Private Dallas Nysonger rubbed his heavily muscled upper arm as he walked back to the barracks. He felt that the flu vaccine was extra painful this year, but they were mandatory so there was little point in arguing. He had gone early in the hopes that he'd have some time at the barracks without too many other guys crowding his space. He might even get to take a hot shower alone. All the men generally showered quickly in the large open shower room, but the hot water never lasted long; lower ranking personnel, like Dallas, generally were left with the cold showers.

Dallas had joined the army primarily because he didn't have any other direction to take after high school. He knew it would allow him plenty of opportunities after he had served his time and it had allowed him to meet a whole new set of people. Growing up in a small town, most people felt very strongly that there was nothing more patriotic than serving his country, but he hadn't fully anticipated how hard they would push him in basic training. He was grateful those days were behind him. Deep down Dallas was nothing but a country boy at heart and his time away from home made him realize how much he missed the farmland.

Dallas walked into the barracks and saw two other guys he didn't know very well farther back down the row of bunks. They were deep in conversation and paid him very little mind as he gathered some items and made his way into the shower room. It was empty just as he had hoped, but he didn't have much time before more men returned from their trip to the medical clinic for shots. He stripped off his clothes and turned on the water and felt the heat almost instantly on his skin. It was the most wonderful feeling he'd had in weeks. Generously he lathered his entire body as he tried to prolong the shower because he would likely not receive another opportunity any time soon.

His body was very muscular from years of working out in high school, but it had become even more toned during basic training. He massaged more soap into his light brown hair before letting the warm water wash over him again. Closing his eye he let the water pour down his face and trickle down his body. His hands moved down feeling his own muscular chest and abdomen. He traced the treasure trail of brown hair beneath his navel and discovered his dick beginning to harden. He glanced around slightly embarrassed, but no one else was in the room. He knew he should finish his shower and get out before other's returned, but he found his hand begin moving up and down along the shaft of his hardening dick.

His head tipped back again as he felt such a wave of euphoria that he had never experienced before. It was the butterfly feeling you experience when you first have sex. The passion shared between two people during their first kiss. The way they move their hands over the other as they explore the naked form for the first time. With each flooding sensation his dick became harder and harder in his hands. He didn't want to stop, but luckily the water began to get colder and Dallas shook his head against the strange feelings.

Dallas quickly shut off the water and toweled dry, willing his rock hard dick to go limp before any of the others walked in. It was not unheard of that the guys would beat off in the shower, but Dallas preferred to complete this task in private. It was also generally hard for Dallas to motivate his dick in a room full of other dudes. Dallas' friend, Jay, told him that he simply lacked imagination. Dallas' small town roots had also instilled in him an innate homophobia, but he knew Jay had dabbled in a threesome with another guy and his ex-girlfriend. Dallas didn't judge Jay's behavior, but he certainly had no interest in partaking in such activities himself. He slipped back on a clean pair of boxer briefs and his casual wear.

Dallas left the shower room and was immediately greeted by the guttural grunting of two other men. He looked to his right and discovered the two men that had already made it back to the barracks before him locked in passionate sex in the middle aisle of the barracks. One man was clinging to the upper bunk while the other held his legs over his shoulders and pounded his ass. Dallas was shocked and appalled at the blatant behavior of the two men, but despite his intense disgust he began to experience the overwhelming sensations he had in the shower.

Almost instantly, Dallas' dick was fully hard again. His hands were feeling the firm muscles beneath his tight olive green shirt. Dallas could not look away from the two men even though his stomach was nauseated by the disturbing site. His mind was protesting, but his body was acting on its own, urging Dallas to take hold of his hard dick again and fully enjoy the intense sexual scene before him.

"What the fuck is going on in here?" Dallas heard someone shout from behind him. Dallas didn't know how to hide his raging boner, so he quickly sat down on the nearest bed and looked at the three men that had just entered the barracks. The voice that had shouted was their lieutenant, Brice James, and with him had entered Brice's bunk mate, Kevin, and another guy Dallas knew as Dan. Despite the furious look on the lieutenant's face the two men remained locked in intense sexual desire. It was as if the rest of the world had ceased to exist.

"Did you not hear me?" Lieutenant James shouted again, "What is going on here?"

When the two men failed to respond again, but instead began kissing and laughing as they moved their intense sex to one of the nearby mattresses, Dallas felt he had no choice but to speak up before the veins in Brice's forehead exploded. "I found them like this after my shower."

Brice didn't seem to hear Dallas as he stalked the length of the barracks towards the two men. Dallas had never seen him so pissed off and despite the situation Dallas felt the angry, determined expression on Brice's face was by far the hottest thing he had ever seen. The feelings of euphoria washed over Dallas again and he felt his hands begin kneading at the rock hard dick in his pants as he watched Brice walk closer. Brice's body was so well defined, but it was his handsome face and intense look of pure determination that was making Dallas so horny.

