Jeffrey watched his brother looking around in confusion. Jeffrey managed to find his feet, his groin still throbbed dully but it was passing. Alex lifted a hand to his bloody nose, but it was not his hand. It was too big to be his own hand and his arms were too ripped with muscular. Jon's body was stronger and more resilient than his own body ever was. The efforts of trying to leave Jon's body were too much. He realized that perhaps if he were to leave Jon's body unattended it would die, because Jon had been lost in some dark void. What about his own body? What had he done?

"Are you all right?" Jeffrey placed a comforting hand on his shoulder, Alex recoiled in surprise.

"Yea, I'm fine," Alex replied in Jon's deep gruff voice. Overall, it was quite sexy to hear.

"Someone took over us," Jeffrey continued, "just like the boss-man does."

"It was a strange feeling," Alex agreed, trying hard to play the role of the twin brother whose body he now inhabited.

"Oh, your nose," Jeffrey motioned to a nearby door and both men stepped into an employee restroom. Taking some tissue paper, Jeffrey applied it tenderly to his brother's bleeding nose. Alex couldn't help but notice how hot Jeffrey was. He looked in the bathroom mirror and saw the two identical siblings with their security guard clothes all disheveled and Jeffrey's flaccid cock still hanging from his loose pants. Alex could feel Jeffrey tenderly rubbing Jon's arm as he treated the bloody nose.

"You really squeezed my fucking balls," Jeffrey spoke and Alex met his eyes and saw a teasing type of expression on his face.

"Sorry, about that," Alex smiled back at the twin brother.

"Maybe you could make it up to me somehow?" Jeffrey smiled as his free hand glided over Jon's body and grabbed hold of Jon's crotch. Alex felt his balls tighten in response and his semi-hard cock was squeezed by Jeffrey's big strong hand. Alex realized that these brothers were even closer than expected. If he was not careful he might easily be discovered. With no choice but to play along, Alex also reached out and took hold of Jeffrey's naked cock and started stroking it as it grew firmer and firmer in his grasp.

"Mmm, that feels good," Jeffrey whispered as he threw the bloody tissue aside and planted a hot wet kiss against his brother's lips. Alex kissed the sexy stud back. Jeffrey's tongue played its way across Alex's lips and teeth demanding entrance and Alex parted his lips farther and allowed their tongues to meet. They kissed for a moment and Alex swirled his tongue around in Jeffrey's mouth. Jeffrey pulled back alarmed.

"What?" Alex tensed at Jeffrey's expression.

"That. What you just did with your tongue. You've never done that before," Jeffrey broke out in a broad grin, "I like it."

Alex felt his body go slack with relief as Jeffrey again started kissing and Alex continued to please Jeffrey with the new trick Jon had just learned with his tongue. Jeffrey wrapped his arms around Jon's body and the two muscle studs rubbed up against each other, humping their hard cocks against the other. Alex reached down and pulled Jeffrey's shirt up and then over his head, revealing a smooth trimmed chest, rock hard with muscle and abs perfectly sculpted into what might be an eight pack. These twins were exceptionally hot and now he was one of them.

Alex bent over and kissed Jeffrey's strong chest and then played his tongue over the hot studs exposed nipple. It grew hard instantly and Jeffrey let out a satisfied giggle. Alex wrapped his lips around the hard nipple and sucked on it, playing his tongue across its sensitive tip. Jeffrey grabbed both sides of his brother's head and pushed him harder into his muscular chest.

"Damn, bro," Jeffrey laughed, "you must be even hornier than I am today."

"You said I needed to make it up to you," Alex smiled as he looked up at Jeffrey's handsome face. Jeffrey considered his words and then smiled back.

"In that case, you'll have to blow me, just like that bitch Wesley would have had to. I hate when I'm interrupted."

Alex looked down and grabbed the fat 9 inch dick in his hands and then looked back up at Jeffrey and smiled. Jeffrey looked down at his brother with incredible lust and started pushing Jon's head down, so that Alex was forced to drop to his knees before the big hard dick. He gobbled down the dick and Jeffrey let out a sharp gasp of delight. Alex started sucking while he made a muffled moan around the big dick.


