The scientist paced the floor, determined to prevent his life's work from going up in smoke. He continued to replay the meeting he had just attended over and over again.

"We apologize Professor Juarez, but we cannot continue to fund your research without some sort of useable data," this coming from an upstart child new to the university and his position on the Board of Bioresearch.

Dr. Diego Juarez was a 35 year old, brilliant bioengineer. He owed a great deal of his success to his adopted parents, without whom he would have never had these opportunities afforded to him in the United States. He was originally born in Mexico City, but was adopted at the age of 10. He had grown up in a house full of jocks, primarily football, but they quickly realized Diego was taking a different path. Diego was not unathletic, it was easy to stay fit when he had three adopted brothers that lived at the gym, but he was more interested in his books. The more he read and understood the world, the more he longed to change it. His research dealt in finding the next evolutionary step for mankind. He wanted desperately to construct a better human.

The premise was complex, it required injecting a virus that would deconstruct and reconstruct at a molecular level. Essentially the host would be able to reach the pinnacle of perfection without diet, exercise, or strange fad diets. Diseases like high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity would be no more. Diego was simply perfecting the amazing systems that were already in place, but making them less likely to fail as we begin to age. The virus would 'clean up' all of the messes that would arise. Despite all of his theoretical calculations which predicted success he had been unable to show progress in animal studies. Many of his test subjects had become mutated freaks of nature.

Diego could not allow them to shut down all of the research he had conducted. He could not allow them to give up on this cure for humanity. In his desperation he reached for the syringe containing the predicted human dose and studied it in the light. If they wanted results, he would give them what they wanted.

Peter gave his boyfriend one last kiss on the lips, slow and teasing. He had been dating Alex, a tall, shaggy-haired rocker, for about 4 months now. Alex was cute, but naïve and foolish with a tall slender build, not really muscular but still fit. What kept Peter coming back was the 8 inch tool he kept hidden in his baggy boxers and pants, not to mention he was the nicest fellow gay he had met so far on campus. Peter promised to do some naughty things when he got back at 7 that night and then left the dorm room.

Peter had spent some time in the gym, unlike Alex, and had built himself up. His pectoral muscles were firm and he had a set of six pack abs he was quite proud of. His blond hair was longer, but he parted it neatly on the side when he went to work in the lab with Dr. Juarez. At some of the concerts he'd attended with Alex, Peter had allowed his slightly wavy blond hair to go unkempt. Much to Peter's surprise, Alex found this look very attractive and now frequently enjoyed running his hands through Peter's hair during sex. Peter carefully laid his hair back into place as he headed for the lab.

As Peter trekked across campus towards the all too familiar science building, he thought about the urgent voicemail message he received from Dr. Juarez last night. Something about the funding being canceled, but he would never let them take away everything they had built. Peter didn't know what Dr. Juarez was talking about, but he knew he would get an earful when he reached the lab.

Peter recalled the first time he worked with Dr. Juarez, he was instantly attracted to the older scientist. Dr. Juarez had a tall fit body and his dark caramel-colored skin added nicely to his overall appearance. It was clear from working together that Dr. Juarez had a hairy chest, but Peter often wondered if he also sported that sexy line of hair running down from his navel, leading to whatever surprises were kept hidden under all those lab clothes. Peter guessed that Dr. Juarez was well equipped, but had no evidence to support such claims. Mostly, Peter found himself staring at the doctor with his jet black hair and shining brown eyes. Peter quickly learned to put his feeling aside to ensure a more professional relationship, besides Dr. Juarez was not gay and he was a college professor.

Peter finally reached the lab, and he let himself inside. As the lights flickered on around him, he saw that the entire lab was in disarray. Lab equipment and broken glass littered the floor. Some of the fluorescent lights hung half out of the overhead fixtures. The half lighted, destroyed lab created a very eerie surrounding. At the far end of the lab the door to Dr. Juarez' office stood open. Light filtered out of the open door, but all was apparently quiet. Whatever maniac had destroyed the lab was not actively doing so now.

"Dr. Juarez?" Peter called.

No response. He slowly moved forward through the debris; careful not to injure himself on any of the broken glass or metal.

"Dr. Juarez?" he called again, his fear growing. Peter debated whether he should bolt for the door or continue towards the office. While his mind continued to tell him to run, his curiosity kept him in motion towards the door. "Dr. Juarez?"

He finally peered through the open door, and saw the shirtless Dr. Juarez sleeping across his desk. Much of the doctor's pants were also in tatters around his exposed calves. It looked almost as if the doctor's body had become too large for his clothes and destroyed them. Peter wondered if Dr. Juarez was always this muscular and well defined, or had something changed? The primitive side of Peter took mental note of the line of black hair running down from Dr. Juarez' navel just as he imagined it would be. Peter entered the room, "Dr. Juarez, are you ok?"

As Peter entered the confined space, he had no idea that tiny, microscopic, genetically-altered pheromones were flooding the room. Profusely they leaked out of Dr. Juarez' body. To most men the effect would have been minimal, but to a cock-loving actively homosexual boy like Peter, the effect was intense. Peter started to get hard almost instantly and he longed to touch this perfect Mexican body.