As Brice passed Dallas, Dallas found himself suddenly standing in one swift motion he caught the lieutenant's hand and pulled him into a kiss filled with passion and desire. Every muscle in Brice's body tensed as his eyes nearly bulged from his head. Dallas' tongue sought entry to the lieutenant's mouth, but his passage was barred. Dallas realized his need was not being returned so he reached down and grabbed Brice's flaccid cock in the hopes of reciprocation.

Brice suddenly shoved Dallas back with an intense brute force that Dallas found wildly exhilarating. Brice nearly snorted with rage, "You want dick too?"

Dallas simply nodded as he eagerly sat up into a crouching position. He reached out and grasped at Brice's cock again. Brice fiercely knocked the hand away. As Dallas reached out again, Brice snatched Dallas by the wrist and dragged him to his feet. Dallas realized that Kevin and Dan had come up behind Brice and were eyeing the entire scene with equal distaste and fear. No, Dallas though, Dan had an expression of curiosity. Dallas looked the stud up and down and noticed a slight bulge in Dan's pants. Dan was a fine specimen with close shaved dark hair and a slight scruff on his face. His chest and arm muscles were clearly defined beneath his tight fitting shirt and Dallas had no doubt the abs were just as chiseled and perfect as the rest of him.

"You want it too," Dallas ducked beneath Brice's arm and freed himself from the lieutenant's clutches. Dallas fell to his knees in front of Dan and reached out for the dick in his pants. Dan did not flinch away, but instead rolled his head back in pleasure as Dallas began kneading the rapidly growing cock between his fingers.

"What the fuck Dan?" Kevin asked. He was a blond guy with a much more slender frame, but his body was still heavily muscled.

"It feels so good," Dan moaned as he reached down and began unzipping his pants.

"What the fuck is going on here?" Brice wondered as he looked from Dallas and Dan to the two men still fucking each other not far away. He looked at Kevin, his bunk mate, and realized for the first time just how remarkably sexy Kevin was. He had golden blond hair and a much slimmer build than many of the guys. Despite his smaller size every movement of Kevin's body was a tightening of rock hard muscles, revealing strong veins all over his arms. Brice didn't understand the feeling, and he didn't want to. As he witnessed Dallas pulling Dan's erect 6 inch dick out of his pants and place it into his mouth, Brice knew he had to get out of the barracks immediately.

Dallas suddenly became lost in intense lust as he sucked the entirety of Dan's erect dick into the back of his mouth. Dan moaned in pure satisfaction and began sliding the dick in and out of Dallas' delicious wet mouth. The two men became lost to the rest of the world around them and their minds were filled with thoughts of an incredible specimen of a man. They didn't understand how, but they could picture a massive mountain of muscle with the largest cock they could ever dream of, they knew his name was Isaac.

As Dallas sucked Dan's dick, Dan even muttered, "Suck it, Isaac."

Brice burst out of the barracks and took a cleansing breath as he tried to clear his head. It didn't make sense that all these men would suddenly give in to such rash and reckless actions in the middle of the barracks for all to see. Brice also felt the intense tantalizing pull of such desires. He understood the appeal where none had ever existed before in his mind.

"What the fuck?" Kevin declared as he also stepped outside.

"No!" Brice backed away quickly, "Stay the fuck away from me."

"What's the matter with you?" Kevin looked at him with a frown, "Is the whole place going nuts?"

"I don't know," Brice looked away from Kevin, "Just stay away from me."

Brice could see about ten other guys returning to the barracks from the flu shot clinic. He was uncertain what they would say of his leadership when they found the four men engaged in sexual acts in his barracks. He couldn't allow chaos to ensue on his watch, but he also didn't trust himself to reenter the barracks. He replayed in his mind how desperately Dallas had thrown himself on the ground before him, and he pictured Kevin in Dallas' place, begging to suck his cock. Brice wanted to put his hard dick inside of Kevin's perfect little mouth. He shook his head and punched the wall of the barracks as he tried to fight the intense mental imagery.

Kevin was there, gently grasping Brice's bleeding hand, and he looked at Brice with a pitiful look of understanding. Brice watched in mute surprise as Kevin suddenly stripped off his shirt, revealing the rock hard muscles and pale cream skin underneath. Kevin used his shirt to wrap around Brice's hand and tenderly bandage the broken skin. Brice's cock was rock hard in his pants and he could resist reaching out and touching Kevin's firm, rippling abdomen. The muscles were perfected by years of hard work and dedication. Brice admired everything about his delicious bunk mate.