Jon paced the room, wondering how he might contact someone on the outside to come rescue him. He'd probably have to wait until someone came with food or to administer injections in order to make his escape. Then he'd have to find his real body and switch back. Jon looked at the shaggy haired guy in the mirror again and was wishing for his big muscular body back. Alex was cute, but he was not tough and fit like Jon. Jon liked to be bulging with muscle so that he could demonstrate his dominance over others.

Jeffrey had become obsessed with Jon over the years. When the two of them had first jerked off together they were 14 years old. They were both intrigued to learn that their dicks were not the same, while Jeffrey's dick hooked to the right, Jon's dick hooked to the left. Most importantly, Jon's dick was a little bigger. Jeffrey found this extraordinarily unfair. Jeffrey was actually the first of the two brothers to experience a blow job from his girlfriend and he explained everything in detail to Jon. Jon had to listen to Jeffrey recount that tale over and over again until it was no longer sexy, it was just pathetic.

One day, Jon walked in on Jeffrey beating off to a steamy porn video and Jeffrey started comparing every move the girl from the porn video was making to his own experience with a blow job. Jon had reached the end of his patience. He recalled pulling out his own dick and silencing Jeffrey with it. Much to his surprise, Jeffrey had eagerly taken the dick and sucked it with all of the passion with which he had recounted his own blow job. Jon did not think he had ever had a better blow job, but he refused to take his relationship with his brother any farther.

The brothers were scrawny and mediocre when they were accepted as interns for the CDC. The job was Jon's idea, but Jeffrey was eager to follow in whatever endeavor Jon decided to take. Then they met Isaac and about 4 days ago he came and offered the two boys a handsome, muscular blond stud named Peter. The two twins were naked together once more after all those years and together they had fucked Peter. Both boys jammed their dicks into Peter's mouth and hot ass, while admiring the other's body. Jon recalled just how hot it was to see an identical reflection of himself sucking his dick. Over the past several days as their bodies enhanced, they had grown closer and closer.

Jon realized his host body's dick was rock hard, just from thinking about his brother and the events of the last several days. He wondered if he would ever see Jeffrey again and feel his hard muscular body in his own hands. He longed to be back in the elevator and wished the events which had separated him from his own body had never occurred. Discouraged, Jon threw himself on the bed and let his eyes close.


Jeffrey looked down at his hot brother in utter disbelief. For years Jeffrey had wanted another sexual experience with his twin brother, but Jon wanted nothing to do with the idea. Now as Jeffrey watched Jon scarf down his fat dick with such intense satisfaction, he knew that his brother had always wanted it, but was afraid to admit it. After all, it was Jon who had first stuck his dick in Jeffrey's mouth and forced him to suck it. It was hot to look down and see someone identical to you sucking your hard rod.

"Pull out your dick, Jon," Jeffrey commanded as he continued to stuff his brother's hot mouth. He pushed the head of his dick into Jon's cheek and let it pop out the side. Then he shoved it back in and repeated. Alex obediently pulled out Jon's dick and started stroking the hard shaft. It was heavier and meatier than his own dick and it felt good to stroke the foreign cock. He used one hand to massage his balls while he continued to stroke it. Jeffrey was eagerly stuffing his brother's cheeks with cock.

Suddenly, Jeffrey dropped down and started sucking on Jon's nice hard dick. Taking it deep into his mouth and sucking with intense desire. Alex put his hands behind his head and enjoyed the wonderful blow job. Jeffrey wanted so desperately to please his brother while he was getting his opportunity and he wanted the both of them to cum together right here in the bathroom; their hot jets of cum landing on the other as they shot their loads. Evidently, Jon wanted the same, because he lowered himself down and the two twins started to 69; each brother swallowing the cock of their mirror image.

Alex could hardly believe how incredibly kinky these two brothers were. Sucking each other's cocks and maybe they even fuck each other? Alex wondered which of the two would normally top? If he offered to take this hot studs cock, would he identify himself as someone other than Jon? It was best to allow Jeffrey to lead their intense session of sexual arousal. Jeffrey's mouth was very talented and Alex realized he could learn some tricks from this sexy stud for when he ever had time alone with Wesley again. Thoughts of Wes being cornered by these two beefy twins suddenly curdled Alex's mood. Maybe he should make Jeffrey get fucked as payment of the way he treated his friend.

