Marc Stone wished that he knew how to study as well as he knew how to work out. Every day he would hit the gym around the same time with his good friend Harry Guntheroth V (his friend's call him Guns). Guns was one of the tallest people Marc knew, standing at nearly 6 foot 7 inches, this powerful black man was nothing but pure muscle from head to toe, hence the fitting nick-name. Marc was also solid as a rock from head to toe with massive bulging biceps nearly 14 inches around, but much shorter than Guns. These two men shared one common interest, and that was making themselves look better. Both men loved when other people noticed just how perfect their bodies were.

Marc had dark brown buzzed hair and he shaved his body regularly to show off every definition of his extremely muscular body. He liked to take his shirt off while working out and let the sweat poor over his straining muscles. Guns usually wore some loose baggy shorts and a tank top and just let his sweat soak into his shirt as they worked. It was almost like an addiction, going to the gym, and Marc would almost feel some sort of withdrawal if he didn't make it one day. As usual the campus gym was relatively empty, which was normal when Marc and Guns paid a visit. Marc would have liked more people around to see him, but it was nice to have all the equipment to themselves.

In the corner, Marc did notice a big burly man with dark black hair all over his massive body doing some squats. "Hey, Bart, how's it going?"

"Not bad," Bart exhaled as he stood from his squat. He was pushing a lot of weight. Bart was a good guy; he was often at the gym the same time as Marc and Guns. Bart was one of the on campus security guards, but he enjoyed taking advantage of the free gym membership when he had the chance.

"Any exciting stories lately?" Marc asked.

"No," Bart grunted as he squatted again, then up again, "Just some idiot tried to microwave a baseball. The whole dorm was evacuated after the fire alarm sounded."

"Some people have no sense," Guns said with a smile.

"Isn't that the truth," Bart nodded as he put the weight bar back in its pegs.

Marc spotted for Guns while he was bench pressing, and counted his reps for him. He was not paying much attention to everything else around him, when he heard Bart say, "What the fuck?"

Marc looked in the direction that Bart was staring and found a massive Latino beast of a man walking into the gym fully naked. Between his legs swung the biggest dick Marc could ever imagine and a set of massive balls. The beast was not quite as hairy as Bart, but his chest and abs were certainly coated with a nice layer of fur. Just behind the beast came the beauty, a golden haired boy also covered with a layer of fur over a perfectly toned and ripped body. This stud was also naked with a thick soda-can sized cock sticking straight out for the entire world to see. By this point, Guns had sat up and was staring with disbelief as well.

"You can't just walk around naked in here," Bart took the command as a result of his experience being a security guard. He approached the beast and beauty with his massive hairy chest glistening with sweat.

"We seek perfection," the Latino beast spoke smoothly, "to enhance our own perfection."

"And I think we found it," the blond spoke, while looking at the three men with intense desire. The blond focused most intensely on Guns.

"We don't want any fucking trouble," Guns stated, "you both better just get out of here."

Bart had finally intercepted the beast, but the beast simply reached out and grabbed hold of Bart's cock through his gym shorts. Bart let a strange gasp and groan escape his lips and his eyes rolled back in his head. Bart was suddenly bombarded by a powerful dose of irresistible pheromones and his seven inch cock was growing rigid in this massive beast's hand.

"Yeah, you like that don't you bitch," the Latino beast laughed as he felt Bart's hairy chest with his other hand. He found one of Bart's nipples and twisted it, before kissing him hard on the lips. The blond moved right past this quickly accelerating scene and moved toward Guns. Marc was in shock when Guns simply allowed the hot boy to sit on his lap and start kissing him. Marc moved around the bench, keeping his eyes on the blond to make sure he didn't notice, as he tried to escape.

"God, you're so fucking sexy," Guns was muttering between kisses.

"I knew you were a fucking big boy," the blond said as he grinded his ass against Gun's loose gym shorts and the growing bulge that was appearing there. Marc turned away from his friend and the blond in the hopes of escaping, but found both Bart and the beast blocking his path.

"Where do you think, you're going?" the beast asked, "Was Peter not hot enough for you? You wanted some of this?"

Marc tried to avert his eyes, but the size of the 12 inch cock was like a magnet for the eyes. You couldn't help but look in utter disbelief. The beast moved closer and suddenly Marc felt his own cock yearning to be free. He didn't understand it, but he was gazing into the eyes of the most incredible man he had ever seen and he suddenly felt small, even insignificant. This beast was not nearly as tall as Guns, but Marc knew that if this powerful man wanted to, he would destroy Guns as well.

