Daniel Morris only managed to knock the receiver from the wall before he fell to the floor. Dead.



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