Peter lost all thoughts of fear or hesitancy. He didn't care that Dr. Juarez was sleeping or unconscious. He didn't care that he was committed to his half naked boyfriend waiting back in the dorm room. He didn't care. He just wanted to touch this masterpiece of a man. He caressed the large hairy pectoral muscles. Feeling all that sexy fur over those hard muscles was making him so hard. Peter absently stroked his leaking dick while he leaned over and kissed his mentor on the lips. The doctor had not shaved for a few days and his stubble tickled a bit, but Peter only went back for more, kissing the doctor deeply and shoving his tongue into the unresisting mouth. He kissed his way down the doctors body. Sucking on the furry nipples and running his hands over the wonderful six pack abs. He could not get enough of adoring the doctor's perfect body. "Oh, Diego," Peter whispered breathlessly, "I want you so bad."

Peter allowed his hand to creep down, tracing the line of that sexy fur under the tattered pants. Peter finally touched flesh, soft and yet starting to grow firm. He enclosed his hand around the incredible fuck-stick he had discovered there. He knew it was big around, because his hand barely fit around its massive base, but he started stroking while he kissed the doctor again and again. Kissing his lips, kissing his chest, kissing his abs, kissing that line of hair going down, down, down.

Peter moved around to the side of the desk, positioning himself between the doctor's legs, which were hanging over the side of the desk. He reached forward and undid the button the doctor's pants, then he tried to undo the zipper, but it was stuck somehow. As Peter tried to force it the last shreds of Diego's pants let loose and the enormous boner burst out , tearing the pants to pieces. It was the biggest dick Peter had ever seen. He guessed 9 to 9.5 inches long and very fat. Now that it was almost fully erect Peter could not get his hand all the way around. A pair of large balls also now lay exposed for Peter to see, and he instantly buried his face into them, sucking and kissing the loose scrotum.

He stroked the massive dick while he pleasured the massive balls one at a time. He could never hope to fit both in his mouth at the same time. He was beginning to wonder if he would be able to fit this monster dick in his mouth, but he knew he was going to try. He at last took a long lick up the entire shaft, letting lots of saliva coat the cock's surface. He kissed the head of the dick and heard Diego let out a long guttural moan. Going back down to the base and licking his way back up, Peter repeated the process hoping to get another response from the unconscious doctor. Much to Peter's delight, Diego moaned again and the sound made Peter's rock hard six inch dick jump inside his pants. Peter reached down with one hand to let his own dick out into the open, he gave it a few jerks while his mouth began to close around the first three inches of Diego's massive dick.

Peter pulled back slowly, sucking hard until he came off the dick with a loud pop. Diego shifted and moaned on the desk. Peter took the dick farther and let himself come all the way off again with a loud pop. Over and over again he did this, letting his saliva coat the big dick. Each time he took the dick further into his mouth. It was so big around, Peter's cheeks were starting to ache with the effort of fitting it in and his mouth was so stuffed with cock he was starting to breath heavily through his nose. Finally, Peter shoved his head down on that dick as far as he could go. He could not reach the base, but he felt that cock head ram into the back of his throat. He bobbed his head up and down trying to force it further and gagging with each movement. He finally fell back off of it with a cough and struggling to catch his breath.

When Peter looked up, he saw Diego staring down the length of his body at him. Peter was suddenly afraid of what would happen, but Diego simply said, "Suck it, bitch."

Peter wasted no time, he started sucking. This time Peter didn't try to take the whole length, he just sucked it nice and hard determined to please the amazing stud that was before him. While he sucke the dick up and down he jerked his own cock harder and harder. Peter was so hot for this incredible man before him he couldn't believe it was real. With each downward movement of his head, Peter noticed that Diego was starting to flex his hips forcing the dick in further with each movement. Then Diego stood, without warning and shoved Peter down to his knees.

Reaching around behind Peter's head and grabbing hold of his hair, Diego shoved his massive dick into Peter's mouth and began face fucking him like some sort of animal. With each thrust Diego grunted and panted like an animal in heat. He was insatiable and he did not care that his poor assistant was gagging and struggling to breath.

Peter was shocked by this sudden turn of events. He could not believe how Diego had taken control, and while he struggled to keep up with the massive cock ramming the back of his throat, he was enjoying every minute. He wanted so badly to please the incredible specimen before him. While Diego was ramming the back of his throat, Peter could take no more, he suddenly started convulsing and felt his warm cream exploding onto the doctor's exposed shins. Load after load, Peter had never cummed like this before; he had never wanted anyone so badly.

Feeling the warm cream running down his leg was the last thing Diego needed, he suddenly let loose a roar like he had never heard before and started pumping his own fuck juice down this boy's throat. He fired load after load and found himself saying, "Swallow it, bitch!"

Peter swallowed desperately wanting to please his new master. Diego jerked his cock out of Peter's mouth only to discover it was not done ejaculating; it creamed Peter right in the face and ran down the boy's cheek. Diego beat his dick on Peter's face, then leaned down and licked the cum. With his fresh cum on his tongue he kissed Peter deeply swapping that tasty cream back and forth with their tongues. Diego collapsed back onto the desk and Peter stayed on his knees, both men wondering what they would do next. Was this the start of something new? Diego had never been with a man, but he knew he wanted it again. Diego wanted more. Peter wanted more.

What neither of them knew was that microscopic, experimental viruses were now coursing into Peter's body...



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