"Drop your fucking pants," the beast said. Marc found himself obeying the order and in no time he was standing completely naked in the gym. His cock was starting to grow rigid and reaching its full 7.5 inches. The beast reached out and grabbed his cock and Marc knew why Bart had melted so quickly beneath the touch of this massive wall of perfection. Marc leaned forward and kissed the hairy chest and then showered the beast with kisses up his neck and to his lips. Their lips locked and their tongues engaged one another in a hot wet kiss. Suddenly, the beast pushed Marc down on his knees.

Marc felt afraid as he saw the 12 inch cock swinging back and forth in front of him, but the beast instead pulled down Bart's shorts and shoved Marc's head in the direction of Bart's fat cock. Marc took Bart's cock with surprising ease and he felt the hairs of Bart's substantial bush tickling his nose. Bart smelled of sweat and hard work. Marc breathed in the familiar intoxicating smells and savored the intense lust which flared inside of him.

Guns allowed the hot blond to pull his tank top off of him and leaned back onto the bench while the boy admired his massive chest, arms, and body. Guns could feel his 11 inch cock poking out of the top of his gym shorts while the blond stud grinded his sexy ass against him. Guns was very turned on by the contrast of this studs white skin against his dark chocolate skin. Guns wanted the boy to know how much he appreciated the worshipful way he was being treated so he reached down and started stroking the boy's massively thick cock. Guns had huge hands, but they only barely fit all the way around the shaft of this beautiful blond stud.

Bart was grabbing the back of Marc's head and fucking his face with intense desire. Marc was gagging and wishing he could put a stop to the intense assault on his throat, but he didn't dare upset the beast standing inches from him. He felt the weight of the 12 inch cock looming near his face and every once in a while he would get smacked in the face by it. The beast liked to give directions and tell Marc how to suck Bart's cock. "Slow down, let him suck it," the beast whispered to Bart. Marc was relieved, but now Marc had to suck hard and he forced himself all the way down on Bart's dick before sucking hard back off of it. Over and over, faster and faster he sucked Bart down. The big fat cock slapped him in the face again leaving a wet string of pre-cum between his face and the head of the monster cock.

It was so hot, Marc couldn't leave it, and he let Bart's cock out of his mouth and licked the pre-cum off the head of that monster cock. It tasted so good, he couldn't believe it. Marc sucked and kissed the head of the massive cock, just barely putting the end of the monster dick into his mouth.

"Yea, you like the big cock, don't you bitch," the beast smiled down. He took the big shaft and started hitting Marc in the face again. "Get down and help him."

Bart knelt down beside Marc and together the two men started licking and sucking on the massive 12 inch cock. Neither man could take much of the dick down their throat, but using their tongues and lips they soon had the whole shaft wet and dripping. Bart and Marc kissed each side of the dick and then they would let their tongues touch as they wrapped around the fat cock. They licked it up and down.

"Don't forget the balls," the beast instructed. Marc ducked down and started licking the balls while Bart took the head of the dick back into his mouth to suck it. After licking the huge balls, Marc started sucking on them, taking only one into his mouth at a time due to the massive size of them. The beast let out a guttural growl of appreciation as the two studs savored his massive cock.

Guns looked down over his body and watched the beautiful blond sucking his cock up and down taking it deeper than anyone had ever taken it. Guns could not believe his 11 inch cock had grown so hard so quickly at the touch of this hot boy. The stud would use his tongue on the head of the cock in such a way that Gun's toes would curl and then he'd take the cock down into his tight throat and gag himself on it so hard that Guns would arch his back and let out a satisfied, "Oh, fuck." The boy was relentless and Guns knew his cheeks had to be aching from the effort of sucking his big black cock. The boy was suddenly standing up and he straddled Guns chest with his legs. The massive soda-can sized cock was now pointed directly towards Guns' face.

"Suck me now, baby," the boy instructed.

Guns spread his big black lips as wide as he could and took the head into his mouth. Guns started sucking on just the head of the big dick and as he sucked it he realized the cock was still getting longer. It was nearly 8.5 inches long now and as thick as a soda-can at its base.

"That's right, take that dick," the boy commanded as he started thrust his hips so that the cock shoved deeper and deeper into Guns' mouth. "Yea, take that fat fucking cock."

Guns did not like having his mouth assaulted by such a fat cock, nearly cutting off his ability to breath, but the hot blond stud gave him no choice as he repeatedly shoved the massive cock deeper. Guns gagged and coughed, but the stud just told him again, "Take that fat fucking cock."

Bart was getting his throat raped by the 12 inch dick. Marc was almost on the floor sucking Bart off again, but he had also noticed his good friend, Guns, was now starting to suck a fat dick. As the blond boy pushed his cock into Guns' mouth, Marc eyes locked for the first time on Guns' massive 11 inch fuck stick. He knew that Guns must have been big, but he had no idea he was that incredibly well hung. The only person in the room bigger was the beast.