Jeffrey was in heaven as his brother gagged on his cock and he gagged on his brother's cock. Jon was so rock hard in his mouth that Jeffrey was sure he would explode at any moment, filling his mouth with hot spunk. Jeffrey sucked harder, wondering what it would be like to taste his brother's delicious cream. Jon was taking Jeffrey's cock nice and deep and Jeffrey made a thrust just to hear his brother gag again on the big cock. "Fucker," Jon mumbled around the cock in his mouth.


Jon's hands moved across his broad chest again. He was so happy he was back in his own body, so hard and muscular to the touch. There was something different though. His entire body was covered with a layer of fur. It was hot to run his hands through the hairy hard muscles. He lets his hand slide down over his hard hairy abs and his dick is so hard as he grabs it. It is rock hard and even bigger than he remembers. He opens his eyes and looks down over the hairiest chest and abs he has ever seen. A big bush surrounds the 10 inch cock sprouting from his waist.

While Jon strokes the hard dick he realizes that he is no longer in Alex's body. He stands and looks in the mirror. There is an impossibly delicious stud looking back at him. Hairy and hung. His hair has been shaved and likely his entire body was shaved at one point. At the moment it is covered with hair and muscles bulge at every angle. Jon makes different poses and admires the hot body in the mirror. He grabs the hard morning wood and starts jerking it as he looks in the mirror.

Bart can feel his hand jerking his dick and watches as he admires himself in the mirror, but he is completely helpless. Bart can't move his body or grasp what is happening. He wants to cum so bad, and the hand desperately jerking him off wants to cum as well. Bart can almost feel another presence in his body. He tries to call out and warn the invader about the shock that will come, but his voice is no longer his own.

Jon is nearing a climax when a jolt of electricity shoots through his body. He recoils and cries out in alarm before leaping out of bed, back in the body of Alex. Bart is left shaking on the floor as the jolt of the electric shock continues to tighten his muscles. 'Now they are deliberately trying to torture me,' he thought.


Alex let his hand smack Jeffrey's ass while he took the hot cock deeper into his mouth. With his hand he crept around until his finger was rubbing against Jeffrey's exposed ass. The twin seemed to tense in surprise, but then he pulled Jon's cock out of his mouth and smiled a little at his brother. Alex didn't let on that he knew Jeffrey was watching, he just kept playing his finger over the shaved hole. Alex assumed that Jon had never committed to such behavior as fingering his brother's hole and momentarily considered stopping, but then again Jeffrey had smiled with satisfaction. Jeffrey clearly wanted his brother in the worst way. Alex would fulfill this stud's fantasy and hopefully gain his trust. Alex had to take the opportunity he was granted to find out what the director was up to. Not to mention he was insanely horny.

Alex came off of Jeffrey's incredible dick and started sucking his fingers. Then he allowed his index finger to play over Jeffrey's hole again. Again he sucked his finger and this time he wiggled his finger slightly into the hole. Jeffrey moaned around Jon's big dick and Alex continued to push the finger deeper. As the finger wormed its way into Jeffrey's ass, Alex started sucking Jeffrey's cock again. Alex smacked Jeffrey's ass again as he started finger fucking the tight butt. Jeffrey squirmed and moaned louder as he felt his brother's finger delving into new territory.

Alex suddenly rolled Jeffrey over onto his stomach and replaced his finger with his tongue. Alex realized that Jon's tongue was far longer and more flexible than his own. He was able to plunge it into the hot pink hole and flick it around, making Jeffrey beg for more. Alex munched and sucked on Jeffrey's tight butt, enjoying every moment of the incredible experience. Jeffrey's ass was kind of sweaty and the salty taste was exhilarating.