The approaching men all stood in surprise as their lieutenant suddenly grabbed hold of Kevin and began kissing him passionately and without reservation. The two men began pulling their clothes from the other's body as they pressed up against the side of the barracks, their lips locked, completely oblivious to the group of 10 men staring in disbelief. The ten other studs simply looked at each other, uncertain how to proceed, some of them afraid to admit that they felt the slightest twinge of arousal when they looked at the two men groping each other.

Inside the barracks, Dallas was on his back, Dan had pulled off his pants and was desperately sucking on Dallas' rock hard dick. Dallas head rolled back in pleasure as he thanked Isaac for this delicious reward. Every time his eyes closed he could envision Isaac's perfect body, the ideal specimen. No one could compare the pure sexual power of Isaac.

Towards the back of the barracks the two men to first fall into a desperate fucking had finally climaxed, and they now understood that they were meant to serve Isaac and no other. They dressed in their clothes and walked out of the barracks as they started on their journey to the armory.


Inside Isaac's body the MX19 virus roamed freely trying to take hold of the cells and replicate the original host DNA. But the virus recognized certain genetic markers that indicated the body they were trying to invade was already perfected. After learning of the potential threat from virus MX19, Isaac had studied long into the night until he had perfected an immunization that would prevent the virus from taking hold. After dosing himself he left the rest of the samples in his private lab. In response to the MX19 virus surging pointlessly through his body, his own cells began marking the foreign objects and producing natural antibodies.

Isaac opened his eyes and sat up on his throne. Every muscle in his body was stiff and aching, but he would soon recover. In his chamber, men were lining up in a desperate need to get fucked by Ty's enormous cock. To his dismay, Isaac recognized Peter among them, groping the large black man named Guns as he eagerly awaited his turn. Isaac could not blame them, it was simply a series of chemical responses drawing them to this young gorgeous hunk. Isaac watched Ty's cute ass tightening with each thrust he made into the screaming guard he was destroying.

All around the room, men lay down after being brutally fucked as they shivered and shook in preparation of a complete change to their genetic structure. Soon they would be joining Ty and replicating faster and with greater efficiency. Isaac calculated and analyzed the situation as he tried to think of a solution to the immediate problem. His eyes kept returning to Ty's cute ass as it tightened into two perfect sexy bubbles while he fucked. He had to focus. There was much to be done outside of the CDC. Checking his watch, Isaac realized that he had been unconscious longer than he realized. The flu shot clinic at Fort Holtwood had already begun.

Suddenly, he realized that his antibodies could be the key. If they virus had failed to take effect, then his body would have produced a natural response to the foreign objects. He needed to get to a lab and see if he could replicate the result. He shook his head, knowing that it would take too much time to complete all of the required work. He needed to get to Fort Holtwood, but he was also the only one who could stop MX19.

In the back of Isaac's mind he knew the only other person that could possibly lend him the aid he needed was also his sworn enemy: Dr. Diego Juarez.


Dallas stood and threw Dan back on the bunk. Spitting on his hand, Dallas lubed up his tight hole before descending down on Dan's rigid cock. Dan moaned in ecstasy as he felt his hard 6 inch dick penetrate the tightest hole he had ever experienced. Dallas didn't let the pain and the intense raw stretching of his ass stop him, he continued to descend until his ass had taken the entire thick dick into his ass. He grabbed the upper bunk and began riding up and down on top of Dan's wonderful cock.

Both men were imagining the hot body of Isaac as they enjoyed the powerful sex they were sharing. Soon Dan was thrusting hard and deep into Dallas' tight hole. Dallas continued to urge him to fuck faster and harder as he stroked his own rock hard dick. Precum seemed to pour from the head of Dallas' dick as he was pounded with pure animal lust. Soon Dallas' dick was slick and wet.

Dan threw his head back and grunted as he suddenly came deep inside of Dallas' tight hole. It had been so long since he'd had sex that the stream of cum just seemed to keep erupting in massive quantities. As Dan finished and lay panting on the bed, Dallas climbed off and grabbed Dan by the legs to pull him closer. Without hesitation Dallas rammed his precum-slick dick deep inside of Dan.

Dan's toes curled as he bit his lower lip and moaned. Dallas withdrew and slammed the whole length back inside. And again. Until Dan looked up at him and begged, "Fuck me."

Dallas fucked Dan like he had never fucked another person before. He gave in to every sensation of lust and desire he had ever known. Dallas looked at Dan, but he saw only Isaac. Isaac was his master now and he would do anything and everything that he asked.

Dan didn't know how, but the intense power of Dallas fucking his tight hole was about to make him cum again. Dan never knew that a dick buried in his ass could elicit such an incredible feeling. Dan jerked his dick as he urged a second load to pour out over his hand. He lifted his cum-soaked fingers up into the air, admiring the hot load and Dallas began to lick them and suck them until the cum was gone. Then Dallas began to climax, pouring endless streams of cum inside of Dan's tight hole.

The two men kissed and thanked Isaac for the wonderful experience.



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