Bart gagged and gagged as his drool dripped down his chin and off of the massive 12 inch cock that was brutally pounding his throat. The beast had traded a series of instructions for an aggressive and animal like grunting with each thrust of his massive cock. Tears streamed down Bart's face from all the intense fucking his face was receiving. The beast finally yanked his massive cock out of Bart's mouth and allowed him to gasp for air.

"Take his place," the beast commanded Marc, and Marc obeyed. Marc no more than took the head of the dick into his mouth when the beast grabbed him and started fucking his face. He gagged and sucked, gagged and sucked. Tears were starting to fall from his own eyes as the massive cock rammed his throat again and again. Bart had regained his breath and went to work sucking on Marc's dick. There was something extremely stimulating about nearly choking on cock while getting his dick sucked. Marc had never enjoyed a sexual experience quite as much.

The blond finally pulled his dick out of Guns' mouth and immediately grabbed his big 11 inch cock. Lining it up, the blond started sinking down onto the massive shaft, forcing it into his tight hole all the way down to the base. Guns squirmed and grunted against the tight hole squeezing him so completely. He was shocked that despite the tightness, the hot stud was able to slide it in with relative ease. The boy began to raise his hips up and down allowing the massive cock to slide out and then forcing it back in with the weight of his body. Guns was lost in pure bliss as the hot stud started riding it harder and deeper. The boy's cute butt made a slapping sound against his flesh with each decent down the hard shaft. Up and down the boy worked his ass, gyrating his hips and tightening every muscle in his body as he moved.

The beast looked up and saw his blond companion riding a big black dick. He grabbed his two bitches and pulled them to their feet. They followed behind him admiring each other's body as they went. "Turn around."

Guns felt a little nervous when he saw the massive beast of a man approaching him and the blond stud, but the stud did as he was told. Without getting off of Guns' massive cock he spun himself around so that his back was to Guns. Guns was again amazed at this talented hottie.

"Help me," the beast grunted at Bart and together they lifted Marc right off the ground. Marc looked confused at first, but soon realized that his hole was now directly over the enormous fat cock of the blond boy. The two studs lowered Marc down on top of the fat cock and Marc let out a cry of pain as the cock stretched his tight hole. The beast spit on the blond boys shaft and rubbed it over the cock. He spit again and rubbed his fingers around Marc's hole. Then they started pushing him down again onto the fat cock. Marc let out another cry as the fat cock pushed its way inside.

"Oh fuck!" Marc shouted. The blond boy started riding Guns' dick again, up and down, and with each thrust he worked his fat cock deeper into Marc's fully stretched ass. Marc felt like he was being ripped apart by the massive size of this blond beauty, but he kept taking it because he could see the satisfied, lustful look on the beasts face. Once the blond stud was successfully sandwiched between Guns and Marc, the beast grabbed Bart and bent him over.

Bart let out the loudest cry yet as the beast just started shoving his massive 12 inch cock inside. There was no hesitation, no mercy, just a monster cock stretching a virgin ass to the point of no return. The beast grunted and let out animal like noises as he forced himself inside of Bart's tight hole. Marc was watching the huge length slowly disappearing into Bart's hairy ass and his own cock was becoming more and more rigid at the sight. The blond boy's dick was so thick and it was hitting him in a way that was pushing him to the verge of orgasm. Guns was loving every minute inside of the blond boy's tight hole and now with Marc on top it, was like with each thrust he made both studs riding him moan with delight.

Bart was crying from the pain when the whole 12 inch cock finally shoved its way inside. Then the beast pulled it back a few inches, then jammed it back in. Bart felt like he was filled to the brim with cock, and yet each thrust made him feel more full. "Fuck, you're so big."

"Yea, you like that monster cock," the beast started fucking harder and harder. Bart was moaning and shaking from the force of each thrust, but he did not yield, he simply took the cock deep into his hairy ass.

The blond was pumping hard and fast now, his fat cock slammed into Marc and his tight ass slammed down on Guns' massive dick. Faster and faster, harder and harder the stud fucked himself and fucked. He was in pure bliss when he started cumming inside of Marc's tight hole. Marc was shocked by the sudden burst of warmth within him and with each subsequent thrust the blond stud made, more hot juice filled him up.

"Let's switch things up," the blond stud told the beast. The beast yanked his cock out of Bart, whose legs almost gave out from underneath him. Then in one swift motion, Marc was lifted back off of the fat cock that had just pumped him full of hot cream and the blond pulled himself off of Guns huge dick. The blond wasted no time lying Bart down on the next bench over and the beast started kissing Guns who was still lying prone on his own bench. Marc stood for a moment uncertain what to do. The blond stud was sitting down on Bart's dick and after being rammed by Guns' big dick it went in rather easy. "Now get inside me with him."