Jeffrey could not believe his brother's sudden intense lust, but he never wanted it to end. He had always secretly fantasized about his brother many times. He'd watch himself in the mirror and wonder what it would be like to see Jon touching him. Jeffrey had finally gotten to see Jon fucking another person when the director delivered Peter to them. Jeffrey had been struck to the bone by how hot his brother was as every muscle was tightening in a desperate need to fuck the blond stud. Jeffrey wanted his brother to look at him that way.

"God, your ass is good," Alex mumbled as he continued to munch and lick the hot ass. It was gleaming with saliva and the raw pink hole was begging for more attention.

"Yea," Jeffrey groaned with pleasure, "eat that ass, Jon. You're making all my fantasies come true right now."

"Do they end with me fucking you?" Alex laughed, "Because that is where this is headed."

Jeffrey laughed too as he started pushing his ass harder into his brother face, urging his brother's tongue to go deeper inside while preparing him for the fucking he had always dreamed of. Alex knew the hot twin was ready and spit into his own hand to lube up his dick. Then he started pushing the hard bulging mushroom head into Jeffrey's tight hole. Jeffrey cried out, his ass started constricting in response to the hot shaft forcing its way inside.

"Oh, Jon," he moaned, "take my hole."

"Yea," Alex smiled, "this hole is fucking mine now. Hell, it probably is just like my hole."

"Oh, it's so big," Jeffrey growled as he put his hand back on Jon's ripped ab muscles and took the cock stretching his tight hole even deeper. He flinched in pain, but didn't stop pushing back into his brother's wonderful cock. Alex leaned over and planted his lips on Jeffrey's lips while he was turned back to see his brother's body. There was no tongue, just a few quick kisses of affection before Alex rammed his dick deeper. Jeffrey's back arched and he doubled over in surprise. Alex pulled out several inches and slammed the dick home again. Again and again he plowed the hot stud's ass.

Jeffrey was not disappointed by his brother's intensity. Jon was as hungry for Jeffrey as Jeffrey was for Jon. On the bathroom floor, Jeffrey struggled to keep his hands and knees under him as Jon drove his whole weight into fucking his tight hole. Jeffrey grunted with satisfaction with each intense thrust of his brother's cock. Alex was lost in his intense need to fuck Jeffrey's delicious ass. It had been a while since Alex had felt his own dick inside of a tight hot hole. He had experienced the sensations through connections with others, but this was so much more sublime.

"Oh, fuck me, Jon," Jeffrey moaned, "Fuck me hard."

Alex let Jeffrey have it. Pulling back on the stud's hips and forcing his dick deep between those bubble butt cheeks. He bent over Jeffrey and put his full weight into slamming Jon's dick deep inside of his brother. Faster and faster he pummeled Jeffrey's ass with his raging hard dick. It took every effort he had not to cum inside of Jeffrey's ass, but he wanted to keep fucking and never stop.

"Oh, Jon," Jeffrey, "you're going to make me..."

Jeffrey's final words were lost in loud cries of orgasmic delight as his hot cum started spurting out all over the floor. Alex could feel his own dick pulsing with an intense need to cum, his cock head flaring inside of Jeffrey's ass while he tried to resist the urge.

"Don't cum," Jeffrey suddenly pulled away from Jon's dick, "I want to taste it."

Alex was not about to argue, his cum was coming and it was coming now. Jeffrey positioned his mouth under the meaty cock and caught the entire load in his mouth. He allowed it to sit there, savoring the flavor before sucking it down his throat. Alex leaned down and kissed him tenderly on the lips, and licked a small bit of cum from his mouth that had gone astray.

Jeffrey was about to talk to Jon about their first experience in the bedroom so long ago, when Jon had fed his cock to Jeffrey. Fortunately for Alex, a voice suddenly boomed in both of their minds.

"Jeffrey. Jon. Stop fucking around and return to the throne room."

"Duty calls," Jeffrey laughed.

"I guess so," Alex smiled timidly, "he didn't sound happy."

"When does Isaac ever sound happy?" Jeffrey frowned, "Anyway, we'll talk about this sudden passion later, all right?"

"Can't wait," Alex agreed, hoping that Jeffrey would not bring up any personal questions to which he did not know the answer. He needed to find Wesley and a way to get back to his own body.



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