Marc could not believe what he was hearing, but he moved closer to the blond stud's ass and started pushing his own dick into the hole along with Bart. Their hard dicks ground together as they stretched the blond stud together. The blond let out a satisfied moan as he pushed his ass out for better access. Marc slapped the hot little butt and then started letting him have it. Bart was panting with pure satisfaction as he felt their two hard dicks sliding together into the stud's tight hole.

Guns was kissing this monster stud deeply when he felt a finger invade his rectum. It just slipped inside wet with spit started feeling its way in and out. Guns tensed and became nervous, because he knew where this beast of a man was taking him. "Please don't."

"You know I fucking have to now," the beast smiled down and slid a second finger into his tight hole. Guns had to admit the fingers did not feel that bad, but he had heard some of the sounds of extreme pain Bart had made as he was invaded. Curious, Guns looked over at the neighboring bench and saw Marc and Bart double fucking the hot blond. Guns own dick was rock solid and it pulsed with lust as he saw the incredible scene. Lost in the hot fucking from the other bench, Guns almost did not notice the massive form looming before him.

The beast 12 inch cock pressed against Guns' rectum until the fat head pushed inside. The beast pulled it out and slapped Guns' ass with the huge cock. Then he started pushing again. Guns tried to relax his ass and let the cock come inside, but it was too big. Guns yelled as he was stretched and stretched by every inch of that massive shaft. "Oh, fuck! It's too fucking big!"

"You're fucking big too," the beast said as he started stroking Guns' big dick while he shoved inch after inch of cock slowly into the tight black ass. "I can't wait to fucking fill you up."

Guns eyes nearly bulged out of his head, but at last the whole cock was inside of him. The beast started fucking slowly in and out, but he wasted no time increasing speed and forcing Guns to grip the bench with both hands.

Marc and Bart were fucking the same ass and it was so hot inside. To Marc's great amazement the hot blond stud that had cum inside him only moments ago was shooting another load all over Bart, some of it even made it into Bart's open and panting mouth. The feeling of the stud's orgasm around their two cocks penetrating him was intense. Marc and then Bart both let loose a hot stream of cum inside of the hot blonde's tight hole. Marc collapsed onto the studs back and grabbed on tight as he pumped his last few shots inside.

As Marc's orgasm began to subside he heard the labored cries of his good pal, Guns. Looking over at the next bench Marc saw the massive 12 inch Latino stallion impaled deep into his pal's black ass. Both men were grunting as the beast fucked hard and without mercy. Marc let his dick fall from the blond stud's tight hole and enjoyed the show. Guns own cock was standing straight out as he jerked his hard and fast. He was still fully erect even with all that cock shoved inside. Marc wondered just how good it must feel to have that enormous monster cock deep inside.

"Oh, shit!" Guns yelled, "Oh, fuck! I'm going to cum!"

The blond stud was right there at the mention of cum, he started wrapping his lips around Guns' big dick and sucking hard until at last Guns was pumping his hot load into that pretty little mouth.

"Oh, yea, get it all bitch," the beast encouraged and then he kissed the blond stud after he had licked up all the cum he could get. Guns was twitching on the bench with total satisfaction.

"I want you too," Marc suddenly said as he put his hand on the beast's hairy chest, "I want you inside me."

The beast looked at him and pulled his 12 inch dick out of Guns, he scooped Marc off the ground and propped him against the wall. Marc wrapped his legs around the hot Latino body, while the beast started shoving his massive shaft inside his tight hole. Marc was already loose from the blonde's fat cock and all the cum he had been filled with. It did not take long for the 12 inch dick to force its way inside and fill him more full than ever before. The beast let loose and started fucking with such ferocity. Marc yelled and could not help but leave scratch marks on the beast's back while he was brutally impaled by the 12 inch shaft.

"Oh yea, fuck that ass!" Marc pleaded. He loved getting fucked, and he never would have known that if it hadn't been for this amazing beast and his obedient stud. The beast let out an enraged cry as he rammed hard and deeper. Finally, his eyes rolled back, back arched, and hot cum exploded into Marc's ass. The beast pumped load after load inside, and Marc thought it would never end. Marc didn't want it to end. When he was finally finished, the beast set Marc down and Marc sucked the last cum off of his monster cock.

"God, that was fucking hot," Bart said.

"Yea," Guns agreed, "maybe next time you'll let me fuck you like that."

"I'd love that," Marc smiled at his good friend. "Now, who are you guys?"

"My name is Dr. Diego Juarez and this is my assistant Peter Smith. It is your lucky day, because we have given you perfection."



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